Brad Pitt appears on ‘The Daily Show’: how’s the Oscar campaign going?

Here are some photos of Brad Pitt entering The Daily Show’s studio yesterday. As we discussed yesterday, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill have been all over the place promoting the DVD release of Moneyball, and incidentally campaigning for their Oscars. They already did Inside the Actor’s Studio, and the Today Show. I’m surprised Jonah Hill didn’t join Brad for this Daily Show appearance, but maybe Jon Stewart just wanted Brad all to himself. I’m including the videos from Brad’s appearance…

Part One – Brad and Jon are talking Moneyball, baseball and Oscar campaigns:

Part Two – Brad talks about New Orleans and Make It Right.

This was one of Brad’s better interviews, honestly. He was funny and accessible with Jon, and I hope Brad comes back to The Daily Show again.

I’m also including some interviews Brad and Jonah did with Vanity Fair for The Hollywood Issue. These aren’t all that groundbreaking or anything, but they’re interesting for the stans.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Cherry says:

    Brad for the win!!!!
    Oh and he is been looking really hot lately!!!!

  2. Pink says:

    Brad looks so hot!
    I demand the oscar for him. That is all.

  3. Bite me says:

    Make it right is having a fundraising gala on March 10 .. Many celebs will be attending … Also theres an auction on ebay Charlize- gown she has worn Sarah Jessica Parker – two pairs of designer shoes…Kevin Spacey -tennis match and many more… Make it right is expending to Newark, New Jersey homes for disabled vets and Joplin

  4. Jackie says:

    i don’t get why he is still campaigning so hard. at this point, his winning seems very unlikely.

    • Camille says:

      He is desperate and being desperate is so hot.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      He’s a producer for “Moneyball” and it’s being released on DVD.
      While he’s IN New York, he gets booked for as many interviews there as possible.

      I have never seen an A+ lister who is as humble and self-effacing as Brad. Every time they talk about Brad’s nomination, he changes the subject to Jonah, or the director, or the writers. The only thing an Oscar nomination does for Brad is gets him more clout to get his movies done (as a producer) faster and as he wants them. He doesn’t need help getting roles as an actor.

      But he knows he won’t win. It’s alluded to in the interview above, and every other interview he’s given this awards season. He’s working now as a producer, selling the movie. The more ‘Moneyball’ makes, the better his rep as a PRODUCER.

    • JudyJudyJudy says:

      attention for his movie, the director and JONAH. 🙂

  5. Camille says:

    He looks old and unattractive. Time for facelift because looking at his face you can tell that gravity really works.

    • deltona lakes says:

      Brad Pitt is hot!! Just a Great Guy. That’s what makes him more gorgeous in my eyes. He’s expanded “Make it Right” in other poor urban areas. Jon Stewart would agree based on his last oomment in the Video Part 2.
      Facelift? That man looks damn good for being almost 50 years old. Place him next to Clooney, who would believe they are only 2 years apart in age.

      You should have seen the video of those young college girls screaming for him outside Pace University in NYC after the “Inside the Actors Studio” taping this week.
      If I didnt have to work, I would have been right there with them since my office is only 2 subway stops from Pace U.

      • Rosalee says:

        yes, he can take the jobs of poorly paid analysts, lobbyists, and front-line workers of non-profits who campaign and lobby governments for housing and eradicate homelessness..I love people who make movies..they make it seem so simple, darn lets solve all of the tribulations of humankind and clone Angelina and Bradley so they have the time to save the world and make a few movies and all the unemployed activist can be hired as nannies for their child army..or Ms. Z’s minions

    • Esmom says:

      Old? Yes of course if you’re comparing him to Justin Beiber or his peers. Unattractive? Um, I’m near his age and I can tell you he is FAR more attractive and youthful than the majority of the guys in my neighborhood. In fact I’d bet that the majority of my fellow moms would nearly faint at the sight of a dad who looked like him!

    • Medusa says:

      He looks to me like he’s already had a facelift (or something) very recently. The skin on his cheeks looks weird and moves weird.

      He does look damn good, though.

