Beyonce on the “fake pregnancy” rumors: “It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy”

Beyonce’s appointment as People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Person of 2012” is the gift that keeps on giving. As I said at the time, I’m cool with Beyonce being named the “Most Beautiful” – she’s very beautiful, she’s talented, she has a great work ethic, and I think it’s nice that People Mag has gone back-to-back with women of color for the “Most Beautiful” issue. Now, all that being said, Beyonce’s interview in the magazine is cray-cray. Beyonce is trying so hard to convince us of EVERYTHING, from her natural hair to her breastfeeding Blue Ivy to her “legacy.” Was Bey always this try-hard? No, right? She used to be much more reticent. She didn’t have to show us everything about her life. Personally, I blame Gwyneth Paltrow – but that’s my default. I also think Bey’s PR has gone to hell in a hand basket since Mathew Knowles, her dad, was pushed out as her Svengali-like manager. Since Mathew was pushed out, Beyonce seems like a different person. Which brings me to this – People Mag just released more excerpts of their cover story, and Beyonce tries to tackle the whole “did she fake her pregnancy?” issue.

From the moment she stepped into the spotlight, Beyoncé has been the center of her fair share of rumors. But even PEOPLE’s 2012 Most Beautiful Woman was caught off guard when, while pregnant with her first child, whispers started swirling that she and husband Jay-Z had settled on a surrogate to carry their daughter.

“That was crazy. It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy,” the songstress, 30, tells PEOPLE. “[I thought] ‘Where did they come up with this?’”

But perhaps the person most affected by the surrogacy speculation was not the expectant mom herself, but rather her own mother, Tina Knowles.

“I thought it was very unfair and very cruel that someone would think that someone would be that diabolical to keep up a charade like that for nine months,” she says. ”As a mother it was painful for me to hear the crazy rumors. And I even had people ask me, which was so ridiculous.”

Alluding to an Australian interview in which it was later suggested that Beyoncé had been sporting a prosthetic bump, Knowles says, “It was a fabric that folded — does fabric not fold? Oh my gosh, so stupid.”

Fortunately, the protective mom adds, her daughter’s global fan following offered plenty of support. “There was so much love and well wishes from all over the world — it made it easier to deal with the stupid rumors.”

But the dust didn’t settle once the couple welcomed their baby girl.

Amidst the joy of welcoming Blue Ivy on Jan. 7, the new parents were said to have upset the hospital with their high list of security demands — a rumor that Beyoncé clarifies is “so crazy” and “ridiculous.”

[From People]

Where did they come up with this? From your collapsible, pillowy bump, Beyonce. And beyond that, none of us ever claimed that she was “pretending” to be pregnant for nine months. When she “announced” her pregnancy at the MTV Music Awards in late August, she was allegedly well into her second trimester, and basically four and a half months away from “giving birth” (“naturally”). That’s one of the main arguments for the conspiracy theorists – that Beyonce’s pregnancy was very, very sudden and she was very far along so quickly.

By the way, do you notice how Beyonce carefully avoid explicit denials? She calls those conspiracy theorists “crazy” and she blasts all of the reports about all of the hospital drama as “so crazy” and “ridiculous.” But she doesn’t say, “We never shut down the whole maternity ward, of course not. We never had our bodyguards deny parents the ability to see their newborn babies. We never issued a huge payoff to the hospital to keep their mouths shut about what went down.” But whatever. I guess we’re all just crazy.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, People cover courtesy of People.

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  1. Lora says:

    Crazy because she got caught out of course.

    Also on that Peeps cover, why is Aniston being called stunning?

    • Rory says:

      LIKE 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      She got caught doing what? I don’t understand CB’s line about her announcement coming in her 2nd trimester…Um, that is when MOST woment announce pregnancy because the 1st trimester is when many women lose their baby. Plus, Jay-Z hinted that they had miscarried before, so it makes total sense that they would wait a little past the beginning of the 2nd trimester.

      I can’t believe so many people are into this conspiracy theory crap without any kind of proof.

  2. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Mrs. Camel is unraveling right before ur eyes, oh well it’s time for her breakdown

  3. Liv says:

    Saying the rumour is ridiculous because nobody would lie diabolically about nine months is ridiculous itself. There are presidents who lied just in your face, there are celebritys who are lying constantly, so don’t tell me we shouldn’t be skeptical.

