Connor Cruise celebrates his 17th birthday with a DJ-themed party

Did you know that Connor Cruise is a much in-demand DJ? Well, he’s still technically a teenager but is pulling in very livable wages by earning $5,000 to $10,000 per gig under the moniker “DJ C-Squared.” I’d like to think he’s putting that money away for his eventual defection from Scientology, but that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part.

At any rate, Connor just turned 17-years-old, and he celebrated his birthday in grand fashion at Hyde Lounge in Los Angeles. Here’s a photo of his DJ-themed cake, which looks pretty funky but not at all appetizing.

Connor’s older sister, Isabella was also in attendance to support her little brother. They seem really close, and you can see photos of the two siblings embracing here with a few details about the party described by the Mail:

Her little sister Suri has been photographed nearly every day of her short life.

But in contrast, Tom Cruise’s eldest daughter Isabella is rarely seen.

However, the shy 19-year-old made a rare public appearance last night as she joined her little brother Connor at his 17th birthday party.

The aspiring DJ, who is starting to become a regular of the LA party scene, proudly posed up with his sister at the bash at the Hyde lounge.

Wearing a red hat, cardigan and multi-coloured T-shirt, Isabella – known to her friends and family as Bella – looked thrilled to be celebrating with her brother.

And the teenager were free to do what they want without being chaperoned by Cruise, 49, and stepmother Katie Holmes, 33.

[From Daily Mail]

At first, I was wondering why Tom and Katie weren’t in attendance at the party, but it’s nice that Connor was able to enjoy an evening with his (100% Scientology) friends without having to worry about Tom busting a move on the dance floor. Good on Tom for letting Connor have the spotlight for the evening. Unfortunately, Connor also decided to leave the Jesus necklace at home. Here’s a close-up of his new bling:

Connor is certainly turning out to be the handsome young fellow. I also find it interesting that his sneakers look a lot like Robert Downey Jr.’s instead of Tom’s shoes. There’s another conspiracy theory for the rebellion theme!

Later on in the evening, Connor took to the turntables. Presumably, he was paid to have his party at Hyde, so it would naturally follow that DJ-ing was part of the stint.

And now for an extremely odd photo of Connor alongside Christina Fulton (Weston Cage’s perpetually questionably dressed mother) at the recent Big Bang 2012 New Year’s event. I guess she was just there for the party.

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. Bite me says:

    Very handsome young man…Praise Xenu!!!!!!

  2. Asli says:

    I saw an episode of Cake Boss and they made a cake almost exactly like that. Sigh… Excuse me while I daydream about precious cake…

  3. CandyKay says:

    Connor looks a LOT like Tom – facially of course, but they also have the same body type and similar gestures.

    “Adopted” son indeed.

    • MariPily says:

      I agree, CandyKay! I know he is adopted, but he resembles Tom a lot. And not just mannerisms, but in his physical features as well. There are rumors Tom is infertile, but Connor makes me believe otherwise. One never knows with the Hollywood crowd!

      Anyway, it’s nice to see the young man enjoying himself. How fun to be able to turn a hobby into a career. I wish him the best 🙂

    • Violet says:

      I agree! The older he gets, the more convinced I am that Connor is somehow biologically related to Tom.

      I still think it’s a damn shame that Tom and the Co$ keep Nicole from the kids. That’s the most f*cked-up part of that so-called religion, the way it destroys families by cutting off relationships with nonbelievers.

    • Naye in VA says:

      I planned a wedding for an interracial couple that went on to adopt a baby, and surprisingly enough the baby looks like the perfect mix of the two of them. And the older he gets the more he looks like the adoptive father. Stranger things have happened

  4. says:

    “DJ C-Squared”? OMG that is so bad it’s embarrassing!

  5. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Cute kid.

  6. LIVEALOT says:



  7. serena says:

    He really is becoming handsome yeah *Stares*

  8. Zelda says:

    I can’t look at Connor or Isabella without wondering about the SeaOrg parents they were no doubt wrenched away from in order to please the almighty Tom Cruise.

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      Read my mind 🙁 I feel so sad for all these cult children

      • Tammy says:

        Both Connor and Isabella were adopted through the State; it was all legal and above board. Cruise wasn’t as deep into Scientology back then.

  9. Jayna says:

    He’s such a handsome teen. He has great style. I know he had some acting role last year, but I don’t know anything about it.

    Poor Bella. What pressure she must feel from Tom, who is a health nut and is always physically active (which I do believe is good to be active) and Bella always looks a mess and dumpy. This is the best I’ve seen her look, which still isn’t good given her age. I read she is working for Katy’s Holmes & whatever the name is of her clothing wear line.

  10. ladybert62 says:

    I cant get over Weston Cage’s strange mother and her outfit.

    Connor is cute.

  11. Sarah says:

    I don’t get the point of buying those types of cakes. Cake is supposed to be yummy and fondant tastes like ass. Anyway, he sure is a cutie! Needs a new dj name though.

  12. sukienow says:

    from his twitter page it seems the boy got three cars for his birthday, isnt he just 17TH? i guess tom cruise like to give his kids anything they want

  13. Zigggy says:

    I wonder if children born into scientology have to sign the billion year contract, and I wonder if he has to give 10% of the money he earns at gigs to the “church”.

  14. sukienow says:

    for years i have been thinking connor looks more and more like tom, and the older he gets the more the more obvious it is… hmm

  15. Kimlee says:

    I would think it odd that Tom and Katie were not at his birthday party but Tom has to be on all the time and would be able to step back and just enjioy his son celebrating his party Tom needs the attention on him which would take way from it being about Connor’s. Or  because it was not about Suri Tom didn’t see a reason to come and Katie is so busy doing nothing she couldn’t make it.

