LeAnn Rimes called the paparazzi for a photo op, but she gave them the wrong time

I know, I know. Two LeAnn Rimes posts in one day. In my defense, these photos came in after I wrote up the story about LeAnn’s tacky-looking anniversary ring. And in my defense, the story behind these photos is hilarious.

This is how Fame/Flynet had these pics tagged: “Singer LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian seen taking his son Jake to a soccer game only to realize they showed up at the wrong time, so the happy family immediately left in Los Angeles, California on April 22, 2012.” Think about that. LeAnn and Eddie get the times wrong – that’s easy enough. I regularly get times wrong. It happens. But how were the paparazzi there, at the soccer game, at the wrong time to photograph LeAnn and Eddie? Not only does this prove that LeAnn regularly calls the paps, but that she also gives them the wrong time and they still show up to photograph her. Not to mention this: she calls the paps when she knows she’s going to be playing the “doting step-mother” at one of the boys’ soccer games. She actively engages with getting her stepsons photographed by the paparazzi.

And all of this on her wedding anniversary. That’s why she’s wearing white, by the way. She wanted to look bridal for her paparazzi photo shoot.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Eww, is she pulling a Britney and walking around barefoot?

  2. Franny says:

    If I knew I was going to be photographed, I would at least do my hair, maybe put on something that didn’t look like my grandmother’s tablecloth. That’s just me though…

  3. Zelda says:

    Why doe she and Glanville both insist on such ugly shoes?
    I blame Cibrian, somehow.

  4. WTF says:

    I guess I don’t understand hollywood enough. I get why actresses want to be papp’d , but leann is supposed to be a singer. Does it work the same way for them? Can somebody please give me the dumbed down explanation for why someone would want to have random photos if they aren’t promoting anything?

  5. Rita says:

    This is such a great thread!!! We all know that celebrity paps don’t give a crap (It Rimes or Rhymes) about this sap but for the photog to show up when nobody else did is hilarious.

    Don’t apolgize for Leann’s multiple threads. Crazy is really entertaining.

  6. brin says:

    This is hilarious! And if she’s trying for a bridal look she should put the cooler down.

  7. Marjalane says:

    Oh, how I hope this little bit of detective work finds it’s way onto every gossip site in existance! There is something mentally “off” with someone who’s that desperate for attention.

  8. Samster says:

    See if I were Brandi, I would bring this up in custody hearings because if my children are used as models for profit in set up paparazzi photos, they dam well deserve to be earning their fair share of the money to put away for college. Leann sure loves her bonus kids if she’s selling their image for her own profit.

    • autumndaze says:

      Alerting the media to photograph oneself when in the presence of underage step-sons should be illegal.
      These photos are sufficient evidence that Cibrian/Rimes are not just “caught” by photographers while out and about.
      Subpoena her cell phone records and show that she calls the papparazzi.
      Family court judge should put an end to this NOW.

      • Jan says:

        It should, but as much as I feel for Brandi, I’m disappointed that she never seems bothered or assed enough to actually DO something about it. Excuses about lawyers costing money etc, she is worth what was it, 8/9 million dollars? She has money, she has the means, she has the connections. She just – refuses to do ANYTHING about it, it makes me think she isn’t that protective of her ‘babies’ as she makes out. She could get a restraining order against Leann EASILY. EC would have to visit with the kids somewhere else, but it can be done. It worries me as someone who feels for Brandi, that she doesn’t care enough about her sons to FIGHT for their wellbeing. She is just so apathetic about her children when it comes to the exposure and psychological and emotional harm LR is exposing them to. I like Brandi, but I don’t understand her. As a mother, I could NEVER just have such a blaze, apathetic and couldn’t-give-a-sh*t attitude about it. If it were me, all the collages of LR SWFing, the passive-aggressive tweets, the sly winks to her bullying fans, the pap exposure (and as you said, my lawyer would be ordered to suppoena all phone records AND Twitter accounts created by phone/internet accounts she has) relating to LR would have been filed in court LONG ago. If it were me, poor, rich or in between, LR would not be allowed to be within 500 meters of my children. Their father would just have to use another venue for his visitation. LR would have been out of their lives a long time ago. Brandi has no excuse now, heck her worth is more than the President. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for Brandi not to petition the court and file all the evidence that can be found on the net. She seems very passionate about her children on the surface, but completely apathetic about DOING anything to protect them. It really frustrates me.

