Katy Perry has a new “boyfriend” & they were all over each other at Coachella

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was at Coachella again for the second weekend in a row, and she had a new “boyfriend” in tow. I put that word in quotes because it seems far too soon for Katy to actually have a boyfriend. Not that she shouldn’t move on after her divorce — Russell Brand certainly has done so with several women already — but this dude wasn’t even around with Katy during last weekend’s Coachella jaunt. Also, one would think that Katy would be reluctant to hook up with anyone after Baptiste Giabiconi tried to get with her for her musical connections, right? Now it seems that Katy is already dating another relative unknown, and they were photographed holding hands and embracing all over during the weekend’s festivities. This guy’s name is Robert Ackroyd (no relation to Dan), and he functions as the guitarist and backing vocalist for the London-based Florence + the Machine. So Katy’s getting with another English dude, and he’s very … tall:

Katy Perry

Love is in the air AGAIN for Katy Perry!

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the pop songstress is dating Florence + the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd.

“Backstage at the Artist Lounge at Coachella last weekend, Katy kept saying her boyfriend was the guitar player for Florence + the Machine,” a source tells Life & Style. “She and a bunch of friends were supposed to go see Dr. Dre together, but Katy said she was waiting to watch her boyfriend perform!”

And it seemed that they couldn’t get enough of each other at the music festival — the two were spotted holding hands (see photo above) while they watched Katy’s BFF, Rihanna, perform during Calvin Harris’ set on April 15. Days later, Robert even started following Katy on Twitter.

He also referred to her by her initials in a Tweet on April 17, writing: “Best Coachella ever. Scratch that, best weekend ever. Dre, Snoop, Pac, Nate, Fiddy & KP.”

This relationship comes nearly four months after a judge granted a divorce to Katy and Russell Brand. It becomes final in July after the six-month waiting period required by California law.

Since her split from Russell, Katy has also been linked to French model Baptiste Giabiconi.

[From Life & Style]

So what should we make of Katy’s new man? He’s very bland looking but has a decent body. He’s also an up-and-coming musician, which sends out warning flags that he could be interested in Katy for reasons other than mere romance. Hopefully, she’s aware of this potential (since she considers fame to be so disgusting) and will keep this guy in line. Of course, I’ve described Robert as a “relative unknown,” but that only applies on this side of the pond. In the UK, Florence + the Machine has enjoyed much Top 40 success with their two albums. Maybe this guy really digs her and isn’t just looking for stateside publicity. It must suck for Katy to have to worry about being used like that when moving on from a divorce, but maybe I’m mistaking her for the type to dwell upon that sort of thing. What really bugs me though is that this guy doesn’t wear socks with his Nike sneakers.

Katy Perry

Let’s talk about Katy’s outfit for a moment, not that it really matters. This midriff-baring number is okay, and Katy certainly has the figure to pull it off. She also looked slightly classier than while wearing last weekend’s see-thru dress and granny panties. That hair is icky though, and Katy should get rid of those extensions because they weigh down her locks. She’s cuter with a shorter, peppier ‘do.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News and WENN

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  1. Zozo says:

    Love the chick in the first pic clearly smoking a joint.

    Also I agree about the shoes without sock thing. ew. I always remember in the Lemony Snickett books they said Count Olaf never wore socks with his running shoes.

  2. G says:

    She seems a lot less interesting without Brand. Sorry.

  3. nina says:

    She’s looking really thin these days but her face is giving off a slightly amanda bynes bloat….

  4. ella says:

    If anything, dating Katy Perry will only hurt this guy’s reputation as a serious musician so I doubt he’s using her to advance his musical career. Florence + the Machine are super popular in Europe and it’s definitely a different audience/fanbase from KP.

    • Katren says:

      Definitely. They’re big in Aus too, and they’re really not a group I would have thought would want to be associated with this dumb bitch. So I doubt he’s using her for fame – his will probably outlast hers anyway

  5. Natasha says:

    That outfit is just tragic…Why is it that pretty much every celebrity I have seen pictures of at Cochella looks like they rolled around in a goodwill donation box and wore whatever pieces of clothing stuck to them? Also, am I the only one who is tired of seeing Katy Perry’s underwear all the time.

