Oliver Stone’s son Sean converts to Islam, claims H’wood bias against Muslims

I have mixed feelings about director Oliver Stone’s politics and his films. I have no doubt that Stone is brilliant – but he’s also a historical revisionist, a hopeless self-promoter and a balls-out conspiracy theorist, and sometimes those issues can lead him down some bad paths. I never realized that Oliver had an adult son, though – his son’s name is Sean, and he’s got a Hollywood career too, sort of. I looked through Sean Stone’s IMDB, and it seems like he’s a bit actor on his father’s films, plus he makes many of the “Behind the Scenes” featurette documentaries for his dad’s films. But Sean has a burgeoning career as a director too – he directed a short film a few years ago, and now he’s got his first full-length feature coming out, a horror film called Graystone. Sean isn’t expecting to work in Hollywood much longer – and his reason might surprise you. Sean has converted to Islam, and he just made a trip to Iran where he discussed his (new) faith and how his faith in Allah is the same as everyone else’s faith in a Christian or Jewish God. Sidenote: no one ever includes Hindus in the mix.

Sean Stone, son of controversial director Oliver Stone, converted to Islam in Iran last week and says he’s already experiencing a Hollywood backlash. The ceremony was held in Isfahan, where he is researching a documentary. He now goes by the name of Sean Christopher Ali Stone.

He told Page Six: “I’ve already experienced the reverse of anti-Semitism, having people within the film industry express a reluctance to work with me now that I have said a simple prayer, ‘There is no God but God, and Mohammed is his messenger.’ I am sure I have [bleeped] off some powerful people.”

Speaking over dinner at Barrio 47, Sean told us, “Having read the Koran and having been around the Islamic culture, especially in Iran, I do believe that Mohammed is a prophet of the same god worshipped by other religions. I am of a Jewish bloodline, a baptized Christian who accepts Christ’s teachings, the Jewish Old Testament and the Holy Koran. I believe there is one God, whether called Allah or Jehovah or whatever you wish to name him. He creates all peoples and religions. I consider myself a Jewish Christian Muslim.”

“What I am trying to do is open up a dialogue about religion. There is such Islamophobia in the West. Islam is not a religion of violence any more than Judaism or Christianity is.”
He said his dad welcomed the move. My dad said, ‘Allah be with you.’ My father understands that I am trying to bridge certain gaps and bring about peace.”

But he has been shocked by the reaction from others. Sean, about to release his horror movie “Graystone,” said, “I didn’t realize I would be so vilified. It is almost like I am a criminal for having accepted Islam. I didn’t realize Islamophobia was that deep. People have speculated that I have done this because I am from a spoiled family or that I am lost and trying to find myself. That is ridiculous. I don’t care if I get criticized. If I can open up a debate about religion and create some understanding, then it is worth it.”

[From Page Six]

When he says something like “I consider myself a Jewish Christian Muslim,” Stone is pissing off more people than just Hollywood power players. That being said, I understand where he’s coming from, and the context of his message of acceptance and the embrace of our similarities (rather than warring over our differences) is needed more and more in our modern society. I feel like so many people don’t even understand that philosophically, Islam’s roots are in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and Muslims trace their Biblical ancestry through the same lines as the Christians and the Jews.

And if all else fails, I will be allow myself to be converted personally by Muslim Liam Neeson. But don’t mind me – I love my little sandalwood idols of Ganesha.

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  1. Asli says:

    I love his message. Why do people always have to create such drama. Live and let live, dammit. Don’t get your panties in a bunch becomes someone (not yourself) decides who he/she wants to be. So annoying.

    • polk8dot says:

      Oh, he can decide to be whatever he wants. He may decide next week to worship the planet Uranus, for all we know, and still nobody would give a crap.
      What irks me about his BS is that it is just that – self promoting BS. How come he did not convert to Islam last year, or next year, but a week before his new movie is opening up? I guess he must think the movie cannot stand on its own virtue, so he’s trying to drum up publicy by any desperate means possible. And the one he chose is simply the lowest form of fame-whoredom possible. Notice nobody else talked about his being a Muslim now? No, HE is the only one who talks about it! Why? Because he is clearly using it to foist himself on the public and increase his exposure.
      As to his line that ‘I’m trying to open up dialog around the world between the faiths’ – what hubris, what self-importance, what gall! Is he really so delusional as to sincerely believe that anyone gives a hoot about him and his fake, publicy grabbing stunts? Seriously, it is offensive for him to even say that ‘HE is trying to start the dialog, and heals the world through that’.
      His father was always a little man, with obsessive conspiracy mentality and nothing much to throw behind his publicly proclaimed beliefs. And it seems that not only did the apple not fall far from the tree, the apple actually figured out how to upstage the tree in the most self-aggrandizing way possible.
      A-holes like that make me sick. They are what is wrong with religion nowadays. If you are trully following your beliefs, good for you, just go the mosque, or the synagogue, or the church, and pray to your God. If you need to call a fricking press conference to announce to the world your beliefs, and your persecution paranoia, clearly you are not doing it for the faith, but for the fame.

      • Hmmm says:

        If he’s serious about his faith, and has studied heavily, I would advise him to look up the word “syncretism”.

        I think he’s another ignorant Hollywood blowhard with the standard and sentimental feel good message which means exactly nothing. Now let’s all hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya’.

        Who is he, again?

        BTW, I think that all 3 religions have their place and are paths to you know who.

      • Ogechi says:

        Your comment is insightful. Great points.

  2. Lisa says:

    Spoiled brat.

  3. Marca says:

    I agree with Kaiser. Hinduism never gets any love haha

    • Asli says:

      Or Buddhisme.

      • Marca says:

        So true! This is in spite of the fact that a large percentage of the world’s population is Hindu or Buddhist.

      • Leen says:

        But Buddhists don’t really worship any god.

        I believe the reason why these three religions are included in the mix because they are Abrahamic religions than anything. That’s why Hinduism doesn’t get mentioned really..

