‘Mad Men’ season 5 teaser trailer debuts: is it too much or not enough?

In a little over a month (on March 25 to be precise), Season 5 of “Mad Men” will return to the airwaves with a two-hour premiere on AMC. You’ve probably already seen this (incredibly minimalistic) promotional poster, and if you live in NYC, then perhaps you’ve even witnessed some of the inspired yet ultimately banal graffiti that the poster has invited by virtue of being a relatively blank slate. The poster is certainly an interesting tactic because it doesn’t do much to attract new viewers to the series but, instead, relies upon the brand recognition skills of its previous viewers. And it’s also gathered some controversy because of the inevitable comparisons to the famous “Falling Man” photograph taken on 9/11:

And now AMC stands weirdly accused of making reference to 9/11, in its promotional poster for Mad Men’s fifth season, set to commence on Sunday, March 25. On the one hand, the poster is merely a continuation of the art that has accompanied the show since its inception — a bit of shorthand that refers as much to the viewing public’s impatience to get Mad Men back after its extended hiatus as it does to the existential consequences of Dick Whitman impersonating a dead man named Don Draper. At the same time, the poster dispenses with the corporate context specific to Mad Men, indeed with context altogether, and, by concentrating on one falling man, seems out to remind viewers that the show is really about the Falling Man… that for all its American-Century trappings, it’s set squarely in the age of American decline.

[From Esquire]

As someone who’s familiar with watching the “Mad Men” theme throughout four seasons of the series, I honestly didn’t even draw the comparison to the “Falling Man” photo until it was mentioned, and I like to think I’m just as sensitive as anyone else when it comes to the issues surrounding 9/11. At any rate, there’s also a new teaser trailer that’s been release to promote Season Five, and it is profoundly lacking in the “teasing” department:

This is basically just a bunch of scenes from previous seasons spliced together with some semi-inspiring music, right? After an eighteen month hiatus, you’d think that AMC would be trying a little harder to push the show’s return, but I guess there’s still time for that. At least Jon Hamm has been out doing press rounds, and he’s now hinting that there may be a little something going on between his character and Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks’ famous rack):

Actor Jon Hamm has revealed that the relationship between Mad Men characters Don Draper and Joan Harris will be explored in greater detail as the series progresses.

The actor, who plays womanising ad executive Draper in the drama, made his comments at the Curzon Mayfair last night as part of a Bafta interview with Jo Whiley.

When asked why Draper has never made a pass at office vixen Joan, played by Christina Hendricks, Hamm responded: “Who says he hasn’t?”

He continued: “The Don/Joan dynamic is something that we do explore, and don’t take this the wrong way, but we do explore as the show goes on.

“They have worked together for a long time, they know one another very well and I’ll leave it at that.”

Hamm also hinted that there was hope for his character, despite the tumultuous last series of the show, in which he lost his friend Anna and shocked colleagues with a spontaneous proposal to new secretary Megan.

“[Anna's death] may have caused some tectonic shift in Don, maybe one of the reasons we saw the proposal. It’s not a mistake that he gives Megan Anna’s ring, he did not give that to Betty, but I think that there is hope,” he said.

Additionally, Hamm revealed that there would be at least a further three series of Mad Men, and that the first episode of the upcoming fifth season will be two hours long.

[From Radio Times]

Can I just say right now that, unlike Don and Peggy, I would love to see a Draper and Holloway love scene? Her husband has always seemed like a real creep, and I can’t believe that she married the guy after he raped her. Strange stuff. Anyway, I think that Season 5 will probably get off to a great start regardless of the (ironic) lameness of its advertising campaign. Thanks to the power of Netflix Instant Watch, a lot of people have taken the opportunity to catch all four seasons during the extra-long hiatus. So despite the official excuse of contract negotiations, maybe the extended break was a smart move?

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21 Responses to “‘Mad Men’ season 5 teaser trailer debuts: is it too much or not enough?”

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  1. Anna says:

    My mum will be pleased.

    • celine says:

      what? u can’t watch it in a row? that’s exactly what i did, and i never got tired of it. it’s dramatic,full of selfish egos and retro, perfect, just perfection.

  2. Sammi says:

    I got into this show via net flix but it was hard initially and took me a few months until I saw the light. Its really boring compared to most TV shows but its so detailed and everything ends up making sense later in the seasons that you find out its not boring at all. I’m still on season 3 because mad men is not a show you can watch multiple episodes of in one sitting

    • LadyJane says:

      Sami – that is so funny. If you take your post and say the complete opposite, that is me. I loved it from the first minute and was hooked and could easily watch 3/4 eps in one sitting. I love all things vintage so even the sets and the clothes were enough to keep me interested, but there is the amazing writing, acting, casting etc etc. LOVE Mad Men!

