Downton Abbey mania is upon us: Lady Mary will get a Vanity Fair cover!

Last night, PBS aired the last episode of season 2 of Downton Abbey. The series – about the aristocratic Crawley family before, during and after World War I, is pretty awesome, and if you’re not watching it by now… well, you should skip this post. Last year, Downton was a quiet, gorgeous, beloved miniseries which took the UK by storm, and found footing here in America too. By the time the second season aired in the UK, the Brits were Downton-crazy, and the popularity has definitely increased over here, with mixed results. Some critics say that Downton has turned into a total soap opera – they’re not wrong. While the first season kept its aristocratic bearings and stayed true to the Upstairs/Downstairs vibe, when the second season came – and with it, the tides of war – everything changed. The characters grew, some becoming worse, some becoming better. The aristocracy is crumbling, the fashions are changing, and the class lines are beginning to blur.

Anyway, we’ve had some requests for stories about Downton, so here you go. I liked the second season for the most part, with two notable exceptions. First, the Bates/Anna story line got really, really ridiculous and I simply don’t care about Bates anymore. Secondly, the whole thing with the little ginger maid who got knocked up out of wedlock? That got super-boring too. But I loved everything about the sisters – Lady Sybil is my favorite, and I like her independence and her easy beauty. But I found myself loving the changes to Lady Mary and Lady Edith too – they both became BETTER women during the war.

Lady Mary – or actress Michelle Dockery – is getting a lot of attention lately. I’ve seen a lot of photos of her during London Fashion Week, she was just in America solo to promote the series, and now The Mail reports that Dockery/Lady Mary might be getting a Vanity Fair cover. I kind of don’t want her to be singled out – if VF wants to recognize Downton, they should put Michelle Dockery with Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley!). And the Earl of Grantham!! And CORA!!

Michelle Dockery, who plays Downton’s Lady Mary, is set for superstardom in America. The 30-year-old will appear on the cover of May’s Vanity Fair magazine, I can reveal.

‘It’s the big TV issue and Michelle will share the front page with American actresses Claire Danes and Sofia Vergara,’ says my mole.

‘She’s so excited, she says she won’t believe it until she has a copy in her hands.

‘Michelle has turned down request after request from US magazines after Vanity Fair told her they see it as her official US “coming out” moment.’

[From The Mail]

Michelle with Claire Danes and Sofia Vergara? Okay, that sounds good too. That will be an amazing cover! Sidenote: I love Claire Danes on Homeland. She is AWESOME.

What else would you like me to talk about? Livinia and the Spanish flu? That episode was crazy. Edith and fake Patrick the burn victim? Sybil and the Irishman? I’m trying not to make this too spoiler-y because some of you just haven’t finished watching so far. But didn’t you love the way season 2 ended? Was it worth it?

PS… Dan Stevens: would you hit it? I would. I LOVE him. When he was getting tingly in his pants, I was all “OH YES!!!!” Plus, he’s a lovely dancer.

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  1. bitta83 says:

    I didn’t like Bates from the start. Such a cheesy acting on the actor’s part. Anna is alright in my book.

    • Ally says:

      There’s a hilarious line in the Red Nose spoof of the show, where someone says to ‘Bates’:

      “Didn’t you play this character on Lark Rise to Candleford?” and he replies:

      “I’ve added a bit of a limp.”

  2. Abby says:

    Oh I could talk about Downton forever. Last night’s episode was wonderful! Loved it. I am a recent convert–just started watching last month,, and I’m all caught up by this season. I love the styling, the set, the drama and the characters of this show. My husband and I look forward to Sunday nights to get into Downton.

  3. Talie says:

    To me, MIchelle is the star of the show and hopefully she starts getting nominated for awards.

  4. GoodCapon says:

    If they’re going to do a Vanity Fair cover they should get all the Crawley sisters! 😀

    Anyway the Season 2 writing was really bad – it was littered with cheesy dialogues and hackneyed plots – but it redeemed itself with the Christmas special.

    I personally want more Isis for next season, the lovely dog was given more screen time in the Christmas special!

    • Al says:

      Yes, ISIS is the cutest, most likable character in the show!!! The show really gets on my nerves but for some reason I keep watching it. They kill off everyone they don’t like!!! Sybil is absolutely beautiful though. Cora is HORRID. What is wrong with the way she talks? Ugh.

