Christina Hendricks wore a 1970s shower curtain at the Elle Style Awards, right?

I was surprised that more people didn’t comment on yesterday’s Christina Hendricks post – she was at the BAFTAs, and she looked AWFUL. Like, one of her worst red carpet appearances ever. Anyway, Christina is still in London, and last night she stepped out for the Elle Style Awards. Hendricks wore this purple Carolina Herrera which… sucks. Yes, we’re no longer facing Titsy McCleavage-Wall, but she’s been replaced by… Wallpaper McFug. What is going on with her? She usually doesn’t have two massive style failures in a row. Something is wrong. My Spidey sense is tingling. Titsy is in trouble!!!!

Here’s Rufus Sewell as a palate cleanser. He looks like he’s about to do something gross to your butt. That’s the look on his face! “Here I come, turn around!”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in an Antonio Berardi mullet dress. This is one of the prettier mullet dresses I’ve ever seen, but that’s not saying much. Rosie probably thinks she’s looks super-high-fashion. She doesn’t.

The newly single David Gandy was at the event, looking gorge. This man… he’s so pretty. I especially love his hair here. He looks like he’s been off shagging some girl who was running her fingers through his hair and he didn’t get a chance to comb it. That girl was me, bitches.

Gillian Anderson in vintage Sarmi. Gillian wears a hell of a lot of vintage – she might even wear vintage exclusively. I appreciate the bold color choice, and it’s always nice to see a vintage gown, but I don’t think this look was a win. It makes her look preggo and I don’t think her coloring is right for bright yellow.

Alexa Chung in a fug suit, looking fug. I don’t get why this girl is a thing AT ALL. It’s not like I think she’s pretty in a normal way and I don’t get why everyone thinks she’s a great beauty – the problem is that she’s not even “normal pretty.” The Emperor has no clothes, people. There is no reason for boring Alexa Chung to be a thing.

And finally, Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen. I don’t like it… on her. She’s too milquetoast to pull it off. If I was styling her, I would put in her much cleaner, simpler lines. Everything tailored, everything one color, everything impeccable. But Jessica is trying to “happen” as a fashion girl, and I don’t understand why – she works constantly. She doesn’t need to be Jessica Biel, you know? She has more going on than being a “Fashion Girl.”

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  1. UKHels says:

    oh my giddy aunt what the hell is she wearing?????

  2. Lis says:

    Hendricks: It canNOT be that difficult to dress her body.

    Yeah, I’m in the Itty-Bitty club, but she’s not a freak, not even with the ridiculous implants.

    Women who look just like her, or who have more difficult sizes and proportions, look great every day. Women who lack the resources that Hendricks has.

    Why can’t she get this right?

    ETA: And why oh why get the implants if you have no idea how to dress them?

    Gandy: OMG.

  3. Cleveland Girl says:

    Christina just makes me MAD. She is so so so pretty. Why can’t she wear a decent dress that flatters her gorgeous bod??????

  4. mew says:

    Hendricks: Horrid, horrid, horrid. Plus, it looks seriously uncomfortable, as if she had to pull the belt way too tight to create the “hourglass” figure… outch!

    Actually, all the women look horrid.

  5. brin says:

    Gandy saved this post from total disaster! Chrisina looks awful!

  6. VB says:


    I don’t know who hurt you, but DAYMN, he done hurt you bad huh Hendricks?

  7. Eleonor says:

    It was better the Vivienne Westwood one, this is a monstruosity, and girl FIRE YOUR STYLIST.

  8. LuvHotGuyFri says:

    That is horrible. I didn’t think it could be any worse until I closed the pop up ad at the bottom and saw…the matching green suede shoes.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      That’s a new low right there. So frumpy. Horrid color, length, belt.
      Why are people calling ScarJo fat and CH gets held up for her body? She is so much bigger. She looks like she is a size 16. If we could give Rosie some of her extra weight it would be much better.
      The current crop of models have the worst faces. Rosie looks like scrunched up pug and Alexa, meh.
      Gandy saves this one.

      • Lis says:

        “Why are people calling ScarJo fat and CH gets held up for her body?”

        I suppose it’s because we’ve had so much more time to get used to CH’s body than ScarJo’s weight fluctuations.

        ScarJo was set up as the slim, curvy Sex Goddess. It was part of her – and her peoples’ – schtick.

        She doesn’t look bad, exactly, now, but she’s certainly not as slim and toned as she used to be.

        Whereas CH’s body was always sold to the public as it is. Her body hasn’t changed; it’s just that she has no idea how to dress it.

        Also. ScarJo is an obnoxious idiot. CH has always come across as a pleasant person.

        “She looks like she is a size 16.”

        This made me laugh, because I read an interview with her in the London Times, where the interviewer claimed that Hendricks has a (UK) size 8 body, minus the chest. *snort*

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I get you there. ScarJo does seem like a bitch and I much prefer Christina’s face.

        Buuutttt, a UK size 8? That is frigging TINY! That’s fooling with the numbers like KimK and Kirstie Alley delusional.
        It is not possible in anyway that she is a size 8 UK. I’m a US 8 and I can’t even side eye a UK8!

      • Funnylilou says:

        @Lis: great summarize of the distinction between Scarjo and CH! perfect! CH is a dreamy girl with a real voluptuous shape it is just a shame she doesn’t know how to dress!
        and LOL there is no way she is a UK size 8, I am a size 4/6 in the uk and I am like Kate beckinsale kind of slim!!LOL

  9. Unimpressed says:

    *sigh* Rufus Sewell just makes me melt. The man is so talented. Why can’t we have more of him?

  10. paola says:

    that dress is hurting my eyes. it is ugly all around, no wait…F-ugly is the right word.