      • ol cranky says:

        I agree with Leen. Hindus don’t get pulled into the mix because they’re polytheistic (there are many gods) and they’re probably too esoteric in their beliefs for the quite political sound byte.

        Buddhists used to get a lot of love from Hollywood until Madonna and “Rabbi” Berg jacked Kaballah into the hip cult alternative to CO$

        As for Sean Stone, he seems to be just like his dad in courting controversy for self-promotion. If he really just believed his conversion to Islam made him some sort of amalgamation of the Abrahamic religions he wouldn’t have gone to Iran to make his statements.

    • dref22 says:

      Perhaps it’s because Islam recognizes only divine religions? It recognizes religions whom worship single god, the religions that preceded it. Hinduism is definitely not one of them.

      • Asli says:

        Whaaaaa? Neither does Christiany or Judaism. What is with this constant need to vilify Islam.

      • Lissa says:

        @ Asli

        Dref22 wasn’t vilifying Islam, she was simply stating that Islam only recognizes (on some level) Judaism and Christianity because all 3 are usually mentioned together since they are all “divine” monotheistic ie they believe in One G_d and Christianity and Islam are basically evolutions of Judaism.

        All the “roots” are essentially from the same place and share almost all prophets and/or in different regards such as: traditional Judaism doesn’t recognize Jesus as messiah or prophet; Christianity doesn’t recognize Muhammad as a prophet; Muslims only recognize Jesus as a prophet, but all are Abrahamic who do have in common all but the 2 above mentioned individuals.

      • ol cranky says:

        Since when does Judaism not recognize other religions or limit their recognition to the Abrahamic religions only? I was raised Jewish (I’m conservative but my dad was raised Orthodox) am a practicing Jew and I have never heard anything to the effect we have official doctrine not to recognize or respect other faiths. (the things the uber ultra orthodox/haredim say and do are not based on torah or talmud so please don’t base your understanding of my religion on our wingnuts)

      • ol cranky says:

        @Asli – no need to apologize

      • Zia says:

        Please stop spreading false..Islam recognizes ISA/JESUS as one of the greatest prophets. He is the only most mentioned prophet in the Quran. Please read the book for yourself and stop reading what others have to say. Islam/Christianity/Judaism have the same one god whatever you call him. These all are Semitic religions with origins in languages of Arabic/Aramaic/Hebrew. Their root words are the same too.

      • Lissa says:

        @ asli

        Please go back & re-read my comment, I did not say that Islam doesn’t recognize Jesus as a prophet, in fact, I said that it DOES, just not as the messiah, like traditional Judaism. I did not exclude christianity either so maybe you missed that too. I also said that all 3 religions have almost all the prophets IN COMMON with the exception the the different perspectives on Jesus & Muhammad, so no need for that long list to prove what I already said.

        @Zia: ditto & why so defensive? I’m not offending anyone’s belief system, simply stating what views they have in common & where they differ, traditionally

        @ ol cranky: traditional Judaism does not regard either Jesus or Muhammad as a prophet or messiah. Messianic Jews are a different story but again they are not orthodox or traditional. & please don’t misunderstand me, there is a difference between not recognizing/regarding certain things/ individuals and not respecting them. I didn’t say they don’t respect each others beliefs, simply that they do not all share the same exact viewpoint.

        Read, people!

    • Norma says:

      Hindus hold cows sacred. Few of us are willing to give up eating cows.

  4. brin says:

    Original way to publicize/promote his movie.

  5. Tapioca says:

    Whilst it’s terrible that he should feel prejudice because of his conversion to Islam or that anyone be persecuted for their faith, it’s worth noting that the Iran he so fondly speaks of is the same country that has an actual law rewarding religious conversion away from Islam (apostasy) with the DEATH PENALTY.

    Religious tolerance shouldn’t just be one way – it’s great that he’s speaking out about not getting a job in Hollywood, but should he be feting a country in which people have been killed for practicing Christianity?

    • Leticia says:


    • Leen says:

      Please separate the Iranian culture from the Iranian government, and please separate Islam from the Iranian government. Iranian culture is honestly one of the most beautiful, civilized, modern and tolerant culture I have ever seen. I love Iranians, but I despise their government and they do too. Such a shame that when people think of Iran, they think of Ahmedinejad or Ayatollas, rather than the people who are honest to god one of the most civilized, tolerant and intellectual people I have ever met.

      • mln76 says:

        @Leen THANK YOU…It’s interesting how people talk about how oppressive a regime is and then subsequently say we should blame the people living under the oppression for the actions of their government.

      • bros says:

        agreed and well put Leen. I have been to Iran 2 times and lived there the second time for a few months. Iran’s people mostly want nothing to do with the gov, and feel a deep sense of embarrassment and anger towards it, particularly in the urban centers. he wasnt advocating for the Iranian government.

      • I am a cylon says:

        I agree, same experiences.

      • someone says:

        THANK YOU, Leen! beautifully put.

      • SHump76 says:

        I’ve never been to Iran, but I don’t doubt what you’re saying at all. In my experience, very few governments actually speak to the will of their people. People always seem to conflate the stance of governments with the stance of the people living there, and the divide between the two is usually much larger than people realise.

      • Samster says:

        THANK YOU! My neighbors growing up left Iran during the revolution and they were the classiest, most cultured people I have ever known. Most Iranians aren’t especially religious (like Saudi Arabia) and enjoy living life just as normal as anyone else.

      • Coucou says:

        I’ve never been to Iran, i was lucky enough to have an Iranian friend, when i was growing up in Oklahoma, in the 80’s. He never once talked about Allah or religion. He shared what he loved about America with me, as well as what he loved about his culture: the dining, the music, the customs. I say that not only do i agree and support your comment, but i also feel the need to say the same thing as an American living in France. We have such a horrible reputation in Europe. Please separate the people from the politics. And yet, how did we let our Politics get to this? We are all of us responsible. Peace Love Forgiveness Acceptance…and more. REFORM all the WAY

      • ol cranky says:

        most of the people from Iran that I know separate out from the religious extremists & government BS by calling themselves & their culture Persian

        and Persians come in all religions: Muslim, Baha’i (beautiful and very intellectually oriented religion if you’re not familiar with it), Jewish, Zoroasterism (the original monotheistic faith). . .

