Suri Cruise offered “scary big” fashion deals, Tom and Katie wisely ignore it

Here are many more photos of Suri Cruise (sometimes with mom Katie Holmes and at other times with her bodyguard) out and about in New York City over the past week. Before I really start in on this story, let’s remember that Suri Cruise is merely a 5-year-old child; and even though I can easily admit that I feel a few sparks of envy in knowing that she’ll never have to worry about money even for a split second of her life, it’s not like Suri asked to be born into the level of fame and wealth within which she finds herself situated. With that sentiment out of the way, it’s also necessary to acknowledge that (for reasons beyond her control) Suri is a very visible young child, and yes, she does have an early eye for fashion. So naturally, fashion houses have reportedly been clamoring to sign the youngun as a mini-ambassador of sorts. Fortunately, Tom Cruise and Katie have reportedly decided not to let Suri enter that arena at such a young age. You know what? For once, I totally agree with them (praise Xenu!):

Even though Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s little fashionista daughter has been offered a ton of fashion endorsements — deals a source in the know calls “scary big” financially — Suri Cruise’s parents have either turned down or are completely ignoring the offers, at least for now.

[From Chicago Sun-Times]

I’m rather relieved on Suri’s behalf that her parents recognize that Suri just needs to be a kid although I’m sure there was a certain temptation factor since most parents feel like their child is the most special being to walk the earth (shush, I know mine is). Of course, one can’t blame the fashion industry for trying to grab ahold of Suri because she’d certainly be a very valuable asset for any children’s clothing line. But Tom and Katie are doing the right thing here, no doubt.

Although I must admit to getting a slight giggle at the thought of Suri’s (hopefully way in the future) eventual fashion label — if only because you know she’ll have one someday, and it’ll be leagues ahead of the busted Holmes & Yang line.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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44 Responses to “Suri Cruise offered “scary big” fashion deals, Tom and Katie wisely ignore it”

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  1. Bite me says:

    Love Suri little nose… Good for Thomas and Katherine!

  2. Cleveland Girl says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen this kid smiling. Ever.

    • shruti says:

      WOW!That is so true, she has a constant scowl.

    • LAK says:

      Have you seen the uncropped pap pics or videos of her showing the pack of 30+ photographers yelling out her name as they try to take her picture with mamma and bodyguards just standing by?

      That child is being tortured by these people. if she used to enjoy it before, she doesn’t anymore. She’s trying to hide from the photogs that she can’t get away from. With no help from her parents.

      Someone posted a pap vidoe link here in a previous post in which you can hear Suri clearly asking them to stop. she was using her blanket/doll and eventually her mother to hide from the photographers.

      Kate just smiles inanely and slow walks to the car/building etc.

      I guess since Co$ think children are mini adults, they are letting this 5 year old child figure out how to deal with this herself.

      it is so hypocritical of TC to scold the paps for Princess diana and then allow this situation with his child.

  3. Maya says:

    Is it weird that whenever I see a story about Suri, one of my first thoughts is “I wonder what Suri’s Burn Book will say about this?”

  4. The Truth Fairy says:

    Is it just me, or is Suri looking more and more like Tom as she gets older? She looks like Katie too, but just recently I’ve seen the resemblance to Tom that I’ve never noticed before.

  5. Hautie says:

    Now if Suri was to have her own income… then she would have the cash to escape. :) So I don’t see Suri ever having a job.

    And I am still amazed that she does not attend school.

    Even one of the crazy Cult schools.

    This seems to be a bright child who would benefit from a few friends. And some outside activities, that do not include her Mother or a body guard.

    • dorothy says:

      I agree, is this poor child being educated at all? Being taught about a cult is not a proper education.

      I will never understand Katie getting involved in all of that, much less getting her daughter involved. I thought she was smarter than that.

    • bebe says:

      How do you know she doesn’t attend school or is tutored?

      • Hautie says:

        If this child was attending any school… there would be pictures of it. A few pictures of Suri having little friends from school… would sell to the magazines instantly.

        If anything, Tom has made it a point to have this child in the public eye. And all I see is a unhappy child with no age appropriate friends to play with.

      • deb says:

        i can’t even begin to guess about schooling and stuff. best bet is that she’s homeschooled.

        about friends though, i dare guess that she does get to play with friends her age. she can’t be the only kid in her environment really?

        i don’t know about her immediate home-environment. i guess mansions aren’t equipped with easy access to next door neighbors. however, non-CoS churches have creches, youth groups, etc, and i’m sure the CoS have a good number of young kids who are approved by Suri’s parents to play and befriend Suri.

        or am i far off the mark?

    • Janet says:

      Perhaps she is being home-schooled.

  6. dorothy says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t ask Suri. The let her decide everything else. What a bunch of fruitcakes.

