Britney Spears is reportedly acting weird again: “She was sweet – but just an idiot.”

Here are some more photos of Britney Spears last Saturday, at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy party. This was (maybe) before everyone found out that Whitney Houston had died. Many of you thought that Britney looked like hell for this public appearance – I claimed she looked okay… you know, just because I was trying to be nice. Her body looks okay. Her hair isn’t busted. But she looked really tired and kind of out-of-it. Which is worrying – Britney’s conservatorship is scheduled to end when she marries Jason Trawick. Is she marrying a man she loves or a caretaker who will look out for her? Or a little of both? Anyway, Star Magazine has a story this week about some old-school Brit-Brit going down… this time with less head-shavin’.

Britney Spears has gotten her act together since her infamous breakdown years ago – but it seems the singer may still have a hint of crazy in her! Britney was acting wacky when she recently stopped in for a manicure and a neck massage at the Hands On Boutique Spa in Beverly Hills, an insider tells Star.

“Her eyes were completely glassy, and she was acting very lethargic,” the source says. “After her massage was over, Britney was asked if she wanted to add another 15 minutes. She looked at the masseuse with a confused look on her face and asked, ‘What does that mean?’ She didn’t seem to understand. The employees were saying, ‘Wow, what’s with her?’”

After pampering, Britney stood up to leave and dropped a bunch of change on the floor. But she didn’t even bother to pick it up!

“Maybe that was supposed to be the tip,” the source says. “Because she sure as hell didn’t give one! She was sweet – but just an idiot.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I don’t know what’s emotionally or chemically wrong with Britney. I’m not saying that in a judgy way, I’m saying that in a “I don’t know what kind of medication she’s on, so I’m not sure what to say” way. It seems like some of these accounts of Britney acting out of it are really stories about her medication being messed up, though. She seems out-of-it and lethargic, not even really grasping her surroundings. It sounds like she might be on some heavy-duty anti-psychotic, perhaps? That’s what I always think when I hear these stories – her doctors need to keep a closer eye on her dosages.

As for Britney being an “idiot”… that’s not the word I’d use to describe someone who was glassy-eyed and acting lethargic. That being said, Brit was never the brightest bulb. Somebody just hand her a hawt derg and a frap, and she’ll be okay.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. KWM says:

    Where’s the story here, wasnt she always an idiot? haha

    Seriously though, in light of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, etc we know these celebs can get any and all meds they want and the MDs appear to be more than accomodating, let’s hope Britney’s MDs are on the up and up and can look into her meds and dosages, this sounds scary.

    • silvermistie says:

      what is going on with her eyebrows??

      • lil ole me says:

        Thank you! Yeah her eyebrows look a HOT MESS! Po thang

      • Celebitchy says:

        She needs to fill her brows in with powder. I do mine every day. Stencils really help get the shape right when you’re doing it.

      • Christina says:

        Her eyebrows look horrible, I’m a stay at home mom but even if I don’t leave the house I fill my brows in with powder and pluck them once a week. Shitty brows really screw up your whole face, and a little definition goes a long way. My daughter would probably be scared if I went and got her out of her crib without my eyebrows done.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        What is this “filling in brows with powder” thing? (I have Brooke Shields eyebrows, so this is an honest question.)

      • BabyCakes says:

        @ the original bellaluna: it’s mostly for the women that aren’t blessed with thick, lush brows like yours. filling them in with a colored powder gives them definition and depth without looking artificial like a pencil can do alone. i use a little pencil with short strokes and outline the shape then fill in with powder.. sometimes i use a stencil.Brit’s brows could use some filling in. they just blend in with her face. ardell lash and brow growth accelerator works wonders ladies. and it’s cheap too!

      • Jaxx says:

        I’ve never put a thing on my eyebrows. Never even thought about it. I barely pluck them. Now I’m wondering if I have crap eyebrows and never noticed and I am going to go check out a mirror!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Thanks, BabyCakes! I was thinking maybe I was missing out on some type of beauty thing I should have known about. :)

    • Mimi says:

      I live very close to where Britney grew up and I hear all kinds of stories about her from people who ACTUALLY KNOW HER. And, yes, most of them refer to Britney being a little ditzy lol. I hope she is ok, though.

    • Roarwoman says:

      If you look closely, her skin looks terrible and her sketchy makeup barely conceals this, especially around her jaw line. Side effects of anti-depression and/or anti-psychotic meds can be acne. Mind you, the smoking, tanning and Taco Bell probably don’t help.