      • ZenB!tch says:

        There is a huge Persian population here in LA but they are mostly not Muslim and hate the current regime. They protest at the Federal building whenever the current regime acts up.

        I call them Persians vs. Iranians because that is what they prefer to be called. It also takes away from thinking “Ayatollah” when you talk about them and to them.

        Persia was a powerful and interesting empire (as all the old powers were). It’s too bad the current regime seems to not understand that.

    • Girl says:

      Not to mention that I believe that homosexuality is punishable by death in Iran. I’m not saying Islam is always violent by any stretch. Pretty much any religious or anti-religious groups have their nutbag extremists but this is currently on the books I believe.

      Interesting point, the Virgin Mary is mentioned more times in the Qoran than in the Bible 🙂

  6. two_seconds_ago says:

    Hinduism is not a monotheistic religion (a concept held by the majority of the worlds population, through Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism etc), thus it is largely overlooked.

  7. mln76 says:

    I’m not religious at all but I don’t judge people for their beliefs unless they show themselves to be zealots. It’s pure prejudice to judge a person by the worst elements in their religion. The fact that people are so habitual in their ant-Muslim bias in Hollywood is disappointing.

  8. Maya says:

    Well he can look forward to an FBI or CIA file.

  9. S says:

    No comment on his political views, but i think he is hot. Really hot. Never thought Oliver Stones genes would look like that…More pics please.

    • Maya says:

      Why not? (re Oliver’s genes). Oliver looks like that because he probably has a lifetime of boozing it up behind him as well as living it large a la Hollywood.
      So all does not bode well for junior’s future (maybe he’s a strict Muslim and doesn’t drink or smoke?).

    • dahlia noir says:

      He IS hot, but trips to Iran ? Not the best idea, there are a lot of muslim countries a lot more interesting and less violent around the world.

      • bros says:

        what are you talking about? Iran isnt a violent place to visit. I never once felt unsafe. there are no wars going on, no fighting factions, etc. I had a great time there, and Persepolis was unforgettable, probably the most awesome place Ive ever seen in the world.

        Yes, the government is oppressive, and there is a lot of injustice going on there, but Iran is a functioning country, not a failed state, so it isnt like visiting balochistan or afghanistan or somalia and worrying about getting kidnapped or taken hostage or shot at. plenty of tourists come from all over (ones that dont have iranophobia or islamophobia) and have a fine time seeing amazing things in esfahan and Shiraz, the caspian sea, etc.

      • someone says:


        you should really consider travelling to iran one day! it is so beautiful and cultured and the people are fantastic especially when it comes to tourists. turn off the news and go there, you will see why he went there and understand how little iran and islam have in connection to each other…unless you dictate how the people are based on the government…and let me tell you the people want nothing to do with their government.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        If you want to see the beauty of the Persian people, come to LA. A lot of the exiles from the Ayatollah’s reign of terror settled here and in the last 30 years they have integrated and added to the area’s cultural blend (thank you for threading!).

        Most are not Muslim but they are Persian and they are gorgeous. They are also a warm and friendly people like most people from that part of the world and their food rocks.

  10. gloaming says:

    While I hate to resort to name calling.
    You’re a bigoted f***ing idiot!

    • gloaming says:

      Apologies for losing it!
      I’m glad the comment I was replying to was deleted. I should have just reported him and left it there……

  11. Asli says:

    You should probably take a look at the comment policy. Bigoted remarks aren’t welcome here.

  12. Lady_Luck says:

    This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Who next? Sean Penn?

    It always seems to be the wealthy spoilt actors with a skewed version of philanthropy, too much time on their hands and a left wing leaning that do this ‘conversion’.

    Tapioca above makes a very good point about Iran. The very people fighting for democracy over there are the same ones fighting against Islamic extremism and the hard, cruel regime which has manifested from such. The irony. This boy is daft, pure and simply daft.

    • mln76 says:

      Where in his quote does he say he supports the government of Iran???? That’s two seperate things.

      • Leen says:

        Precisely! He doesn’t say ANYTHING about the government, he simply talked about Iran the country, not the government. The people and the government are completely different, it is almost like someone going to China and saying they had this spiritual experience… it does NOT mean they turned into a communist/human rights hater. It’s a shame that Iran is painted in such a bad image because of its government.

    • bros says:

      They may be fighting against the regime, but it is not a fight against Islam. that’s a total misreading of the situation. Iranians say before the regime, they went outside to party and inside to pray, and after the revolution they go outside to pray and inside to party. the people are mostly all culturally muslim, and are not going to become unmuslim if the regime goes away, sorry. just like when george bush the fundamentalist went away, people didnt stop being christian.
      they are fighting for the right for self-determination, whether that means being muslim in they way they want to express it (privately, and moderately) or gay, or whatever.

    • Mac says:

      Over the past 30+ years, more than 80% of inmates who “find faith” while incarcerated in U.S. prisons have accepted Islam.

      • bros says:

        so what? would you put the same quotes around “find faith” if the same statistic was for christian converts? (which it used to be). Maybe if the US werent such great friends with the saudis, who are spending significant money on making sure inmates get converted to the right kind of islam (a lot of wahhabism), we wouldnt have that kind of conversion to such a fundamentalist version of it. but that would mean really admitting Saudi Arabia’s role in state sponsored terrorism around the world and we can’t do that while we need their oil.

      • Mac says:

        so what?
        I was dispelling the notion that it is primarily limousine-liberals that are converting to Islam.

        would you put the same quotes around “find faith” if the same statistic was for christian converts?

        Yes, I feel comfortable using the term “find faith” or “born again” to describe anyone that suddenly experiences a religious reawakening.

