Lindsay Lohan is staying at the Chateau Marmont for free, a “friend” gave her a room

A few days ago, Radar had an “exclusive” report that water is wet, the sky is blue, and Lindsay Lohan was doing drugs and getting hammered at the Chateau Marmont. Another day, another pathetic display from the Cracken. Many of us had questions about the incident, but not about the veracity of the incident. Our questions were “Why isn’t she being drug tested?” and “Is she doing meth at this point?” and of course, “How is she paying for this?” The last question was particularly relevant given that LL seems to have completely moved out of her Venice Beach condo/crack den and is now back to living full-time at the Marmont. Well, Radar has some answers – the Cracken is NOT paying to live at the Marmont. A “friend” is giving her a room.

Lindsay Lohan has ditched her condo in trendy Venice Beach because of security concerns and she is currently residing in a room at the infamous Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles for free, is exclusively reporting.

The embattled actress,25, moved out of her beach residence because of several stalkers that have attempted to make contact with her.

LiLo has an artist friend who bought a room at the Chateau Marmont for a year, and he offered the room to her because he wasn’t using it.

“Lindsay is currently living in a room at the Chateau and not in a bungalow. She has a very close friend that is an artist that has a room he occasionally uses at the hotel. He learned that she was moving out of her condo, and he offered her the room because he wasn’t using it. This is a temporary situation for Lindsay right now. Lindsay’s team is currently looking for a new residence in the area that would offer her more security, perhaps a house in a gated community or a condo,” a source close to the actress says.
A standard room at the Chateau Marmont boasts 300 square feet, a queen sized bed and the standard rate is $435.

As previously reported, Linds appeared to be under the influence at the hotel on Sunday night.

“Lindsay was spotted going to the restroom with a male companion on numerous occasions in a short amount of time,” an eyewitness told “When the two of them emerged from the bathroom, Lindsay was giggling and her nose appeared red. Lindsay was spotted only drinking water in the lounge area, but she appeared to be loaded on something, and she seemed under the influence. Lindsay’s eyes were glassy and her pupils were constricted.”

The actress is currently on probation for her no contest plea in her misdemeanor theft conviction. Judge Stephanie Sautner has ordered Lindsay to complete her court ordered community service at the Los Angeles County Morgue, but LiLo isn’t randomly drug tested.

“We are not commenting on Lindsay’s living arrangements,” Steve Honig, Lohan’s rep told us.

[From Radar]

If this “artist friend” of Crackie’s is renting the room at the standard nightly rate, the annual cost of housing LL is nearly $160,000. Now, I’m sure that the artist friend is getting some kind of discount, considering he’s renting the room with a year’s advance – but still, you’re talking about six-figures, most likely. What are the chances that the artist friend is a john? What are the chances that the artist friend is a pimp? What are the chances that LL is “working off” the cost of the room in a really sketchy, sad way?

UPDATE: There are a few more LL stories this morning, and they don’t deserve another post. First up, X17 & HuffPo claim that LL is dating Henry Hopper, the 21-year-old son of the late Dennis Hopper. They were spotted together on Tuesday at a Venice Beach liquor store “where they fetched a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and Red Bulls… A source also reports that the pair were sharing lovey-dovey kisses while in the vehicle.” However! TMZ reports this:

Lindsay Lohan says there’s NO TRUTH to reports she was boozing at a SAG Awards after party this weekend … and now, TMZ has learned, she’s threatening to SUE the media outlets that published the story in the first place.

A source close to the actress tells TMZ … Lindsay is already exploring her legal options with her attorneys … because she feels the false stories are sabotaging her effort to save her career.

Lindsay acknowledges she WAS at the party at the Chateau Marmot hotel in Hollywood Sunday night … but insists she was sitting with Alan Cummings the whole time and ONLY drank water.

We’re told Lindsay’s also pissed over reports about a recent gas station makeout session with Dennis Hopper’s son Henry (pictured above), where she allegedly purchased Red Bull and vodka.

Sources close to LiLo tell us the actress is adamant the two are just friends … NEVER MADE OUT … and the only items she bought were soda, chips, and cigarettes.

[From TMZ]

Whatever. Water is wet, the sky is blue and LL is a cracked-out, litigious drunk.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Katie says:

    She is a sad, sad cautionary tale. Her looks are totally ruined, and I doubt she can manage a comeback anytime soon.

  2. LeeLoo says:

    Dennis must be rolling over in his grave knowing his son would hook up with someone like Lindsay. Go to school, boy!

    Lindsay…if your so called “Hollywood career” is being ruined by the Hollywood media, it means Hollywood doesn’t want you.