    • Pia says:

      because they are trying to say “weeeee look at me! I’m really a hippie flower child!” and then they hop in their limos to their 5 star hotels and order $200 worth of room service.

    • Otter says:

      SRSLY! I’m embarrassed for them, it’s such a try-hard move to “look the part.” I’ve lived the tour/festie life for years, and the kidz on lot had way more steez than all of these Gen Y celebs combined :P

  6. Zelda says:

    Tall, tattoos, musician–I’d hit it.

    Can’t understand why a musician from a successful, respected indie rock band would want to date the cheesiest, most manufactured pop star out there, but… I dunno, boobs.

  7. Franny says:

    he’s in Florence + the Machine (who I get to see this weekend!!!!) so he’s alright in my book.

    also, her fireworks inspired look is…interesting.

  8. HotPockets says:

    I think he is pretty hot. Also, there was a definite admission from Katy’s camp, *cough* her friend Markus Molinari, that Brand did cheat, so of course she is trying to move on quickly.

    He kind of reminds me of Ryan Gosling..

  9. sukienow says:

    he was in some pics with her last week

  10. smitten says:

    I’m seriously disturbed that he’s wearing his pants tight rolled. You can really see the cuff in the third picture!

    • Ruddyzookeeper says:

      First thing I noticed! I would have figured him to be too young to even know the proper technique, but those pegs are so tight they are cutting off MY circulation!

  11. ShanKat says:

    Coke bloat love

  12. Roxy750 says:

    Makes me want to go to one of these and have some beers-casually and love up on me boyfriend! Second part of this comment: wish she would stop with the ugly hair colors.

  13. nikzilla37 says:

    He is really cute. Reminds me of Ryan Gosling a little.

  14. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    They both look douchey. Next.

  15. Melanie says:

    He looks like a young Jesse James, creepy!

  16. Kim says:

    Ill never understand how someone who was supposedly so in love and got divorced so recently is already so happy with another man. Just goes to show she never loved Russell. She may think she did but if so she wouldnt even be able to be dating this soon, ditto him and Kim K and all the others who divorce and are dating within months!

  17. Relli says:

    WOW that second to last picture is really showing me that movie star quality face that has been been missing from ALL recent cinematic masterpieces.

  18. Amanda G says:

    He’s definitely an upgrade from Russell Brand.

  19. dahlianoir says:

    Why is everyone half naked there ? Is it really that hot?

  20. Krill says:

    Of course this dude isn’t related to Dan Aykroyd. They don’t even have the same last name… eep!

  21. fabgrrl says:

    She’s pretty and has a great body. Is it really any surprise that a young guy would want to be her boyfriend?

  22. Skinnybetch says:

    She looks so stupid. She’s 27, it’s time to dress like an adult!

  23. Tee says:

    Tall british musician in great band AND tattoos= yum!!!

  24. Anna says:

    I totally dig the guy.

  25. Jover says:

    Word g says and natasha and relli you hit it out of the park; when you combine this chicks vapidness, illiterate dopiness, self-absorption, yep i want to see this moonface moron right next to i dunno know kate hepburn and raquel welch. That dopey face belongs in a cartoon strip, not on the silver screen. Biologically she may be 27, but intellectually emotionally she’s what 8 or 9?
    Exactly pia, the celebutards are a joke it’s not friggin woodstock and if it were they’d be complaining about the mud and lack of toilet facilities.

  26. Michele says:

    He’s hot! They look good together. Katy looks really happy.

  27. ZenB!tch says:

    1000 times better than Russell Brand.

    Are Florence’s band members well known? I’ve heard of her and heard some of her stuff but I thought she was more or less a solo act.

    I ask because back when I cared about music – no one cool would be seen with someone like her. I’m picturing her with a guy from Radiohead… uh no!

  28. Aurelia says:

    He looks like a budget Ryan Gosling, but with weird eyes.

  29. Europe/ Amsterdam says:

    Girl in 1st pic is smoking a cigarett..if you look realy good you can almost see the filter….yeah..its so!

  30. Laura says:

    From Britain comes the amazingly talented and understated Florence and the Machine. From America spawns the disgusting Katy Perry. And yet she gets more attention and FATM are described as unkown because they make REAL music not drivel. Go figure.