  6. toto says:

    he looks so much like his younger brother and they r both so likable people .
    i love you brad no matter 50, 60, 70 or 80 wish to kiss those lips .

  7. Eve says:

    Hmmmm…he looks “refreshed” here.

  8. Forever says:

    Can I talk to you for a while brad. In my bedroom….

  9. sassenach says:

    Damn, he has been hot lately. I hope he keeps it up. He looks no where near his real age.

  10. kira says:

    Has he had work done? I remember he had under-eye wrinkles? Where did they go? Hmmm…

    I think he deserves the Oscar. It’s his 3rd nomination. But pretty boys don’t usually win. It’s like the Oscar voters are thinking, “hey, you’re pretty, rich and successful…don’t you have enough? No Oscar for you!”

  11. Missy Mara says:

    Brad looks more and more like Benicio Del Toro. Who I think looks hot, so no problem!

  12. Hope says:

    I think the odds are stacked against him – I don’t know how any serious Academy voter could look at that ballot, and tick off Brad Pitt’s name over Gary Oldman.

  13. NotaBitterBetty says:

    He looks great. Yum!

  14. Victoria says:

    Loved him in Moneyyball but that French guy will win for The Artist which is really a slient A Star is Born.

  15. Susan says:

    If everyone is honest we know that Demián Bichir is the one for the win. What is pathetic is that actors like Brad and Geroge truly believe that this campaigning actually works. In fact I think that it turns off the Oscar voters. Demian has done little to no campaigning and I think that he gets alot of respect for this. He is the man to beat. The press amd blogs talk alot about the popular two – but in the end all this campaigning does not help. Except for a few hardcore fans most people are tired of Brad and George.

    • JudyJudyJudy says:

      they have PR companies that run the campaigns. The idea that either of these enormously successful men is somehow pathetic because they have managers is dumb.

    • deltona lakes says:

      I love when people comment about the other non-American actors not campaigning for the Oscar. What don’t you people get. The other Actors are not going to get covers and TV interviews in the U.S. If they win, Great but the Oscars in the past was always about leveraging more money for your next film. Your agent could say “he won an Oscar” to demand more $ per film.
      Brad and Clooney are already the highest paid actors in HW. So, it’s just for pride and honor.

      And maybe for the Foreign actors its the same. But based on previous Foreign winners they go into obvilion in the U.S.

      Roberto Bergini? Received a Razzie for worst Actor a few years later for Pinnochio.

      • mln76 says:

        It’s not just about leveraging for more money in terms of salary. It’s about getting the money for the projects that you want to make. Tom Cruise is a great example he makes more money than Brad or George but he has to stick to very commercial films. Meanwhile George C has the freedom to make films like the Ides of March or Up in the Air and Brad The Tree of Life or Moneyball because the studios know that come awards season they will be getting attention.

    • deltona lakes says:

      @min 76
      I said in the past, winning an Oscar an Actor could demand more money per film. Since Brad and George are the highest paid actors in HW it’s more about pride and honor. Yes, you’re right about Tom Cruise and i’ll add Will Smith. But actors (not of Brad’s or George’s magnitude )that won an Oscar got a per film $ bump. As it as been mentioned in articles about what the Oscars can do for an Actor. Halle Berry was making 2 mil a film but after winning an Oscar she could demand as much as 4-6 mil a film.
      Brad hasn’t won an Oscar, but his popularity and past box office alone will warrant studios to financially support his films.

      • mln76 says:

        Yes but Look at George Clooney since he won his Oscar he hasn’t made more money per film he’s instead used that prestige as leverage to make more obscure baity films. It’s not just about wanting more money it’s about freedom.

      • XiuFetish says:

        Clooney is on the record admitting that it’s his Nespresso coffee ads that fund his indie films, and that he’s happy to shill for a company that exploits its coffee pickers to achieve this outcome.

      • LAK says:

        @min76 – what delton Lakes is saying is very true. Oscar is used to bump up an actor’s fee. producers/Directors tend to leverage it for future projects either creatively or fiscally speaking or both.

