Angelina Jolie does a photo op with the twins & Jane Pitt, post-Leg Incident

Go ahead and yell at me, but I still don’t see the big deal about Angelina Jolie’s leg posing at the Oscars. I mean, I understand why it’s a “thing” and I think she needed to put her leg away, of course. I thought it was funny when The Descendants screenwriters teased her, but I thought that’s all it was – friendly teasing. Was she trying too hard to work the slit on her dress? Yes. But it’s Angelina. It’s not some Glee twit. Even when Angelina is “trying too hard” it’s still pretty awesome. The whole incident – and my perception of the balls-out crazy overreaction to The Leg – reminded me of the thing from the 2009 Critics Choice Awards, where everyone claimed Angelina made a bitchface when Anne Hathaway won Best Actress – go back and watch the tape with your 2012 eyes. Is that really what happened? Or are you just hungry to criticize Angelina for anything and nothing?

Anyway, Angelina decided to do some post-Oscar-catastrophe (?? RLY ??) image work. Very conveniently – oh so convenient! – Angelina was pap’d in Beverly Hills yesterday with her de facto mother-in-law, Jane Pitt, and Angie’s youngest kids, the twins Vivienne and Knox.

*jingles keys in front of audience*

You will forget about The Leg. You will stare at photos of happy Jolie-Pitt children. You will see that Angelina still has the approval of Brad’s mom. You will see that Vivienne – the child who normally looks like she’s always on the verge of a wailing temper tantrum – is happy and lovingly attached to her mother. What Leg?

Seriously, though – if Angelina was really worried about The Leg and her detractors, she would have brought out the big guns – Empress Zahara! The fact that we’re getting Viv and Knox means that she’s concerned, but she’s not putting up the Code Red: Brangelina Catastrophe siren.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Bite me says:

    Oh lord… Let me get my popcorn ready … And unh the elder Pitts are there to do an intervention ;)

  2. embertine says:

    Cmon, honestly? Can people not see that the waving The Leg about thing was her taking the piss? Like you couldn’t tell from the awesomely amused supervillain grin she made whilst doing it. I thought it was hilarious, I didn’t realise anyone thought she was actually serious.

    • Len says:

      Taking the piss at what exactly? If she had done it once, and really obviously over the top, I would believe you, but you could tell she had taught herself a pose to look sexy. On stage, you could tell it was nervous laughter, not knowing the audience was laughing at her pose.

      • Bermuda Blues says:

        Taking a piss refers to her bravado. Angelina Jolie is best when she’s arrogance personafied. She’s dramatic, she’s sexy, most importantly she was in on the joke.

        Frankly, the Oscars are all about Angie’s Right Leg. Campy, yes. Hilarious, yes. But most of us are laughing with Angelina – she’s on top of the world right now and she’s “taking a piss.” (Note: She chose to act this way at the Oscars, not at any of her own important movie premieres.)

      • Heine says:

        Bermuda- Taking THE piss is a British slang term for intentionally making fun of something.
        Taking a piss, on the other hand, means urinating. In either case, it has nothing to do with bravado.

        Anyway, she was not in on any joke. The woman isn’t funny and sucks at comedy.

      • sian says:

        Heine, like it or not, you were had. She most definitely was in on the joke and so were those on the stage. This is obvious. I think also that her sense of humor and comedy is a lot better than some so-called romcom actress. You really have no idea how much a fool of yourself and the loonistons you are making. You are one of the reasons I’ve switched to supporting Angelina.

      • Heine says:

        Sian: Aw, since when has Angelina had a sense of humor or comedy? The only ‘funny’ thing she ever did was a romcom way back (I don’t remember the name right now) and it failed. She isn’t funny. Sorry but you are delusional.

        The leg was funny because she made a fool of herself plain and simple. And I doubt you were ever not an Angelina fan. ;)

      • sian says:

        One doesn’t need to work in comedy to have a sense of humor. If you’ve read any of the interviews her co-stars have done you’d see that the one thing many of them say is that Angelina has a great quirky sense of humor. So, sorry to burst your bubble. Also, she made a fool of those such as yourself who fell for her joke. So sorry that you’re the one with egg on her face. :D And again, sorry to burst your bubble but I was never really a fan of her til lately. Never disliked her, just not really into action movies. Never liked or disliked Aniston either, til lately. But if you need to believe the contrary and if it helps you, believe away. ;) You’re only making a fool of yourself on here and if you were smart you’d recognize that.

    • Alita says:

      Cmon honestly? Can’t people believe she made a faux pas? She’s in front of millions and the pressure is there and she strikes a (repeated) idiotic supervillan pose .. Can’t people just take the piss in peace?

      Repeat after me: “Anjie isn’t worthless because she made a dumbass pose. But she did. And it’s a fact. And it doesn’t mean I don’t feel the same as I did before.”

      • Tapioca says:

        AJ clearly wanted the Oscars to be all about HER – Jean, Meryl, Octavia & Christopher be damned, the worthless peasants! – and obviously she wasn’t going to do that by, y’know, delivering an award-winning performance in a lead role any time soon, so she chose the next best (slightly deranged) option.

        Well played though Ma’am – you grabbed many of the UK front pages over the actual Oscar winners. Kayne West-y, but effective!

      • cameron says:

        @ Alita
        No I don’t see that considering that she’s presented and awarded an Oscar before. So now she’s nervous and intimadated in front of millions at 36 but not in her 20′s when there were more viewers back in the 90′s.
        I would think that more people who claim to follow her every move could see what she was doing. Who won the Oscars?
        The idea that she would need to pimp her her twins for showing a leg with a pageantry pose. That in itself is hilarious.

      • Alita says:

        Fair call Cameron, I get what you’re saying. Honestly my main lol is not about what actually occurred – AJ made a dick of herself, which people do every day and is funny to laugh at – but the amusing lengths her crazy fan-rewriters are going to, to justify it. Yeah, it’s some big inside joke nobody else gets, because she was wearing a mona lisa smile .. Yep, so very likely :o )

        And to actually give annoying one-person sample space feedback to your substantive comment – I’ve happily spoken to crowds numbering hundreds (biggest was 400, just for work, I’m not that interesting) but in the past 2 months got mega nervous in front of small crowds of 35 and 15 consecutively. Awful. Though I didn’t thrust my leg out, I must admit.

    • Of Course Not says:

      Angelina is NEVER supposed to be happy or have any fun, because she SUPPOSED to be “smug” and “sucking” Brad’s hotness away (he’s really 28, not 48). Her mere existence drives so many nasty people over the edge, the thought of her happy or having fun is just too much for their very disturbed psyches. BTW, when I do go shopping to brick & mortar stores, it is with my mom or mother-in-law- not because I want a photo taken. I guess it would be too outrageous to think the same of Jolie- even though Jane seems to shop (mostly w/ Angelina) every visit she makes- not possible because Angelina is evil, right?

      • Rhea says:

        ITA. Sometimes people just putting her in a box and stamp her as the bitchy, smug, villain type already without really giving her a chance no matter what she did. For people who only look her from the outside, she is supposed to be the bitchy-smug-show off-that wearing the blood thingy in her neck so when sometimes she shows her human side people doesn’t feel comfortable with that and still pushing her to that descriptions by claiming she is on drugs and trying too hard.

        I would give her the pass since that is not her usual style and she was not putting her vampy-man-eater-pout when she was on the stage with that pose, a sign when someone is REALLY trying hard to look sexy. She was putting a big smile, the kind that you put when you think something is funny.

