Has Megan Fox really spent $60,000 on plastic surgery?

When a fresh-faced girl starts to make it big in Hollywood, a certain level of change is expected. Actresses often start learning new makeup and hair tricks after spending a great deal of time in the prep chair before shoots. They also tend to drop weight as well, whether the loss is intentional or due to stress and other factors. I think at the beginning, weight loss had a lot to do with Megan Fox’s transforming (har har) look, but it was about 2010 (more specifically, the Jonah Hex red-carpet photo shown above) when I realized that something was truly amiss. As in, this girl is addicted to cosmetic enhancement, which is a terrible shame because she was so naturally beautiful from the very beginning. Of course, most females can relate to aesthetic insecurities, so it’s not like I can blame Megan for being overly concerned with her physical appearance — especially in the pressure cooker that is Hollywood.

Yet it’s hard to ignore the visual evidence from Megan’s most recent red carpet appearance, which saw Megan promoting a low-key role in Friends with Kids with an even more tweaked up appearance than when she was promoting blockbusters. Even though she should be focused on improving her public image (and arguably, her acting abilities as well), she can’t seem to stop altering her appearance. Instead of making herself more desirable, Megan just looks exhausted and (paradoxically) older than her 25 years. Just for reference’s sake, this is Megan’s “starting point” in 2004 before her first nose job (CB thinks she may have had a total of three nose jobs by now):

Now a story in this week’s In Touch claims that Megan has really shelled out for elective enhancement since she began her career. According to their expert, Megan has indulged in an eye lift and Botox; a nose with a narrower bridge and more sculpted tip; cheek implants and/or fillers; plumped-up lips ($1200) and mole removal; and either laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels (maybe both). Who knows if this is all true. At least some of it is, and it’s impossible to dance around the topic in a delicate manner when In Touch concludes that Megan has spent $60,000 on plastic surgery:

Men think she’s a sexpot, but Megan Fox will never look good in her own eyes.

Botox, eyelid surgery, a nose job, cheek fillers, laser skin resurfacing and lip injections are just a few examples of the dramatic measures an expert believes Megan Fox has taken to alter her appearance. “I’m insecure,” the Friends With Kids actress recently admitted. “I [hardly ever] look at myself, even in still photographs.”

Even though her rep denies she’s had work done, a friend of the star tells In Touch that ever since Transformers director Michael Bay replaced her in the franchise, she’s become even more obsessed with her looks and has taken her quest for perfection to extremes.

“She was terrified that losing Transformers was bad for her career, so she decided to transform herself into what she believed to be beautiful,” the friend reveals. “Now she looks like an entirely different person.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Guida estimates Megan, 25, had up to $60,000 worth of work done, and as as result, looks much older.

Despite some of her closest friends begging Megan to stop messing with her face, the star seems trapped in a vicious cycle. “She can’t seem to pass a mirror without scrutinizing her appearance,” says her friend. “She’s always looking for ways to enhance her looks.” Clearly, she doesn’t believe in the phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

[From In Touch, print edition, April 2, 2012]

Obviously, Megan’s had a bunch of stuff done, but has she really spent $60,000? I question whether she can afford to do so. Yes, she got paid $800,000 for Transformers and $5 million for Jennifer’s Body, but then you have to account for taxes, agents, publicists, and the like. She also bought a nearly $3 million home right before her Hollywood value crashed mercilessly into the ground. Still, Megan also made some money doing endorsements like Armani, so it’s not like she’s broke.

Here’s a rather lengthy photo comparison that shows the evolution (devolution?) of Megan’s face over the years. Once you stack the photos up next to each other, the differences are stunning.









Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. notpretentious says:


    • EBitch says:

      Exactly! She’s got the Madonna sucked in look at 25. And her boobs have been done, but that comes with the territory.

    • Kevin says:

      She’s never been more than slightly better than average in looks. She’s the budget Jennifer Connelly

      • Annie says:

        Disagree. I think she was just stunning from 2005-2009. Now though, whatever she’s done, it’s thrown off the previously perfect proportions of her face. She’s starting to remind me or Rose McGowern – face like a mask or a RealDoll.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I was about to say I loved 2007 Megan because she looked like slutty Jennifer Connolly. I think 2007 was her peak. The docs had made a silk purse out of a pretty sow’s ear.

  2. Maguita says:

    Wow, what happens when you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror?

    Do you freak out and go to your facial butcher and scream more?

    How awful for her!!! She really is becoming a caricature of her old self. Wish she would go to rehab for “over-electing-elective-surgery”. There must be a group for that in LA. Just, absurd.

  3. Mimi says:

    It’s like she’s morphed into a caricature of what a stunning woman should be, which is ridiculous really considering she was such a natural stunner to begin with.