      • Jan says:

        And I don’t think Brandi is thinking clearly. Her boys might like Leann, but the issue is the damage of the pap exposure is doing to the boys. Having Darrell Brown and the others ‘talk’ to them and brainwash them, my god, what are they capable of? A good mother knows that what your children ‘like’ is not necessarily GOOD for them. Being around LR and all that pap exposure, pimping out for photos etc is going to truly harm the boys eventually. If she was a responsible mother who had her boys best interests at heart, she would be thinking more clearly about the future, not short-sighted bs about her boys liking LR. They are in serious harm with LR, her exposing them for attention and LR’s friends. If she was a calm mother thinking rationally how can she possibly defend not taking action?

      • claire says:

        Ah, so it was Jan’s post that upset Brandi. Well, she addressed it Jan on her twitter, (Brandi did), and I’d have to agree with her. Everyone knows what she’s gone through, and how much she loves her kids. She’s got bigger problems to worry about with these two douchebags – it’s not worth a custody battle.
        I think the exploitation is gross, but it’s likely harming LR’s career more than the kids well-being. They get photographed out with Brandi too, the only difference being that LR actively sells the photos and sets up the shots – but the kids won’t know that.

      • thetruthhurts says:

        I completely agree with you and have wondered that myself. The whole thing leads me to believe LeAnn & Eddie are holding something over B’s head that makes her worried SHE could lose her babies if she rocks the boat. LeAnn alludes to that enough. Sad, because I really like B too and wish she could get full custody and not have to deal with crazy.

    • Jan says:

      Claire, I followed her on Twitter and I stand by everything I said. HER CHILDREN should be worth it to her. There can be no bigger issue. I think Brandi is short-sighted and can’t see the forest for the trees. It is so very noble of her to want peace, to not want custody battles etc, but I honestly feel she is only thinking short-term. What if those kids become really messed up later on? I feel Leann is a very dangerous and unstable person, and to most mothers, it sends out warning signals. I feel that Leann is a timebomb waiting to go off, and her entourage of Darrell and those like Amejean are allowed around her children. These are the people need I remind you, that called Brandi, the boys mother, a wh0re, a slut, a drunk, a piece of trash, and much much worse, and who have created twitter accounts to defame and attack her in every way possible. She could have been threatened or attacked at that airport. Can’t you see it has gotten out of hand? Can’t you and Brandi even see possibly a little bit why myself, and others, believe that LR and co pose a REAL THREAT to the boys? I mean what if we turn out to be right and she does something to do the boys. As a mother, my instinct is to protect, not to put my child in harm’s way. Brandi’s attitude and lack of concern for the future effects on the boys (not just the here and now) absolutely leaves me gobsmacked as a fan, and as a mother. I cannot understand any mother compromising her children’s physical and psychological safety, just to be seen to want peace. I admire her for her stance, but I think her trying to be noble is a risky, dangerous and foolish response to what could be a potentially serious situation. I just cannot agree with her non-action. As a mother myself, I cannot begin to comprehend that. This is not about bitterness or revenge. I think she is not thinking long-term and I feel she is really making a very big mistake.

      • claire says:

        Jan, you can’t get custody orders or restraining orders on conjecture like that. Sure, LR is a nutjob, but I’m not sure it goes that far. NOW, if these two break up and LR goes off the rails, as many suspect would happen, then there is no doubt in my mind that BG will do what she has to do. And, if they at some point express disdain at the photo ops, and LR doesn’t put their feelings first, then I’m sure BG will step in there too. People have to pick their battles. I too find it unfortunate that LR brings those a-holes around the kids….but do you really have little faith that BG doesn’t monitor the situation to look for clues that the kids are being affected? Or look for clues that the people LR brings around don’t fill the kids’ heads with stuff? I have faith that she does – she seems very level headed in these regards. Just cause she’s not detailing HER every move as a mother on twitter, doesn’t mean things aren’t happening and conversations aren’t occurring.

      • lil ole me says:

        @ Jan: I agree with you. I may not have kids yet, but I’m Latina. You don’t mess with our kids, our man or our cars. In that order :) Seriously my Mom (may she rest in peace) woulda been in jail over this nutcase if she had DARED try and pull JUST ONE OF THESE STUNT QUEEN ACTS on her.
        Heaven help someone if they let my kids hang around ANYONE that has bad mouthed me, or tried to be their “bonus Mom”.
        Bitch would still be trying to dig my boot outta her ass. Sorry, I don’t care if it made me look like a lunatic, this crap wouldn’t go down on my watch. I suspect they (Leann mostly) has used her “fame” and wealth to bully Brandi in the past. But lines have been crossed that no Mother I know would have allowed. Sorry

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Jan, I hate to break it to you, but Cali Family Law is just as messed up as Criminal Law is regarding LiLo.