    • sukienow says:

      He did go to dinner ealier in the day for his yearly birthday dinner with his dad(its on his twitter)

      why should anyone expect tom cruise be at the club anyway, especially with a bunch of teenagers? he is allowing them to have their fun and am sure he is the one paying for the party.

      people need to stop making out like tom cruise only cares about suri and not his other two. i think he loves them all, the only difference is that the older two are teenagers and dont need the same amount of attention that suri probably requires at the moment.

      • Soxfan says:

        Teenagers need their parents at this age just as much. Not for the obvious physical needs (food, clothing), but for help and guidance navigating through all of “life” there is at that age. Helping them make the right choices, etc. If anything, my husband and I made sure to be there more than ever. It worked and our girls(now 19 and 18), and we, made it through their early teen years relatively unscathed. A few bumps along the way, but, we all survived. 🙂

  16. novaraen says:

    I could swear he turned 18, not 17. Dlisted had him on the list of birthday sluts the other day and it said he was 18. I remember thinking that he could now quit Tommy girl and his stupid religion.

  17. missy says:

    This party was held the day after his birthday. He went out to dinner with his father on his actual birthday. Like most teens he probably wanted to have a celebration with his friends w/out his “dorky” parents around.

  18. Euphorima says:

    I know he only turned 17, but he is a cutie and that dimpled chin is really just awesome….

  19. fife says:

    What about Nicole? She is their mom why do we never see her with her first two children?

    • fabgrrl says:

      Yeah, really. No mention of Nicole being there or not. It’s as if Tom Cruise were his only “real” parent.

      • fife says:

        I find it so odd how you never see photos of her with those kids!

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed her glaring absence from their lives. Something tells me she had no legal rights when it came to those kids. Time will tell I guess.

      • ThatBoyLuke says:

        Yeah i always wonder that too, i mean… does she EVER see them? I don’t mean to be rude but from the outside it does seem like she just doesn’t care tbh, i mean… She’s rich too so i’m sure she could have gotten a good lawyer and gotten access rights or something at the least if she’d wanted too.
        That’s just what it looks like to me but i dunno…

    • Pia says:

      The Co$ does not allow her to see them, because she is no longer a member I believe

  20. irishserra says:

    Yep. That’s definitely Tom’s biological son. I hope he didn’t inherit the crazies.

  21. BELLA says:

    He does look like Tom!!!Cute kid!

  22. bohemelilene says:

    Tom just come out and admit he’s your biological kid already

    • fabgrrl says:

      See, I could buy that if this kid were older. As in, he was born when Tom Cruise was around 20, or younger, and then “adopted” when Cruise became famous. But TC would have been around 30 when this boy was born, and it just seems less likely for someone that age to have a secret child. Although stranger things have happened…

      Could Connor be the bio child of a close relative of TC? Like a sibling? I know TC has at least one sister, does he have more?

  23. Agnes says:

    Cute kid. I hope that both Connor and Bella are eventually able to escape Xenu’s grip. Sigh… Poor kids.

  24. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    He does look like Tom. I believe Tom’s his bio dad, maybe some sort of arrangement a la Micheal Jackson? That’s the only thing that could explain why Nicole Kidman hasn’t seen those kids since she and Tom split. Tom must be their only legal guardian (as he’s their bio dad) leaving Kidman with no legal rights as a parent. I always thought they adopted because one or both couldn’t have kids, or that they just wanted to adopt and not have bio kids. I just find it so strange that they both had bio kids with their respective partners AFTER they split. Like they both could have kids, along with their adopted kids but didn’t while together, why? Hmmm…TC doesn’t have a cleft chin but Connor does, it’s a dominant gene meaning one of the parents has to have one for it to pass on to the child, I wonder if Xenu has a cleft chin?? LOL!

    EDIT: That is SO TCs bio kid.

  25. Venice says:

    He is a good looking young man. There is no way in hell Tom is his bio dad!! After Mimi divorced and basically said he was sterile, he would have done anything to prove that wrong. So he and Nicole adopt Bella and “pretend” to adopt Connor? (all they had to say was Tom had a ‘slip up” with whoever, while him and Nicole were seperated for a short time, and happily are together now with bella and connor). Thankfully he looks NOTHING like Tom.

  26. gg says:

    I wonder if all these kids realize the backwards peace sign with the two fingers means “go F yourself”?

  27. Bess says:

    Well, he looks completely full of himself despite having never accomplished anything, other than being adopted by a famous father.

  28. Nev says:

    I think all of the kids are his.

  29. Crittle says:

    I’m never going to believe that Tom isn’t his bio-dad

  30. Moreaces says:

    They say sometimes if you spend a lot of time with someone, you can eventually look like them, I think Connor Looks so much like Tom.. Nice looking kid.

  31. cruiz2 says:

    Conner is a ham, just like his “dad.” He IS cute. Bella has pretty pale skin similar to Nicole. Anyway… I love the sibling bond!!!

  32. Ravensdaughter says:

    Spread your wings and fly free, Connor!
    ‘Bella, should be free to fly, too! She should be able to be who she is, and not be expected to be an anorexic fashionista like her mother or stepmother…

  33. judyjudy says:

    He is handsome. It’s weird though, I always forget that Conner and Bella are Tom and Nicole’s kids. I suppose it is good that they have (sort of) avoided all the media during their childhood. But it’s weird too because we have been on Suri overload for the past five years.

    Everything about these people is odd. He’s cute though.

  34. Aleksandra says:

    Very good-looking. To bad he thinks is just some dead alien that a writer on drugs made up…