Courtney Love blames her Benzos addiction on Winona Ryder and Andy Dick

Here’s a photo of Courtney Love trashed out of her mind while exiting the Chateau Marmont on 1/13 because she always keeps it classy. That’s just a precursor for this warning to brace yourselves, for there’s a new “tell all” book about Courtney (aptly titled Courtney Comes Clean) that has been penned by The Fix and is based upon a year’s worth of in-person, phone, and e-mail correspondence with Love, most of which she probably doesn’t even remember.

The book goes into depth about Courtney’s struggles with addiction, her issues with men, and more on the money troubles that we’ve heard so much about already. Below, I’ve included some excerpts wherein Courtney blames a lot of her own crap on other people, including such celebrities as Winona Ryder and Andy Dick, but the book also apparently includes call-outs aimed towards Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Scarlett Johansson, Kirstie Alley, Harvey Weinstein, Madonna, Oliver Stone, Brett Ratner, and Clive Owen. What could she possibly have against Clive Owen? Obviously, Courtney has tried (and possibly succeeded) to smash with both Stone and Ratner, but Clive wouldn’t give her the time of day. Maybe that’s what she’s upset about, but who knows? Only Courtney, and she’s probably already forgotten. Here are those excerpts:

On her “sobriety”: “I think of myself as sober,” she says, although she admits that her daily regimen of pills wouldn’t pass muster at an AA meeting. “When you’re used to heroin and cocaine, a few pills doesn’t seem like the end of the world. As they say in AA, it’s about progress, not perfection. I mean, abstinence is a nice idea, but I don’t know if it’s right for everyone. Especially for someone who was nursed on a steady diet of Valium and Ritalin from the time I was seven, thanks to my fine mother. I don’t do street drugs anymore. My medications are all legally prescribed by prominent physicians. I’m entirely legal. But the truth is, I’ve never claimed to be anyone’s role model. I’m not Mother Theresa. All I’m trying to do is stay alive.”

On losing it at Pam Anderson’s roast: “That Roast wasn’t a great moment for me. I was doped and dazed, and had lipstick smeared all over my face. I may have even been drooling. But it was all Andy Dick’s fault. He handed me a fat pill right before the show and said, ‘Courtney, here, take this–it’s like Vicodin without the aspirin.’ Winona Ryder slipped me a similar pill a few years ago. I’m such an addict that I just swallowed them both, without asking what they were. So thanks to Andy Dick, I ended up getting addicted to benzos again, which went on to plague my life.”

She’s tight with Sam Lufti:
 Love has dismissed many loyal staffers in recent years, including Marie Walsh Dixon, a veteran associate who decamped to work for Frances Bean. Other employees are suing her for unpaid wages. In their place, she has turned increasingly to Sam “Osama” Lutfi, a 37-year-old sober coach who has played an increasingly prominent role in her day-to-day affairs. A swarthy Svengali who once allegedly worked as a private investigator, Lutfi first rose to prominence in 2007 while representing Britney Spears during her much-publicized breakdown. Lutfi insists he has no formal relationship with Love, whom he describes as a friend.

She’s not a Chelsea Handler fan: “I may not like what you stand for, but I do believe in sisterhood,” she [told] Handler, who had recently taken up with Love’s ex-boyfriend, hotelier Andre Balazs. “You don’t want to put gratitude in the hands of a man who doesn’t accept you for who you are and never, ever will…No one in New York City, not even Trump, is despised more! I’m here to serve! Get help and work on your addiction/trauma, Chelsea! The kids call what you’re doing fame-whoring. [Y]ou’re too dumb to get it! Yes I know he’s telling you to take the high road and I’m telling you to take the f&#@ing high road you low-life. GO 2 REHAB!”

Inspector Courtney on fraud: In 2008, Courtney complained to the press that various corrupt lawyers and accountants had cheated her out of $250 million. By 2010, the figure had ballooned to $1 billion. In her quest to unmask the alleged thefts, she engaged a “twitter army” of volunteers who took to the Internet and examined property records to track down suspicious leads. But while some of those volunteers have backed up her claims of fraud, her distractions and failure to pay her employees have stood in the way of real progress.

The crack really helped too: “The strange thing is, while the crack screwed me up in a lot of ways, it improved me in certain others. I’ve never been good with numbers, but when I was on crack I could do math really, really well. I became a f&#@king whiz at calculus.”