    Oh and by “artist friend” we mean one of her johns right?

    • originalone says:

      @Leeloo, ^Every word!!

      My first thought was also about Dennis rolling over in his grave!

      No wonder Lindsay needs to be high all the time. She has become a glorified hooker, on her way down to simple hooker. She has no career prospects whatsoever. Her mother is draining all her potential, and money. Her father is a running gag, and on death watch. His next blow is going to result in death. And looking at the sadness that are her brothers and sister… I would want to get high too, just to escape that reality.

      Dina Lohan should be lynched. No other way of putting it. What that woman has done to her children is beyond reprehensible, and she keeps on doing it. Just look at the sadness on Lindsay’s sister’S “reconstructed” face. Just awful.

  3. brin says:

    Yep, water is wet, the sky is blue and Crackie is a hooker.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Word. And I don’t even want to think about how she’s working off that $160K. *shudders & waves*

  4. Sisi says:

    Yeah, if I had stalkers I would go live in a hotel where everyone can come in and let the media publish where I was going. Totally makes sense… *eyeroll*

  5. whatthehell456 says:

    Blah blah blah….Who cares?

  6. Sophie says:

    *shakes head*

    this really isn’t going to end well

  7. Zelda says:

    I didn’t know the words “collection agency” could be spelled “stalker”!

    Its this some kind of foreign spelling? Kaiser, you so fancy…

  8. Sam says:

    If this is true, it’s very sad. She is so close to finishing her legal stuff, and now she is going to sabotage herself and stay stuck in the system. I know she is a grown ass woman and can make her own poor decisions, but she really needs some help. She keeps pretending she can go on like all the other countless famous people who are coked out of their minds and maintain a good front, but that just isn’t her and there are literally millions of people who just want to watch her crash and burn (again) with cameras waiting. Just sad all around.

  9. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Is that what they are calling them today ? “Friend”

  10. Kerfuffles says:

    Oh, I would LOVE it if Lohan sued Radar for libel. Since truth is a defense, Radar could conduct all KINDS of discovery as to Lohan’s activities on the night in question. She would be an absolute idiot to sue, and any lawyer would tell her that.

    I’m sure she has ZERO intent to sue. She’s just saber-rattling because she’s a lying liar who lies, so why not lie about this, too. She is just AWFUL.

  11. Cathy says:

    I hope her friend takes proper precautions and covers his thing first, who knows how many things have been inside of her grand canyon.

  12. dorothy says:

    New word for “John” – “friend”. She appears to be a “working girl” now.

  13. kibbles says:

    Several years ago, LL was given a $115,000 Maserati by “P0rn King” Dennis DeSantis. You have to wonder *why* are sketchy rich men, some of whom work in the p0rn industry, giving LL so many expensive gifts. Cars, hotel rooms, and other luxury items. Is anyone stupid enough to believe these men are giving LL gifts as a friend and not because she doesn’t sleep with them? Is this so-called artist a painter or actually a p0rn photographer/producer?

  14. constance says:

    “I’m sorry, but Alan Cummings wants Cracken to shut her dirty f–king mouth. He was not sitting next to that washed up escort all night as she longingly hoped to be recognized by someone- anyone. Thank you.”

    – Unnamed source, (reads: Alan Cummings’ mum)

  15. Franny says:

    Who decided that this crackmonster’s face is more beautiful than…anyone’s really? LOL for miles. She has ruined her looks, and I don’t even feel bad. We’re about the same age, and try to take care of my body/mind and not stuff it full of coke and semen (too graphic?)

  16. Forever says:

    This girl needs help. Intervention before she dies a sad young death.

  17. Eve says:

    They gave her a room? After she leaves, they’ll have to burn it down in order to disinfect it.

  18. Blue says:

    Save her career??? Guess she didn’t get the memo; that ship sailed a long time ago.

  19. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Jaysus, so Linnocent’s career can be offically told as ‘escorting’ i.e. prostitution and sueing the ass of everyone…of course its the media ‘makng up tales’ not the c0ked up partying and hooking that is the cause of her failed career

    Good work Linnocent – you are truely an example of talent gone to pot and a really good tale of why kids should avoid hollywierd and intense partying…what an absolute waste of her life & agree with other posters, this is not going to end well

  20. Jules says:

    She really does look like a junkie crack whore. I blame the parents.

