Brandi Glanville “regrets” talking about her sketchy Gerard Butler affair

I cannot believe we’re still talking about Gerard Butler and Brandi Glanville’s alleged or not-so-alleged hookup last year. For the record, I believed (and still believe) that they boned at some point. I also believe that Gerard Butler bangs anything with two legs and a pulse (although amputee strange is still welcome), and that G-But probably doesn’t remember who or what he banged and how. Last week, Brandi talked about their “week long” hookup while she was on Watch What Happens Live – Brandi rated Gerard an “11 out of 10” in the love-making department. Then, a few days later, TMZ’s cameras caught up with Gerard and asked him about Brandi’s comments. His reply? “Who’s Brandi Glanville?”

So, was Brandi lying? Or did Gerard just “forget” Brandi’s name? God knows. Brandi went to RumorFix and gave them an exclusive statement: “He called me last night and told me he said it. He is upset because he is a private person. I don’t lie so I don’t really care.” She also tweeted, “I don’t lie. So he can suck it!” And now there’s ANOTHER interview. LynnNChicago, a self-proclaimed “Real Housewives Expert,” sat down with Brandi for an extensive interview – you can read the whole thing here. There’s a lot of stuff about RHOBH, but I couldn’t care less. What I found interesting was the Gerard Butler stuff:

Brandi did admit to having a week long fling with Gerard Butler, he later denied knowing who she was but he certainly got the name right when he repeated it twice. (after the reporter said her name vaguely and while barely breathing.)

It was interesting that when Andy questioned Brandi further, it turned out her fling was during last season’s filming, how did Bravo’s cameras miss that?

Brandi told me that she’s spoken with Gerard on the phone and have had numerous text messages, she’s apologized to him and if she could take it back she absolutely would. ”If there is one thing I regret and would take back, it’s that!” (telling the world about their week long fling) Brandi told me that when Andy Cohen asks you a question his eyes are like truth syrum.

“His eyes get really big and you have to tell him the truth.” she laughed.

“One thing I am not, is a liar, I said it and I can’t take it back.” Brandi told me. ”What am I going to do now, go back and say I lied about it? No, I’m not going to do that!”

It’s out there and Gerard is going to have to deal with it. You can only apologize so much then you have to move on. Gerard tried to deny he even knew Brandi by telling a TMZ reporter, “Who’s Brandi Glanville?” but it was pretty clear when he repeated it the second time that he knows exactly who Brandi is. He overplayed his hand a bit! Yes, he’s upset with Brandi but as I told her, he’ll get over it! Two consenting adults, both single, they did nothing wrong so why deny it?

[From LynnNChicago’s Blog]

So she would take it back, although she’s not lying about it. Whatever. I’m struggling to understand whether this is a smart or a stupid PR move. Does it help Brandi’s image if everyone thinks she slept with Gerard and he just forgot her name? Or does it ultimately hurt her image? Ugh. I KNOW it hurts Gerard’s image. He’s going to have to drown himself in nameless amputee strange now.

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  1. jasperkitty says:

    What she did definitely put her out there in the public eye…whether that is a good thing, hmm, not sure…she has her followers. Ya gotta give her credit for being so open and honest though…and sticking to her beliefs. I can admire that…it’s just her language…yikes! Personally, I would of kept my mouth shut on this one. Taboo in my eyes.

    • Jezi says:

      Holy cow!!! You are being nice to Brandi? I like this new jasperkitty 🙂

      • Rita says:

        I’m wondering if this has something to do with LeAnn wanting to meet with Brandi. In any case, I thought her comment was well presented. Let’s see what the future brings.

      • jasperkitty says:

        Aw golly geez, I didn’t realize I was so popular. If you have ever noticed…I have not really ever said anything bad about Brandi…just the comments that are left by certain people are very rude…it’s ok to be bitchy…but rude kinda bothers me…and besides…life is too short to complain all the time. Thanks Ladies!

    • originalone says:

      WAIT, HOLD ON!!! Andy Cohen’s eyes are like Truth Syrum!!!! No serum here, just syrum from all that coucou Hollywood syrup?

      LMAO! And almost peed syrum in my pants.

      • Asli says:

        ‘Serum, syrum’

        Bahahahhahahhaha 😆 Whenever I heard those words in the future I’m going to burst out laughing!

      • originalone says:

        Seriously Asli, how did it escape auto-correct?

