Enquirer: Salma Hayek hates Sofia Vergara, thinks Sofia’s thick accent is a “gimmick”

In a battle between Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara, who would put money on? Salma’s fiesty, of course, and I would imagine that she’s much tougher than she looks. But Sofia’s got her on height, and I believe Sofia’s probably in better shape, and stronger overall. So… I’d put my money on Sofia. Colombia for the win, y’all. I bring up this potentially hot and spicy catfight because The Enquirer claims it’s on. Their sources say Salma Hayek is seriously pissed off that Sofia Vergara has dethroned her as Hollywood’s go-to Latina bombshell. Hahaha.

Salma Hayek has a message for rival bombshell Sofia Vergara: Stay out of my way!

Salma is fuming that she’s been dethroned as Hollywood’s hottest Latina actress – and she’s fed up that Sofia is “stealing” all her acting roles, a source tells The Enquirer.

“Salma hates Sofia’s thick, put-on gimmick of a Spanish accent and broken English,” the source revealed. “She says it’s not only getting old, but it’s demeaning and disrespectful to the Latin community. Salma would never disrespect Sofia in public, but everyone close to her knows how she really feels.”

Unfortunately, Salma can’t seem to escape Sofia. “Sofia is everywhere!” said the source. “She’s in tons of magazine spots, TV commercials and now films. It’s Sofia overload – and it’s driving Salma crazy.”

“Hollywood actresses are competitive enough as it is, but Salma feels absolutely blindsided by Sofia’s popularity,” continued the source. “She had no close that this young upstart would become a huge sensation in the US.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

This is the part I believe – “Salma hates Sofia’s thick, put-on gimmick of a Spanish accent and broken English. She says it’s not only getting old, but it’s demeaning and disrespectful to the Latin community.” I can actually hear Salma saying something like that, so maybe this story is based in reality. Salma views herself as queen bee of Latina actresses, I think, and I could see her having an opinion of Sofia’s accent. However, Salma is married to a man with more money than God, and she has her pick of all of the designer clothes she wants, and she’s still a working actress. And Salma’s still stacked like a brick sh-thouse too, so it’s not like Sofia could even claim, “I have the better body!” They both are ridiculously beautiful women.

I just happen to like Sofia more, though. So I’m choosing sides… Team Vergara.

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  1. TruthTella says:

    Salma’s turned into such a snooty bitch since she married that Billionaire…

    • smith says:

      Salma’s head looks like an Easter Island statue.

      That’s all I came to say.

    • Ha! says:

      Why would she be a snooty bitch? She has a thicker accent than Vergara anyway. She has a sh*t load of money and has not really worked nor does she have the need to since marrying Mr. McBillionaire. So, please!!! Not even Linda Evangelista and her model vadge could take McBillions away from Salma so this is so fabricated it ain’t funny! BESIDES LATINO WOMEN TEND TO BE MORE SUPPORTIVE TO EACH OTHER and united THAN MOST AMERICAN FEMALE GROUPS I’VE SEEN. So i really doubt it. 2 of my best friends are one colombian and another is mexican, their idea of female loyalty is so above mine i feel ashamed of fellow americans fabricating his type of stupid gossip just to fill up a bunch of magazine pages. If anything i can see both Hayek and Vergara laughing their gorgeous butts off at such a delusional article.

      • TruthTella says:

        I wasn’t talking about the Latina thing, i was talking in general she just seems more full of herself than she used too and I’ve been a fan for a long time.
        Also the fact that you (and probably her) see Linda wanting Salma’s husband to contribute the same amount of money from his bottomless wallet to support his son with her as his daughter with Salma as “taking from” Salma shows immaturity at best and selfishness at worst.

      • normades says:

        What Ha! said. All of it!

    • NinaG says:

      Speaking as if this is true, because until I actually hear Salma speak publicly, aka in the blogs or articles quoting her from verbatim, I will not speculate, but if it is true I think this is ridiculous, there is enough room in Hollywood from every one, Salma has producer credit and etc, so why should she worry about Sophia. Sophia is spunky, down to earth and seems lovely so I guess I would side with Sophia if this is true.

    • Phil says:

      Salma used to cut Jennifer Lopez down for not having an accent. She’s only ever acted yucky, snooty, über-b_tch. Since when is having an accent a virtue?

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      I agree she has become a snooty bitch.

      I don’t know why she would even be bitching about being dethroned (ugh it happens). First she’s married to a billionaire and second she hasn’t made a movie in years (or if she has they haven’t been popular. The only recent one I can think of is Grownups)

    • Nancito says:

      I don’t think that Salma has turned into a snooty bitch – I think that she was always one. She was also dissing Jennifer Lopez quite a while back for calling herself latin, as Mighty Salma insisted that Lopez is not “latin enough” to be describing herself as such.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Exactly. She was born rich, got richer through her career, married rich. I guess that makes her Queen Shit. One day she bought some boobs and started acting very ungraciously towards other ladies–why should any of them want to flock to her? She was Jack’s second-cruddiest love interest on 30 Rock (I can’t help it, I still cringe at the very sight of Julianne Moore. It’s not really fair, it’s definitely immature, but a had a tooth abcess a week and a half ago that could’ve handled Nancy Donovan better than that. Fuck, fuck, fuck, she was bad!!!)