  21. Sunshine says:

    I feel bad for her. She is obviously seriously deep into drugs and it can make you into a totally different person. Can you imagine living her life? Having horrible parents, being sent to the den of vipers and perverts known as Hollywood as a CHILD and having God knows what done to you? No wonder she’s a wreck. However, she IS an adult now and needs to get it together. She has the resources and the money and has no excuse to not get herself together. I know I am naive and dumb but having been through opiate addiction I wish I could talk to her. Her behavior is the behavior of someone who deeply loathes herself and it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s really heartbreaking and she needs to RUN AWAY from all of it, her family, California, all of it. She should come to the panhandle, nobody here would notice her or care, and she could get herself together. Poor thing, I know most see a grifter but I see someone who is in anguish and nonstop torment. Maybe if she knew it CAN get better it might help? I don’t know….

    • machiavelli says:

      I agree. People are quick to judge. Yes, her behaviour is destructive, and entitled. She needs external help to save her and lots of time away from HW and her enabling family and team. As long as she is with them she will continue this destructive path.

      Her behavoiur seems to indicate that she could possibly have been molested by HW perverts.

      Having said all this, how is she worth six figures a month for her services?

      • Bodhi says:

        People are quick to judge because she has wasted countless opportunities to help herself. How many times has she been to rehab? (yes, I know you have to want to get sober).

        I do feel sorry for her, but only to an extent. She was dealt a crappy hand parent-wise, but so have lots of people.

  22. Asli says:

    Lindsay is giving ”rock bottom” a whole new meaning.

    • JenJen says:

      Because her “rock bottom” is made of sea jasper and rose quartz or whatever those very fancy “gems” were that she was buying on the street from a totally legitimate jeweler who sells crystals in Ziploc sandwich baggies.

  23. Girl says:

    At least drugs would explain the awful shit she’s done to her face. She needs to go somewhere off the radar and get cleaned up for a couple of years. Probably the only way she’ll ever make a comeback. If ever.

  24. boo says:

    This cracken will never see herself for what she really is, she is to steeped in delusion. She is selling herself a bill of goods, that she is relevant, that she is young and good looking and has a career, and giving that up would have to mean that she actually sees reality, and that she cannot do. Of course, all things are possible, but I would not hold my breath.

  25. truthful says:

    this chick is horribly addicted and does not want to be clean.

    tragically looking like a 45yr old barmaid.

  26. Medusa says:

    The 3rd photo is actually beautiful, if I pretend it’s not LL and ignore all the hair breakage.

    She looks like an angel, literally.

    • logan says:

      @Medusa, was that witty sarcasm? If it was, in the words of my favorite t.v. character Mr. Sheldon Cooper—BAZINGA!!
      If not then, huh?????

    • ccoop says:

      The Angel of Death.

    • janie says:

      Funny, I was just thinking that the third photo had the most obvious evidence of drug abuse. Look at her eyes!! She’s so far gone.

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    Radar needs to clarify the following:

    She moved out because the one year Betty Ford paid for that condo was up; she can’t afford to pay $7K/month for that place; and not because of “stalkers,” who consist largely of dealers she owes and bill collectors.

    TMZ needs to clarify the following:

    Of COURSE she wasn’t partying her crack off AT a SAG party (because she wasn’t allowed in) because Harvey learnt the hard way at his GG party that a Cracken will crash a bitch’s party like no one else. So, technically, she was partying her crack off ACROSS from a SAG party she couldn’t get into while staring longingly and wishing she could figure out a way to crash.

    As for the suing thing; same shit, different day. I’m sure the gas station security cameras could show us what REALLY happened. (Don’t tell me there’s a gas station somewhere in SoCali that doesn’t have security cameras.)

  28. logan says:

    I would say the lease on her apartment ran out. She is now a friend with benefits cause she can’t affort to pay rent anywhere.

  29. alexandra says:

    Because she is so obnoxious every one hates on her. However, you only need to see her parents to realize that she is emulating what she’s learnt. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to come to terms of who we really are. She has a long way to go.

  30. trollontheloose says:

    Poor Alan Cummings being used as her alibi. I cannot stand when she takes liberties in throwing names of respectable hard working people without their consent and knowledge. she just put them in the midst of her problems thinking they gonna back her up. In her disillusioned mind it’s “me and my celebrities friends against the world”.

  31. Bess says:

    I wonder why Team Lohan (aka Dina & LL) felt the need to explain why she’s staying at the Marmont and that a friend is allowing her to use the room for free? They usually only put out stories when there’s something to hide.

  32. Jilly says:

    I loathe Dina too y’all but – honest question – can we blame Dina at this point? Lindsay is an adult now & it kinda seems like she knows exactly what she’s doing. Yeah, we know it’s wack, but…

    If our girl’s “support team” is down to a slovenly pack of hangers-on (Pootie, Elaine, uh… ) and her younger siblings, how’s she ever going to see rock-bottom?

