Jennifer Lawrence: “I’m just so sick of these young girls with diets”

Jennifer Lawrence covers the April issue of Seventeen as part of the early promotion for The Hunger Games. People are really hoping that The Hunger Games becomes a Twilight-level franchise and that Lawrence becomes a really big star out of this. Will it happen? I don’t know. I think The Hunger Games book series has a lot of support, but I worry that the movies won’t be all that. We’ll see. Anyway, in the Seventeen interview, Jennifer proves that she’s prepared for the challenge, should THG make her a Kristen-Stewart-level celebrity. Jennifer talks about how much she hates diets, and how she never thought is was “cool” to have an eating disorder – which is something young girls should hear.

On her sexy costars: “Josh [Hutcherson] and Liam [Hemsworth] are really great friends too. They are hilarious and sweet. They are like my brothers. As soon as we all got together, we reverted back to being 13-year-olds. Josh and I were neighbors. Every time I would come in late, I would go and bang on the door and wake him up and we’d all hang out.”

On body image: “I’m just so sick of these young girls with diets. I remember when I was 13 and it was cool to pretend to have an eating disorder because there were rumors that Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie were anorexic. I thought it was crazy. I went home and told my mom, ‘Nobody’s eating bread—I just had to finish everyone’s burgers.’ I think it’s really important for girls to have people to look up to and to feel good about themselves.”

Team Peeta or Team Gale?: “I think I was Gale until he started getting a little too trigger-happy . . . or maybe first Peeta and then Gale or Gale, then Peeta? I went back and forth. I flip-flopped.”

THG and real life: “The Hunger Games is not that far off from real life. We are living in a world where we watch extreme sports shows where people get hurt or killed. It takes a lot to shock us.”

Jennifer on her downtime: “When I’m not working, I love to just hang out with my friends and watch Real Housewives. My favorite cast used to be New Jersey, but now I’m really into Beverly Hills.”

Horses: “Growing up, I lived 15 minutes away from a horse farm, and I went there almost every day. My brothers were into fishing, but I was all about the horses.”

[From Seventeen]

She seems oddly wholesome. I don’t mean that she’s squeaky-clean or anything, but I like that she’s not trying so hard to convince us that she’s a super-cool hipster chick, or that she’s “tormented” by everything. My general impression of her is that she’s just kind of a dorky tomboy, a normal, well-adjusted girl who loves to eat, loves to be athletic, and she probably has a ton of dude friends. And all of her dude friends probably crush on her. Right?

Cover courtesy of Seventeen.

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  1. Tiffany27 says:

    I feel like no matter what she wears or does she always looks like she just came off of a farm. That’s not an insult btw. I think its cute.

  2. Rhiley says:

    She seems so down to earth and it is refreshing. Her boyfriend is that super cute Nicholas Hoult from the movie, About a Boy. I love that movie and he kind of made it. They seem like a really sweet couple together.

  3. Jackie says:

    it is refreshing to see a girl on the cover of a magazine who is not painfully underweight.

    it looks so much better! women look softer and sexier at a normal weight.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Agree. She’s just so normal and pretty. Do not mess with your face, Jen! Keep it as is.

    • P says:

      You people are really buying it, right? Come on I’m tired of her already, trying so hard to be different from all the other girls trying to make it big. I think she wants to appeal to the “normal” non Hollywood like girls but you’ll see that soon enough, she’ll be just like all the others. Its as boring as K.stew. A cool young celebrity in HW? You got to be kidding me.

      • S_____ says:

        I agree. I feel like every time I read something about her she’s dissing some other young Hollywood actress.
        I know lots of girls like that, make yourself look good by putting down other people. It’s not nice.
        I like that she eats though.

      • shawn says:

        At least Lawrence can act and isn’t afraid to take on unglamorous roles. Watch Winter’s Bone and The Poker House to see what I mean.