    • Candyland says:

      That’s right. She got herself piggy eyes and sunken cheeks. What for? She was fan-fuggin-tastic before the work.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Hollywood is full of these women. I can’t tell them apart any more. I think that’s why I’ve been watching so much British TV. At least the actors look recognizably different.

  4. cmc says:

    Um, wasn’t she still a teenager in the first few photos? Most of the face-change I totally buy weight loss. Look at her overall body! She got SO skinny. Plus you’re using pretty extreme photos.

    Confession: I used to be really int MK&A Olsen movies. Megan Fox is the villian in one of them, and she basically looks the exact same as she looks now, except the cheekbones. Her face in motion then was pretty much the same as it is now! I do, however, buy that she got a nose job. That sucker ain’t natural. Maybe a bit of Botox, but I’m not convinced.

    • cr says:

      When you can’t recognize the same person from 6 years apart, it’s not just weight loss.

      • cmc says:

        Normally I’d agree, but like I said, I’ve actually seen her early movies (cringe). Like, recently. Her face really does not look that different. Also, if you hold up a picture of me when I was 18 and me now, my face is pretty different too. And my boobs. If we were going by that, I had my cheekbones lifted anda boob job, when really I just got older, lost weight, and was a late bloomer.

        Like I said- I could possibly buy the nose job. That’s it.

      • RocketMerry says:

        I agree with cmc.
        I’ll just add some heavy botox (2010-2011. Now, not sure) to the “Megan’s surgery box” that really can transform someone’s face; I think the end of 2010 was really the starting point of it, though. Micheal Bay must really work on his girls’ insecurities.
        I can honestly picture him going: “Damn, how unsexy you are, why don’t you work on being sexier?! You ugly, fat cow. Now arch your back and shut up.” Maybe that’s me being judgemental but I so detest that man.

      • Jezi says:

        You’re right, she does look like herself. But you can’t tell me that her 2010 pic doesn’t show that something is off?

      • cmc says:


        Botox, okay, I’ll buy it. Maybe the nose. But $60k of plastic surgery isn’t even remotely plausible. She may be a terrible actress, obnoxious, and the queen of word-vomit, but she is absolutely genetically blessed and she’s been coasting by on her looks that she was born with for the DECADE of her career!

        Seriously, her first movie was in 2001- the MK&A movie Holiday in the Sun. I remember watching that and thinking that she was so unbelievably hot that no way the romantic interest in the movie would choose Ashley Olsen over her! She looks older but the same.

      • Eve says:

        I sort of agree with cmc here. I just think she’s had something else (like cheek implants). Don’t know for sure though…

        Also, I wanted to comment on that first picture from 2004 — I simply love those freckles (I actually envy people who have freckles — not the Lohan kind, but cute ones like Fox’s).

        @ Rocket Merry:

        There’s nothing one could possibly say about Michael Bay that sounds harsh enough. He’s repulsive, detesting him is only a natural reaction from anyone with principles.

      • Lucinda says:

        I agree those links show a face that matches the face she had 2-3 years ago. But in the last couple years she has overdone the lip injections, clearly had cheek implants, and a lot of botox. In addition, she had breast implants and at least one nose job. That’s a lot of work for a girl her age. Most of it is really in the last couple years in my opinion. Weight loss and styling certainly account for changes the first few years but not since 2010 because she’s been rail thin for at least 3-4 years.

      • aebarch says:

        uhm she hasn’t been able to close her mouth since 2005. She clearly has had lip injections, a nose job and possibly an eyelid lift and cheek implants. She is not recognizable from the beginning images. I have aged, gained weight, lost weight, cut my long hair short, and dyed it a totally different color but my facial structure remains the same. My friends and family still recognize me. She is morphing into Faye Dunaway.

    • k says:

      On this site, we will always be in the minority when it comes to this subject.

    • Lee says:

      I have to agree. I think she probably had some work done on her nose and some botox, I could maybe buy that something was done to/around her eyes since they seem to have a more cat-like shape than they did when she was younger, but that could just be make-up.

      I think most of the changes seen can be attributed to ageing (none of us looks the same at 25 as we did at 17) and weight loss combined with new (and excessive) make-up style and the awkward facial pulling she does in photos.

      I miss her freckles though. She was so cute with less spackled-on foundation (or according to ITW massive chemical peels?).

    • ab says:

      I agree, I’m not seeing the TONS OF WORK! that this site and others talk about but then again I tend to give celebs the benefit of the doubt anyway. I’m sure there is plenty of nipping and tucking going on but there’s also a lot to be said for weight loss/gain, makeup, lighting, etc. megan seems to look plasticky in pictures but on-screen and in interviews she looks fine.

    • WillyNilly says:

      I think it’s just normal aging and a nose job, actually (ONE job, her current nose is the same as the 2007 nose). My face looks a lot longer/gaunt from when I was in HS too. My cheeks are much more prominent as are my eyes.