        My mother (a Family Law Paralegal for all of my life) basically told me that unless he’s snorting coke off a stripper’s ass (and offering some to the kids) while banging his (now) wife in front of the kids, it’s next to impossible to get the kids away from him.

        Full physical custody isn’t AS difficult to obtain; but legal custody is almost always “joint” unless someone signs away their rights.

        Even then, it’s up to the judge to determine “what’s in the best interest of the child/ren” so good luck to those kids, and any kids involved in these messy divorces.

      • claire says:

        That’s common in most states. Even if there has been domestic violence against the mom, if the violence has not been against the kids, joint custody and / or visitation is awarded. Although thankfully many judges are starting to recognize the harm towards children of witnessing verbal/physical abuse. It’s still not what’s going on here.

        Y’all are naive to think that if Brandi went crazy against them, that LR wouldn’t be in court in heartbeat with all her money and a lawyer, waging to get the kids away from Brandi. Then she’d have her complete takeover complete. It’d be a dream for her. Brandi is smart in how she handles things, as nervewracking as it is for people to watch how LR conducts herself.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Jan, I hate to break it to you, but Cali Family Law is just as messed up as Criminal Law is regarding LiLo.

        My mother (a Family Law Paralegal for all of my life) basically told me that unless he’s snorting coke off a stripper’s ass while banging his (now) wife in front of the kids, it’s next to impossible to get the kids away from him.

        Full physical custody isn’t AS difficult to obtain; but legal custody is almost always “joint” unless someone signs away their rights.

        Even then, it’s up to the judge to determine “what’s in the best interest of the child/ren” so good luck to those kids, and any kids involved in these messy divorces.

        *duplicate – please disregard*

      • BIMM says:

        I agree 100% with your comments. Brandi IS short-sighted. Brandi tweets her excuses, but thing is, the ‘criticism that make you the angriest are the ones you know down deep to be true’! LeAnn’s been going to shrinks since she was a troubled teen. God know what those shrinks have on LeAnn, but they can’t release w/o a court order. Brandi protect your kids, the public would support you!

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I really hope that Brandi is filing away loads of evidence on LeAnn. I always wonder why she doesn’t file restraining orders or gag orders or amend the custody agreement. Eddie wouldn’t let her do anything with her own sons but his crazy ass wife who is NOTHING to those boys sells them like they have a shelf life. Brandi, please consider legal action.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        At the very least, she should file against Darrell Brown, etc.

      • eileen says:

        I can totally see what you are saying, but you have to look at it from the boys perspective. Those two like her and love their dad. The only person Leann & Eddie are trying to hurt is Brandi-and she doesn’t give a crap how delusional Leann is and where she thinks her place is in the family. Brandi knows she their mother and those boys would move heaven and earth for her-she’s secure in herself. If Brandi had one tiny sign that anything negative was going down when they are with their father, she would jump on it-but Leann’s insane copying, giving gifts to herself from the boys and her need to photograph herself with the boys is only hurting her. She looks completely psychotic doing it which results in two things: her career flushes down the toilet and Eddie will be over it very soon. That’s a win all around.

      • Annie says:

        Wow, now people are judging Brandi for “allowing” this exposure of her children to happen. As if all of the facts lined up neatly and timely so her defense/actions seemed indefensible.
        As Winston Churchill said “Rumors run half way around the world before the truth has time to put on it’s pants!”(paraphrased)
        I’m not certain of the reality these posters are living in, but I hope their not exposed to the kind of unjustified malicious events she has been exposed to…and then they add judgement ….it’s difficult to determine who’s worse …Leann or them?!

      • lori says:

        I agree that Brandi is playing it smart and probably listening to her attorneys. It is a very hard thing to try to prove alienation of affection or exploitation or endangerment of the kids. We are talking about California and probably an L.A. judge. Everyone is used to the media coverage here. You’d probably have to prove Leann and Eddie were doing this deliberately to harm the children and Brandi, nearly impossible. I agree Leann is a lawsuit happy celeb who would welcome the opportunity to get the media spotlight of a court battle where she tearfully takes the stand to say how much the boys love being with her and how they are better off with her. It would complete her ultimate stalking and takeover of Brandi’s life and generate more media for Leann. I think Brandi is playing it smart and winning the media war, just by remaining silent and pursuing a career. Remember when she got the DUI and had to go on TV and explain? That isn’t good for her own p.r. or her retaining custody. She can’t afford to mess up anymore in this custody agreement. She needs to seem like the saner more sensible, sober parent for the court and for public opinion so she can retain custody. And she is doing a pretty good job of handling a horrible situation with a multimillionaire celebrity stalker and focusing on her kids. Leann and Eddie can only do staged photo-op family scenes, where it is always apparent that the focus is on their own fame at the expense of the kids. And the more of these paid photo-ops that occur, the more chances there will be for the world to see how destructive and pathological a famewhore Leann is. Give her enough media exposure and she will trash her career and life.