Oh wait, Courtney screwed herself: “Shortly after Kurt’s death, the lawyer who was representing me called and said, ‘Courtney, you have over $7 million coming to you, but you need to give me your Social Security number.’ [I couldn’t] remember my Social Security Number, so I had to lie and make one up. My mother, saint that she is, had a million husbands. My brothers and sisters were adopted by one stepfather, then by another. Thank God I was emancipated when I was 15, but ever since then I’ve wandered through life wondering who the f&#$ I am: Courtney Michelle Rodriguez? Courtney Michelle Menelli? Courtney Love? Courtney Cobain? It’s like, I don’t even know my f&#@ing name! How am I expected to know my Social Security number?”

[From The Fix]

That part about the social security number is particularly interesting because it illustrates that Courtney has dug her own financial hole from the very moment that Kurt Cobain died, and if she’s hanging with Sam Lufti, Courtney is just begging to get ripped off in the future. Of course, Courtney probably thinks that Sam is just “misunderstood” just like she is, but I find it amusing that he is the one trying to downplay their relationship. When Sam Lufti doesn’t want to be professionally associated with you, well, you catch my drift.

The Fix also includes a lot of excerpts on its website about Francis Bean’s deposition that resulted in her emancipation from Courtney. Francis alleges that Courtney took drugs “for as long as I can remember” and often fell asleep while smoking, which lead to her nearly burning the house down on three separate occasions. Francis also claimed that her cat was killed by Courtney’s hoarding habit and that her dog died after ingesting some of Courtney’s pill stash. At one point, Francis also had to deal with talking her mother out of jumping from a balcony, and she grew understandably weary of listening to Courtney rage about fraud on a consistent basis. For us, it was exhausting just to read Courtney’s fraud-related rants on Twitter, but Francis was apparently dealing with a bunch of screaming and paranoia about it in real life. Poor Francis — thank goodness she got away from that mess of a mother.

Courtney Comes Clean is available for download here.

Here’s photos from Courtney with tweaked lips last July at a Valentino-associated museum launch party.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News and WENN

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  1. originalone says:

    The actual blaming of her addiction on others simply proves that she is nothing but a f-cking addict. A helplessly pathetic addict, who is not getting help, and will not be before it’s too late.

    Actually, why are we still giving her coverage? Because she’s some genius’ widow? Enough already. We are glorifying her addiction. Just ignore her. Put her in the Kardashian category.

  2. bluhare says:

    What? They force fed them to her until she was hooked?

  3. brin says:

    Time to be institutionlized.

  4. Asli says:

    I feel bad for Francis but, whoa, Courtney didn’t have a fair chance at life since her mom basically started pumping her full of drugs at age 7 (unless she had illnesses that required she take the medicin). I understand her a little bit better now.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @asli, my alcoholic MIL did the same thing to my husband. She also had Münchausen syndrome by proxy and frequently took him to the hospital for illnesses that she inflicted upon him. She also married a bunch of men (but instead of adopting the kids, the one she was married to the longest beat the kids). Later, they lived in a homeless shelter with cockroaches, where my SIL was gang raped. Both my husband and sister turned out fine. Courtney had a rough life, but it’s no excuse for her behavior or the way she raised poor Francis Bean. Courtney (and other addicts) count on the sympathy of kind people like you. I have no sympathy for these drug addled monsters that call themselves mothers and use their past as a poor excuse for their behavior. 😡

      • *applause*

        My sister-in-law had a horrendous early childhood and came through beautifully. I grew up in a children’s home and never knew anything like parents and I turned out pretty darned good. There comes a time when one has to admit one’s own culpability in one’s addictive and destructive behavior and stop playing the blame game.

      • Asli says:

        Mort – That’s horrible! I’m glad they’re doing fine :). You too, paranomalgirl. 🙂 I agree with you both and normally I don’t sympathize with addicts. Make their own bed, that kind of a thing.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @paranormal, I have great sympathy and admiration for people like you and my husband who’ve lived such tough lives and overcome great adversity and become great people. 👏 <~~~ applause right back at you my friend.

      • Asli says:

        Edit- Sorry for the douple post. It won’t delete. Agreed again, Mort. And I can definately relate. I think I broke/strained my hand/wrist/arm around 5 times when I was a kid because I “feel”. Always the right one.

    • gg says:

      I really don’t believe a word the woman says. She’s perjured herself too much to be believed at this point.