        Will never get over Syrum. That must be some good voodoo eye syrum, for her to tell Andy about Gerri-boy.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Kind of off-topic regarding the whole “truth serum” thing but, has anyone ever REALLY looked at Andy Cohens eyes? This sounds strange but when I first saw him I was like what’s up with those eyes? They are so weird looking to me, and I don’t know why. It’s like he has no pupils and is a bit cross eyed, am I the only one who sees this? LOL!

      • originalone says:

        Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I don’t watch any of the desperate housewives shows. I only know of Brandi because of that Leann situation.

        And the syrum seriously it me between the eyes! I’ll get over it, soon enough. I know I’m no spelling bee!

      • Zooyork says:

        aprayerforthewildatheart, I never heard of andy cohen before, but your comment about his eyes made me curious, so I googled him. You’re totally right in how you described his eyes!

    • Rita says:

      Your claim to be “objective” and never insulting Brandi flies in the face of your history. You forget that at the top of this page, CB has a “celebrities” icon which is the history of threads posted on this site.

      Don’t bother refreshing your memory of how you have posted negatively towards Brandi. They are all there for the world to read.

      I find it very “LeAnnesque” of you to do something and then claim it’s not true and that you are the victim of misrepresentation. Bikinis onward!!

  2. mimi says:

    I didnt even realize BG had an “image” to protect? She is a nobody!

  3. Petunia says:

    I believe her. I think he was p!ssed that she told the world about their little fling and threw a hissy fit. Maybe he felt emasculated because she was the one to spill the beans and (gasp!) rate him?

    I don’t think it’s cool that she’s becoming super-sexed (because she has young kids) but at least she’s honest about her doings (dongs?).

  4. Asli says:

    What’s the big deal! Everyone knows Gerard B. is a slut. He was photographed practically having a finger up Jen Anistons ass at a press conference and now, all of a sudden, he’s ‘a private person’. Big fat f*cking joke.

    • ann h says:

      Ha ha, so true. JB has no class and Aniston’s has been sinking since.

      • Pop Rocks says:

        I think you have this backwards. Aniston will probably get married to a successful screenwriter this year while Butler is forced to pretend he hasn’t been relegated to one night stands with reality show contestants. LOL.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        If a guy did to me what GB did to JA, he’d have ended up with a hard knee to the crotch, and an elbow to the face. I don’t know why she let him get away with that. It was a disgusting thing for him to do.

      • originalone says:

        @aprayer… ahum… It’s quite pleasurable you know… Give the guy a chance, no need to knee him in the balls… They might be handy later on.

        Just sayin’ 😉

      • Asli says:

        @Originalone – LOL! I think aprayer just means in public. Now in private that’s a whole other thing…

      • Pop Rocks says:

        @aprayer. Clearly you’ve never been fingered back there. It’s quite pleasurable. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        OMG! Okay, I meant in PUBLIC. I didn’t even think about it that way, you guys made me crack up! HAHAHAHA!

        @Asli Yes, in private it is a whole other thing…lol!

  5. originalone says:


    A hyena was beeeeehing outside my window. I took my iron skillet in one hand, and dog in another, and got close to the window. It wasn’t a hyena. It was Leann laughing her head off. Please stop giving Leann ammunition to be gloating about. Very scary shit.

  6. laylajanelovesgossip says:

    Who knows what famewhores will say(Brandi)…Kim K has taken her brand to another level by lying. I’m sure all wannabes will follow suit:-(

  7. beclove says:

    I had a Beauty and the Beast moment with that G But pic.

  8. Rita says:

    I think Brandi is an honest person who doesn’t have much of a PR filter so she lets the chips fall where they may. I think that’s a healthy mind set. Bending to which ever direction the wind is blowing is a sure way to fail, both publically and personally.

    Brandi is on a reality show where “buzz” is everything. From that “buzz” comes other opportunities. Balancing the good and bad buzz is key to keeping the buzz going. All in all, I say the G-But episode raised her stock.

    Celebrity is a fleeting thing and a tight rope. Don’t look down Brandi.

  9. Jayna says:

    Brandi is nearing 40. She needs to tone it down with bragging about hookups with a celeb and then going on twitter and saying “suck it” and arguing on whether she really had a hookup. Seriously? She has little children. She has a lot of good things about her, but she isn’t going to attract the right kind of guy the way she’s going. But time to move on. She has now said it was a mistake. It’s over and done with. I like the fact that she is calling out that gang that piled up on Lisa last night on the reunion show. Good job, Brandi.