    • Belle says:

      I don’t think that Britney is on the type of meds that so many get addicted to (such as benzos). If she is bi-polar, then she is probably on some very serious meds that ARE monitored closely… and I don’t think they are the ‘happy’ meds that are often abused.

      • B.A.M. says:

        People with bi-polar disorder take anti-psychotic medication for treatment.

      • Trey says:

        It’s really hard to abuse most “happy” pills (anti-depression sorts), because most take approximately a month to kick in. Uppers, tranquilizers, mood-stabilizers, sure, because they have an immediate effect :3

    • DesertRose says:

      @Bella, some of us with lighter hair also have light or thin brows. I am a dark blonde with thin brows, I use brow powder and an angle brush everyday to fill them in so they look a little more like yours. I’ve never been an overplucker, I just don’t have thick hair anywhere lol

  2. kazoo says:

    Wow, this is the best her body has looked since she had kids.

    I agree with you, Kaiser. It sounds like side effects from her probably multiple medications.

    This article is quite assholish, though. Sounds like the spa wanted some free publicity and to get back at Britney for not tipping.

    • judy says:

      I know people who take anti depressants and they build up in the system and make them drowsy. She forgot to tip?? That is why this is on here. The Spa is made because she didnt tip ..all BS

  3. moopsie says:

    I think she was just stoned and being awkward. She is known to like smoking weed and she has the eyes of a chronic stoner. I think thats all it is.

    • Val says:

      ^^ THIS

      a. Am a Britney stan
      b. Am a chronic stoner.

      She definitely smokes weed. She prob hit a j before with jason and, you’re right, was feeling awkward. That’s something that would totally happen to me… lol

    • Rach says:

      Britney does not smoke weed. She did when she was with K-Fed but even if she wanted to now, she has to have drug and alcohol tests and would lose any custody and visitation rights to her kids if anything was found in her system. So don’t go talking shit you know NOTHING about.

  4. hateonit. says:

    what happened to her eyebrows? she looks…ok. I try not to comment on her really because of the breakdown and all. made me see her as vulnerable. her body will never be back to the way it was. not because it can’t. just because I think she lacks the dedication which is fine. she’s got kids now. shell never be the same.

  5. samira677 says:

    Considering that she looks so happy knowing Whitney has been dead for a few hours doesn’t happy help matters.

    • Sammi says:

      so people should stop smiling because a drug addict who was once a great singer died? Sorry. I have people in my family with serious drug issues (meth and heroin are BIG problems in WA state) and multiple trips to rehab that don’t WANT to stop therefore they make the choices and know the repercussions of it. The fact that Britney surpassed her troubles and is able to get out and still be invited to music industry events is a great reason for her to smile.

      • TruthTella says:

        Agree, Even though everybody in the industry respected Whitney and is sad she’s gone not everyone (E.G Britney) was close friends with her so they aren’t all gonna be on their knees wailing like she was their mother, If anything it was inappropriate of Clive to carry on with the party when Whitney’s body was just a few floors up.

      • Julie says:

        geez lighten up some hon

  6. whatev says:

    Or maybe she just couldn’t understand what the people who worked at the “boutique spa” (fancy words to sell you crap) were saying. When I get my nails done I just smile and nod, smile and nod. Act like whatever accent the manicurist is speaking in is totally understandable while they talk shit about me to each other in whatever the hell language it is they speak.

    • connie says:

      hahaha yes! i finally found a salon where I can go & understand what my tech is saying, it’s one of my favorite gossip rituals (i always fill her in on juicy celeb gossip/theories/conspircaies) I’m always reminded of that episode of seinfeld when elaine brings georges dad to the korean nail salon to find out what they were saying about her! seinfeld remains one of my favorite shows primarily because I can bring it up at least once a day in normal conversation

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Totally! I just went for a massage last week. It was a Chinese Reflexology place. The person at the front desk spoke English but the therapists did not.

      My therapist was really good at getting the kinks out and I was glad that he was REALLY Chinese since that was the point. If I was on a higher dose of ADs, I probably wouldn’t understand either. ADs and meds for bipolar disorder can make one zombie-like. Oh and they are addictive but not in a fun way.