    I look at old pictures of her & I feel sad. Then I look at these pictures & I feel mad, then unclean, partly culpable & sadder.

    • Person3514 says:

      Of course you can still point some blame at Dina. That woman is no fool! She’s probably the person who arranges for LL to meet these men and get those lavish gifts.

      Yes, LL is an adult and should take full responsibility for her actions, but Dina raised her this way, still to this day encourages her daughters behavior and is trying anything to keep her in the public eye and the money rolling in.

      Disgusting excuse of a mother if you ask me.

  33. Boo says:

    Jilly, you are right: at this point, we really have to stop blaming her parents. She has been a legal adult for more than seven years, and if it were anyone else in the world, we would say, well, hell, GROW UP. Continuing to blame her parents continues to infantilize her and make her the victim. She may have been a victim at one point, but she has also had the power of many opportunities and a lot of money. That she blew it all for drugs is HER responsibility, not her mother’s. Was she taught well? No. Does she have a support system? Likely not. But many people out there have shitty parents and STILL manage to become productive, law-abiding citizens.

  34. e.non says:

    honestly, i’m shocked that she’s still alive. if she does survive this period of her life, what does she thinks she’ll do longterm. her acting career is over; is hooking all she has to look forward to? and let’s face it, after a couple of years — the cachet of doing lilo won’t be worth mentioning.

    how far she’s fallen.

  35. SCREEEE says:

    So repetitive, but I still love this stuff. Shaking your head at silly crackie is just fun for some reason.

  36. Erin says:

    i’d be interested to know if she is really cracked out and delusional enough to think she looks good right now, or if she is completely aware of the hot mess she’s become. someone should sit her down and make her watch mean girls.

  37. Bodhi says:

    Alan Cummings?? WHAT? I call bullshit. She isn’t anywhere near his “type”, lol

  38. d says:

    I’m thinking that a person with self-respect would not behave as Lindsey does.
    The End.
    Epilogue: Lindsey does not understand what self-respect means.

  39. notafan says:

    kaiser PLEASE take a look at LL in the photo that was posted with the tmz/rol story( the outfit alone says “stroll”) you wrote an update to her CM antics,re: LL and poor Henry. LOOK i think i spot exhibit A. it appears to me that unlike the usual phone in hand it has been replaced by dum de dum dum, rolled up GOOD OLD USA CURRENCY ! WAIT NOT OUR CRACKEN!i love it! PLEEEEASE kaiser share your hysterical snarky poetry on this exhibit a brewhaha

  40. Jem says:

    So sad. I think of her in mean girls and its like a different person. So sad!

  41. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    This kid is bi-polar. It runs in her family. As long as shes unmedicated and refuses to take her meds she will continue to be mentally on automatic, addicted pilot. With Bi-polar people their addictions are not your average addictions they are through the ROOF addictions, as in Charlie Sheen level. The body is trying to self medicate….because it needs litheum or what have you. She needs to be institutionalized. Sheer lunacy for her to be yamering about a “come back” her idiot of a mother is in deep denial that baby girl needs mental help stat! She needs to be in for a year at least. And I dont mean “rehab” I mean a mental hospital, like, in Vienna.

  42. Dana says:

    I know of an actress who was dealt the exact same hand: worthless parents, a child of Hollywood and drug addiction. Drew Barrymore is a living example of how to get it together.

  43. jwoolman says:

    Apparently the artist is for real and quite successful, also has loads of cash – from Spain, has a couple of other studios in other hotels somewhere. It might be just a legit attempt to help a damsel in distress ( and can’t get much more distressed than Linds). People do that kind of thing for friends among the non-rich and i imagine there are also generous no-strings-attached types among the rich also Also it seems her far more sensible sister is with her, which changes the dynamic on the living arrangements but not necessarily on what else the lass decides to do with her time.

    I’m also quite sure it really was security concerns that prompted the move: the security concerns of everybody else in Venice, especially the local merchants and the landlord fearing she might walk off with the kitchen sink disassembled in one of her huge purses …

  44. skeptical says:

    Well if lilo is concerned about security I guess she wants to pass it on…she outright tweeted that 419 venice way was up for grabs.
    As if she could profit from it.
    Or an attempt. To harass her ex.
    Could go either way.
    I still doubt she could get a lead role with that face. Photoshopping video is a lot more expensive and involved than photoshopping still pics.

  45. Dinah says:

    Stop it. LIndsay is not bipolar and she is not a drug addict, she is a sociopath and that is so not fixable.

  46. German Gowing says:

    The guardian angel costume is a great outfit. I can see this being the one of choice for my little ones this Halloween. I just wish they were as good as real angels!