  11. mk says:

    I dunno, at least it’s covered in them jewel tones. Also, that shorter, puff-sleeve, dress is going to look great when we are slathered in 70′s maxis EVERYWHERE. AGAIN.

  12. Jessica says:

    I hate these dresses with pockets.. seriously??? blah!!!

  13. NM6804 says:

    - Hendricks: What the…?

    - Love Chastain’s dress!

    - I don’t find Gandy hot, I don’t see it.

    - Why is Alexa Chung? Wholeheartedly agree Kaiser!

    - Gillian Anderson is like Tweety in human form, cute and too bright.

  14. Jackie says:

    i LOVE christina’s hair. so much better than the usual style. also, chung has fab style.

  15. T.C. says:

    “But Jessica is trying to “happen” as a fashion girl, and I don’t understand why – she works constantly. She doesn’t need to be Jessica Biel, you know?” She works but hasn’t had a lead part yet. I bet one of those PR people told her she needs to build up a female fan base first by being a fashion girl. Remember Naomi Watts ended up with that Princess Diana biopic instead of her. I hate how the system works. It should be about talent not popularity (not saying Watts isn’t talented just saying that so is Jessica).

  16. Bubbling says:

    Hold your fire! Christina could be on to something, the cut suits her, if she went for monochromatic it would be cool. Right now I am beyond pleased her feet aren’t boiling over the shoes in their usual manner.
    Alexa and Jessica are so beautiful.

  17. Heather says:

    Rosie’s dress is awful and you KNOW someone’s going to stand on the end of that… mullet.
    Where Christina Hendricks would even find such an item is unbeknown to me.
    And oh, Alex Chung, why are you still here?

  18. Dawn says:

    That is NOT a 70′s look more like a knock off from a very bad sixties movie. I love her but that dress is just too much.

  19. constance says:

    Does she know she’s attending a “style awards” show? @.@ Ouch, My eyes!!

  20. Franny says:

    I seriously went bug eyed when this finally loaded on my screen. GIRL WHY?! I have a “similar” figure (curvier with a rack) but I would NEVER NEVER NEVER put something like that on my body, unless it was halloween.

  21. Maria_Spain says:

    Rosie looks like a barbie doll made of wax.
    The ladys are Creepy

  22. Franny says:

    Alexa Chung is loved by a combination of trying to be classy hipsters, and high fashion wannabes. Seriously. I look at a lot of tumblrs and fashion blogs and girls are obsessed with her skinny legs and “style”. I don’t really get the love but I’m also not trying to be a “fashion icon”.

  23. bea says:

    The minute you think “I know, teal pumps!” – that’s when you should re-think things.

    Also, you cannot have insanely large breasts and wear that neckline.

  24. Meecey says:

    I can’t type much my eyes are blinded from Gillian’s yellow dress. That thing IS an X-file!

    I can’t contemplate the others.

  25. Cathy says:

    I would like Jessicas dress if it had a slimmer cut at the bottom. It’s to foofee (sorry that’s the only word that came to my mind) Christinas dress is horrible.

  26. Eve says:

    Here’s Rufus Sewell as a palate cleanser. He looks like he’s about to do something gross to your butt.

    Aaaand I think I’d let him…

    P.S.: if I stare at Christina Hendricks’s dress for more than ten seconds I’ll get dizzy.

  27. Stubbylove says:

    Here’s Rufus Sewell as a palate cleanser. He looks like he’s about to do something gross to your butt. That’s the look on his face! “Here I come, turn around!” – funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile.

  28. GAugust says:

    I really don’t like the advertisement boxes at the bottom of every photo. It blocks out the shoes on some photos but is mostly very annoying. I wish they would go away.

  29. marie says:

    Why do you put pictures of Christina Hendricks on here? She is gross.

  30. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Maybe she wore a Magic Eye to distract from her aqua eyeshadow–that she matched with her shoes!! (sound the Psycho strings) What in fresh hell? Ladies, these outfits, not a looker in the bunch. I say, if you’re going to wear crap, at least get it on the cheap, get something comfortable, eat what you want and die like a man. It’s just as easy to look like a lunatic in elasticized sweatpants and deck shoes as it is to dwell in corseted hammertoe hell, so nix the abuse to the body, why not?

    Have some orange juice, vitamin B, only work with a dealer you trust and know your limits. The rules for illicit drug intake (which is the only thing that explains these outfits) are same as those for dressing oneself, so make your education efficient. And always ask yourself, ‘Drugs, drugs, drugs: which are good, which are bad?’

    First Class Blech With Distinction.

  31. Delta Juliet says:

    I think that is the ugliest dress I have ever seen. And I’ve seen some ugly sh-t.

    I also don’t get the belt right underneath the boobs. Not a good look for anyone.

  32. Ron says:

    You know some actresses simply have no sense of style whatsoever. Holy hell. And she wore this to a fashion event. Can you imagine what was said the millisecond she left the table?

  33. Kim says:

    AWFUL! She is one of the worst dressed celebs ever.

    LOVE Rufus. So sexy & a great actor.

  34. Camille (The original) says:

    I think Alexa is really pretty (although I don’t like her outfit here) and having seen her on Fashion Police recently, I found her funny too. *shrugs*

    Christina looks so awful. That is one truly fug dress. No one would look good in that.

    As for Rosie’s dress- I HATE mullet dresses with a passion. So, so awful.

  35. caityyy says:

    I was struggling to understand while Alexa Chung is such a thing too. Nothing too special to look at, in fact scary thin most times and her fashion is just meh. So I assumed she must have a fantastic personality, then I saw ’24 Hour Catwalk’…so blah. Don’t get her.

  36. lola lola says:

    OMG, THANK YOU CB for saying exactly what I think about Alexa Chung!

  37. Jeri says:

    now I can fix up my moldy shower curtains.