  13. Talie says:

    I think this “vilification” is all in his head…how would anyone know he was a Muslim unless he went around broadcasting it to everyone (like Page Six!), probably goading them into an argument. Phony, just like his father.

    • Mata says:

      I’m skeptical, too. I get what he’s trying to do with his universal religious acceptance, but the timing of it all (his movie coming out), his father’s expertise at self-promotion, and just an over-all vibe makes me wonder if it’s an attention ploy. Until now did we know anything about him or his movie?

  14. zezo says:

    people should not judged by their religion i’m muslim and iraqi and i don’t hate any religion on the contrary i respect and love them and who cuts people heads does not belong to any religion not even human

    • El Kiddo says:

      Ditto to that my dear 🙂

    • moonriver says:

      Exactly. And thank you for speaking up!
      Mencius was a confucian philosopher who came up with the baby in the well analogy. If someone saw a baby about to fall in a well who wouldn’t save it? Mencius reasoned even a criminal would save the baby, and those who wouldn’t had lost their humanity. 99 percent of the world would save the baby, I think hopefully the same amount wouldn’t cut someone’s head off.

  15. Sara says:

    “Sidenote: no one ever includes Hindus in the mix” He probably said this because all three are Abrahamic religions. Hinduism and Buddhism are not.

    • jc126 says:

      I find that a lot of really religious people – well mostly Christian, since I know mostly people who are at least nominally Christian – discount any non-Abrahamic religion, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and any others I can’t think of right now, and don’t take them seriously. I’ve heard people say that Buddhism is just “simplistic”.
      Yes, it is insulting and obnoxious, but that’s what I’ve heard.

      • ol cranky says:

        it’s a limited worldview when you’re surrounded by people who are mostly like you and you don’t have to learn about others

        the best thing about being different (and yeah, in most places Jewish is still different) is that it forced me to try to understand not only Christianity but to learn about and develop an appreciations for the religion and culture of other outsiders. I’m not sure I would have been so curious and motivated if I were in the safety of the majority and it always makes me happy when I read the commentary here and people are generally so respectful and supportive of religions/cultures so often labeled as “the other”

      • jc126 says:

        Believe me, being curious about other cultures/religions is definitely a minority view, especially going to Catholic school. It’s a shame. Like even learning about new things is somehow dangerous.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        That reminds me of a talk one of my professors gave in the common room of one of the dorms at my alma-mater. Some guy innocently made a comment about “everyone” he knew going to college. The professor asked every one who’s peers were all or mostly “in college” we all raised our hands. He replied to the guy who asked… “where are you”

        We are products of our environment.

        “Everyone” I grew up with was raised Catholic, Mainline Protestant or Jewish (or a mix of those). The demographics in my corner of LA have changed to add “and Hindu”. Some are religious some are not. The new influx of Indians has upped Ganesha’s profile.

  16. Blah says:

    Well I thought so far that Hollyweird was more tolerant toward different religions, and not as prejudiced as “deep America”, or some conservative places in that world.
    He certainly would feel more pressure and rejection in Europe where Islam is pissing off more and more people. The new converts always tend to be over zealous, so…
    Let’s see now what kind of man he becomes. Hope he doesnt turn into a religious fanatic freak.

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      Hollywood promotes Satanism. Lucifer is their god.

      They don’t care about any other religion but their own, and that’s the religion of money.

      • ol cranky says:

        Money and ego are their gods, not Satan. Come to think of it, I think Satan may have better taste than to want some of the famewhores getting all the hollywood press these days

    • ZenB!tch says:

      If he thinks “Hollywood” is bad, he needs to go 5 miles in any direction where the Catholics and Jews are.

      That was a bad joke but “Hollywood” is not really reflective of the rest of the city. It’s not as liberal nor as rich. I’m not saying LA is conservative just not insane like “Hollywood”

      (I mean the high end execs and directors by that – sexist, racist, religionist, lookist, short, bald, middle aged, fugly, self-loathing pigs that they are).

  17. Lucy says:

    Aw, I recognize his cute face from playing Kevin Costner’s/Garrison’s son in JFK <3

    However, one has to wonder if anyone would even know what religion he was if he was a really talented actor and getting jobs. I wonder if this is a creative way to say *this* is why I’m not getting work. Because he certainly is handsome and Hollywood is rampant with mediocre nepotism.

  18. carrie says:

    the commentaries are really interesting and informative on this news (except the one who insult the guy):every religious person isn’t a bigot

  19. Jackie says:

    That’s great, let’s all pretend that the muslim religion is all peace love enlightment and worship. Why would we think its anything else? Its almost like it promotes equal opportunity for women and non-voilent way of life. Of course, we’re supposed to separate the religion from the cultures it is associated with because someone says they’re just some random zealots. I have no doubt that this religion has its geographies that actually promote a peaceful and fair life for its worshippers, maybe the US, not Iran though. There are any many more places that people are raped, whipped and killed and children corrupted in to a life of crime like in Africa and the Middle East under the guise of Islam. When the muslim religion leaders gets their act together to solidly condemns the voilence and actively takes part in the solutions in the countries where its rampant and we fear to tread, when women are equals to men, then I might listen. Til then let’s all turn the other cheek.

    • bros says:

      you mean like when women in the US don’t have their birth control rights and reproductive health care rights decided by a bunch of bishops?

      you mean when the US doesnt start wars responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands? (name one muslim country that started an incursion that killed hundreds of thousands of christians). vilifying islam gets you nowhere.

      • moonriver says:

        Will you marry me?
        Lol. I love your responses.

      • Jackie says:

        Yes, like that, but the Christians are almost innocuous now, more vilified for a few bad priests and archiac practices. They were an evil force to be reckoned with at one time, now they’re just those horrible people that happen to be pro-life, you don’t get killed or maimed if you disagree or disobey.

        The US government and the Christians are not one the in the same, try as you might to portray it that way for the sake of argument. The government is not run by Christians (or they wouldn’t be protesting, now would they?), we all now that its run by a whole other set of rules (big money), not religion.