  2. Eleonor says:

    In an hipotetycal challenge between Sofia and Salma? My money on Salma, Sofia must be in better shape,but Salma is more bitchy.

    • Cherry says:

      I haven’t seen salma in a bikini lately, but she always used to be super toned. I doubt Sofia is regular gym-visitor, so… you may be wrong there. About which one is in a better shape, I mean! She may very well be the bigger bitch, sure.

  3. Stacy says:

    You mean the same way Salma does with her accent.

    • Reece says:

      I thought the same thing. She hasn’t lost her accent in all these years.

      • John Wayne Lives says:

        Im sorry, why should she lose her accent?! WTF is that?! Bravo to ALL the Latino/Latina peoples that don’t give in to the pressure to become totally “white-ized”! (yes, I know that isn’t a word). My race is beautiful, my language is beautiful anas my very white husband loves the way my accent sounds! God, sometimes this bs gets a little thick! And I bet if it was someone criticizing some girls “black” accent or ebonics or some models Russian accent, people would be all over that sh!t! Some I’m gonna be all over this and dont care if im overreacting. Who do u think u are criticizing some one for their accent?! Way to be racially tolerant!
        *end rant*

    • Courtney says:

      Yeah, I call BS on the whole story. Salma has no business saying that with HER accent.

    • Esmom says:

      I was thinking the same thing…and also thought of Penelope Cruz. She might have the worst broken English of all three of them. I cannot listen to her.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I KNOW!! I didn’t have a problem with her until she started handing down all of these (hypocritical) decrees from Mount Olympus. I’m sure that to a point she had a lot of legitimate concerns, but it seems like the only time she ever speaks about another Latina woman, it’s all about how disappointing they are and how they’re setting back the cause, or some such. Line ’em up, knock ’em down, that’s all you ever seem to hear from this woman when she talks about her contemporaries.

  4. Fb says:

    I can’t stand vergara. It’s true the accent is annoying, and worst part for me is when she offended Peru in that stupid show. On her twitter she put she wasn’t going to apologize and “jajajajajajaja”. All in Spanish. I saw her new Spanish state farm commercial and what do you know! No annoying accent! Or any of her stupid eye squints and mannerisms! Whatever… Team Hayek but she already won with that billionaire baby daddy.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree. Her shtick is getting old.

    • kris says:

      chile>peru. chupalo

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Agree, big time. Did anyone witness her obnoxious rant on the Golden Globes when they won? Ugh, I was like can’t stand that showmancey Biotch. Team Hayek!

      Sidenote: what about P. Cruz? 🙁

      • ella says:

        Penelope Cruz is Spanish, as in European, not Latin American. 🙂

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Oh I gotcha. Didn’t know she was from Spain. Thanks for the clarification!!

      • MW says:

        Seriously, Ella? That never crossed my mind. Actual Spanish is not considered Latin? Because it is on the European continent?

      • Amy says:

        People get confused between Spanish, Hispanic, and Latin American.

        Spanish is the official language of Spain and most of South America and some places in the Caribbean.

        Spanish also refers to the Spanish nationality, as in people from Spain like Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz.

        Hispanic/Latino seem to be used interchangeably in the US to refer to people originally from South America. Apparently Hispanic used to mean people of Spanish/Portuguese descent (meaning from Spain and Portugal). But it seems to have lost this meaning in the US. At least that’s how Wikipedia put it…

      • Mari says:

        @ MW yes, everyone has their own definition of everthing, and one of Latin, of course. Some just do not recognise the cultural ties of some parts of Europe with partsmof America. I tendo to side with the international organizatios that mash together all latinoamerica, and I also go for the Iberoamerica term, that includes the countries where our languages come from.
        In regards to Salma and Sofia, I think this is a fake fight. What I have to recognize is that they both probably shared more,that their voluptuous looks.
        Salma is from Veracruz and was a telenovela actress long ago. At that time she was linked to Luis Miguel (former boyfriend of Maria, after their breakup she was distraught). She even went with him to the 1997 oscar ceremony. Sofia was also with Luismi at some point in their lives. I read that she was with Luis Miguel (big unmarried playboy) in 1994. Some gossips say that she was with a mexican millionaire who was friends of Luis Miguel, he introduced them and next thing, he saw photos of her on Luis’ yatch.
        Nevertheless, I think that Sophia owes Salma a bit, she was there trying to succeed before than her. She even had to create a production company to find better roles for her, since all she was offered were stereotypes. Saofia is good at what she does, she is hilarous. Good for her if it works for her. And she has made a lot of jokes of her own Colombia. In that case it is the writer’s fault. I find hardnthat she is so powerful as to tell them what to write.
        Good for them both, they finally found money and fame in a diffupicult market.

