Jay-Z wants $150 million for Beyonce’s “comeback world tour” this year

Last month, there were a slew of contradictory reports about Beyonce and her devotion to motherhood. Some sources claimed that she was enjoying the hell out of her “time off” with baby Blue Ivy. Some sources claimed Beyonce was itching to get back to work. Maybe both sides were right on – I mean, it’s conceivable that Beyonce has completely enjoyed her maternity leave, but she’s such a workaholic that she really doesn’t know what to do with herself if she’s not selling something. I’ll buy that. Anyway, it was clear last month that Beyonce was already scheduled for back-to-back projects for the next two years, including working on two new albums and filming A Star is Born with Clint Eastwood (and Tom Cruise?). And now this – Page Six reports that Jay-Z is “already working on” Beyonce’s “blockbuster comeback world tour.” Um… not even three months after she’s given birth (cough)?

Jay-Z is already working on a blockbuster comeback world tour for Beyoncé after the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy. Sources tell us Jay has approached Live Nation about a $150million deal for Beyoncé to tour following the birth of their child in January.

Beyoncé has a joint management deal with Jay’s Roc Nation and Live Nation. A source told us, “Just weeks after the birth of Blue Ivy, Jay met with Live Nation to discuss a tour for Beyoncé. He wanted a deal worth about $150 million, but they countered with a lower offer.” Beyoncé had earlier hinted that she may tour again this year. Reps for Jay-Z and Beyoncé didn’t get back to us. Live Nation reps declined to comment.

[From Page Six]

Would the tour be in support of her album 4? Or would they just call this a “comeback tour” and it would be just like the tour for Sasha Fierce? Look, I’ve always said this: I admire the hell out of Beyonce’s work ethic. She works her ass off. But! I’m concerned for a lot of reasons with this stuff. A world tour is grueling. There’s no need to start the hustle again so soon after becoming a mom. Bey and Jay are already insanely wealthy. And why is Jay negotiating all of this stuff for his wife? I don’t know. It feels weird. I’d like to hear what Beyonce thinks about her work schedule for the next two years, because it really is starting to feel like Judy Garland in here.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Marjalane says:

    He needs Bey out of the house so he can have some “me” time.

    also- those yellow and black triangle pants are the ugliest damn things I’ve seen in awhile.

  2. FOREVER says:

    I will pay you the 150 million to keep her home. Overrated, bubblegum crotch gyrating music, enough already

  3. Lalalala! says:

    I know this sounds so insane and crazy but doesnt that baby carrier look like such a strange way to hold such a young baby? The legs dangling looks like doll feet and seems so uncomfortable for a baby
    And her clutching blankets over babies head. Idk lol. !

  4. Bite me says:

    greedy bastards

  5. lisa says:

    Has she always been out walking in NYC.

  6. Sisi says:

    Can it be called a comeback tour if you’ve been gone for less than a year?

    • Lis says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      She doesn’t bug me as much as she bugs other people here, and I have no problem with her going back to work.

      But puh-leeeeaaaazzze. “Comeback” implies that you’ve been gone for more time than “the usual space between tours”.

      • Candyland says:

        Great idea. Have a baby & grab $150milion for a comeback tour. Every preggo woman should demand $150milion after coming back to work.

        And whose Judy Garland?

      • susannej says:

        @candyland: Let’s ask wikipedia!

        In 1935, Garland was signed to a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, supposedly without a screen test, though she had made a test for the studio several months earlier. It did not know what to do with her, as at age 13 she was older than the traditional child star but too young for adult roles. Her physical appearance created a dilemma for MGM. At only 4 feet 11.5 inches (151.1 cm), her “cute” or “girl next door” looks did not exemplify the more glamorous persona required of leading ladies of the time. She was self-conscious and anxious about her appearance.


        MGM hit on a winning formula when it paired Garland with Mickey Rooney in a string of “backyard musicals”.[21] The duo first appeared together in the 1937 B movie Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry. They became a sensation and teamed up again in Love Finds Andy Hardy. She would eventually star with him in nine films.

