Courtney Love confused by Prop 8, happy it passed (update: claims she didn’t)

Courtney Love’s blog entries are worse than the text messages I tap out using the number pad on my phone. At least the stuff I write without vowels still makes sense.

Love listed her mood on MySpace as “bouncy,” with a happy crazy looking icon, and then seemed to indicate that she was super happy that Prop 8 passed. Prop 8 is an amendment to the California State Constitution which bans same sex marriage by defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Love has a lot of gay friends she hangs around with, so the only conclusion I can reach is that she is either woefully misinformed and hasn’t bothered to read the news or that she’s just such a poor communicator that her intent is lost:

blown away
Current mood: bouncy

that prop 8 passsed! motherf’ers! who voted against it!
it was confusing language in malibu there were kids reminding us to vote yes thatthe language was conbfusing and people were votingno when they meant yes or soemthing

[From Courtney Love’s official myspace via Firedoglake]

Doesn’t that sound like she got fooled by people at the polls telling her to vote “Yes” on Prop 8 and somehow convincing her that voting “Yes” was supporting gay rights? She’s doesn’t elaborate on this, and just goes on to say that she’s impressed by Obama and that she enjoys online shopping. (At least that’s what I think she was talking about.)

Courtney posted the story this morning her time and still hasn’t updated it to either backtrack in her hastily worded way or indicate that she actually has a clue. All she needs to do is google Prop 8 and she could easily figure out that she was duped and shouldn’t have voted for it. She indicates that she heard the news that it had passed, so why didn’t she grasp at that point that it was a bill against gay rights? The mind boggles at how easily some people are fooled.

Update: Courtney Love claims she did vote no on Prop 8, and that it’s us who are confused:

Current mood: apoplectic

oh you pretty things!

i voted NO against prop 8 !!!! the kids outside were there to clarify that the language was indeed confusing, and so by the way it was, i think its possible alot of people voting YES on prop 8 thought they were voting AGAINST it

and oer the Huffington Post
ARianna knows me, she knows i am an intelligent and refined woman as anyone who knows me knows,
stop leaning on 1 my shitty grammatical errors and spelling when i blog

[From Courtney Love’s myspace via firedoglake]

Courtney – how intelligent can you be when you can’t write a coherent sentence? You can learn how to write in a way that people can understand, hire an editor and/or ghostwriter, or just stop blogging. Otherwise you’ll just continue to seem like a dingbat without a clue. We rarely, if ever, get comments on this blog that are as poorly written and hard to understand as your average blog entry.

Courtney Love is shown out in Malibu on 9/16/08. Credit: Fame

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  1. mE says:

    Personally, I am glad prop 8 has passed. I don’t think we should be redefining marriage.

    Having said that, if people at the polls were telling anyone how to vote, I think someone broke the law. I am an election worker and I know that any discussion at the polls of any of the candidates or issues on the ballot are to be stopped immediately. Maybe the law is different in California.

  2. Bea says:

    Courtney Love is a Coked Out Idiot
    Prop 8 SHOULD NOT have been passed (mE) As for her mood, it’s the drugs talking baby! take another “Lude” & Shut UP!!! 😀

  3. Holly says:

    Personally, I’m disappointed that Prop 8 passed. I don’t think the government has any right to define marriage by theological and Christian terms, as its a violation of the seperation of church and state. I don’t think we have any right to be telling people how they should be living their personal lives when they have no bearing or effect on ours.

    Kinda hard to redefine something that wasn’t defined specifically in the first place. At this point, marriage is little more than a brief commitment made more for the sake of appearances and tax cuts. But yeah, two people who love each other getting married is going to cheapen the constitute of marriage.


  4. daisyfly says:

    How many times has marriage been redefined already?

    First it was a union between two human beings who were never supposed to have sex.

    Then it became a union between brother and sister because there weren’t any other females around.

    Then it became a union between two families; The family of the bride would pay the family of the groom to take their daughter off of their hands, and the groom’s family essentially owned the bride.

    Then it became a union between only two healthy individuals – those with health issues/handicaps were sterilized and locked away.

    Then it became a union only between people of their own races.

