Lindsay Lohan probably paid a pr0n star named “Voodoo” to have sex with her

Before we get to the gross Cracken story of the day, I just wanted to talk about an update on the whole “Lindsay Lohan is a cracked-out hit-and-run driver who will sue the hell out of her victims, because why not?” story. Yesterday, I told you about the Cracken’s plans to threaten her hit-and-run victim into dropping his civil (and criminal?) complaint against her. The Radar story was particularly funny, just because it proves that Lindsay has zero self-awareness as she attempted to “call out” a cracked-out grifter. Anyway, Radar’s source (Dina) now says that the Cracken can’t even be bothered to speak to the LAPD to give her “side” of the story. For real. Crackie is all, “Oh, the LAPD wants to talk to me? Suckers. I’m going to the Marmont!”

Lindsay Lohan has no plans to talk to cops about allegations that she hit a person while leaving a Hollywood nightclub last week, is exclusively reporting.

As we previously reported Lohan, 25, was leaving Sayers Club in Hollywood shortly after midnight last Wednesday in her new black Porsche when she was blocked by a swarm of paparazzi and club patrons from the nearby Hookah Lounge.

As she attempted to navigate a three point turn to get out of the alley, she allegedly grazed the manager of the Hookah Lounge. Initially, a source close to the situation told, the manager told cops at the scene that he wasn’t hit by the car, but after finding out that Lohan was the driver, the manager went to a hospital emergency room, lawyered up, and changed his story.

“Lindsay has no plans to talk to the cops because it just isn’t necessary. Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, is in touch with the investigators, but since the alleged victim has changed his story several times, the burden of proof is on him, and not Lindsay. Just because this guy is claiming Lindsay hit him, why should she have to drop everything and talk to investigators? Lindsay is focused on finishing her community service at the Los Angeles County Morgue,” a source close to the situation tells us.

The Hookah manger’s credibility is already under scrutiny because he has changed his story several times. “Let’s be very clear, he has changed his story significantly. Officers on the scene specifically asked the man if the car had hit him and he was absolutely emphatic that it hadn’t, nor had he claimed it hit his car,” a law enforcement source told “Several hours later, the man’s newly hired lawyer called the Hollywood division of the LAPD and said that his client wanted to provide a statement because he was the victim of a hit and run accident. The manager claimed that he was in shock after the accident and that his foot began hurting and he went to the hospital. He now says there is no doubt that Lindsay drove over his foot and fled the scene.”

[From Radar]

This is the legal equivalent of putting your hands over your ears and singing, “Lalalalala, I can’t hear you!!!” So what if your victim has no credibility? You still have to speak to the LAPD, for God’s sake. But once again, Crackie thinks the rules don’t apply to her. She has a long list of precedents to back her up too.

So here’s the current gross Cracken story. There’s a pr0n star named Alex Torres, known also as “Voodoo”, and he claims that he and Lindsay had sex while Michael Lohan slept upstairs:

Alex Torres claims to have had sex with Lindsay Lohan while her father Michael Lohan was asleep in the same house, and has audio of the porn star recalling his torrid encounter.

Torres, who goes by the screen name Voodoo, talked with The Jim Richards Show on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto on Friday when he divulged his A-list romp.

“Ask him [Michael Lohan] if he knows about that night I had with his daughter while he was sleeping upstairs,” Voodoo says. “I’m not joking!”

Not only does Voodoo claim to have had “relations” with Lindsay, but he makes it sound like she paid him.

“Many of these Hollywood celebrities pay me a high price dollar to come and satisfy them. I’m not joking!” he says.

To clarify, host Jim Richards says, “So you’ve been with Lindsay Lohan?”

“I’m saying that,” Voodoo confirms.

[From Radar]

Whatever. At this point, none of the Cracken’s shenanigans surprise me anymore. If you told me that she was paid to have an affair with a married politician while wearing a diaper and singing “I Will Survive,” my reaction would be the same. Meh.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. bea says:

    Is she being following by the Ghost of Xmas Future in that last pic?

  2. Franny says:

    LOL forever at that last line.

  3. lucy2 says:

    If two sketchy people try to sue each other for money neither has…does anyone care?
    Linnocent is probably the only celeb that I’m willing to believe every story about, and assume the truth is far worse than what’s being reported!

  4. brin says:

    I believe Voodoo the pr0n star.

    • TheFactR says:

      There is NO reason not to believe the p0rn guy, she was running with a P0rn producer Dennis DeSantis when she had that car wreck TMZ reported. She wrecked his car. The story is on line for all to read.

  5. Mirella says:

    LOL at that last line!!

  6. Aiobhan says:

    If I had a dollar for every gross story that is published about this woman I think I would never have to work again. I agree that even if this guy was lying through his teeth I would still believe him over her because of all the nonsense that she has gone through. The only thing I don’t believe is that he was paid by her. I think he paid her. There has to be a reason why she has a new car every other week. This is where she got her start. You cannot get a porsche at rent a center.

  7. Jessica says:

    Wow!! Lindsay looks really good in that last (bottom) pic in the seafoam green shirt!! : )

  8. drdoolittling says:

    Ok, not to be on this Moron’s side, but this is her lawyer telling her not to speak to police. Under any circumstances. Her lawyer is smart; she knows Lindsay should be as far away from law enforcement officers as possible. This is the “woman” who is so utterly incapable of interacting with society that she believes she needs to be on self-imposed lockdown!

