Sean Penn pumps gas with a ciggie, is still pissing off the British

sean penn

I really do love an opportunity to write about Sean Penn’s toupee (or weave or whatever), so I was actually kind of thrilled to see these images of Penn filling up at the gas station while holding a cigarette in his mouth. This man is such a walking contradiction. Of course, that cigarette is unlit, but the illusion is there — Sean Penn, danger boy who plays with fire. (Side note: Give me a break — I’m on lots of ibuprofin for dental pain and obviously not thinking clearly.)

At any rate, Penn really is a man of opposing viewpoints. He’s a champion of the environment but is clearly driving a gas-guzzling truck in these photos. Beyond his lifestyle choices, he’s currently being honored by Nobel laureates for his relief work in Haiti, and he’ll receive the 2012 Peace Summit Award in Chicago at a ceremony where the Dalai Lama is scheduled to attend. However and as Kaiser recently discussed, Penn is still mostly a douchebag, and England is still largely quite irritated with his stance on the Falkland Islands as belonging to Argentina. Now an MP is speaking out on Penn and Morrissey for their ill-advised rantings on the topic:

A Government minister has hit out at “ill-informed” celebrities who have endorsed Argentina’s claims over the Falkland Islands.

Westcountry MP Jeremy Browne, the Foreign Office minister with responsibility for the South Atlantic islands, criticised US actor Sean Penn and singer Morrissey who contend the territory should be handed back to neighbouring Argentina.

Mr Browne, Liberal Democrat MP for Taunton Deane, told the Western Morning News that support for the 3,000 inhabitants of the islands to determine their own future – namely British sovereignty – remained “completely solid.” He added: “The Oscar for the most ill-informed contribution to this debate definitely goes to Sean Penn. I’m not quite sure on what basis Sean Penn and Morrissey feel that they have insights to provide on this that people who don’t act in films or sing for the Smiths fail to possess. What matters for the future of the Falkland Islands is what the Falkland islanders think, rather than what Hollywood actors or middle-aged pop stars think.”

Sovereignty of the disputed territory, located about 300 miles off the southern tip of Argentina, has been British since the 1830s. The minister’s comments came ahead of the 30th anniversary of Argentina’s then fascist junta invading the Falklands on April 2, 1982. The war, involving Westcountry-based 3 Commando Brigade and Plymouth-based warships, saw 255 British soldiers and three islanders die.

Mr Browne will be the British Government delegate sent to the Falklands to mark the Argentinian surrender and liberation on June 14, 1982.

The Hollywood actor criticised Britain’s “ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist ideology” and the deployment of Prince William to the islands on a tour of duty as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. The outburst was followed by former Smiths frontman Morrissey telling a crowd in the Argentinian city of Cordoba: “We know the islands belong to you.”

[This is Cornwall]

Naturally (and as Kaiser also pointed out), Penn isn’t entirely off base with his discussions of colonialism in relation to the Falklands. However, Penn seems to have forgotten all about how the United States came to possess Malibu, California, where Penn lives in a luxurious mansion. As such, the Telegraph has now called for appropriate action on the part of Penn:

I’d like to make a statement about the growing crisis in the Americas. It’s time for justice. It’s time for liberty. It’s time to end the ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist ideology. It’s time Sean Penn handed his Malibu estate back to the Mexicans.

Sean Penn pretends to be a friend of the developing world, but really he is not. To be fair, his recent call for the Falkland Islands to be returned to Argentina was an admirable strike against capitalist imperialism. Moreover, I and the entire North Korean press corps cheered him on when he flew to Iraq to parley with Saddam Hussein, or when he spoke about Hugo Chavez in such glowing terms. But there have always been hints that his sympathy isn’t really with the workers at all. Aside from that time that he spent 32 days in prison for hitting an extra, his net worth of an estimated $150 million is a bit of a giveaway.