    • some bitch says:

      Yeah, and Christians have this weird tendency to be bigoted as hell (I grew up Catholic) and frequently impose their views on others, and have started… how many wars?

      What about that whole birth control issue in the good ol’ USA right now? Abortion?

      Everybody knows that if boys could get pregnant, the Church would HAVE to be pro-contraception. How would they EVER keep all those altar boys quiet?

    • Princess says:

      Dont know about any other country but will speak from my own experience.. Am a Nigerian and a christian. there are many places in the islamic part of the nation u dare not step ur foot into or ur gone forever..to me am yet to see a peacefull and loving muslim

    • ol cranky says:

      @Jackie – you may not fear the Christians but I’m shocked at what I hear coming from the mouths of even main stream Christians these days. If things don’t change dramatically, I fully expect to be relocated to a shtetl somewhere

  20. Mirror says:

    Come on people… It’s 2012! Who needs a god when google can give the answers?!

  21. NancyMan says:

    He is extremely hot!! But, after a little fun and a cup of joe, he would have to leave. I think most organized religion is just an excuse for men and women to behave badly to whoever doesn’t agree with them.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      He’s totally hot but once he started preaching at me he would have to go. I don’t do preaching.

  22. valleymiss says:

    He sounds like a huge famewhore. I think it’s odd that he said twice that he converted to bring religions together, bridge the gap. No offense, but I don’t think *that* should be the main reason to join a religion. And if he did become a Muslim specifically to “bridge a gap,” then why is he now apparently shocked that YES there IS a gap? Lol

  23. tinker says:

    Before you post anything. Go and read the Koran. Thank you
    “…make war on the leaders of unbelief…Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them…” (Surah 9:12-)

    “Fight against such as those to whom the Scriptures were given [Jews and Christians]…until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued.” (Surah 9:27-)

    “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.” (Surah 5:51)

    • bros says:

      lame. so many things could be done with Leviticus the same way. basically any religion.

    • someone says:

      Leviticus 24:16

      16 anyone who blasphemes the name of the LORD must be put to death. The entire assembly must stone him. Whether an alien or native-born, when he blasphemes the Name, he must be put to death.

      ….just a minor example of how this applies to all religious texts. oh and LEviticus also says we shouldn’t have haircuts so….

  24. Julie says:

    islam is the new hollywood buddhism. remember the time when it was cool to be an actor and buddhist? now it seems the same with islam.

    and no those people dont really give a crap about religion. they want to stand out and pick their faith as an accessoire not because they actually find something in their religion.

    its a little bit like when you are twelve and dye your hair blue. “look what i did, so rebellious”

    moreover its just some noname trying to get some attention.

  25. someone says:

    Mee, please get an education. I’m not even going to begin… have you ever even READ the Koran? if you have and you still believe this then you really did not understand it…. listen, I’m not a big fan of Islam or any religion at all, but I don’t say ignorant crap like that.

  26. keri says:

    He looks like Demian Bicher the Mexican actor!Uncanny. Sidenote: On a recent trip to Nepal when asked (by a hindi) what my favorite food was, I replied “steak”. cue akward silence. I felt bad, but eh, it was funny.

  27. Amanda says:

    Kinda looks like Sam Merlotte without the salt-and-pepper hair.

  28. moonriver says:

    Well atman is Brahman, so let him worship his part of Brahman, and we’ll all do it our own way too. It’s ok, atheistic buddhists get no love either lol.
    On a side note I’m wondering if he’s the one who brings it up to stir the pot and get people talking, as it were? I mean, I had no idea who this man was, and now I do. That says a lot.

  29. D. says:

    “I didn’t realize Islamophobia was that deep. People have speculated that I have done this because I am from a spoiled family or that I am lost and trying to find myself.”

    In other words, he’s not being vilified because he’s a Muslim. He’s being doubted and treated condescendingly because people don’t take his conversion seriously. I’d also add that he has the reputation of an attention-seeking space cadet, which probably doesn’t help his credibility.

    This upsets him (or not, since it puts his name in the news). But actors are perpetually “exploring their spirituality”. For the last decade, actors looking to acquire some kind of fuzzy, exotic spirituality have typically selected bastardized Buddhism or Kabbalah. Their conversion often occurs when that particular faith is “trendy” or in the news frequently (e.g. Hollywood Buddhism coinciding with Tibet/Dalai Lama).

    And not surprisingly, it’s often practiced in an ostentatious, “persona-accessorizing” way that conveniently doesn’t require following annoying rules about celibacy or self-denial. And then there’s the preponderance of simplistic hippie pothead slogans like “It’s all about love & peace on Earth for everyone”, which indicate ignorance of, or determined indifference to, the way different religions can have very distinct, sometimes irreconcilable/conflicting belief systems & worldviews.

    So I think people doubting his sincerity is less Islamophobia than the kind of eye-rolling you give a teenager who announces that she is converting to Wicca after seeing The Craft.

    But if he is for real, and set on being a religious ambassador of sorts, I’d remind him that Hollywood is not kind to anyone who speaks loudly & often about their religion. See Stephen Baldwin, Born-Again Christian who would not, could not stop sharing the good news. Oh right, you can’t see him, because his career is dead.

  30. toto says:

    @ tinker don’t you have any literature decency to put the paragraphs were you cut these phrases from?

    or at least name the war , the place, time..reasons behind it.

    bcaz of ignorance and wrongful interpreting Jesus was crucified even before Mohammed was born.

    maybe we need to be little responsible of many texts we discuss ,at least from literature point of view,in case we want a reconstructed arguments . not hate speach

    these men are great , Moses Jesus and Mohammed may god bless them they day they born, died and the day they will Resurrect again.

    Big note to hindos ,seikh or budhism..
    many holy books historians and ages of creations analyses have suggested that addam and eve might have landed in India and higher lands or their grand sons have started to expand these areas, where also the main idea of the single divine was taught but have changed ,forgotten , or modified through the history of human .( considered strong interpreting to many ruins , finding , old texts and civilizations drawings)

    looking today at Islam , Jewdism and Christianity .. i assure you they are not the same as before and will grow more stranger to their text and forgotten from where they start.
    point is i do believe central and far Asia had their part of the message and way before old testament itself..

