Was Peter Facinelli cheating on Jennie Garth with a Canadian side-piece?

I was genuinely surprised by how many cared/had opinions about Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth’s split announcement yesterday. I thought I was the only one who gave a crap. But it’s sad, isn’t it? They were together for a looooong time, and they have three beautiful girls. Unfortunately, my initial theory was right, or it seems like it so far, in the immediate wake of the split announcement. Scallywag & Vagabond is reporting that Peter had and still has (?) a side-piece. Booooo.

As we first broke the story last night right here on Scallywag & Vagabond, Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth have called it quits. Now we’re getting details from our source saying a third party was one of the “many reasons” behind their split.

Our source tells us, “Peter had been seeing another woman for quite some time. They tried to make it work for the sake of their children and Jennie played housewife for as long as she could but finally had enough.”

On the affair, they say, “Jennie knew. As a lot of couples do, they simply grew apart. As the mother of his children, Peter still loves Jennie very much and vice versa.”

So just who is this other woman? Our source tells us a she is a Canadian woman in her late 20′s. “Understandably, she does not want to be identified by the media.” She and Facinelli began what’s being called as a “short, torrid affair” in Vancouver during the filming of the final installment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn. When asked if the two were still together or in contact? “No comment,” says the source.

In a joint statement, the couple say, “While we have decided to end our marriage, we both share the same deep love and devotion to our children. We remain dedicated to raising our beautiful daughters together. We ask for privacy and respect during this time.”

[From Scallywag & Vagabond]

The verdict: Twilight ruins everything!!! This never would have happened if Facinelli hadn’t been in Canada (damn homewrecking Canadians!!) filming the Twilight movies. Seriously, though, I am still disappointed. Even though I said yesterday “He seems like the kind of guy who might have a side-piece,” I really did hope that I was wrong. Poor Jennie.

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  1. serena says:

    This sucks.. I really liked them as a couple. And of course a woman in her late 20′ -_-

    • Jessica says:

      I will probably get bashed for this, but TYPICAL MAN!!!

      • Kimbob says:

        I certainly won’t bash you for saying this because you’re being HONEST!

        I HATE IT, but it’s true. Men can’t keep it in their pants. I know there are some good one’s out there & what I say is a gross generalization applicable to only the few & far between “good ones,” but for the most part….it is true.

      • Jessica says:

        @ kimbob – THANK YOU!!!

      • Asiyah says:

        Word, Kimbob! TYPICAL MAN!

      • beanie says:

        You are absolutely right! No one should bash you because you are speaking the truth.

    • lia says:

      Jennie married and took care of this guy when she was famous and he was a nobody!! Too bad he let stardom get to him and what does he do? He leaves his wife and kids for some 20 something year old hoochie!! Yea,we’ll see how long that lasts!! Jeannie you are better off!! you got your girls!

      • estrogenex says:

        You know, if Jennie was doing her job keeping him happy, he probably wouldn’t have had to hit the Canadian chick. As a single woman who dates, I can tell you there are a hell of lot of married guys out there outnumbering single ones, which basically means they aren’t getting laid anymore.

        Jennie has some culpability in this, for certain. It’s sad, because children are involved, but it’s the same story. Women for whatever reason stop sleeping with their husbands. Logic tells us they will go elsewhere to get it.

      • lia says:

        estrogenex a real woman wouldnt sleep with another woman’s husband in the first place! All these single woman who go for married men have other ideas $$$$ Its just too bad rich older men actually buy that these young woman want to be with them! (and Im not just talking about peter) You really think these girls will really be there to wipe their ass when they get too old?? HA!! They’ll put them in a home while they go out and spend the $$$$

      • Twiceborn says:

        I agree with estrogenex. As a guy who’s dated a lot, been in monogamous relationships (married now) and also stopped having sex in a few of them, the reason I stopped was all mental. Sex would be great in the beginning then they wouldn’t want to do the kindy stuff anymore or they start nagging about stuff they never did before. That turns a guy off. I understand it works both ways and guys get lazy, stop working out, etc. Anyways, this is just my observation.