        I kinda understand her problem. My friends admitted that at first look I seemed so composed, stiff and smug that makes me seems unapproachable but after knowing me they understand that it was just the way my face looks like when I am in front of so many stranger in a party. Call it my nervous face, call it my holding-the-image face, I just can’t help it that’s the way I am. It’s the shield I am putting on. LOL :)

        Lainey said she’s nervous with GOOP and her friend. Seriously? After all this year? After so many times they are passing each other in many awards show? Jolie might embarrassed that her joke went flat since people doesn’t used to that side of her. But to be honest, you’ll catch a glimpse of her goofy side at her early interviews. It’s still there but it’s the side that only her family get to see now.

      • gg says:

        And god forbid – what if they’d skipped the Oscars!!! ZOMG! There’d be a dozen BS articles about what she was doing instead that night. :roll:

    • Jenna68 says:

      This. When I saw it, I assumed she had a couple of cocktails at dinner, was feeling a little silly, and was making fun of the pose-y pose-y thing actresses are expected to do on the red carpet. I thought it was pretty funny.

  3. truthSF says:

    Too cute, but boy do I miss the Empress.

  4. Mooncake says:

    Grandma Jane has a nice behind. Lol

    Cute kids.

    That is all.

    • Kooky says:

      Thats where Brad got his from :)

    • cameron says:

      You FF’s crack me up. Angie has deep seated problems. But this woman has never been arrested for drugs or DWI, charged with trespassing, trashing hotels, endangering the lives of others e.g Drew Barrymore ( who was applauded for cleaning up her life and now maybe pregnant) , Lindsay lohan, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr (another actor who is applauded), Sean Penn, Nicole Ritchie, Heather Locklear, Whitney Houston (RIP), Nick Nolte.. Have you’ve ever seen Angies’s mug shot?

  5. Venice says:

    How cute. They all look very happy. How cute they are holding hands.

    • T.C, says:

      Very adorable and anyone with kids can tell you that you have very little control over them in public. They aren’t going to be happy on demand. They usually choose that time to be extra difficult when you want them to smile. Leave the Jolie and her children alone. Oh and Mother Pitt is very pretty. She dresses really hip too.

  6. MissM says:

    OMG…Those are some seriously cute kids!

  7. A.Y says:

    Knox and Vivienne are just way too cute!!!!!They are happy, normal kids with loving parents and grandparents~Love them! By the way, Angelina dresses very sexy!!!

  8. Ming says:


    She did it the whole evening, which made her look like a twit from Glee and now people scratch their heads WHY the Jolie felt the need to Lea-Michele her way through the Oscars.

    She gets the Nelson Muntz Finger from me: Ha ha !

    • mia girl says:

      Yup. That’s the point, people are scatching there heads. At my son’s baseball practice yesterday, the talk among the 12 or so parents was the Oscars. Everyone was talking about boring Billy Crystal, Meryl’s win, Paltrow’s dress, JLo’s nip slip, but above all Angelina’s moments on the stage & red carpet. I think the most common reactions were “What was that strange pose?!”, “She seemed drunk” “well, she always has been a strange one” and above all “she is sooo skinny”. One dad actually did the pose. None of these people are “haters”, they just saw something strange, and reacted.

      This has taken on a life of its own because lots of people who otherwise don’t follow many celebrities watch the Oscars… Jolie was in front of millions who, frankly, don’t care about her one way or another – they just reacted to an A list celebrity acting odd and are making light of it (like that Screenwriter did). The public (and even Angie super fans) would have done the same if say Natalie Portman or Cameron Diaz had acted that way.

      This will die down soon enough, but in the meantime, people are talking and mocking … but soon enough they will find someone else to talk about.

  9. lem says:

    Viv is the perfect 50/50 split of her parents

  10. Ailine says:

    Can I just say that I find it extremely cool that Angelina is not wearing four inch heels to run errands around town? The heels on that shoes are completely sensible. It always strikes me as odd when celebs always wear stilettos. There are so many footwear options; being able to mix it up shows style and common sense.

  11. Toot says:

    Very cute pics.

    I think Angelina was having fun at the Oscars and probably doesn’t understand all the hoopla. Jane Pitt doesn’t seem to care about it either. She and Angelina seem to enjoy each others company.

  12. Sara says:

    I think the pose was a joke. She seemed to be laughing about it all night. Angie doesn’t seem like the kind of person who isn’t aware of herself.

  13. Marjalane says:

    Nah, I still think the leg thing was bizarre.

  14. Sisi says:

    I thought the leg thing was hilarious. I don’t know if I’m laughing with her or at her, but in the end it doesn’t matter. I was amused either way.

  15. mln76 says:

    I’ve got to admit the leg photobomb gif is pretty amazing Uggie and the Statue of Liberty i’m dying. But yes people are overreacting and making something out of what was such a minor thing. It shows the power of The Jolie…her skinny right leg owns the f-ing planet :)
    And those twins are just so cute it’s killing me.

  16. sarah says:

    She looks really good in these pics and the kids are adorable. I don’t see what the deal with the leg is all about. I liked it. We got to see Angelina’s leg. It was nice, she looked lovely. Get over it.

  17. Bite me says:

    Next photo-op some third world country ;)

  18. blah says:

    Sorry guys, but the Jolie most definitely was not taking the piss. She did not want to be the butt of anyone’s joke and was pretty angry about what happened! Refer to exhibit A:

    Anyway, cheers to Jim Rash for bringing the attention of viewers back to the winners who were supposed to be honoured that night!

    • mln76 says:

      Even your tab bible seems to say she asked who the guy was then was calm. That isn’t really a huge deal no matter how much the negatrons would love it to be.

      Still Angie’s right leg owns your ass. (No offense)

      • blah says:

        LOL why? Because I posted an article? I really don’t get you Loons. Why does it bother you so much that people are laughing at someone you likely will never meet in your life, and who I guarantee doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you?

        Honestly, listen to yourself! Celebs are just people! They put themselves out there and are fair game for ridicule in addition to adulation. Angelina’s got a ton of money and can handle people rightfully laughing at her without psychos like you getting all heated up on her behalf. Take it easy.

        YAY Jim Rash! Hopefully his hilarity means Community will be renewed for more seasons! Greendale!

      • mln76 says:

        Blah that was clearly a joke. I think this whole thing is ridic and yes that paragraph you wrote alone with your personal attacks(nice edit but I read the first response) just proves which one of us actually has a sense of humor.

        My own personal theory Angie’s right leg is the first in a series of weapons to be released from the Empresses war chest. Z’s new world order is coming.

      • blah says:

        Hehe, I’m a compulsive editor. What personal attack did I make? Was it about you being a Loon and/or being psycho and needing help? I don’t remember. I do know I edited bc I made a similar comment elsewhere in the thread. But whatever, happy Brangelooning!


      • blah says:

        Whoops I posted this comment in the wrong place. Reposting in general thread!

    • Kt says:

      She was nervous because Goop was there! Goop in the house!

  19. LadyJane says:

    That jingling keys comment is totally spot on. The first thing I thought when I saw the post is, Angie (the consummate PR genie) is working her magic by bringing out the babies. I am sure that children’s boutique run the morning after the Oscars, with the twins in tow, was totally a bit of PR on her part to make us forget the silly posturing the night before. It seems to have worked.

  20. Mrsb says:

    I love Angie but the leg thing was bizarre and she was slurring her words. Something was up….. She wasn’t taking the piss. She was full of it ( or something else).

  21. Samigirl says:

    I want my son to have Knox’s little leather jacket. SO cute.

  22. Hypocricy says:

    I love those pictures, the interractions between the two kids and Vivienne’s smile.

    I like Jolie’s attire and never realised that Jane Pitt had still a great figure at her age.

  23. Dibba says:

    I am over the weird leg stunt. Ready to move on. Its amazing how much some folks think they can read into photos.

