Lindsay Lohan is allegedly $3 million in debt & she was ordered to stop Botoxing

Earlier this week, I was all set to write about Lindsay Lohan’s latest cracked-out shenanigans at the Coachella festival. I had already prepared myself for a standard-issue tale of Porta-potty sex, cocaine, a Botoxy, puffy crackface, liquor and maybe a fistfight involving someone in a wheelchair. Instead, I got these relatively pleasant photos of a not-puffy, sober-looking (sort of) Lindsay, with no stories of her Coachella shenanigans. Has The Cracken changed? Maybe. OK! Mag has an interesting theory about LL’s de-puffed face. Their source claims that Lifetime producers (of Liz & Dick) were aghast when they saw LL’s puffy Botox-face, and they ordered her to stop messing with it. And she might have complied! Because she’s broke as hell and she needs this gig like a crackhead needs her… oh.

Lindsay Lohan has a plum role waiting for in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick… but in her desperation to look the part of one of the 20th century’s great beauty icons, Lindsay submitted to cosmetic procedures that bloated and distorted her face – and nearly lost her the job.

An insider close to the Lohan camp reports that before flying from LA to NYC for several big meetings, including one with Lifetime executives, Lindsay “was overdone with fillers, Botox and God knows what else. Word is that she had so many shots she went way overboard. And when they took one look at her – they were repulsed and shocked.”

According to the insider, Team Lohan has explained to the execs that Lindsay had indeed undergone some aesthetic touching up – but that the actress “was not told by doctors that she wasn’t allowed to fly immediately afterward – and well, it was a catastrophe. In the course of Lindsay’s five-hour flight, the change in air pressure obviously did much damage and caused unexpected side effects.”

The Lifetime execs want to set conditions, says the insider. “I heard someone ask if Lindsay’s people would take a few photos of her with proof of date over the next few weeks, and that if her face was less swollen and back to normal, they’d use her,” the insider tells OK!

For Lindsay, there’s a lot more than her reputation riding on Liz & Dick: apparently, Lindsay is flat broke.

“She’s as poor as poor can be, doesn’t have two nickels to rub together and she owes more than $3 million in debt,” the insider tells OK!. “Lindsay’s recent Playboy magazine spread only paid a small pittance compared with what she owes,” adds the source, “and she’s desperately looking, pitching and offering to do absolutely anything to take her back to something like the lifestyle she had become accustomed to.”

[From OK! Magazine, print edition]

The obvious plotline failure is this: if LL is so f–king broke (which I believe), how can she still afford to jack up her face and lips all the time? My answer: she can’t. So instead of going without, Lindsay and her mother go in for the cheapest, most budget procedures they can get. And they’re probably paying their bills – ALL of their bills – in “trade”. But seriously, how easy it to believe that LL has already blown through her $900K Playboy paycheck? Those aren’t all legal bills too – remember, she’s a cracked-out hoarder who loves to shop. And she’s got significant drug bills too. Plus, some of her debt could be years-old – in 2010, it was widely reported that LL had $500,000 in credit card debt.

Still, let’s enjoy the hint of her old, natural face once again (just don’t look at her lips).

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. she forgot her pants and her shoes are ridiculous for Coachella, but aside from that and the lips, she looks pretty good.

  2. Carobell says:

    Her hair and make-up are very flattering, she looks very pretty and much improved. But I wish she had worn sandals and six more inches of skirt and I would have thought she looked amazing.

    Is anyone surprised she has financial problems?

    Everyone I know who is in her age bracket, myself included, crack aside mind you, is a little wobbly financially. She certainly isn’t alone there.

    • lin234 says:

      You can’t compare her to a normal person. Your average person hasn’t had million dollar paychecks and every advantage in the world only to snort it all away.

      Yes, I believe she has financial problems. 3 million dollars in debt isn’t just being a little wobbly financially considering she’s basically lost her main asset years ago: her looks.

      I’m surprised the number isn’t higher considering all the fees for her lawyer, clothes, travel, hotel, rent, drugs, plastic surgery, etc… I’d even put that figure at 5 million. It makes more sense.

  3. Jayna says:

    Well, she can’t get rid of those awful cheek implants. It looks like she still has those duck lips, but the red hair is much better.

    • gg says:

      She still looks “altered” to me too, especially in that shot where her head is tilted upwards. And she probably cannot remove the cheek implants, so it’s permanently disfigured, which is incredibly short-sighted on her part.

      I equate her with Octomom, who cannot control any of her impulses. Lookswise, LL’s going to get much worse, I predict, especially when she nears age 30 and thinks she’s old. I want her to get better, but I see severe pathological problems standing in her way.

