Brandi Glanville will probably be promoted to full-time cast member on ‘RHOBH’

I don’t know how I missed these photos of Brandi Glanville- they’re dated from March 29, and the event was “A Night of A Billion Reality Stars”. I’m also including some photos of Brandi at the bottom of the post from her appearance on the red carpet premiere of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, also from March. Anyway, we have new Brandi Glanville news! Sources tell Radar that Brandi will be “promoted” to a fulltime cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (nevermind that she doesn’t actually live in Beverly Hills, right?).

The drama in the 90210 is about to really up the ante! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills resident bad girl, Brandi Glanville, has been given a promotion by Bravo executives and is now a full time castmember.

Filming began recently for season three of the hit franchise and Glanville, who had a minor role previously, is getting more than her fair share of the camera time.

“Producers love Brandi,” a source tells “She’s gorgeous, she’s funny, outspoken and outrageous, she makes for great TV. They’ve offered her a full time role and she will be included in the promotional cast photos and will have her own introductory segment at the beginning of the credits. Brandi is absolutely thrilled. She’s been really popular on the show, even though she was just a minor castmember, and producers decided it was definitely worth giving her more air time.

“You can expect plenty of drama and ‘oh no’ moments! Brandi really knows how to bring it and she’s going to add some real glamour and sparkle to the new season.”

Brandi’s promotion isn’t the only change viewers can expect. As exclusively revealed, music mogul, David Foster’s fourth wife, Yolanda Hadid has signed up for the new season, replacing Kelsey Grammer’s ex-wife, Camille.

[From Radar]

Even though Bravo seems to be pushing this Yolanda Hadid person as the “new villain” after Camille got fired/quit, I tend to think that Brandi will probably become the person that people either love to hate or just plain love. CB just mentioned that it seems like the producers are trying to phase out Taylor Armstrong because viewers haven’t responded well to her story line (her late husband, money problems, etc). Of course, they may try to phase Taylor out because she’s a Botox-monster and that makes people uncomfortable. So, another option is that Brandi will become “the Taylor” of the show. In any case, Brandi has gotten a lot of press and attention for RHOBH, and it makes sense that producers want to increase her screen time and story lines. I hope that’s what Brandi wants too.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Rita says:

    I sure hope this is true and I wish Bravo would make it official this week. I’m tired of waiting. If they don’t I’ll have to take matters into my own hands (I’m not sure what that means but I’ll do it, I will, I really will).

    Mason looks to be coming of age. Sour puss pre-teen. He’s probably been reading gossip sites about his bonus mom. That will sour anybody.

    Anyway, GET ON WITH IT BRAVO!!!

    (Now on to the LR thread)

  2. brin says:

    Yay! Brandi earned her full time status on RHOBH. She was a ray of sunshine in all the drama of last season…very smart move on Bravo’s part!

    • Vesper says:

      A ray of sunshine! Are u kidding? She has consistently stirred up things that should have been left alone. She is the ultimate mean girl, with a huge chip on her shoulder, and has a nasty potty mouth. She is completely superficial and her only contribution to any conversation beyond insults or “jokes” at someone else’s expense is to rave about someone being hot (often referencing herself), as well as the virtues of sex, alcohol and partying.

  3. tifygodess24 says:

    I like Brandi, she’s brings something to an otherwise boring show where the women try to act better than and stuffy . I like that she says whatever she wants and doesn’t care, thats entertainment.

  4. Jackie says:

    poor kids. having these famewhores for parents must really suck. the older kid’s expression says it all.

  5. Jayna says:

    I read on RealityTea the other day she was only invited back as a secondary cast member again.

  6. Baylor says:

    Hope Bravo announces soon. You know LeAnn will go nuts.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I’m not a country fan by any stretch so I could be wrong ….

      It’s sad that someone like Leann (sp?) who was once known for her talent and voice has sunk so low that she would care about some beyotch on a low end reality show.

      Pathetic. Then again she stole this chick’s low end loser husband.

  7. Eileen says:

    I hope thus is true! Personally I’d love to see Brandi become a RH favorite, hated or loved, her book be a success, get more followers than Bonus B!tch and watch Eddie blame Leann and they officially make that last circle in the toilet and plunge into darkess. That’s just me though. ;)

  8. Hautie says:

    If anything, I would think Brandi is relieved to have a nice fat paycheck of her own. It means you take a lot less sh*t from the ex, when you have your own income.

    And seriously, I am surprise that Bravo has not tried to hire LeAnn to ramp up the drama.

    Could you image how crazy things would be if that happen!

    • Dinah says:

      Just for giggles ( but of course will not happen because they are two totally different programs), I would love to see Brandi and Heather (RHOOC) ally and decimate Alexis, Vickie, and Taylor, Kim & Kyle, & Adrienne ) by calling them out on their bullshittery and blatant facades. Now *that* would be fun.