      • Seagulls says:

        I think it’s an American upper class accent from the time.

      • lease says:

        It’s US/English – she’s an American who has lived in England for about 20 years or so (the character AND the actress)… It’s just a hybrid accent, and works for the character/ isn’t even fake

      • gigi says:

        I think Cora is speaking in an older version of the Mid-Atlantic accent. Think of it as the legit version of Madonna’s instant Brit accent if it had evolved more naturally.

  5. Jackie says:

    i just started watching and i don’t get the hype. i usually love british period pieces, but this is so cheesy.

    also, alot of the acting sucks. the american actress who plays cora is awful!

    it seems much more american than british. maybe i will try season 1.

    upstairs, downstairs was great!

    • GoodCapon says:

      I’m more distracted with Elizabeth McGovern’s (Cora) accent than her acting.

      • Linney says:

        Are you saying you don’t like her American accent or that you think she’s attempting an English accent? If you missed that she’s an American, I can’t imagine what else you’ve missed.

      • GoodCapon says:

        *sigh* I know she’s American. Her character is an American living in Britain so somewhere along the way she was going to have a mishmash of the two accents, but it was still very distracting. Her pronunciation of some words (clipping), overenunciation and breathing pattern – it’s just not very natural for me.

      • Al says:

        I actually think that’s just how she talks (remember She’s Having a Baby) but she needs to work on it. It’s not how Americans talk or anyone for that matter. She’s an actress — work on your diction, woman!

      • Rhiley says:

        Elizabeth McGovern is a bit of an ex-patriot in real life. She is an American, married to an English bloke, and has lived in England some 20 odd years. I don’t think she is trying to pull a Madonna or anything. Oh, I had forgotten about She’s Having a Baby. And now I know how to connect Elizabeth McGovern to Kevin Bacon in one move.

      • Linney says:

        No need to fall all over yourself sighing. She sounds American to me, period. She sounds like where she is from, period. It’s not her accent you don’t like. It’s the way she talks. She’s always sounded like that. Accents have nothing to do with it.

      • GoodCapon says:

        “She’s always sounded like that.”

        Uhh, no. Go watch some of her YT interviews and she has never sounded like that.

        She’s putting on an accent (yes I said ACCENT) on this show and it positively grates on me.

    • maemay says:

      Cora is American, she is not British. During that time American heiresses with money married cash strapped British nobility.

    • The Truth Fairy says:

      Me too. I usually love this kind of stuff but after 5 episodes I just couldn’t get into it and gave up.

    • Ally says:

      Expatriate, Rhiley. I’m sure she’s still a patriot.

      It’s amazing to remember watching when she was a teenager in Ordinary People and now here. A classy woman & career.

  6. Aqua says:

    It’s a well deserved cover!I found this show, channel surfing one night a few months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.I simple love it.

  7. Lia says:

    Dan Stevens. Sweet Jesus, he is gorgeous.The pictures you have on here don’t do him justice. I could listen to that accent all day long, too….. You are right about the stupid story lines, though. They took the Anna and Bates thing too far with the murder thing ( I hope they find out it was the Dowager Duchess who did it..), and the illegitimate baby story line is boring. Who gives a rat’s ass what happens to that character? Season 3! Hurry it up!

  8. hillbilly in the corner says:

    I love that series….and Dan Stevens is one handsome blue eyed babydoll….and I don’t usually like blue eyed men….being blue eyed myself…LOl…Love all the woman on the series especially Dame Maggie Smith she steals every sceen she is in….and doesn’t even try…love that..and I was about jumped thru the TV and pull Cora’s hair out to get her to notice her poor husband/// but I won’t ruin it for those who havn’t seen it…lets just say….If you really want to see a well acted and wonderful series Watch this one….Love It..

  9. maemay says:

    I’m in love with Mathew….he is’nt the usual hearthrob….he is a good man and usually men who are hearthrobs are the reformed bad guys. Matthew is smart, kind, good, noble, flawed AND hot. When he told Mary that he did not judge her because she was Pamuked I SWOONED!! Can’t wait till season 3!

  10. couldn'thelpit says:

    omg, Maggie Smith makes the show! Wasn’t to fond of the Sybil/Chauffeur plot line. He wasn’t a good or interesting character so I was annoyed that Sybil ended up choosing him. And does anyone else think Cora always look like she’s on Valium?