    Redefining marriage? Please.

  5. Murmur says:

    I cannot comprehend why anyone feels the need to stick their nose into someone elses business. Christians who use the excuse that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin should be told that that doesn’t give them the right to hurt anyone. Let God, if there is one, judge. All we should be doing is trying to get along with one another.

  6. Yadira says:

    It’s sad that traditions are being lost but who are we to tell someone whom they can love and marry?

    As for Courtney, she probably smoked some skunk weed or hasn’t changed the water in her bong for months

  7. Shelly Shellz says:

    @ mE: Stopping prop 8 from being passed wouldnt have redefined the constitution of marriage. Marriage is about the union of a couple…man and wife is the “ideal” couple but gender doesn’t define the constition of it and what it means.

  8. Samantha says:

    Personally, I am glad prop 8 has passed. I don’t think we should be redefining marriage.

    If that is the case, then you would have been against it considering the constitution never defined marriage, and that is why they made it clear that it was between a man and a woman.

  9. Danielle says:

    I’m glad it passed too.

  10. breederina says:

    And I’m so glad all you people who take such pleasure in denying your fellow citizens the same rights you enjoy are so comfortable in your bigotry. That way in 20 years when your children ask you how you could have ever been so ignorantly close minded you can smile and tell them how good it felt.

    Courtney is confused, full stop. Says it all.

  11. Kaiser says:

    I usually avoid the gay-issues threads like the plague, but I just wanted to comment on one small thing I’ve found funny in the post-election, blissed-out haze.

    The conservatives warned of post-election race riots. The liberals warned of post-election riots by amped-up, Confederate-flag-toting, heavily armed rednecks. And then at the end of the day, who’s the group doing the (peaceful) protests? Teh gayz.

    Never saw it coming.

  12. Obvious says:

    I’m not glad it passed. But What I found in bad taste was on the news that night there was an interview with a Prop 8 Supporter ina plloing place and on the back wall was a huge vote yes on Prop 8 sign…wasn’t that illegal too?

    And those who voted for Prop 8-YOU redefinced marriage. And it’s not over. I know a couple people who voted Yes on Prop 8 because they thought it was FOR Gay Rights. This isn’t over-you and your tricky wording have started a war, and when it’s over, there won’t be a winner. Hope you’re happy.

  13. Kristin says:

    And she got to vote on my rights.

  14. whatevs says:

    Why can’t we “redefine ” marriage as just between two PEOPLE that love one another? Men and women get married every day and it’s not even love, the divorce rate is saddening. Why am I so privileged with the choice to marry just because I’m heterosexual? Same-sex couples should have the option to as well. And by clearly stating PEOPLE, we’d end all the ridiculous arguments that people would be marrying their cow/goat/donkey/etc. That’s cruelty to animals and I doubt it will ever be allowed.

  15. devilgirl says:

    As I have said many times, let everyone enjoy the miseries of marriage like the rest of us, then they will really have something to bitch about down the road. Let them enjoy the 50/50 in community property in a divorce settlement like the rest of us. Yes, good times, good times!

  16. Rae says:

    The problem is the word ‘marriage’ itself. Marriage is a religous term, and since the state is supposed to stay out of religion, why are we using it at all?

  17. paris herpes says:

    Marriage isn’t defined as a “sacred institution between a man and a woman” in the Bill of Rights either. So I’m not sure how marriage would be redefined if Prop 8 didn’t pass. There’s also a difference between marrying in the courts and marrying in the churches. Usually in the courts it’s defined as a civil union, while in church it’s defined as a marriage. There needs to be a more distinctive separation of church and state in regard to this proposition, that’s why I voted no. CA Supreme Courts ruled that a ban on gay marriage would be unconstitutional…therefore, this proposition is STILL unconstitutional!

  18. paris herpes says:

    I agree it sounds like the wording fooled a lot of young people who thought voting yes meant that they were for gay marriage. I think there should be another referendeum for this particular proposition with BETTER wording!

  19. caribassett says:

    Prop is a violation of civil rights, and I am disgusted that it passed.