    • Molly says:

      I agree with you. Teenagers lose a lot of weight off their face as they enter adulthood, especially if they exercise. I bet she had a nose refinement, but she’s still a gorgeous girl.

      She’s still better looking than 99% of American women.

    • ya says:

      Ya I tend to agree – she’s definitely going overboard with fillers and botox, but other than that I’m not sure if she’s had anything done.

      As you said, she was a teenager in the early pics, and, her makeup has changed drastically as well, with the heavier brows etc.

  5. CG says:

    In the 2005 pic she kinda looks like Shailene Woodley.

  6. cr says:

    She should have stopped at 2009, that’s a pretty scary photo set.
    And, 5 million for Jennifer’s Body? Really?

    • Domestic diva says:

      So funny I was thinking she should have stopped in ’07 ’09 wasn’t as bad but in 2007 I still would say she was a less plastic pretty

    • bns says:

      I actually liked Jennifer’s Body a lot more than I thought I would. What’s wrong with me?

      • Molly says:

        Nothing’s wrong with you. People don’t hate Fox, they hate the idea of Fox. She was really good in Friends With Kids.

    • Carolyn says:

      Yes, should have stopped at 2009.

  7. VanillaFrosting says:

    Wow… I don’t even recognize her in the 2004-2005 photos. She’s still pretty, but it’s too bad she feels the need to tweak. I am not nearly as pretty as her, but I love my face and myself far too much to ever want to change it. Waking up and not looking like one’s self seems like a nightmare. I cannot get my head around their desire to do so…

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      I would be scared to death to change my face with surgery. The 60k? Believable. My mom had a tummy tuck, boob job, laser and facelift and spent forty. I think it’s hideous. I wish she had never carved herself up like that. Even the strong lasers are pricey. My mom looked like hell after that one.

      • VanillaFrosting says:

        My mom also had a tummy tuck! She had a boob lift and actually wanted a reduction but they wouldn’t do it. (She was a 34C or so, so not too large). Of course, this was after 6 children, the last two were twins and she had 16 inches of extra skin hanging from her body… so in that case, I think the surgery was justified.

        At least after seeing your mom go through that, it’s even more incentive for you not to! Hopefully, the more we see women mess up their faces and bodies, the less inclined the rest of us will be to have work done.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Vanillafrosting, sometimes after two kids and 4 years of nursing a fleeting thought of boob job goes in my head. Then I think, hmmm self mutilation for vanity and foreign objects inside me and I go buy a really good bra.
        I’ll never touch myself with anything, for sure!
        I feel bad my mom felt she needed to do that, she was gorgeous and young. Now she looks like everyone else who’s had it all done. ๐Ÿ™

  8. Zigggy says:

    Sad- she looked so much better before. She must have self esteem issues. ๐Ÿ™

  9. chalky says:

    Just realized who she reminds me of now — Faye Dunaway in “Mommie Dearest”. Fox was one of those natural beauties, now she’s beginning to look harsh and interchangeable with all the other plastic mannequins in Hollywood.

  10. Melissa says:

    She was sooo pretty in that 2005 pic!!! Way prettier than any of the other pics…she ruined herself…

  11. Gattis says:

    She was beautiful, noe seems artificial,an approved standard Hollywood beauty, but I do not think she had surgery, she has lost weight and makeup does the rest.

  12. Madpoe says:

    Last pix, what a purdy skull face.

  13. Kaye says:

    I think she took a picture of Jennifer Connelly to her plastic surgeon and said, “Do this.”

  14. Franny says:

    she was ridiculously beautiful, with very little make up on. why in the world would you ever ever ever mess with that?

  15. blonde on the dock says:

    I see a nose job….that’s it. Put the green eyed monster back in it’s place.

    • serena says:

      are you serious? her entire face has morphed. she is now a fembot caricature of herself. i’m sorry but you must be blind.

    • cr says:

      This reaction isn’t jealousy, it’s sadness, anger and perplexed-ness, but not jealousy.

    • Franny says:

      its not jealousy when everyone is saying how naturally beautiful she was before.

      also, whenever I hear ‘green eyed monster” I think of the Berenstein Bears.

  16. DenG says:

    She usually looks as if she’s getting ready to cry, like it pains her to the center of attention.

  17. katie says:

    she needs to stop right now..

  18. nikzilla37 says:

    This whole time I thought she was 100% natural but the cheekbones and nose tell a different story. Poor Megan.

  19. layla says:

    Obvious nose job(s), yes and some lip injections…. but Im not so sure on the rest.

    I know my face at 17 was vastly different to what it was at 25 and again at 30, and that was nothing more than losing puppy fat and growing into features.

    • ya says:

      Same here – it’s really difficult to compare pics of a person as a teenager to the person in her mid-20s.

      My nose definitely became more defined and my cheekbones more pronounced as I lost fat in my face….