    • lin234 says:

      I believe her but wish she would stop acting like the opposite of a scorned ex-wife. She’s taking it too far and it comes off as tacky.

      I believe her mainly because she’s the only one who had the guts to call Taylor out about cashing in on her husband’s death in a quick minute. Everyone else is treating Taylor like she’s fragile glass when there are so many inconsistencies in her stories. Not to mention Taylor was already dating someone right after she filed for divorce and dated someone else a few months after his death.

      Brandi also had the balls to stand up to Miss I-Own-a-Casino-and-am-Richer-than-all-of-you Maloof in order to defend Lisa. Everyone of those houswives gained up on Lisa except Brandi. It’s like they had a pact to be on Adrienne’s side because she’s richer.

      I think it speaks volumes of Lisa considering Bravo made her the villain this year and she still managed to come off dignified and rightly wronged. Just compare it to the way bad editing made Camille look last year.

      Just from the reunion last night, Brandi comes off as very honest even if the truth is embarrassing for her.

      • Asli says:

        Agreed! I saw an episode of Dr. Phil were Russel sister and childhood friend was on and they said that they don’t think Russel killed himself. He had told his sister that he was ‘leaving’, as in he was divorcing Taylor, and was going to live with his Dad THAT WEEKEND. His Dad had already prepared a room for him. Odd.

        Also, I remember Brandi calling Kyle out when that kiss-ass Dana was hosting that ”party”. Kyle was high as f*ck! She went to the bathroom like 8 million times to ‘do her make-up’, yeah more like do a line. Glad somebody said it instead of ignoring the elephant in the room. Knew I liked her since then.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @asli, “He had told his sister that he was ‘leaving’, as in he was divorcing Taylor, and was going to live with his Dad THAT WEEKEND. His Dad had already prepared a room for him. Odd.”

        While it is odd, people who successfully commit suicide often make plans for a future they know they won’t be part of. I’ve seen it quite a bit in my profession.
        It’s strange that Russel’s family is coming up with conspiracy theories. I guess they find it preferable to blame someone other than their son for his death. David Caradine’s family did the same thing when they found him dead of autoerotic asphyxiation. I suppose it’s too painful to admit that a person could be in so much pain that they saw death as their only option.

      • Asli says:

        Mort – Yeah, that makes sense. In the end I just feel bad for his little girl. When she gets older she’ll probably wonder why he killed himself when she needed him. Sad situation all around.

  10. Jen says:

    She looks good with her hair straight. GB should be flattered because she is so pretty and that body-is amazing.

  11. someone says:

    The picture of Brandi behind the wheel is not flattering. Definitely showing her age in that one.

    • gg says:

      She looks scary in that car pic. The eyes! Broad’s face is so tweaked her face might pop. It’s always all shiny like it’s going to blow up.

  12. ladybert62 says:

    Maybe he should start thinking with his big head and be more selective in the boning department.

  13. Julie says:

    Eddie and then Gerry. Nice choice in guys, girl. please never ever complain about guys being jerks when you only date jerks.

    • lucy2 says:

      What an excellent point!

    • ellen says:

      She was with Eddie for 13 years. I’m sure when she dated, then subsequently married him and had his two children, she wasn’t expecting him to be such a famewhore who would sell himself to a nutjob country singer eventually….

  14. KJ says:

    I blame Leann Rimes. Had she just found herself a non-married guy to get all skinny and sanctimonious for, we wouldn’t have to look at this awful botoxed scarecrow every day. This blog in particular seems to have some weird hard on for Brandi Glanville gossip, which, I mean….I’m with Gerard Butler on this one. “Who’s Brandi Glanville?” I don’t mind gossip about reality trash but these Real Housewives are just vile people, personifications of everything that’s wrong with celebrity culture. Gross.

  15. bros says:

    she has foot in mouth disease, but I believe her that she is not a liar. ive enjoyed her this season on RHOBH. she’s not as stupid as she looks.

  16. Kimbob says:

    What a mess she’s made. I mean, I’m a woman also, & I’m thinking to myself…she’s a mother, & even though she’s on RHOBH which I’ve never watched…what GOOD could have come out of her statement…really?

    Yeah, Gerard is an ass…we all pretty much know this since his reaction to such. I mean, who doesn’t know he’s a horn-dog? And he’s OFFENDED? Give me a break. He CAN suck it!

    But back to Brandi…if this was supposed to be in any stretch of the imagination PR…no, no, NO! It’s never good to kiss and tell…never. It’s all just nasty to me. Just gross.