  20. notprfect says:

    I agree with Rae. Let the religious people keep their “marriage”. Everyone else, gay or straight that is not religious, can have domestic partnerships. Makes sense to me. Maybe I’m missing something, though.

    What exactly IS the difference between a marriage and a domestic partnership? Other than the religious mumbo jumbo about “holy” matrimony, etc…? ❓

  21. aleach says:

    prop 8 should NOT have passed. it is disgusting the way some people hide behind their bible so that they can hurt others.
    i actaully can see how courtney love coulda been confused. you would think that voting YES means marriage is a right for gay people. but, shes also a crack head so…i dont know what exactly she thinks.

  22. Julia says:

    Allowing same-sex couples to marry would not affect any “lost traditions” as the above poster so ignorantly phrased it. If you consider preventing two people from marrying a “tradition”, then I bet you mourn the passing of other lovely traditions like slavery and women’s subservience. People made the same arguments then.

    But then, people who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it, no?

  23. maxpurr9 says:

    i was just saying to someone this morning, i think the wording of the prop confused a lot of people–they thought “yes” meant i’m FOR gay marriages…and well this dipshit Courtney just proved my point…

  24. Jeanne says:

    That is one tacky bitch. Which part confused her? The word proposition or the number 8? She should be familiar with the number 8 from using all those 8 balls.

  25. Yoli says:

    I am amazed at how quickly the focus changes when it pertains to your individual beliefs. All of you visiting these sites represent piranahs ready and willing to ‘bite’ anyone who disagrees with your belief. How sad. Rather than spending your time defending yourselves, you should attempt to build your own character and better understand your position and why you choose to defend it.

  26. Trillion says:

    Who exactly “wins” now that Prop 8 has passed? NOBODY. Lots of fine people who simply are in love and want to declare it publicly and officially have lost that right. It’s un-American to have the majority deny rights to others because they are a minority. I attended the wedding of two men Saturday night. They’d been together 26 years. The many toasts to their love and marriage went on well over an hour. Not a dry eye in the house. You prop 8 pushers have done your countrymen a disservice and are a disgrace to the goodwill and charity of your supposed leader Jesus Christ. Dust off a New Testament and take a look inside would ya?

  27. DLR says:

    to all the people that say prop 8 preserves the bible’s definition of marriage, have they really read their bible? what about all those “wise men” that married dozens of women and had hundreds of children? what about men that had sex with other women just so they could get children because their wife was barren? oh don’t give me that crap about marriage being sanctioned by the bible as only between one man and one woman. 🙄

  28. Danielle says:

    While there’s many claims of “ignorant” logic clouded by “religion”, my logic is based on this: I’m tired of getting crap because I’m straight and married and I just happen to be a Christian. -I- feel like the minority in a country full of “Liberals” who target me based on my kindness and “Christian-like” attitude. I want people to stop judging me saying that I’m judging them when I don’t give two cents what they are or do with their lives. And I want to stop being called a Republican as well. Not that there’s anything at all wrong with Republicans, but I make up my own mind about things and I ended up voting for NOBODY.

    I’ve got my own life and soul to worry about. And I want to stop being mocked for not being like “My Jesus” or taking people’s crap when they push too hard.

    I’m only glad it passed because while I think gays should be allowed civil partnerships, stay away from the church. Religion/God is obviously like holy water to the devil when it comes to people these days so why would you want something so bad that goes against everything you stand for? If you hate religion, you shouldn’t want marriage as it’s a promise between two people before GOD to remain faithful to each other. It’s a belief that if you should ever break those vows, you stand before God on judgment day and answer for it. It’s been that way for centuries.

    It’s not just some dainty little thing you take for granted and then get a quickie divorce only months later. Marriage has almost lost its meaning anyway with most straight couples unwilling to work out their problems or not getting to know each other before they get married. And they think that a divorce is the easiest solution. Of course there’s exceptions when it comes to abuse but I’m not going to bother being specific when people only want to nitpick me anyway.

    So whatever. People will throw enough fits and get it passed eventually. So my opinion really doesn’t matter. Don’t bother getting in a huff about it. Seriously.