      • Andrea says:

        Actually Latin American is a term coined by the U.S. people so they could take ownership over the name America, which really belongs to the whole continent, and attribute it to refer to their nationality exclusively. Long live neo-imperialism!

    • QQ says:

      Anyone that speaks spanish and has known vergara’s career from working in univision etc KNOWS thr sh=t is gimmicky and annoying cloyying and offensive as f–k and that say up to two years ago she spoke spanish and sounded like a normal person not like she was recently plucked from a colombian frm, sh-t when i came to this country 10+ years ago her JOB in Univision involved interviewing people speaking with as non accented spanish accent as she could manage and interview in english and simultaneously translate to spanish for a variety show on saturdays ( the name doesnt come to me but she was on the field and t&a for said show) and at NO point she sounded like she does now, is profoundly obnoxious!

      • rr says:

        I totally agree with you. And I think the show you might be talking about is fuera de serie. That’s where I remember her. It takes allot to become famous in Latin America and then the USA. She’s funny, but her accent is too much. Why cant she play a Colombian American smart lady (like the one she is) instead of a dumb fresh from Colombia persona? I guess that’s Hollywood, you are what they want you to be.

      • QQ says:

        Rr YES that’s it and you KNOW exactly what im talking about eons ago she sounded NORMAL, say like a daisy fuentes, accent sure, but not this hamming mess

      • Beth B says:

        @ QQ – There might be something interesting or even relevant in your comment, however since your comment was incoherent, we’ll never know.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        Thank you Salma and thank you QQ. I don’t watch telenovelas or any of that sh!t. I don’t like soaps in any language but Sofia’s “Charo” act is offensive.

        I’m a “Latina” French, Mexican and Spanish us born and bred. My Spanish is better than my French.

        Here is the thing… she acts like a slut and she’s not. She is using the hot Latina stereotype and she makes it harder for Latinas in the US to be taken seriously.

        The worst thing was when she was at the Golden Globes and she spoke Spanish like that. I know Columbians. They don’t sound like Charo when they speak – especially in Spanish. No one speaks Spanish like that “cuchi cuchi”

        She’s a beautiful and intelligent woman. It would be great if she showed that side of herself instead of coming off as a brainless slut (which she does not seem to be).

        We Latinas already have J-Lo to contend with. We don’t need someone acting like she wants to be J-Lo. Especially, when we all know she is better than that.

        I don’t think Salma is jealous. She produced a TV show. To me that is much better than starring in one as Al Bundy’s wife (so gross) and doing Diet Pepsi ads. As a smart Latina, I think she’s offended.

      • Katyusha says:

        This is quite possibly the longest run-on I’ve ever heard. I couldn’t make it to the end; I got dizzy.

    • jc126 says:

      I don’t watch her show so can’t comment on that. I have been seriously annoyed by her accent on the ads, and I did think it sounded exaggerated (which would explain why it annoys me, I love accents, but not cartoonish put-ons of accents).

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I’m not going to pretend that Sofia doesn’t grate on me sometimes, but I find Salma’s too-frequent slams says something. She may even have a point, but it gets to be too much.

  5. Cherry says:

    Total BS story. I doubt Salma gives a crap about Sofia, who’s just a tv star in her first hit comedy! Salma has a decades-long movie career with some very interesting and demanding roles (Frida!) under her belt. This is just the tabloids trying to stirr up some controversy. As if there’s only room for one latina actress in hollywood. Ugh.

    • Laura says:

      Completely agree with you.

    • atorontogal says:

      ITA. Sophia is a funny and light comedic tv actress, where Salma is an accomplished movie actress. This is a non story. It’s kind of sickening how tabs make up these stories pitting one against the other as if grown mature women cannot be friends, they must always be in competition! argh!!

    • demian bichir says:

      There is only one room in holywood for a latina actress.Salma is competing with her for the same little roles now and it must suck to see her everywhere.The movie stars status isn’t what it used to be now tv actors get more opportunities.
      Sofia has a Pepsi commercial and a Covergirl contract at 39 years old.I don’t think that Salma is getting those types of contracts(publicity)now that she’s 44(?)years old.So…

  6. brin says:

    Doubt this is true and I think they are both gorgeous and talented but I adore Sofia and her accent!

  7. Sammi says:

    I think Sofia is more fun than Salma personality wise and can make fun of herself which to me is endearing. You guys should hear my mom’s accent and she’s been in the US for 25 years so it really does not go away quickly for some people or at all.

    • brin says:

      I agree….my mom still has her “NY” accent and she’s lived in the NC for 30 years!

    • MW says:

      Ditto my Mom. She came from England 50 years ago and the accent is still there. Anyway, I do not watch Sofia’s show, but I think Sofia and her commercials are pretty amusing! I actually stop and snicker at the David Beckham and Ellen DeGeneres ones!

  8. Lindy says:

    Can I just say how tired I am of the tabs constantly creating faux bitch-fights between female celebs? And in the most superficial ways possible?

    Like: Here are two reasonably successful, totally beautiful Latina celebs–let’s pretend they hate each other! Or: Here are two C-list daughters of A-list musicians–let’s make up a story about how they fought at a club!