      Though it does seem likely MF has had a nose job.

  20. Tiffany27 says:

    It looks so painful. Like something will crack if she laughs really hard.

  21. Seymour Butts says:

    Just another Hollywood idiot who ruined her face. Why someone so young needs Botox is beyond me. The duck face is NOT attractive. She was cute before and now looks like hell. Totally sick to death of the “look at me I’m so hot” looks. Yuck. The stupidest part is the fake cheekbones. About as necessary as tits on a boar.

  22. Bex says:

    She’s only 25 wow. Another example of how having plastic surgery makes you look so much older.

    She looks better than The Cracken for her age though…

    • Jackie says:

      agreed. she looks like she is in her late 30’s with all the surgery.

      it must be so strange to look in the mirror and see a different face. it would totally freak me out.

  23. only1shmoo says:

    Thanks for confirming what many of us had suspected for years. I used to get really irritated with MF for feeding into the idea that she was naturally that flawless; it made her seem like a phony narcissist who took everyone for an idiot. See, no one is perfect (but to be fair, i don’t think she needed any cosmetic surgery to begin with, she was already cute).

  24. Lilian says:

    She should have stopped at 2007. She looked gorgeous then.

  25. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Yeah it’s just “weight loss” *eye roll*.
    Sad. She’s still pretty but just so harsh-looking. She was so naturally gorgeous before all the surgical tweaks. Really, these women start to look very drag-y to me after a while.

  26. BW says:

    She looks exactly the same. Same nose, same eyes, same lips. Maybe she did a little botox in the forehead, but it’s hard to tell from stills. Sorry, but she just looks older and is wearing different makeup and photographed with different lighting. A little shadow on the side of the nose does a lot to change the contouring, and does not mean she’s had a nose job.

  27. anthea says:

    oh man. I always though it was just different make up and weight loss, but now I do think there’s definitely some new cheeks in there. The cheeks screwed up everything.

    • cr says:

      The cheeks are the giveaway, those aren’t from weight loss. I don’t think she’s lost that much weight to make that much of a difference.

      • anon33 says:

        seriously. how can these changes be from weight loss, yet her cheeks are much fuller? that makes no sense

      • ya says:

        She’s always had high cheekbones though – even as a teenager. They look more pronounced as she’s lost fat in her face.

  28. Lisa says:

    I think she looks good in all three pictures. Those cheeks get weirder after 2010, though.

  29. Amanda G says:

    I think a tan and gaining a few pounds would certainly help. She was so beautiful in the first two photos. You can see her trying to turn into a Hollywood vixen over the years. Nose jobs, breasts, cheeks, lips…wow.

  30. mln76 says:

    I think she looked best in 2004 ๐Ÿ™

  31. kibbles says:

    This is why more girls and women need to learn to love themselves including their imperfections. So many of these Hollywood starlets were discovered because of their natural beauty, but for some reason, these women weren’t satisfied with who they were so they wasted thousands of dollars and ended up looking much worse. I’m sure it gets to a point where some of these actresses regret their surgeries. Unfortunately, it is probably difficult to stop because they royally messed up their face and are continuing to go under the knife to constantly fix the changes that were made until they are unrecognizable. Megan Fox definitely went too far with the cosmetic surgery. I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the final nail in her career. Being fired from Transformers is one thing which she could have recovered from with the right roles and pr. But how can she go back to her original face? It’s impossible. Why would anyone want to hire someone who looks plastic and washed up? I think her career will continue to go down the tubes. It’s really unfortunate.

  32. Freckles says:

    2010 is when it goes really bad. She looks like a drag queen!

  33. KatC says:

    Don’t hate me but I don’t really see a lot of work. Besides a completely different hairstyle, weight loss, totally different styling, seriously bleached skin tone and the usual changes that occur when you go from teenager to adult, I doubt she’s really had much if anything done. Granted, there’s something very weird going on circa 2009-2010 maybe botox or some such, but nothing as extreme as surgery. As far as I can tell, the bones all look the same.

    Honestly, the only way to really say for sure just how much actual difference there is would be to see her with the same styling and poses in each photo. I was looking at photos from my sister’s wedding (a month or two ago) versus my senior prom (circa 2005) and I honestly look like a different person, seeing both side by side, I look more like my own older sister than the same person after a few years.

    • Holden says:

      I agree with you, those are definitely bolt ons though.

    • Naye in VA says:

      ehh. Im half and half. She definitely had the lips done, you can see that, and the nose looks a bit different. Im not sold on the cheeks, i think that may just come with age. but she DEF had an eye lift. nobody just grows the sexy seductive cat eyes from 17 to 20. i freakin wish but no.

      • Jezi says:

        That is an easy trick that you can do with makeup. You use heavier liner on the ends and half lashes to create the cat eye effect.