      • Eileen says:

        estrogenex: “not doing her job” ?? Are you for real? Why does the wife who got cheated on get the blame? So he screwed around on her so it must be her fault? That’s the most ridic thing a woman can say. I’ve been with my husband for 11 years and we have 2 children. Marraige is f’ing hard and being a parent is even harder. Trust me when I say that after jumping out of my bed at 5am, getting kids ready for school, driving an hour to my job downtown, working 9 hours and driving another hour home, rushing to get dinner, kid showers, check homework and put the kids down-you don’t always “give it up” at the end of the day. If we fell into a pattern where he wasn’t getting his whenever his heart desired and felt justified to step out-I can say in NO way would he have a pass from me and no respectful doing-it-all mom and wife would EVER throw blame to the wife. If he’s not happy-DIVORCE her then find his peice.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Eileen, Preach sista!

        @estro, IMO, cheaters cheat because it’s in their nature. It doesn’t matter how much sex they’re getting, how beautiful, rich or sexy their spouse is. They do it to fulfill an emptiness inside of them. They are broken and, until they learn to love themselves, they will never be faithful or devoted to anyone else.

      • Violet says:


        A lot of people — men as well as women — cheat even when they’re getting plenty of sex at home.

        Cheaters lack integrity and guts (too cowardly to be honest with their partners about their sexual wants, they lie and betray instead) as well as imagination (they get bored with their partners, because they’re not creative enough to role play).

        And, in Peter’s case, if the blinds are right, he likes ’em young. Usually much younger than this Canadian side piece. And it’s not like Jennie can turn back the clock to her teens.

        He’s a douche, and my heart goes out to Jennie and the kids.

        PS I don’t think much of women who get involved with a man they know is in a committed relationship, especially if kids are involved. That’s a really crappy thing to do to another woman.

      • Hypocricy says:


        Men and women cheat.

        Wasn’t jenny cheating on her first husband with Peter back in the day ? Peter was the 2O+ years old homewrecker in jenny and husband Numero Uno marriage.

        I remembered those rumors. She was dating him pre divorce announcemnt from her first husband, and their first child came quick after the divorce.

      • Lizzie says:

        You are a total jerk!!!

    • Ginger says:

      I disagree in my experience men stop sleeping with their wives or girlfriends then go after the side piece…I love sex and rarely say no and I know I’m a good wife and yet I can tell you I have been betrayed more times than I care for…luckily my second husband is one of “the good guys” and convinced me to trust again

  2. mel says:

    You know that Jennie has to be heartbroken…she was madly in love with her husband. This is all around sad.

    • carrie says:

      she’s working on a real tv show

      and the long-distance relation never works.Never let your husband alone too long time (especially if he’s an actor: too many pretty women)

  3. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Aw so sad. Agree, Twilight is death to many things.

    Btw, how old is he? Early 30s? I know he’s supposed to be forever youthful in Twi land, but wow, he IS very young-looking!

    ETA: 38 y.o. Wow.

    • Carolyn says:

      It’s that Dr Cullen immortality “thing” (yes I’m joking).I’m sad about their marriage demise because I was an original 90210 fan (oh the excitement at hearing the first few bars of the opening credits each week!) and I loved her character and felt I grew up with her. Not ashamed to say that. Considering the path Tori took I respect Jennie for living a normal life. If Peter thinks he’s a huge star now and thinks he’s traded up (or because he can) then he’s a loser. Those basking in the Twilight glow will be returned to their normal lives very shortly.

  4. Molly says:

    He’s super short but really charming. It’s a shame he traded his marriage for attention.

  5. brin says:

    Very sad. Didn’t see him as being a douche like Cibrian.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I don’t know. Any man who botoxes their forehead that severely is, most likely, a douche of the highest order.