  4. Hubbahun says:

    Her eyes look nice but she has one of the meanest mouths I’ve ever seen.

  5. Myrealitie says:

    I think she looks better BECAUSE of Botox. Her forehead is smooth, and previously it looked like it belonged to a 50 year old. I have no idea how she de-puffed her face, but it also looks a lot better. I think the hair color might have a lot to do with the overall improvement; That blonde was always extremely unflattering on her!

    • lin234 says:

      Spot on! Kaiser has her favorite pictures of Lohan looking like a 50 year old from a few years back and that girl had MAJOR deep wrinkles on her forehead. The fashion show pictures where she was a “designer” was particularly awful.

      I’m also wondering how she managed to reduce her puffy chin. It was really bad just a few weeks ago.

  6. marie says:

    say it ain’t so, they were repulsed by the crackho-I’m shocked! ha, the cracken lays in wait but she will strike again..

  7. lucy2 says:

    While she does look better, she needs to go a little deeper with the hair color.

    I still don’t believe this role is going to happen. And if they were shocked to see her botoxed…have they not seen any photos of her in the last year, when she looked like a 60 year old who’d been sleeping in the gutter?

    • Candyland says:

      It don’t make sense does it? You take the worst looking Hollywood star and try to make her best lookin? Is her bad publicity worth more than getting someone who can meke you beleive she’s Liz? And black hair on Lindsay? Just say No.

      • Candyland says:

        But I gotta add she looks lots better with red hair and less puffer-fish face.

      • jwoolman says:

        I think she could pull off black hair, judging from the old Inferno publicity poster I saw recently (that other big role that vanished…). Especially if she’s just in foggy flashbacks as a younger Liz, which would make it easier to cover up other oddities too. Still think the producers are nuts for even considering her, but it’s very likely they are just enjoying the pre-production tabloid publicity and like others, will just pull the plug on her when they start serious casting. There’s no reason to believe that she had anything to do with SNL ratings (Jack White was the big draw and she was unrecognizable in the promos, people probably thought it was a regular doing a skit) or even with sales of the Playboy double anniversary issue (she was again unrecognizable and forlorn looking on the cover and was only in 10 pages out of 200). So I doubt she would actually be a draw for the Lifetime audience if they do amazingly cast her.

  8. LeeLoo says:

    She’s looking better. So that’s a start. But let’s be real here. She will never pay her debt. If she gets money she is going to blow it on stupid stuff likes shoes and clothes.

  9. Naye in VA says:

    She may not think so, but she needs a bra. A good bra can be flattering fot the whole figure, and her puppies need some lift and separation. Cuz right now she looks like a 13 yr old (albeit a 13 yr old who’s been snorting since she was 9)

  10. Skins says:

    Could they have picked somebody who looks less like Liz Taylor?

    • NeNe says:

      My thoughts exactly. There is no resemblance at all! This is such a poor decision to cast her as Liz Taylor.

      • Sassy says:

        Actually, Kim K has the closest body type to Liz Taylor. Liz was petite and busty. Lohan is too slender and tall to portray Liz, but Kim’s face and acting skills rule her out.

      • sup says:

        no, just no. liz taylor didn’t have a ginormous lard ass like kim k. amber heard of scarlett j would be a better choice body-wise. but acting and personality wise i think it should have gone to angelina jolie, if it wasn’t tv maybe it would have

    • Byte Me says:

      Remember, she still hasn’t signed the contract & as of now I don’t think she will as she was caught in yet another lie. She WAS at the Standard in that altercation after all proving once again that she’s the entitled lying little bitch she always was.

  11. Tillie says:

    I think she looks very nice here. Maybe she is showing a little too much skin and those shoes cannot be comfortable.. But Hey, she is looking a lot better and the red hair really suits her.

  12. Agnes says:

    is crack that expensive?

    • Lady D says:

      I don’t know Agnes. I’ve never even seen the stuff and I’m 51. I thought it was really cheap because of the amount of people using it.

  13. Lianne says:

    it sure is sad when your PR team tries to convince us a Lifetime tv movie is a “plum role”

  14. serena says:

    It would be good if she understood her face is a mess and stopped botox and filler.. but I guess I’m just dreaming.

  15. Ruby Red Lips says:

    You know even if this ‘movie’ role does happen (which I don’t believe she deserves) people will only watch to criticize Lohan – it will hardly be the success of the year – she is a walking talking laughing stock!