    • Amea says:

      I think they missed the point here when they said why the rumors were ridiculous—the rumors should have been “ridiculous” because it’s really NOT THAT BIG A DEAL to have a surrogate carry your baby! Celebs admit to it all the time, and it’s really not a taboo subject anymore. They act like this rumor about a surrogate was so bad; the bad thing is that they’ve never been honest, period. They could have just come clean or not said a damn word, but instead they pushed this pregnancy in our faces and didn’t bother clearing up any speculation in the process. Messy messy mess, yall. THAT’S what’s ridiculous.

  4. mln76 says:

    Beyonce should just shut her trap. The crazies will believe what they want to believe even if they had the delivery on video.
    But I can’t tell you how much do I hate her for glossing over the fact that she took over the hospital and prevented people from seeing her family then piling those families in the same category as the pregnancy conspiracists.

    • Tiffany says:

      But weren’t the people who were “denied the ability to see their babies” found to be liars?

      The guy who filed charges against the hospital didn’t even HAVE a kid in the hospital, he just heard rumors about it on the news and then filed a charge based on rumors.

  5. Monkey Jim says:

    I really don’t know what think about this anymore. All I know is that since the whole shady ‘pregnancy’ and business, and aftermath, I now really, really dislike Bey and that tool of a husband. And I liked them before. Unsavory.

    • kibbles says:

      As Kaiser said, things started to unravel once she fired her father. He made her career and covered her personal drama for a long, long time. Whatever he did to her, she should have forgiven him because Papa Knowles is probably one of the few people she can trust to know how to play the game and have her best interests at heart. Ever since he left, her career and her persona have gone downhill. We started seeing glimpses of the real Beyonce and it was not pretty. I hope R&B finds another pop princess besides Beyonce and Rihanna to steal the spotlight from these two for at least a few years.

  6. ahoyhoy says:

    There is a police technique called “Statement Analysis” (google it-it’s interesting). The #1 rule of analyzing a ‘denial’ is—if they can’t SAY they didn’t do it, we can’t say it for them.

    ‘That’s crazy’ is NOT a denial. ‘I would never do that’ is not a denial. A truthful denial is simple, in the First Person, usually present tense, and without a lot of messy qualifiers in the sentence.

    Statement Analysis relies on the fact that it is very difficult for our brains to let us lie, so we tend to talk around something instead of an (difficult if false) outright denial. It’s a fascinating science–really gives you insight with accused criminals and even gossip stories like this. Absolutely recommended–google it!

    • ahoyhoy says:

      As I remember, we also heard a ‘That’s crazy’, instead of an actual denial, with Mila Kunis when asked about Ashton. See? SA helps in even the dumbest of stories!

    • kibbles says:

      Fascinating stuff. I have heard of something similar to this but never knew that it was called Statement Analysis. I think I just heard from a friend or relative who said that if someone isn’t being direct with you when you ask them a question, chances are that they are hiding something, lying, or telling a half truth. At this point I could care less whether Beyonce actually delivered her baby, but her tiptoeing around the truth in regards to closing down the maternity ward and denying other parents the right to see their newborns is very telling. If she can’t be direct about whether or not she actually shut down the maternity ward or at least give a good explanation of why she took an entire floor for her delivery, then why should we believe anything else she says in regards to her pregnancy and delivery? She has shown that she is not a person to be trusted.

    • LAK says:

      That is interesting. My mum has a version where if you ask a person a question and rather than say no/yes outright they give you various scenerios around what you have asked/requested for. She says more often than not, if you get a scenerio rather than no/yes outright, it means they are lying.

      Edit: @kibbles we typed at the same time! 🙂

    • Thanks for the info,now maybe I can make some sense out of Mel Gibson.

    • Tiffany says:

      But in this case, you are relying on edited statements that have 1st been edited and fragmented for the article…which was then re-edited for this little blurb here.

      You have no idea if she has actually met your qualifications, because you don’t have the full interview here.