  34. Jover says:

    Agree seymourbutts another celebutard with more money than brains; gee, here’s a radical thought why not spend that moola on ACTING lessons or an education. Silly me, this is hollywood we are talking about. I have no sympathy for her; i’m starting to think the “self-esteem” line is an evasion; maybe she’s just stupid.

  35. WaywardGirl says:

    Who cares. If she wants to tweek herself then that’s her business.

  36. the other mel says:

    She was so stunning! But now she is She’s going down the Lara Flynn Boyle road.

  37. bigorexia says:

    Yeah, she hasn’t had much done actually. Maybe a little bit of filler here or there or a bit of botox. That’s it. She definitely hasn’t had any surgery. Bear in mind that she is just a kid in the 2004 photo, and she got a lot skinnier too. Also, the styling is completely different. Sometimes these “comparison” articles are so stupid, because it’s like they assume you will stay looking the way you did when you were 15 FOREVER, and anyone who reaches 25 and doesn’t look like when they were 15 has had MAJOR RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY! OMG!!!

  38. Deann Baldwin says:

    She was beautiful before the plastic…..why…..do these women ruin themselves…now the boobs need redone and close the gap. I hate refund gap boobs…such a waste was sooo pretty…..

  39. Isa says:

    Whatevs, she is beautiful.

  40. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know if she’s done as much as they’re claiming, but the recent photos definitely have some weird cheeks happening.
    It’s a shame, she’s a very beautiful girl, but clearly has a lot of self esteem issues.

  41. k says:

    CB thinks she got 3 nose jobs? 3 nose jobs = La Toya Jackson, not Megan Fox.

  42. kay says:

    I see boob job, small nose job and lip injections. Small, really. *YAWN*

  43. lisa says:

    I don’t think she has had all this plastic surgery. She looks a lot the same. And yes weight lose can dot that too. Not to mention make up and such. We see makeover shows all the time. We see a woman then the goes behind the curtain and comes out looking totally different. No plastic surgery just styling. Megan may have tired botox or even had her breast done, but I don’t buy all this plastic surgery. Just changing the way have you eyes arched can make a difference.

    gosh every time we see a woman looking different everyone screams botox or plastic surgery or fillers. It is becoming silly at this point.

    I think Megan wears too much heavy make up. just like Kim K. it just messes up their faces. They both look different and better without all the heavy makeup

  44. Talie says:

    She actually looked amazing during 07’…shame she didn’t think so. But yeah, that is a massive adjustment from how she looked back in 04 and 05. Just wow.

  45. marie says:

    She just looks thinner in some pictures but I don’t see a drmatic change in her facial features. Boy, is she ever gorgeous!!!!

  46. LeeLoo says:

    I mean yeah, duh, Megan has had plastic surgery. She’s also lost a lot of weight too. I don’t think $60k is quite accurate (maybe 30k) but she’s obviously had a lot of work done. She hasn’t quite hit Kim Kardashian territory yet but she’s teetering on the edge. What bugs me is how she and other women in Hollywood try to deny and hide it. I expect most women in Hollywood will have a certain amount of plastic surgery. It’s just how that world works. But I also believe Megan is addicted to plastic surgery and I think the first step in overcoming that addiction is to be honest about it. She needs to stop having plastic surgery now because if she doesn’t her face is going to look really messed up by the time she hits 40.

  47. apsutter says:

    2008 is where she started going off the rails. The photos from this year are grotesque…I hate how she thought she had to get all this definition in her face so now she looks all hollowed out and emaciated. I didn’t even recognize her in the 2004 pic, she kind of looked like Katy Perry. I think she looked the best in 2005. Totally fresh faced and sweet.

  48. Risa says:

    I honestly can look at these pictures and not see much of a difference in facial features. I see a loss of weight, and MAYBE a some work on the nose…

    Between 18 and 24(now) My face has thinned quite a bite and I have went up to a 34 DD and my face definitely looks more “mature” than it did 6 years ago… if I wore harsh make up I am sure people would think I had work done as well!

    • LeeLoo says:

      I see what you are saying. I would buy that she had nothing done between 2005-2007, that she merely lost weight. However, you cannot look at the most current pictures and tell me that’s natural.

  49. jelly says:

    To me it didn’t really look like she had work done until 2010. It just looked like different makeup and styling, probably some weight loss in the 2007 and 2009 pics. Why she got her lips all puffed is beyond me they were naturally full to begin with. She looks awful in the 2010 pics

  50. Laura says:

    Her 2007-2009 face was the best. She’s still pretty, obviously, but she was drop dead stunning then!!

  51. wunder says:

    She looks better pre-surgery.

  52. kristipistol says:

    Went downhill from 2010 on

  53. keith133 says:

    in those pictures from 2012 she is wearing to much blush in this picture from siriusxm on the same day she looks much better


  54. dahlia1947 says:

    Everytime I see the 2004 pic, I think that it’s a completely different person. Now in the most recent pic she looks like a zombie bride. LOL i don’t know how to describe it!

