Sean Penn is a d-bag most of the time, but he did one nice thing one time

These photos are of Sean Penn last week in Argentina. WENN notes that Penn is “visiting the Casa Rosada”!!!!! Did anyone get a little jump? Who out there loves Evita? On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada?!?! Sigh… Sean Penn wishes he could pull an Evita Peron. Anyway, Sean was in Argentina because he hates the United Kingdom and their colonialism and Prince William specifically, I think. Penn went to Argentina to advocate for the return of the Falkland Islands to Argentina. This really happened:

Sean Penn has waded into the debate over the Falkland Islands by backing Argentina and accusing the British government of “ridiculous colonialism”. The outspoken Oscar-winner met with Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner in Buenos Aires to offer his support in the sovereignty dispute.

Using the South Atlantic islands’ Spanish name, he urged British officials to enter into negotiations with Argentina as the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War approaches.

He says, “I know I came at a very sensitive moment in terms of diplomacy between Argentina and the U.K. over the Malvinas. I hope that diplomats can establish true dialogue in order to solve the conflict. The world today cannot tolerate ridiculous demonstrations of colonialism. The way of dialogue is the only way to achieve a better solution for both nations… It’s necessary that these diplomatic talks happen between the United Kingdom and Argentina. I think that the world today is not going to tolerate any kind of ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist ideology.”

Both countries’ governments claim responsibility for the Falkland Islands.

[Via WENN]

So, as you can imagine, a lot of British people hate Sean Penn now. And Prince William – who is currently training in the Falklands – probably isn’t pleased. Do I need to talk about this any further? Eh. Sure, Penn has a point about colonialism (which we as Americans are not innocent of either), but why did Sean Penn even wade into this debate? He’s not affiliated with any organization (except for the Haitian charity he started), and his only political agenda is his own personal one. I don’t understand why we needed to hear Sean Penn’s thoughts on this or any subject.

In other Sean Penn news, he’s not always a d-bag:

He may have a reputation as one of the most ornery actors in Hollywood, but Sean Penn also has a major soft (and generous) side, is exclusively reporting.

The ex-Mr. Madonna bad boy showed off that deep down he’s actually a nice guy after generously footing the medical bill for a wounded war veteran — to the tune of $15,000!

An eyewitness tells that Penn had a dinner party at his pad recently and one of his friends brought an Iraqi war veteran as her date. Long after the dinner and dessert was served, Penn got into a discussion with the guy who mentioned that he was drowning in medical bills incurred from injuries he got during the war.

“Sean really took an interest in this guy and was hanging on his every word. He became the guest of honor, really,” the source says.

The soldier shared that during his tour, he had suffered a broken tailbone, two broken ankles and problems with his eyesight, and claimed he was still suffering the aftermath of his injuries. Penn asked him how much money he owed in medical expenses, and the soldier estimated around $15,000.

The Oscar winning actor excused himself and left the room. He returned minutes later with a signed check — for $15,000!

“The guy was in total shock! He didn’t know what to say and he started to tear up. He felt awkward accepting it and tried to give it back to Sean, but Sean refused,” the source tells “He actually went out of his way to make sure the guy felt comfortable accepting it. It was really sweet!”

[From Radar]

Okay, that’s nice. I wonder if someone working for Sean put this out there, or if it was really just someone at the dinner? I’m asking if Sean is actually engaging in trying to give himself a softer public image, or if he’s just a guy who did a nice, decent thing and really didn’t expect to get any recognition from it. I’m assuming the latter. Because I think Sean Penn likes that we think he’s a d-bag. Because he is most of the time.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Eve says:

    I wonder if ScarJo dry heaves whenever she sees pictures of Sean Penn (like the ones posted here).

  2. k says:

    Sean Penn really doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. In that way only do I admire his consistency.

    • Chatcat says:

      He is in the top 5 gross d-bags in Hollywood. Creeps me out to no end. And I don’t give 1% thought to any celebrities political views/opinions. They are there to entertain me with laughter or tears or just mind numbness and escapism. If I want to follow a cause or form an opinion I want to hear it from those directly involved on a daily basis. Are people really that shallow that they believe anyone of these TV/Movie/Music stars have the time or put the effort into truly understanding a position or situation? I think not.

      • k says:

        Well, I do admire celebrities who are sincere in their hopes of using their fame to promote a cause. But I agree that they should not be relied upon as information sources.

  3. Lara says:

    Just the fact that a wounded war veteran has to pay medical bills makes me glad that I live in a country that still deals with ‘ridiculous colonialism’ but has a national health service.

    • gloaming says:

      re NHS – Only just……..