    & for all those who say her face resembles how she used to be – ru kidding?! She has damaged her face beyond belief that even slowing down on the botox now she still looks like a plastic blow up doll

    • says:

      I seem to recall that Labor Pains was supposed to be some comeback for her too (before it got downgraded to tv movie) and look how well that turned out. The people that did watch it only did it out of curiosity and it never led her back in to the big league.

      But luckily for her people have a short memory. They probably forgot her last hit was Herbie Fully Loaded which took place on ’04? or something.

  16. hillbillygirl45 says:

    Since she’s such a “homebody” she shouldn’t have any trouble saving money…and if she really is getting blue-light special procedures done on her face, she’d better check out Priscilla Presley, her face is ruined permanently from cheap fillers and injections. And, in my opinion, they need to find ANYBODY else to play Elizabeth T. It just ain’t right. LL’s finances……no sympathy here.

  17. Cathy says:

    I thought that botox took 4 or 5 months to go disintigrate or dissolve or whatever. How is she suppose to start filming in May or whenever if the botox will still there and she will still be all puffy face. I don’t believe this role will be happening. Liz Taylor must be happy.

    • hunter says:

      BOTOX DOES NOT MAKE YOU PUFFY!!! It’s the damn fillers and those take a year or two to go away. Botox is not the problem here.

      And yes, Botox goes away in about 3-5 months.

  18. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    She looks like an Irish Traveler in that dress. Only not as classy.

    • Candyland says:

      Except them girls gotta stay pure until marriage. And then stay faithful after marriage. Definately not Lohan.

    • Lori says:

      Less Irish Traveler, more Irish Setter.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        Hey, no need to hate on Irish Setters! 🙂 I don’t want to desecrate the memory of my beloved Murphy by having him associated with THIS mess! She is more like a feral dog, anyway.

  19. Bess says:

    Wasn’t there also a story a couple of months ago that LL also owed back taxes?

    Maybe if she scaled back her lifestyle and stopped supporting the other deadbeat adults (DINA) in her family, she’s be able to pay her bills.

  20. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Nice tale of woes, for Lindsay but unless they are planning on not filming to at least the fall the botox will still be there is takes 6 mos to a year for botox to break down completely and your face never returns to the pre botox stage because of the damage done by using the botox in the first place….the bloats left probably because she is off meth and back to crack…it doesn’t bloat the face as much…look at Rhianna…her face isn’t bloated and shes using in plain daylight..
    that was a very nice fairy tale in OK designed to gain sympathy from the public for poor Lindsay ….

    • Candyland says:

      Makes sense. Cause the worst of that bloat disappeared mighty fast for it to be botox. So i guess if she’s broke she ain’t broke enough to give up crack.

  21. Michele says:

    I’m not surprised at all that she is so far in debt. When you don’t work, have a serious drug problem with an inflated ego and are constantly shopping in expensive designer stores it’s a given that you are heading for trouble. Her problem is that she thinks she is still relevant and in demand as an A-list actress. I can’t imagine any filmmaker seeking her out for a future role. She’s only in her 20s and already she has a reputation for being unreliable and unprofessional on movie sets. Gone is her fresh-faced beauty which drugs, booze, plastic surgery and botox ruined. She has no one to blame but herself. Her crazy, self-absorbed parents didn’t do much to help her either, which is sad. I can’t feel sorry for her anymore. She needs to accept responsiblity for her poor decisions and make them better. Hanging out in bars and attending Coachella is not the right road she should be going down these days. She needs to find work and lay off the partying scene if she wants to help herself out of her current money problems.

  22. audrey says:

    what’s the yellow schmutz on her bicep? scrambled egg?

  23. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    That dress would be cute with flipflops or sandals but the shoes she has on look ridiculous. I’m glad her hair is back to red though…the blond just looked horrible with her skin tone.

  24. audrey says:

    also – DUMBEST shoes ever (for coachella or ANYWHERE else)

  25. Sapphire says:

    Yeah, what is that crap on her right arm? You know we’ve never heard a word from LifeTime that she had been cast or any arrangements made or that it was even considered. This may be Gotti 2.0

  26. SirSnarksalot says:

    I always wondered how people find themselves so massively in debt but I think in the biz, people are extended credit or people run a tab thinking they’ll eventually get paid. Until they don’t. I’m guessing alot of what she gets done to her face (and those tooth caps) are free with the understanding that the Dr’s will get some good press out of it. Either way, they made a bad decision and eventually I think we’ll see Lilo in bankruptcy court…and tax court if the rumour about the unpaid taxes is also true.