      • MJFD says:

        I totally agree with Jan & those of like mind. After reading the posters’ positions about Brandi legally restraining LeAnn’s behavior/contact with the boys, I find it strikingly apparent that those that object are BB (those that protect Brandi) and those that protect the children above Brandi. Both sides dislike LeAnn, but not the same priorities, children vs mother!

      • Jezi says:

        Those that stand by Brandi’s decisions aren’t all BB’s. Brandi did consult an attorney about this and the attorney was the one who told her that it wasn’t worth the fight. It would be extremely expensive and long. This isn’t just from some boot leg attorney, this is from a very good attorney. So don’t think that Brandi hasn’t thought about it. Here is another thing, Brandi is becoming much more successful and popular. If she restrains Eddie from having her boys papped when with them, what do you think would happen when she gets papped with the boys? We are talking about endless battles between the two of them. Let’s say Brandi is on RHOBH again this season, don’t you think that she would have the boys in the background of the show? If Eddie opposed it, well then he would be a total hypocrite and if she fought Eddie on it, that would make her one. You see what I’m saying?

      • lori says:

        Good point! I think if BG got an order that the boys couldn’t be seen in photos with L and E then Leann would go to court (her favorite way to get attention) to fight anytime Brandi was pictured in public with her own kids or twitpic’d them. If you think about it, the real problem here is Eddie’s complete lack of protection for his own kids. He thinks that using them to prop up his psycho second wife’s awful image and failed career is a great idea. It has me wondering what kind of a monster raised Eddie? What kind of upbringing produces such a shallow narcissistic man-whore that thinks his whole goal in life is to destroy his family so he can become the purse holder for this piggy princess?

      • MJFD says:

        Love you @Jezi, you’re a doll yet a very prominent BB so I do get what you say, with a grain of salt. Here’s an analogy, say some humongous jerk was bothering you, and your husband despite the overwhelming odds, took him on and even “lost the battle quickly”, would you think more of his love for you or less? Would you think less or more of him even with this “loss”? Brandi could file a lawsuit to have LeAnn’s shrink records reviewed by the courts/child protective services to determine any danger to the boys 1st. Brandi may or may not lose that legal battle quickly (minimal expense), but it would be Public for the boys to find out about later, so they know Brandi fought for them and their protection and didn’t put her tail between her legs w/o even trying; which would be too late for boys if damage done! Brandi would deeply regret monetary excuses for her fear of LeAnn the bully!

      • Heidi says:

        I too believe LR and Eddie hold something over Brandi’s head that prevents her from taking action. OR she may be psychologically naive about how an atmosphere speaks as loudly to and effects kids as much as actual words and leaves lasting impressions and damage. Believe me, those boys sense the hate and disdain Le and Eddie feel for Brandi.
        What a horrible thing this is for Brandi. The indoctrination those boys must be subject to is awful.

      • Jezi says:

        @MJFD Thx that is sweet :) . I totally get what you’re saying. Really I do. And believe me, it hasn’t been something that I haven’t brought up to Brandi myself. I do believe Brandi though when she says the boys are happy. I also know that the boys are happiest when their parents are getting along. They actually get very happy when they see their mom and Leann being nice to eachother. That is one thing she says to me. For instance, the day Leann sat her crazy ass on Brandi’s blanket at the soccer game. Of course it was awkward but Brandi said that the boys were very excited to see them talking and smiling. It made them comfortable. If it so happens that the boys come to her and say, Leann did this or dad did this and it was so horrible and put her boys in jeopardy, I can guarantee you Brandi would jump on that in a second.

      • MJFD says:

        Gotcha @Jezi and we’ll just have to agree to disagree, but I gotcha back on all things anti-LeAnn. Brandi et al are thinking “happy kids”, whereas I’m thinking “proud happy men”. When the men determine their “happy childhood” was a fraud due to being denied “the truth, the whole truth”, it won’t be a proud adulthood for them, and they’re likely to have a hefty trust fund(s) available to give them relief> not a good situation when you consider people live much longer as adults than “clueless happy children”. Good luck to Brandi though!