  5. Cathy says:

    I wouldn’t borrow that book from the library, much less pay for it. That woman is a train wreck, just waiting to happen

  6. Roma says:

    When you have no idea what a pill is and you gobble it up willingly before going on camera means that YOU are the one with a problem.

    Yes, Andy Dick is a dick but so is Courtney.

  7. eileen says:

    Is it me or are a majority of musicians self involved spoiled brats who never own their behavior? They spend millions filling the empty void of “me Me ME” with drugs, alcohol and fixing things they F up on. She’s the queen of it.

    • Esmom says:

      I’d say that musicians are often very talented artists who are tortured in some way (Kurt Cobain comes to mind) and therefore can easily fall into the trap of drug addiction as they try to ease their pain and angst that was once fulfilled by their art/music alone. Especially as they begin to make money. As we’ve seen again and again, fame definitely can come with a price.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      @eileen, I am married to a “prominent” musician, who has been on the cover of mags in his profession, has worked with huge names and most people are great.

      Seems to be the uber-young and rich ones this happens to. Though we do know of some people like you described the vast majority of professional musicians are very normal people. It depends on where you fall in the industry, just like actors. You have professionals and then flakes, and everyone can see who the famewhores are and who is in it for the actual craft of music.

    • Zoe says:

      After working with them/for them, yes a lot of musicians are immature, self-involved with addictive personalities. Also have found they’re accepting, intelligent, open-minded,sensitive, and insecure. Courtney would be an addict if she was a housewife or musician. She’s a narcissistic personality regardless of her career. Most musicians aren’t Courtneys.

  8. lucy2 says:

    Her whole life hasn’t been a great moment for her. She’s a perpetual mess.
    I really feel bad for her daughter. I hope she’s doing well on her own.

  9. Bluebear says:

    Why is she famous? Is it for the acting she did in the 90’s? Or is it her husband her died in the 90’s? Or is it for her band that was popular in the 90’s? I’m a little lost on why we have to keep watching this train wreck. Her daughter is avoiding the spotlight and she is the closest one to relevant.

    • Nar says:

      Believe it or not, Courtney Love is REALLY TALENTED. She is a great singer, a great lyricist and a great performer. The problem with her is that she is a mouthy motherf**ker and people don’t like that. Also, her drug usage has killed her image. Behind all her shitty behavior, she puts disgraces like Ke$ha and even Gaga to shame with her songs. She is just too selfish.

  10. Petunia says:

    Ut oh. Sam Lufti? He’s very bad news indeed. I really feel sorry for her if she’s under his control. She’ll be doped up to her gills (even more than usual) until she drops dead from the drugs. Lufti is trouble. I wish her well.

    • Petunia says:

      PS: Lufti is no “sober coach,” and neither is Love “sober.” Lufti is a dangerous manipulator who almost killed Spears through feeding her crushed up drugs to keep her completely out of it so she’d never question his Svengali-like hold.

      I’m really peeved that this guy is allowed out there on the streets so he can ruin vulnerable people’s lives.

  11. MayaMae says:

    Frankly, I’m amazed she’s still alive.

  12. Delta Juliet says:

    She spent a lot of time shitting on her own mother, has she ever looked in the mirror? I realized she (apparently) had a rough upbringing, but the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. I hope Francis stays the course….

  13. anonymoose says:

    Until she accepts responsibility for herself, for her actions, for her emotions,…she will struggle.

  14. MJ says:

    Isn’t Sam Lutfi the scumbag who kept Britney drugged out of her mind while he was leeching off of her, ultimately leading to her conservatorship? “Sober coach”, my ass.

    Unless Britney was addicted to the harder stuff, like crack/meth/whatever, and he was keeping her on Benzos to cut down on the street crap. Food for thought…

    • sammib says:

      Britney looked and was acting like a meth head during that time. I know, I used to be one too. What’s the bet that Sam Lufti is just a dealer with very rich “clients”.

  15. ladybert62 says:

    This woman is truly disgusting – I dont even know where to begin with those excepts you posted above.

  16. mln76 says:

    I think you buried one of the leads Courtney Love is telling Chelsea Handler to go to rehab???
    I can’t wrap my mind around that one.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I know! WTF? Even if Chelsea does have a problem, the reason behind Courtney saying this is pretty transparent. Obvious jealousy over that Andre dude who moved on to Chelsea.

  17. LeeLoo says:

    Ugh! She makes me so angry if she were not a celebrity she would have been locked up in a psych ward forever.