    • Miriam says:

      I don’t know the specifics of his situation, but that is one thing the USA do, take care of their VETS. No matter (most of the time substance abuse) what the affliction is, they’ll help.
      Im a VET and found myself unemployed, Ill and no medial insurance. THey have done for me what a civilian hospital would never do.
      Speicially now with soldiers coming back from two conflicts.

  4. Kaboom says:

    England has had control of the Falklands since 1833. It’s quite shameful for the democratically elected Argentinian government to follow in the steps of the military junta on the issue.

    • LAK says:

      And for them to ignore the wishes of the islanders themselves who have consistently voted to remain British.

      That said, I think someone taught him some new words and he couldn’t wait to use them.

  5. cat1 says:

    good point!

  6. Rachel says:

    How does a war veteran have $15,000 dollars worth of Medical Bills? Since he was fighting for his country while he sustained those injuries doesn’t the government/military cover it? I may be completely ignorant as I’m Canadian and these are things that we don’t worry about but this is crazy to me.

    • cat1 says:

      Sadly, the U.S. government has fallen ‘down on the job’ of covering veterans’ medical expenses. Many veterans are in this situation.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Sadly, a large portion of America’s homeless are veterans, of either Korean or Vietnam wars.

      America takes what they can get from these men and women and then takes piss-poor care of them when they’re broken.

      It’s gotten a little better since the first Gulf “conflict” but nowhere near as much as it should.

      And the pay sucks. Unless you’re a high rank (my dad is an Officer, USMC Retired), your family qualifies for food stamps.

    • Happy21 says:

      I, too, am Canadian and was stunned to read that someone who served their country had to come up with the money to pay the bills incurred from medical treatments as a result of serving said country. Wow!

    • Miriam says:

      The government will deinitely cover for it.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Yep. He is a douche and I believe that is something that he accepts about himself.I gotta give the man points for consistency.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I really don’t understand why some celebrities insert themselves into situations like this.
    If the story about the veteran is true, that was a good thing.

  9. Happy21 says:

    I’m pretty sure that Sean Penn has never given a rat’s ass what anyone thought of him. He is who he is.

  10. original kate says:

    a face just begging to be punched.

  11. cat1 says:

    I don’t know much about this issue and will look into it but geez thank goodness someone is taking a stand! and not an ‘easy’ one. and repeatedly looking at issues that are not easy, as sean penn has done again and again. If everyone would put themselves out there in some way, be it celebrity or non, on SOME issue of meaning, the world would truly be a better place. and probably if we all spent less time on celebrity blogs too and did that instead! :) myself included.

    • LAK says:

      Kudos for educating yourself on the issue unlike sean penn who simply waded in uninformed.

      Btw: as many posters have said, I can’t believe a war veteran would have those kind of medical bills.

      Am really glad for the nhs because veteran or not, it’s all free. Yes, I get that it comes from our taxes but that is a lifetime of taxation. If I needed an op that would cost $15K, would stop to worry about the cost. And I can have as many of those ops as I want.

      • cat1 says:


        It is hard to believe re: medical bills but it is SO very possible that a veteran would have high medical bills that are not covered. I didn’t have time to find a few articles on this problem for U.S. veterans but it certainly got a decent amount of press attention during the latter Bush years. I don’t think veterans have fared much better during Obama Admin. unfortunately.

    • Anne says:

      Well said. I’m with Sean on this one. If anyone wants to ruled by the British, come and live in the UK. Simple.

      Also Sean was one of the few who spoke out after September 11 2001. They were vilified and nearly run out of the US but they spoke up and were proved right.

      • cat1 says:

        That is true. I was ‘out there’ but not many celebrities were — It was hard enough as an ‘every day’ citizen.

      • LAK says:

        Really Anne, you are with Sean on this one??? Nevermind that the islanders are all British, consider themselves British and have voted over and over to remain British? Not one voice or party for separatist agenda or more importantly to join Argentina. Maybe we should all start aggressively advocating for texas and california to be returned to mexico. Infact, we should also call out spain for holding onto the canary islands and any other territory. Don’t bother the asking the inhabitants whether that is what they want and even if we do and they want to remain part of their stated nationality, we should still insist on the point and threaten to start wars with what we think is the imperialist power, if they don’t comply, get as many celebs on board because of course that legitimises our cause. Geesh!!!

        SP might be outspoken etc but he also gets it wrong many times, and this is one of them.

      • Happy21 says:

        AND he was on the scene during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina helping people before the U.S. Government even got there. Actually our RCMP were there before them too…

  12. JD says:

    The wounded vet probably had to listen to three hours of SP bitching about the “evil US government” before he decided to pay the vets bill. If this story is true.