  24. Celebasshat says:

    Seriously pple if it were other actress that hijacked the award show and make it all about her instead of the winners. Some commenters here will be saying shit about her famewhorey attitude but since its Saint Angie, all is well in Hollyweird. Bias much

  25. Agnes says:

    i know, who the hell cares about the leg thing. it was silly, let’s move on.

    freaking adorable kids, seriously.

  26. Ell says:

    Fan or not, the fact is the leg has taken on a life of it’s own and her embarassing pose is etched in Oscar history forever.

    Personally, I found her ever disappearing frame more concerning, apart from her arms and legs, her face seems to be shrinking, I’m not a Brangeloonie but I hope she’s well and there’s no sad smut going on.

  27. k says:

    The leg thing was certainly a weird desperate move but it’s not worth all this attention. I laughed but like kaiser, I don’t think she’s doing a PR move this Viv and Knox. Bringing out Empress Z..and I would think differently.

  28. mln76 says:

    Oh and how much does Viv look like her Grandma???

  29. ella says:

    Can anyone identify Angelina’s bag? It’s perfect!

  30. Dibba says:

    Come on! Hijacked the show!? A little over the top. best part was the dude goofing on her so I am grateful to AJ for setting him up so nicely. It livened up the show.

    • NM6804 says:

      See I do believe she hijacked the show. There were three things up for discussion:

      1. J-Lo’s (almost) nip slip
      2. Crystal’s tame hosting
      3. Davis’ lost to Streep
      4. Jolie’s leg.

      Considering she’s a meme, all outlets are give the RightLeg a special article (where her weight is discussed too), a winner imitated her and the public is like “wtf, why did she do that pose a million times over and over”? then yes you could say she hijacked the show. But methinks she wanted people to talk about her hotness, not be the butt of a joke. And now you can insert the photo-op to deflect attention from all of this. And the reason why people go on and on about it, is because you don’t expect such weird behaviour from an A-lister who knows the game for so long. Compare that to the presentation of Emma Stone (seriously, how good was she?!) and you have to wonder why she couldn’t do her 5min. JOB (yes Katherine, it’s a job) correctly while Stone the younging could do a whole stand-up routine seemingly flawless and natural.

  31. Cathy says:

    Yup we have an offical scandal now. I’d say it’s on par with the Watergate scandal, only we can call it leg-gate.

  32. Shannon says:

    soooo not getting the big deal. So dumb. She’s human, I took it as a little goofy, cute joke. I don’t get why people are freaking out. But if it leads to more pictures of those cute kids, fine by me …

  33. teehee says:

    Speaking of legs, Christ look at her legs compared to the other woman (whose legs are totally normal).
    She is way, way underweight.

    • teri says:

      I’m not seeing the skinny leg thing going on. I see a very toned and sexy leg that is a mile long. Apparently she has self confidence and knows she looks great and works it to her advantage.

      • NM6804 says:

        50000 people on TMZ disagree, Yahoo ommenters disagree I think everbody who has a bit perspective sees she has an unhealthy weight. Her leg is so bony looking and well old, being that thin makes you look older than you are.

      • islandgirl says:

        That is they problem isn’t it. Darn you went on all those sites tracking articles about her. Even I as a fan don’t do that lol

      • Hypocricy says:

        i also love her legs, they are sender and toned just like i love Zoe Saldana, Gisèle Bundchen, Marie Jose Perec (superb pair) and Rosie Huntington’s legs and all women of my family’s pairs.

        Those are slims ballerina like type of legs.

        The only type of meatier legs I love are also in the long proportions : long thigh, long calves, like Cameron Diaz or Kim Basinger.

        Don’t love short built legs where the calves are hypotrophied and wether muscular, meatier or not. That’s why i don’t like Aniston short legs OR Halle short and bow legs.

        Usually tall girls have long legs where the difference of length compared to tiny women is mainly concentrated on the longer calves.

        With certain nutriments that increase muscle mass coupled with certain type of exercises you can pump up and shape your muscles around your leg bone structure but you can’t change your body part proportions/length.

      • NM6804 says:

        @islandgirl: No I didn’t, I follow several papers for school and others just to keep me informed what’s going on. If you land in the Oscar section of an online paper then you can clearly see how the Rightleg is being discussed. It’s hardly tracking her when it’s all over the news :D . Yahoo is good to keep track of articles from several outlets btw.
        It’s just you who refuses to see how she’s being mocked all over the internet and you can’t stand me commenting about it. And don’t give me the “even I as a fan” as if that holds any kind entitlement over a supposed non-fan. As if supposed non-fans need to shut up about this topic.

        @hypocricy: Ballerina legs? A ballerina has slender but mucled legs, not skinny bony ones. I have a friend who happens to be a ballerina and went to her company’s shows, I can tell you I never saw Jolie’s legs. Even the skinniest girls had a body that was muscled, strong. She herself isn’t a skinny minny either because she’s short and gains weight easily. They will never hire a girl who’s unhealthily skinny because it’s a liability. Ballet dancing is hard work and a sick body can’t handle that. You can only push yourself so far. It’s your idea of ballerina legs maybe, go to youtube and search any kind of ballerina videos and you will see healthy, strong girls. The legs are almost pure muscle, are you telling me Jolie’s legs are pure muscle :D ?

        The people you named do have beautiful healthy legs but you ain’t convincing me their legs look anything like Jolie’s, again your idea.

      • teehee says:

        a toned and sexy leg? Well I’ll be humbled when you can have a leg that looks anythgin like hers… yeah she has long limbs and large bones so maybe her weight is “buffered”, but still- look around and count how many other women look anythign like that.
        There’s a reason why they dont!

      • Hypocricy says:

        @ NM6894

        Ummm sorry don’t agree. jolie and Zoe have exactly those balerina legs and all have been classically trained, Zoe until her late teen.

        They have long slimly toned thighs. If you ever look at the Bolshoi and Paris academy, dancers have a strict diet and you’ll see dancers 165cm who can’t go past 45 kilos. In the Bolshoi it is even worst. I have just seen a show about foreign dancers trying to enter it and you see them 170 cm, 45 kilos,. They are weighed like every two days anc can’t go up. Jolie look heavy in comparison.

        Jolie’s problem is that her upper body doesn’t fit her lower body. She is too broad and busty for her type of legs.

        As for muscular legs you are talking about, those are the type you will find in gymnasts, like Britney who is a gymnast whose type of exercise build the muscles mass don’t strecth it like classical dance does.

        @ Teehee

        Just because a type of frame or hair, or legs isn’t waht’s most commonly seen, doesn’t mean it’s less attractive. Tall women are a rarity, so are real blond and the average american type of body who is the fattest one from al western countries is certainly not what is universally seen around the world or dubbed as beautiful.

      • Jill says:

        @NM6804: Oh good grief, get over yourself. Do you think Angie gives a tin fart about what 50,000 people with nothing better to do than snark on her right leg think? Frankly, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her, and that’s what galls you and the other Angiephobes so much. As far as she is concerned, you people simply do not count.

      • teehee says:

        Whether common = attractive is not my point.
        My opinion is, that chicken bone thin is not attractive and I point out that it is rare and allude to the fact that the reason for its rarity, is due to how unhealthy it is and difficult it is to achieve by healthy means.
        Im not attacking you for finding it attractive, but I am sticking to my own position, which is that I find it unattractive.

  34. atticfaerie says:

    Sidenote: Is Angie lightening her hair?

    Viv is absolutely adorable!

    Almost makes me want try again for a girl (all smelly college boys here in my home) but I’ll give it a go if Brad wants to be the sperm donor, (Brad, RDJ, and Clive are my three freebies should the occasion come along)

    Stranger things have happened – right, right?