    To those who would blame her childhood and her mom putting her on drugs. As many have stated, she has been showing symptoms of psychosis since age 7. While I don’t know if I would handle it the way her mom did I cannot blame her for handling it the way she did. How do you handle a psychotic child? What do you do when that psychotic child becomes an adult or even a teenager with a lot of aggression? I don’t think anyone is able to tell the difference between sober Courtney and loaded Courtney. She’s a very sick person and she is never going to get better. This woman is beyond any and all means of help. She’s going through life as a wounded animal and will continue to do so. That doesn’t make her any less dangerous.

    • mln76 says:

      Well not to excuse her but wasn’t her father put on trial for giving her LSD as a toddler? I am pretty sure that would cause a person to become psychotic.

      • LeeLoo says:

        No it was an allegation of her mother’s during the custody battle they had. He denies it but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happened. I don’t care the causes the end result is the mess we have in front of us and the mess she’s been for over 20 years. How is she even news anymore?

      • mln76 says:

        Eh I really don’t disagree with anything you said about CL there really is no defense of anything she’s done. I just wanted to point out that the psychosis probably dates back to being given LSD at 2 or 3 yrs old by her parent.

      • some bitch says:

        Jesus Christ, and I thought dabbling in LSD in my late teens and very start of my 20s was bad.

        LSD is a strange chemical and it needs to be respected. The idea of a toddler ingesting it (obviously not of their own will) is pretty terrifying.

  18. skuddles says:

    Her throughts on Chelsea Handler made the whole read worthwhile. You gotta hand it to Courtney – girl has NO edit button, she just spews the nasty, dirty truth (at least as she knows it) and screw whoever she splatters in the process. Somehow I find that oddly admirable…

  19. wunder says:

    Those droopy bangs are doing absolutely nothing for her distorted facial features. . . yep, time to be institutionalized. The bangs are really giving it away.

  20. Rhiley says:

    I feel kind of heart broken for Frances. You don’t hear much about Courtney’s hoarding addiction but it seems totally believable. I bet Frances has been an adult since she could walk and talk.

  21. Eric says:

    Poor Kurt Cobain was killed for nothing, his fortune divided by some shady people involved in his murder, and his daughter will be lucky to get 1/3 of what she’s entitled to.

  22. Esmom says:

    Um, wow. I knew she was a mess but I really underestimated the extent of her issues. Poor Frances Bean. Like someone said, I don’t know how she is still alive at this point.

    She makes Demi’s recent days seem like a walk in the park.

  23. Shelly says:

    Just reading that excerpt was exhausting. She is an exhausting person. I don’t think I could get thru a whole book about her. I can’t imagine what her poor daughter felt like every day she had to live with that woman.

  24. Beatriz says:

    “My medications are all legally prescribed by prominent physicians”–that doesn’t mean that you are not an addict. Just because it’s “legal” doesn’t make it less of a lethal, addictive drug. One of the things that always bothered me about Courtney Love is that she seems to never take any responsibility for her actions. Oh it was Andi Dicks fault I got trashed, everyone ripped me of so that’s why I don’t have any money. Jesus woman, your your daughters sake, stop lying to yourself and man the fuck up! Also, there is no such thing as “sort of sober”; either you’re sober or you’re not, I realize that in her deluded mind popping pills seems to be much less harmful than being on the streets injecting dope in your arm, but it actually is; visually it might not be that obviously damaging, but it is, if not even worse.

    End rant.

  25. Guesty says:

    Sober, ‘sober,’ or high as a motherfucking kite, Courtney Love is a terrible human being. She is one of the most outwardly vicious people to ever gain fame.

    The Winona Ryder quote is the one I find most infuriating. Ryder paid in a way that *no* other celebrity has for her own fuckups and, in my opinion, minor crimes. Love knows this; Ryder’s career will likely never fully recover, and I find that sad when RDJ, Russell Brand and others fuck up even more egregiously and bing-bang-boom, all’s forgiven. For Love to blame Ryder and even the odious, execrable Andy Dick for her inability to get clean is really shameful. She makes the world a worse place for being in it, and is a true misogynist on top of everything else.

  26. some bitch says:

    Oh, benzos. I currently need my Lorazepam to sleep and I’m not looking forward to weaning off this drug.

    I’d really like to spend a few days with Courtney Love. Just talking. And maybe doing some drugs. Or just talking. She seems quite fascinating and definitely has some kind of personality disorder.