  7. KWM says:

    Her eyebrows could be overplucked or over dyed or she could have hypothyroid or something…

    I think her figure looks great, none of us are going to look like we did at 18. In my opinion most women are still developing hips etc at that age…

  8. Sammi says:

    Please Jamie Spears, let her retire completely. Thats all she needs. She’s been a show pony her whole life and deserves a life away from Hollywood. I cant hate on her or laugh because out of all the people who make excuses in the music industry for their behavior, I think she genuinely has major issues.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      I could not agree more. She’s been USED her whole life. Let her go, and have some peace poor thing.

  9. bipolarbetty says:

    She’s bipolar (and I think she’s bipolar I which is more severe than bipolar II) and many bipolar medications make you groggy, foggy, and out of it especially if you’ve just taken them. Plus, sometimes you have weird days when you’re bipolar and act a little off. I’m speaking from experience.

    • brin says:

      If that’s the case, I wish her well, life is hard enough but to have to go through public scrutiny makes it that much harder.

    • Cathy says:

      I have bipolar I and I agree with you somedays are better than others, and somedays I’m wierder than others.

    • cr says:

      I have a very dear friend who’s bipolar. Some days she’s ‘fine’ and some days she’s very out of it, depends on the time of day and how she’s reacting to the meds. Antipsychotics can be a bitch, but for her they’re better than the alternative.

      • atorontogal says:

        My son is on some serious anti-psychotic meds. Some days he is a walking zombie others he is just fine. I think she should be allowed to retire/semi-retire. Maybe put out an album or single once in awhile but full on touring can only be harmful for her.

    • Jackie says:

      agreed. this is something that she is going to have to manage for the rest of her life. there will be better and worse times. unfortunately, it is not a case of taking a med and then you are cured.

    • Inari says:

      AFAIK it can also be hard to find the right meds (or combination) and dosage. Some people can spend years trying to find the right treatment.

      • Shannon says:

        This. And it’s not like you get to stay on the same meds forever once you find the right combination and dosage. Something as simple as a 15 pound change in weight can alter your physiology enough that your meds need adjustment. Your level of caffeine and sugar intake on a particular day can alter chemical reactions.

      • Inari says:

        Yeah, and lithium’s even “nicer”, when mere dehydration can cause some serious side effects. Ugh.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        @Inari My friend was so relieved she didn’t have to go on Lithium. The thought of it scared her (and me).

    • Alexis says:

      ITA with all of you.

      I can see her someday being an advocate and educator for mental health issues. Her public struggle, up to this very headline, has brought out how little many people understand about serious mental health conditions. I agree that these events, if true, don’t necessitate any kind of a “relapse.”

    • Ginger says:

      On a serious note, thanks so much for all of the lovely replies to Bipolarbetty’s statement :) I too am bipolar and some days are good and others are not. It is an ever changing battle at best. I’m glad she has people around her who are looking out for her best interest. But I do agree with the those who said she deserves to retire and live a regular life. Let her husband take care of her and have a happy life if that’s what she wants.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I thought BP2 was the worse one but I could be misinformed. I have anxiety disorder hence the reference to ADs (Anti Depressants SSRI’s) above. A dear friend of mine was originally diagnosed with anxiety disorder plus depression (as in being depressed for no reason) but she was getting much worse than I was.

      She went to a few different doctors and was finally diagnosed with BP1 – the anxiety is her version of mania, she doesn’t have mania in the same sense Britney did – although we have both had what used to be called nervous breakdowns. They tried a few different pills and she is finally on one that seems to be working. She is doing OK but says the meds can make her “spacey”.

      Unlike Britney she is one of the brighter bulbs in the tree so she is a productive member of society but neither she nor I have reached our potential due to these stupid disorders.

      We both walk around feeling like zombies at times and at other times panicking or crying for no reason… the meds make the episodes as we call them, fewer and farther apart but it’s not fun.

      The meds are addictive there are head zaps and all sorts of weird side-effects if the doc needs to switch you out but there is no high.

      I have a soft spot for Brit knowing she is a fellow sufferer of one of these things (depression, anxiety and bipolar tend to be grouped together) and I worry about her conservatorship ending.

      I know I’m a cynic but Jason is not her daddy, how do we know he really cares and really has her best interests at heart. He may but what if he’s just a famewhore?

      PS: I’m sorry you all have to deal with this stuff, too. People who don’t know tend to minimize it.

  10. Jayna says:

    It’s freakin’ Star. Ten percent of their stories are true. Go make up stories about someone else like Lindsay and Paris. Britney has fought hard to overcome her issues. Leave her alone.