  9. Kim says:

    HILARIOUS! 100% proof she calls the paps!

    Ugly, a homewrecker and stupid to boot!

  10. marie says:

    ah hahahaha, frakin idiot.. why does this woman insist on wearing see through outfits to her step-kids games? I’d like to see a picture of the little boy (sorry don’t know his name) haul off and kick her in the shin..

  11. Gene Parmesan says:

    but why do they care enough to photograph a has been country singer that looks like a FOAL and her negative Z-list husband?! i don’t get it

  12. Heidi says:

    Proof positive. I hope Brandi takes notice

  13. Annie B says:

    Oh, and here I thought Leeanne was holding some kind of granola bar or something for the kid. Nope, it’s her iphone. Gawd.

  14. Nicole says:

    Haha, look at their faces. Oops! And she is SO busted, I love it! But I will say one nice thing, she is looking much healthier now that shes put some weight on.

  15. mymy says:

    So the fact is we can now all agree stars call the paps. even on remote beaches in foreign countries. Si

    • Jayna says:

      Not the huge stars, except maybe rarely if they are trying to set the stage – Angelina and Brad, their first photo on the beach standing far apart. It was so staged, letting the world know they were together but not hanging on each other. Very subtle.

      But for the most part, A listers are beseiged all the time by paps. They just want peace and quiet. Can you imagine Liam Neeson calling paps while on vacation? LOL

  16. brin says:

    E News: Carrie Underwood has a leading five CMT nominations, Miranda Lambert has four.
    Leann Rimes showed up at a children’s soccer game at the wrong time.(Paps were there).

  17. kazoo says:

    ewww, put your hooves back on horse.

  18. Rhiley says:

    Do you think she is pregnant or just the dress? I kind of doubt it because you know she is going to tweet it and repeat it the day she finds out that she is. I just don’t think she is capable of holding in that kind of news. But she is looking a little rounder lately.

  19. Life of Brian says:

    My boyfriend has more curve to his hips than this trick. She really outta get the underwear with the padded hips and butt like Angie Jolie wears. I hate that the circa 1970′s 7 inch wedges are back in style. They are not flattering ladies and make your feet look like hooves imo

  20. Lucy says:

    Haha I kid you no I’ve spent 10 minutes laughing at the headline alone but seriously though guys I feel she’s so delusional crazy when reality hits she’ll really turn bats@&t crazy and that’s when the fun will really begin

  21. Annie B says:

    Oh, and also, Eddie’s face is hilarious. It’s like “Durrrrrrr??? Ruh roh….”

    Thought bubbles:

    Ed “why are the paps here?”
    Jake “hi you with the camera. Cheese!! (big grin)”
    Lee “everyone is gunna be SOOOOO jealous when they see how pretty I look! I wonder if Brandi’s here….”

    Lee “why are no familiar cars here? where is Liz?”

    Ed “you IDIOT! why did you tell me the game is at 2:00? Look, the schedule says it’s next Saturday at 3:00!”
    Lee “baby, the schedule is wrong!! I have it on my calendar, ‘one year anniversary/me & Brandi’s son jakey’s game/call pap to show how blissful we are/wear white see-through wedding dress/make everyone JEALOUS!!!’ It’s all right here!! The haterz changed the schedule to make me look bad! They will NEVER get me down!

    Lee: Hope the paps are getting some good sessy pics of me being so tall and skinny and pretty!!!
    Ed: FML

    And no offense to the world but men in flips flops OFF the beach are possibly the most repulsive thing ever. Glad I don’t live near a beach area.

  22. Raz says:

    She’s already putting some chub back on. She will be a fatty again in 12 months..that’s why she’s calling the paps she wants everyone to be flooded with skinny crackwhore looking leane so it’s in bedded in our minds that she’s “hot”.(ew)
    So in a years time when nobody paps her or knows who she is atleast she will have the attention whore memories

  23. Jayna says:

    Well, many paps sit outside celebs’ homes and follow them where they are going. But let’s face it, they aren’t high enough profile for that to happen. They tip them off to make their money. I am sure Eddie is in on it.

  24. TG says:

    This is gossip gold. Showing Eddy and LeAnn for the fools that they are. She might call the paps but he is equally guilty for allowing it. This just proves my statement back when this first started that she was trying way too hard to show what a wonderful step-mom she was. I didn’t believe it for a moment. I mean she might like his kids, but all of the “love” and “affection” she shows them is 100% about her. And whoever said above that the kids should be getting paid is right. Brandy are you listening? Better go files those papers now.