      • brin says:

        Hi Mort….that’s true!

      • Funnylilou says:

        @Morticians: LOL!! my exact thoughts!!
        thanks for pointing that painfully looking thight face!

        to me he doesn’t look much more younger as other think here he just looks much more “enhanced”: ‘toxy face, bad hair dye job (too dark and too fabricated color to be natural)

        he oozes eau de d’ouche !!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @brin, afternoon! I wonder when Leanne will have Ediot hitting’ the tox?

        @funny, yes! He looks like he’s desperately clinging to his youth. If the blinds are to be believed, he may be trying to appear younger so his daughter’s friends find him more desirable 😝

      • Jean2 says:

        It looks like he’s getting fillers, too. He has that weird, puffy look.

        It’s sad seeing men doing this silly stuff,too.

  6. Cleveland Girl says:

    I still think that that affair with Dylan led to her bad luck. Still know I am pathetic.
    All aside…I love Jennie…hope she comes out of this stronger, and with a renewed interest in her career!

  7. fabgrrl says:

    Strange. I know they are the same age, but Jennie Garth looks a good deal older than him. Maybe she has been putting up with a lot of stress, from him, over the years? That will age you.

    • BlackMamba says:

      Yeah I was just thinking about how much older she looks compared to him. He could pass for early 30s while she is mid-forties looking. Women do tend to age faster than men with work, kids, housekeeping, cooking, stress etc…

      • Lucy says:

        She turns 40 in a few weeks and he’s a year younger than her and I don’t think he really looks THAT much younger than her. She’s had 3 kids, has a great figure, and has been putting up with his ego for gawd knows how long!

    • Embee says:

      I absolutely agree – the stress of raising children ages women – and she has three! Also, men shave their faces, which is a fantastic exfolliant and keeps them looking younger.

      • Lucy says:


      • fabgrrl says:

        Really? Shaving really hurts my husband’s face and causes terrible splotching and breakouts. Because of this he hates to shave, but I really don’t like beards :^(

      • Embee says:

        fabgrrl – Yeah, it’s true. I have a friend whose sister works for a dermatologist and all the girls in the office (and my friend) shave at his recommendation. Their skin is really nice, too. I can barely manage to shave my legs, though, so I am not adding to the list of places to shave. She said it wasn’t spiky when it grew in but I’d be terrified of that happening.

    • Funnylilou says:

      wooow!!! such “supportive” comments to a woman who just got dump and found out she was scorned!

      1- she doesn’t look older than him, they look about the same age

      2- inoff with the crap “women age faster”!!! it was true a century ago (multiple pregancies, lack of washing machine and any electric help, etc.) but not now !!
      take a look around you and you will see it is actually the other way : women ten to age better because they take a greater care than men of themselve : exercise, are more aware of the importance of a healthier diet, cream, manicure, style and al lot more.

      In real life as for celebrities women age better in general.

      Woow I am just always amazed on this site to see some women always so eager to shoot themselve in their feet!!tearing their own gender appart!

      • fabgrrl says:

        Hm, reading a bit much into that, are we? I actually think she looks quite dignified, and he looks like a little boy.

      • Funnylilou says:


        Well… you didn’t exactly worded it that way… hence the nice “women supportive” comments that follow yours, my answer was to all these “very supportive” ones.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        ^This. Is exactly why I need periodic breaks from this site. There is so much negativity and so much hatred towards women and their appearance. The most ironic part is so many of the ones guilty of posting hateful things, then turn around and complain about the pressure on women. I honestly feel like women contribute MUCH more than men to women’s negative self-image and the pressure to look perfect. *sigh* It just infuriates me that we are so endlessly cruel to each other.
        PS-Hi Asli!! 🙂

    • Jess says:

      I think she looks fantastic and I have never understood his appeal. I like his character on Nurse Jackie but don’t think he’s attractive. He definitely has a baby-face, but in the bad sense – there’s no boyish charm there.