    • sassenach says:

      I am so happy that I am not the only one who couldn’t stand the Lady Sybil/chauffeur story line. It seems to me that most of their conversations were spent with him condescending her and being angry and even aggressive towards her. We were not given a reason as to why Lady Sybil would fall in love with such an angry loser. I used to love Bates/Anna but they have taken the storyline to far and it is turning silly.

      • Sachi says:

        Isn’t Branson Irish? He must have a lot of resentment towards the Brits at that time period, especially the nobility. Ever noticed most of the staff at Downton having Irish accents? Goes hand in hand with Anti-Irish sentiment in England during late 1800s-early1900s. They were discriminated upon and seen as inferior, just like the stereotype of Hispanics in America being all servants/maids/housekeepers.

        Branson wants the barriers between the rich and the poor to break down and for the rich to stop looking down on the ‘commoners’ like him. I think he’s something of a socialist and he’s hinted at his political views over the course of several episodes.

        Sybil is like him. She wants to be independent and she wants to live her life not being dictated by the rules that the upper classes follow. She wants to work, which is why she enrolled to be a Nurse during the war. She helped that maid Gwen get a secretarial job. She wants to live like an ordinary citizen and she wants to have a voice. Branson encourages her to be herself so it’s easy to see why she falls in love with him. Their visions are in the same vein.

        There’s a Youtube video titled “Debutantes” and there are interviews including Deborah Mitford’s, Duchess of Devonshire, as well as many other socialites who experienced the “Seasons” during the 1920s. Their lives were very much like what the Crawley sisters must have been living in the show: full of rules, expectations, and standards. Sybil must be sick of that and Branson offers her an ‘escape’.

      • Ally says:

        THIS. Their plotline was very poorly handled this season. He was a dull jerk & the nicest thing she said about him is that “she was ready to travel and he was her ticket.” Sounds like he’s still more her chauffeur than her beau!

    • Miss Silver says:

      Agreed — Sybil only married the chauffeur to escape her stifling life. I predict the marriage doesn’t work out and she returns to Downton with her baby.

  11. truthful says:

    I LOVE this series!!!

  12. I love it. Maggie Smith is simply fantastic, now would SOMEONE tell me what the hell was the story with fake Patrick the burn victim? Was he proven to be fake? That plot line was ludicrous!

    • Sharon Lea says:

      I couldn’t follow the Patrick storyline either and wondered if I had missed something in an earlier episode. Good to know I am not alone.

      • Rhiley says:

        They kind of dropped it I guess until next season. I don’t think anything really has been proven except that Edith believes him. I thought it a little strange there was no mention of him last night.

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      I’d like them to readdress Patrick/Peter plot line.

      There was the one moment when Robert was talking to Patrick and he made a hand gesture that caught Robert off guard. It was apparent that this must have been a gesture that Patrick did often.

      We had no real time to decipher if the man was real or fake before they ran him off the show. It felt like a waste of time that could have been better spent on the many, many plot threads hanging from this show.

      It could have been that he left because he saw that, at this point in time, he would not be able to prove his case and might make it worse, so he decided to step away until he was better equipped to prove himself. Then again, we don’t know, being that the writers had him dash off as soon as Peter was mentioned.

    • Sachi says:

      I took his leaving to mean that he was guilty, and he didn’t want to stay until they found out he was fake. If he’s the true Patrick Crawley, he could have stayed until he convinced them, but his abrupt departure was too suspect for me.

      The solicitor suggested that Gordon knew Patrick, and it could be why he knew some of the details of Patrick’s life. Patrick could have easily told Gordon all about his life at Downton, his cousins, etc. The English accent is gone, too, even though it’s only been 6 years. You don’t lose an accent just because you had a form of amnesia. And when your memory comes back, then the accent should return, too.

      The entire story line was really weird, though. I don’t want the writers to revisit that.

  13. Laura says:

    Season two really did start to disappoint me somewhere around the middle up until the christmas special (that redeemed some of the crap in the previous episodes for me). Word of warning to anyone who hasn’t watched the serious… please pick up the first season it’s so much better written.