    Plus I only live a few miles from his Okla. grandparents, a chance encounter is possible. Now if I can just figure out how to fool Z!

  35. di elepha beth says:

    wait a minute.
    which twins are you talking about? the boy and girl running free and happily in sunshine,
    or the twins attached to her chest that seem to resent being sequestered behind sateen/silk/whateverimnotverygoodwithfabrics

    braless and cool/breezy day, probably not a good combination. unless you want to take someone’s eye out.

  36. Mimi says:

    Not a AJ fan AT ALL, but I don’t get all the fuss over “the leg” or these photos. She is not the first actress to show some leg and she won’t be the last. In these photos, she is simply going about her own business doing very ordinary things. Who cares? Get a life people.

  37. skuddles says:

    I’m convinced Angelina pulled “the leg” as a lark. She’s not stupid… she knows her beauty gives her a lot of power, but I also don’t think she takes any of it too seriously. With all the bruhaha of awards season and promoting her movie, I think she decided to say screw it, I’m just having fun tonight. I think it’s hilarious that “the leg” has a big twitter following now :D

  38. Jayna says:

    The kids got her high forehead.

    Finally my Angie is back, out of her boring flat shoes and dress pants or boring beige skirts while out and about and in tight black jean-like pants and boots. FINALLY. I thought that Angie was gone forever.

  39. Rhiley says:

    Is it possible George Clooney put the screen writers up to doing the leg pose thing? I watched her bit of the Oscars and I didn’t get what those guys were doing until the next morning when all the tabs were talking about it. I wouldn’t put it past Clooney to matermind having the screenwriters of the film for which he is nominated for an Oscar to poke fun at one of his besties by asking them to imitate his bestie’s girl posing on stage. I bet Sacha Baron Cohen is ticked that his prank is being overshadowed by Angelina’s chicken leg.

  40. spinner says:

    She’s doing exactly what I expected her to do. Trot out the children & better yet, add Brads’ Mom to the equation. There. This will make everything all better. I will never look at her in the same way again.

  41. CaramelKiss says:

    There is nothing more joyous than watching a content & happy child. Viv just put the biggest smile on my face, she is obviously a very happy child and I commend Angelina for that…not her nannies, but her. KUDOS. BTW, the boy looks happy too. What his name is? Braxx, Axel, there’s a damned X is the name…u know who I’m talking about. LOL.

  42. olivia says:

    And she made it a point to wear something that shows her nipples being hard. Low cut & unbuttoned. Still whoring it up I see.

  43. Jill says:

    It must be said, those are some scarily adorable kids. Too cute for words. They take after both their parents.

    Jane Pitt and Angie seem to get along very well. I remember a few years ago when she and Bill Pitt went with Brad and Angie to a premiere of Brad’s movie (I forget which one) and Jane Pitt had just received a gift from them which was a gold charm bracelet with 14 gold baby shoe charms on it, each charm engraved with the name and birth date of her grandchildren. She was flashing it in front of the cameras and telling everyone it was her proudest possession.

  44. ladybert62 says:

    I like Jane Pitt and I thought Jane Pitt looked lovely at the oscars.

    That is the first time I have seen vivianne smile – probably because grandma is there.

  45. NM6804 says:

    Oh and I think people are way more interested in her bio children than the adopted ones. When they talk about a potential split, I doubt they care about the adopted ones. They see Pitt worrying about his bio children, not exactly the adopted ones. Shiloh’s birth was like the second coming of Jesus, the adopted ones never get that amount of press.

    • Jill says:

      Aside from the Loonifers and the tabloids, who are these people “worrying” over the biological children in the event of a potential split?

      Aniston’s fans have been fantasizing for years that Brad is waiting for the right moment to leave Angie and the adopted kids, take Shiloh and the twins, and run headlong back to Jennifer, so they and his bio children can all live together happily ever after in blond-haired, blue-eyed bliss.

      • Susan says:

        I think that you are the only one that ever even thinks about this. Do you honestly believe that Jen would ever want this pathetic excuse for a man back? As for Jolie the leg and now the nipples – trying to hard. But they sure know what is going on in the entertainment news – they sure are out there quick trying to repair the damage with the children. Sad. Keep your leg in next time Angie and then you would not have to parade your children out the next day for damage control.

      • Jill says:

        @Susan: No, dear, it’s not just me. Go visit some Aniston fan sites and read the comments. They are hilarious. They are absolutely obsessed with the notion that one day Brad will run back to Jennifer and all will be right with the world. And as for that “pathetic excuse for a man”, you people thought he was God’s gift to women until he unloaded his ex-wife. Would she take him back? In a New York minute, once Justin bales on her, which is bound to happen sooner or later. They all do.

  46. tinker says:

    Listen she cares what people think. That is why she did the leg thing. She was trying soooo hard to be sexy.I mean listen to her speak along with the leg. EMBARRASSING.If you don’t think a narcissists cares what people think. Than you are not in the know about narcissism.
    i think the problem some people are having with this is about the fact that it became painfully obvious just how insecure Angie really is. And some of you won’t accept that.Coincidence shew is seen out with twins and mom. Nope.
    I actually feel a bit sorry for Brad. She hijacked his night. A very selfish thing to do.

  47. k says:

    I don’t really care about AJ, but I thought she was posing to promote the dress and designer (which is appropriate). However, I think she should have restricted the pose to the red carpet, and kept a more demure presence on stage, out of respect for her role as presenter, not star.

    Anyway, if it had been me, I would have tried to make a joke of it later. Why be so serious about yourself?

  48. blah says:

    I wonder if people are sending Jim Rash death threats. Hell hath no fury like Brangeloonies scorned. Asides from Jen Hens that is.

  49. Penguin says:

    I don’t know what the fuss is all about. It was a blink and you’ll miss it moment. I rewatched today and I still don’t get it.

  50. Eleonor says:

    The tweens are supercute!!! Love them.
    Ps: I want Angie’s boots.

  51. Bite me says:

    Hmm I do believe leg gate has replace another infamous Oscar moment of Jolie :)

  52. Sandip says:

    I bet the Empress talked Angie into doing the leg pose to look like a real model.

  53. Beatrix says:

    Ha -”post leg incident” – one of the good headlines here! Nice.

  54. Shelly says:

    I agree with you, Kaiser. I didn’t see the big deal about the leg either. I still think she was just trying to be funny and that those guys were being lighthearted making fun of her. Totally overblown.

  55. Lennie says:

    People or call it the public don’t like her but for some reason the media licks her a s s. So when this happened, it was a gleeful moment for every one.

  56. LoL says:

    Let’s see… She jumped in a pool at one golden globes, she kissed her brother at the oscars…but people are up in arms and in shock at her posing on stage. The woman who wore blood around her neck cares about what celebbitchy posters thinks. Please. You wish.

    Funny how the site isn’t talking about her health. The woman is anorexic. I guess Brad is too worried about his makeup and Botox to care.

  57. sharylmj says:

    I think everyone looks happy and healthy in these photos.. pretty sure she’s not worried about the leg thing, probably is really happy that the “Mission” is accomplished!!! those are very cute babies.. so big already. I love that Vivian is smiling for a change, she usually looks stressed out when she’s out public.

  58. marie says:

    Hopefully, she was just being “silly” when she walked out and thrust her leg out. I was embarrassed for her because she looked so awkward when she walked out. It appears she can take a joke though and her kids are so cute. They all look happy.

  59. Stubbylove says:

    Hot Damn – her nips are still pokin’ straight up after breast-feeding twins?? This girl has an amazing surgeon or some fabulous genes. If she didn’t want us to comment on her boobs she should wear a bra – esp. w/a white shirt.

