“Gwyneth Paltrow is going to close her eyes and sing in a movie again” links

Would you watch a movie with Gwyneth, Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon & Cameron Diaz? Where they all play singers? [OMG Blog]
Jean Dujardin waves his Oscar around in France. [A Socialite Life]
I swear, Taylor Kitsch looks different in every photo set. [LaineyGossip]
Natalie Portman‘s jeweler says Natalie & Benjamin are married. [Dlisted]
Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl. [Pop Sugar]
Chelsea Handler‘s minion discusses Brad Pitt‘s sex life. [Celebuzz]
The Evolution of A Crack-Face. [Pajiba]
Steve Martin hates Gwyneth Paltrow: FACT. [Gawker]
Dianna Agron‘s dress is… super-cute? How did that happen? [Go Fug Yourself]
Olivia Wilde‘s left boob speaks! [The Blemish]
Oh, I had forgotten about Natalie Portman‘s baby-daddy drama. [IDLITW]
Look at the Cracken‘s face. Just look. [Evil Beet]
Poor Busy Phillips. She‘s exhausted after Michelle‘s drama. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Madonna pretends to not even know who Joe Francis is. [PopBytes]
Jessica Alba is following the striped trend. [Moe Jackson]
Rachel Bilson is judgy. [Amy Grindhouse]
Rush Limbaugh hates women, is an asswipe. [The Frisky]

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  1. obvious says:

    Any love for Davy Jones? It’s being reported he died of a heart attack this morning. =( R.I.P

    • ... says:

      I know! I’m going to rock out (softly) to I’m a Believer later…

    • mia girl says:

      I loved Davy Jones. Besides watching The Monkeys episodes in syndication growing up, I loved him for…

      “Girl, look what you’ve done to me. Me and my whole world.”

      🙁 R.I.P.

    • DetRiotGirl says:

      I am so sad about Davy Jones! I will forever and always love The Monkees, even if I only ever knew them from reruns on Nick At Night.

      I haven’t blogged in forever, but I might have to blow the dust off my good bottle of blogging scotch and write up a recap of the epic mess that was their only feature film, Head. I’m going to show my appreciation the only way I know how; with bad jokes and poorly drawn cartoons. Rest in peace, Davy! I will miss you!

    • Tierra says:

      Im surprised this site didnt mention DJ death. I think Im more sad over his death than WH even tho I wasnt surprised at hers.
      He was one of my first tv crushes.
      RIP Daydream Believer 🙁

    • lucy2 says:

      Just saw that. 🙁

    • Persephone says:

      So sad, my very first crush! I also had no idea he was so much older at the time I was watching the reruns after school. Still have mad love for the Monkees even as an adult, always will. RIP Davy <3

    • Petunia says:

      Yeah. Why wasn’t there a page here dedicated to him and his passing? I loved him. He always seemed so youthful and cheerful. Loved the Monkees; they were the hopeful, innocent youth of the times. Hard to believe life could seem so peaceful and innocent back then, punctuated with songs like, “Another Pleasant Valley Sunday.” His death kind of marks the end of an era, one of innocence and hope.

      • Petunia says:

        I just can’t believe he died of a heart attack. He seemed to be an eternal boy, at least until fairly recently. I want to think of him forever as that cute young boy. Sorry that his death was so sudden and unexpected. Sorry that more couldn’t have been done.

        Much sadder than WH’s death. She looked she’d been dead inside for many, many years, so her passing was no shock to me.

  2. Marjalane says:

    I worshipped Davy Jones and was devastated when I realized I was about 4 inches taller than him! God bless.

    • corny says:

      gone too soon…RIP

    • Happy21 says:

      I find it so sad. I watched the Monkees every single morning at 9:00 a.m. during a summer vacation when I was about 11. Even though I’m sure he was in his 40s by then somewhere in my mind he never aged and I was a teenager and he wanted to be my boyfriend. I had the hugest crush…


  3. Camille (The original) says:

    No, no I wouldn’t watch a movie with those actresses in it. No doubt the film will be a train wreck.

  4. shontay says:

    Wow. That Rachel Bilson link. Slut shaming in full effect.

  5. brin says:

    Wow, I looked at the picture of Crackie and didn’t turn to stone.

  6. Rita says:

    Davy has taken “The Last Train to Clarksville” where he’ll spend another “Pleasent Valley Sunday”. RIP Davy Jones

    • islandwalker says:

      Was just listening to A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You. I had such a crush! RIP Davy.

      Hope his gold-digging abusive wife didn’t do him in.

  7. Agnes says:

    no, i wouldn’t watch that even if i was paid to do it (unless it was more than $100? haha). and check out this goop story, it’s hilarious.

  8. original kate says:

    goop really cannot sing.


  9. Amanda says:

    They’re an insult to real musicians who spend years honing their craft. It’s like they think, “Well, I can get up on a stage and talk, so why should singing on a stage be any different?”

  10. Newtsgal says:

    Would one of you sweet ladies please come over to my home and help me pour this cement into my ears so I won’t have to listen to that crap?

  11. BELLA says:

    When did Chris Martin dump her?

  12. Lizzie says:

    Would you watch a movie with Gwyneth, Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon & Cameron Diaz?


    Where they all play singers?

    Hell no.

  13. lisa says:

    I have always wondered why with GP being such “great friends” with Bey and Jay she and either of them have not worked musically together. GP said how she got great advice and all but don’t know why Jay won’t snatch her up and help her. I know Chris won’t. Plus GP said at one point that she was working or contemplation an album.. I may have heard it wrong.

    well not sure how this will do at the BO.

  14. Jover says:

    First RIP Davey; they played in my area last summer drew a nice crowd; how many of today’s pop tarts – swifty, lady xerox, etc. will be drawing crowds 20/30 yrs from now – Thank you Amanda my thoughts alos, as for the pic, no, no, triple no; goopy is a bored rich chick that has really nothing to do but inflict her talentless tedium on everyone; and since when is bouncy an actress – this pic will make SATC 2 look like Othello.

  15. anytime says:

    lol and this is why steve martin is the man!