Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart reportedly considering adoption: how serious is this?

The tabloids are schizophrenic about Jennifer Lopez and her facially-challenged boy-toy Casper Smart this week. Some say that Jennifer isn’t all that serious about him, and she knows that he’s just a rebound. Some say that Jennifer is totally planning a future with Casper, to the point where she lets her kids call him “Daddy Casper” (as CB previously reported) and now “Poppa”. Oh, and she and Casper are even planning to adopt together. What’s the truth? I don’t know. Here’s the version I’m hoping is true:

Since splitting from husband Marc Anthony in July, Jennifer Lopez has been carting her new boyfriend, backup dancer Casper Smart, all over the world with her, spoiling him with pricey gifts – with the 42-year-old even bringing her twins, Max and Emme, around him.

But a source close to Jennifer says Casper shouldn’t get too comfortable – because he’s nothing but a temporary plaything. “She really enjoys spending time with Casper, but she doesn’t see a future with him,” the source tells In Touch, adding that the star is just having fun right now and has no intention of taking things to the next level with her 24-year-old boy toy.

And while doting Casper hangs on her every word and adores her – which Jennifer loves – the source claims that J.Lo is basically using him to get through the pain of her divorce from Marc.

“Casper is the rebound guy, and that’s it.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Historically, Jennifer never just “dates”. She has to get engaged, she has to at least try to get married. But! If there was ever a moment for her to break her pattern, I think it might be now. I think she got burned by her marriage to Marc Anthony, and I seriously hope she’s too gun-shy to jump into anything too serious. Serious like… letting the kids call him “Poppa” and letting Casper act like their father? Oh, Jennifer.

Blissfully soaking up the sun and frolicking in the surf, J.Lo, twins Max and Emme and Jennifer’s new beau Casper Smart, looked like the picture-perfect family in Malibu on Feb. 5. But the twins’ real father Marc Anthony was not invited to the outing. In fact, Marc is increasingly disturbed about how close Casper is getting to his kids.

The last time Casper was spotted on the beach with the twins, “Marc saw them all looking like one big happy family and called J.Lo immediately and tore into her,” a source said at the time. “He believe this is just a rebound and that she can’t keep a relationship going.”

But with every week that passes, Jennifer and Casper’s relationship appears to be growing stronger.

“She’s really impressed with how he has stepped up to the plate and fallen into the role of stand-in dad,” a source tells Star. “he knows the way to her heart is through her babies, so he’s been lavishing attention on them.”

Casper and the twins have gotten so close, the insider reveals, that they call him “Poppa.”

“He and Jennifer are even talking about adopting or having kids of their own,” says the source. “She’s really seeing a future with him.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

This is the version based on Jennifer’s history. The girl in love with love. Jenny from the block, Jenny the romantic, Jenny who can never just be alone. So, what’s the truth? I still don’t know. But it’s really sad to me that she’s letting her kids get so close to Casper. I don’t think that part of the story is going to end well.

You know Casper is going to be her Oscar date too. So… it’s probably pretty serious. Cris Judd serious, y’all.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Bite me says:

    Grow da f**k up and put ur children first instead of your vagina And ur desperation to stay relevant

    • Zay says:

      Name: Jlo

      Planet: Denial

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        It sickens me when these famous people introduce their kids to the new partner immediately. So gross.
        Just like with Halle, they have a father. Don’t need a 24 YO Poppa. Ewww.

  2. paola says:

    Anything to keep the media’s attention!

    • Marjalane says:

      But the joke is, it’s really pathetic media attention! It negates anything else she does- it’s not the same as Madonna, who you know keeps her toys on a leash, and it’s just sex, or Ashton and Demi, who were at least semi equal in the fame game. This is cringe inducing, that Casper is a toad, and no amount of Jlo’s polishing is going to turn him into a prince.

      • paola says:

        In my opinion he is the prince and she is the scumbag cinderella. he seems to be a nice guy, he probably knows he won’t last long so he’s probably making the most out of it, but JLO geez louise, she is such a loser, using a guy in his early 20s to feel accomplished and satisfied. she’ll end up badly or at least i hope. can’t past the fact she wears furs.

      • catt says:

        Oh this is JUST the same as Madonna. She is on her second 24 year old and they are photographed all over the world just like her and the first one were. AND they are also photographed with her kids too and there are articles saying how much her kids like her current whoever. Plus Madonna’s current toy is just as facially challenged as Casper and is a backup dancer too to boot. Add to that Madonna is way older than J.Lo but their toys are the same age!