  9. lil ole me says:

    I would HATE IT if she were my husband’s ex. I’d probably try to jack her looks and style also. The FIRST Mrs. Cibrian ALWAYS looks the part. For all her hard work trying, the 2nd Mrs Cibrian only manages to look… BUDGET

  10. Life of Brian says:

    Who had that snakeskin bag (bottom pics) first, Leanne or Brandi? I noticed Leanne has carried it also…

  11. dorothy says:

    I really like her. She’s honest, says what she thinks and doesn’t seem to try to be something she’s not. It’s a refreshing change from the other housewives.

  12. Amanda says:

    This should be interesting,if true. Brandi was so different from any of the other housewives – I think that made last season unique.

    I don’t think it matters that Brandi doesn’t live in Beverly Hills. Kim lives/lived in Westlake Village, which is quite a trek from BH (and why Kyle was always telling her she needed to move closer). I’m not 100% positive, but I know at one time Kelsey and Camille also lived in the Westlake/Agoura area (although they had many houses in LA, but I vaguely remember in Season 1 it looked like they were filming at the Agoura property, in addition to the Malibu house). Also in Season 1, Kyle live at the top of Mullholland on the Encino side, not in Beverly Hills. Her new home is in BH proper.

    Not that any of this matters because they are all wealthy areas, but I do recall Bravo holding auditions several years ago in Westlake and Calabasas for housewives for an “LA version” of TRH. I think they wanted “fabulous” people who could create drama and give off the facade of being wealthy, whether they truly were or not. People who don’t live in the LA-area and are not familiar with it usually just think of wealth as Beverly Hills. However, just like in many communities, their is a “wealthy” side of Beverly Hills and a “middle-class” side. The truth is there are many other wealthy areas in the LA-area, but “The Real Housewives of Calabasas” or “The Real Housewives of Westlake Village” just doesn’t sounds as appealing or fit the perceived stereotype of wealthy Angelinos.

    Remember – it’s not real, it is scripted TV, so you can’t believe everything you see.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      No one lives in Beverly Hills. It’s all middle eastern oil peeps there. Everyone else lives in Holmby Hills and Bel-Air right next to BH. Brentwood which is a tad more west then Palisades or Malibu. To the east they live in Los Feliz or anywhere along the hills from Los Feliz to Malibu.

      I thought some were in Calabasas, not Agoura the first season (I didn’t watch the second) but whatever – Calabasas to Westlake is the back side of Malibu.

      I thought Camile was on the Malibu side of Mulholland in the hills.

      It should be called the Real Housewives of LA but for some reason the rest of the country thinks people live in BH.

      The only person I know who lives in BH is a 33 year old single mom in an apartment south of Wilshire. Nice girl but she’s one of us middle class peeps not one of them.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Never mind where they live! How many of them are actually “wives”?!? (I mean a grand total or percentage, from all the “Real Housewives” shows.)

      And I totally agree with you on the other names not having the same “ring” to them. Laguna Beach and OC both have LOTS of money (and you’ll notice has/had a “RH” show of its own). Plus, Calabasas is where the Kartrashians are based, so there goes that title…

    • diane says:

      you are spot on with the other cities… Not many are from Bev Hills

  13. april says:

    I don’t care for her personality and foul mouth at all, but these photos are the best ones I’ve ever seen of her. She looks much better, better dressed and younger.

  14. SoCo Lady says:

    I love her legs. I am almost 26 and will never have legs that gorgeous. *le sigh* She looks great and her kids are adorable. Her youngest looks just like her.

  15. suzanna says:

    That shade of blue looks fabulous on her.

  16. Bruno says:

    Adore her. She is gorgeous.

  17. Liza says:

    Yes. My girl. Love her & her friends

  18. Toni says:

    God her body is perfect. Legs forever

  19. char says:

    Lovely, gorgeous Brandi. so happy for her. she is an amazing mom,too.

  20. Snowpea says:

    Gosh what is it about this woman? I don’t know anything about her, never seen her show, I have no idea what she did before all this LeAnn stuff popped up, yet I absolutely adore her.

    Her dignified silence on the small matter of LeAnn’s crazy, stalking ways speaks volumes about her.

    PLUS she’s the poster girl for turning lemons into lemonade. Bet that loser Eddie is wishing he never laid eyes on Lunatic LeAnn.

  21. the original bellaluna says:

    And ME!Ann’s head explodes in 3…2…1.

  22. Avon says:

    Poor Ediot the Mooch. All he wanted was a quickie. Instead he got stuck in the nightmare that is the Troll. If I were him I would seek asylum at Brandi’s.

  23. Toni says:

    Brandi is going to need a restraining order against the mule. Brandi is more popular than psycho & Ediot

  24. BH says:

    All she needs now is a really hot A lister boyfriend.

  25. Brit says:

    Yeah Brandi. You’re going to be a star!