    I just don’t think this stuff is true 99% of the time, and it sucks that these are the stories that keep getting told about women.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I’d be inclined to agree with you if she specifically didn’t have a long history of this. Maybe this one might not be true, but it’s in her wheelhouse. I can totally get behind being frustrated at seeing your ethnicity basically being treated as the entirety of the characters portrayed, I’m a minority, too. But when she gets into people not having the right kind of accent (Jennifer Lopez), the thickening of her own accent, and now possibly going in on people who (to her mind) over-exploit their accents, it’s turned into a ‘Mother, may I’ situation, where people seemingly have to defer to her for some kind of approval. That’s the thing onto which some believability could be hanged.

  9. VV says:

    If anyone has seen Salma on 30 Rock, you’d know what an over outraaaageous exaggerated accent sounds like. I don’t buy this story…

    • Erinn says:

      I couldn’t stand her on 30Rock. And if there is any truth in this story, it’s awful hypocritical.

  10. velourazure says:

    that would be hysterical if it’s true. salma’s accent is so thick she needs subtitles!

  11. Dee Cee says:

    Perhaps Salma has insider wisdom this chick is vapid and gung-ho ambitious on moving up.. perhaps Salma hears her speak normally and this is a faked accent and exaggerated manner which she feels is demeaning and embarrassing to her culture and talent?

  12. GrlInTheCorner says:

    sounds to me like not only is hayek jealous, ironically, she’s caring around a little ethnic self-loathing and regret for mainstreaming herself. Isn’t her best buddy Penelope Cruz? Talk about an accent! (and it’s beautiful!)

  13. madpoe says:

    I wonder what Salma thinks of Rosie Perez’ accent?

    Lemme know when Salma thinks of a cure for cancer or something more relevant.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Isn’t Rosie’s accent some kind of East Coast accent. She also has a funny voice but she never played it in a totally anti-feminist way like Sofia does.

      Charo is 70 years old now. She was pre-feminism. Time to move on.

  14. crys737 says:

    I can understand what Salma is saying just a bit. Sofia is playing into the ditzy Latina stereotype. But ladies, cant we have each others back instead of spending all our time bickering?

    • Laurie M. says:

      Sofia has stated in interviews that she overdoes the accent for Modern Family, I haven’t heard her speak enough to know the difference in accent between herself & her character.

      • Esmom says:

        I thought that, too, but then I heard her interviewed on some red carpet and she sounded the same as on the show.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Why should I have Sofia’s back when she most definitely does not have mine?

  15. Jayna says:

    Of course, she’s laying it on thick. Anyone can see that. She’s been in this country forever. It’s her sthick. I don’t mind it. She’s adorable.

    I highly doubt Salma is threatened by her. Salma is on another level than her. Salma creates and produces TV shows. She acts in movies (not TV). She directs, I think.

    Sofia is on a TV show as part of an ensemble cast and is doing really great with commercials and capitalzing on her success. Why would Salma not want another Latina to have success on whitebread TV?

  16. marge says:

    Salma has a very strong accent as well. ..

  17. Agnes says:

    Sit down, Salma! 🙂

  18. Sophie says:

    As a latina woman I became acquainted with Vergara many years ago when she would do her rounds of appearance on several Univision shows so I’ve been over her a long time ago. I do see the appeal you have for her since she’s “new” to you.
    Her accent is so distracting that you can’t pay attention to her acting & I definitely think she uses it to her advantage (good for her). Hayek also has a thick accent but hers is bearable. That being said, I think this story is BS.

    • SW says:

      So all Latino women know each other? Good to know. *eyeroll*

      • Sophie says:

        Where did I imply that you miserable troll?
        Where in my explanation as to how I became familiar & eventually overdosed on her did I say that ALL latinas know eachother?

        Do yourself a favor & get your cup of coffee & stop being so catty this early in the day.

  19. Lem says:

    Team hooray- it’s not Penelope Cruiz

  20. AudreyS says:

    This sounds like the answer to one of Enty’s blind items, actually.

  21. Delta Juliet says:

    Who cares? Sometimes I get the feeling she puts it on a little think too but who is she hurting? I’ll take a woman (or man for that matter) with a sense of humor anyday over one who takes herself way to seriously.

    • AudreyS says:

      Agreed. They are both beautiful, but Sofia just seems more fun. I’m not on “Team” anyone. Too much attention is paid to cat fights (whether they are true or not).

  22. ToastedSkin says:

    Team Sofia. Love her accent and I watched several interviews with her and she’s actually funny.

  23. jinni says:

    I’m team can we please stop pitting two women against each other. It’s misogynistic and disgusting.

  24. Floridaseaturtle says:

    Sophia..pssss..your dress…is flapping up, here let me…wait..why won’t it go down? Oh..huh? Oh. umm, ok. Sorry.

  25. bea says:

    I like them both – one is shooting for a high-brow movie actress thing and the other is doing the “low-brow” television route.

    I do think it’s rich that Selma would (allegedly) complain about seeing Sofia too much – the gal has to work since she didn’t marry a Billionaire – yet.