        To keep up with the frantic pace of making one film after another, Garland, Rooney, and other young performers were constantly given amphetamines, as well as barbiturates to take before going to bed.For Garland, this regular dose of drugs led to addiction and a lifelong struggle and contributed to her eventual demise. She later resented the hectic schedule and felt that her youth had been stolen from her by MGM. Despite successful film and recording careers, awards, critical praise and her ability to fill concert halls worldwide, she was plagued throughout her life with self-doubt and required constant reassurance that she was talented and attractive.


        In 1938, aged 16, she was cast as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (1939), a film based on the children’s book by L. Frank Baum. In this film, she sang the song for which she would forever be identified, “Over the Rainbow”. Although producers Arthur Freed and Mervyn LeRoy had wanted her from the start, studio chief Mayer tried first to borrow Shirley Temple from 20th Century Fox. Her services were denied and Garland was cast.


        During this time Garland experienced her first serious adult romances. The first was with the band leader Artie Shaw. She was deeply devoted to him and was devastated in early 1940 when he eloped with Lana Turner.[33] Garland began a relationship with musician David Rose, and, on her 18th birthday, he gave her an engagement ring. The studio intervened because he was still married at the time to the actress and singer Martha Raye. They agreed to wait a year to allow for his divorce from her to become final, and were wed on July 27, 1941.Garland, who had aborted her pregnancy by him in 1942, agreed to a trial separation in January 1943, and they divorced in 1944. She was noticeably thinner in her next film, For Me and My Gal, alongside Gene Kelly in his first screen appearance. She was top billed over the credits for the first time and effectively made the transition from teenage star to adult actress.


        During filming for The Pirate in April 1947, Garland suffered a nervous breakdown and was placed in a private sanitarium.[40] She was able to complete filming, but in July she undertook her first suicide attempt, making minor cuts to her wrist with a broken glass.[41] During this period, she spent two weeks in treatment at the Austen Riggs Center, a psychiatric hospital in Stockbridge, Massachusetts[42] Following her work on The Pirate, she completed three more films for MGM: Easter Parade (in which she danced with Fred Astaire), In the Good Old Summertime, and her final film with MGM, Summer Stock.

        Because of her mental condition, Garland was unable to complete a series of films. During the filming of The Barkleys of Broadway, she was taking prescription sleeping medication along with illicitly obtained pills containing morphine. It was around this time she also developed a serious problem with alcohol. These, in combination with migraine headaches, led her to miss several shooting days in a row. After being advised by her doctor that she would only be able to work in four-to-five-day increments with extended rest periods between, MGM executive Arthur Freed made the decision to suspend her on July 18, 1948. She was replaced by Ginger Rogers.[43]

        Garland was cast in the film adaptation of Annie Get Your Gun in the title role of Annie Oakley. She was nervous at the prospect of taking on a role strongly identified with Ethel Merman, anxious about appearing in an unglamorous part after breaking from juvenile parts for several years and disturbed by her treatment at the hands of director Busby Berkeley. She began arriving late to the set and sometimes failed to appear. She was suspended from the picture on May 10, 1949, and was replaced by Betty Hutton.[44]

        Garland was next cast in the film Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire after June Allyson became pregnant in 1950. She again failed to report to the set on multiple occasions and the studio suspended her contract on June 17, 1950. She was replaced by Jane Powell.[45] Reputable biographies following her death stated that after this latest dismissal, she slightly grazed her neck with a broken water glass, requiring only a Band-Aid, but at the time, the public was informed that a despondent Garland had slashed her throat. “All I could see ahead was more confusion,” Garland later said of this suicide attempt. “I wanted to black out the future as well as the past. I wanted to hurt myself and everyone who had hurt me.”


        And it goes on.
        Being compared to Judy Garland is not a good thing when it comes to one personal right to be happy.

        Comparing her career?
        Yup. Garland was great.
        One of the best of all time.

        But it didn’t get her the happy home she surely deserved.