  26. rosesarefree says:

    congratulations to her! I thought she definitely lightened up the mood on RHOBH. It was really dark and uncomfortable with Taylor’s storyline and Brandi totally deterred from that. Her and Lisa were the only 2 who made the show fun!

    From one woman to another I am so happy for her success after all she has been threw with her s***bag husband and his evil vindictive new “wife”!

  27. Sean says:

    B deserves happiness & success. After what That psycho troll put her through. LR needs to be in a straight jacket.

  28. diane says:

    I think Brandi is honest and tells it like it is.. She has what is takes to stay sane in Bev Hills. I have lived that life and happy to be in NYC now :-)

  29. Marisa says:

    Just read an old article about yodeling troll She is crazy and I mean clinically.She ‘s been a psycho stalker since her teens. Be careful Brandi!

  30. Gia says:

    Yeah!! Really excited about this. I love Brandi and they really needs some younger ladies on this series…

  31. hstl1 says:

    I think I am the only person that dislikes this woman. I don’t think she brings anything to the party. I am admittedly not a fan of the RHOBH cast especially after all of that Taylor nonsense last season.

    Give me my girls from the OC, they are delusional in a fun way!

    • Vesper says:

      No, u are not the only one, but it gets annoying to be on a thread which is over run by friends of Brandi. They call themselves the Brandi Bunch (BB) and while they claim to have met on twitter, it is pretty obvious from the details they seem to know, that they are far more than twitter friends. These ladies are very quick to “correct” those of us who don’t adore Brandi. In particular, the ring-leader who has taken up Brandi’s “cause” on various sites, is always quick to inform the rest of us about the “truth”.

  32. skipper says:

    She’s going to turn in to a less likable character if she becomes full time.

  33. Erica says:

    I adore Brandi! She is so beautiful and has the perfect body. She is the only reason I watched RHOBH last season. Her looks are what draw viewers in but her great personality and hilarious one-liners are what keep viewers interested. She is so off the cuff hilarious and I always looked forward to what crazy stuff she was going to say next. I really want to see her succeed after I read about her story. She has really endured alot of crap from her ex and his current host. Can not wait to see Brandi on the new season. I bet I am not the only one who is anxiously awaiting the DVD release of Season 2. Only I am not going to copy and fixate like a certain stalker with mad cow disease! Team Brandi all the way!!!

  34. Shelly says:

    She looks really gorgeous in that blue/purple outfit. Absolutely stunning!

  35. Diana says:

    Brandi looks swell in these photos and she’s dressed so appropriately for both situations. She’s turned a simple skirt and blouse into a hot outfit because she is a beauty and she’s not overdone at all. And in the pics with her kids, she’s dressed as a real mom, and certainly not overly made up and dressed for an “I called the photogs to meet me here” photo op. Class. I suspect if she did not use the cuss words many of her “critics” would be silent. But, she’s true to herself and for that alone, she could very well end up being a happy woman all her life. Hope so! Meanwhile, I tip my cap to this long-time stay at home mom who made the most of an opportunity to earn a living and make sure her kids have every benefit she can get for them, I can more than excuse the so-called “potty mouth,” and, having grown up in NYC and lived here all my life, a choice four letter word is often the only word that applies. Besides, Brandi has shown she knows the meaning of the other four letter word — love. And she can even spell it without needing an upper case E.

    • Vesper says:

      Long time stay at home mom? More like long time stay at home lazy woman. She was with Eddie for 13 years, and she didn’t have her oldest son until year 9. As for the so-called modelling, there is no evidence except for a couple of budget catalogue shots which were likely not even published. She sat back and let Eddie take care of her. No ambition, just a famewhore.

  36. thetruthhurts says:

    That sweet little Mason NEVER smiles in paparazzi pics. I really think what his father and leann rimes did with their affair scarred him. Jake is always smiling, but that is because he is like 5, he doesn’t know better.

  37. Kate says:

    How is a divorcee a housewife?

  38. Bella Bella says:

    Totally love Brandi. She’s so much fun to watch. Now if I didn’t have to sit through pathetic attention starved Kyle doing the splits every five seconds I would be thrilled.

  39. zoey says:

    I’m glad she will be back. The show is definitely more entertaining for having her on the show. The highlights were when she graced the screen. She’s very real and upfront which is going to ruffle some feathers among the rest of the women. I don’t think they are used to honesty that is not sugar coated. Meanwhile Eddie is living the life of Riley courtesy of his he-man speed bump, but still can’t shake that feeling of gloom, hopelessness, wishing for someone better looking and with plenty of cash to support him and pay his CS. He’s tired of the endless staged papped pics and contract obligation- PDA’s. He wants to have it all and cheat, but insecure he-man doesn’t give him chance to roam as she is unemployed also. Leash is tight. Poor Ed. Brandi =Winning