  4. Harleen says:

    I love how she looks her age, I was surprised to learn that KStew is only 21! Also, she looks really young on the cover,and a bit older in the editorial, she is like a chameleon, a good thing when you’re an actress.

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. She’s in the latest Glamour and she looks SO much older. Beautiful in both mags. I guess she can be whoever anyone wants her to be.

  5. Olive says:

    She grows on me more every interview. I was kinda meh with her in xmen but now after seeing winters bone and even the previews for THG I am Team Jennifer!

  6. laylajanelovesgossip says:

    IDK I get a snarky, bitchy vibe from this girl.

  7. Cinesnatch says:

    I love me some Jenlaw, but something is off here. Not sure if it’s the mascara, lipstick or hair color or a combo package.

    I was skeptical about the hopes for this film’s success, but there is genuine anticipation and she is PERFECT for this role. (And, I *think* it stands to be a good movie … at least better than Twilight). Couldn’t have been a better choice then to cast the Winter’s Bone actress.

    I think with Elizabeth Olsen, Mia Wasikowska, Dakota Fanning, etc, there is just a new caliber of actresses who are both talented, confident and can handle taking the lead. The crop also seems like a grounded, genuine group of women.

    ‘Bout time.

    • Lis says:

      “…something is off here.”

      Her face looks weird, and the cover is photoshopped to hell.

      “I was skeptical about the hopes for this film’s success…”

      I loved her in Winter’s Bone, but was embarrassed for her in the X-Men prequel.

      I think the Hunger Games were always going to be huge, because of the books. But I hope they’ll be good – not that “better than Twilight” is that high of a bar. ;)

    • Amy says:

      She looks really strange in the cover photo. But I think she looks gorgeous in the second and third photos here.

    • Allons - y Allonso says:

      Love her!
      but i have to disagree about with you about Mia Wasikowska. She’s about as engaging on screen as a piece of driftwood.

    • normades says:

      Add Emma Stone and Carey Mulligan to your list!

  8. InVain says:

    I don’t like these pictures of her for some reason…After seeing her in that red CK dress last year, I probably won’t like many of her that I see. She was beyond STUNNING in that dress.

  9. Nessa says:

    She is leaps and bounds more attractive and likable than K. Stew. I find that girl almost intolerable. And, Jennifer can act. K. Stew can… What can she do, exactly? Oh wait, she is good at scowling and being miserable.

  10. dena says:

    This Ellen Barkin lookin’ girl is refreshing for about one hot minute. Then you realize she’s an actress and is complicit in what Hollywood feeds to young people these days.

    If she’s not dieting now, she WILL.

    In the meantime, she just plain annoys me.

    • P says:

      Finally, someone with eyes to see. People really believe she’s the refreshing change of our times. They must be blind.

    • DeeVine says:

      Agree, she is not dieting now cos she is still young. Wait till she’s a little older and puts on a few pounds and lose roles to the newer it girls. Then there’ll be photos of her leaving the gym like everyone else.

      However, I do like the Hunger Games and I am hoping she will be great in the movie. I would hate it if Katniss came off annoying as the story is pretty much all Katniss.

  11. Lini says:

    She’s so likeable! And she’s super pretty, but not in an intimidating way if you know what I mean? I think that’s why evryone hopes she becomes “the next big thing”, I at least like to believ that she’d still stay grounded and grateful.

    So stoked for THG btw!

  12. Shay says:

    She looks so much better as a brunette, I hope she decides to go darker permanently

  13. Lauren says:

    She’s into the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New Jersey?! I love her.

  14. Maria says:

    yes, unfortunately , she’s a baby still….one day, usually mid twenties, she will find she may gain weight…it’s part of life as one matures,,,if you want to stay slim into adulthood, eventually, you do have to watch watch you eat a little..even if it’s not dieting per se. Let’s hope that this good head on her shoulders helps her when one day, she will have to cut back a bit.