        Sad story.
        And I hope the best for Blue and Beyonce.
        (Even if I’m not a fan.)

    • TruthTella says:

      @Candyland “And who’s Judy Garland” <

      ^ REALLY?! O_o I'm 23 and I know who she is… The girl from "The wizard of oz" who went on to become one of the most celebrated entertainers ever???

      • Newtsgal says:

        Thank you Truth!….
        “Who is Judy Garland”
        That has to be a joke…..right?
        dear god give me strength.

      • Ellie says:

        Okay, I know Judy Garland is Dorothy from Wizard of oz, but what does it mean to say that Beyonce’s schedule is starting to resemble hers?

        I wasn’t there, I don’t remember. Apologies if it’s a stupid question, but it piqued my curiosity.

      • LAK says:

        @Ellie – I’d imagine most of us were either quite young or not born during Judy Garland’s lifetime. She died in the 60s.

        The comparison in work schedules is due to fact that Judy Garland never took a break from the time she started working as a child. Her paymasters (studio, parents etc) would load her up with drugs to keep on working. She’s one of Hollywood’s worst child abuse with drugs cases. She ended up having medical issues either real and self inflicted in order to have any kind of break from her schedule.

        Sadly, she died of heart failure at 47 from years of drug abuse.

        she was using or was deliberately given drugs from childhood, not to party like lilo but to keep working, push another project out etc

      • the original bellaluna says:

        She also happens to be Liza Minnelli’s mother.

        Part of the reason the child labour laws are in place in “THA BIZ” is because of histories like Judy’s. The studios would give kids uppers to wake ’em up and keep ’em awake; then they’d give ’em downers to get ’em to sleep.

        It was an awful, vicious cycle and no one really cared too much until it became obvious they were creating such problems.

      • Newtsgal says:

        Judy Garland worked very hard and had her life run by men….i.e..bosses, boyfriends, husbands all trying to make that money machine run smooth. And like alot of stars, uppers in the morning downers at night. Throw in drinking and some mental health issues and you end up suicidal and very unhappy…..Oh, and Judy Garland was in the original Star is Born

  7. daz says:

    remember that previous article on jay-z that said he dropped 250,000 just on one night’s bar tab. where do you think that money comes from ?. They earn alot. THEY SPEND ALOT !!!!!!

  8. Hautie says:

    If Jay-Z is determined to have her working. Why not go do Vegas.

    Where they pay big ass scary money for 6 months.

    Beyonce always does big productions type shows. So her style would fit there. And plus Celine has been been forced to close down from throat issues.

    So there is a place for Beyonce to be the big headliner out there. Then she would not have to travel thousand of miles with a new born. She would be able to go home every night to a real home.

    I actually like her crazy pants. It is Jay-Z and his love of clothes made for teenage boys that bug me. He needs to step up his game. And wear clothes that are meant to flatter a 40 year old man.

    • Belle says:

      I have to wonder if they would even consider Vegas… or think that it was beneath them. It would be a much better ‘family’ situation, being able to settle down there for a while and not having all of the travel that comes with a tour. I just can’t picture Bey being willing to do a semi-permanent Vegas show though.

      I also don’t understand the rush for a ‘come back’, especially when it wouldn’t really be a come back… LOL If Bey is itching to get out and earn MORE money, I’m sure they could come up with something that does that, but keeps her close to home.

      • Dillay says:

        I read that beyonce thought she was good enough to get a Las Vegas show like Celion Dion but she was rejected so she just ended up doing a one night vegas special.
        I’m sure money was the factor, she wanted all the money in vegas to go to her bank account

  9. Crystal says:

    He’s likely negotiating for her because he’s her informal manager (post-Matthew-firing). If they’re in talks with Live Nation now, the tour probably wouldn’t go to production until late summer and the first date likely wouldn’t be before October/November. There’s plenty more time for her to spend with the baby.

  10. Hypocricy says:

    Those people crave so much for attention and to keep that top spot that Beyonce will have a severe depression the day the lights will definitely be on another talented younger black girl she will be compared to at her disadvantage.