    As for the other story, again, who is this person? And when has Michael lohan been staying at lohan’s house? This is a silly story by some skanky dude( hey, in that case, maybe they did).


    • Annie says:

      With someone like Lindsay it’s a case of “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. Even though one particular story about her might be made up, you can still see a clear overall picture about her emerging. She’s sleazy and nasty as hell, I’m sure.

  9. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Hell ,,,, just more drummed up drama from the mouths of Lohan Inc to keep her name and face in the gossips. If they lined up everybody shes has sex with in the past 7 yrs or so they would be lined up clear to the Missouri border to LA…..She is partially responsible for the STD epidermic in LA right now….There was Typhoid Mary and and now STD Leaking Lindsay……

    You know what really stands out in this article though…..the photos above…Look at the freaking difference in her face…WOW the collapse of that nose is so evident between the photos and the tip that was put in to hold it up is so visible in the first one it reminds me of early Micheal Jackson nose job…were he had it done…and the fact that she could actually close her mouth comfortably in the old photo…Oh well to late now…..

  10. dorothy says:

    Totally believe the porn star. Sad that no one doubts this story. Screams just how far Lohan has fallen.

  11. KHater says:

    It’s all trash talk. Everyone wants their 15 mins and then they start yelling “show me the money”. They all end up filthy rich and their own reality show. Pond scum.

  12. hillbillygirl45 says:

    I never heard of this “Voodoo” dude, but, I believe the story. And that’s just sad. It just fits with what I’ve said before, THE GIRL IS NASTY!! Wonder who gave who what STD?

  13. guilty pleasures says:

    Umm, what high falootin’ society event is she attending in that top pic where the dress code seems to be a Croydon facelift with an exposed bra and Sweet 16 mini?

    • A-Rod says:

      That event is the Ungaro fashion show she was a part of a few years ago. Remember when she was named “creative director”? That lovely outfit is actually one of the runway offerings Ms. Lohan served up. Unsurprisingly, she was canned after one season. You should Google pics and video of her at this show. She was high as a kite the whole time.

  14. Bronson says:

    Alex Torres was the guy that made the sex tape while skydiving; he seems really trashy and like he would embellish the truth for attention. However, this is Crackhead Lohan we’re talking about also…

  15. Ari says:

    “I’m not joking!” that sh*t had me cracking the hell up

  16. nullnull says:

    You know what drives me crazy about this girl? I mean, aside from the drunkenness/coked-out-ness/nasty hair extension/bad makeup/ general famewhoring?

    The eyebrows. They always look horrendous. It gives me angry twitches.

  17. Hautie says:

    I guess my question would be, was Lohan of age when this allege sexual encounter happen?

    If I am not mistaken, she has made it a point not to let her Father near her. Or live in her home/motel.

    Or near what ever cash she may still have, for years.

    And she moved out on her own before she was 18.

    So when did this all happen?

    • Bess says:

      I’d like this guy to clarify the timing of this encounter as well.

      Also, Michael Lohan has been known to get violent. Voodoo should watch himself and his money maker.

    • Lady D says:

      In late ’08 or ’09 crackhead was freaking out over daddy breaking into her Venice condo. The next day, TMZ had pictures of her sharing bagels in bed with daddy-o.

  18. Cinesnatch says:

    I wish we could stop reporting on her. I’ve made my peace with her never cleaning up her act and making a comeback. Make her go away.

  19. Newtsgal says:

    I think we have found patient 0, responsible for the STD outbreak in the porn industry

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Yes, but which of the two of them is actually “the 0?” I think they’re the combined patient 0.

  20. fabgrrl says:

    Uh, “Voodoo”, those opportunities with Hollywood celebrities are going to dry up if you don’t shut your yap about them.

  21. Beatriz says:

    Omg the last line made me spit out my diet pepsi, bravo!

  22. Candyland says:

    Lindsay’ as dumb as a can of oysters to think she don’t have to talk to the L.A. police. She must be scared they’ll smell the crack on her or something.

    And that thing behind her in the last photo is Lindsay in a few more years.

  23. nu truth says:

    There are women who pay for sex with a nasty a$$ p0rn star?!?! If you’re keen on STDs you can get them for free somewhere else…

  24. mollination says:

    “I’ll trade you herpes for two stints of gonorhea” – lohan to torres.

  25. skeptical says:

    just for fun I bopped by x17’s lilo page to see any new pics.
    yea… her plastic surgery is VERY obvious, particularly in the shot of her in the driver’s seat, with the left side of her face clearly shown (the title pic of the “lilo calls the hit-and-run report absurd” post). Interesting how she really resembles a puppet with that “real vinyl” skin.

  26. skuddles says:

    Ah Grasshopper, so the hooker has become the john… or wait… the john has become the hooker?? I’m so confused :O

  27. kc says:

    This is newsworthy-why?

  28. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    I swear this bitch gets paid to be a complete and total public f up! How is it possible to commit 6,000 different crimes and only go to jail for a few minutes? HOW? If the average joe did half the shit Lindsay Lohan did they would be in prison for the next 30 years.

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    I would LOVE to see any other “normal person” refuse to discuss a possible hit-and-run with the cops.

    And it’s not like it’s actually Linnocent’s first (or even second or third) hit-and-run.

    Remember the “great baby-clipping of 20(whatever year that was)?”