        George Clooney is a special case because he has always said he wanted to make good films rather than trashy films, so for the most part he has worked for lower fees with good partners, and he had a production company with Steven Soderburgh for about ten years which produced not just the oceans films but also all of soderburgh films during the duration of the partnership, and allowed him the creative freedom to direct the films he wanted on subjects he wanted.

        He was never good at the trashy summer blockbuster stuff – gad his batman was just awful.

        @deltona lakes – With regards to foreign actors, i speculate that the reasons they don’t benefit from oscar is that usually the film is specific to their own cultural cinematic style which can’t be translated so well into standard hollywood fare.

        Roberto Benigni is back in Italy doing his thing, and has successfully re-launched his career in italian/french films.

        Commercially speaking, foreign stars are difficult to translate [and i am not talking language here]. The road is littered with superstars from other regions who fail in Hollywood because their acting style jars with what we are used to, and the films they make here seem forced.

    • LAK says:

      oh susan! if the oscars were about talent, then of course the most talented person in the room would win.

      Let me remind you of oscar race 1998 goopy vs blanchett, which demonstrated a lesson that has been emulated by all oscar nominees thereafter, whatever the category.

      Goop was up for SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE vs Blanchett ELIZABETH. Blanchett decided to stay in london to do a play and refused to campaign because everyone was telling her[media etc] that she was the stand out favourite, and her talent was too great to be cheapened by oscar campaigning. She won alot of the peripheral awards without having to campaign for them so who coukld blame her.

      Goopy, in comparison, campaigned hard for that oscar. She was on every chat show/interview etc that would have her. Guess who walked away with the Oscar.

      And the next time Blanchett was up for an oscar, she was on every show/interview that would have her. And subsequently won.

      Every single nominee is out there campaigning hard for any outlet that will have them. We are hearing more about Brad and George because they have the higher profile.

      And if Demián Bichir is stupid enough to stay at home rather than campaign for it, then more fool him.

      Lastly, Brad/George have to campaign hard because their nearest rival Jean Dujardin backed by Harvey Weinstein. The Man is king of the oscar campaign, with a very visible, very aggressive strategy that is more often than not very successful. HAven’t you seen all the interviews by Michelle Williams, Meryl Streep, the cute dog pics, even Madonna is being interviewed and is more visisble than she needs to be. All of them are backed by Weinstein.

      Personally, if the oscars were about talent, Gary Oldman would win.

  16. whatever says:

    Dear Gawd, someone, anyone just shove that Oscar down his throat, so he’ll shut the fuk up already. He really is going all out on this Oscar campaign, almost like he knows this is probably his last chance at winning.

    He won’t win it, no matter how many magazine covers he does, how many talk shows he goes on, no matter how many soundbites he gives to the media, to get headlines. Jean Dujardin IS going to win.

    • teri says:

      I’ve enjoyed reading and listening to his interviews. He never get’s old and he’s so gorgeous.

  17. Tiegan says:

    Right, the dvd came out over three weeks ago, so why are they promoting it now? Please, this is all part of a very flashy, and in my opinion, counter-productive campaign.

    And he has so clearly had botox and fillers plus the bags under his eyes removed; just because he still has a few deep wrinkles doesn’t mean jack. It just shows his surgeon is smart enough not to make it too obvious, but anyone with eyes can see it. I don’t blame him, but why do we call Tom Cruise out, but not Bradley?

    Anyway, he was pretty charming on the daily show, but this whole ‘the movie was on life-support, we had to really fight to get it made’ underdog line is also pretty tedious. And it wasn’t that good of a movie.

    Jean Dujardin for the win.

    • Agreed says:

      Agreed. He was photographed coming out of a Botox spa and then had his lawyers/pr team remove the photos from online. If only he cared about protecting his family as much as he cares about protecting his Botox secret. Lol

      I think he’s too phony to be charming. There is nothing authentic about Pitt. Even his nola project seems to be all about how great he is.

      • Taila says:

        And then who woke up, lol
        I guess you don’t know much about botox and how it reacts on the skin. It’s ok, lol!

    • Tapioca says:

      “the movie was on life-support, we had to really fight to get it made”

      Well, quite. The movie cost $50m to make – Brad is worth, what, 5 times that amount of money? He could have funded the whole thing out of the loose change down the back of his couch!