  11. Floridaseaturtle says:

    Yep, I couldn’t put my finger on why it looked akward, but true. I wonder if this supports the notion that she didn’t ‘carry’ the baby as she claims. Otherwise, she would have strapped that carrier on more instinctively, to fit mother’s body as she would have been accustomed to carrying the baby for the last 9 months. Just sayin…

    • Candyland says:

      She don’t look maternal holding her baby. Not just her expression but the way she’s got hold of her baby. It looks like she’s got hold of a thing in one hand instead of a person.

    • katspeakz says:

      She’s using a baby bjorn. I used one for both of my babes. Neither of my children tolerated the sling wraps. It’s not uncomfortable until the baby gets bigger.

  12. Jackie says:

    she went from one controlling man to another…from father to husband. ugh.

  13. LAK says:

    She needs to re-hire her father. He was a genius at marketing her image and career. It hasn’t been the same since she fired him.

    Wierd that Jay Z has proved so inept on managing her and her career.

    • Hautie says:

      Had her Father not been stupid and… lets be honest… stole money from her. He would not have been fired.

      He made a ton of cash off of her. Being her agent and manager. But still manage to take so much of her own personal income it became noticeable.

      • LAK says:

        That’s all true, but it is also true that he was a genius at selling and managing her career and image.

        Since she fired him, it’s the wizard of oz and we don’t like what we see and neither are we buying it.

      • TruthTella says:

        I agree that he shouldn’t have stolen from her but really Beyonce has stolen from a ton of people herself anyway…
        Besides ever since she fired him her career has gone way down.

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        Matthew didn’t steal a dime. Jay-Z made the ultimate move and checkmated his ass. Totally set him up so he could have control over Bey. Matthew is evil but he ain’t dumb. Hell, I’d probably still semi-like the child if he were still managing her. He took the blame for all her shenannies.

  14. Nessa says:

    Ugh. These people are deplorable. There is no other word for how greedy and famewhoring they are.

  15. Day says:

    Beyonce has chubby short legs. She needs to stop wearing pants the emphasize that.

    Beyonce is just like Gaga to me; they are insufferable fame whores but they know how to put on a show. I will pay to see them live and I actually enjoy their concerts. Unlike Rihanna, who is just an insufferable fame whore with no talent–there really is no point to her. I didn’t go to Beyonce last tour so I look forward to this tour.

    • Flan says:

      Agree with the Rihanna comparison. No matter how greedy Bey has become (and how unlike her image of a decade ago), there’s still some talent there. She also doesn’t act like a particularly vicious twelve year old.

      Rihanna is nothing but Jay-Z’s songs and PR team. She’s starting to find out now that this team is swinging behind Rita Ora instead, after all her craziness.

  16. Hayley says:

    I wouldn’t pay one dollar to see her. In fact, I would not even go watch the spectacle for free. Bla.

    • Jackie says:

      i wouldn’t go see her if she were in my backyard.

      i would like just a taste of her money, though.

  17. lucy2 says:

    If it were me, I would enjoy the luxury of being able to afford off as much time as possible, and wouldn’t want to jump right back in with a world tour. That’s a long, exhausting thing to do.

  18. Dibba says:

    Why doesn’t “trickle down ecominics” ever trickle down to me.

  19. Mar says:

    There is a point where people just look greedy and this is it right here.

    • Belle says:

      Totally Agree. I think they are more worried about staying ‘in the spotlight’ than they are about having family time.

    • MST says:

      Um, don’t they have enough money? Will they ever have enough money?

  20. Annaloo says:

    OMG, these delusional blowhards. Beyonce has NEVER GONE AWAY. A ‘comeback’? From where? The place where things are shoved down your throat or the place where things are constantly in your face?

  21. a says:

    “comeback” tour? when did she ever leave?

  22. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    They’re naming it: “Mama Sasha Fierce World Tour 2.0”

  23. dorothy says:

    Somebody has an over inflated view of themselves. Greedy, greedy, greedy.