    • Candyland says:

      Once you get a certain amount of wealth I don’t think you ever go broke like we go broke. Someone else bails you out. I can’t think of a broke celebrity that ended up homeless or bugged by bill collectors. A celebrity being broke is probably down to their last 5 million.

      • Sirsnarksalot says:

        Exactly. Toni Braxton has declared bankruptcy twice and still lives like a queen (at least according to her reality show) and that hideous Real Housewife of NJ who declared bankruptcy manages a lavish lifestyle to this day too. I need some fairy godmothers with fistfulls of cash like these folks seem to find!

  27. logan says:

    I take it that the way she has her shirt tied around her waist that she forgot her underwear along with her pants. Classy, just like Liz would do. NOT!!!!!!!

  28. Psyren says:

    Is that mustard on her arm in that first pic? Why is she always so filthy looking?

  29. G says:

    $900,000. Playboy money (if true) is actuallmore like $500,000. minus taxes.

    Botox doesn’t make you puffy, fillers, crack and booze do. She needs botox to keep that scowl off her face. Ridiculous at her age. Maybe just stop being a bitch.

    • iheartjacksparrow says:

      But Playboy isn’t like the lottery where they take out the taxes before they cut you a check for the balance. Playboy probably gave her the entire $900K, she spent it all, and that’s part of the reason she has tax problems, because she never thinks about “tomorrow.”

  30. Cleveland Girl says:

    This whole thing is so stupid. Over botoxed face is their biggest concern???? Whoever hired her for this role needs to have their head examined.

  31. skipper says:

    What happened to her obsession with leggings? She must have given her collection to Christina Aguilara.

  32. dahlia1947 says:

    I think she’s trying to get better. She was a very marketable actress and she could ACT. I like this hair color and she looks healthy. Keep it up girl!

  33. bored says:

    She does look a lot better here. Especially the hair. I’m guessing she’s gradually darkening her hair for the Liz role (whether she gets it or not – remember she bleach blonded for that Gotti movie without ever getting hired). I think she tries to change her looks to match these roles as part of her crack-hustle.

  34. novaraen says:

    Flying in an airplane caused her puffiness????….BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Girrrrrl please…you’ve been puffy for over a year now…maybe two. Just keep effing with your face and further ruining your career…it’s your punishment for being a stuck-up, cracked out b*tch.

  35. Tesch100 says:

    Sounds like Lifetime executives may be the parents that she needs. I wonder what other rules they set? Perhaps a no clubbing rule? Would certainly explain why she thought she needed to make a “I am a homebody” comment. Of course, if such a rule was set, like anyone who is frozen in the mindset of a teenager, sneaking out until caught would be mandatory.

  36. Syko says:

    Her knees are dirty. Her clothes look stupid, especially the godawful shoes, and her hair “style” is horrible. Lips and cheeks are a mess. She needs a bra. Her eyes look okay, but that’s about all.

    • skuddles says:

      Or maybe her knees are just chapped from um… kneeling to pray all the time? LOL 😉

  37. Jay says:

    “She’s as poor as poor can be…” Really? I get she’s in debt and fun to mock, but I actually find that insulting to people who’ve lost so much (their homes, for example) over the past few years. Yeah, right, she has it rough.

    • Boo says:

      Yeah, I can’t afford to go to Coachella or out to “dinner” at clubs every night…I don’t drive a Porsche, and I work two jobs. I haven’t had a vacation to Hawaii ….ever! She’s heavily in debt, but she is somehow managing (probably on her knees) to keep a roof over her head and very expensive shoes on her feet while she parties and travels and has a wonderful time.

      I hope the iRS puts her in prison for failure to pay taxes in 2009, 2010, and, I’m sure, 2011.

    • Boo says:

      On DListed, someone posted the link for the green bag Lindz was carrying at Coachella. Prada: $1500.

      This pisses me off to no end.

  38. skuddles says:

    What the hell is that yellow crud on her arm in first pic? Is she pollinating? God help us all…

    • Annie says:

      Oh no, say it ain’t so! The last thing we need is baby Lohan seedlings sprouting up.

  39. Macey says:

    I highly doubt she was paid 900K for that PB shoot. Its common knowledge Heff lets them inflate their pay just to pretend they’re in demand. No one from PB ever actually confirmed that amount, it was only Dina calling in to TMZ and we all know no truth ever comes out of her mouth.
    As far as the botox/fillers thing, she’s permanently damaged now. What doesnt get a lot of press with these fillers is that if its overloaded in the cheeks or lips they never return to their former state. they will look worse when it dissolves b/c the skin is “stretched” in those areas and it doesnt dissolve in a uniform matter. she may have some dissolve in some areas at a faster rate than others. she’ll soon have lopsided chipmunk cheeks with sagging skin to boot. Thats also why you may notice that some older celebs have to get more and more put in as they get older b/c they have to not only refill what was in there, but also fill more in to combat the “saggyness” in those areas. She going to truly look hideous by the time she’s 30 if she even makes it that long.