    • boo says:

      Ok, I’m totally confused, what is benzos? Are we talking about benzadrine, you know speed?

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        No, benzos are downers. Valium is benzodiazepam, Lorazepam is a sleep aid, there are many drugs that fall into the category and they are the worst to quit, especially after long term use. Ativan is the devil himself.

        When I had Grave’s disease (funny enough one of the diseases I had to treat), I had extreme anxiety and insomnia. Got put on sleeping pills and ativan. Have cut back to only valium before bed to sleep and am not looking forward to weaning. When I tried to go cold turkey I nearly threw myself off a balcony.
        So, now I have to wean off valium, yuck. I can’t imagine popping this crap all day, and she drinks with it as well. Setting herself up for a world of hurt.
        I wish my doctor had just let me have anxiety instead of starting me on them, but it’s the last thing I have to get rid of. I may be up all night, but I am almost free. Benzos are harder to quit than anything, so it self perpetuates because quitting is so hard, you want to die, you shake, get hot and cold, paranoid, etc. What a bitch.
        Thanks big pharma! Sometimes I am embarrassed to be part of the medical profession.

        I’m not an addict, just got sick and in a bad car accident and had a death in the family and was on like 12 different meds. Weaned myself off everything except this one and am doing that now. I don’t feel sorry for Courtney because it is totally possible to get off everything and really start living!
        Yoga and deep relaxation are the best things…and maybe a joint. See there, big pharma doesn’t want that legalized because then their nation of drug zombies wouldn’t be lining their pockets, but growing their own herbal medicine.

  27. Jayna says:

    Sam Lufti has restraint orders against him from past roommates, etc. He is a stalker. He helped destroy Britney when she was I’ll and latched on to her. He is scum. Courtney is a sad excuse of a human being.

  28. The Truth Fairy says:

    She will never be OK.

    • Stellax2 says:

      I have to agree. Courtney, back in the day, after Kurt died, seemed to get herself together. She did a bit of good acting, working on music, in a stable relationship and it’s all dust now.

      She has a daughter that won’t go near her, a man who is notoriously known as Spears’ enabler, cannot account for a great deal of money (gee, Courtney, maybe when you where holed up in France trying to record, in between hits of crack and coke?).
      I find her mother and father to be lousy, idiotic parents but Love had people, real people, who cared about her well-being. Her one stepfather, some people within the music community, actor’s, probably sponsors and other assorted friends.
      I also believe the hoarding to be absolutely 100% true. She keeps piles upon piles of clothes, journals….she’s like right out of Grey Gardens. She’ll die that way, rambling with grandiose ideas of who she was and is…very sad.

  29. whatthehell456 says:

    How ever you were mistreated by your parents should in no way reflect in your adult life…you have the choice to get help and you have the choice to not make their mistakes. It’s too bad about Courtney, I really enjoyed her in “The People Vs Larry Flint” and thought she might be able to make a career out of acting, but until she realizes that she is an addict of the worst kind, she’ll eventually OD and die, old and alone.

  30. dena says:

    ” I’m not Mother Theresa. All I’m trying to do is stay alive.”

    This sounds so sad to me.

  31. Newtsgal says:

    I have heard of many other celebrities that got their scripts from prominent doctors…..i.e. Micheal Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and just look how happy & healthy they are.

  32. original kate says:

    if she weren’t mrs. kurt cobain she would still be a stripper in alaska. sorry but it’s true. girfriend is not pretty, not talented, not interesting – she’s just not. i’ve met her twice (she’s come into my bookstore in seattle) and she was really messed up both times. nice enough, and spent a lot of money, but really out of it. i also had the misfortune of hearing her sing live and it sounded like a cat being swung around by its tail.

  33. ThatBoyLuke says:

    I can’t excuse Courtney for being a bad parent but it’s funny how everybody saying the stuff you go through as a child shouldn’t have an impact on your adult life are people that havn’t been through any of that sh*t and to the people that have relations that have been through bad stuff and come out the other side i’m happy for them but not everybody does make it through intact and being in show business is also an extra factor.

    • LeeLoo says:

      Nope. In Courtney’s case I will hand it to you and say I doubt she has ever been enough of a functional human being to ever sit down and reflect on those choices. She should have been locked up in a psych ward ages ago. I cannot 100% blame her for that.