  26. Kiki says:

    The thing is: what roles is Sofia getting? Besides voice work for Smurfs or what was the other one? Salma just finished Savages with Oliver Stone last year. I believe there is a a sense of dispute, but I don’t think Sofia can steal roles from Salma – Salma’s been in the game longer. Sofia is like a mall version of Salma, that’s the way I’ve always looked at her. And I think Salma has more range – Sofia is a one trick poney, doesn’t she play herself on Modern Family?

  27. Marianne says:

    If I have to pick sides, I’ll go with Salma. I too find Sofia very annoying.

  28. Dhavy says:

    Sofia’s accent can be a little annoying after a while and yes she’s been in this country way longer than Salma. If you live in a place like Miami which is prominently a Latino population and mostly Spanish speaking it’s hard to shake the accent but I guess it benefits her career. That said both women are different but most of Salma is real and it doesn’t help that Colombia comes second after Brazil when it comes to plastic surgery so I’m with Salma when it comes to the shape part

    • Minty says:

      Salma had a nose job and breast implants. She looks different from her early photos. She was born into wealth and later married a billionaire. She seems a bit overprivileged.

      I haven’t heard that Sofia had any work done. She’s a natural blonde who dyes her hair brown. I do find her more likeable because she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

      This “feud” is more tabloid BS.

  29. kristipistol says:

    So this answers the blind item. I’m not taking sides but her own son did say that her accents gets stronger as time goes on

  30. BabySwans says:

    She has openly admitted that she exaggerates her accent. She said she got so use to doing it that she doesn’t even Remeber what she really speaks like. She even said that her son makes fun of her for it. However the grammar mistakes she makes are very typical of a person whose first language is Spanish–I know this for a fact. My graduate degree is in second language acquisition, have taught Native Spanish speakers for 10 yrs, my family & I are immigrants from Latin America. My sister & I moved when we were 5 & under & my parents hired private English tutors so we dont make the same grammar mistakes my parents do–& that’s after my parents have lived here 25 & both are educated.

  31. truthful says:

    I cannot stand Hayek!

    Team Sophia all day! at least she laughs and makes me laugh.

  32. Julie says:

    I read a blind item about this not long ago. I am with you, totally team Sofia. Awesome personality & so dang beautiful. Selma is very beautiful as well but she appears to be a bit too stuck on herself for my taste.

  33. mia135 says:

    It’s ridiculous and misogynistic. Why can’t there be room for both of them at the top and to excel on their own terms? Sofia at comedy, Salma at more dramatic roles or whatever else she chooses to do. I recall they tried to do the same thing with Beyonce vs Rihanna too, when Rihanna first came on the scene.
    They never do this with male celebs.

  34. Marybel says:

    Smells like jealousy. SV has a wicked sense of humor. That’s pretty, too.

  35. Maria_Spain says:

    Sofia is funny on her role i like her accenti don´t care about their personal lifes.
    Team Vergara here XD

  36. Petunia says:

    Here’s my opinion. I realize that others will obviously disagree. I think Sophia is smart as can be for putting on the fake accent. To those of us who don’t speak Spanish, it’s endearing (yes, I understand it isn’t to those of you in the know.) It’s her schtick, if you will. Kind of like today’s Charro. And quite frankly, she’d be less exciting and exotic if she didn’t have the accent. It helps to make her seem more sexy and exotic. I think she’s figured that out and is making a killing on it.

    And my GOD, I would kill for that face and bod!

    • Petunia says:

      And anyway, isn’t this what actors do for a living? Put on accents? Even at home, (some of them.) I think it’s kind of cool, actually, to be able to play characters, even in our down time.

      Better an exaggerated accent from your own country than one from somewhere else (coughcoughMadgecough.)

    • taxi says:

      Yes! Vergara is the 21st century Charo & some people like that stuff. I hate it & find it offensive. I managed to watch about 15 minutes of the current comedy show & saw her on Letterman.

      She has a beautiful figure & a pretty but not particularly interesting face. If we could glue her mouth shut, I could watch her. Does she practice eye-rolls & pouty flounces?

  37. Buffy says:

    Sophia’s dress. Is that right? Do I just have no taste? It is horrible. :-!

  38. trollontheloose says:

    I doubt there is any truth to this.. it reminds me of Courtney Love hating on Salma was Salma was dating Edward Norton and Courtney was making fun of her accent. Sofia is exaggerating the thick accent but you will understand why if you watch Modern Family. but seriously have you heard Salma and Penelope Cruz?

  39. blah blah says:

    That’s the pot calling the kettle black no isn’t it.

  40. TheOGSasha says:

    Let’s pretend Sofia is “putting on” or exaggerating her accent — so what? Comedians are allowed to do “bits” to enhance their characters. And what roles, exactly, is Sofia “stealing” from Salma — the one on a TV show? When has Salma ever done TV (other than one-off guest spots & a few on her own show Ugly Betty?) Puh-leaze. Salma needs to get over it.

  41. Holly:) says:

    Team Vergara!