His continued occupation of Malibu is an unacceptable mockery of national self-determination. The Mexicans owned that stretch of real estate well into the early 19th century and it was stolen by the Americans in a naked act of imperialist aggression. America’s claim over Malibu is tenuous and rooted in patriarchy. Sean Penn’s house is a mocking reminder of that brute chauvinism, with its high white walls and spacious interiors. Its swimming pool is an insult to the honour of the Mexican people.

[From Telegraph]

Eh. Penn will ignore this (even though it is funny as hell) just like he probably ignores his carbon footprint by driving such an environmentally unsound vehicle. Just like he ignores the fact that he smokes while giving the appearance of being an avid runner. Yes, Penn will always be a man of contradiction, and no matter how serious he attempts to be in the political arena, I will never stop thinking of him as Jeff Spicoli.

sean penn

sean penn

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. marlee says:

    The Hollywood celebrity mantra: Do as I say, not as I do…..

  2. Jazzmin says:

    aren’t all Hollywood actors walking contradictions? I think so…

  3. Franny says:

    I hate that people drive these huge trucks. Like mentioned in the JLo story, trucks have their place…like on construction sites. For a man that can own 100 cars, why wouldn’t you own a truck soley to transport things, and then drive around an environmentally friendly car the rest of the time? Especially in cities. He probably hasn’t ever hauled anything in that truck to begin with.

    • gg says:

      I hate huge trucks for normal use too. But it’s possible he’s gassing up to go haul some dirt or something … I seriously doubt that’s his usual vehicle just for driving around in.

      Not that I’m a fan though.

    • Jane says:

      The only thing worse than seeing these huge trucks all over the place is seeing the fake balls dangling from the hitch at the back. A guy has either be extremely insecure or full of himself to dangle those phony balls at the back of his truck. Disgusting also comes to mind. When I see them I want to sneak up behind the truck, spray them with pink spray paint and then cover them in glitter.

      • Seagulls says:

        You and I can race. Although my usual solution for those ghastly things is to just lop ‘em off with a big old pair of shears, yours is a much funnier idea.

    • Karma says:

      It’s clear Penn doesn’t drive that truck much with the big scrape down the side rear quarter panel.

      It’s not like they are difficult to drive either. But from the looks of the damage, he both backed into something and kept scraping the side on the entire truck bed.

  4. hillbillygirl45 says:

    As long as there’s noone else around, maybe he could just go ahead and blow himself up. Just sayin’…. And yes, he will ALWAYS be Spicoli

  5. atorontogal says:

    mega deuche

  6. Kimbob says:

    Ugh. He’s gross, for sure. This jackass takes himself SO SERIOUSLY…& all his over-the-top efforts, and his “opinions” all are pleas and pining on his behalf BEGGING the general public at large to take him seriously, as well. Epic Fail, Sean!!! Sean, we see you and what you are in all your glory….a brutish asshole.

    I’ll NEVER FORGET one time there was a post here on Celebitchy about Sean P. There was a photo of him where he was wrinkling his forehead (like eye’s raised)…anyway, some blogger commented, ‘His forehead looks like a pack of weiners.’ OMG…I laughed and laughed and couldn’t stop laughing…hell…I’m laughing now! To whomever made that comment….it was/is a TOUCH OF BRILLIANCE!

  7. Norma says:

    Didn’t stop him hitting on a “british imperialist” friend of mine at the chateau m… She didn’t bother showing up to his room as he suggested. Twit. napoleon complex.

  8. Cmonkey says:

    The cigarette is not lit.

    • lilibet says:

      As noted in the article…”Of course, that cigarette is unlit, but the illusion is there — Sean Penn, danger boy who plays with fire.”…..he’d have to be REALLY REALLY stupid to light it too!

  9. Kaboom says:

    I think colonialism is about trying to expand your territory where the current inhabitants don’t want you. That finger very clearly points at Argentina who treats the Falklands as if they were uninhabited and not the UK which has been present there since 1833.