  11. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Hell the girl was having a bad day that all…and as for not understanding the people in the spa….if its anything like the one I go to..thats understandable ..I don’t understand a word the people at mine say their accents or so heavy…..and considering what source
    Star” it came from it is pure trash cause that is all they print…make the Enquirer look like the Times….

  12. Ramie says:

    she’s always been an idiot.

  13. TruthTella says:

    I’m pretty sure she’s heavily medicated a lot of the time, look how lethargic she is on stage these days but if you see behind the scenes videos of her in rehearsal she’s always way more happy/energetic and actually pulls the dance moves off.
    I really hope she’s gonna be ok when this concervatorship ends but this story is a bit of a reach imo, Maybe she was so relaxed from her massage it took her a sec to come too and realise what the woman was saying and as for the change… she’s BRITNEY SPEARS she’s got hundreds of millions of dollars, doubt she’d be scrambling for some pennies on the floor.

  14. Dee Cee says:

    Needs darker eyebrows.. stat!

  15. sister says:

    I suspect she’s had ECT.

    She is just a cash cow to her dad and fiancé, poor thing.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I had to Google that. They still do that? It sounds like a nicer name for electro-shock. May they never do that to me, my friends who also have these things or any of the ladies on this board (or anyone else ever!)

      • Elizabeth says:

        Yep, they still do ECT but in most cases it’s a last resort.

        If she had gained a ton of weight I would guess she was on zyprexa because that makes you a zombie. I am bipolar 2 and took that stuff for a month and gained 20 pounds because I was eating and sleeping constantly.

      • Alita says:

        May noone you love ever need it – someone I love needed it. And it was ultimately a Godsend, it gave us another 6 years together we wouldn’t have otherwise had. Nothing else had worked.

        Scary stuff – but don’t dismiss it, very effective.

  16. Cleveland Girl says:

    She needs to go back to Louisiana and make a normal life for herself. She has not appeared to be happy for some time now. The LA lifestyle my not be for her if she has emotional problems.

  17. Quinn says:

    Bipolar is a bear, and it’s not unusual for birth to trigger a lurking mental illness (especially in young mothers). I think they probably thought Britney had postpartum with psychotic features, but it never went away…hence the longterm Bipolar Disorder guess. She probably won’t ever be “the same”, given the fact of how long this has drug on for her. It takes a LOT for a legal conservatorship to be left in place this long..I think we will all be shocked one day when the whole story comes out. (and yes, I AM a therapist, LOL!)

  18. Roxy750 says:

    Poor girl is falling apart in front of everyone. No one cares, they just dope her up. Sad, its unfolding before everyones eyes too…Hollywood is corrupt. Sad, sad sad

    • ZenB!tch says:

      What are they supposed to do? Lock her up and throw away the key? If the meds are working properly she is aware of what she is doing 99% of the time. She wants to work and be productive. She has no other skills. She looks vacant but 1. the meds do that and 2. she always looked kind of vacant. No one has ever said she was a brain. She’s a talented dancer who can sort of carry a tune.

      She did fall apart a few years ago. She’s not perfect but she is OK.

      I’m not buying the Star story… anyone who’s been to a spa in LA knows that it’s hard to understand the tech on a good day.

  19. drawbackwards says:

    I’m just wondering what that fungus is on her left ankle in the first pic…

    • Katija says:

      Looks like eczema. I actually have a similar patch on my ankle, although mine is much smaller because I’m treating it with steroid cream… which is REALLY quick and simple to get with one doctor’s visit. My doc actually just gave me a huge handful of samples, it was that easy. I wonder why it’s going untreated…

    • Angel says:

      For the love of god, dry skin=/=fungus.

      Get a clue.

  20. maggie grace says:

    Her body’s bangin’ again, although her boobs are kind of migrating. It’s odd to have such a low cut dress with no cleavage. Check out the psoriasis on her left foot in first picture! And she still has acne she can’t quite cover up. Go ahead, call me catty. Meow!

  21. Petunia says:

    Um, look. The lady is on heavy duty meds for her bipolar disorder. I know someone who also is and I called her one night and got the exact same response as Britney exhibited above. It weirded me out at first until
    I realized she’s doing the best that she can, bless her, and this was just a blip from the meds.

    Sometimes their meds must do that to them. Doesn’t mean Britney’s going bonkers again, just that the meds are super intense and don’t always agree with the person. It’s sad but that’s the way they have to do life, I guess. If it keeps them sane for the rest of the time, so be it.

