Eddie Izzard wants to bring The Riches to the big screen

Sometimes a television show comes along that despite ultimately superior acting and writing, just doesn’t find an audience big enough to keep it on the air. The Riches, on FX, was one of those shows. The Riches starred Eddie Izzard and recent new mother Minnie Driver as the parents of a family of grifters who con themselves into the life of a wealthy family in Louisiana. Although it was loved by the people who watched, there weren’t quite enough of those people to keep the show on TV and it was unceremoniously cancelled in September after two seasons.

Now Izzard, who co-wrote the pilot of the show, wants to put The Riches in movie theatres. Eddie says that he has approached the powers that be at the network to ask if he can write a screenplay based on the unclosed ending of the show.

“I was an elevator in London at an awards ceremony and Samuel L. Jackson looks at me and says, ‘So, what’s happening to your kid,’” said Eddie, referring to his on-screen son Cael, who was last seen getting duped by another group of Travellers.

“I told Samuel, ‘We don’t know at the moment.’ but I’ve posed to the heads of FX and TBS that we want to make a film. And they said, “Right, we’ll support you.”

[From OK! TV Fanatic]

While the network heads may have said they’d support him, they evidently didn’t mean financially. Eddie is turning to the Internet to raise funds for the movie. I want this movie to happen, but I can’t get my hopes up too high on a movie that is counting on Internet fundraising to come up with that kind of money. Barack Obama did it, though, so maybe, “Yes, Eddie Can!”

I couldn’t help but think, when Samuel L. Jackson asked Izzard what was up with his son, he may not have actually been talking about his character’s son. There’s a widespread belief, or hope may be more likely, that Minnie Driver’s new baby, Henry Story, is Eddie Izzard’s child. Judging by Izzards comments, though, he doesn’t care quite enough about the kid to be his father.

“I haven’t met the baby, but I called her up and she said, ‘He’s looking at the phone.’ The baby was looking at her and smiling like he knew something. He must have known I was going to call her up and say, ‘We’re going to do a movie of The Riches.’”

[From Ok! TV Fanatic]

Maybe Henry knows where Izzard can come up with the money to finance the movie, too. Minnie could have sold first baby pictures to chip in, but she decided to release a photo on her myspace instead.

According to the NY Post, the mystery father of Minnie Driver’s baby is “a TV writer” who broke up with her when he found out she was pregnant.

Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver are shown promoting The Riches on 4/28/08. Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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21 Responses to “Eddie Izzard wants to bring The Riches to the big screen”

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  1. James Davis says:

    Love Eddie Izzard 🙂

  2. vdantev says:

    Ditto, he’s almost unrecognizable in these pix though. 😯

  3. geronimo says:

    Finally, a proper reason to sell baby pics! Movie financing!

    I think I’ve finally given up on the idea of Eddie being the daddy, sadly – just think he’s too open and warm and honest to keep it a secret.

  4. fabulous says:

    I can’t believe he is so weenie – Minnie looks HUGE. Total misnomer there then eh? he he

  5. Kaiser says:

    G, Keep Hope Alive. I feel strongly that Izzard is the number one possibility for baby daddy.

  6. geronimo says:

    Oh I really want to, K, and in fact I’ve just had another look at Henry and I’m still seeing Eddie’s nose…compare it to the second pic of him above:


  7. Kaiser says:

    G, yeah, the kid looks just like Izzard – of course, I suspect many newborns look like Izzard.

    Still, he could be lying about not seeing the baby. Hope. 😀

  8. Exiled2Colorado says:

    Ummmm isn’t Eddie Izzard gay? That would kinda squelch ‘baby daddy’ rumors eh?

  9. geronimo says:

    Um, no, he’s not gay. He cross-dresses from time to time but is 100% heterosexual male.

  10. Mia says:

    Please girls, don’t throw stones on me but I think Eddie is incredibly sexy! 😉

  11. Suzanne Robinson says:

    this is the best news ever. Eddie is the hottest, most sexy man ever and The Riches is the most complex, amazing show. BTW, I still think it’s Eddie’s kid. Despite what he said, I don’t think he’d blow it out of the water if he wanted it kept secret. And yes, the kid looks exactly like him.

  12. Suzanne Robinson says:

    and if you knew anything about him, you’d know tranny’s are not gay. Neither is he.

  13. kate says:

    i like minnie and i love eddie izzard – he is so funny and so clever. his stand up is brilliant, but i was never able to get into the riches, even though i watched several epsidodes. i’m wondering – what do his comedy fans think of the show?

  14. geronimo says:

    @Kate – Have always been a huge stand-up Eddie fan and initially wasn’t sure about The Ritches but then got into it because it’s so well-written and he and Minnie work so brilliantly together.

    But I do also find him completely irresistable so I think I’m just programmed to love everything he’s involved in!

  15. Suzanne Robinson says:

    I became a fan off his stand up and think the show is brilliant and so original.

  16. snappyfish says:

    Cake or Death?

  17. Suzanne Robinson says:

    um cake, please!

  18. Buttercup says:

    Never heard of it or seen it before, but it sounded good. Love Eddie.

  19. Ashley says:

    Yea! I really love the Riches but once Dale became a regular fixture I slowly became disinterested.

    Luckily my recorder kept recording them (or else I would have never seen Season 2) but while it was on, i didn’t watch it.

    It was really messed up for FX to not include any conclusion though.

  20. piedlourde says:

    “Cat, are you drilling?”

    I would jump for joy if they’d make a The Riches feature, I need the loose ends tied up.

  21. Mairead says:

    @ Piedlourde – “Quick, hide the compressor! Nah – that’s purring you hear mate”

    LOL pied, the cat and dog routines are my favourites!

    Cat after being given New & Improved cat food and pushing it around with his paw:
    New and improved is it? So up to now you’ve been fobbing me off with old and inferior. *sniff* I’m going out.