Taylor Swift was dumped again, this time by a dude she was barely dating

Some say that Taylor Swift made the decision to leave Les Miserables. Some say she never really had the part. Some say that she did have the part, but once she got to London, she messed it up somehow. I still don’t really know what happened, but I do think that we’ll be hearing about it in a future song, don’t you? Here’s something even better too – not only did Swifty not end up as Eponine, she also lost out on the chance to date another actor! Yes, while Swifty was in London, she met British actor Eddie Redmayne. I know him from My Week With Marilyn – where he was the weakest link, the lead “assistant” dude who fell in love with Marilyn Monroe. He has cheekbones to die for and he’s got that freckly English-boy handsomeness, but I’m not that into him. Swifty was, though. And now it’s all RUINED!!!!!

Poor Taylor! According to ‘Us Weekly,’ the singer was getting hot and heavy with potential ‘Les Miserables’ co-star Eddie Redmayne, but when she didn’t get the part, he broke up with her!

Taylor Swift doesn’t have much luck when it comes to men, does she?

Taylor and British actor Eddie Redmayne met when she auditioned to play Eponine in Les Miserables opposite Eddie’s Marius, Us Weekly reports.

“They hung out in New York City with the movie’s execs,” a source explains. “And Taylor developed feelings for him fast.”

“Taylor loved the image of a British boyfriend,” the insider adds.

Eddie liked her too, but when she wasn’t cast in the role, their romance came to a halt, since he will be away filming the movie in London.

“Eddie’s not interesting in a long-distance relationship. The elements were against them. It’s a shame,” the source says.

[From Hollywood Life]

OMG HEARTBREAK. Doesn’t it sound like Swifty and Eddie hung out a few times in a group of people and she was all “You’re my boyfriend now!” and he was all “Er, no thanks?” That’s what it sounds like to me. So this isn’t so much “Swifty gets dumped again” as it is “Swifty couldn’t close the deal.” Poor Swifty. This next album is going to be EPIC. You’ve got her “haunting” three-month relationship with Gyllenhaal (“You Never Cried Over Apple Picking, My Glitter-Love” and “The Cuddlefest and the Tears”) and then the whole swan thing in London (“The Swan Princess”) and losing the Les Mis part (“The Untouchable Pony”) and now THIS. This song shall be called “The English Boy Who Got Away”.

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  1. Petunia says:

    That is one unattractive dude.

    And isn’t Jake supposed to be gay? So why would she be broken-hearted over his “loss?” I think I’m missing something here.

  2. Petunia says:

    PS: If I were she, I’d feel much worse about losing the part. That really stinks for her.

    • Carolyn says:

      No wonder she’s looking rather “le mis” about losing the role. These “sad” looking pap photos are kinda weird. Who willingly walks around letting themselves be papped like that? PS my daughter is right in Swift’s target market and she doesn’t like her music. Thank goodness.

  3. ladybert62 says:

    I really like that red jacket – other than that, she needs to learn the art of discretion.

  4. Nanz says:

    He was great in The Pillars of the Earth tv adaptation.

  5. brin says:

    …Or she could call it “London’s Not Calling”.

  6. Rux says:


    You should forward your song names to her that was epic.

    I have nothing against Swifty she seems like a nice girl with decent talent that can’t control herself with guys. I always think of “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” when I think of her behavior with guys.

    I wish her the best but she needs to reign it in a bit with the princess/butterfly/singing birds crap.

    • Petunia says:

      Ah, I’m sure a lot of kids her age are afflicted by this syndrome. It’s “romantic” to suffer over your love and pine for the guy who could care less. It’s just when you get older that you realize it’s stupid and impractical. I have less sympathy for a woman like Jennifer Love Hewitt who follows this pattern at her age. It gets embarrassing after a certain point.

  7. Asli says:

    I just think she’s in love with the idea of being in a relationship. She thinks it’ll be all hearts and flowers (which made me remember Valentines Day is coming up. Someone shoot me) and the guy will be her perfect little Romeo (without the dying/family feuding-part) and they’ll live happily ever after.

    Or she’s just doing this to get material for her albums… Who knows.

  8. KJ says:

    You know that friend you have? That friend who always says “I’ve never felt like this before!” And “OMG he’s soooo perfect.” And she usually says it after roughly two dates? And you have to just be supportive because that’s what friends do, but as soon as she’s gone, everyone looks around and shakes their heads because she’s a love sick puppy with a loose grip on reality and an even looser grip on relationships? That friend is Taylor Swift. She always has to have a boy in her life, she’s always waxing poetic about life and love and happiness, and she gets waaaayyy too invested and clingy about anyone she dates. She can’t NOT fall in love. Every guy is The Guy. There’s never a “let’s see where this goes.” It’s ways “OMG it’s really going somewhere!”

    Calm down the f–k down Swifty. You can write songs bad mouthing all those heartbreaking guys you want. Hell, it was even reasonable when you were a teenager. But you can vote and drink legally now, and it’s becoming more and more apparent that you are Clingy McGirlyDrama and it’s grating.