  60. Lauren says:

    Angie was just having fun.leave her alone. Cutest twins in the world..look how V. is laughing! Mrs. Pitt is a very proud Grandma..who wouldn`t be?

  61. Amy says:

    I swear I just bought a jacket that looks exactly like the bomber jacket Knox is wearing.

    Also I don’t think the “Leg” incident is really that big a deal. I think people were just really confused as to why she kept posing awkwardly to show off the slit because it just looked ridiculous.

  62. Ally says:

    Those pink glitter shoes came from Payless. Both my daughters have those shoes. She totally gets a pass for the leg. Go girl.

  63. vanessa says:

    I’m over the leg thing.

    She’s very pretty and those twins are very cute and I love how she’s hugging her mom in those pictures and the hand holding, just darling.

  64. Isa says:

    When I saw the pictures I figured she was standing like that because the slit wasn’t positioned properly. Without her leg sticking out like that the slit would’ve disappeared.
    Anyway, wish it wasn’t black.

  65. Lila says:

    Honestly, I thought she was a bit tipsy at the Oscars…She kept laughing and seemed really amused when she struck that pose on stage…When you are a bit drunk, some people find anyting amusing…I don’t think the Descendents writers were trying to be bitchy either…Just joking around…But seriously, way blown out of proportion.

  66. Susan says:

    Sad that her family and friends don’t try to help here. Perhaps they are just like her fans always trying to down play this woman’s serious issues. Angie is aneroxic – ho doubt about it. The sad part is that until something terrible happens those close to her probably won’t admit it. I would hate to see another Karen Carpenter. So much talent and yet she died because no one cared until it was to late.

    • Hypocricy says:

      Just like Aniston fans can’t help themselves speaking about how healthy she is eventhough she only eats chicken salads and diets all the time as she has been into a lethal tanorexic attitude for decades.

      But hey, she is healthy for them since she has a little more meat on. To hell that she has to suppress most healthy nutriements of her diet to artificially achieve that frame, to hell for the excess of nicotine and sun damages…

      • Sara says:

        Remember Jen has no children. She can be selfish if she chooses. Angelina has 6 children. It is really selfish of her to be anorexic and not even try to get help. She looked the thinnest I have ever seen her @ the Oscars. Her arms are scary and the girl either has a debilitating disease or she is anorexic, simple as that. Protein shakes

      • Hypocricy says:

        @ Sara

        Remembered, Jolie has been criTicized for her frame being skinny hence unhealthy LONG BEFORE she had children.

        Remembered also that Ansiton fans like to point out that Aniston’s body is HEALTHY though she uses unhealthy means to acheibve it including smoking, dieting all the time supressing important nutriements for years, not to mention her TANOREXIC attitude which is even more lethal.

        I don’t think her dieting for years and tanorexic attitude is anything but unhealthy and certainly not the model to brag about. At least Jolie is criticize for her body type. No critics EVER for Aniston artificially maintainted body through questionable unhealthy methods but applause instead !

    • Sunny says:

      But we are NOT talking about aniston…..comparing her to Jolie doesn’t make it better. With is wrong with people? Jolie look really unhealthy, she has KIDS, she should care that she looks frail, get your head out of the sand, stop singing la la la and stfu!

      • Hypocricy says:

        And i am not speaking about her too, i am speaking about her FANS in relation to health and kinda double perception about what is healthy as well as their fake concern about Jolie’skininess they called ANOREXY while they maintain that their star is healthy inspite of her UNHEALTHY habits and TANOREXY.

  67. sm255 says:

    I’m not even sure if she’s worrying about the leg anymore, guys.

    And DAMN, those kids have large foreheads! (pardon me, of course…but damn)

  68. toto says:

    but she did the rehearsal.. why did the stage director is not talking? if that what she was trained for or not? like posing like model….
    why no body interviewed him if they think she posed weird for opening the envelope?

  69. mew says:

    It’s getting trendy with Angie post to start things with “are we still talking about the leg thing” and then talking the leg thing whole post, or like here, “go ahead and yell me about the leg thing”… move on. You’re bringing it up yourself constantly. Too bad your fav person got critized, but this is a bit tired way to start a post.

  70. Medusa says:

    Kinda seems like she is deliberately hiding her legs with children and bags…?

    I’m kinda not much into the whole “eat a hamburger” thing, but that last pic….yikes.

  71. Paige says:

    Amen! Finally someone with common sense. IT IS OVER PEOPLE! Get over it. I can see yesterday becuz it was the day after the ceremony but are we really still talking about this today. Of course angie’s fans will stick up for her and there is nothing wrong with that. She showed her leg some of you act like she killed someone. The media and the people on this site are making it ten times bigger than what it is. The people that hate her are really making it bigger than what it is becuz you have to nitpick this woman to death and find something wrong with everything she does. It’s always the same eight or ten jen fans on this site that find any way they can to hate her . She does no wrong to her fans but she does every single thing wrong to you if you don’t like her. This site is turning into FF or Perez Hilton with it’s comments and that is not a good thing. Yes she does need to gain some weight but how is that your concern. go ahead and call me a “loon” because I’m defending her. @ Bite Me, Lady Jane, NM6804, blonde on dock, olivis,susan, tinker, and LOL all Jen fans.

  72. teri says:

    Well dear Lord the leg was sexy as heck and it beats talking about wonderbust failure.

  73. Runs with Scissors says:

    The over-the-top uproar is what’s so funny here. She sticks her leg out and people’s heads explode, lol!

    Also, to those who love to INSIST she’s had a nose job, take a look at her nose in these pics.

    People are foaming at the mouth to try to tear this woman and her family down.

    Any perceived weakness, even if totally false or grossly exaggerated, will do.

    It’s clear that she makes some people extremely uncomfortable.

    Watching the ways they try to justify the over-the-top bitterness is the entertaining part. :)

    • Heine says:

      Bwa ha ha ha! You know what’s actually funny and entertaining? The Brangeloonies bending over backward to justify her silly leg pose. Had this been anyone else, you all would be cackling over how stupid it was.

      But because it’s Jolie, the bootlicking is in full effect. Anything to explain away her nationally televised faux pas and subsequent public mocking.

      She was in on the joke! Even though it’s well known that she doesn’t do comedy, isn’t funny and has a poor sense of humor about herself. People just want to tear her down! Uh, it was ridiculous, she did it in front of millions of people and everyone talks about Oscar faux pas no matter who it is (Swan dress? Adrien Brody kissing Halle Berry? Uma Thurman’s milkmaid dress, Roberto Benigni climbing over chairs). People are bitter and jealous! That old song and dance?

      Come on. She did something stupid. Admit it. It was funny and ridiculous and she made an ass out of herself on national television. It’s ok. Your idol can do stupid stuff. She isn’t perfect.

      I think you all are upset because she did something so stupid so publicly. She was the joke of the Oscars and will be counted among the other Oscar faux pas of the past.

      • Sunny says:

        ^YES! Uh…. She was kidding y’all! Really? So why aren’t the loonies cracking the hell up and raving about how funny she is? Where is kaiser write up about how hilarious Jolie is? All there is is weak excuses and or complete denial. Sorry to rub it in….but that is what happens when u tear people apart for certain things and put one on a pedestal… They fall off & u eat PIE

      • Hypocricy says:

        What Jolie did was a stupid stunt and totally unecessary. I didn’t like it, even if it’s one of the least disgusting stunts (she didn’t got publicly assfingered at least) we have seen from stars.

        But the biggest stupidity is the collective hysteria of none other than her detractors who FAKE so much concern about her health because she has kids and should not be as skinny, the same kids they like to trash along their mother not having the least concern about what it could do to them.

        That’s the biggest stupidity and fraud that none other than the Jen fans would now feel concerned about Jolie’s health and the consequences on her kids.

