Monaco prince Pierre Casiraghi got his ass kicked in a NYC nightclub

First, a little Monaco royal history: Princess Caroline is the oldest child of Grace Kelly (Her Serene Highness Princess Grace) and Prince Rainier. Caroline’s younger brother, Albert, just married Charlene Wittstock, and Albert likely hopes to provide a male heir to inherit the throne of Monaco. If Albert does not provide an heir, the kingdom/principality will go to Caroline’s oldest son, Andrea Casiraghi. Caroline’s second marriage was to Stefano Casiraghi, and the union produced Andrea (the oldest), Charlotte (the middle) and Pierre, the youngest. Pierre is currently… third in the line to the throne, I guess. Because it has to be a male heir, not a female?

Anyway, Pierre has gotten the reputation as an international partier, and Saturday night he was hanging with some friends at Double Seven in Manhattan. According to the New York Post, Pierre and Stavros Niarchos went over to this dude – Adam Hock – who was sitting with some friends and some models. Pierre and Stavroas started acting like jerks, and Hock cold-cocked Pierre. Then everything got crazy:

A vicious fight involving vodka and supermodels at a Meatpacking District nightclub sparked a royal beatdown that landed Monaco’s Prince Pierre Casiraghi in the hospital, The Post has learned.

The attack on the 24-year-old son of Princess Caroline and grandson of Grace Kelly came during a late-night confrontation between the prince and his playboy pals and former Manhattan club owner Adam Hock at trendy Double Seven on Saturday, witnesses and law-enforcement sources said.

After the fight, “Pierre’s face looked broken, with deep cuts and blood everywhere,” said one stunned witness. “He looked like he needed plastic surgery.”

Hock, 47, had been partying with friends — including Double Seven owner Jeffrey Jah, hairdresser-to-the-stars Joel Warren and catwalk stunners Natasha Poly, Valentina Zalyaeva and Anja Rubik — when Casiraghi strolled over to their table with shipping-scion pal and Paris Hilton ex Stavros Niarchos III and two other men at around 2:30 a.m., witnesses said. Members of Hock’s group said the prince and his entourage “were being completely obnoxious,’’ insulting the models and swigging from a $500 bottle of vodka on Hock’s table.

“The next thing I saw, all hell broke loose,’’ one witness said.

Hock allegedly cold-cocked Casiraghi, sending him sprawling. Casiraghi “fell very badly. He . . . flew across the room and landed on a table on the other side,” the onlooker said.

Hock then allegedly punched out Niarchos, 26, and quickly landed blows on downtown hipsters Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, 27, and Diego Marroquin, 33 — as the flustered models frantically tried to break it up.

Casiraghi was taken to New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and released later Saturday, sources said.

Hock — the former owner of the Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Times Square — was charged with four counts of third-degree assault for the alleged attacks on Casiraghi, Restoin Roitfeld, Marroquin and Niarchos, whose supermodel girlfriend, Jessica Hart, was with him.

At his arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday, Hock said he was the victim.

“I was defending myself and others,” he said. “Why aren’t [Casiraghi and his pals] handcuffed?”

He was released on his own recognizance and is due back in court next month. Friends of Casiraghi claimed Hock was the instigator.

“The prince walked up to the table, and Adam just slammed him for no reason,’’ one witness said. “Stavros jumped in to help Pierre, and then he got slammed in the face.”

At one point, witnesses on both sides agree, a friend of Casiraghi grabbed a bottle of Grey Goose vodka from a nearby table and tried to crack it over Hock’s head.

Hock’s power lawyer, Salvatore Strazzullo, said, “My client was having a nice time with a married couple and a lady friend and a group of very beautiful women, and these individuals were jealous, and they resorted to elementary-school tactics. My client is not Bruce Lee . . . These four guys are trust-fund babies who think the world is owed to them. They are like spoiled brats.”

Richard Golub, who is representing the prince and his pals, said, “It was a horrifying incident . . . It was entirely unprovoked.”

[From The New York Post]

I tend to believe both sides. I think Pierre and Stavroas were probably acting like entitled d-bags and they went over to Hock’s table because they couldn’t believe some hot girls were hanging out with the older American men. And I believe this guy, Hock, probably instigated the physical altercation because he decided this little Monaco punk deserved a good old-fashion American ass-kicking. Hock should have been charged with assault, and I’m glad he was. But I don’t think Pierre was any kind of victim. He seems like a douche.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. MacScore says:

    So I’m reading along, and suddenly it’s back to Melanie and Antonio… did something go wrong with the upload?
    Anyway: your interpretation of events at the nightclub seems about right, I’d say…

    • DreamyK says:

      Have you seen Adam Hock? Dude has 10 kinds of “Don’t F**k With Me” going on. They definitely messed with the wrong dude.