  42. Kiki says:

    Maybe she hates Sofia because both used to date Luis Miguel -but Sofia lasted longer-. Salma disrespects us Mexicans with her accent. Don´t believe her act people… She is a racist to her own kind. We don’t hate her because she succeeded; we can’t stand her because she is a major b—h!

    • dahlia1947 says:

      I’ve seen the racism and jealousy among Latinos and it’s pretty sad. They bring eachother down. and Salma is half Lebanese or Morroccan, so maybe that’s why she’s racist. She’s not “all” Mexican. Ridiculous.

      • Mari says:

        You are generalizing. Not everyone is a racist. Not every Latino is racist either.
        I reallydo not care enough to bejudging either of them to see who is still more Latina. Salma is still acting In Spanish speaking movies, and still participates in promotions and foundations related to Mexico.
        At the end I am proud of her in a way. Rumor has it she was told By people in the tv empire Televisa, when she wanted to be let go, that she was not going to make it in HW, that she woul be maybe only offered maid parts. That Televisa company used to veto any actor that dared leave them to work somewhere else. If they wanted to come back, they couldn’t, and if they succeded, they would not mention them in their entertainment shows. Salma suffered this, and maybe she was badmouthed by the interviewers because when she was promoting Bandidas with Penelope in Mexico, She had to apologise to Penelope because they were snubbed by Televisa at a prense conference.
        Shameful, traits of monopolic attitudes of this company.

  43. mk says:

    This is a made up story. Selma is best friends with Penelope Cruz. Selma is a very confident person. No way she would be threatened by Sofia. Not buying it!

  44. Adele says:

    Salma and Sofia are friends, they did a Jimmy kimmel skit together a few years ago and Salma was smiling when modern family won.

  45. Emily says:

    “Young upstart”? Aren’t they both in their forties?

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Thank you! I was going to say 39 for Sofia but whatever. They are 5 years apart or something like that. Sofia is neither young (nor old) nor is she an upstart. She’s been doing her schtick for ever. She was on Tom Cruise’s wifey list along with Scar Jo and whomever else. Sofia is smart and turned him down (who wouldn’t).

      I said she is smart. THAT is why she bothers me. If she was some ditsy slut monster then she wouldn’t bug me. However, this is no brunette Pammy.

  46. dena says:

    I’ve NEVER considered Salma beautiful. She gets to wear nice clothes and have her makeup and hair styled.

    But she’s not beautiful. Not with that massive cereal box head and dead-in-the-eyes expression. She’s also become an obnoxious twat since marrying that ugly rich dude.

  47. Tweakspotter says:

    No este celosa Selma!

    She’s been here FOREVER and still has an accent. I have family that were born here and some that have been here for 40yrs and still have an accent because they speak Spanish most of the time. I’m sure she’s bugged by not getting roles just handed to her but please she had her run there’s room for more hot, strong and beautiful Latinas. I doubt this is even true.

  48. Fran says:

    Team Vergara! She’s so beautiful, I never liked Hayek and I don’t think she is beautiful or anything! She just has huge (fake) boobs and a bla face :/

  49. JeffR says:

    Hmmmm. I think the faux feud is mysogenistic. The more important point is that Latino actors are often stereotyped in Hollywood. Both actresses have commented on the same. Both play the heavy accent schtick – Sofia has the balls to own up to it in the press. Both women have commented on being boxed into the fiery Latina bombshell stereotype – how do we say racism in Hollywood? Check out the Univision/”Big Trouble” Sofia prior to immersion in the Anglo market as a Latina Bomshell.

    Their career trajectories are completely different – Salma started in novelas in the late 80s, gave a critically acclaimed performance in a Mexican film and moved to LA in her 20s to pursue tv and later films. Salma later branched out into directing and producing. Sofia was a presenter/model until 2002 when she began concentrating on acting at 30!
    @Dhavy: I’ve known Sofia for years and the boobs are real – we shared the same trainer in Miami years ago. No surgery! She’s incredibly down to earth, articulate in both English and Espanol, Very SMART,Very FUNNY, a great mom, super buena gente.
    Never met Salma but mutual acquaintances tell me that she’s very talented, hardworking, smart, etc. but can be a dit of a diva.
    Accents: We’re ostensibly a country of immigrants, no? Immigrants often have accents. BFD! The Scandinavians seem to do better with softening their accents. The French are a mixed bag – Denueve, Adjani, Emmanuelle Beart, seem to do well, some others are less successful. The same goes for their Argentinian and German cousins. The Spaniards and Italians seem to have heavier accents unless they come from highly educated backgrounds. The Austrians (Philipp Karner, Christopher Weitz, Senta Berger, et.al.,) seem to have an easier time of it, too. Best, JeffR

    • demian bichir says:

      Since when Deneuve,Adjani and Béart are immigrants living in the US?They live and work in their own country and it’s called FRANCE.

  50. dahlia1947 says:

    I believe this story. The Enquirer’s stories are usually true. And it does look like Salma’s jealous. Sofia’s doing it on her own with no help from a rich guy. Ooops. :} It’s true though!