  31. Tweakspotter says:

    “I consider myself a Jewish Christian Muslim.”

    I certainly like that he’s so accepting of other religions but I don’t think true Islamists are as accepting as he’s touting.

    But to each his own! GOD BLESS AMERICA and he’s like a hotter version of Jason Schwartzman.

    • bros says:

      agreed on the semi-schwartzman

    • mln76 says:

      It really depends on what type of Muslim he is. Just like there are Unitarians, Baptists, Anglicans etc all with different levels of acceptance of outsiders there are different sects of Islam.

  32. iz says:

    as someone who had lost loved ones to islamic intolerance, a la ” boko haram” in northern nigeria more times than i care to recall, i would understand people’s stance on islam. Religion of peace? I’ve never seen it. Sorry.

    • bros says:

      I’m sure a lot of iraqis and afghanis who had their families murdered would say the same thing about our ‘judeo-christian values’ here in the US. all religions are violent when taken to the extreme, hinduism included.

    • Bopa says:

      What is “boko haram”?

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Is “boko haram” the group who bombs the Catholic Churches on Christmas?

  33. tinker says:

    Oh but we were talking about Islam not the other religions. So when some one says they have converted to Catholicism. I will respond to that.And by the way It was a quote.Not a passage. And so true it is in now. No problem bashing other religions. I just am an individual. Never gone along with the in thinng

  34. Love Celebitchy :) says:

    i love celebitchy’s readers. i’m so grateful to see people who fight bigoted islamophobic ignorance. the way people talk about islam now is the same way people talked about judaism at one point in this country. the same way they talked about and feared the communists and the japanese and way back when the irish and the catholics. people should read their own history and realize that what the media tells you and what governments do DOES NOT equate to what 1.5 billion people worldwide believe in or practice! educate yourself people!
    thank you to those celebitchy readers who get it-@Asli, Leen, bros, zezo, carrie

  35. CTgirl says:

    I don’t care. I’ve never heard of him and could care less what his personal views are.

  36. Miss Anne Thrope says:

    Not thoroughly convinced of his conversion because:

    Islam doesn’t allow you to be Christian, Muslim AND Jewish. (Of course, the only “religion” that publicly declares you can be all three plus one more is Scientology.)

    He’s filming in Iran right now. How do you get access that would otherwise be denied? You convert publicly and let that conversion be used for publicity.

    While working in Iran you will be asked to convert FREQUENTLY.

  37. Samster says:

    My mom is Muslim and I can tell you know she is just about as religious as the average Christian in America. Thats pretty much what you’ll find throughout most Muslim countries too. Its just the crazies getting all the attention (like the Westboro Baptist people, the Duggars, Santorum). People that associate Muslim terrorists with Islam itself fail to realize the idealogical goal of terrorist activities is political in nature, not religious as in they want a policy or government change. The religious aspect just helps them recruit the uneducated and down on their luck types to do their dirty/dangerous/suicidcal work and hold control over them.

  38. Coucou says:

    I think it’s brilliant. I get it. Go for it. Give Peace a Chance. When Mother Theresa was asked to march against the war in Vietnam, she said “No, i will not march against the war. However, if you have a walk for Peace, i’ll be there.” Call it what you will, for some reason, this guy’s had a peak revelation and he’s opening up the floor for dialogue. You’re healing if your dealing. I just say to all of you fellow peaceful warriors out there, tune into Hay House Radio, you’ll be glad you did. We’re all connected, all one. There is a little bit of each of us in all of us. Jewish. Christian. Or Muslim. I say that we as representatives of the Human Race take it upon ourselves, in serving and keeping with Man’s Basic Human Rights, to study what benefits and/or damages our civilazation. If some branches of a religion cause war, pain, suffering and death – we owe it to ourselves to cut them off…it’s the “cutting off” concept…how can that be achieved? The world doesn’t want to be saved. Or it would be. I’m just gonna try to be the change i want to see. It starts with me and my Higher Source (free of religions, which Caroline Myss refers to as “spiritual costume parties.”) Peace y’all.

  39. xploxite says:

    He’s sooo Hottt, More Pictures Please.

  40. Kim says:

    If he thinks there is 1 God why is he choosing any particular religion at all? Why doesnt he just say I believe in God period and not have to declare a faith?

    He sounds confused.

    • snakeyes says:


      Why should it matter if a person declares to be one faith or another? That’s like an atheist declaring he or she now worship budda – why would that be confusing? It’s a choice and we all make them. Whether it’s for ourselves, for the people we love – people make choices. We are all free to choose who we are, what we follow, and why. It’s the same if you were gay and you choose to come out of the closet 0 no one told you to,no one hinted they wanted you to and yet you did it and you did it because you chose to.

    • Lady_Luck says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you, Kim.
      He can’t be all 3 if he is choosing to convert to Islam. Furthermore, the tenants of Islam would not accept this kind of reasoning.

      Go talk to any Christian living in Nigeria or the Middle East who lives in constant fear of losing their lives. Ask them about the ongoing persecution, bombing, arson of churches, annihilation of their villages, raping of their women, torture and murder. Ask them how ‘peace-loving’ they think Muslims are. Go on.

      • snakeyes says:

        That is utterly unfair. I know for a fact that you couldn’t be more wrong about Muslims. You know what Muslims are? HUMAN, we as human beings as a whole are vile to the earth, to the animals, to the environment and primarily to one another.

        Stalin was an atheist – he exterminated half of his own people. Hitler was a christian and look what he did to the Jews and his own people. A white christian man bombs a federal building in oaklhoma and the IRA reeked havok in England and Ireland – should we imprison all white people and christians? How about Rwanda where it wasn’t even about religion but about lighter and darker skin pigmentation – people were massacred and a genocide took place because they were either too dark nlack or too light black! MAO was a buddist he did the same to his own people, the Japanese mostly buddists look what they did to China during WW2 and all the areas they invaded. Are you going to stigmatize all the atheists, budists or hindus and beyond? NO, but for some odd reason Muslims are the demons of the world and the reason why war even exists I guess – they deserve nothing but hate yes? NO. That is just plain unethical bigotry and utter immorality. The truth and the reality is; it has nothing to do with religions.