  8. potatopeel says:

    Does anyone else, but me, remember when she was on Dancing with the Stars and she did not want to dance “intimately” with her partner – because of her commitment to her husband? Too bad he didn’t feel the same about her! And,I notice that most celebrities are using the canned response when announcing their divorces – they must all have it written down somewhere and ready to whip it out when needed. Honestly – be creative, come up with a new “we’re divorced – leave us alone” statement.

    • Nev says:


      I remember…loved her personality on DWTS….sooooo pretty.

      he’s a loser.

      don’t cheat.

    • Embee says:

      I didn’t see her on DWTS, but that type of behavior is usually as a result of having an extremely jealous, controlling husband. And like most assholes, they cheat. Hypocrit.

      • Lizbet says:

        Completely agree. I had an ex who would get ravingly jealous if I so much as had lunch with an old male friend (who was engaged! To another friend!)

        One night we were out to dinner and I pointed out a man who was wearing plaid pajama bottoms in the restaurant. I kept looking over at him because… he was wearing…pajamas, and he got so mad about me “looking at another Guy” that he got out of the car on the way home and I was so pissed I just drove home. Anyway, after all that jealousy, guess who ended up cheating?

  9. Mirella says:

    That’s so sad.

  10. lilred says:

    Hey were not all home wreckers.lol

  11. cerulean says:

    Broken families are just sad. I like him for some reason so I am disappointed in his behavior.

  12. joan says:

    lost respect for him

  13. normades says:

    And this folks is why not all blind items are BS.

    • Kimbob says:

      Thanks for sayin’ what I was thinking.

    • Holly says:

      Yeah, this one definitely rings a bell, big time.

      I don’t think I would have found “Coop” and his other characters as likable unless I knew he was a regular husband/father behind the scenes. No matter how civil things are, what an awful thing for 3 (most of whom are still quite young!) kids.

    • Jessica says:

      But that blind item specifically says the actress’ husband didn’t cheat with his wife’s co-star, doesn’t say anything about a divorce and there’s the fact that Peter hasn’t been wearing his wedding ring for six months.

      • normades says:

        I think you’re referring to the AB one. There are 2 “solves” on BG involving an underager (not AB).

        Like most Blinds some of the details may be off, but the general gist is there.

  14. lin234 says:

    She needs to get half of his Twilight money stat!

  15. Zelda says:

    Am I the only person that assumes most people in Hollywood cheat? They are good-looking, wealthy people who travel a lot, are surrounded by sycophants and worshippers, and have low enough self-esteem to attempt to become the best known person in what is already the most attention-seeking industry in the world. Yeah. They’re pretty much the definition of people who are gonna screw around. Even the sweetest person in that room has issues.

    I find it funny when people DON’T think celebrities would cheat.

    • fabgrrl says:

      I 100% agree, Zelda. I think that back-in-the-day this behavior was covered up better, by studios and press agents. But now it is all out in the open.

    • Kimbob says:

      No, you’re DEFINITELY not the only one. Believe me-you, although I thought I was “jaded,” believe it or not, I was SHOCKED to read this yesterday…absolutely shocked. Now, I am forever jaded. You can quote me on that one…LOL!

    • Jen34 says:

      I watched a show on PBS a few weeks ago that said one of the biggest reasons spouses cheat is availability. So, yeah, considering the number of people who would never turn down an opportunity to sleep with a celeb, especially an attractive one, I would agree with you. I think some spouses are more able to forgive or look the other way when it happens, so some couples manage to stay together.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Zelda-Totally. That’s why I never understand why they marry each other or get into relationships in the first place. Another aspect that supports cheating-being on-location, away from their family shooting scenes with other hot actors/actresses, sometimes in intensely emotional scenes in tight quarters. I dunno..just seems inevitable that they would end up being unfaithful.