    I can’t see SP doing this without some ulterior motive.

  13. Michelle says:

    I call bullshit on this. Military health insurance is actually pretty decent… I have it myself, and I have not once had to foot the bill for any medical issue I’ve had. There is like, a 1% chance this story is true. It sounds like it was planted as Penn-positive propaganda.

    Also; the Falklands? PENN, SERIOUSLY? Everyone ON the Falklands is British, want to remain British, and have no interest in becoming Argentinians! Why does no one ever bring that up?

  14. yes says:

    The Falklands have belonged to Britain for longer than California or Texas have belonged to the US. The islanders consider themselves British and want to remain British. Surely we can all agree that their wishes are the only ones that matter?

    If Penn wants to find a diplomatic solution, maybe he should start by asking his friend, the Argentinian PM, to stop blocking fresh food from reaching The Falklands…

  15. Incredulous says:

    Yes, Sean, now is the perfect time to go on about British colonialism.

    Also, Ridgemont High called, they want their fast times back.

  16. fabgrrl says:

    It is a lovely move. Then again, if I had $15K to toss around I would certainly give it to a wounded vet. It is so disgusting that a soldier would need to pay medical bills. My husband is a former Marine, a Gulf War veteran. He sustained an injury while in service. According to him the military doctors and medical staff were outstanding, absolutely tip top. The basically rebuilt half of his face, and all he has to show is a scar and some numbness. Every day he thanks his lucky stars he was still in active duty and completely recovered because he would never get that kind of care now. It is just disgusting what happens to our veterans, and everyone else, when it comes to medical bills. We are human beings, dammit, everyone should have access to tip top medical care. And yes, prohibitive expense DOES deny access.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      God love you, fabgrrl, and your husband too. Give him a hug for me and tell him thank you from me.

  17. StaceyP says:

    Sounds like Penn is starting to gear up to run for polital office.

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    Frankly, I don’t think Sean Penn gives a shit about what people think of him; if he did, he’d have changed his persona a long, long time ago.

    I think there are things he holds dear to his heart (as those of us with caring hearts do) and has the money and fame to bring attention to them (as not all of us do).

  19. Anne says:

    @LAK. Yes, as I stated I believe people who want to live under British rule should come and live in the UK. Britain should have the decency to return what is not theirs.

    “Don’t bother the asking the inhabitants….” I’m sure the previous inhabitants weren’t asked for their opinions.

    I’m also happy for parts of America to be given back to Mexico; I’m not American so I’ll stay out of that one.

    • LAK says:

      @nne- please tell me you didn’t miss the classes where Britain relinquished the empire? You know, the part where she gave back lands to the inhabitants??!!

      The Falklands has been part of Britain since 1833, any inhabitants’ descendants have had all these centuries to determine whether they want to leave Britain, self-rule or join Argentina.

      They have had referendums asking them what they want and the answer has been unequivocably Britain.They have expressed that wish many times, and more importantly they have expressed wish NOT to join Argentina.

      As for saying all should move to the UK isles, please, we are over populated as it is. There is no more land to house anymore people. And am not saying that to be xenophobic, it is simply fact. Just because they sit closer to Argentina, doesn’t make them less British.

      Btw; I brought up america because the falklands has been British longer than those states. So using your logic, USA should give them back because they don’t belong to her. While we are there, let’s take that thought to it’s logical conclusion and have anyone who isn’t native american return to their original country because they don’t belong.same goes for every country in the world.

      • Anne says:

        Yeah I missed the class. Thanks for the education.

        Relinquished the empire? The inhabitants of the the countries ruled over by Britain had to fight tooth and nail to get them out. Britain did not behave gracefully at all. I attended a different class from you; one where the full facts of the British Empire were covered.

  20. hannia says:

    he’s mostly a novelty, and is considered as such here, nobody cares about his opinion and president Cristina (whom is not very liked either) only pretends to care to get attention to the Malvinas cause, is all very silly, no serious Argentine person really cares about an American actor opinion!

  21. Catie D says:

    The Falklands were settled by the British many years before the Republic of Argentina was even formed.

    The islanders, most of whom have are descended from families who have been there for generations have repeatedly said that they wish to remain British and their wishes should be respected.

    There are many other countries, including the USA, France etc who have colonised areas which now form part of their countries overseas territory.

    Does Sean Penn suggest a unilateral hand back of all islands/lands/states which could be claimed by another country?

  22. Cpm says:

    He probably felt guilty for sucking face with Saddam before the invasion.