      • Hautie says:

        “Dude has 10 kinds of “Don’t F**k With Me” going on.”

        LOL! He does look like he would give out a top notch ass whipping.

        I am always surprise by men (these 20-something douchebags) who have never done anything truly physical. Think they can talk sh*t to a grown man. And not get their asses kicked.

      • bros says:

        haha wow, yes, you would have to be either so blotto or so entitled-douche to walk over to that table and try and start something with that guy by acting like a little royal brat. he kicked four people’s asses in like 3 minutes.

      • demian bichir says:


      • Momo says:

        Good God, “he looks like someone who would be tried for first degree murder in the disappearance of his wife” is the first thing I thought when I saw that pic.

      • mojoman says:

        This is just hilarious. my hubby went to high school and was in the same class with Hock. He told me after one summer Hock literally grew 1 feet taller and ripped with muscles (might be juiced up but that was just a rumor). But he really was a “dont mess with me or I will beat your a**” type of guy..even in high school.

    • Rose says:

      Hilarious. Well put.

      It’s as if the soul of Chris Brown in the body of Justin Bieber with a dash of Prince Harry were to stroll up to F-ing Scarface himself.

      Ass kicking of the century.

      It’s like a Jackie Collins novel, come to life.

      I LOVE IT.

  2. Kaboom says:

    A bit of occasional ass kickage does royalty good. Reminds them of their mortality.

  3. Amanda says:

    Ughh… Looks like a douche, but a hot douche. Those are the worst kind.

  4. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Whatever will Princess Blair do? (Cheesy Gossip Girl reference, sorry! lol)

  5. Talie says:

    Charlotte is gorgeous, but honestly none of Caroline’s children have real jobs. They lead the international jet set and Stavros Niarchos dated Paris Hilton…so enough said.

  6. buo says:

    Caroline is the oldest child, actually.

  7. Kiki says:

    Princess Caroline is the oldest child, born like nine months after the wedding, then Prince Albert, then Stéphanie 😉

  8. Misspdx says:

    ” good old fashioned American ass kicking ”
    .. So true.. So hilarious.

    • gg says:

      It all sounds like a very common mixture of egos and booze, and the 47-year-old BAR OWNER should’ve known better than to cold-cock four super wealthy guys in their 20s like that. He should’ve taken the high road. Also, being a BAR OWNER he knows damn well what happens when you start a fistfight in a bar. HE needs to have his ass handed to him.

      • NYCGAL says:

        I agree. 47year old should have taken the high road (even if the euros were being a**holes!

      • Flan says:

        I for one am glad that prince Douche got the asswhooping he never got as a child.

        Will teach him some respect, especially BECAUSE he’s a rich kid.

      • Momo says:

        Yes, a 47 year old bar owner who instigates violent s+*# in bars is an effin moron who seriously needs to analyze their life’s trajectory.

    • Agnes says:

      and it’s hilarious that this one 47-year old dude kicked all of their asses and made them cry for the police, a doctor and prob their moms.

  9. Franny says:

    I can’t really put my finger on it, but it seems so…cliche. A cocky old man sitting with a bunch of models in a club and princes being douchey and everyone is prettier than the other. The smell of money and entitlement in the air.

    such a strange life that must be.

    (and I don’t know if its only me, but at the bottom of this story is part of the Selma Hayak story…)

    • gg says:

      Exactly. Older guy gets jealous of snot-nosed rich boys and wants to show off in front of international models. Go play in the sandbox, boys.

    • MsJAPrufrock says:

      Even if Casiraghi and his friends were behaving like snot-nose, obnoxious European aristocrats, Hock should have remained the grown-up and ignored them. There’s no need to resort to violence. It seems to me that even though Hock is a successful, self-made man, he has a serious chip on her shoulder.

  10. TruthTella says:

    Pierre sounds like a complete douche and the fact that he hangs with that Stavros loser proves it. he probably deserved that beating, maybe next time he’ll think twice before thinking her runs things SMH

    P.S His brother is way hotter.

    • gg says:

      HA! Yes, my first thought was – just as long as nobody messes with the gorgeous Andrea’s face …

  11. Kaiser says:

    Sorry about all of the mistakes! I’m on crack this morning, I guess. Ugh.

  12. e.non says:

    nobody to side with here … you can bet hock is his own special brand of asshole; just that he worked for his entitlement — and he was clearly enjoying it that night until these euro-trash shitheads (who are everywhere in nyc) intruded and got a good old style beatdown.

    and, iirc, that other son of caroline’s is rumored to be a serious drug user. heroin, i believe.