    • Madison says:

      No your not the only one who assumes most in Hollywood cheat, people buy the phony image manufactured by the celebs PR pimps that’s why they are surprised when marriages like this one break up and the cheating becomes public. The cynical me believes that 99% of married celebs cheat.

  16. Rux says:

    Just a second, the story says that this supposed affair has been going on for awhile almost close to a year. Why are we just learning of this now? In addition, Coooop also films in New York were paparazzi are a plenty and there was no sighting of him with this woman. On another note, it has been stated that both Jennie and Peter have not been wearing their wedding rings for over a year perhaps they were separated and finally decided that they could not make it work? Lastly, divorce papers have not been filed yet. Perhaps, I am just really hoping for the best in this situation. I just really found them to be so family oriented. He was even more vocal about family values and how much he loved his wife and his kids.

    • mia girl says:

      THIS! Look, Facinelli sucks but I was also wondering if this has all been going on for sometime, why now for the release of a statement/divorce?

      Maybe this is the cynic in me, but isnt’t Garth’s reality show premiering in a month or so?

  17. Riana says:

    I just hate the term side-piece, women are not KFC dinners.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Excellent point. What about jump-off 😉

      • Riana says:

        I never understood what jump-off was supposed to mean. Jumping off what? Jumping off where? Lol.

        Its just interesting women get all kinds of ‘nicknames’ that just basically insult us that men never do. Even in semi-modern terminology.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I like how you ladies think.

  18. Eileen says:

    I didn’t even know who he was when they got married. Now he’s in these films and getting girls throwing themselves at him. Fame sucks!

  19. Chatcat says:

    Men can never seem to keep their pecker in their pants can they? Men more then women can’t end one relationship because it may not be working out before moving onto another…they gotta have both! Hollywood or not men are the weak ones and here is another blatant example. I have been married for 28 years and I haven’t worn my rings for like 15 years and my husband has never worn one because of the work he does so “not seen with rings” means absolutely nothing!

  20. Agnes says:

    sad. i really like jennie.

  21. Minky says:

    I am not sure I buy this story… I thought the final twilight movies for Breaking Dawn were filed in New Orleans, not Vancouver.

    That aside, I just hate to hear it because they seemed like a well matched couple.

  22. Buffy says:

    Maybe I am wrong, but I swear I remember them announcing a divorce like a year ago? Does anyone else remember that? They called it off a month or so later. Maybe she was trying to scare him? Too bad it didn’t work. 🙁

  23. mel says:

    Its very difficult to be apart from your spouse for months on end…its not that celebs are “bad” – its just they are thrown into situations with so much temptation and then throw long separations on top of it – I’m not sure why any actors marry. My husband were apart due to job/school for 4 – 5 months and we almost didn’t make it.

  24. lisa says:

    The blinds coming out about him are very sleazy. He likes them very young. I feel bad for Jenny but she is better off without the creep.

    • Kimbob says:

      Yeah, I feel the same as you. I’m still shaking my head on this one. Wow…I thought (still think) he’s SO GORGEOUS…and now, it’s just all ruined for me…just RUINED! (*shaking head in shame*)

      Edit: Now, since I’m still hanging my head down & shaking it in shame, I still want to know WHO IS THE GIRL (woman?) HE CHEATED WITH???!!!

  25. ninal says:

    He’s always given me the cheater vibe. He’s always been too effusive about how much he wants and loves Jennie, and Jennie seems uptight, like a woman who’s been done wrong before. and of course people think she’s uptight and not fun enough for him, but that’s because underneath the charm isa cheater.

  26. FeverDream says:

    All men cheat. No matter how good looking or brilliant or fantastic or rock solid their wife is.

    Plain and simple. All men- or at least 98% of men cheat or would cheat if they know they can get away with it.

    Except Matt Damon. And I’m still not convinced he doesn’t have a boyfriend somewhere.

    Take it from a former dancer who has lived a fast life and seen a lot of things with a lot of people.
    All. Men. Cheat. They’re hardwired to do it. If you accept it you’ll be less disappointed with life.

