Have Jennifer Carpenter & Michael C. Hall reconciled after their divorce?

More than a year ago, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter split up. They had been married for several years after meeting on Dexter, the show where Michael plays a serial killer and Jennifer plays Dexter’s cop sister. Jennifer had been with Michael through cancer, and they really did seem genuinely in love, which made their breakup pretty depressing. There were rumors that Michael had fooled around with Julia Stiles when Julia was guest-starring one season, although Julia later denied it. There were also rumors that Jennifer wanted to start a family and Michael didn’t. And that Michael was also fooling around with some 25-year-old Dexter staffer, and that Michael and Jennifer were very cold to each other while filming this past season of Dexter.

It all sounded like a bad situation, and I sort of felt bad for Jennifer. I watched this past season of Dexter, and I kept waiting for Deb to be killed off – SPOILER – and she wasn’t. The writers did do some really bizarre stuff to the Deb character, though, and there’s totally a chance Deb will die next season, I think. But that’s not the point – the point is that Michael and Jennifer might be reconciling. Maybe. According to Radar.

Are Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter getting a second chance at love?

That’s what a canoodling session at Beverly Hill’s Peninsula Hotel Tuesday night would suggest, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

“Michael and Jennifer were seated at a dimly lit corner table, sipping wine. It was a very romantic setting and definitely looked like a date,” an eyewitness tells RadarOnline.com.

The Emmy winner and his ex-wife, who play brother and sister on the hit Showtime drama, eloped on New Year’s Eve in 2008, but divorced two years later amid rumors that Michael cheated with Julia Stiles, who guest starred on season 6.

However, inside sources claim that Hall — now recovered from Hodgkin’s lymphoma — attacks was devastated by the split, and never fell out of love with Carpenter.

And, apparently the feeling is mutual.

“When Jennifer got up to use the ladies, Michael squeezed her hand, looked up at her and she smiled. And when she got back, they held hands on the table for a bit,” the eyewitness says. “At one point, Michael leaned across the table and he and Jennifer kissed — a make-out kind of kiss, not a friendly one. They both looked really happy.”

Maybe they were just celebrating their divorce, which was finalized last December?

[From Radar]

If they’re back together, that would make me happy. I liked them together, and if Jennifer can overlook and forgive his (allegedly) douchebaggery, then good for her. I’d like to believe that they didn’t stop loving each other. Sigh… does that make me sound like a romantic a–hole? I’m not. I just like them.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    I hope this is true.

  2. Asli says:

    Awwww, saw the Emmy’s where he won and they looked so happy/perfect together. Didn’t know they’d gotten divorced but hope this is true!

  3. inthekitchen says:

    I’m never one for reconciling with a cheater but I really like them together so a) I hope the cheating rumors weren’t true and b) they are getting back together.

    I love the sexed-up vibe they are giving off in that second picture…hubba hubba!

    I HATED what they did with her character this year on Dexter (the therapy revelations) but I love her potty-mouthed Deb and was always sad at the idea that they would kill her off just because they got a divorce. So now hopefully they won’t (for that reason anyway)!

    Also, p.s., Kate Middleton, THIS is what a naturally skinny person looks like (i.e. HEALTHY!). You are not naturally meant to be so skinny…please go eat some pie. Thanks.

  4. Marna says:

    I love Deb and want her to be happy but…DON’T DO IT GIRRRLLL!!! He cheated on his wife to be with her (Deb/Jennifer), then he cheated on her with Julia Stiles….this cycle will only continue. Love me some Dexter but did lose respect for him when this came out. And I don’t know HOW Jennifer was able to cope with shooting this past season. Kudos to her that she had to (SPOILER ALERT) feign romantic interest in Dex when in reality she probably wanted to claw his eyes out. THAT was some good acting.

    • Sarah says:

      There was some blind item I read months ago that said that a certain actress voiced concerns about her character to the show creator, and the creator punished her by turning the character in a completely different direction in an insulting way.

      Everybody thought the BI was talking about Dianna Argon having to go goth on Glee, but now I’m wondering if it was referring to Deb. Not only is the character totally sabotaged now (who the hell thought that story line was a good idea??)but on top of that it just seemed cruel to make Jennifer go through that on the season after their divorce.

      • lucy2 says:

        Interesting. I couldn’t imagine why they did that storyline to begin with, it’s awful, but to do that to Jennifer after their divorce seemed especially mean. That blind makes sense.

      • theoriginalbellaluna says:

        Oh, that is a brilliant theory! I think you’re onto something there…

      • DeeVine says:

        I may be wrong but the storyline of Deb and Dexter is just following the same direction as the books?