  13. gigi says:

    Don’t really care much about rich d-bags beating on other rich, entitled d-bags. My only question is, why is every model now referred to as a “supermodel?” Like that Jessica person in the article, who is she?

    • D. says:

      We need to go back to the more restrictive 80’s-early 90’s definition of supermodel. Can you imagine one of these runts standing next to Cindy, Naomi, Linda, or Christy?

  14. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Violence is never the answer.

    That being said, he looks like a douche in every photo. And he also looks like he has a small peen and is probably angry about that too.

  15. Loulou says:

    Except Pierre isn’t a douchebag and has been in a very long relationship with a gorgeous Italian, Beatrice Borromeo. He’s not hard up for beauties. Adam Hock is some ex-football jock who made money with a nightclub and suddenly is playing diplomat on behalf of Libya. Suspicious, much? Libya hid a lot of money in Monaco, and Hock has a chip on his shoulder. The guy’s a hired thug.

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      I’m sorry…do you know him personally? And he will never be hard up for women because he is a prince who doesn’t have to worry about that pesky ruling part. Him having a hot GF means what?

      • Loulou says:

        Why not ask me the same question about knowing Hock? I apparently made equal assumptions, didn’t I? There’s a bit of a bias there…

      • Gorry says:

        Hey Victoria,
        Point of order – Pierre is NOT a prince.
        Monaco is a principality the size of Hyde Park, not a Kingdom.
        Prince Albert the current HOS is a Prince. They are not Royal Highnesses but Serene Highnesses (except for Princess Caroline who married up however the title does not extend to her children).

      • gg says:

        They haven’t been too “serene” however.

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        Gorry…I know but thank you. I should have put quotations around that word. I belong to the Royal Forums so I’m well versed 🙂

        And LouLou…your post said nothing about Adam. I don’t know who Adam is and I don’t make comments about people I’ve never heard of a day in my life so he is irrelevant to me and it seems like your information about his dealing come from something you’ve seen or heard. You implied that Pierre wasn’t a douche as if you knew him and because he has a long term slightly more than basic looking model as a GF as if that somehow makes him incapable of being a douche. I “know” who Pierre is through Royal Watching and I never said he was a douche, but that he always looks douchey to me.

    • demian bichir says:

      Loulou what do you mean by “hired thug”?
      Is he a mercenary or part of an international maffia?I don’t believe in this story they’re covering something!I want to know more about him,he’s shady as hell.

  16. normades says:

    Team Hock. 4 against 1 and he still whooped them.

  17. D. says:

    To be honest, I saw the words “Monaco Prince” in the headline and assumed he deserved it before I even clicked on the post.

    • TruthTella says:

      LMAO so true, Monaco royalty may be rich but they seem like the trashiest (minus Grace & her husband).

      • Flan says:

        Other Royal houses keep them at a distance too. Usually, I would find that snobby, but in this case I can well understand it.

        Most normal people would not hang out with them either for being too trashy.

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      lolol omg right?! And why do all these “heirs” always look like totally pansys? Except of course Englands Crown prince of Ginger 😉 lol I just would have such a hard time getting hot for one of these soft looking playboys lol. It not attractive when you’re as girly as a girl Rich Boy!

  18. wunder says:

    ‘Male heirs’ in this day and age? PUKE!

  19. Gossip PHD says:

    I just read somewhere that Charlene phoned in this story to the Post (The theory is that if she makes Pierre look bad – she and Albert look better).
    That would be sublime – Charlene (or her minions) feeding this story to the NY Post!
    The brawl happened Friday night. Imagine how the Post worked the story all day Sunday to have this headline!

    • DreamyK says:

      If Charlene did that, then she has more balls than her husbands lovers.

    • Fathom says:

      Only last week, the ‘minions’ were phoning up Huff Post to defend their stupid visit to the Oscars, after the Celebitchy link to the story was posted on Royal Opinions. Now the NY Post works in a 2 day old story?

  20. EscapedConvent says:

    In the second photo, is Pierre wearing a Monaco Royal Family Crest on the lapel of what I’m sure is an exquisite cashmere coat? Don’t know if he was wearing that when he went out clubbing in NYC, but he really should expect to get his ass kicked if he’s gonna do that.

    • gg says:

      Oh come on, that’s just ridiculous. Did somebody have some fried jealousy and anger for breakfast?

      • EscapedConvent says:

        !!! Why no, but thanks for asking. Is someone in a bit of a bad mood? It’s hilarious how much the word “jealous” appears on this site! I kid the Prince.

  21. Jenny says:

    He doesn’t have a royal title, and neither does Charlotte or Andrea.