    • FeverDream says:

      Actually, I was speaking from my heart…but put your blinders on if you want Princess.

    • Leigh says:

      ..and women don’t???…please..
      I just think some people really struggle with monogamy..

      • FeverDream says:

        I didn’t say that.

        Of course women cheat too.

        I’m just saying, its not rocket science for all the people who are bewildered by this.

        He’s good looking, she’s beautiful but she’s not “new” anymore. Men will forgo whatever wonderful love that they have at home for something “new” – in a heartbeat. Its just not a surprise to me.

      • Happy21 says:

        People (a ton of them) struggle with monogomy. It is not natural to only ever be attracted to one person. I’m not saying I cheat or that I have cheated but its a lot to expect forever out of someone. People change and people drift apart. Its not human nature to only be with one person forever either. I think that any couple can only do what they can to make a relationship or marriage last as long as it can. Maybe that is forever, maybe its not.

      • Julie says:

        Happy21, i also think its hard to be together for ever and lots of relationships break apart. but that does not mean that cheating is ok.

        you can break up, you can divorce but be gentlemen/lady about it and be straight in the face and honest.
        if my boyfriend would come to me and say he wants to sleep with other women or he will break up i would say no but i could at least still respect him because he was honest about it.

    • j says:

      You are so right!!

    • Funnylilou says:

      All women I know who say “all men cheat” are some seriously scorned ones… but by saying this they put their situation into “normal” situation, like “see?? it happens to everyone”

      Men and women cheat; there are dogs in both genders as much as nice people.

      Because guess what both genders are “wired” in order to multiplicate the chances to reproduce by having sex left and right with as many partners as possible!! so how it comes only some women (and only women!) want to see their men as “wired” like this??

      nice try to console yourself of an incomfortable situation you apparently know very well… I feel sorry for you as well as the opinion you have about men but it only speaks volume about YOUR experience!! and only YOURS…

      struggling for monogamy is nota natural, but eating in plates or wearing underwear are not to… but surprisingly nobody question all other aspects of our very “unatural” way of life!

      • FeverDream says:

        You don’t know me or anything about me save for what I’ve told you.

        Good effort at trying to dismiss my opinion by diminishing me and making assumptions about my “personal failures in relationships” in order to assert that because I have an opinion about the fidelity of men rooted in years of experience (not necessarily my own either- I’ve only had one partner ever cop to cheating post-relationship and its never been a topic that has especially concerned me in my relationships either because I’m not preoccupied with ownership of the men I become romantically involved with) I must be bitter, jaded or scorned.

        Alright Princesses- carry on. I didn’t mean to rile you up so. Monogamy should be aspired to, most men fall in line, most men don’t have the opportunity, etc. etc. I get it, didn’t mean to throw a rock in the glass house.

        BTW other poster below this comment, no I’m not a dancer who has made note of this in conversation here before.

      • Funnylilou says:


        your erratic rant is just complying with most of our assumptions sweetheart!
        Oh and keep telling that yourself… it seems to might be a great and very much needed comfort!

        Men AND women are not wired for monogamy, or driving a car, or thinking about an outfit, or drawing, or putting some clothes on,or waxing hair, or maths, or… the list can go on and on since most of our current lifestyle is in fact “unatural”.
        The fact that the only “unatural” element that you seem to find excuse for its hypothetical failure is just monogamy, well again… speaks volume about YOU, and just YOU not mankind.

      • Julie says:

        Funnylilou, thank you.

        i hate this “its not in human nature to be faithful” suzch a shitty try to blame it on nature instead of taking the responsibility of ones own mistakes and lack of character.

        if its so unnatural why is it natural to be jealous?

        humans are not made for monogamy but also not made for polygamy.

        from my point of view, protect yourself and sleep with as much or as less peopel as you desire but ffs be honest and dont betray people that just shows you are not worth more than a piece of sh***.