  5. Sarah says:

    Maybe if they get back together then Dexter will not suck as hard as it did this season. Seriously though, I hope they kill her off next season, it’d be kinder than what they’re doing to that character now. Blech.

  6. SamiHami says:

    Awwww…love them both and hope this is true. They just seem like such a great couple.

  7. kate says:

    If this has any shred of truth- YAY!
    Now Dexter writers -step it up! Ever since season 4 it seems the writers have phoned it in

  8. Agnes says:

    I don’t understand what’s “romantic” in a woman taking back a guy if he indeed cheated on her… It might be many things, but “romantic” doesn’t come to mind.

  9. Girl says:

    Ick. I hope he isn’t a cheater. I love David Fisher way too much.

  10. lem says:

    i read somewhere that the cheating kinda went both ways in this relationship– something about her stepping out and partying a lot when he was going through his cancer treatments. I’m thinking that the douchebaggery went both ways and hopefully they can both move on and be happy, whether that’s being together romantically or maintaining a working friendship.

  11. The Truth Fairy says:

    “When Jennifer got up to use the ladies, Michael squeezed her hand, looked up at her and she smiled.”

    I just peed myself from laughing so hard.

  12. jess says:

    Her dresses are beautiful

  13. Franny says:

    Its interesting to see her in her not Deb character. I’ve never seen her in anything else so I tend to associate her with jeans and blazers (which I want all of).

    That aside, I’m really upset about the weird story line of Deb all of a sudden wanting to bone her brother. No. That is not the Deb she was written to be. Evven if they were going to have her see Dexter kill someone, it would have the same effect as just a girl watching her brother kill someone, instead of a girl watching the brother she wants to sack kill someone.

  14. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I love that they haven’t come up with a better expression than ‘canoodling’, someone get these people a thesaurus!!

  15. Krill says:

    They were married for less than two years (divorce was finalized a year after it was filed). Since when does that = “several” ?

  16. mar says:

    this is my favorite show and I love these 2 actors so much!!!!!

  17. VML says:

    Love Michael and Jen/Deb. Good for them if they are indeed reconciling despite him being a douche. He’s a serial killer, he has issues. She understands. Like many, I hated the awful turn her character took this season on Dexter but it may have something to do with her discovering Dex killing Travis in the end. It still doesn’t make sense but but…Michael is hot.

  18. Amy says:

    But what about the rumors that it was actually she who was cheating, and he was just a good enough guy to let the public believe it was he who was the douche? I just thought that deserved mention in the article, too, since I read those rumors on this site.

    Sorry – my Dexter love makes me hate to think of their situation as black and white and of he as the bad guy.

  19. gemmaa says:

    okay, just one request.
    More notice on the spoilers please :(
    My eyes auto look for the sentence below when I read the word….and now i know ;(

    • normades says:

      I hear ya. I’ve watched all of Dexter except the last season…and now I don’t want to :-(

      The julia styles season was not the best, but that couple made sense. I hope she comes back.

  20. PyrLover says:

    She is so pretty with a killer body. I am surprised she isn’t a spokemodel/actress for a nice line of clothing. I would forgive him with a good spanking.

  21. Lily11 says:

    Sigh…. I wanted a turn with him!

    Strange — I don’t like her, but I’m okay with them being together. Something just looks “right” when you see these pics of them out and about.

  22. Rachael says:

    It’s too bad the writers have completely ruined the character of Deb now with the absurd “I’m in love with my brother” storyline, along with basically jumping the shark on the entire series with the dismal season 6. It makes me wonder how the hell the writers convinced ANYONE else involved with the show (especially Jennifer herself) that any of that was a good idea. Uggh.

    And call me naive, but I am still wanting to believe that the relationship didn’t end because he was a cheater … but rather that it ended due to other issues (maybe the disagreement over whether to start a family) PRIOR to him starting to run around with other chicks. But yeah maybe that’s just me being naive.

  23. Mrs. Nix says:

    A lot of marriages suffer after someone who has been very sick gets better. The dynamic changes really fast, and the personality of the patient (who now feels better and behaves differently) often changes.

    I have always believed something along those lines happened between these two. I really do hope it wasn’t cheating.

  24. atlantapug says:

    FINALLY some Michael C. Hall for me!!!

    I read a while back that it was possibly Jennifer who did the cheating, not MCHall.

    Also, while I love love love Dexter, I really think she was very miscast as Deb. Deb is supposed to be a gorgeous buxom blonde. And the “loving my brother” storyline? That’s just to keep her from blabbing to authorities after what she witnessed in the finale (something she knew and accepted from the very 1st book in the series.)

  25. sol says:


    I think Dexter will be killed off and Deb will end up raising Harrison as her father raised Dexter. It all comes complete circle! Now that Deb has found out it all makes perfect sense with it ending this way.