  17. NM6804 says:

    Really? How does her mind work?

    “Oh, I really regret talking about it that’s why I don’t refuse to answer you now and underline my previous statement plus giving even more information, I SOOOOO regret talking about it! Do you want me to talk more about it? Ok we done? Ok…”

    Even though she’s dissed publically by that man and treating her like most women he bangs: hit ’em and quit ’em, she STILL thinks she needs to prove something by getting the truth out?! Bish, you’re not an A-lister, just a D-lister who saw the fame-train and thought you could take a ride.

    Side note: Why are people defending this woman all the time? What makes her so special? That woman is desperate for attention and recognition and for what exactly? Butler is a d-bag, sure but he ain’t selling that sh* as if he thinks the audience would find it what endearing? Edgy? Fun and wild?

    Rant over…

    • KJ says:

      This is something I have struggled to understand the last few times I’ve checked out a Brandi Glanville story. I typically skip these posts because I don’t follow the Real Housewives shows, and I couldn’t care less about anything Leann Rimes ever does, but every so often I’ll check the comments. It’s just amazing to me all the stans this woman has. I’m having a hard time pining down what exactly is likable or relatable about her. And other than being a wronged woman, which almost EVERY woman can claim to be, I just don’t see it. She’s one of those people who are always on twitter writing passive aggressive shit like she’s in highschool. I read up a few comments that she’s close to 40?! She’s close to 40 and she’s getting in twitter wars and bragging about the men she’s banged. Oh, and she has small children. What world do we live in where she has fans? What is there to be a fan of?

      As far as Butler, he’s disgusting. But that goes without saying.

  18. Newtsgal says:

    We all know GB will screw anything that moves so, I’d be more impressed when and if a chick says she didn’t have sex with him.

    • Pop Rocks says:

      There is a woman who swore up and down she did NOT have sex with him. Her name is Jennifer Aniston.

  19. Sigh. says:

    Wow. The Cibiran Boys have *quite* the roles models…

  20. Working says:

    Umm I think he DID sleep with her and legitmitely does not know her name. LOL.
    Also – does anyone else think she gives off a Shakira vibe??

  21. MissyA says:

    I know Brandi is a “friend” of this site, but honestly, she’s just as bad as “those guys”. (You know, the two that everyone uses as a point of comparison to make Glanville seem more likable and sympathetic? Common tactic in rhetoric.) They each use the bedroom as a means of shameless self-promotion. Tacky. They’re all lying, superficial famewhores, the lot of them!

    Brandi might be worse. . . showing up for the premiere of a Chicken Nugget? Has she no pride?

    Yeah, I’ve heard the argument that she needs to “provide for her children”, but that’s just a fallacy. Her boys don’t need to live in multi-million dollar homes and drive luxury cars to their ultra-elite prep school. That’s just smoke and mirrors to distract from from Glanville’s MASSIVE sense of entitlement. Woman will show up to the opening of an envelope if she thinks she can parlay it into another 15 minutes.

    This woman is everything I hate about America.

    • Jayna says:

      I really question Brandy’s behavior at times, but being paid to attend this, McDonalds, is fine. I see nothing wrong with it.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        ITA! Feeding your kids trumps pride when you’re a single parent struggling because your ex refuses to work a damn job as if it’s beneath them. She doesn’t have a choice, you have to hustle to make ends meet in this economy, pride gets you nowhere, that’s something I do know. Why should she settle, why should anyone? If you get an opportunity you should not take it? What about her future, what about retirement? People need money for a lot of things that can’t be pegged as materialistic, sorry but that’s not entitlement that’s survival. It’s easy to philosophize about another persons life, yeah keep your pride and live in a cardboard box, totally makes sense in theory, but not in execution. *major eyeroll*

    • Jezi says:

      Oh ok, so basically she should get a studio apartment and wait around for her ex husband to get a job so that he can pay his support. Meanwhile his wife can support him and the boys can live in the lapse of luxury when they are with him. With their mom…a small apartment…with their dad…a mansion. Makes a ton of sense *rme*!

    • Jennifer12 says:

      That’s silly. She isn’t hurting anyone showing up to openings. Who cares if she is supporting McBites? It’s not like she’s doing porno. She has a job, she’s doing it, and her ex-husband is doing nothing to support his sons. Team Brandi!

    • MissyA says:

      Yeah. . . We clearly have very different life philosophies.
      Which is fine, it takes all kinds.