    I just can’t believe how much her lips have stretched out horizontally since the 04′ pic! And now she’s got those jutting cheekbones! So gross.

  55. Isa says:

    She looks so amazing in 2007-2009. I don’t know why she messed with it. Now it looks like she has NO fat on her face, which won’t age well.

  56. Leticia says:

    Stop laughing at her gilded butterfly. (reference to her hideous shoulder tattoo proverb)

  57. Daisy says:

    Amazing what a little tweak to the nose can bring to the face. She’s a beauty regardless. I see her aging well.

  58. dave says:

    She destroyed her face, unbelievable dumb woman. I mean why? She was pretty to begin with.. Rly stupid. She needs help!

    On another note, she looked best in ’09 golden globe awards. Might be the tan.. idk ๐Ÿ˜›

    • sup says:

      i read plastic surgery might cause a sort of psychological addiction in some people. whereas some people fall into deep depression after getting one, others get addicted to the feeling and become obsessed. let’s lift up my nose a little more, wait let’s make my upper lip puffier too, let’s make the rearend match my silicones upstairs, etc. i’ve even known somebody irl who said she got addicted after getting her very first botox on her forehead and she met people who would visit the same clinic for various surgeries over and over again. btw megan looked her best in 2007 imo (transformers 2) none of her other versions can top that!

  59. LBeees says:

    I can buy that she’s had $60K worth of work done AND buy that she hasn’t had *as many* procedures as the mags speculate.

    For one thing, top-notch work is expensive as fuck. Two nose jobs (and I agree, I think she’s had at least two) can set her back an easy $20-30K, easy. If not more.

    Second, I do think she’s had the work done by a top person. A lot of starlets go for budget work, and it shows. But if you go to a pro (I’m thinking of Dr. Jack Sheen, for example, who women go to see from all over the world), the work is understated and looks much more natural.

  60. megs says:

    I think I’m being really naive, but I really don’t think she has had that much done. To me, it looks like she went from a 16 year old kid to a 25 year old women. I think the fact that she went from 120 pounds to 95 pounds it part of the reason her face looks so sunken in. Again, I’m an idiot.

  61. V says:

    Her skintone has changed dramatically. I think she might have used some kind of skin bleaching cream, cos her freckles have disappeared.

  62. jen7waters says:

    She looks a lot like Angelina Jolie now…

  63. fd says:

    I’m with the people who think she hasn’t had much work done. She has lost a lot of weight, probably 20 lbs or so which is a lot for someone her size. I don’t see much difference in her features. They may be some botox and fillers going on, although she’s awfully young for that (but based on that 2004 picture, I seriously doubt she is only 25).

    Look how much Jennifer Connolly’s face changed when she lost weight. It’s kind of similar to that, and no one thinks Jennifer Connolly had work done.

  64. So stunningly beautiful in those early photos.

  65. sup says:

    it’s usually the plastic surgeon sites who put her on their list of one of the most surgically altered. they’re the experts of their trade and can tell any good surgery apart from a natural look. that aside i think her cheeks got worse but her eyebrows def. look better now (they looked kinda unnatural and harsh before imho) cheek and lip fillers are the worst thing a person can do with themselves plastic surgerywise. there are good nose jobs, or even boob jobs but cheek and lip fillers have never looked good on anybody. i don’t understand why people still get them.

  66. Me says:

    You cant put a picture of me at 31 beside a picture of me at 21 and compare. The older I got the more defined my cheeks became too. She has had work and some crazy injections but I don’t think its as drastic as the pictures imply. The most recent picture is F-d up though. Not sure whats going on there.

  67. Blue says:

    I don’t think she’s had that much work done. I think weight loss, make up and maturing played a big role. I really think she’s had minimal work done (Botox, nose job). I think she is beautiful and if I looked like her…. Well I would be super happy but she must not be to get any work done before she even turned 30.

  68. skuddles says:

    I much prefer the old Megan to the new Megan. Natural beauty with some imperfection is so much more appealing and enviable than the plastic “perfection” horror so many celebs are inflicting on themselves these days.

  69. Mar says:

    Jada Smith, Kim K. and Megan Fox have cheekbones that look like they are about to pop out of their faces!!!

  70. Shane says:

    She was perfect looking in 2007. After that she had upper cheek and jaw work done that turned her into another example of “catwoman” plastic surgery victims. I still don’t understand why women actors think plastic surgery is a good idea. They got their roles because of how they looked. Why change it? Age cannot be defied. Stick to skin treatments. Don’t f–k with bones.

  71. Chris says:

    “Fame is a mask that eats into the face”

  72. Jules says:

    She should have stopped in 2007!!!