  10. Feebee says:

    This article made me look up the difference between contradiction and hypocrisy. Celebitchy… making me think everyday :)

    Having a very Irish heritage but coming from a country colonised by the British I have contrary views on the subject of colony debate. However if it weren’t for them we’d possibly be speaking French, despite reservations that the French could have dealt with the natives, anywho…

    I don’t yet know all the history but are the Falkland Islanders under duress being in British rather than Argentine hands? Does he really think the invasion in 1982 was motivated by Argentinian concern for the people of the Falklands? Should the USA be allowed to own/grant statehood to/govern/semi-govern/whatever places such as Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa….? Is American colonialism different from the British version… in today’s terms anyway, let’s not rehash the 1800s.

    • Kate #2 says:

      Hey – I commented on this further down, but in brief: Argentina didn’t exist when the Falklands were settled; there was no indiginous population before that because the islands were originally uninhabited; one state forming a precursor to Argentina did lay claim for about ten years, but so did several other European nations; and Argentinians self-identify as being almost 95% of European descent anyway – ie, colonists. Less than 1.5 of the population self-identify as being of indigenous descent. Basically this would be rather like white Australians insisting that New Zealand was theirs, on account of how it was local, and any efforts to stop that were just colonialist oppression.

      The British history in Ireland is execrable and unforgivable. Not for one moment saying the colonial history of this country is anything else. But I actually went and read up on Argentina/Falklands because I was sceptical of the local info (I assumed, after a war, that the British version was completely biased). Yet the more I read, the worse the Argentinian claim became – even without getting into the fact that the locals hate the idea of joining Argentina.

      The real reason people are fighting over this is the Falklands has the best sovereign claim to potentially huge oil reserves.

  11. Cleveland Girl says:

    This is something Spicolli would have done…because he was an IDIOT.

  12. Chatcat says:

    Really this guy is just a loser…nothing complex about it, the world would just simply have been a better place if his parental units had just abstained that time!

  13. Hubbahun says:

    As a Brit,I just want to say: Sean Penn – STFU. That is all. Hypocrite.

  14. Patricia Parmley says:

    Strap-on car

  15. sup says:


  16. Cathy says:

    Ahhh, ya just gotta love Sean Penn. You never know what that idiot is gonna do. Hey, he should get together with Lindsay Lohan. Those two idiots would be a hoot together. The fun we could have with their combined antics.

  17. Cel says:

    Argentina as an independent nation did not exist until 1861…so that doesn’t add up with their ‘ownership’ of these islands – but I guess Sean Penn was too busy shooting his mouth off to check such a simple fact, he is such a d-ckhead!

  18. Cel says:

    Argentina as an independent nation did not exist until 1861…so that doesn’t add up with their ‘ownership’ of these islands – but I guess Sean Penn was too busy shooting his mouth off to check such a simple fact, he is such a d-ckhead!

  19. lucy says:

    it is on that the persons who make nothing are ever criticized ! Yes, he ‘s full of contradictions like all of us ! love Sean Penn !

  20. Zorbitor says:

    Talkin about Falklands and eatin some pizza

  21. Bina says:

    Sean Penn came over to my part of Pakistan a couple of weeks ago to help distribute aid to the flood victims of Sind. There are some pretty awesome pictures of him with the flood victims and also with our biggest philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife, who had no idea who Penn was. Penn also gave no media interviews, which I thought was very cool. Because of his trip here, I’ll always have a soft corner for him.

    • Elvynn says:

      That’s great from him. He seems likesuch a good huminatarian who contrary to many celebrities act! I mean not many people can do what he had done in Haïti. Just for that, he will always have my respects.
      As a human being, it is normal that he makes mistakes or has some contradictions. That’s what make him human.

    • hina says:

      Sean Penn is a true intellectual and very down to earth. I was so impressed when he visited Edhi in Clifton, Karachi. Edhi needs to win the Nobel Peace Prize soon.