    You know what would be awesome is if a super A list celeb tricked either Leanne or Eddy and pretended interest in them just to see how fast their head would spin and how quick they would kick the other to the curb. That would be funny.

  25. Jano1981 says:

    Here’s an idea leann, wear normal clothes. I hate hate hate her but, she would look so much better in some decent length shorts and cute top and flip flops. No matter how much “baby fat” she loses or cosmetic procedures she has done she will never look good in what she tries to wear. Period. She always looks like she tries too hard. I really think she wouldn’t look as ugly if she didn’t wear such look at me clothes. She needs American Eagle or Gap. Oh AND A BRA to pull that mess of a boob job together.

  26. Shiloh says:

    she should get extensions. her hair is really thin

  27. dorothy says:

    The fact that she actually calls pap’s SCREAMS desperate for attention. Pathetic.

  28. Nan209 says:

    Who the heck wears a big frilly dress at a kids sporting event? My son just had a game and it was 90 degrees, I was sweating like a dog, camped out under a tree uncaring of dirt and bugs but I was also wearing clothes that are practical for such a setting. Soccer mom she is not. Ugh!

  29. Aschia says:

    This is HILARIOUS! I love it when she gets busted for her lies(X Factor anyone?) and makes a total fool out of herself AGAIN!!! I must share this glorious news. Twitter awaits!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    P.S. I think her plastic surgeon must secretly be a BB. That botched boob job would scare the bark off a tree.

    • Barbara says:

      The X Factor judge lie was so busted…Eddie had a hard time keeping a straight face when Extra’s Terri Seymour asked him if the rumor was true, “[cough] Oh, I think they’re talking to a lot of people.” Her own sweet lovin’ hubby couldn’t perpetuate the lie…

  30. char says:

    funniest thing in a long time, the look on Eddies face when showing her the right time and the surprised look on her face. Leann –ohh I told Eddie and the paps the wrong time, boy am I busted who wears crap like that to a soccer game? bet all other adults are wearing shorts or jeans, and I agree, I hate to see men in flip flops unless its at the beach

  31. Ann says:

    The papparazzi’s could’ve just followed them when they left their house though…

  32. Natasha says:

    Today just gets better and better. I’m definitely getting the popcorn. Let’s sit back and enjoy the crazy show!

  33. Natasha says:

    I’ve just had a quick look at her twitter page – she has gone seriously MENTAL today with the amount of tweets and pictures. It’s just insane. Does she have NOTHING else to do?!

    We get it, LeAnn – it was your (one year!!) anniversary yesterday. Jeez, I’ve known people married for 40 years who made less fuss than this.

    • claire says:

      Yeah, but there’s still the week’s vacation she has planned to celebrate it, so the public will be hearing plenty more about it for a while. She’s gotta milk all the publicity she can get.

    • polk8dot says:

      @ ‘Jeez, I’ve known people married for 40 years who made less fuss than this.’

      Hahaha. ‘Cause they probably expected to stay together forever. This trick is surprised each single morning that she’s managed to keep him interested, I mean ‘devoted’, err.. ok, I mean present, for another day. So to her that one year anniversary must feel like an achievement on a scale of a ’75′ to a normal person.
      God, it must be exhausting to live in a marriage like that one.

  34. Gia says:

    With Eddie out of work, why don’t he and LeAnn make a record together. Remember his boy band days? Then they’d at least be calling the paps to promote something rather than just because they are irrelevant and desperate for attention and too stupid to show up on time for his kid’s game. With all of her gushing, it is odd she’s never mentioned wanting to record with him. They could do an album of love songs to show the world how happy they are and how amazing their love is. Then they could tour together and she wouldn’t have to cancel due to “illness” because he would be shackled to her 24/7 with no chance of escape. The thought of it makes me laugh out loud.

  35. Michele says:

    That’s so funny. I thought something was up when I didn’t see her grinning like a fool and mugging for the paps like she usually does. There will be no pap pictures of her as the doting stepmom lovingly cheering her stepson on this time. This does prove she calls the paps in advance. Busted!

  36. justsaying... says:

    LeAnn probably more disappointed she didn’t get to see the object of her desire*beautiful Brandi*…she’s like”I wore my stilts and my prettiest dress for you….waaaa”…you know her mantra is….WHAT WOULD BRANDI DO

  37. Newtsgal says:

    **banging head on desk**
    Who the hell wears (at least) 10 inch platform shoes and a dress that is sooooo long you have to wear the 10 inch shoes?
    Just stupid!