    • Annie says:

      “She going to truly look hideous by the time she’s 30 if she even makes it that long”

      My first thought was “30 isn’t too far off for her anyway, how much worse can it get?”, then I realized that she’s morphed from being a beautiful girl to this bloated creature in only 3 years, so imagine what another 4 will do. SCARY.

      Unfortunately it’s true that botox and fillers do not just “wear off” 100%. Botox causes weakening of the facial tissues especially if done to excess which leads to sagging and loss of definition (like a stroke victim) and fillers may never fully dissolve and further damage skin and muscle tissue. Short term this stuff is probably hiding some of the drug damage but long term she’s probably worse off.

      And I’m betting it was more like $90,000 for that spread. Dina added on another zero. If she really got paid a mill, why did she then go and leak the pics for a measly few more thousand?

  40. Newtsgal says:

    The Cracken got into ANOTHER fight at smoke & mirrors!!!

    • Newtsgal says:

      And might I add…
      ***falls on the floor******
      **** gaspin for air****

    • Macey says:

      what???? links please 🙂

    • Mich says:

      Radar is also reporting that police now have a video showing that she was definitely in the club the night of the first fight…as in the night she was home watching TV.

      I love this homebody. She is the gift that keeps on giving!

      • Ruby Red Lips says:

        Haha!!! At last the crackie is proven to be an outright liar ;D

        No way in h8ll is she deserving of this role & I hope this is the final nail in people realising that this crackie is never going to change…

      • Newtsgal says:

        **** can’t breathe*****
        ****sides hurt****

  41. kiyoshigirl says:

    How sad is it that her career has come to begging for a role on Lifetime? Seriously, there are C list actors who only do Lifetime if the money is right and it just so happens to fit into a bare spot in their already busy filming schedules. She has truly hit rock bottom career wise. Maybe it’s time she just give in and do a reality show. At least she’d have consistent income.

  42. crazycatlady says:

    She still looks pretty ‘tox-ed and puffed up to me. And those shoes – eegads. Cartoon shoes to go with a cartoon face, I guess. Who the hell wears 4-inch heels to walk around in a dirt field?

  43. d says:

    That right there is the problem: lifestyle. She probably COULD very easily find a little cottage somewhere and knuckle down and get to work and clean up and focus and maybe go back to school, do little things here an dthere and just ditch all the losers around here and just WORK, but she never really proves that she’s all that interested in working hard, like really working. it’s always about making the one big paycheck, the one big role that does it all, and keeping up this ladeeda lifestyle, and she barely has to lift- a finger because she’s lindsey lohan and she has delusions of youthful talented grandeur. She’s a seriously delusional, self-absorbed mental midget, emotionally crippled loser who

    • Sugar says:

      Absolutely 100% agreed with your comment. In fact if she did those things she may garner a bit of respect but her delusion gets in the way. I can’t help but think of the post awhile back on Chris Klein he said alcohol was killing him & when I read that I instantly thought Lindsey has never uttered such words about any of her addictions that I know of. Which again leads to her entitled delusions that she is above all.
      I work hard, have to write my check out to the IRS & love Liz Taylor-life isn’t fair but I like many of us who comment on this site keep on doing the right thing because accountability & well because what’s right is right.
      I don’t wish her failed or dead I just wish she would grow the hell up or go away because her skating on everything we couldn’t get away with irks me.

    • Annie says:

      Agreed 100%. She does indeed have talent, but she continually wastes it with her arrogance, entitlement and laziness. There are less talented actresses out there running rings around her career wise in hollywood, because they have some things called gratitude and work ethic.

  44. Just U says:

    Yet another excuse. ‘The doctors never told me I couldnt fly’.
    When she doesnt get this role this will be what she tells herself so it wont be her fault.
    Classic addict behaviour. Set up the excuse and reasons in advance so you dont have to be accountable for failures.

  45. Bogz says:

    What do you mean “trade”?

  46. Jessica says:

    I thought her movie career died years ago after The Parent Trap??? Seriously … What else has she done (aside from failed rehab)….. A CD that no one bought and a few Playboys?

  47. DD says:

    The sad part of it is, she’s my age and she looks worse then I do. I guess money doesn’t buy happiness or beauty in this case.