  9. jermsmom says:

    the line that caught my attention? “Taylor loved the IMAGE of a British boyfriend”. Yes, I am sure she did like that IMAGE. I wonder if she did her “what, ME? You like ME?” surprised act with him?

  10. Annaloo says:

    Something about them both puts me to sleep…..*conk*

  11. RobN says:

    Wow, the quoted article plays into every single Swifty stereotype. That’s a shock.

    I think people dismiss too quickly the effect that JG had on her. He’s an older, mature man to her and that can play a real number on overly dramatic young women, which frankly, is most of them.

    • Helena Bonham Handcart says:

      Nicely put.

    • T.C. says:

      Oh please. They were “together” for 4 months, and that was 14 months ago. Most of it was to promote his movie ‘Love and other drugs’ and promote her new album. On top of that she also dated Jennifer Aniston’s douchey boyfriend so this is older man #2. She has written about 5 other guys who “broke her heart”. I just can’t take any of it serious. It’s her stick, it sells her CD’s. I doubt she really cares about these guys. The girl is a marketing genius and made $45 Million last year alone.

  12. valleymiss says:

    Why do I feel like this is all part of her PR campaign? First the story about how she’s still haunted by Jake, then she lost the Les Mis part, and now this. These planted stories are here so we’ll buy her next album and hear the songs about her disappointments. Things *never* seem to go her way…odd isn’t it?

  13. Kara Ann says:

    One time I broke up with this guy and his friend was telling me how in love with me the ex was. I said to him that he couldn’t be in love with him b/c he didn’t really know me and that he was “in love” with being in love. Yes, this strange behavior happens to guys too and it’s FREAKY!
    Taylor is really talented, IMO, but she desperately needs to grow up in order to grow as an artist. I hope/believe that she is actually pretty astute and may cut this crap out to save her image.
    As for Redmayne, I loved him in Pillars of the Earth. I saw in the DM that he went to Eton with Prince William. Must come from a wealthy family.

  14. Rita says:

    She looks so “unstaged-forelorndish”. I’d buy her a cup of coffee and an ice cream cone with sprinkles. Now, she is one of the many Les Meserables. That’s French for “the miserable ones”….get it?

    Okay, I’ll go away. Adieu (That’s French for goodbye…not that anyone cares)

  15. Newtsgal says:

    Putting all the sweet, talented stuff aside…….something is wrong with this girl. Everytime she spends more than 5 minutes with a guy, it’s true love for her and 5 minutes later the dude is running for the hills.

  16. Joe says:

    I think they never even met. US Weekly trying to get clicks/promo as per usual.

  17. Ogechi says:

    Lol @d guy & the story. I truly don’t believe the story but Taylor Swift is a pretty down-to-earth girl. Her man will find her at the right time.

  18. Agnes says:

    Omg, Jennifer Aniston 2.0. Haha.

  19. Anna says:

    doesn’t anyone think is her fault her “relationships” don’t work out? she is kinda pathetic, to be honest ….

    • Jayna says:

      Seriously? She’s extremely young,writing from the perspective of an eighteen-year-old to twenty-one-year old, or whatever her age is now. Plenty of girls her age face the same thing, brief relationships with immature guys, broken hearts. Why do you think they eat up her records?

  20. Mouse says:

    I LOVE Eddie! I’m so glad to hear he didn’t fall for this flake.

  21. Jayna says:

    She needs to stop dating hot older guys who are above her. She’s is cute but gangly and geeky. There is nothing particulary sexy about her. She needs to meet a nice country singer or guy from Nashville and stop trying to date hot older movie stars and rockstar playboys like John Mayer.

  22. paperjam says:

    Where are the pictures of them together doing anything remotely datelike? In all of her interviews lately, she has said she isn’t in a relationship; this is totally tabloid-invented crap, IMO. If she’s spotted anywhere with anyone, it’s her new ‘boyfriend.’ Sheesh.

  23. Julie says:

    I liked her list of red flags I read recently and it gave me hope that she had some snap in the man department. However, I do believe she may have the kind of luck that I do, which isn’t much. Her problem may be moving too fast or faster than they do. Men like to chase, bottom line, IMO.

  24. Jenna says:

    His face is unfortunate…and Swifty…meh. She’s getting to be pretty damn annoying. But that’s just me.

  25. Bobby the K says:

    I bet she looked surprised.

  26. Lonnie says:

    I LOVE Eddie, so much. LOVE him. So talented. He’s one of those that makes acting look easy. So glad that he dropped Swifty ( as, I have plans to marry him. (; )

  27. Joe says:

    People in here (creator of this pathetic story included) are more gullible than Swifty if they buy into this tabloid crap.

    Not one picture of them together? Yeah,right. Did you know that Lady Gaga is dating Madonna?

    You can list me as your source.

  28. me!! says:

    I’m so embarassed to admit this – but I find him attractive :p

  29. Katie says:

    That guy is not cute at all..

  30. Jen says:

    Something’s up with Eddie Redmayne’s publicity agent.