  22. janet says:

    Does anyone think maybe Brandi and Leann have called off there commenters? I noticed the L post yesterday and this post are not nearly as “off the hook” as usual! If so good for them.

    • janet says:

      *their – their commentors. 🙂

    • Rita says:

      It has been quiet but LeAnn’s last thread was just boring. People get up in arms when LeAnn is doing her dirty work.

      Brandi’s supporters might be busy today. Let’s face it, what else can be said about LeAnn and judging by the sky rocketing followers on Brandi’s twitter page, Brandi seems to be moving up.

  23. Mich says:

    I usually find her pretty funny from what I read on CB but this was incredibly tacky. If the situation was reversed (i.e. GB calling her a ‘great lay’ in a public forum) he would be vilified. He might be a shameless whore but I don’t recall him ever talking about any of his hundreds (thousands?? ;-)) of conquests in such a way. I think she deserved just the response she got.

    • Dawn says:

      I know one thing, if he did talk about it and said she was a good lay or not, she would own it. She owns anything that she has done good or bad. If he does not want his sex life out there he needs to learn to keep his pants zipped! We don’t need to here her or anyone tell, he is obvious in his own actions!

  24. sally says:

    He reminds me of the boy who never got any when he was in high school and is making up for lost time! WTF?

  25. Deliver Of Deceit says:

    BRANDI GLANVILLE, charged with the unforgivable crime of LYING about a hook up.

    “Lady & Gentlemen of the Jury, do you have a verdict?”

    “Yes your honor. The only one that matters finds the Defendent GUILTY!”

  26. dorothy says:

    You don’t screw and tell. Ever! Especially on TV.

  27. lucy2 says:

    Neither of them come off good in this. She shouldn’t tell stuff like this publicly just for attention, and he shouldn’t bone everything in sight, including famehos, and not expect his private business to get out there.

  28. skuddles says:

    Gee duh, ya think Brandi? Tramp it up all you want but don’t yap about it in public – nobody likes an indiscreet ho.

  29. Nancy says:

    Who’s Gerard Butler?

  30. Baylor says:

    So, did LeAnn and Brandi have their meeting yet?! Wonder what if anything we will hear about that?!

    • Deliver Of Deceit says:

      I think LeAnn was looking at Brandi’s twitter heard from one of her followers that Brandi was giving away her wedding dress.

      With LeAnn & Eddie’s 1st anniversary vow renewal ceremony just months away LeAnn threatened politely asked Brandi if she could have it. Brandi said ok (after Googling a recipe for itching powder, of course!)

      • Deliver Of Deceit says:

        Aww, I thought this would show up with a line through “was looking at Brandi’s twitter” and “threatened”. Fail 🙁

    • brin says:

      Not sure if they are meeting. Leann could have emailed Brandi asking her to keep an eye on Eddie while she’s out of town and Brandi tweeted “OK, I’m in”.

  31. Leticia says:

    I believe her. I like her. She is plucky.

  32. Jules says:

    Kaiser, you kill me.

  33. Ogechi says:

    Gerald Butler, such a rough cutie.

  34. Pizzazz says:

    Seriously? SO, so stupid. Why is this even a story?? I’m sorry but nobody out there who has an ounce of intelligence thinks for one moment Gerard Butler ‘forgot’ who Brandi was. It was quite obvious he was being a dick because she ‘outed’ their little fling. I don’t blame him. I don’t dislike Brandi but it was pretty trashy and self-serving to brag about her little whatever it was with an A-lister for some attention. I do feel sorry for her though because I think she has some serious self-esteem issues due to her husband’s inexcusable behavior after all of those years together. And frankly, she’s more entertaining and seems more genuine than the majority of women on RHOBH, especially Kyle.

  35. Chickie Baby says:

    Hey Brandi, keep your yap shut!

    Gerry’s reply to TMZ was NOT a denial, just a funny way to deflect the question. He tends to keep his private life private (Brandi, are you taking notes?), so the fact that she blurted it out just means she’s been waiting for an opportunity to announce it publicly. She shouldn’t have said anything in the first place. It was tacky.

    Gerry’s response to TMZ was hee-larious. He may have the rep for being a womanizer, but you never catch him TALKING about his private life. He’s classy like that.

  36. Cameron says:

    Why is her face always so shiny? Am introduce only one who notices this?

    • Jezi says:

      It might be the type of foundation she’s using. Perhaps she’s not using a powder on top of the foundation and that’s why it looks shiney. Or her foundation is dewey which gives the skin a highlight.