  73. samira677 says:

    She clearly had something done in 2010 but I don’t think Megan had as much done as tabloids claim. I disagree with using photos taken as a teenager as proof of plastic or comparing photos taken years apart. People’s faces change over years because of maturity, weight gain/loss, and just life experiences. I know I look different from photos taken just five years ago.

  74. Anna says:

    Weight is definitely playing a factor in her sunken emaciated face. However, I was emaciated once too for a long time and my face wasn’t frozen like a plastic barbie doll. She’s so beautiful, she needs an intervention because it’s a real travesty to ruin those good looks.

  75. Shimmywhat says:

    2009 Megan Fox, stunning.

    She’s had work done, but that’s her choice. So what. It’s Hollywood. And I have a friend who dropped a ton of weight, and BAM, suddenly she had major cheekbones. Also, I live in LA, and it’s extremely common for girls in their early 20s here to get fillers…for fun.

    Plastic surgery and tweaks aren’t something to judge; we all walk our own paths and have to be happy with what we see in the mirror.

  76. o_O says:

    All you have to do is see her in TF 1 and TF 2 to notice what she did to her features – it’s gross.

    I will NEVER respect anybody who alters their looks for no apparent reason. If she had an Abraham Lincoln nose i would understand the want to do such a thing – but there was NOTHING wrong with her.

    She even had freckles that actually look good! They were in all the right places – just pathetic and what a wrong role model for people.

  77. janie says:

    She was SO cute at 17. Her nose was adorable.

    In 2007 she looks different, but my face has thinned out a lot between 17 and 20 so I think that’s natural. I do see a lip lift and a nose job. Both make her hotter.

    2009, she got implants.

    2010 WTF. She was SO beautiful and suddenly looks like a drag queen? She either got jaw surgery or cheekbone implants. And definitely overdid the botox.

    This has officially convinced me not to mess with my face beyond a possible nose job. Poor girl. Hollywood really got to her.

  78. Lisa says:

    The worst thing she did to her face was try to make her lips look like Angelina Jolie’s. She had natural beauty. What was she thinking?

  79. paranel says:

    She looked best when she had only done the nose at 16.

  80. gigi says:

    ONLY $60,000? Looks like a lot more than that to me. So sad to see LA Face on someone so young.

  81. STOPGOOP says:

    My take: Nose refinement, breast job, and being 8 years older. And some weight fluctuation. But I think she looks good. I could be wrong, but I imagine a high-end Hollywood nose job and boob job might total to more than $60k? Maybe I have no idea the cost, but that seems inexpensive for a celeb.

  82. Daphne says:

    I think it’s obvious that she’s had her nose done. But it was a great job, and it looks good, imo. She looked her best circa 200-2009. Honestly, in those photos, it was clear that she’d tweaked her nose in a really great, subtle job and she got boob implants. I think the nose job looks great, the boobs are overdoing it, but the rest looked A-mazing. And seriously, who can fault her for a chemical peel? I’d be doing those all the time if I had the money. Is it “surgery”? Well, I guess technically it is. But it’s like bleaching your teeth. Enhancing what you’ve already got shouldn’t count. And then she went all weird around 2010. It’s obvious that she started using fillers (or something) around her cheeks, and while I think she hasn’t done much to herself other than a nosejob and boob implants, the recent shots of her with her cheeks like that…oy. It’s fake. She should have stopped in 2007, after the nose and before the boobs. She looked incredible. She’s completely gone overboard with the fillers and/or implants in her cheeks. It was unnecessary.

  83. Hipocracy says:

    Well, it’s obvious she had all those plastic procedures


  84. Lauren says:

    MF was so gorgeous before all this surgery. Her cheekbones were youthful and full before. Now she looks like Madonna with dark hair. Very Sad.

  85. Annie says:

    Aside from actual surgery (nose and boobs are the only surgeries I really see) my guess is that Megan has had skillfully applied botox to cause selective facial muscle atropy which can subtly change the shape of the face and the arch of the brows – a “liquid facelift”. The question is why though, since her face was basically perfect up until 2010, now it looks unnatural and “off”. She didn’t have any flaws such as an over-wide jaw to correct with this procedure.

  86. ZenB!tch says:

    Another vote for 2007-09 Megan. I do like the lighter wavy 2012 hair.

    The 2012 shot looks like she’s lost too much weight again.

  87. Audrina says:

    Who cares? she looks better than us in every picture.

  88. KatieRose says:

    It reminds me of when Squidward became super handsome and then ultra handsome

  89. julia says:

    She is the poster child for beautiful plastic surgery. Maybe she’s taken it too far now, but the original before and after is unbelievable. the change in her is the reason people still have plastic surgery. she was cute before, but she fulfilled her “fox” name after

  90. the original bellaluna says:

    Can I just ask: WTF is a “guilded butterfly” and WHY will we be laughing at them? Are they funny? Are we supposed to make fun of them?