  15. Newmrs says:

    The books are awesome. Too bad the movie will bomb, she cannot pull off the lead….physically…hope I’m wrong tho

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      I hope you are wrong too. From the clips I’ve seen (albeit, minimal footage in them) she is perfect for Katniss. Got chills where she took Prim’s spot in the Square. Was like ‘Woah…she and the movie are both going to be awesome.’

  16. Mimi says:

    Super excited for THG. Lawrence is a PERFECT casting choice for Katniss. But, I think the producers dropped the ball on the casting choices for Gale and Peeta. Oh, well, maybe I’m wrong. We will find out soon enough, I guess.

  17. Lila says:

    I find her kind of irritating. She comes across self righteous and like she is trying way hard to be a role model. Which I would buy, except for the fact that she did a couple of super porny shots. One was when she was in a bikini posing with her legs spread and her whole body and hair soaking wet. It was for Maxim or Esquire. I get sexy photoshoots, but these made Terry Richardsons Mila Kunis shots from a while ago look tame.

    • agree says:

      Self-righteous is exactly it! She just acts like she has it all figured out, not like those other silly actress girls who are dieting and tormented….If she hits Twilight-level fame, I wonder if she will still be feeling the same. She seems rather judgemental.
      I am quite curious how this movie will be received. Surely a massive opening, but how will it do in the long run?

    • JenRoz says:

      Ugh, I’ve never even seen anything she’s been in, and I’m already sick of her.

      Self-righteous is correct. “Let me stand in judgement of other teens who may have serious problems to show you how great I am.”

      If you eat like the vast majority of people, you’re somehow a role model? No, you’re just average. Next up: this twit telling us how she used to be bullied.

  18. Echo says:

    She seems completely normal! Wow some of you women on here read WAY too much into things. It’s not always so complicated! So what is she did a sexy photo shoot? These shoots are a part of the entertainment business and she is an attractive actress in her 20′s. There is nothing wrong with being sexy. Girls can still look up to her…she doesn’t have pretend to be squeaky clean like Taylor Swift. Jennifer is keeping it real. She’s sexy, loves to eat and just hang out. No wonder she can hang out with the boys!

    • Lila says:

      Hey, I am simply saying why do chicks like Mila get criticized but she doesn’t for sexy photoshoots. I remrmber people knocked on Emma Stone for posing in a retro bikini fot vanity fair. get how it is a career thing, but there is a difference between skimpy bikini photos or arty topless photos and posing with your legs spread wide open while wearing a skimpy bikini and soaking wet head to toe. Super tacky and gross to me. Google it. I agree with the poster beneath my original post…She just comes across as trying way hard too hard to seem like she is not trying too hard. She’d a good actress nonetheless, but personality wise Emma Stone and Carry Mulligan come across way less judgey and cool to me at least

  19. lola says:

    maybe i’m psycho but i find her more and more annoying with every headline. she appears to be trying too hard not to try to hard.

  20. Happy21 says:

    I like her. I liked her before all this Hunger Games hype. She’s gorgeous and she’s a good actress.

    I like her attitude. I love that line about finishing her friend’s burgers. Maybe its a load of crap, maybe its not. Regardless its exactly what I would have said.

    She is super athletic and if she keeps that up she won’t ever have to diet. Dieting is not watching what you eat. Watching what you eat is making conscious choices of what you put into your mouth. She might love to eat and she probably does eat but I don’t believe she doesn’t watch what she eats – most people do. I don’t think of that as dieting though and she probably doesn’t either. I doubt she says she “Can’t” or “won’t” eat something if she wants.

    I think The Hunger Games is going to be bigger than Twilight if I must compare the two. I’m also pretty sure the movie will be 10 times better than any of the Twilight movies. I got my tickets yesterday and cannot wait!

  21. Amanda says:

    I’m kind of tired of hearing about how she doesn’t diet. We get it. It doesn’t make you a better person.