    I think one of the big problems with season two is they rushed through so many events and brought in too many side plots. Covering the war alone would have been enough in my opinion. Things that annoyed me: The new red head maid plot (don’t care about her character!), Bates and Anna (I cared in season 1 this just dragged out too long and got ridiculous), Lavina’s death scene (horrible), Sybil and Branson…was I the only one not really feeling that he respected her very much? After he told her that her work didn’t matter, I wanted her to run for the hills! Her character seemed too strong for ending with being a house wife. Lord Grantham and the new maid… why did they have to do this to his character? Especially when his wife who he supposedly loved very much, was practically on her death bed. The Burn victim Patrick… the worst! he looked like sloth from the goonies but sloth was a better actor.

    Things I liked were O’brien’s character doing a turn about, Thomas’ character getting screwed over, but I don’t like that he weaseled his way back in. I like Mrs. Pattmore and Daisy she’s such an air head. I’m glad that Richard Carlisle is gone, and of course that Lady Mary and Matthew came to their senses. And of course The Dowager Countess owns the show. (loved it when Matthew’s mother gave her a christmas gift… it’s a nut cracker, you know to crack your nuts!)
    >>End spoilers!

    I’m looking forward to the next season though! The cheese in this season wasn’t enough to completely turn me off from the show.

    p.s. can you tell that I’m in favor of more Downton Abbey posts??

    • Reece says:

      I am so addicted to this show! I keep going on about it and no one I know watches it!

      The 2nd season is strange. They burned through a decade. At this point the girls should be old women by now. lol I would have ended the season with the war and the spanish flu aftermath and be done. I agree with many here Elizabeth McGovern/Cora’s accent is distracting. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not but I’ve begun to just accept it. Sometimes they do say things that are more modern than the time. Like last night Matthew said “friggin”, WHAT?? I also agree with the post earlier that Maggie Smith steals every scene. The best line of the show last night was “Do you promise?” When the D-Bag (I refuse to type his name) got the boot. Excellent!
      Anybody that likes Dan Stevens YOU NEED to watch Sense & Sensibility from 2008!
      I openly admit, I drool over the dresses. Drool! There was one last night I think Rosamund/Rosalind? was wearing I would have slapped my mama for!

  14. Sharon Lea says:

    So glad you are mentioning this series! As some posters have mentioned, I think Cora was miscast. She seems like a nice person in real life, but the acting is not very good. I can only hope that if Shirley MacLaine plays her mother, that it will bring out a better performance in her. The Bates story line was terrible, he was great in season 1, why a murder mystery? I wished they had given Lady Edith a hint at a love interest at the end. And I agree, the upstairs/downstairs lines are too blurred now. They better introduce more babies now, so they have the next generation for future seasons.

    • Ally says:

      Oh puh-leeze. Shirley MacLaine has become a horribly unsubtle scene chewer in her old age. She is no Maggie Smith, and there are strong chances that her scenes will be the ridiculousness that pushes the show over the edge into jump-the-shark waters.

  15. Dawn says:

    Not sorry to say that I like the Bates and Anna story…he was on From Larkrise to Candleford and does no wrong in my book. I love this series but was sorry to see it end with that cheesy proposal from Matthew; can we guess how long it will take for Lady Mary to be totally bored with this goody-two shoe? Not long. I can’t wait for Shirley McClain to be playing Cora’s mother in the next series; there should be some sweet scenes between the gandmamas. The only character I can’t stand is Thomas.

  16. Ruth Dunbar says:

    More Downton, please. Everything about the cheesy writing and general soapy-ness is true. However, I don’t care, I’m hopelessly hooked.

    AND I’D HIT THAT DAN STEVENS INTO NEXT WEEK. I’d hit Bates, too. There, I said it.

  17. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I have only seen a few eps because it was hyped, but this show is so factually ignorant about that time period it’s kind of sad. And in some episodes I could see car lines painted on the streets! LOL.

    It’s just a bunch of average looking people IMO.

  18. layla says:

    Season 1 was far superior to S2.
    But I’m still holding out hope that now the ‘war is over’ , S3 can find some of S1 charm again.

  19. Rhiley says:

    My obsession with Downton sort of cooled a little this season but I was sad after last night because I know it will be a while until I can get a Downton fix. It is completely ridiculous but that is part of the fun and compared to most of the crap on the tele, it is great that people are turning to PBS for entertainment.

  20. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Like many soaps, this show is addictive, but frustrating and ultimately not terribly good. People love a costume drama, but this is the first time in like, forever, that we’ve been given a costume drama without already knowing its ending. I got to see it online, sans cuts, over the span of a flu. I don’t think I would’ve got far with a week between episodes. The pacing is alternately panicked and glacial. I’ll likely end up here again, however. Oh well.