      As for you statement I heartily disagree. I don’t care what serious stuff anyone has been through. You can still make the choice to turn something negative into a positive. You can make the choice to ask and get help or not. No one or no entity is forcing you to be a bad person or do bad things; not your parents, your traumatic past…nothing. Many people have had awful things happen to them in their lives, they’ve even had a succession of awful things happen but they still turned it around and figured out a way to help people. Take a look at Frances, I have no doubt that girl childhood made Lindsay Lohan’s childhood seem like a Disney but do you hear about her getting a DUI or getting loaded out of her mind? No, she made the choice that she was not going down that road. So people are in control and people CAN make it out intact provided they choose to and provided they don’t have a pre-existing condition (like mental illness) getting in their way.

      • ThatBoyLuke says:

        Like i said unless YOU as a person have been through anything like that and come out the other side you can’t really say what stress mentally someone in that position is in. I agree that Frances has done great but she was never put on drugs as a roddler or been through what Courtney has and i also don’t agree that Courtney is a bad person, She is not hurting anybody physically besides herself and despite the fact she’s not a good mother she clearly loves her daughter.

      • Selenie says:

        @thatboyluke actually Courtney love has physically brutalized and attacked others.

  34. crazycatlady says:

    As someone who has had friends & colleagues who have dealt with Courtney for the better part of 2 decades, and as someone with a Psych degree, I must say that she’s a psychologist’s dream (or nightmare) subject! She has many classic signs of schizophrenia, exacerbated by years of drug abuse, yet she’s extremely intelligent. They could write a whole new diagnosis in the DSM-V for her!

    And I know for a fact she’s been a walking fire hazard for as many years (the whole falling asleep with a ciggie is a regular occurrence).

    Radaronline talks specifically today about the laundry list in daughter Frances’s deposition a couple of years ago (and PLS get names right – it’s FRANCES not FRANCIS). Can we please focus on the animal abuse and horror of causing the death of TWO pets? That’s all kinds of f-ed up.

    • LeeLoo says:

      Is it schizophenia or does she just show up on the spectrum? My honey and I were discussing this article (he is getting his MA in psyhology) and he thinks it is Schizoaffective Personality Disorder or a personality disorder mixed with being a Schizoid (he’s taking a clinical diagnostic class). He doesn’t think she fits the criterium for having any form of the classic schizophrenias but that she shows up on the spectrum.

    • some bitch says:

      I think this woman has some severe personality disorders. Drug use has probably altered her brain in so many ways…

  35. Anoni Mus says:

    This woman is a wreck. I just feel bad or Frances Bean, what a nightmare. I hope that the vicious circle started with Courtneys mother doesn’t perpetuate itself with Frances.

    Wow, that Andre Balzals is scraping the bottom of the barrel. He went from Uma Thurman to Courtney Love to Chelsea Handler? Dear Lord, what a downgrade.

  36. Kim says:

    Celebitchy please put Courtney away with the entire Kartrashian family and stop reporting anything on these useless human beings.

  37. ZenB!tch says:

    She’s wearing hose, not tights. That says it all. No hose in LA. She’s not Princess Katy

  38. Kat says:

    Her daughter’s name is Frances. Not Francis. Easy way to remember: ‘i’ is for a boy, ‘e’ is for a girl.

  39. sammib says:

    Yeah, she’s a horrid junkie. Funny as all hell but a smacky all the same. Never responsible for their own behaviour, full of lies just for the hell of it, always someone ripping them off, hating everyone around them.. ugh. And the Ritalin story is just utter crap – when she was 7 it would have been the early 1970’s and there was no such thing as ADHD and there certainly wasn’t any Ritalin.

    • LeeLoo says:

      Not true. Ritalin has been around since the 60s. It was originally made for women who wanted to lose weight. It was not prescribed for ADHD in the United States until the late 70s. But I recall reading that she was apart of the clinical study for giving ritalin to children which started in the early 70s. My psychologist major honey has read the early trial results. He said a lot of the subjects were give twice the normal dose of what one would normally give a child.

      Yes, I know way more about CL than I ever care to. Reading up on her has helped me better understand a family member of mine who acts in the same ways she does.

      • Brigitte says:

        Interesting. I have a Psych degree from NAU so this stuff intrigues me. Thanks for sharing. ;o)

  40. Cirque28 says:

    Now hold on. The Village Voice named Pretty on the Inside album of the year in 1992. Teenage Whore debuted at #1 on the UK Indie charts. That’s pre-Kurt Cobain.