    • fabgrrl says:

      Okay, FeverDream, you’re the “dancer” who has commented before about the married men in your strip club, right? Maybe I’m thinking of someone else?

      In any case, did you ever think that what is true of your…clientele..isn’t true of *all* men everywhere? I’m not doubting that MANY men cheat when given the opportunity, but most men simply don’t have that kind of opportunity in their faces (with reason).

      • anon33 says:

        Exactly. I know plenty of guys who don’t even go to strip clubs and don’t like to, so you can’t really apply that experience to all men.
        I personally enjoy going every now and then with my husband so it’s not like I’m a prude or naive…I just happen to actually know some men who don’t enjoy strip clubs. *shrugs*

  27. aquarius64 says:

    Another cheating allegation tied to the Twilight set. I’m beginning to think that’s the big reason the saga is popular.

  28. Mimi says:

    Poor Jennie, my ass! That woman is freaking gorgeous and smart and talented. Mark my words, she will bounce back from this looking and feeling better than ever. Kelly Taylor Forever!!! Sorry, had to do it.

    • Funnylilou says:

      Ditto!! I happen to think she is the real “catch” of this couple: attractive, funny, smart with some sparks!It will be a kind of wake up call for her: in few months she will be back in better shape , more attractive with some cute men chasing her,she will trade up mark my word!

      He is just a botoxed, dull fraud,keen on underage girls and with a bad hair dye job… woow typing this I realise he actually sounds like the long lost twin of Jeremy Piven!!!


      • PyCaramel says:

        I am in my late 20s and I am far from underage.

      • Funnylilou says:

        I was referring to the revealed blinds items on blindgossip in which he supposidly had an affair with an underage actress!

        oh and I am 23…so when I use the word “underage” , IT IS underage… not some pushing 30 gal…

    • Eileen says:

      WORD! you know that revenge makeover is going to be epic!! Go for it Jennie!!

  29. bite me says:

    oh well, hope jenny doesnt throw a pity party for herself

  30. marie says:

    I hate it when couple say, “I will love him/her forever as the mother/father of my children.” No you awon’t. You don’t have to Love them to have a decent and communicative relationship for the childrens sake. It appears everyone says that because they think it makes them be the better person. I have no love for my Ex but I can get along with him and his new girlfriend. I even invited them both for Christmas and they came and it was a good time But there is no love there…that is why we split. Marriages end because it isn’t easy to stay with one person for forever. In long term marriages, feelings go up and down a lot, men get bored (they do and so do some woman.

    • Snowpea says:

      marie, there are a thousand different permutations of marriage break-ups. Not everyone breaks up because they don’t love each other. I love my ex-husband very much but cannot be with him because he has addiction issues and to stay with him was akin to madness.

      What you experience is just your version of break up. Everybody is different.

  31. Inid says:

    Kaiser, you might find this video interesting. It’s from the show “Intimate Portrait” that used to air on Lifetime (and it was sort of their version of “Biography”)

    It’s Jennie Garth talking about meeting Peter and her unexpected pregnancy, etc.

    and it starts at the 3:50 mark.

    Still makes me sad because they were crazy in love and had a whirlwind relationship that they seemed to really try to work at.

    • JustBored says:

      I also heard that he left her when he found out she was pregnant but decided to make it work for the child. Then followed more kids. Always a bad way to start, staying out of duty is honorable and all but it doesn’t usually end well.

  32. Heidi says:

    Another member of the Eddie Cibrian league…canNOT wait for Brandi’s book

  33. Onyx XV says:

    I’ve always loved Jennie Garth, so I hate to say this, but she is NOT aging well. What is up with her face? She barely looks like herself anymore. Sad.