    Elizabeth McGovern, wtf? How does a person get less talented over 25 years? She’s gone from ‘She’s Having A Baby’ to ‘She’s having a stroke’.

    William: Can we get an eye-flutter specialist?

    Thomas: Being shifty doesn’t work if you’re a total idiot. Work on that. There’s a big difference between a skanky maid who secures a mint for her son’s future and a maid who just ends up giving birth to the world’s largest baby. Watch the former.

    Patrick: You know you’re related to someone when you and your sister independently of each other say, ‘the least he could’ve done was commit suicide. Does this mean he’ll be back? Ugh.’ That’s blood, people.

    Anna: The angelic maid whom everyone wants to marry who exists only to be adored and dewy-eyed. Whatever. Kill her, too. No one cares anymore. She must be boring as hell to play, half the time.

    Bates: Ugh. The Martyr. Defend yourself for once or shut up and die, you’ve become beyond tedious. Remember when you were the cool teacher on Brides Of Christ? What happened. Now you get to be married to your great-granddaughter (or something) and it’s nothing but this ‘T’is a far, far better thing I do…’ slop. Fine then, get hanged.

    Isn’t is convenient that a major catastrophe like the Spanish Flu knew that it was only meant to kill roadblocks?

    Ross and Mary–er–Matthew and Rachel–um. WE killed her? We’re cursed? You’re not members of the occult, just self-centered where you think you’re being wise. It’s not noble when it doesn’t make sense. Just get through your next set of ridiculous romantic hurdles and concentrate on only ruining the lives of each other. I know it would’ve frustrating as hell to see, but that was one hell of an anachronistic response to her teenaged lust ride. This is why Angel why devastated Tess’ life more than did Stokes–their timelines aren’t that far off from each other.

    If Sybil’s family members weren’t such–well, assheads, I’d be screaming for her spoiled blood. We’ll see after the baby comes.

    Oh, Daisy: You silly selfish, brain-damaged cow. A man just lost his last relation but you’re the only one who suffers. Get off the ground, mouse.

    Still don’t know what to do with Edith, do you?

    Grantham was so sad that he didn’t get to play war, he had to console himself with some random maid’s throat. Branson’s not marrying for money, that’s your area of expertise.

    Carson: Do any of those Upstairs fools even know your first name? I have my indignations when you get personally offended by the class shake-up. Because Sybill will lose her money and what will the world do with one fewer aristocrat?

    The question isn’t ‘Is the baby the dead man’s?’ It’s ‘Where’s that child’s blue ox, Babe?’

    Poor Maria Doyle Kennedy. When are you going to be allowed to do something other than stop men from divorcing you? There’s still that episode of Father Ted, I guess.

  21. BW says:

    I love Downton Abbey for Dame Maggie and the clothing porn, and the library (love that room).

    1. Anna and Bates love scenes sqeak me out. EW. I also hate the murder plot.

    2. I thought it was pretty obvious Patrick was a fake. He could have easily proven he was the real thing by mentioning stuff only he would know. I find it hard to believe that having amnesia would make you change your English accent to a Canadian accent.

    3. Anyone else think Lord Grantham is the father of the widowed maid’s son? He seemed to be a bit too helpful in sending recommendations to the son’s school, etc. It just seemed like they knew each other from “before.”

    4. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Richard Carlyle. He needs to print the Pamouk story, if only to state that he paid Mrs. Bates for the story and then she threatened to do something to get back at Mr. Bates. And also to ruin Mary’s reputation. I can’t believe her parents didn’t disown her, given that time period.

    5. Cora’s accent has always bothered me, but that actress has always talked like that. It’s just the way she speaks. Her face in season 2 bothers me. She looks too white (overly powered?) and tweaked, or something. I thought she looked really good in season 1.

    6. Sybil’s raspy voice bothers me, too.

    7. I love a little, naughty Nigel Havers. Yummy. That man has aged well.

    8. Dame Maggie can do no wrong. LOVE HER.

  22. angie says:

    I agree with all the comments–I love this program, but if the third season is as soapy as the second one was, I’m not sure I’ll stick with it. I was so irritated with the Bates/Anna story line, but there was one funny (to me, anyway) factoid about it: the actress who played his demented, evil wife also played Catherine of Aragon in Showtime’s “The Tudors,” which I watched not too long ago.