  24. fabgrrl says:

    Comeback? How the h*ll long has she been gone? Dude, I have leftovers in my fridge older than her baby.

  25. Lem says:

    In nearly every single photo I have seen of her, postpillow, where she is actually holding Blue 5; she looks miserable.
    Bey is typically an extremely smiley woman. Overly so. The only recent photo I recall her smiling in, was entering the basketball game. How off

  26. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Hey, Duckie’s looking a bit–nevermind, it’s Beyonce. Unless…Yo, Martin Gore, if you’re in your circa 1988 clothes, does that mean Alan Wilder is coming back to Depeche Mode? This nonsense has been going on for too–nevermind, it’s Beyonce. Unless…’Why can’t you do it, why can’t your set your monkey free?’ I don’t know why, George Michael circa 1987, I just don’t have the knowledge to answer that–nevermind, it’s Beyonce.

  27. Bee says:

    “Comeback world tour?” Where exactly did she go? I’ve seen more of Beyonce now than ever. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Beyonce, go find your dad and have him manage you again.

  28. The Truth Fairy says:

    If she gets this, I am moving to Mars.

  29. TruthTella says:

    I call BS on the $150m, her last world tour only made $103m total. I can believe she’s working on a comeback though and the reason is that “4” flopped, she cannot bear to take time out when her last project flopped so she wants to reclaim her status.

    I find it hilarious that when Xtina flopped with “Bionic” all the Gaga and Beyonce fans where slating her and calling her floptina and saying how their faves would never flop and now Beyonce has flopped and Gaga has underperformed.

  30. Belle says:

    I also used a baby bjorn carrier for my kids… and it was actually quite comfortable when they were very young. My girls seemed to like them, and would usually fall asleep if I was walking. Once they were about 3 months old… not comfortable… LOL You are supposed to be able to fold the front down and turm them around when they are old enough that they hold their head well and enjoy seeing the world go by. For me, once they were that age… it was way too hard on my back!

    As for whether she looks comfortable carrying a baby… I’m not so sure. I get that she’s trying to cover her up, as many celebs do that when the babies are little. She does look a bit awkward though!

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      She never even looks down at that baby. It could be a purse for all she cares. Where do we pitch in for the Jupiter shot?

  31. the original bellaluna says:

    First of all, Jay can kiss my ass. Secondly, those pants gave me a migraine. Jay, you owe me $150M for letting Bey out of the house in those things.

  32. BELLA says:


  33. BELLA says:


  34. Cerulean says:

    They are so obvious in everything they do. They live for the attention and money. All of a sudden she is walking everywhere with the baby all covered. Trying to entice us for the big reveal. Just go away Miz Pillow.

  35. CL says:

    She found the other earring! So glad she’s not trying to make the one hoop thing happen.

  36. skuddles says:

    Oh is it time already to start peddling that little trademark? Beyonce is worth so much because…. she gave birth? Sorry scratch that… because she produced a baby? As someone astutely pointed out above, don’t you actually have to go away and stay away for a while before you can call it a “comeback”??

  37. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    Bey, how can we miss you if you won’t GO AWAY!?!?

    $150Mil for a “come-back” tour when she never left? What a total sham.

    • skuddles says:

      Well she “come back” with a baby see 🙂 I honestly think the high price tag is the direct result of her committing the most incredible, unheard of, superhuman act, ever – producing a baby. Who was literally trademarked at birth. I hate that I am convinced they had this baby for the PR…and the money.

  38. Toni says:

    Another fake story by Jay and Beyonce trying to inflate her value. Her tours don’t even make 150 million total let alone that figure being her cut of the profits. I could have sworn she was giving away tickets to her last tour in Britain with the purchase of gum packet. SMH

  39. e.non says:

    well, if she was actually caring for her child herself — without the dozens of nannies/maids/handmaidens/footwashers — she wouldn’t have any spare time on her hands to daydream about a comeback (oy) world tour.

    ugh. these are 2 of the greediest and most narcissistic a-holes on the scene.