      • Jill says:

        What we’re laughing at, Heine, is the Loonifers — and that includes you — over-the-top reaction to Angie’s leg-gate, as if that in any way compensated for the collapse of poor Jennifer’s film career. THAT is what we are laughing at.

        NOW do you get it?

      • Sunny says:

        Jennifer’s movie bombed! That is a fact…yes it is, sad really….but not slightly funny or unexpected. SO let’s get back to the matter at hand….LOL, legmania

      • Jill says:

        @Sunny: It wasn’t just her movie that bombed; her career is toast. That was just one bomb too many with too much riding on it.

        @hypcrisy: These are the same people who kept insisting that Shiloh was retarded and the twins have Down syndrome. Go figure.

      • Camille (The original) says:

        Jill- yes it is hilarious isn’t it! You would think that all of the Aniston apologists/loonies would be on her Wanderbust thread defending her box office flop, but instead they are here taking it out on AJ’s leg. I guess as they say AJ’s leg OWNS them LOL. :D

      • Heine says:

        @Hypocricy-Oh can it with the ‘public assfingering’. First, she was wearing jeans and his hand was over her jeans so there was no ‘fingering’. Second, her butt was facing away from the cameras when Butler did that. Lastly, no one would have known that happened if that paparazzo hadn’t had a telephoto lens and captured a blurry photo from like, a hundred yards away so it wasn’t public.

        And she shouldn’t be that skinny. She looks terrible.

        @Jill-oh, strawman fallacy. There is no over-the-top reaction. Aniston is irrelevant to this discussion. We ‘Loonifers’, and lots of other people, just laughing at a celebrity doing something stupid. She’s not above reproach. Sorry.

        Camille: Jolie’s leg owns nothing, lol. However, she was hilariously owned by Jim Rash in front of millions :)

    • Runs with Scissors says:

      yep, hit a nerve :)

  74. jc126 says:

    Vivienne is beautiful! I think she has Brad’s face. Her twin seems to have more Angelina’s face. I guess they both have Brad’s hair color.

  75. G says:

    Yeah, how DARE she enjoy her kids and her in-laws visit on a shopping day! How dare she go out without a burka!

  76. poal says:

    this idiot is the biggest phony, and every time she needs the public to like her, either to promot a crappy movie or times like now, she drags the kids out …. Brad pitt is dumb, his ex-wife is even dumber, and loud and classless

  77. TheOGSasha says:

    The part where you write “Or are you just hungry to criticize Angelina for anything and nothing?” — yep, you got that right. The proof that you hit the nail on the head is the ridiculous, over-the-top uproar & the cackling of glee & condemnation as if she had taken a dump on stage. AJ goofed up & the vultures pounced on the opportunity almost causing the entire internet to explode. Seriously, can you imagine what would have happened if she had drunkenly slurred her way through the presentation? {rolls eyes}

  78. kd sunshine says:

    AJ is brilliant at self promotion.
    They say she doesn’t have a publicist.
    Why would she??? She is so smooth doing her own PR. Just remember folks.
    All kids are adorable, yours, mine,
    the neighbors and AJ/Pitt’s. They come across as good parents as well—but saying that, that does not make them
    good people. Alot of self serving, self important people have kids. Just look around you.

  79. Bermuda Blues says:

    Can I just say: I love Jane Pitt. She just looks like such a kind, funny, light-hearted woman. I’m a fan.

    That is all!

  80. Lola says:

    sadly this is not a coincidence, she uses her kids for publicity and I think is disgusting, sure the kids are beatiful and adorable but this woman is trying to sell something I dont buy, there´s deff something off with her

    • chloew says:

      i agree – and I think Brad knows she is falling apart, she said as much in an interview, about having a break down in the shower? I think this all started last yr when she was nom for comedy for Tourist – what a slap in the face…

      something is wrong with her and she needs help, her own father said she was mental. she just needs meds, for the sake of her children

    • TheOGSasha says:

      What is “off” is that people actually believe someone would adopt 3 children & have 3 biological children for “publicity.” Brother, eye, plank. . .

  81. blah says:

    For the kids’ sake I hope they didn’t inherit their dad’s minuscule intellect and nonexistent brain power. There’s a reason the Coen Brothers wrote the part of the Burn After Reading dumbass with Pitt in mind, and then snickered when Pitt complained that the part was too dumb for him to play!

  82. buell says:

    You know you are too thin when your child can block you out of a picture.

  83. Penguin says:

    You don’t have to be skinny to have anorexia. A friend if mine was diagnosed as having anorexia. She was living on 200 cals aday for over a year. She lost 9 pounds in 1st couple of months then after that her body went into starvation mode and she didn’t lose a pound. She kept starving herself and went into liver and kidney failure without ever being underweight. So it always pisses me off when people make assumptions about people’s outer appearances.

    • Hypocricy says:


      You cannot always draw conclusions based on body frame. Some are naturally big boned and fat and eat less than a thin person to maintain a frame meatier. They are the one UNDERNOURISHED, though you don’t see it.

      The contrary is true too, my brother’s ex and my aunt are both 170cm, 48 kilos…my aunt is 50, 5 children, african, never went to the gym, no cellulitis, no wrinke, always smiling, looking half her age ofte mistaken as her 33 years old son’s girlfriend since he turned 17, has small limbs, had always very pointy small belly during pregnancies, has big boobs and eat like a man in quality and quantity. They overeat in a way that is revolting even for me who like all the rest is very slim but eat properly anything i want.

      Those two abuse of rich food, meat over meat, french fried like every day, chocolate, cream, pâtisserie, ect…

      They had a blood test lately and they are full of cholesterol. My bro ex is in her twenties and Both have been put on a diet to eat less high caloric food
      and more vegetables otherwise their veins will be blocked and they will have heart problems soon.

      But hey, people always assumed they are undernourished before seeing her eat always thought she was anorexic when she is the greediest woman in my entourage, finsihing her plate and the one of a girlfriend. She thinks because she is super thin with a very thin bone structure and a high metabolism that she can do it all and be healthy. Now at 5’7″ and 1O5 pounds she has been put on a diet because of her greasy blood and is losing weight while eating more properly and a balanced meal !

      As for my personal experience, a few years ago i was working at an enterprise and got PUBLICLY called out by my female manager and employees because i was eating every day pizza while they were eating salad which they view as a provocation and they ask me to eat it far from them saying they didn’t understand how i could be that thin when they were twice my frame eating salad and doing sport everyday, just to maintain their frame.

      Since that time, i used to seat around men eating pizza, pasta every single working day and drinking coca cola finishing with a bar of belgian chocolate while they were all with their poor salads, low caloric suger and yogurt and water pestering against my frame and still wondering how it was possible to be able to eat whatver rich food and stay that thin.

  84. chloew says:

    something else to remember here….her mother, grandmother, and greatgrandmother – all on mom’s side…all died very young of the same female cancer

    i hope nothing is wrong with AJ, but the history does not bode well for her

  85. Penguin says:

    Thanks hypocricy for ur comment. Sorry you were treated like that by your colleagues. It’s a shame some people can be so ignorant.

  86. Moreaces says:

    What beautiful children, what bright cheerful smiles.. They look so very happy..

  87. Luls says:

    Jeez, get over the leg already! So yesterday!

    The REAL story are her nipples sticking out through that white shirt above! :P I’m surprised no one has commented on it yet! :D

  88. Ogechi says:

    Thank goodness she covered those sorry legs, the pale skin & the scary arms. If u have it, u flaunt it. Miss Angelina Jolie has absolutely nothing to flaunt except her tattoos & her lips. Those kids are adorable.