  38. justsaying... says:

    LR behavior towards B is that of scorned lover…ie:.girl gets dumped post pics of new conquest on FB to prove she’s not even thinking about ex when that is what its ALL about…all these pics are soley for B…just like a delusional ex she thinks one day B will realize what GREAT person she is………….#obviousgirlcrush

    • lil ole me says:

      Brandi looks pretty! When Leann tries to do high fashion, she just comes off looking… budget. I’m 5ft 4″ and almost never try to wear the same style clothes as someone 6ft tall! Sometimes you have to dress for your body type. Leann has a swimmers build. Wide shoulders, no hips etc. She’s no model. I know that sounds mean, but she is so smug- like she thinks she is the bees knees

    • Lana says:

      Brandi Glanville looks amazing in these photos. Never seen her look better. Well on her way to being totally ageless. And, taking into account her comments on Twitter today (in answer to understandable suggestions to file for a “restraining order”), she is also one very classy, self-confident gal who is first and foremost a loving mother.

  39. Annie B says:

    And I JUST noticed she is wearing her hideous clown ring!! She was SO ready for photo ops at the game. Moron.

    Eddie’s calves look so weird in these pics. Are his flip flops uncomfortable? They look all cramped up like they are having spasms. Of someone hacked pieces of them out of the pics with PhotoShop. Bizarre. And the shorts are so bag. He needs to go back to his one “favorite” pair of cargo shorts he has on in 90% of his pics.

  40. Lana says:

    They seem to have misplaced Mason.

  41. Curtains says:

    Her ring converts to a vibrator. So handE.

  42. samira677 says:

    I’m not saying she didn’t call the paps but how does this prove she did? Celebrities get followed all of the time coming and going so I don’t see how LeAnn is any different.

    • autumndaze says:

      Hahaha. You must be one of Leeann’s “friends”?
      There are no photos of them leaving their house or following Leeann/Ed to the field; the paps clearly “met” them at the soccer game.
      The paps could not have shown up there, unless they were told where they were going.
      But nice try…..

  43. Mela says:

    Leann is such a bad person. Who sues their own father over money? And then home wrecks a family all by the time your 27? That’s not a good track record. Leann leaves me in a state of disbelief. I’m about Leanns age and cannot fathom being so malicious to break up a family and evil and mean. I cant relate to her motivations and desperation considering shes only in her late 20s like me…! I cant believe how she tries to assert her position in Brandi and the boys lives… She oversteps her role so much it seems and stupid Eddie allows it cuz she’s his gravy train . I hope Brandi at least gets a cut!! Also how long til we see Leann in the same bathing suit that Brandi just posted to her twitter?! I give crazy Leann a month! I really wish Brandi would go to court to slow Leann’s roll but I’m gunna trust Brandi’s choices on this. Leann has been a terror in her life for years, Brandi is a survivor and a fighter and she’s got my respect

  44. Vesper says:

    Or, the paps followed them from their home. Or, the paps stayed around after the game. Or, Brandi, the master manipulator, set this up. There are lots of other explanations.

    LeAnn has been papped for years, long before Eddie. They used to hang out at her house and take pics of her jogging or going to the gym. How mundane is that, yet they still did it.

    All of u, who won’t let things rest or won’t get ur hate in check are encouraging the paps. Pics of LeAnn = lots of mean girl talk = $ for the paps.

    Why don’t u focus on the true famewhore — the woman who pretended to get married on a whim, only for the publicity. At least, that is what her partner in crime, D. said.

  45. Mela says:

    Also. I heard awhile ago that B pole dances. Then I remember Leann mentioning she started pole dancing as well. As a twirly girly myself, it was suchhhhh an eye roll moment when I heard Leann copied B and took up dancing. Here in NorCal, pole dancing is a bit of an underground sub culture and I can tell you witnessing an insecure a-sexual desperate girl like Leann Rimes try and work the pole is a sorry sight!

  46. crazycatlady says:

    One word: lame.

    It gives me an idea though… I should start a service for narcissists and people with low self-esteem. Not famous people, just any old folks who need a stroke. For a fee I will “pap” them and post their photos and blurbs online to make them feel important and special! LOL!

  47. misstrishm says:

    All I can possibly say to this is LMAO.

  48. BlackSwan777 says:

    Out of all the narcissistic celebrities in the world Leanne Rhymes takes the cake for MOST. ANNOYING. EVER. Ashton Kutcher wins the silver medal and I can’t think who would place third.

