Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’ 3-D movie gets a trailer: inspiring or ridiculous?

Katy Perry

As pointless as it may seem, I’m still trying to figure out how (in merely a few years) Katy Perry’s obvious publicity-baiting single, “I Kissed a Girl,” translated into a pop phenomonen. Indeed, Katy inexplicably earned $44 million in 2011 from her global “Teenage Dream” tour, which was based upon her own sophomore album. Now Katy’s about to become the star of her own 3-D concert documentary, the likes of which are currently all the rage. Last year, Justin Bieber released his own such concert movie that I like to refer to as “the origin story of a dips–t,” and The Jonas Brothers have also starred in their own documentary in which they compared themselves to The Beatles. Yes, it’s a silly exercise to release such a heavily-edited “documentary” that essentially functions as pop-culture propaganda, but that’s exactly what Katy’s team is doing.

And why not? Katy might as well capitalize upon her popularity before passing the torch onto the next inevitable ingenue. Katy Perry: Part of Me takes its title from from the single that debuted at the Grammys (which may or may not have been about her marital relationship with Russell Brand) and the video where Katy joins the Marines. The trailer for the movie seems to be based upon a well-constructed origin story of the gumdrop-pooping princess who initially forged out as a Christian rocker but then graduated to exploiting her whipped cream-shooting rack. Here’s the trailer:

“I want to take you behind the cotton candy clouds and reveal the highs and lows and nuts of bolts of this extraordinary ride. I promise you, after seeing this film, you will truly know me,” the pop-star said in a statement.

The two minute long trailer features footage of the sparkling, fluorescent blue-haired rock-star we know on stage, as well as a few reflective, behind-the-scenes moments.

“It’s always about the challenge. What are people saying she can’t do? That’s what she does next. Every song has something to do with her life,” a friend says in the trailer.

The 3D documentary promises to delve past Perry’s pop-star-persona, revealing the realities of the 27-year-old’s ambitious rise to fame as well as exclusive details about her Christian upbringing and her short-lived Hollywood marriage.

The part-biopic, part-concert film was shot during her 124 show California Dreams tour which began in Portugal in February of 2011 and finished in the Philippines this January. It is set for summer release on July 5th and will be directed by Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth, the team responsible for the 3D Bieber sensation “Never Say Never.”

[From NY Daily News]

The movie’s release date is July 4, which is perfect for “Firework,” right? Since it’s in 3-D, we’re going to get birds-eye views of Katy’s miraculous cleavage and the zany faces she makes while duly grabbing her own crotch and boobs. Does anyone else find it odd that the trailer promises to discuss Katy’s divorce from Russell? I mean, Katy’s target audience (for this movie as well as her music) is elementary school kids and tweeners. Naturally, Katy brings up her Christian upbringing, and the as-yet-unidentified insider’s voice also promises to discuss the pop star’s unyielding work ethic.This “documentary” may very well end up being classified as a comedy.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

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24 Responses to “Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’ 3-D movie gets a trailer: inspiring or ridiculous?”

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  1. Astrid says:


  2. really says:

    Inspiring a yawn.

  3. Jackie says:

    i feel like vomiting when people use the word ‘journey’.

  4. Gia says:

    Meh. She’s about as inspiring as a wet kleenex. Any pop star could make a doc like this. Hell, put my life to music, black and white with slow motion and my morning routine would look like a ‘journey’.

  5. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    This “documentary” trend is so very stupid! Can’t she just do a Behind The Music episode?

  6. daz says:

    i don’t mind russell being mentioned in this documentary, as long as they go into great detail about his weird sexual festish’s. I’d pee myself laughing. THINK OF THE CHILDREN !!!!!!!!!

  7. Irina says:

    she looks so much like Zooey Deschanel in some moments! especially when she was talking

  8. JFS61 says:

    Bout time this chick wakes up and realizes that she really isn’t an artist, and the only reason that she’s famous is because she’s got big tits and everyone want to stick their johnsons in her.

  9. Beatrix says:

    How manipulative. Bitch got lucky. The suggestive sh*t with the t*t outfits, blue hair and skimpy clown clothes is not talent and it is exhausting.

  10. Ainsley says:

    The fact that she has been successful in the music industry is disgusting. I hope this “movie” bombs.

  11. Gene Parmesan says:

    Bitch it will flop

  12. Hanna says:

    I find her dull and not refreshing at all…

  13. Lauren says:

    Katy does have a good work ethic, relentless. Her body is insane in the top pic…and Russell Brand got sick of her. Katy is rich, hard working, and is stunning when her hair is black. Makes you wonder what is missing in her Being, to make a man want to divorce her so quickly. All her antics in her private life make me think she is very difficult to live with. My 13 year old daughter saw KP in Toronto, and said it was the best concert she had ever been to, and KP was very kind & gracious to her fans..brought about 30 people on stage to dance with her. KP reminds of Madonna 25 years ago..a dedicated businesswoman with an insane body, and an autotune voice.

  14. Lisa says:

    Nothing about Katy Perry is inspiring.

  15. Anastacia Beaverhouzen says:

    Katy Perry is so desperate for attention & money its gross. She tries 24/7 soooo hard to be “alternative & super cool”..just because you dye your hair punky colors doesnt make you original..damn you Dr. Luke & your queeferific poser-bots.

  16. Kim says:

    Who did she sleep with to get this hideously stupid move made???

  17. Liz says:

    The funny thing is. Russell Brand was supposed To be featured in this film. Since it had been filming her life for the past year he was very much involved in sections of it. If not for the divorce I highly doubt this film would of been called ‘Part of me’.
    The thing about Katy is that she is relentless to stay the next big thing. This isn’t a story of someone who is a great singer or dancer or has somethig super special to share with the world. It’s a story about someone who wanted fame more then anything. And when you’re a mega popstar, you most definitely have to sell out. For Katy, she may have started out wanting to be original but now shes just like the rest of her kind, following the trend of what makes money now. I liked her old stuff when it was just her and a guitar, I could live with the fact that she was a pretty girl with a cute personality and an okay voice. Now it’s about selling something, she talks about herself very highly which causes me to think she thinks she’s more original or even more talented then she really is.

  18. I always think biopics like this are pitiful.

  19. Threadhed says:

    She is always in costume, I don’t and can’t see/ find any of her own personality. Kinda like a clown entertaining children that goes home to his fifth and crystal meth. Im assuming the real her is boring. She gets paid to play dress up,,,, I would love this gig. Too bad I don’t have her legs. If she doesn’t sworn up her act this will and I getting old. Would love to see how she dresses with age, her signature look will be beyond tacky for a mature woman if she follows through