    No, seriously, I’m calling this. Two days ago a ‘well-placed source’ told media outlets he was dating Karlie Kloss, and now this?

    Matching him to models and famous girls all over the shop? At least stick to one lady, PR people.

  31. Theodora says:

    wow!!!i loveee me some eddie redmayne!

  32. Odyssa Kelly says:

    I don’t mean to be catty but I agree with Petunia. Taylor should consider herself fortunate.

  33. Jackie says:

    this guy gives me the creeps ever since starring in that movie with julianne moore about an incestuous mother/son relationship. he did such a good acting job, i can’t think of him outside of that character.

  34. LeeLoo says:

    I’m really beginning to think that Swify is crazy. That’s why she goes through these breakups. I think the media is missing out on her getting super crazy. Sure we all knew she was a little nutty but I think it runs deeper.

  35. Sarah says:

    I’m not usually picky about men, but that man is rank.

  36. Coco says:

    Just as well. Those are two gene pools you don’t want to mix.

  37. meagain says:

    Isn’t she a virgin who won’t sleep with all these guys and that is why they are dumping her??!!

  38. WhatWHAT!? says:

    That dude is more british looking than my husband, and I knew he was an englishman from across the room without hearing him talk.

  39. Kimmie says:

    she is gay. rumor has it Selena n her are more than besties.

  40. Lynnie says:

    I’m no big fan of hers but, for crying’ out loud, quit calling her Swifty!

  41. Orange Cone says:

    the Funniest write-up today!!

  42. Kosmos says:

    Well, hey, it’s normal for her to look for a relationship with someone…then it starts up and goes on for a short while, and then ends. She’s learning about herself, about others, and about rejection, something most people go through. It doesn’t matter if he handsome enough for you or what he does for a living, if the two of them mesh, then we have something to work on. She’s fairly young, so she’s got the rest of her life yet. Let’s not judge her so severely since she’s experimenting here. She hasn’t done anything silly or wrong. If we have a relationship or date, the world doesn’t hear about it, but Taylor’s good & bad shows up everywhere. I think that’s the unfortunate side of her celebrity status.

  43. DeeVine says:

    She hangs out with a potential co worker immediately equals “dating”? She loses the part and goes home equals being dumped? What a stupid story.

  44. aquarius64 says:

    Her nickname Swifty stands for how fast guys run through her.

  45. iloveretro says:

    Slamming Taylor is like kicking a puppy; it’s cruel and evil, and you should know better. It’s insane how mean people are about this woman.

  46. NinaG says:

    It’s funny if she was barely dating, How can she have been dumped???

  47. molly says:

    I dont think that Swifty is as sad and desperate as the media wants her to be. She seems like she has a strong head on her shoulders, but she puts her personal life out there for all to hear, so it makes it easy to make up stories about her. Frankly, its more likely that if true, this guy was the one who wanted the relationship that her. Its great for his publicity.

  48. Lauren says:

    Taylor does not care. Ewww. I could see her with Chris Martin, but not this fancy boy. Sad-swan is going to kick Goopies ass. Jake G. cannot make it work with any woman, don`t blame sad-swan for that fake breakup. Greenish Rufus looks like he has the Consumption.

  49. poopsicle says:

    The guy needs to eat a sandwich!

  50. normades says:

    Eddie reminds me of a younger less attractive Paul Bettany. He could play an albino preist.

    Eddie dated Carey Mulligan, I don’t think Swifty is his type and I doubt anything ever went down between them. Just the media trying to link her to another guy to start another “she got dumped” story.

    And I don’t think she is so innocent. If she dated John Mayer she has to be kindof a freak.

  51. Emily says:

    I’m going to call this story out as fake. Taylor doesn’t do relationships without the obligatory photo-ops.

    I think Swifty’s craftier than people give her credit for.

  52. only1shmoo says:

    Oy vey. Maybe this is for the best, though. #1, I couldn’t picture Swifty playing the role of Epione; it just doesn’t fit. #2, I don’t know if I could handle another unrequited love song from her (seriously, that can’t be good for her self-esteem either).

  53. Nan209 says:

    She seems to be a professional beard. She ties herself to people that might help her career or keep her relevant and in exchange she keeps them as Hollywood sex symbols for women … Or at least that is what I’ve heard. True? Bulls**t?

    I actually think this dude is a fine actor who, because of his out of the norm looks, will find it hard to get good leading roles until he’s aged a bit and lost those boyish looks. Character parts are always juicier anyway. Good luck to him and with any luck for us we will be talking about him long after Swifty is a fading memory.

  54. Trillium says:

    Isn’t he the guy who raped Dakota Fanning in “Hound Dog”? I don’t think I could ever watch him in a movie again after that..

  55. Lisa B. says:

    I don’t understand why you guys are calling him ugly.

    These pictures are not very flattering to him, but I follow his work for a while and he’s actually a very striking looking young man.

    Very beautiful and a good actor too.

    Of course, it’s not everyone’s taste, especially if you go for a more cookie cutter sort of look.

    About Taylor, I think there must be some serious issue about this girl. EVERYONE dumps her. She must be doing something wrong.