  49. Norma says:

    he shows her the time on his iPhone. With the watch on his wrist. Reminds me of the hat fail guy, shielding his eyes from the sun with the peak resolutely turned to the back.


  50. Stonegoddess says:

    Also, who the hell dresses like that for a soccer game? Sitting on the side of a field, you think you’d wear shorts or something. Not a negligee with ugly shoes.

    This b**ch .

  51. lori says:

    Leann is a dangerous stalker. If you know anything about being stalked, some of the best advice for dealing with the stalker is to ignore them. If you continually give them the attention they crave, even by fighting back legally, negative attention, it is still attention. They keep stalking. The key is to try to get as much distance as possible, give them as little information as possible. Make them focus on their own lives, or fixate on a new victim. A great book on this technique, written by a security expert, is called “The Gift of Fear.” I highly recommend it for Brandi. I agree Leann is unstable. Brandi and her sons need to understand the best ways to protect themselves. One of these ways is to give Leann as little attention as possible.

    • Eileen says:

      I read that book-it was great!
      In reply to the other thread above:
      Leann isn’t stalking Brandi in the sense that she has to have her or be her in a dangerious manner -that is, AT THIS TIME. Leann’s issues lie in her need to show Eddie that she can be just as sexy and hot as Brandi. Eddie wanted to work things out with Brandi and he was kicking Leann to the curb. She panicked and leaked footage of them hooking up secretly hoping that would be the end for Brandi. That mixed with the Shanae scandal was it for her and she kicked him out. Leann took him knowing full well that she was not his first, or second choice. So she set out to look the supermodel fashionista type to give him what she thinks he wants. But she has no idea how to do that. So she copies everything Brandi does to prove to Eddie she can do it better. She tries to out-mother the boys, buy them and Eddie what they want, dress like B, talk like B, drive the same car and get the same boobs and haircut. On top of that, she wants Eddie to be completely dependent on her so he has nowhere to go-so she is trying to get work because they are running out of money like sands in the hourglass. I mean its getting to the wire-but she doens’t want him to know that. She knows why he’s there.
      If and when Eddie does grow a pair and leaves her-I WILL fear for Brandi and the boys. It could catapualt her into total insanity and she might try to harm Brandi -or the boys to hurt Eddie. This would be the worst case senario mind you. But for Brandi to try to prove stalking and fight them for years and years is counter-productive for her or the boys. No way in hell a court of law would take photos from a gossip site of Leann wearing the same clothes as Brandi’s serious enough to keep the boys away from Leann or Eddie. Then Brandi has opened a can of worms and those two will make her life a living hell, fight her with everything and sue her for slander, full custody and anything and everything else they can think of. She would inendated with court cases, custody hearings and major fights with them with the boys right in the middle. That would hurt those two kids much more than mental Leann hanging around for another year or two.

      • Jezi says:

        ^^This! Yes!!! I have to tell you something so call me later tonight. After 7 or so because I have a doctor’s appointment. Or I will just call you when I get home.

      • Heidi says:

        Hi Eileen
        I don’t think it’s as innocent or as simple as that – but I do believe Leann is intentionally trying to provoke Brandi to react in a way that puts her(BG) in a negative light. Purposely taunting her in a passive aggressive manner. This delights a sociopath. Read up on their m.o

      • lori says:

        ITA!! This is so well said.
        I have a question for you, Eileen, since I think you understand this situation better than I do. Do you think Eddie has any sense of her money situation or control over anything financial? Or do you think Leann keeps this from him to try to control him. How does he get money to spend, would she put him on an allowance? Also, is it really true that her home in Nashville is being sold through some sort of bankruptcy attorney, why would she do this?

  52. MJFD says:

    Good suggestion @lori, however, the boys need first to be advised about the threat. You don’t read a book about pedophiles while your children are living with someone 50% of the time you suspect may or may not be abusing them. You tell the boys of the danger, your concerns and what to do, not withhold the truth of the circumstances as to whats going on.

  53. Heidi says:

    How many inches are those shoes?

  54. sup says:

    this is gross just like when eddie flashed her nasty bottom to the photogs

  55. Kosmos says:

    Why would one wear high platforms and a long white dress to a soccer game? Not sure, but I would have to say that she had to remove the shoes that may have been hurting her feet, and then the dress probably hit the ground, so she had to hold that up…probably not the best outfit to wear for this, you think? I don’t like going barefoot, but if my feet were really in pain, I would have to go there. Lesson learned, always bring along a second pair of comfortable shoes, especially if you own a hundred pair…

  56. Euphorima says:

    dont like Leanne….. love her shades.