  89. Ogechi says:

    I also think that AJ has deep seated problem. I suspect she is on drugs. She is extremely insecure but that leg thing was the confirmation that her brain needs to be examined. Her father was not lying when he said she has mental disorder!

  90. Jill says:

    Some people posting on here have gone completely off the rails playing doctor. Angie has mental issues, she’s on drugs, she’s anorexic, she has an eating disorder, she needs help, etc etc ad nauseam. Unless you have any solid evidence to document any of this, I suggest you self-medicate with a double dose of STFU. Your bogus concern for her welfare is fooling absolutely no one.

    • Paige says:

      Everything you said made sense. It is only the people that loathe Angelina that believe she is on drugs becuz she is so skinny. She has six children. There is no rational thinking with the people that hate her and love Jen so much. Have any you stopped to think angelina is over working herself. She wasn’t this skinny in the 90′s becuz she doesn’t have all the responsibility has now. Angelina has too much on her plate. She believes she is superwoman or something. She has six young children to run after, she’s a actress, director, humanitarian, and philanthropist. She has always be thin but never this thin and I believe angelina needs to just sit down, stop traveling so much, and eat properly. I’m being a logical thinker and not just a hater that tries to tear her down for every little thing. I’m hoping she gains atleast 20 lbs will help her so much. There is no point in arguing with faceless people on the internet. You will waste your tie and breathe.

    • Josephina says:


      Angie has gotten even more popular now because of her leg appearance at the Oscars.

      Let the sad people ream her for showing her sexy leg.

      The Jolie is a powerful woman- all of this attention showing ONE leg. AND she does not have a publicist. She does not need defending and she doesn’t need a publicist. Her right leg alone has created over 38,000 tweets. Her beauty is intimidating and makes some people uncomfortable.

      Either way, they’d rather talk about her sex appeal than pay attention to the purpose, nominees or winners of the Oscar show. All eyes are always on the Jolie whenever she is present.

      Her beauty make you stare whether she is on screen, live at the red carpet, in an interview, in a magazine, or a candid photo.

      She is mostly admired, mocked by some, but she is always watched. The hater population wants some of her attention and so let ‘em rip. In fact, let them stew in it.

      Their negative remarks will create new fans and further multiply her already huge, worldwide fanbase. It is happening as we speak.

      Angie knows how to put her popularity to good use.

      None of the negatvie remarks is going to change her getting premium roles or discourage people from showing up to see her in a movie.

      It’s not going to affect her role as a activist or humanitarian.

      Brad is still very much in love her (his words) and her children adore her.

      Her brother, father and Jan/Bill Pitt love and are proud of her.

      So…let ‘em hate.

  91. FeverDream says:

    I do think Angelina is concerned with what people think of her enough to trot out Jane and the kids.

    She looked drunk last night.

    If she wasn’t intoxicated by alcohol she was intoxicated with herself.
    The leg pose onstage was tacky and distracting. I think she thought it looked sexy and did it in all seriousness considering the way she walked out and readjusted herself and then continued to stand there like that.

    Angelina is a crazy bird.

    • Rhea says:

      Why not try to think that Jane also pushing for them to go out? She wants to go out with the kids, so she’s bringing Jolie along. They both know paparazzi will be somewhere around anyway. Jane strike to me as a person that loyal and supporting her family. She might said,’Let’s show people that everything is OK. Stand tall and put your chin up! We don’t need to hide. It’s just a silly thing that will pass away soon.’—-Well, at least that’s what my in law will do to me if I ever in her position :) Hiding away just showing people that you DO worry about being the target of people sneering.

      Keep doing your thing, Angie. It won’t get blown out this big anyway if the screenwriter—and even he did it for the fun of it(I don’t believe he was trying to grab the spotlight back to him because some people here say she’s hijacking their moment. Why can he make a lighthearted joke about her?)—did not copying her pose, people might just say that her pose at the stage was awkward and that would be the end.

      Aren’t people just love to jump and cutting throat when someone that looks so untouchable (gasp) can actually do a silly moves or make a simple mistake? Actually I was thinking that we as the public that put most of the celeb in one label of box. We demand them to act like we want them too without really thinking how they really are as a person simply because we feel like they owe us since they got fame and money from the public. We want them to be perfect, never look old, never make a mistake, have a nice body, have a perfect life when we all know there’s no such thing as perfect…

  92. Ogechi says:

    I also think that AJ has deep seated problem. I suspect she is on drugs. She is extremely insecure but that leg thing was the confirmation that her brain needs to be examined. Her father was not lying when he said she has mental disorder! Now the evidence is open for every1 to see… Ewwwww, stop whoring your kids for attention as u french kissed your brother for attention too. Holy crap, this woman is zero!!!

  93. Penguin says:

    @ ogechi- where r u from? Female first AKA

  94. Karen says:

    “Leg-gate” was delightfully campy and fun, she looked absolutely gorgeous with her red lips, she was having a good time, and we had a good time watching her. If I had legs like that they’d be out too!

  95. gennline says:

    “If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I’m not frightened by anyone’s perception of me.” – Angelina Jolie

  96. kelley says:

    the twins are cute but nowhere NEAR as cute as shiloh

  97. Doesn’t look like there’s one damn thing wrong with those kids, at least doesn’t look like it to me.

  98. Jess says:

    From the way she was smiling while doing the pose, I thought it looked like it was some kind of an inside joke. Like maybe Brad or someone dared her to do it for laughs because it was ridiculous.

  99. toto says:

    Chill Guys,Kids Are so cute

    please read this
    Angelina Jolie’s pose at the Oscars still has people talking. She, better than anyone else on the stage Sunday night, fulfilled her role as a movie star.
    When Jolie flashed her right leg through a black gown, people started talking worldwide. Some were struck by her sexiness; others blasted her thinness.

    But, hey, she had people talking, the way that movie stars used to. With her strut on the Oscar stage, Jolie brought to mind Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, two stars who always brought a lot of oomph to Oscar night.

    Was Angelina too thin? No thinner than Audrey, perhaps the greatest style setter in Oscar history.

    Was Angelina too bawdy? She’d have a long way to go to match Elizabeth Taylor, who brought playful good humor to the Oscars with her plunging gowns, her jewels, her dark tans and her bawdy laugh. And who can forget Liz’s being ruffled after a streaker invaded the Oscars? Movie legend Taylor would have loved Jolie’s pose.

    Movie stars are supposed to make an impression. Angelina Jolie did. Jim Rash and his fellow “Descendants” writers adopted the Jolie stance on the Oscar stage after she presented them their awards.

    Backstage at the Oscars, “Community” actor Rash said he wasn’t ridiculing Jolie. “I just saw her pose and I thought, ‘You know what? We have exactly the same legs,’ ” Rash joked. “And I wanted to show everyone what it meant. It was a loving tribute.”

    Jolie supplied another Oscar moment to remember. If you hold on to them, you’ll overlook how boring the show can be. Plea to Oscar: Please make sure Jolie returns.

    By Hal Bodeker
    Orlando sentinel

    • pwal says:

      Thanks for posting this.

      Myself… the more I think about this controversy, the more I laugh because, HELLO, didn’t Cher come to the Oscars in a midriff-baring, showgirl-inspired outfit with head dress nearly 30 years ago? And Angelina shows one leg and some are having the vapors?

      Personally, I liked seeing Angelina having a little bit of fun. After all, she spent weeks in Europe promoting Blood and Honey, wearing relatively conservative gowns and being criticized for that, left and right. If Angelina’s Oscar appearance was an extreme, I would opt for that versus Kristin Scott Thomas’ fidgety, b!tchface turn when The English Patient was nominated.