  51. Jen says:

    Doubt this is true. But if it is . . . Salma’s not one to call anyone fake, with her fake nose and tatas.

  52. B says:

    I can’t stand this Sofia Vergara woman, so even if these supposed remarks of Salma Hayek’s seem petty, I’m still team Salma.

  53. KLO says:

    I think the saddest thing is that there can be “only one latina hottie” at a time. Wouldn’t the world be a better place with several of them?
    Just sayin. The fact that someone has something that you want, doesn’t mean she’s taken it from you or that you couldn’t get it yourself.

    I don’t think Salma’s jealous, I just think that Sofia’s public persona comes off a bit like a cartoon character-ish stereotyped latina, not a real person. And that might irritate Salma, who I have never thought of like that.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      As a Latina I’ve been thinking it EVERY DAY since I saw Sofia talking on the red carpet.

      I think only her fellow Latinas get the offense. It’s the new version of the stupid Swedish ski team joke accent in the 70s. No Scandinavian talks like that but I was a kid in the 70s, I didn’t know.

  54. Jilly Bean says:

    Sohphia Verga reminds me of a latin version of Fran Dresher!

  55. Lizzie says:

    This article pointed out a few things. First it is a bit sad that Latina women have to compete for that one spot as the “go-to Latina,” as do other women of color and different cultures. Second, that the roles they play have to be exaggerated so that they can be accepted as authentic to the stereotypical minds of most Americans. Third Salma isn’t a favorite of all Mexicans, she uses the Latina schtick when it makes her money or gives her recognition, but other than that she keeps away from Mexico & Latin America and their media, unless of course there is money to be made and is promoting something. Sofia on the other hand has continued to attend Latino award shows, tv shows, commercials etc. which is why I like her better, because she might use it as a schtick but at least she doesn’t only remember her people when it is convenient.

  56. Maritza says:

    I remember when Salma said she didn’t consider Jennifer Lopez latina because she didn’t know Spanish. Salma herself has a thick accent too and Antonio Banderas does also, so what’s her problem… jealous much?

    • Mari says:

      That was in relation to the acting parts they could get.
      J Lo does not have an accent, she is a native speaker. She can act easily in more roles than a Latinamerican born and raised actress who has to learn English as a second language and will probably have an accent.
      She said that she has to convince people in the business that her accent will be an asset in the movie.
      Bet that Sofia has also faced that, as do many foreign actors from everywhere, not just Latin.
      What is sad is the stereotype for Latins. Sexy chick, chola, gangster, maid, gardener…

    • demian bichir says:

      Salma was always super bitchy towards J.LO.I think it all started when J.LO got the part of Selena. Salma was probably mad that a boricua got the part and not her.For the Frida role, there was a rumor back then about the 2 fighting for the role too.So…

  57. Palermo says:

    First of all I am Italian, which is certainly NOT Latino, no idea where the Professor came up with that. I like both of these ladies, but my guess is Salma is mad cause Sofia is way more popular now than she is, not to mention younger. Salma had a nosejob and a boob job, but I believe Sofia’s are real, if we believe anything we hear from celebs, which is always debatable. As for the accents, who cares, I surely don’t

    • Mari says:

      Probably because Romanian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Italian derive from the Latin Language. Thatnksto your ancestors (the romans) who distributed Latin around Europe, it is why we speak what we speak after all. A good thing is that these romance languages are sometimes easy to understand between each other. Example, the verb parlar is more or less the same in 3 languages at least.

    • demian bichir says:

      Palermo this professor is cray cray.If you go to Europe and say that kind of shit to an Italian,a French,a Portuguese,or even a Spaniard your not going to receive a positive answer trust me because they’re not Latino they’re Mediterranean!The roman empire used the latin language.Nowadays,you can learn Latin in school everywhere in the world.The Spanish empire colonised South America(except Brazil)this is why now most countries there speak spanish.
      Latino is a term used to distinguish people of latin American descent not their colonisator(The Spanish empire today it’s called Spain and it’s an EU member).

  58. JuliaDomna says:

    “Salma’s fiesty” … Love this typo! Does that mean that she likes to party?

  59. Princess Lizabeth says:

    Sofia is GORGEOUS. She renders me speechless. And, I like her on Modern Family…so, for petty reasons alone I take her side in this “conflict.”

  60. Viv says:

    I have stopped listening to Hayek. She has something to say about everybody and acts all self-righteous. She lost me after she had breast implants and then proceeded to slam everyone who was into plastic surgery pretending she would NEVER. The last straw was when she said she prayed for her breasts to grow and then they did.
    Let Sofia be Sofia. She is hot. If she wants to bring the scripted character that made her famous into her real life, so what? Lots of male actors did it and noone batted an eyelid.

  61. Loralei says:

    Sophia’s stereotypical act is so un-original. It’s the same brainless, big tata’d Latino exaggerated act that has been around forever. She could at least think of an original style. She is so irritating. I can see why Salma finds her persona demeaning to Latinos. Sure, Salma has an accent, but she doesn’t try to be Carmen Miranda.