    Yes, the 90’s are over. Yes, Courtney’s artistic pinnacle is far behind her. She’s deeply destructive, a complete loon, and she routinely plays fast and loose with the truth.

    But let’s not be so quick to dismiss another woman’s work, even if she herself is a misogynist. Just as Marianne Faithfull is more than “that chick who used to date Mick Jagger,” and Hillary Clinton is more “that bitch who got cheated on by Bill Clinton,” Courtney Love is more than a famous widow. You might not like her songwriting, acting, or singing, but she has genuine artistic chops. To pretend she doesn’t does a disservice to women artists everywhere.

    Even though I can also see the synapses misfiring in her brain from here. 😉

    • original kate says:

      so am i supposed to like courtney’s work just because she’s a woman? her music is hideous, her acting is meh and whatever small talent she had is now gone. that’s my opinion and i refuse to alter it simply because courtney is female.

      • Cirque28 says:

        Like her work just because she’s female? Never!

        But do most people dismiss John Belushi as “just a junkie” or Robert Downey Jr as “nothing but a crackhead?” No, those two men were/are treated with enough respect that their work is at least part of the conversation, even if we think the work sucked.

        The poet Anne Sexton was addicted, slutty, a dreadful mother, and generally an asshole. I see nothing wrong in saying these things– they’re true. Nor in saying that you loathe* her poetry. But there’s a difference between despising Anne Sexton as a person or as a poet, and complete dismissal of her as just some dumb skank, as if her writing never even happened.

        *Although I don’t loathe it. But I’m glad she wasn’t my mom, and that goes double for Courtney.

      • Statler says:


        I think the Kurt death rumors did far more to undermine her popularity with most people than her lifestyle. Debatable talent notwithstanding.

        Edit: Don’t go by the comments on here though- a lot of the posters are very sheltered authoritarian types. (Not original kate, who’s smart and witty, but many others.)

      • original kate says:

        @ cirque28: i’m uncertain what your point is as you seem to be making contradictory ones. you wrote: “You might not like her songwriting, acting, or singing, but she has genuine artistic chops. To pretend she doesn’t does a disservice to women artists everywhere.” that is your opinion. if i don’t think someone is talented why would i pretend she has artistic chops? because we are both female? and how is that a disservice to women artists everywhere? shouldn’t each artist be judged on merit, regardless of sex or race or religion? to give courtney a pass because she is female is actually doing a disservice to women everywhere. i am a cellist, and if you don’t like the way i play it is certainly not a disservice to all female cellists, unless you say women should not play the cello.

        i did not dismiss courtney as a dumb skank; if you reread my post i stated i did not think she was talented, nor interesting. she seems like a nice enough person, but that does not equal talent or artistic integrity. i do think being cobain’s widow gave her a lot of clout she would not have had otherwise. just my opinon. sadly, she is a drug addict, but that has no bearing on my opinion of her talent (or lack thereof).

        yes, many artists are questionable people, but i am able to separate the artist from their art.

      • Cirque28 says:

        I wrote my original comment because people compared Courtney Love to the Kardashians, asked why she is known, and said she is merely a junkie and merely the widow of a genius. Courtney is often spoken about as if her body of work simply doesn’t exist.

        Why would young girls aspire to be anything more than Kim Kardashian? Why would they bother to focus on anything besides what they look like and who they date/marry? That’s all people will see anyway, and if you work hard at your craft, we’ll say it never happened. Like the reverse of the emperor’s new clothes, we’ll stand here saying, “Guitar? I don’t see any guitar.”

  41. Ramie says:

    what a pathethic human cockroach. she won’t be missed.

  42. carrie says:

    she’s a narcissic drama queen,an entertaining mess

  43. GarlandHart says:

    If everyone that fucked a musician and wrote a song still got tv time all channels would be like 24 hour celebrity rehab. She is not worth even blogging about but that in itself made me post this one. So for the sake of arguing… She is an ugly junkie. She wrote a punk rock song like 20 years ago and I’m pretty sure u could make a top selling punk band from a group of retarded kindergardeners. She’s been milking this kurt kobain thing for longer than she would like to admit. Anyone under twenty couldn’t tell you why she’s even famous other than for being a junkie that’s somehow broke. Anyways thank you kourtney love for wasting our time having to watch you on tv and wasting even more blogging about such a useless subject.