      And yes, haters, I will concede that people will remember this and I say “GOOD!!!” For once, a star didn’t act like a designer or stylist’s fembot, acting overly clinched that she may wrinkle their creation/selection or forget to name check them.

  100. Romia says:

    Only 227 posts?

    You people aren’t trying hard enough.

    Reading this thread (if I try hard enough) is like seeing a clumsy, lowbrow adaptation of “The Snake Pit” come to life. No wonder celebrities don’t open their own fanmail.

    I mean, I absolutely loathe a few celebs but I haven’t yet pitted them against imagined adversaries, former flames, or replacement appendages using blind gossip as a guide.

    Curiously, I’ve just checked IMDB and realized I’ve only ever seen one movie apiece from each of them. “Object of My Affection” because I used to dig Paul Rudd, and “Bone Collector” because it’s f*cking Denzel, people. I liked them in both movies well enough. Is there a special level of hell for that?

  101. Rosalee says:

    Jolie is a hard working actress with a huge heart. wow you’d think this was high school with the catty and mean comments. She looked like she was having fun, yes she’s skinny but 90 percent of actresses look like they need a sandwich. The horrible comments people are making over a pose is simply cruel she does not deserve the level of mean spirited ridicule, I know I’ve posted jabs at her in the past but this is Celebitchy and we love to be bitchy but it’s usually lighthearted and funny, lately it’s just cruel.

  102. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    BTW, John Voight was interviewed and loved her pose.

    Jane Pitt is giving her stamp of approval.

    Brad gave Angie his in the backseat.

    Her kids adore her and are so cute it hurts.

    As for her being drunk or high, funny in all her interviews it was not reflected. So it must have happened from her chair to the stage.

    Insecure about what? Neither she or Brad has a movie coming out. She is not being threatened by Hollywood actresses when not even an actual MMA could succeed in an action flick. She is not losing her payday. The UN is not cutting her, but rather giving her a more prestiges job. Brad is not leaving her. Her kids are not runing away. The senior Pitts again proclaimed their love for her. Goop and her did a film together so that’s silly for Lainey and any of her believers. Her weight, she clearly is not trying to do anything about (old news anyway). Madonna and her had no drama. Jen and Justin stunk up the joint. No Mr. and Mrs. Smith there. Did I miss anything? If so think about it then laugh at yourself.

    If you watch her videos, she has a fantastic sense of humor. Obviously not on her UN videos if that’s where all her seriousness vibes are felt. She is not comedian, but that has nothing to do with a sense of humor. She is always laughing, so things strike her as funny.

    Now, she is on to her normal life of coffee and shopping with Jane and the twins (older 4 probably in school) and she is not fazed and has not issued a statement. Her Boldness is evident whether you approve or not. She again, won’t by shamed to defend herself. Sounds secure to me. I told you to wait for it. I knew she and Brad were up to something. They have more in store too. No one knows what they have planned except 03/08 and 03/10, so we have to wait and see. They are All laughing ( I am including the Senior Pitts who were front in center throughout the night too).

    It was one leg no more, no less. We should be ashamed that it is a topic of discussion, but some people just can’t. I laughed that she was going to own the night, but still days later. All she had to do was stick her leg out to garner this much attention? Must suck for everyone else. She did not even flash her crotch and still this. Well played again in the grand scheme of things. I don’t care if some think it is tacky, the mere fact that you are thinking about it is too much. A right leg? Dominating the Oscar’s regardless of laughing at her or with her. A right leg? Jokes on you. SBC had a week lead in to get his notice and a sketch. JLO had 2 revealing dresses and a young boyfriend. The winners had months of filming and press. The studios had years of work. And they let her 1 right leg it away from them. This woman is brilliant and she knows it and was not afraid to show it. Ruin her career you say, try a major career boost. She is her own press. Disected to within an inch of her life, then went for coffee and shopping in your face and Jane played along. Really? All for Angie? I can’t love her more. Ka-ching for her next boss. Bring on Maleficient. This bad girl is ready. She needs no PR. She needs to be cloned then multiplied to infinity. No photo-op, just another big F to the U. Was anyone else at the Oscar’s besides Angie’s right leg? Well played Angie and Brad.

  103. I think I wore Knox’s jacket back in the 80s.

  104. Karma says:

    only a true, loyal JP fan can see that “leg-gate” was done on purpose. angie aint stupid. i mean, look above. if you look closely, her nipples are hard and showing through her shirt. isnt that what ticky is known for doing? and doesnt ticky think she has the best legs in the business? lol. angie was making a statement. she got tipsy before the awards and purposely did it to laugh at ticky cuz her career is over. go angie! ticky deserves her karma for attacking the JP family. look at angie’s smirk on her face. she is giving ticky a lesson and taste of her own medicine (pr games) before she completely disappears from hollywood. too funny. go angie! and perfect timing right after ticky’s movie bombs and she truly cant be seen as A-list anymore. lol. i love it!

  105. gennline says:

    gennline says:
    February 12, 2012 at 11:41 am
    She does not have to bring anything to the Oscars.She can wear what she wants,how she
    wants and when she wants.She is happy to wear what she is comfortable in and happily is not troubled by anonymous opinions on how she dresses.She is not a slave to fashion and long after the latest fashion fad is over,what she wore will be talked about and remembered.

  106. Mara says:

    Such cute kids ,they look so happy ,Brad ‘s mother is a very good looking woman she seems so nice and down to earth Angie have a mother now because she lost her sweet mother and they can have a great relation .

  107. phool says:

    What is all the fuss about its not the first time people have seen Angelina’s leg remember Salt premiure in Japan. Cannes premiure of brads movie IB???? SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS.

  108. Reel Wheel says:

    There is nothing less sexy than someone desperately “trying” to look sexy. Angelina Jolie of the past knew this. She was sexy for so long precisely because she didn’t try. Something’s definitely up with her. She just looked flat out ridiculous

  109. caitlin says:

    Why would anyone imply she was posing this way as some sort of mock up at Jennifer Aniston. Believe it or not, I don’t think she cares enough to waste her time, you guys care way more than any of these two women do – get over it already guys, jeez! Am I the only one here who doesn’t love nor hate either or them? I think Ange pulled what she thought was a sexy pose, it didnt quite work, people laughed and she probably couldnt care less, so nobody needs to jump in and try to pretend it was deliberate. She doesn’t really need anyone on here to jump in and save her, I’m sure she’s Mc’lovin the fact that people are talking. Isn’t that what she’s always been about – controversy? Lighten up.

  110. caitlin says:

    Infact everyone here who is trying to imply she was taking a ‘dig’ at JA – hmmm doesn’t that just say she’s VERY hung up on her? Otherwise she wouldnt need to bother, right?

    Utter nonsense, it was not JA related, only in the minds of the crazy obsessed uber fans. I wonder if either of these hollywood stars would defend your honour as and when needed – yeah sure! lol

  111. pato says:

    those kids are beautiful!! and they seem so happy, like the Affleck girls. Good for Angie and Brad!!

  112. Anon says:

    E! said Angie had so many offers from designers to wear their dresses that Jane Pitt, Brad, Angie and family got into it by putting the names in a hat and Jane drew the designer. Perhaps they all laughed previously how close the dress was to Jen’s and what Jen did when she wore it…maybe Butler could remind everyone.
    Sometimes private jokes are the most funny, even if we look a little silly doing them.

    • copy cat Aniston says:

      Angie has NEVER worn a dress “close” to copy-cat Jen. Jen copies Angelina- OVER & OVER- YEAR after YEAR. Angie first wore a black dress with a slit on the red carpet in 2003. I seriously doubt Angelina knows who Jen is, much less what she wore at any given juncture. Angelina may know who Goop is because they were in a movie together, but probably not any of Brad’s other exes.