  40. kelly says:

    Sigh. When will the baggy pants even for older men fad ever fade? I would prefer disco music coming back than seeing those pants ever again.

  41. lolwut says:

    how can she come back when she never went away?

  42. SmartGirlsAlwaysWinInTheEnd says:

    Greedy, greedy, greed, greed.
    All of this will be at the expense of the public pocket, you know. Beyonce never has cared about her Stans-I mean Fans.

    Since Jay’s LiveNation deal (Google it) his & every act associated w/ him, ticket prices have been insane. I went to see him in 2011 at Yankee Stadium, and I paid $195. There was crazy price gouging. The woman I sat next to paid over $200 for a ticket, some more than that!
    Beyonce’s Roseland shows were $114 & that’s standing room out here in NYC! It only holds 300-350.

    The dumbest move this woman EVER made was to give her career over to her husband and to LiveNation. They know nothing about PR and every move she’s made since firing Matthew has been laughable, sad, and contradictory to her self-described “I am a business woman” persona.

    Look at that second photo. That’s a doll, damn it! If she’s doing it to fool the public, shame on her. If she’s doing it to protect her child from psychos, shame on us. But, she looks foolish.
    At least use one of those real-doll babies, one preferably made to look asleep so when the paps photograph it, it’ll look like a human baby.

    • Puleeze says:

      You better tell it!! Beyonce is a liar and a puppet. She only can do what she is told. And yes that DOES look like a doll! She ain’t fooling nobody with her decoy baby. Go away for about 5 years beyonc so you can have as real comeback tour. And tell Jay Z to stop putting these ridiculous stories out about you

    • HadleyB says:

      Why on earth anyone would pay 200 for a ticket to see him or Beyonce is beyond me.

      I don’t agree with concert tix prices, therefore I don’t go when prices are insane. I refuse to add to their wealth.

      I’d rather buy a new pair of shoes.

  43. rachel says:

    They don’t owe the black community anything
    Why do black people always want to be saved.
    When black folks are quickest to tear each other down.
    There is no black community.
    Just crabs in a barrel

    • Meanchick says:

      Um, careful Rachel. I’m black and I don’t want to be saved, nor do I think they owe me anything. Nice generalization there. How did it go from Bey & Jay to the black community? Stupid bitch.

  44. rachel says:

    good on her
    If you love your job , why not.

  45. Jordan says:

    Wouldn’t she have to go away in order to have a ‘comeback’ tour? She just released an album last year.

  46. Guest says:

    $150 million “comeback”. Um, didn’t she “leave” with an album that no one liked and no one awarded.
    Didn’t she release videos the entire time she was “gone” that no one even enjoyed watching or hearing?
    That’s crazy and narcissistic and down right shameful to ask for $150 million when the last thing you left the public with was a big rip-off disappointment.
    If anything her super rich husband should be offering the public a few FREE shows as a sample of what she is coming back with it, because I highly doubt that after only 3-4 months she’s coming back with something new and not from her recent awful album.

  47. Kelly says:

    If she wants to go back to work she should. I do not see this much interest in when a man goes back to work after his child is born. I’m not a huge fan of hers but she should come back to work if she wants to.

  48. Eric says:

    She was never pregnant, and that tour was probably planned last year, and they are just working out the details, she carries the baby backwards because it is a Mexican baby.
    I will gladly contribute to send Beyonce somewhere in space she has not talent and her music has actually gone from bad to worse.

  49. vera says:

    J Z is ready to start breathing again he has played the father figure long enough,(being a friend of Kanye West, every body knows he has a wild side) tired of Bey breathing down his back so get her ass out the house and put her back to work. Any way her career is about finished, her real age is starting to show. I wonder if she kind of regrett marring J Z he seems controlling, she need to stay home with her young baby. I’m just saying

  50. Jover says:

    Agree with everyone above they are just horrible empty useless human beings; somewhere in their tiny brains they must know their “music” will be forgotten in 40 yrs and people will still be honoring the WOodstock performances, etc.