  37. risa says:

    I love her. She’s honest, funny & gorgeous. She is single & entitled to look for “love”. GB should view her comments as a compliment. I think they make a sexy couple.

    • Vesper says:

      “Love” is not a series of one night (or one week) stands which seems to be Brandi’s forte.

      GB should view her comments as a compliment. Really? Who wants the world to know how they are in bed.

      As for Brandi’s comments – she blurts out something completely inappropriate, apologizes after the fact, then follows that with a twitter comment that he can “suck it”. If he really did contact her like she said, she wouldn’t have responded with a negative. How is that regretting her indiscretion? The girl lies all the time. Pure trash.

      • brin says:

        At least she doesn’t screw married men which seems to be bonus slut’s forte.

      • Jezi says:

        She doesn’t lie Vesper. You can think what you want about the situation but that’s one thing she doesn’t do.

  38. mln76 says:

    Gerard is a slut and Brandi is kinda skanky but she’ll never be as skanky as LeeAnn Rimes so I guess she’ll be alright 😉

  39. skilo says:

    Gerard Butler is just a big butt-hole. Brandi was discreet at the time they hooked up and she was respectful and complimentary to him when she did say something so there is really nothing wrong with her telling the truth. I think Brandi is just herself unfiltered most of the time, and some people are so used to lies and smoke screens to hide behind that they don’t know how to take people who don’t constantly worry if they are “liked” enough.

  40. bruno says:

    I think they make a great couple. She is perfect for him. No bs & killer bod. Come on GB call & apologize.

  41. foozy says:

    she’s an effin idiot. she should’ve shut her trap! you don’t kiss and tell. i’m not amazed he refuses to acknowledge her!! go gerry!!!!

  42. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Ugh, his need to troll for strange makes him less and less sexy every time I see him.

  43. HadleyB says:

    She answered Andy’s question. She didn’t broadcast this info just to SAY it geez.

    She is pretty, got a hot though a bit skinny for me body and I like her sense of humor. I don’t thin she lies, she just says things and you take it or leave it. She isn’t going to be all fake nice just to please people she doesn’t know and this is what I like about her.

    I have worked with SO many fake nice people that were really just assholes .. and it’s amazing that THOSE people were thought to be real and nice ?? I don’t get it.. Brandi keep rockin it.

    And yeah I bet she is sorry she said she effed Gerard ..he hasn’t looked good since 300 … he looks likes crap now..don’t blame her. I would be sorry I said it and hit it too.

  44. marisa says:

    So what. They are both single. Good for Brandi, at least he is an a lister unlike Ediot Shitforbrainian

    • brin says:

      True.The real question should be “Who’s Eddie Cibrian?”

      • Jezi says:

        You know how she should’ve answered this question. When Andy asked if she kissed anyone as famous as her ex, she should of said, “he was famous?”…LOL. That would’ve avoided this whole mess.

      • brin says:

        LOL…that’s good, Jezi!

  45. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Brandi calls herself a slut. At least she doesn’t sugarcoat it. She’s not married anymore. As long as she keeps her behavior away from her children, I don’t see why people are all upset. I thought secularist opinion was that we can all f*ck, suck and stuck whomever we want and be proud about so long as we are unattached consenting adults.

    I’m really confused about what is and isn’t acceptable in the world today.]

    But my personal view is that she named dropped her activities because she’s honest AND she knew that her honesty would get her publicity. Afterall, she’d rather promote McBites than make them.

    Maybe she does feel entitled to live the lifestyle or close to what she was living when she was with Eddie. If not for herself, but for her children. Maybe she feels their level of comfort should not be sacrificed just because their father is a douche and she’s not smart enough to get a real job as like a bank teller or dog watcher.

    Whatever the case is what she did was famewhorey on the lowest denominator and what he did was even douchier. So I don’t think either one deserves a pass,

    When it comes to LeAnn issues I’m always Team BG but when it comes to BG and her issues I’m team Bitch Please.

  46. Shelly says:

    I don’t think she was lying at all. She definitely seemed taken off guard by the question and seemed to pop out an honest answer.

  47. Ash says:

    Some of the comments here in defense of whoever this Brandy chick ridiculous

  48. Karin says:

    Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, Gerard *sigh* Butler is a A list actor known throughout the world. Brandi wants a ride on his wavelength, and took advantage of their flip-flap to make a few headlines – quite typical of a non-talented ol´nobody. Screwing, telling and RATING the person, on TV! Anything goes, right Brandi? Guess you´re the one who likes to suck!