        It has everything to do with our inhibitions, passions, and how was are brainwashed, indoctrinated, or just used as a means to an end in a psychological game of chess by people of great influence. No one does anything without there being a cause and effect, action and reaction. Everything has a reason and the only thing keeping us from progressing as a species – is our unwillingness to let go.

        I will never blame spirituality or religion for human nature. We are all capable of great evils and violence – just LEARN from history.

      • demian bichir says:

        What is your name Ladyluck?(Iz?or Princess?)I’m just curious in the millions of Nigerian muslims you weren’t able to find one nice to you.If you want to help your country you should create a blog or an association that would open up a dialogue between Nigerian brotherhood.Islam is an Abrahamic religion .
        Boko haram is not a religion it’s a terrorist group financed by the colonialists powers that be( so they can stole the natural resources of the country like they always did in Africa).
        History is just repeating itself
        Divide et impera-Niccolo Machiavelli
        Snakeyes i couldn’t agree more with your comment!

  41. snakeyes says:

    I don’t care what the reasoning behind his choice is – it’s his business. I do acknowledge biased on hollywood in regards to ALL religions not just Islam – and less with Judah granted. But Hollywood always portrays Christianity with a lot of biased ;ie priests always have dark shady and sinister motives, or are on the prowl against a minority, physchos and pedos etc. So while islam does suffer from a lot of bigot undertones in Hollywood and to date you can count the muslim actors on one hand – I wouldn’t say it’s the only one to suffer from biased or even racist undertones.

    This is a great way to highlight the entire idea of bigotry and racism that Hollywood still need to acknowledge though. I adore Oliver Stone and his works I think the man he a wonderful director and again, so long as you are a GOOD person, a good human being, I personally would have NO preference to your religion or atheism. I do wish however that people would stop mocking religions in general and at least acknowledge the fact that spirituality is a very human condition; and it’s alright to be that way – so long as you aren’t trying to impose yourself, your ideals, onto other like the neo conservative try to do in the US.

    • Emily says:

      It’s worse for polytheistic religions. According to Hollywood, pagans are all about human sacrifice, Wiccans are busy cursing everyone they meet and Hindus are praying to cows.

  42. Chris says:

    I found nothing offensive in the article. What I do find offensive is the way ignorant and lazy people, whose opinions are formed by sound bites in the media, think they’re informed enough to give a strong opinion. Think before you speak and read before you think.

    • El Kiddo says:

      I agree with you Chris. Glad to see someone clear-headed in here.

      One cannot claim oneself as ‘well-informed’ and knowledgeable just because one reads or watches the news everyday. Media is just one big puppet played by whoever sits on top. Do research, study history, don’t just read articles that agree with oneself’s opinion or biased view- explore, that’s how we learn.

      Peace and may God bless all the Prophets from Adam to Mohammed.

  43. ZenB!tch says:

    I admit it, I don’t like what I’ve seen of some Islamic groups – the pre Osama Iranian sect is my personal bete noir. It seems awfully sexist. I tend to lump it with the Haradim and the Evangelicals.

    I often wonder what the average Youssef on the street has to say. Obviously, he isn’t happy or else why are so many of them protesting in the streets, in so many different countries.

    • demian bichir says:

      In the news today:
      Some US soldiers in Afghanistan burned the Koran and made sure that everyone in the near villages heard the news(Did they invited you Pastor Terry Jones?).Then protesters gathered in front of the US base to protest against it.The US soldiers killed 2 protesters so…You might be right “the average Youssef is not really partying on the street” right now in Afghanistan.

  44. ZenB!tch says:

    Hollywood doesn’t like Christians why should it like Muslims? I don’t think they even like religious (vs. nut job) Jews either. They tend to tolerate Buddhism and the Guru style of Hinduism but I think that is because they don’t take it seriously.

    By “Hollywood” I mean the big cheeses. The average person working in a studio is Christian, Hindu or Jewish at least at the one I worked for.

  45. Joey says:

    He’s handsome. That is all.

  46. Nan209 says:

    I will just avoid the whole bloody mess and remain an atheist. It seems so many ills in the world can be laid at the feet of faith based people declaring their righteousness to assault, judge, or act superior to others. Naw, not for me.

  47. mk says:

    Here we go. ALL religions are made up. ALL religions are based from the same animal magic cave painting hoo ha, and ALL RELIGIONS put unnecessary bonds on its followers. If you’re into God, He’s there all the time whether you are this, that, the other. What’s for certain, though, is that in the Big Three, the Rich Man doesn’t do so well in the afterlife. That’s the breakdown, here. All religions are being used. The faith of its followers exploited and corrupted. I’m an agnostic, as I do not believe my spirituality can be found in a thousands of years old tome, or some house that requires me to pay dues. Nobody should get up in arms about this, but then, we should all be a little bit easier on each other. God says so.

  48. Johanna says:

    Biased against Muslims? What a joke. Muslims demand people bend to their religious rituals and accommodate them, but can’t seem to accept non-believers. Islam, as Mohammed “revealed” it, is about as far from a human-rights and equality striving society can be.

    • snakeyes says:

      How would you know? Are you a Muslim? Why do you think you are the authority and the judge of religions – you aren’t even practicing your own if you have one. The bible was once and still is to some considered as one of the most genocidal books in human history ( a noam chomsky quote FYI) Christianity has had and continues to have it’s share of blood – are you accountable for this? Should you be consider inferior, subhuman, and barbaric because of this? I do not think so. Our actions are our thoughts; and our souls and the sins we commit with those thoughts are accountable for what we do, think and say. So while you may consider yourself higher than a Muslim ( which you should not and nobody should regard their religion as superior to another – a human rights violation BTW so you just pulled the exact thing you accuse Muslims of doing ironically ) in terms of morality – you are but a sinner who casts the first stone. Learn to live with your fellow man, because they are not going anywhere and you need to accept that and visa versa.