  23. Amanda G says:

    I never thought I’d root for two COUSINS to get together, but I’m glad that they finally are!

    Love Maggie Smith and I can’t believe she didn’t win awards for her role!!

    Cora is awful and I wish they’d kill her off. Terrible actress.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t give a flying fig about Bates. He’s just too goodie goodie and never speaks up when he’s been wronged. The character is so weak.

    Can’t wait for Shirley MacLaine next season! Imagine her and Smith in scenes? Priceless!

    I’ve grown to love to hate Thomas. He’s so bad! And I’m glad O’brien showed some heart this season.

  24. Cleo says:

    I find it unbelievable that anyone would pass over Ginger Ian Glenn for Blondie with the Ice Cube Eyes Matthew! Aaargh! Ian Glenn’s character is SUPER awesome. If only they made a show about him “DESTROY[ING}” people, I would SO watch that. I’m meh about Downton Abbey.

  25. Kris says:

    Obviously total minority here, but I love Cora and Elizabeth-fun to have an American on the show….love DA

    • Ally says:

      I love Cora/Elizabeth, too — it’s a nice nod to Edith Wharton’s The Buccaneers (and the show’s American viewers)!

  26. Booboocita says:

    I love everything about this show, including Anna/Bates, Sybil/Branson, and all the pairings — except for two:

    1. Dan Stevens is lovely, but I really, REALLY lust after Iain Glen as Sir Richard Carlyle. Love me some powerful men. He’s also delicious as Sir Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones.

    2. Edith and — no-one? C’mon! Can’t a middle child get some love? And not from that awful Strallan! He’s too old for her! The war has made her a much better person, and allowed her to discover hidden strengths. Doesn’t she deserve someone good, who’ll love her and appreciate her? (and I’m not saying that because I’m a middle child, too, no, not at all …)

    • Ally says:

      Agree! Edith is one of the more interesting characters because it feels like she’s still evolving. I really liked her scene with the Dowager Countess over the wedding presents this season.

  27. koa k says:

    Lady Mary is a nasty, old shrew and a caring man like Matthew Crawley would’ve never fallen for such a self-centered bitch, the whole storyline is a bunch of crap and turned me off since day one of season one…

  28. Princess Lizabeth says:

    I simply LOVE the show. It has its soapy moments, to be sure, but it is just so much fun and visually stunning as well. For some reason, it has the feel to me of Maupin’s “Tales of the City…” fluffy in parts, but still quality overall. Or, a more obvious comparison could be made to Brideshead Revisited, which is also terrific eye-candy with a lush story line.

    I can hardly wait till season 3 of “Downton!”

  29. Circe says:

    Joanne Froggat is a really good red carpet dresser.

  30. Kiyoshigirl says:

    I have enjoyed every moment of each season. As with any series, some episodes will be better than others. The Bates saga is what ties upstairs to the downstairs and is helping to illustrate the blending of the classes. The American television industry needs to take notes. We get soaps like Revenge and the Brits get DA. Thank God PBS picked it up for US broadcasts. Time to donate again.

    • Princess Lizabeth says:

      Yes. British shows in general are much better quality than American, IMHO. Not that there aren’t exceptions on each side, of course!

  31. Jane says:

    Oh so the U.S haven’t had the christmas episodes? They are great too!

    I LOVE Cora! Love her, she is great! I don’t care about her accent it fits the whole American moves to Britian story line. Plus its like 1915 of course people talked differently and she is of the upperclass. There are tons of reasons she works so well. I hated Sybill and that Chauffer I mean honestly somebody of her class would have been ousted from the family for pulling a stunt like that. How would she ever think it was appropriate??

  32. Amy says:

    I LOVE Downton Abbey. Started watching it in Spain online and well I had to stream/download the episodes so it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the Christmas episode. Love pretty much everything about the show–including Bates and Anna. I’m one of the few that like them together I guess. The only thing I didn’t like from season 2 was the servant that got pregnant. Didn’t really care about that.

    I also don’t really like Sybil and her guy because he just irks me. He is always acting like he knows what is better for Sybil, it’s annoying.

    I think Shirley Maclaine is joining the cast for season 3.