    It really kind of saddens me that news sources pick on Britney, knowing that she has a mental illness. She’s doing the best that she can, and that’s what counts.

    • Kara Ann says:

      It saddens me too that the media still picks on Brit. To me, considering how very ill that she must have been to have shaved her head, gabbed to/with the press, and other outrageous behaviors, I believe that she has done incredibly well to have come as far as she has. I would really expect there to be a little more admiration for her. Regardless of the help that she has had, Brit has no doubt gone through emotional hell while trying to wrestle this mental illness into something that she can function with. It seems really cruel to highlight every vacant expression or off encounter that she has. IMO, it’s a miracle that she is still alive, little less still working, raising her children, and attending industry events. I hope she continues to improve her life, hopefully, outside of the public b/c, really, the media is kinder to addicts, beaters, cheaters, and all other sorts while this woman is bashed for something that she can only control to an extent. To the extent that she can, she is. That’s better than 95% of HW..and, possibly, everywhere else too.

      • spinner says:

        It has never been stated or confirmed that Brit is bipolar. The judge stated in his papers that she was a chronic drug user. Her whole breakdown was from excessive drug use. She was heavy into Meth. I commend Brit for getting off the Meth but she is clearly on a prescription drug substitute.

  22. Miss Thang says:

    Haven’t read anything yet, I had to come down here and ask what the HELL is wrong with her ankle!? It looks like a serious burn!

  23. maggie grace says:


  24. Marybel says:

    Britney has always been a silly ditz. She’s also rather average in body shape, physical issues – not Hollywood polished. Jamie is a hero in my eyes to have stepped in and rescued her. She’s on some powerful meds, and she’s probably a little fried around the edges from previous drug problems. I think she performs because she always wanted to. It would probably be easier on her and her family if she DID retire. She does need to grow up a little, but people shouldn’t judge.

  25. Nikki Girl says:

    She has always seemed like a very unintelligent person. And I mean seriously unintelligent.

  26. Katija says:

    I speak Russian. I go to a salon with fresh-off-the-boat older Russian ladies for my nails and brows.

    I usually try to translate when I see it happen, but man if the American women cannot understand WHAT THE HELL the employees are saying to them. “Vant Fre-yehnch?” “She’s asking if you want French tips.”

    And I have been to salons with Korean workers who *I* definitely do NOT understand.

    LOL, maybe Britney really didn’t know what the hell she meant! “You add fifteen?” “Um… excuse me?”

    …but of course, the opinion of ONE salon manager means Britney’s on drugs again.

  27. Tweakspotter says:

    She has that tweaker (adderal??) forced smile going on….creepy.

    • Lala says:

      Agreed. All this talk about her bipolar condition and mental illness, regarding her umbrella and head-shaving days cracks me up. She was a meth freak. Plain and simple. That’s why she acted the way she did. That’s why she went to rehab multiple times. That is why she has had a conservatorship for this long. It is a looonnnggg-ass recovery from that addiction. It is not uncommon for former meth addicts to abuse adderall or another pharmaceutical stimulant. I’m not saying she definitely is abusing anything these days but it would be my first suspicion.

  28. Anne de Vries says:

    She actually looks terrified in these photos. That’s not a smile, that’s a grimace with a panicky OHGODOHGODOHGOD behind it.
    I wonder if she wanted to go in the first place, or if she was pushed into it.

  29. WOM says:

    Maybe the phrasing befuddled her? “Add another fifteen minutes” does seem like a strange way to ask if Spears wants the masseuse to continue fifteen minutes longer.

    I will also be using these photos in my “Why Nude Legs Are Not For Everyone” manifesto.

  30. danielle says:

    I don’t get the impression Brittny was ever very smart. Then you add the bi-polar – I used to be a social worker and there is a reason people who are bipolar go off their meds so often – those med SUCK! People get very out of it, lethargic, and not in a fun way. Bipolar and schizophrenia have to be the worse diagnosis in the world.

  31. Beatriz says:

    I always sort of sympathized and rooted for Brit, because I always thought she had a meltdown just like my mother (she is bipolar). I watched her have a psychosis and then go on some heavy duty medications. Now, those kind of medications require time–it’s not like one day you take them and you’re okay again. It can take years for doctors to determine what the right dosage is. And in my mothers case, it took three years and for that time she seemed like a zombie. I recognize that same emptiness in Britney’s eyes, it’s like wanting to be 100% present, but the heavy medication doesn’t allow it. I just hope she is going through the same, adjusting to the right dosage, so she can soon be completely “present” for her life, god knows she has been through enough.