  7. imabrat says:

    She IS a beautiful little girl, she looks just like her mom. I’m surprised they didn’t “consult” little Suri before turning down the deal.

  8. cmc says:

    That kid is so freaking fabulous. Weird to admit, but I’d totally take fashion advice from her.

  9. Alaina says:

    I just feel sad for this kid. Being brought up by a pair of CoS promoting goons. I’d rather have nothing if the alternative is the restricted, screwed-up albeit luxury-filled life she’s got ahead of her. Sad.

  10. Cathy says:

    Let her go to school, play and be a child. I feel bad for her. She can’t even go outside without the paps following her. Unfortunately she’ll never know what it’s like to be a normal little girl.

  11. Jackie says:

    is suri katie’s best friend?? i get a really abnormal vibe when i see pics of these two. they always look sad, lonely, and miserable.

  12. YuYa says:

    I am sorry, Suri is gorgeous but her fashion sense is not interesting at all. Flowery dresses with silver ballet flats….not seeing it. I’ve seen better dressed kids on the bus.

  13. Christy says:

    Am I the only one that sees a picture of this kid and immediately wants to brush her hair? It kills me.

    • Veruca says:

      No. You’re not. Katie too.

      It amazes me that people consider them icons of fashion.

      Just not seeing it. (And why are they constantly parading that child around in front of the cameras? Don’t they realize how much that’s messing with her head?)

    • Sue L. says:

      No, you are not the only one… and I am sorry but I do not find this child attractive in the least. I have tried but I can’t….she does have cute dresses and shoes… wish my daughter had wanted to wear dresses when she was young…

    • bluhare says:

      Agree with you. Plus her mother’s in a shirt and relatively heavy sweater and she’s in a sleeveless dress and bare legs?

  14. Sakyiwaa says:

    she’s gonna be a real fashion plate when she’s older…

  15. MBGB says:

    Funny how Tom Cruise was the first and most vocal person crying about how the paparazzi killed Princess Diana, but he and his fruity wife have absolutely no problem whatsoever letting those sam paps be in their little child’s face 24/7.

    They cultivate the same attention for her that he so vocally decried about for Diana.

    What a shallow, hypocritical poser.

  16. Holly Hobby says:

    You can really see Tommy’s face on Suri in the last picture. It’s like Tommy shrank and slapped on a wig and a dress!

  17. Orange Cone says:

    “…and yes, she does have an early eye for fashion.”

    Huh?? how so? she’s a kid and has an imagination and that makes her a fashionista?? OMG! Okay then, my dog is a super fashionista as well… she likes her pink polka-dot sweater over her black-hoodie sweater #justsayin

    and katie and suri are recognized in the fashion world because they’re associated with Vicky Beckham, not because they have ANY fashion sense. C’mon! quit placating!

    • Granger says:

      Yeah, I didn’t get that either. For one thing, how do we even know she chooses her own clothes?

  18. NeoCleo says:

    “An eye for fashion?” Puhleeeaassse!! The child often looks like she threw the first thing on that was close to hand. In other words, she dresses like any other 5 year old child. I don’t give a **** how much her parents pay for her clothes, they are nothing special to look at and if she models after most of her mother’s fashion sense, gawds, help her.

  19. bluhare says:

    “I’m rather relieved on Suri’s behalf that her parents recognize that Suri just needs to be a kid”

    Are you kidding me?? If her parents truly recognized that she needs to be a kid, they would have rules, boundaries, and discipline along with love. Seems pretty obvious she has none.

  20. Snowpea says:

    This child totally gives me the heebie jeebies.

    Not because she’s awful…but because SHE seems like the grown up and Katie the child.

    Any half wit could tell you – that kid is gonna be soooooooo messed up as an adult.

    To become well adjusted adults, we need to have passed certain developmental milestones.

    Crawling, walking, separation, initiation. The fact that she has so much authority over her demented excuses for parents is gonna create a monster in, ohhhh, about ten years time. And look how miserable she is. Compare her to the Jolie-Pitt rugrats! Those kids are always smiling and playing. Why can’t they just let her be a child for f#$k’s sake?

    Tom and Katie are just one big scary mess.

  21. labyrinth says:

    She is looking more and more like her bio daddy Josh Harnett as she grows older. He hasn’t been working much since dating Katie, wonder if he got a massive COS payout to relinquish parental rights? from an insider …

  22. Marina says:

    At least her parents are not pushing her to be a child model.

  23. Ron says:

    It’s a little crazy being followed and photographed at this age.

  24. Sunny says:

    ahan, shoking for me, this one remind me my lost passion

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  27. Yosha Cogmon says:

    Suri looks like Kylie Jenner when she was little