    Or am I missing something? Or just a completely un-educated asshole? (Maybe it’s a famous quote with which I should acquaint myself?)

  91. Patrick says:

    She always struck me as having a narcissistic personality. They have grandiose self esteem but it isnt genuine. They will seek admiration from others in any platform they can (facebook, fame, popularity contests etc) to build up the self. Her surgeries explains a lot about who she truly is and none of that “there is so much pressure in Hollywood” excuse. Why did this particular starlet succumb much more than others? Lindsey succumbed to drugs that says she has emotional issues. Megan doesnt have an authentic self esteem and needs surgeries to feel better and her beauty as she has been taught (like many beautiful people) is all she needs to be successful. It is a crutch and she never developed other traits to help her succeed in Hollywood. She exaggerated her talent and now doesnt really know what to do. Look it all up and analyze it. Her entire behavior and personality seems like she has a narcissistic personality. Even her relationship to BAG seems like she dominates him and everytime they are out, she has to divert attention to herself (wearing his son’s shirt, wearing a ripped green shirt when he was racing etc.). Her narcissism brought her this far in her simple life to Hollywood and it explains all her surgeries.

  92. Laura says:

    She was also way more tanned in those initial pix, whether fakebake or sunbed, and I think that makes a real difference too. She’s definitely messed with her whole face, but only recently has it all gone so wrong. I’m the same age as this girl and I would definitely be recogniseable from 2004 pictures. My facial puppy fat is only just starting to fall off to give me the beginnings of cheekbones! And I still get asked for ID in pubs where the minimum age is 18! I bet she wouldn’t be giving that she looks at least 35…

  93. RedMarine says:

    The later pictures actually remind me of Brenda (aka Shannen Doherty) from the original (& best) 90210. David Silver & Brenda Walsh together?

  94. patent says:

    That car is a beauty. It must be great to see and hear it run.

  95. Moirrey says:

    Has everyone forgotten that Megan is only 25? Shit, she’s the same age as me. I can’t say this for myself, but SOME people’s faces change a lot between the ages of 17 and 25… Give her a break. Sure, some of her latest pictures look weird, and NOW she might be altering her face, but I don’t think she’s been doing that for the last 8 years.

  96. TheFashionista says:

    Jeez! She’s ONLY 25?? Poor thing. She’s added at least 10 years to her face. And the bad this is, she still can’t act!

  97. tenykS says:

    Oh meen, she used to be so beautiful…but now….ehm, she just looks like a prostitute! -_- She should try to spend the money not to alter herself with plastic surgery but try to maybe spend the money for studying something….like acting lol she needs that for sure! O_o

  98. Stacia says:

    Looks like the fat was sucked out of her face in the last 3 pics. Her face looks overly taut and unnnatural. She looks better with a fuller face. She’ll never learn.

  99. Rebecca says:

    when you are that beautiful of course people will accuse you.and try find themselves feel better.oh yes she cant be that beautiful she must done something look her old pictures different, no she cant be more prettier than me. ๐Ÿ™‚ i dont think she had done anything than her eye brows and maybe a few fillers. she was gorgeus anyway. no one can look same in all pictures they have been taken, lights, make up, smilling all that affects can make you look different in the pictures. in 1995 she was teenager with baby fat face, not proffesional make up or with touch up photos. she is older her make up and style changed, she has strong eye brows that really can make you different, if she had anything done it would showed her face which looks natural and doesnt look like she had something done. can you all see the other celebrates some of them look so ugly even they had 100 of things on their faces. ugly is ugly plastic surgery wont make you beautiful. she is a beautiful woman all over and people (especially jeaolus women) should stop bitching about her and leave her alone with her baby and new husband

  100. olha pra que fazer plastica a penas seja vc mesmo

  101. India says:


  102. Ben says:

    You’re all nuts. In the 4 side by side pics she has the same nose, chin, cheek bones, everything. The only thing different is slight makeup and hair changes. I don’t understand the hate for her. She is absolutely gorgeous.

  103. little-red says:

    2009 would have been a good time to stop

  104. Anon73 says:

    see if Kim Kardashian was smart, she would have seen how Megan messed up her naturally gorgeous look with unnecessary plastic surgery and not followed the same route.

    shame b/c both these ladies were naturally just gorgeous. …now they both look a little Jocelyn Wildenstein. IE, they all have “silicon cat-face” going on.

    all YOU ladies out there take note : if you DO think about getting a procedure, do it sparingly and NOT often. IE, think every 10+ years for a “tweak” if needed. Not every 10 days…

  105. Beth says:

    Ugh, why did she do that? There was nothing wrong with her before the surgery. She looks gorgeous in the 2004 picture. but i don’t really get the obsession with how she looks now tbh…