  32. Sisi says:

    Sometimes when a person asks me something I have no idea what they are talking about because I’m thinking about something else. When I’m having a massage, I might space out completely or doze off. It could be that simple.

  33. Jordan says:

    Whether its true or not, I hope Brit’s doc’s and phamarcy are on the up and up and managing her doses. I also hope that Jason truly loves her and not her handler and that he doesn’t allow her to mix alcohol w/ her meds. Good luck Brit-Brit.

  34. Mandy says:

    Poor Britney. I feel bad for her. She has mental issues people! Give her a break.

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    I think Brit’s probably been a bit of a ditz. But I also feel very badly for her that she’s been…”coerced” into continuing to perform prior to being emotionally ready to do so.

    Her “peeps” need to let her get married, be a wife and mom, and leave her alone.

  36. NinaG says:

    She’s getting older people, I know she’s not very old but she’s not going to look the same as she did when she was 16. She looks fine to me, Not impressed by the dress because it looks like something the college girls in my area wear when they go to the bars, but other than that she looks fine. Cut her some slack people, Celebs are human too! :-)

  37. d says:

    For the love of God, WHY don’t they just let her retire, get the heck out of LA, and live her life so people would leave.her.alone? God, she’s CLEARLY got issues, so just lay off her, stupid salon and tabloid people. They really should be ashamed of themselves.

  38. Maya says:

    She looks like a train wreck.

  39. Gorbin457 says:

    Depression? Yes. Anxiety? Yes. But Britney Spears is NOT bi-polar, and I can tell you that with absolute certainty.

    I can also tell you this story is rubbish because she hasn’t been to any spas or salons recently, and, as of late, has opted to have someone come to her home for such services.

    Plus, this is coming from Star magazine. Anyone who believes anything printed in that magazine must be a very low form of human being.

    • Quinn says:

      As a therapist, she certainly looked classically manic to me…doesn’t guarantee bipolar, but it also rules LOTS of other dx out.

  40. memaw says:

    Wow some minimum wage paid shop assistant saysd Britney acted weird so it’s gotta be true ya’ll!

    I’m a huge Britney fan and I wasn’t in denial back then when she went nuts but I don’t think this story is true. Yes maybe she left no tip and the assistant got pissed so she made up a story. I can actually see Britney not leaving a tip b/c she thought her people would do it.

  41. Angel says:

    Never realized before now Brit has psoriasis.

    As for the actual story … I got nothing.

  42. Losi says:

    Do you people actually believe this ? The salon just made this up to show people that Britney went there (and didnt leave a tip)- simple!

  43. Lisa says:

    I feel sorry for her.

    But even I wonder, why the double standard? If this were a Lilo post, the comments would not be as kind. Flip between any LL post and this one, and look at the difference. Is it because she’s never been officially diagnosed with anything?

  44. juju says:

    Sounds like she is bipolar cycling. Which seems to become more apparent as the seasons change.

  45. truthshot says:

    she is an idiot. why do you keep expecting that lots of money and fame can make an intelligant from a buffoon.

    in the (now) immortal words of the other hillbillys, “she is what she is.”

    expect no miracles.

  46. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Um, Britney spears IS Bi-Polar. It is a known and documented FACT. Look it up.
    As is Lindsey Lohan. ALSO, a known and documented FACT.
    The illness runs in both of their famlies.

  47. Tessa says:

    I have bipolar and the meds I use are pretty full-on and they are standard. Mood stabilizers can affect your complexion, weight and sometimes can make you a little dazed, especially if you are having an adjustment. I think she is probably just tired, or stressed out. In any case, brows are probably the last of her worries!

  48. it'smeBitch says:

    what happened to her spa she has at home???

    (love reading gossip about stars but not when it is about Britney)LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!

  49. Daniel says:

    Its not a question about her doctor should look at her dose of medicine. People think that antipsychotics are supposed to make you healthy and sane again. But none of this is true. I dont know why people think that. This is what they do. They make you out of it instead of in it. Ive been on it myself and they do cause more harm to you than good. They block your personality.

  50. Daniel says:

    This is what antipsychotics do. They make you weird. They suck your personality and gives you tardive dyskinesia!

  51. Butterfly05 says:

    This is what antipsychotics do. They suck your personality and gives you tardive dyskinesia!