  22. jess says:

    she has an air of arrogance to her that I don’t like, she is trying to be too perfect, is easy for her to critize others when she hasn’t been through what they have, lets see how she deals with half of the stuff Kristen has dealt with, she doesn’t have the crazy attention Kristen has, so is not fair or anyone to compare them. Jennifer should be a little more careful, or it will come bite her in the end, to me love her or hate her Kristen is way more honest, and real than this wanabe

    • I Choose Me says:

      Yes! I want to like her, I really do. And I do think she’s a good actress but there’s just something about her that bugs. She says all the right things but it has a whiff of I dunno, smug?

      Sigh. Maybe I’m just a cynical bitch. I’d rather be wrong about her so I’ll just wait and see. Can’t wait to see how the movie turns out.

    • Mimi says:

      I completely agree with you Jess. I don’t like Kristen but at least she doesn’t fake she’s enjoying HW or smiling widely to be liked. I don’t get why people hate on Kristen and love this Lawrence girl, she’s just trying way too hard to be likable, to appeal to a different kind. Some are falling for it, but hey for what I’ve seen, everyone knows Jennifer is a good actress, right?

  23. some bitch says:

    Never read The Hunger Games and don’t plan to see the movie, but this girl is naturally gorgeous and seems very down to earth. I can’t help but like her based on this interview.

    It’s very refreshing to see somebody like this starring in such an anticipated movie. Hopefully she’ll be a better role model than the lovely young ladies gracing Seventeen when I was in high school a few short years ago *coughBlohancoughPariscough*

  24. LAK says:

    i love that in the pictorials she isn’t doing a lolita sexy thing which is what all these young starlets do in the magazines.

  25. Jordan says:

    I like her. I hope she does make it big and it doesn’t turn her into Kristen Stewart, who I think tries to hard to be edgy and complains a lot.

  26. Lee says:

    Beautiful young woman…I just hope Hollyweird doesn’t change her….

  27. prancer says:

    She just named dropped!? Who thinks it is cool to starve? What an ignorant trot. People with eating disorders are struggling.

    • Julianna says:

      She’s a moron, she really thinks people with eating disorders do it for attention or something. She’s the one talking about it for attention and everyone’s buying it, you’re right, she’s such an ignorant person. Trying way too hard to be cool and “normal”, soon enough she’s going to be the new stupid HW girl and her words will come back to bite her.

      • Lisa says:

        yeah, I was like, girl, e.d’s are not like shopping for purses. “Oh, I think I’ll be anorexic today!”

  28. Stephanie says:

    That photo of her in the blue shirt is striking. She is a class act and genuinely talented. No lip-biting, mouth-breathing here. Her red carpet looks are polished. About time.

  29. Adrien says:

    Wait till you reach 25 and you’ll be signing up for the “Hunger Games” diet and workout regimen.

  30. Morgan says:

    I don’t know where the fresh young face is. She could pass as a cake-faced 40 year old.

  31. Lisa says:

    lol, a person makes ONE statement, and they’re a revolutionary figure in entertainment. Please. Not impressed by her name dropping or her ignorance.

  32. OlsenTriplet says:

    What’s with all the hate?

    Everyone is piling on this girl for saying eating disorders aren’t cool and she doesn’t think young girls should diet. What’s wrong with those ideas? She didn’t say people with eating disorders are faking it. She didn’t say they were weak. She said pretending is uncool.

    She never said she wouldn’t diet. She just said young kids shouldn’t think unhealthy celebrities are the pinnacle of desirable bodies. She probably diets for roles all the time. She works out for sure. Come on; she didn’t feed us some ol’ bullsh!t here.

    You can tell from these interviews that she’s under great pressure from people to explain why she’s not sickly thin. That’s why she talks about it.

    • P says:

      That’s exactly what she said. She’s trying so hard to be different that she just looks the same as other HW girls trying to make it. She should take care with what she says.

      • OlsenTriplet says:

        She really didn’t say anything offensive.

        Is she trying too hard to be different? That’s possible.