  62. Ana says:

    First, for people saying Salma is Spanish, no she isn’t!!! She is Mexican! She even started her career as an actress in different Mexican Soap-Operas.

    I do believe some accent is natural, sometimes I feel like mine is similar to Sofia’s, which I truly despise! But I think she is exagerating it, she even told this story about her son asking her about it, when he saw some old videos and told her that she didn’t have such a strong accent before and became stronger with time.

    Still Salma shouldn’t be criticizing Sofía, she also has a very strong accent.

    In a fight between the two, my money would be on Sofía!

  63. sam says:

    Im sure I read an article a year or so ago, where Sofia actually said that she does ‘put on’ the accent a little heavy for some of her roles. Im sure that Salma would have done the same at some point.

    They are both beautiful woman, and while Im certain that every celebrity has some jealousy issues (especially if they are losing out on roles to the same actors again and again) I would hope that Hollywood has room for more than one successful Latin woman.

  64. Allons - y Allonso says:

    Not here to say who would win in a throw down but i will something about the spanish/latina accent. I have a latin background so it doesn’t bother me. I’m surrounded by it at home and sometimes I don’t even notice it – HOWEVER when my friends and I went to see New Years Eve (I want my money and those 2 hours of my life back) I took offence when the writers seemed to only use Sofia for her accent. That s**t is weak

  65. Sorolla says:

    I think she’s criticizing her for her whole “act” of stereotyping Latinos, not just the accent.

  66. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    If you dug deep about Salmas behavior toward her workers and business associates in France youd get an eye opener on the REAL Salma. C you nest tuesday doesnt do her justice. She is one money humgry bitch, its all she really cares about. let me put it this way….she puts J.Lo to shame regards her money worship and nastyness towards those she considers underlings or expendable.
    regarding her jealousy. Oh, I believe it. Face it. Your getting old bitch and your acting sucks. Go sit on your husbands face while you count his moolah.

  67. Lisa B. says:

    I think this is all bullshit. I don’t see why a woman like Salma would be “jealous” of Sofia. We’re talking about not only an actress but also a director and producer. And a billionaire’s wife with a world of friends in the highest places.

    Until 4 or 5 years ago, poor Sofia was basically famous for her breasts and nothing else. People didn’t even know her name. I remember well the sort of cringeworthy stuff she used to do. Which is why I still find a bit odd that she became this “big thing” now, haha.

    Though I find the her “bubbly latina” persona irritating, I don’t really hate *on her*, because I know that women like her don’t get many chances in Hollywood without playing along the stupid stereotypes, unfortunately.

    Anyway, it’s saddening that the press is always putting female celebrities against each other and creating fake fights between them. They hardly do that with men.

  68. mk says:

    She’s just jealous ‘cos Sofia has a grown child and still looks that hot. She hasn’t had as much surgery, either.

  69. MissVJJ says:

    Salma is half Mexican, half Lebanese. I’m 100% Honduran and consider myself Latin American. Ive never known a Spanish or Italian person to consider themselves Latin.

  70. Str8Shooter says:

    I had the misfortune of meeting both Hayek and that equally obnoxious, overrated dbag Edward Norton, who use to be her bf, at a charity event a few years back. Assholes, rude, just plain jerks, through and through.

    Have not met Sofia, but have not (so far) heard anything but positive things about people who have worked with her.

    Salma…go take your Unibrowed self and spend your relic’s…sorry…HUSBANDS…millions.

  71. anonymous says:

    Salma Hayak is 100% right. Sophia Vigara is definitely stereo typing Hispanics with that phony accent, she is one of those minorities that says: I don’t give a damn I am going to give them what they want and make loads of money. Most Hispanics who have been around Hollywood and is of a higher class echilon do not speak like Sophia Vigara on her sitcom. They were able to get where they are today because of the fact that they don’t have the heavy accent, I don’t understand why some of the commentors on this site don’t realize that, instead they accuse Selma of jealousy. Do you think blacks would like it if black actors played the Amos and Andy roles?

  72. Gigohead says:

    What Salma said is OFFENSIVE to me as a Latina because my own family have thick accents and they live happy and fulfilling lives. They certainly don’t feel that that are embarrassments to other Hispanic.

  73. me! says:

    Rant over :p

  74. Lindsay says:

    I don’t like Sofia, I am sorry but her accent does annoy me more than any latina accent I’ve heard (I am Latina)Salma is more softer when Sofia is loud! My mom has an accent, my aunts have an accent, they are all beautiful women and I think Sofia is setting a bad image on Latina women. Have you seen other Latina women in showbiz? The are way more beautiful than Sofia. I don’t know what it is in her face that doesn’t seem attractive to me, in my opinion. I kinda admit, she is a butterface.

  75. poney club says:

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  76. farah says:

    i’m not Latin but i can see how some people would be annoyed by Sofia. granted shes beautiful and was not born in the u.s but it appears that she put on an accent. i noticed this because I’ve seen earlier interviews of Vergara and her accent is more subtle.