  3. Franny says:

    That original falling picture makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. Maya says:

    Don’t really care about this show anymore. At the rate Australian broadcasters are tightfisted with rights, we’ll be lucky to show it here in three years time. It’s never good when a show has a long hiatus between seasons.

  5. normades says:

    That is a really ugly suit the Hamm is wearing above.

  6. Jackie says:

    i love this show, but if don and joan get together, they will have officially jumped the shark.

    • irishserra says:

      That was my thought, too!

      I love the show, I love Don Draper, but I tend to feel a little sorry for him, and so I keep rooting for some sort of self-realization and self-improvement. Yes, yes, I know it’s silly and not as dramatic as his crazy antics, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

  7. truthful says:

    can’t wait and NO that was not a teaser in the least bit, LOL

  8. txmom says:

    Looking forward to it!

    Re: the falling man, it has ALWAYS reminded me horribly of 9/11, I never watch the opening for that reason. But I lost a family member in the North Tower, maybe that’s why I am so sensitized to it.

  9. mssnarnd says:

    The falling man image reminds me of the cover of the play “Night of January 16″ by Ayn Rand:


    Ayn Rand (1905-1982) is the Russian novelist, philosopher, playwright, screenwriter who wrote “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead” – both novels repeatedly mentioned in various episodes of Mad Men.

    The MM writers have talked about Ayn Rand’s writings and how some of the characters on MM are “Rand-ish.”

    Google “Ayn Rand and Mad Men.” Her biography is currently on Netflix for those who want to learn more about her.

  10. Unbeweaveable says:

    Oh Don… *sigh*
    I started watching MM about a month ago on Netflix. I loved it from the first episode to the last of the 4th season. I instantly understood Don’s appeal. Ah I love that man. The clothes, the makeup and hair, the backdrop… I love every single part of this show and cannot wait for season 5.

    I also hope he bangs Joan (or Peggy) on his desk and his annoying fiancee, Megan, walks in. That’d be delightful!

  11. Katherine says:

    Sorry about anyone’s 911 loss but that artwork has nothing to do with 911. I understand someone personally affected being sensitive to anything that even remotely reminds them of 911 – that’s to be expected. But others need to get off the 911 comparisons. Next they’ll accuse sports shows with a skier falling off a mountain of using 911.

    Why can’t they show scenes from the new series? Does that mean so much happens in each scene that anything they show will include a spoiler? If Joan is shown still working does it mean she lost the baby, etc?

    Mad Men could never jump the shark as far as I’m concerned. Joan and Don make sense if it was a fling before she hooked with Roger. Now whether Roger would have known about it or not is an interesting question.

    I smiled when I saw that scene with Don in his shades and white shirt.

  12. thethinker says:

    Mad Men teaser trailers have never had footage from the new seasons. If it’s supposed to make me want to see the new season more, it works. Bring on Season 5!

  13. Sachi says:

    So…he used to be married to a blonde. Now Season 5 might be about him being married to a brunette, and during the season, he might get together with a redhead?

    Talk about Three Graces here.

    I’m just waiting to see if he and Betty will have some sort of “hate sex” later when he’s having problems with Megan.

    Their (Don and Betty’s) scene together in Season 4 finale when their house was finally sold and Betty and the kids were moving away, was really poignant. Both of them had been at each other’s throat since Betty’s suspicion of Don’s affair with Bobbie, and it was sad to see them trying to be civil to each other, but ending up being very awkward in saying goodbye, for what could probably be the last time they’d interact with each other on a personal basis.

    If only Don were a better husband, and Betty wasn’t so trapped into her bitter housewife role. Still, I applauded her when she divorced him after all his lies and she had the courage to confront him about his real identity.

    Bring on Season 5!

    • Unbeweavable says:

      “I’m just waiting to see if he and Betty will have some sort of “hate sex” later when he’s having problems with Megan.”

      YES! I would love to see that too! Especially since Betty has SO much emotion left to be unleashed on Don! Ah that would be hot! And we know he likes it rough. Remember that hooker he hired to give it to him nice and hard?? Rawr!

  14. b626 says:

    I never have never witnessed Don Draper chasing a girl. They just throw themselves at him and he doesn’t run away very hard. Poor guy. Hate sex with Betty? Thumbs up. Joanie? Nah.
    Heartless me is also gunning for Jon Hamm to be the babydaddy of January Jones’s little one. Yes I’m terrible!