  22. shanshan says:

    I spy another irony. He has an unlit smoke dangling between his lips while wearing a LIVESTRONG t-shirt- you have hit it spot on calling him, ‘a man of contradictions.’

  23. Naomi says:

    Never noticed before but he has small feet, hmm interesting…

  24. D1 says:

    I wonder why Penn & Morrissey don’t go to the Falkland Islands to show solidarity with the oppressed inhabitants? Oh right – Falkland Islanders are fiercely pro-British and would probably run them right out of town.

    I also wonder why Sean Penn was able to go on to such a successful career after beating the crap out of Madonna, hitting her in the head with a baseball bat, keeping her tied to a chair for several hours, and sending her bruised and bloody to the ER?

    LOL – just kidding! I don’t wonder. The Penn-Madonna thing is why I laughed when people said Chris Brown’s career was supposedly over when he beat up Rihanna, who was not remotely as famous and powerful as Madonna was in the late 80s.

  25. Angela says:

    Sean Penn is not a man of contradictions. He is a hypocrite.

  26. Bec says:

    He has treated his wife (Robin Wright Penn) & his kids so badly and then goes out to ‘save the world’. How about getting your act together at home, Sean? How about being a good husband and father first before broadcasting to the world what you are doing to save it? I agree with his politics but he’s such a pompus, selfish ass that I know that he just makes us liberals look bad. I’m a liberal and I wish he’d stop being a hypocrite!

  27. Kate #2 says:

    He might want to educate himself a little (okay, a lot) before shooting his mouth off over the Falklands. There are several exceedingly good reasons for the Argentine claim having no basis.

    1) There is something inherently odd about Argentina banging the “evil colonials refusing to allow us our native lands!” drum. 94.7% of Argentinians self-identify as being of European descent. They are a nation of European colonists by their own stated belief. Only 1.6 self-identify as being of Amerindian descent, and national statistics put that lower, at only 1.45. There are more immigrant-descended nationals in Argentina than there are immigrant-descended nationals in Australia, as a proportion of population; only the US can claim higher out of the entire world. So effectively, you have a country that was created when a bunch of Spanish people invaded a developing nation and massacred the locals, shrieking that some islands they’ve never inhabited and are hundreds of miles away should belong to them, despite the locals of those islands being vehemently opposed… or it’s colonialist oppression. Well, to be fair, Argentinians are probably pretty expert at colonial oppression. Their colonising killed off the host population almost completely. That’s a worse track record than the British managed anywhere other than the United States.

    2) The islands were uninhabited when a series of foreign nations laid claim. None left settlers, and over a few decades various nations planted flags and insisted their claim held good. Britain eventually succeeded and settled the place, and the inhabitants still regard themselves as staunchly British. They are the first and only native inhabitants of the Falklands, and under the principle of national self-determination it should be up to them to decide how they are ruled, and by whom.

    3) It would be difficult for Argentina to have “lost” the islands, because at the time the British created the entity, Argentina did not exist. The Republic of Buenos Aires post-dated the settlement.

    France used to be part of the UK when William the Conquerer invaded. Henry V was King of France and England, too. That makes our claim to rule France far better than the Argentinian one to rule the Falklands, but somehow, I can’t see the French going for it. (With our cooking, who can blame them.) The whole thing is just daft. I think people (rightly) believe that the UK has a terrible and blood-soaked colonial history, in common with all first world nations, and therefore if another country starts yelling “colonial oppressors!” they tend to get the benefit of the doubt. But this one is a non-starter, and given the Argentina that invaded the Falklands 30 years ago was a fascist military dictatorship with absolute disinterest in the wishes of the local people, I fail to see how anyone can begin to support that invasion – let alone someone claiming to be a Hollywood liberal. Sean Penn should stick to what he’s best at: beating up women and boasting about using drugs and hookers on national television while his poor humiliated wife sobs.