      • Johanna says:

        How would I know? By reading about the development of Islamic nations all over the world and the development of their governments. It’s easy for anyone to see. Islam does not peacefully tolerate other religions in its presence, period. Argue all you want.

        Why do I think I am an authority or judge? I am not an authority, though I think any decent human being no matter what religion would never condone child marriages, female genital mutilation, shrouding of women to account for males’ lack of self control, STONING women to death, cutting off peoples’ hands, beheading, etc., etc. to be an acceptable treatment of anyone, ever. Islam SUCKS in the field of human rights. Unless you are a muslim man, of course.

        Of course I am not to be held accountable for any bloodshed committed by anyone; I’ve never killed anyone. I don’t intend to, either, whether it’s in the name of Allah or not. Christianity went through this little period called Enlightenment, where they learned that killing in the name of God was wrong; it’s time Islam caught up from the damn cave times and reformed their own codes of behavior for living in the twenty first century, not like freaking cavemen.

        I will only accept Islam as good and decent when its leaders reform it to include the condemnation of the horrible violations of human rights it holds at the very core of its doctrine.

        And sorry, but saying something somebody doesn’t like about Islam is NOT a violation of human rights. For you to equate it with the subjugation of Muslim women worldwide is shameful. Shame on you.

      • demian bichir says:

        Wow so much racism in your comment Johanna aka i’m better than the rest of the world.I’m just speechless you’re such an arrogant and ignorant person!LOL!Like women in the US or Europe are not treated badly too(women traffic,rape,marital abuse,sexual harassment,extreme poverty,unfair pay,etc…)Do you know that the death penalty still exist in the US?That a lot of INNOCENT people die because of it.I personally think that the US is a violent country like the rest of the world that you mentioned in your stupid remarks.
        Do you want me to continue?Johanna do you want to talk about Guantanamo & torture? or Abu ghraib & torture and rape?Enough with the double standards! Is this what you call a period of Enlightenment?We are living one of the darkest moment in the history of humanity.It goes back to the old adage:don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house!

  49. Lady_Luck says:

    Snakeeyes, there is a huge difference between an atrocity ‘incidentally’ done by a Christian, as opposed to somebody committing something with zealous obsession in the name of religion – which in the case of islamic suicide bombers, burning of nigerian christian villages, arson of churches in the middle east, beheadings, violence and persecution of women and gays etc. etc.etc.etc. are done in the name of Islam. You can argue they were nutters taking the religion to the extreme all you want, but in their eyes they were binding themselves to the covenent of Islam.

    Get your facts right, btw. Hitler was an atheist.

    • demian bichir says:

      It’s not because they say this or that that they are truly doing it in the name of Islam.They do these crimes in the name of PROFITS not prophets.Open a book or 2 OK!Peace and love.

      • Johanna says:

        Hi, Demian! Peace and love!

        Would you mind bringing your message of peace and love to the Islamic world, too, while you’re at it? They haven’t gotten the message yet.

        Thanks! Peace and love!

  50. Johanna says:

    I am not racist. Where did I mention anyone’s race? I am speaking of Islam…Islam is a religion, not a race. I am a fervent upholder of human rights in our country and others.

    Why does a woman getting beaten here excuse the abhorrent behavior that is tantamount in Islamic law? Of course there are atrocities committed against people all over the world, but one specific group seems to have a monopoly on the wife beating, stoning, suicide-bombing, child-bombers and soldiers. Do you really think that a woman in American “extreme poverty” has it as bad as the women in, say, Yemen for example? Pakistan? Syria? Algeria? Should I go on, you dumbass?

    I am not arrogant or ignorant. But you better believe that I feel men who do NOT marry ten-year olds and imprison them to their homes are much better people than men who do. The vile treatment of women is commonplace in Islam and are in fact, dictated behaviors by the doctrine.

    I do not feel like I am a better person, I just choose a code of behavior that doesn’t trample on anyone else. UNLIKE ISLAM.

    • demian bichir says:

      I was right it’s called Islamophobia and it describes prejudice against, hatred or irrational fear of Islam or Muslims.The term dates back to the late 1980s or early 1990s, but came into common usage after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

      In 1997, the British Runnymede Trust defined Islamophobia as the “dread or hatred of Islam and therefore, to the fear and dislike of all Muslims,” stating that it also refers to the practice of discriminating against Muslims by excluding them from the economic, social, and public life of the nation. It includes the perception that Islam has no values in common with other cultures, is inferior to the West and is a violent political ideology rather than a religion.

      Professor in History of Religion, Anne Sophie Roald, states that Islamophobia was recognized as a form of intolerance alongside Xenophobia and Antisemitism at the “Stockholm International Forum on Combating Intolerance”.The conference, attended by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, the OSCE Secretary General Ján Kubis and representatives of the European Union and Council of Europe, adopted a declaration to combat “genocide, ethnic cleansing, racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia and xenophobia, and to combat all forms of racial discrimination and intolerance related to it.”-Wikipedia
      Johanna you can deny it all you want but you have an official membership in that “Inglorious Basterds”club.
      You just have the islamophobia stan card!LOL!WORLDPEACE!

  51. Chris says:

    “I don’t think anyone is afraid of all Muslims, just the Muslims who blow shit up.”

    What about all those non-Muslims in the American government who get shit blown up in order the fund the lifestyles of the ruling class and their decadent offspring?

    “I choose to speak out against the horrors of an outdated, intolerant ideology that has violence and hatred at its core. I choose to do what I can to help those women and children living in Islamic societies.”

    “You, as a westerner, ought to recognize the value of that.”

    Given that the American government is the biggest perpetrator of global terrorism on the planet I don’t think you as a Westerner have any right to get on your high horse.