    And clearly I’ve been living under a rock, because I did not even realize these two were married – and they’ve been married a long time! I’ve never seen the stupid Twilight movies (well, I saw the 1st one, and it sucked, so I didn’t see the rest), but I see him on “Nurse Jackie” and maybe it’s just his character on that show, but I just assumed he was gay! Evidently not…

  34. lileneboheme says:

    I’m not sure if I believe this…I’ll be needing more proof than from some random site I’ve never heard of before.

  35. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Wow! What a wonderful example he set for his 3 daughters 😒

    • AmyLynne says:

      Marriage is hard. It takes character not to cheat and to stay with the person you married, working on the relationship. But marriage is also worth it- unless they’re abuse or something. It’s too bad that this man doesn’t have enough character to do the right thing i.e. stick it out. What’s that old saying, “The best thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother?”

  36. Daisy says:

    They had a good run for a couple who started off pregnant, then got married when baby #2 was on its way. In other words, it wasn’t a fairytale romance. JG is still young enough to live a great life and find a more mature love for herself. Who knows these two may end up getting back together as some couples often do after taking a break and realizing there is no one better.

  37. Jenna says:

    Hmm…they just sent out a statement that these rumours aren’t true.

  38. molly says:

    At least Jennie has the balls to dump his cheating ass instead of taking him back. Good for her.

  39. kbomb says:

    After they got married she was doing some low budget made for TV movie in Toronto. I know someone who worked on the film. She smoked a sh-t ton of weed….and she was sleeping with one of the production guys on set who was close friends with my boyfriend at the time. Soooooooo who knows who cheated first, but it appears as though there was little sanctity in that marriage.

  40. krimekat says:

    Love Jennie! Sorry she’s going through this but all for the best. Once a cheater, always a cheater — she has her daughters to think about. TEAM Jennie/Kelly/Valerie

  41. FeverDream says:

    Aside from ‘all men cheat, nothing new’ – I’d also like to say who benefits when a couple with children breaks up over an infidelity?

    I take marriage very seriously.
    If I did it? A single infidelity or even a couple of infidelities would not be able to tear it asunder.

    Its a lifelong partnership.

    Jealousies and denial of one another’s humanity is immature. If they loved each other to become married and years making a partnership and three children they can love one another to fight for their union IMO.

  42. Smokin Jo says:

    I agree, if women kept their men happy they wouldn’t have to stray. One woman says after doing this and that all day and cooking and cleaning and kids and blah blah blah…well you know what, you’re dirty house will still be there in the morning, your kids are happy with a drive thru burger and fry, if you got your priorities in order and realize that if all your attention is being placed else where, then why shouldn’t your husbands? Don’t forget you were the one who wanted that house, and those kids, and while your husband goes out to work to pay for all those things that make you happy, he wants a little gratitude at the end of the day too. And not just, well I give him sex whenever he wants it. Yayy roll over tits up I’m ready? Initiate it yourself to make him feel desirable, that’s all they’re looking for.

    • Eileen says:

      UH sweetie I wrote that and I am the one out to work all day to pay the bills. We both work. My man is fine-we dont get it on like rabbits-but there have been times I’m too exhausted to have sex. If he went into a tizzy that I wasn’t at his beck and call and wanted to use that as justification to cheat, I’d say “Take a Hike and Don’t let the Door hit ya on the way out!”

      • Smokin Jo says:

        Yeah I work all day too, and yes there are times that I’m tired too. I’m just saying that if one time you’re too tired and shut him down, then take the initiative to make the next move. Some women never do, and if you just keep refusing him, why wouldn’t he start to look elsewhere. I mean yeah of course being too tired once a week is understandable, but we also have to be aware of how a man’s ego works if we want happy and satisfied men to come home to.

  43. GossipHound says:

    It was her awful wedding hair that did it. Seriously, who remembers her insane wedding hairdo???

    Jennie looks better now than she ever has.
    I am a huge 90210 show/cast fan. One time I tried googling her first husband and came up with nothing. Wonder what happened to him?

  44. brenda says:

    Home wreckers are everywhere, not just Canada. So get your story straight and don’t blame.