  33. Penguin says:

    @ princess lizbeth – I’m British. Love walking dead, dexter and American horror story. Feel like over here we don’t produce as good dramas as the Americans. I know we’ve got downton. but everything else seems to be towie, celeb bb, Geordie shore, scousewives, DOI etc. Would like Britain to spend more £ on homegrown talent than keep relying on american imports. Nothing wrong with us shows but would b like to see more British shows.

    • Princess Lizabeth says:

      Penguin, it’s really interesting to hear what a British person thinks about US tv imports. It’s funny, because my husband and I always feel like the US is ripping off too many British shows (The Office and many others!) and not doing enough to be original. Maybe my perception is distorted…like the saying goes, the grass is always greener…

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your insights. I love hearing opinions from all over! It makes the world seem smaller sometimes. 🙂

  34. Sachi says:

    I dislike Bates’s character. He seems so noble and aiming for martyrdom. I mean, WTF? Just let out a few curses at the tragedy that has become your life since you stepped into the kitchens of Downton Abbey, Bates!!!! The only time he let some anger show was when his ex-wife came into the picture.

    He’s just too “good”, and it annoys me, like he’s so much better than everyone else because he doesn’t seem to have any flaws, would take the fall for anyone rather than just come out and say Thomas was stealing wine (for example), and wouldn’t lean on anyone else for his problems. Ugh. It was praise-worthy at first during the first couple of Season 1 episodes when Thomas and O’Brien were scheming against him, but now it’s just frustrating.

    He doesn’t come across as strong and resilient to me, but it’s more like he’s “silently suffering, woe is me, but I shall rise above it all on my own”. Boo hoo.

    The Earl and the maid: WTF was that? His wife was so sick, but he had the time to fall in love? I don’t think he really loves Cora (he was a “fortune hunter”, married her for money to save his title and estate, and they get along well) and he can’t help who he falls in love with, but to even plan to have sex with the maid right in the room next to where his wife lay miserable and suffering from illness? Character assassination.

    The Dowager Countess rules them all. Her comments are always so snarky but she wants what is best for her family.

    I like Cora, especially her “Let’s face it, you’re damaged goods.” comment to Mary. I also liked when she stood up to Isobel about being the Lady of the house.

    Matthew and Mary – he calms her down. I think he’s good for her. She’s high-strung, petty, impulsive, spoiled, and has a sharp tongue. But she’s also strong. She stood eye to eye against Richard Carlyle and didn’t cower from him. I disliked the scenes when Richard would grab her arm and threaten her, but Mary handled him well. Matthew will exchange banter with her, and make her laugh and she can be more of herself with him. They’re like Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl (yes, I follow it casually!).

    But Carson and Mrs. Hughes are for the win! They’re the most solid team!

  35. ebraca says:

    Has anyone seen both the American and British versions? I read that the American showings of DA are modified from what the UK broadcasts. Is there a difference? Masterpiece has edited other Brit productions and when I’ve seen the uncut versions, the tone for scenes are different or story lines become more cohesive. I’m wondering if that’s the cause of the exaggerated “soap” feel.

    • Jackie says:

      interesting. although, it does make sense. living in canada, i watch it on an american pbs station. i would love to see the british version.

      going to watch corrie now!

    • Ally says:

      The 2nd season was criticized in similar ways in the UK and the US (rushed, soapy).

    • P.J. says:

      There might have been fewer episodes in the US than in the UK version.

      The Downton website says there were a total of 10 hours of footage in Season 2. It makes sense to have 10 episodes of one hour apiece, and I think that’s how they did it in the UK. However, in the US it aired in 7 episodes of varying length.

  36. dorothy says:

    I’m addicted to this show.

  37. TG says:

    I LOVE this show! My favorites are Lady Mary and the Dowager Duchess. I am in love with Matthew too but he needs to suffer a bit for putting Mary thru that nonesense with that bitch Lavinia. So glad she died. SPOILER ALERT: Is anyone else disappointed that Bates didn’t swing last night? His Jesus complex is wearing thin about now. Can’t stand Lady Cora either and not for the reasons mentioned above. I like her acting and want her on the show , but her character is so useless in that home. She is controlled by O’Brien. She hasn’t a clue of what is going on at her home and she hasn’t been there for Edith. And lastly, I don’t like Sybil and Branson storyline. He is controlling and forceful with her. What a loser stealing the family car to elope to Gretna Green. Come on Sybil, take Lady Mary’s advice, get a real man.