Carmen Electra and Joan Jett make out!

Carmen Electra said she had a crush on singer Joan Jett when she was a girl, and now recently-single Carmen had the opportunity to make her childhood dreams come true. The unlikely pair was said to be all over each other backstage at a concert:

Carmen Electra, and rocker Joan Jett were getting hot and heavy, and they certainly were not trying to hide it. After Joan performed at the Music Box, the two were spotted backstage aggressively kissing, hugging, and touching. According to bystanders, the intensity between the pair translated to the real thing; true love may be in the air for this duo. Their relationship began in May when Carmen made an appearance in Joan’s new “A.C.D.C.” video. According to Carmen’s rep, “Carmen was at the concert. She is a really big fan of Joan’s and I guess this was her way of thanking her for the front row seats.” Wow, Carmen’s got some way of showing her gratitude!

[From the Star magazine e-mail newsletter]

That’s hot! Carmen played Joan Jett’s lover in that video and maybe it moved off screen for them. It might have been just a friendly kiss, but it sure doesn’t sound like it.

Composite picture from Afonbladet.

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12 Responses to “Carmen Electra and Joan Jett make out!”

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  1. Mr. T says:

    Sounds pretty whorish to me. But at least she’s single. Still, any woman who was married to Dennis Rodman is like…ewwww!

  2. Patrillium says:

    Poor Carmen will do ANYTHING to get attention.

  3. QJ says:

    Hot. Hot, hot, hot.

    There must be pictures somewhere. There has to be.

  4. Alexi says:

    I think Joan has gotten her nose done….
    Carmen is hot, a ho, but hot. The Rodman thing still really turns my stomache…I would guess she is a millionaire now post Rodman and Navarro….
    I am sad to say that I missed any of the Dave Tommy mashing session – I think that’s friskier. HEY maybe she’s a copy cat LOL

  5. mssmartypants says:

    This is total bullshit. I was there and it’s sooooo not true. It IS true that they hang out a lot together but as for them making out etc… BULLSHIT! I saw the lesbian groupies backstage trying to get a glimpse . This probably all stems from them wishing for Joan and Carmen to be an item.
    Even if they are an item,they are not OUT as an item.

  6. elisha says:

    Insert lame “a.c.d.c./swings both ways” joke here.

  7. Clarimonde says:

    elisha – that is what the song a.c.d.c. is about..bisexuality.

  8. jeskissfan says:

    I’m probably in the minority among most males, but I’d take Joan Jett over Carmen Electra any day! She is still hot (and not just for a woman her age) she is hotter than a lot of women younger than her. I don’t know how she does it. If ever the opportunity presented itself I’d love to meet Joan

  9. Chuckl says:

    Hell! I’ll become gay for a threesome with Joan Jett and Carmen Electra. But who need Carmen if you could have Joan?

  10. Chanissa says:

    I think Carmen and Joan making out is totally HOT. I’m bisexual and I think that both Carmen and Joan are hotter then hell.

  11. straight says:

    carmen definatly turned me to a lez….wish she new me some how….or she would be wraped around my finger…becasue i can do it better!!!

  12. straight says:

    i think that joan is a pretty women…but comeon carmen she has wrinkkles somewere were your bond to find out…trust me you could definatly find a much younger, punk chick out there…like me…but its kool you can suck them titys off of an old hag like joan!!!…ill be waiting right her once she dies…