  22. Justaposter says:

    Isn’t one of Caroline’s daughters really big on the internatioanl horse scene?

    • Gossip PHD says:

      Caroline only has one daughter, Charlotte, and she is into horses. Stunningly gorgeous, btw.

      • lulu says:

        Well Caroline has actually two daughters, Charlotte Casiraghi and Princess Alexandra of Hannover, but you are right Charlotte is the big one on the nternatonal horse scene.

    • morgane says:

      yes, but she’s not that great

  23. Cleo says:

    I don’t understand how it works that his mother is still(?) married to one of those Incest Germans who only marry other royals including divorced in laws to keep their bloodlines “pure” – I never figured Grace Kelly’s kids would do something like that.

  24. Dee Cee says:

    Meanwhile .. in an amusing mix of high society and trashiness, Parasite Hilton is depressed and privately weeping and chugging the last of her stock in canned champagne, called Rich Prosecco that she endorsed and launched in a ’07 ad crawling naked in the golden glow of the 24 karat dust desert planet she inhabited; for that shocking international fight should have been over her.., but she is stuck linked with Afro Jack for any interesting tidbit in the news

  25. Jaded says:

    That whole family is just the worst Eurotrash, a bad mix of genes or something but none of them have turned out to be worthy human beings.

  26. Mouse says:

    That…is one ugly dude.

  27. Divorcee says:

    Damn, I wish that was on youtube!

  28. bluhare says:

    Monaco Pete’s got a chip on his shoulder as his siblings got all the looks and he got bupkis.

  29. Gossip PHD says:

    Pierre is nice looking. His friend Stavros, though, is sporting a bad rug.

  30. Jess says:

    His brother is so good looking. I grew up looking at Andrea’s pictures. my sister lives in the UK and she used to send me UK magazines all the time. More entertaining the US mags IMO.

  31. Maya says:

    Two snot nosed rich kids being jerks and had their asses handed to them. About time.

  32. kimmy says:

    Welcome to America, Eurotrash.

  33. Zoe says:

    On what basis do you know that Pierre Casiraghi is a jerk? Sorry, but just because someone has money and is an heir or prince doesn’t mean they are a jerk or a person that deserves any violence directed their way. He has never been in trouble with the law before and by all accounts was the quiet shy one in the family. I don’t know what happened anymore than anyone else did as I wasn’t there, but I think it’s interesting how quick people are to jump on the bashing bandwagon either because the guy is rich, royal, or not American.

  34. Denise says:

    Interesting, one of the guys is Carine Roitfeld’s son, the former editor of French Vogue. I like her, but he seems like a total douche royale. I have to admit, I am living vicariously through Hock’s asskicking. Those toffs would be insufferable.

    • normades says:

      Loooove her. Didn’t know her son was part of the young euro jet set crowd. I thought he’d be cooler than that.

    • carina says:

      Pierre is rather unknown, this smells like a publicity stunt. Right now. there is a Grace Kelly movie being cast in Hollywood. So increasing Pierre’s tabloid presence, increases the Grimaldi family brand, so to speak…

      One of the companions was Paris Hilton’s ex-fiance who has made a career of such stunts.
      Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld is a USC film school grad and a former Hollywood talent agent. From his website, he “is able to generate worldwide excitement and buzz for the talent he represents. “..

  35. Anoni Mus says:

    Wow, I’m dating myself, but Pierre looks EXACTLY like his late father, Stefano Casiraghi. I remember the late 80s or early 90s, when he died, I used to read gossip magazines ;).

    Doesn’t make Pierre any less of a douche though. Spoiled rotten, I suppose.

  36. Nibbi says:

    Now *this* is gossip i can get behind!! Im a big ridiculous brangeloonie but gotta admit this is an action-packed comeuppance-probably-deserved story that i find totally refreshing 😉

  37. Darkmyst says:

    Zoe, a douche walks up to a table and starts acting like a tool. The gentleman at the table handles it. What’s the issue here? Who gives a crap who he is?

  38. erin says:

    According to Hock’s FB: Adam Hock (born October 9, 1964) is an American businessman who has founded and co-founded several companies in the financial sector. He became prominent in mid-2011 for his work supporting the Libyan revolution whereby he personally visited the presidents of several countries successfully lobbying for recognition of the Libyan National Transitional Council as the sole legitimate governing body of Libya.

    Have we stumbled upon an agent??

    • demian bichir says:

      Hmmm…interesting,it’s seems that Hock is not just the typical NYC club owner that he’s pretending to be!

  39. drawbackwards says:

    I just want to know what a bottle of $500 vodka tastes like.

  40. Meanchick says:

    I would have paid money to see that!

  41. taxi says:

    Pierre appears to be a mouth-breather.