  3. brin says:

    By the headline, I thought you meant she was adopting Casper.

    • asiont says:

      that’s exactly what I thought.

    • trollontheloose says:

      well it wouldn’t be impossible: there is this 47 old guy who just adopted his 42 year old girlfriend just this week to protect his money from the parents of the victim he killed ..

  4. dorothy says:

    She’s adopting him? How sweet.

  5. Katie says:

    I think it’s very sweet that Jennifer wants to adopt Casper.

    • emb says:

      Ha! There is something wrong with her…she cannot be without a man for more than 5 minutes. She has some issues…after 3 marriages, she might want to step back for a moment.

  6. Maritza says:

    She’s in charge in this relationship and only she will decide whether or not it will last. It will probably last until she meets someone she likes more. Casper’s days are counted.

  7. Franny says:

    she’s going to adopt him, right?

  8. Julie says:

    haha oh yeah jlo is a woman who can claim she never dates. she only marries and engages.

    i dont think its true though with jlo you never know. i hope its not true.

  9. Azurea says:

    Don’t you love how she lets him lead her by the hand everywhere?

  10. Quest says:

    Maybe JLo is adopting Casper? Who knows!

  11. LAK says:

    Now this is a woman with separation anxiety….has he had a job away from her since they got together?!

  12. Asli says:

    They look too much alike in the top photo! Creepy.

  13. Leticia says:

    You know how there is a strict waiting period to buy an assault rifle? There should be a strict waiting period imposed on her to force her to take one month off between husbands.

    She is totally Elizabeth Taylor in her approach to jewelry and husbands.

  14. kristipistol says:

    When I saw the headline, my first thought was….”She’s adopting him?”

  15. Petunia says:

    JLo is considering adopting Casper as her son? Awwww, how sweet!

  16. phlyfiremama says:

    So the train is picking up speed, chugging towards its inevitable conclusion~

  17. Kara Ann says:

    Her poor children are going to have so many “poppas” in their lifetime that it is going to be ridiculous. Of all things that people do, the introduction of inappropriate appellations for their children to call their latest side piece is the worst. How about we let the kiddies call the other kiddie “casper” or maybe, “boo” (for the ghost) or how about just not introducing them to him at all?
    La Lopez had man-obsession just drives me crazy and makes her look pathetic.

  18. BJD says:

    Sorry, but I really think that this must just be a internet rumor. Just doesn’t ring true for me.

  19. Orange Cone says:

    maybe if his name wasnt Casper, he wouldnt get so much crap…either way face -challenged for sure. I wish JLO reads this blog cause Kaiser is en pointe! For realz! Lol

  20. skuddles says:

    I’m confused… JLO wants to adopt Casper?? Or wait, she wants to adopt another child so Casper has a little playmate??

    Okay, scrolling up to read the actual story now 😉

  21. Lissa says:

    In that 1st pic, he looks like a bad little teen showing up to juvenile court with his rich mommy who’s about to pay off his curfew tickets!

    Ha, ha!…is it just me?

  22. AmayaRose says:

    Oh, goodness. Adopt Casper, LOL.

    She definitely has “daddy issues.” Just look at what she has said before:

    “I don’t want to get all psychological and in a therapy session, but. . . there are these little things you think about. My dad worked nights and slept during the day, so we never saw him much. He was a wonderful, loving father-still is, to this day; he still calls and says, ‘How’s my little baby?’ ‘How’s my gorgeous?’ But even so, when I was five or six, I would lie in bed at night and tell myself, over and over, ‘I know my daddy loves me. . . Yet there was this kind of thing where I wondered about it…if because of his absence he didn’t care about me or about us. And believe me, my dad was the best. But these little things happen to you when you’re younger.”

    SOunds like she almost, just almost knows it and then dismisses it too.

  23. photo jojo says:

    Dude has serious douche face.

  24. madeline7 says:

    Marc & Jen both need counseling. In Oct. 2003, he and his first wife announced plans to divorce, only a month after the Bennifer wedding was called off. But Ben and Jen were still together several more months. That fall, they met up in Georgia and considered a rural area for a small, simple wedding, – but someone tipped off the paparazzi. Finally in Jan. 2004 they said goodbye, the same month the filing was done for Marc’s divorce. He proposed marriage to Jennifer that February and gave her an engagement ring. I always thought what had motivated Jen most to say “yes” to her good friend, was the biological clock ticking and her desperate desire to have children. I do think she grew to love Marc very much, having seen them together in his concerts. I also think it was his reported infidelity with a stewardess that was the last straw: it can be very difficult to rebuild trust again.