  18. Sam says:

    Well, i certainly don’t mind for Brad campaining for the oscar. He worked really hard for this film.
    And I prefer watching his face over’s Clooney on tv.
    Clooney, now that’s a desperate man who always kisses everyone’s ass for the win. And the actor of ‘The Artist’ is just sooo annoying ugh, hope he doesn’t stand a chance.

  19. Esmom says:

    I love Jon Stewart and watch his show faithfully – except for the interview segments. Unless he’s facing someone he really disagrees with (and then he usually is awesome to behold) I just cannot watch. When he likes or is impressed by someone (as he clearly was with Pitt) his excessive fawning gets uncomfortable to watch.

  20. Medusa says:

    I watched it last night, and I kept noticing how his face seems a little weird when was is talking, like he’s stiff around the cheek/nose area.

    Look how shiny and smooth his cheeks are and how pronounced his cheekbones are… he’s had some work done.

  21. lisa says:


    LOVE IT SO..

    I guess that second pic under the video shows that he is able to move his head and has lines. Why some people can’t stand that this man is very very attractive is beyond reason. But whatever.

    I get that many celebs use botox and fillers, but every time someone looks good doesn’t equate to that. Maybe it is rest. Just like with we “regular folks” that get compliments.

    but reason is never first on gossip sites.

    I have been enjoying seeing him. Hope to see him more and more

    • Medusa says:

      I’ve never found the man attractive.

      Funnily enough, even though it’s clear he did something to his face, watching him last night was the first time I was like, “whoa…yeah he’s kind of hot”.

  22. Lizzy says:

    As a French citizen, I really want Jean Dujardin to win because his work in The Artist was amazing and it might be his only chance to win but DAMN BRAD PITT IS HOTTTTTTTT

  23. Shontay says:

    Brad is hot. So glad he doesn’t have the homeless man beard anymore. He won’t win the Oscar this year but his time will come. He’s awesome.

  24. Lori says:

    OMG!! He´s almost 50 and he´s even more beautiful than before.
    I don´t care what he´s saying or doing, i can´t stop watching his beautiful beautiful face. Brangelina 4ever.

  25. foozy says:

    love the long hair. soooooo hot!

  26. zina says:

    I wish that he wins. I love you Brad and Money Ball is awesome movie.

  27. JudyJudyJudy says:

    thanks to this site for putting together some of these really fun threads – I would have missed that Daily Show interview otherwise. Very fun!

  28. lisa says:

    For the fans. ITAS.. just a taste.
    Yes he is so HOT…-george-clooney-owes-him

  29. original sandy says:

    BRAD PITT IS JUST GORGEOUS, who cares about any thing else, it would be nice if brad won, but he really doesn’t need it to be validated. he is so witty, funny, charming, humble, love you brad!!!!

  30. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    He has a chance at winning. All are campaigning EVEN Frenchy at the LA City Council Ceremony and controversial pic.
    He may not be making headlines, but he IS trying.

    It is their Job. Some get more attention than others. No harm, no foul. We have a couple more weeks of it. Brad will go oversees with AJ, so he is doing his now. Sounds like a good plan to me.

    At the Kodak Theater, they will announce the winner from a SEALED envelope and until then the game is on. I am not buying Brad being out the game. He is peaking perfectly. Not too soon and not too late. He is shouldering 2 Best pics noms. He can’t sit this one out and take off with Jolie like before. This is the real deal for his films that many did not think would get here. Shows what they know. No one is perched at the podium, statue in hand YET. Wins, have been split all across the nominees and it’s still up for grabs. If I was a gambler, I would fold. No clear frontrunner, but Brad is all up and thru this. All 5 noms know what’s at stake. Brad and George are making a real game of this. Both are making the most of it. Winning is not everthing. They know they will have more shots, which is not as easily said of the other 3. So why not take a stab at it. Don’t bet against Brad to carry home hardware that night. May not happen, but it also may happen. We will see. In the meantime, he is looking great in his interviews and seems in great spirit.