Oprah offered Rosie’s old talk show slot to Wynonna Judd, who told O to shove it

Wynonna Judd

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network has been flailing for quite some time, and after Rosie O’Donnell was supposed to be the big rainmaker and savior for all concerned, extremely poor ratings resulted in Oprah’s cancellation of Rosie’s show, which launched a major bitchfight for the ages. This week’s issue of The Enquirer has a story about Oprah scrambling to find a replacement for Rosie. Reportedly, O has formally extended an offer to Wynonna Judd as a talk show host. In response, Wynonna has told Oprah to shove it somewhere not-so-nice:


How do you like them apples, Oprah? Wynonna Judd has snubbed Oprah Winfrey’s offer of a talk show and The ENQUIRER learned why.

The country superstar is still ticked at the TV titan for promising her the same gig on her network last year, and handing it to Rosie O’Donnell instead, sources say.

“Wynonna simply gave Oprah a taste of her own medicine, and Oprah didn’t like it!” said the insider. “Oprah, on the other hand, feels that Wynonna is an ingrate after she gave her and her mom Naomi a big break.”

Last April and May, Oprah’s network, OWN, aired the six-part reality series “The Judds,” which followed the mother-daughter duo on their reunion concert tour. During the series, the two shared never-before revealed secrets with each other, including the fact that both had been molested as children.

“Oprah loved the show,” said the insider. “But she was most impressed with Wynonna, and started discussions with Wy about hosting her own talk show! Wynonna was thrilled and started putting her own music projects on hold. Then Rosie agreed to do a talk show for OWN, and Oprah quickly forgot about Wynonna — who was crushed.”

Oprah just canceled Rosie’s flop of a show, but now it’s Oprah’s turn to be rejected.

“Wynonna told Oprah she’s too busy right now planning her wedding to drummer ‘Cactus’ Moser to consider doing a talk show,” said the network insider. “Wynonna doesn’t feel that she owes Oprah a thing. In fact, she’s insulted that Oprah turned to her only after Rosie flopped.”

[From Enquirer, print edition, April 9, 2012]

This is a wise move on Wynonna’s part because a signed contract would virtually guarantee standing un-Photoshopped next to a miraculously svelte Oprah on an upcoming issue of O! Magazine. And who really needs that sort of treatment anyway? No one — because it was the one moment in history that I’ve ever felt sorry for Rosie O’Donnell.

Speaking of Rosie, this week’s issue of In Touch has an article about Rosie attempting to bury (at least) half the hatchet by inviting Oprah to her 50th birthday party at Chicago’s Studio Paris. Naturally, Oprah didn’t show, but Mike Tyson did. It’s such a crazy world.

Rosie O'Donnell

Wynonna Judd

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18 Responses to “Oprah offered Rosie’s old talk show slot to Wynonna Judd, who told O to shove it”

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  1. lisa says:

    I don’t believe this because it makes no sense. Wynonna has pretty much been off the radar for a long time. And yes she and her mother have a big fanbase, but that does not translate into people outside the fanbase wanting to see her doing a talk show. She has never done such a thing. And we have seen time and time again failures of Talk Shows. They are not easy.

    but I guess it makes a good story. Even if unbelievable. Oprah network is failing because it is boring. All those self help shows and preachy shows. Bottom line Boring

  2. Jag says:

    @lisa ~ I remember reading about Wynonna being crushed when Oprah went with Rosie instead for a talk show. I thought that O was crazy because Rosie is less likeable than Wynonna now.

    I’m glad W turned O down.

  3. Agnes says:

    if this is true, it’s hilarious. i’m sure oprah isn’t used to people saying “no” to her.

  4. ConJohn1130 says:

    This is some serious red hair she’s got going on. Is it…alive? I’m afraid it’s going to eat me.

  5. Lucy says:

    Man, if Oprah would have just retired we would have just thought of her as the queen (as annoying as she is) now she just looks like a desperate drama moderator.

    Wynnona looks like an obese woodpecker in that top pic.

  6. Del says:

    Oprah is a hypocrite! Who cares what happens to her show?

  7. Marjalane says:

    Can’t stand Oprah! As far as I’m concerned, she’s probably one of the biggest hypocrits on earth. I just saw her this morning on the news lecturing EVERYONE, cops, press, public, on the Trayvon shooting in Florida. She has no more information than anyone else, yet she feels she has the moral authority to stir up more anger on this issue. SHUT UP OPRAH! Go enjoy one of your many environmentally unfriendly homes.

  8. monette says:

    Do you have to be a fat, crazy b**** to have a successful TV show in the US? I’d rather be poor.

  9. Leikyn says:

    Oprah hasn’t been interesting in YEARS.

  10. aenflex says:

    Gotta love those crazy Judds!

  11. Maya says:

    It seems that all is not going according to plan in Oprahland.

  12. Justaposter says:

    I’m pretty sure the Judds were “Big” before Oprah gave them their show..

    Good for Wy for not doing it!

  13. kibbles says:

    Oprah’s success had a lot to do with luck and being at the right place at the right time rather than being a business genius. She has failed miserably with the OWN Network. I had a feeling before it launched that it was going to fail. Oprah has spent a lot of her goodwill and popularity in the last decade or so. Her success went to her head and she stuck her nose into controversial political issues. As a private citizen she can do whatever she wants. But as a talk show host, she should have concentrated on women’s issues and expanding her fan base. Neither Rosie nor Wynona are good picks in my opinion. They aren’t universally likable nor have the cool factor to attract younger viewers. Oprah seems to be losing a lot of that reputed business acumen. She should have retired when she was on top. Now she looks like a desperate has been.

  14. wunder says:

    Why does the O only offer talk show slots to has been old fatties?

    Anyway, the O’s era came and went.
    It’s all O-ver now!

  15. Gene Parmesan says:

    OWN = Only Winfrey Now

  16. Rose says:

    It is really hilarious