    I can state it without getting overly emotional about it. I’m passionate but I think it’s silly getting upset over the internet, don’t you? 🙄

  29. Codzilla says:

    Obvious said: “I know a couple people who voted Yes on Prop 8 because they thought it was FOR Gay Rights. This isn’t over-you and your tricky wording have started a war, and when it’s over, there won’t be a winner. Hope you’re happy.”

    I’m also extremely disappointed that prop 8 passed, but to blame the “tricky wording” rather than the people who didn’t bother to actually READ the proposition before voting is ridiculous. It’s called personal responsibility, and if you just blindly checked a box without bothering to fully understand the specifics, it’s your own damn fault.

  30. brista says:

    What exactly IS the difference between a marriage and a domestic partnership? Other than the religious mumbo jumbo about “holy” matrimony, etc…? ❓

    There is a difference.

  31. Annie says:

    Danielle: To be fair, the “crap” you’re getting doesn’t even come CLOSE to what those who are apart of an insular minority receive on a daily basis.

    So spare me your whining about “I’m sick of this this and that”

    Well you know, those who partake in a different lifestyle are sick of getting STALKED, MURDERED.

    Can you say that you’ve been beat up and harassed for being “Straight, Christian, Married.”? Doubtful.

    And “dainty thing” Again, shouldn’t you be saying that to…the 52% of Americans who are GETTING DIVORCES!? Over half our population has been divorced, and those statistics don’t even take into account those who partake in MULTIPLE divorces.

    Then there are same-sex couples who’ve been committed to each other for over at least a decade and simply want the EQUALITY they deserve. Love is love the world around.

    We shouldn’t dictate RELIGION into GOVERNMENT. You want the church to say no to same-sex couples? Fine. They already do, but they GOVERNMENT doesn’t need to mandate a law. Religions do a fine enough job of brainwashing people without the government reinforcing that.

    Separation of church and state only when it’s not your church right?

  32. dovesgate says:

    Annie, I don’t think you quite understood what Danielle was saying – she’s saying let them have their civil unions but leave the marriage term out because it has to do with religion.

    I’ve seen Christians harassed for their faith. Not beaten up yet but as Christianity becomes more and more unpopular, I’m sure this country will head that way.

    Danielle already addressed the 52% of Americans are getting divorced. She already said that they are chosing divorce over working things out. You just attempted to turn an agreement with her into some sort of attack.

    You also agree government and religion should not mix. THATS WHAT SHE SAID. I think you just want to attack her because she’s said she’s a Christian and not only your eyes see red over the rest of what she has said but your logic failed as well.

  33. sasha says:

    I get that religious believers think being gay is a “sin” but the battle against letting two people love each other and pledge devotion to each other needs to end.

    I’m a female with a boyfriend who doesn’t even believe in marriage, but if gays feel emotional about having that right, shouldn’t people applaud their love?

    btw i think the reason Christians are being attacked lately is that people are finally starting to see how they secretly violate the constitution by insinuating themselves into government. they need to lay off and live their own lives, not get involved in lawmaking and telling people what to do, Sarah Palin-style.

    what part of separation of church and state don’t they understand? the founding fathers came here to ESCAPE religious dogma, not promote it.

  34. CB Rawks says:

    To the people that are against gay marriage: If you think gay marriage somehow diminishes your straight marriage, then what YOU have isn’t very strong, is it?
    Perhaps it only has value to you if you make sure no one else can have it?

    You selfish, soulless, empty shells.

    “I’m a female with a boyfriend who doesn’t even believe in marriage, but if gays feel emotional about having that right, shouldn’t people applaud their love?”

    That was lovely, Sasha. Well said.

  35. brianne says:

    What I don’t understand is HOW ON EARTH IS IT CONSTITUTIONAL FOR THE PUBLIC TO VOTE ON THE CIVIL LIBERTIES OF OTHERS!!!?? This makes me crazy, if prop 8 were to say that whites couldn’t marry blacks, there would be riots, this is essentially the same thing and yet somehow its okay on a national stage!? WHY?! argh! I love our nation, but sometimes I really desperately HATE how its run! theres my rant for the day!