      • Margs says:

        Smart – you’re right. 🙂

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        Please. We’re relying on the same things we heard her say out of her mouth on the Katie Couric interview. It crazy, it’s ridiculous. If BEYONCE WANTED TO TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH AND DEMANDED IT BE PUT IN THE ARTICLE, SHE COULD HAVE.

        Sorry for yelling, but there are too many ways to directly state the truth in this day an age where you don’t even need the media to do it. Beyonce speaks in fragments and soundbities because that she is how she has always done it.

  7. It is ME!! says:

    If I am using “air quotes” too much regarding your “pregnancy” and your “baby” and her “birth” and your use of a “car seat” (as in NOT) when transporting her in your “mom-mobile” and how you are all about keeping your personal life “private” and how the “fabric” of your dress “folded” and blah blah blah blahbity blah…

    ….. well, woman, I’ve done gone over my quota of “air quotes” on you. But yeah, we’re all “crazy.” Uh huh.

  8. Tapioca says:

    Hey, she’s diabolical enough to keep up the charade that she writes all her own material for the last 15 YEARS, so 4½ months of stuffing a pillow up her jumper is going to be child’s play (pun intended).

    And no photo of Tina Knowles? Come on, it’s Monday and some pics of her wind tunnel-esque facial work would be perfect for cheering everyone up!

    • Candyland says:

      We already got the KatFaced Pimp Mama Kris wind-tunnel face. Maybe CB fears for our health if more than one is given per day.

      I forgot about Beyonce not using a car seat. Darn you can talk about loving your kid. Now show it by using the darned car seat.

      Also forgot about the maternity ward story cause no one’s bothered to yeah or nay it. She should. It’s an ugly rumor.

  9. Rose says:

    Yeh, like a politician with those answers. I remember back in 2004 when David Beckham had to deny those Rebecca Loos rumours all he said was something like ‘They’re ridiculous’ never ‘it’s not true’!

  10. Bella says:

    I agree ! she is no longer a high-power
    entertainer.People dont trust her and just dont care anymore! I wonder how long she will drag thatkid around like that?After years maybe? Get her a mask.

  11. bea says:

    You know what is crazy? Those pants

  12. Marjalane says:

    At least Nicole Kidman was smart enough to just give a sneer to the doubters who claimed she didn’t “give birth” to her first daughter, (which she didn’t).

    Beyonce just keeps digger her hole deeper with each non-denial. Her biggest giveaway is that she tried too hard to come out of her “pregnancy” looking like a superstar champ at EVERYTHING- the birth, the weight loss, the breastfeeding. Fabric fold, my ass.

  13. Gia says:

    It’s hilarious! Keep them interviews coming and please god, let the fake preggo questions keep coming! Is it mean that I want to watch her squirm???

  14. mel2 says:

    She lost her credability and now she’s backtracking…I still do not believe she was ever pregnant.

    • GimmeABreak says:

      Me either. She is obsessed with her fame and her body that provides it. There’s no way she’d “ruin” it by carrying a kid. Or better yet, admitting that she “couldn’t” conceive one.

      THat pregnancy was FAKE!!!

  15. lover says:

    fakeyonce is starting to breakdown,what goes up must come down.. all stars have them.

  16. Crystal says:

    Yay! Another opportunity to discuss BabyGate! Maybe one of the pregnancy conspiracy theorists can clearly explain the underlying logic here, i.e., what was Beyonce’s alleged goal in faking a pregnancy? To avoid weight gain? Fail, as she put on at least 30 lbs during the pregnancy, and there would be no point in gaining so much weight while using a surrogate. It’s all gotta be burned/starved off at the end of the day no matter which way you cut it.

    • kibbles says:

      Beyonce might secretly love BabyGate. It is keeping her in the media and any news is good news for her nowadays. No one is talking about her music or her videos which have sucked as of late. The only thing that kept Beyonce in the news was her pregnancy and the rumors swirling around it that she was faking it. If this had been a normal pregnancy, she wouldn’t have nearly gotten as much attention and we all know Beyonce loves attention. She should thank the conspiracy theorists for keeping her relevant for the last year.

    • Tapioca says:

      Well there are 4 schools of thought:

      1). It was cover for her “business partner” knocking up another woman so as not to hurt the earning power of their brand.

      2). Hubby has Lay-Z swimmers and his image couldn’t survive people thinking he couldn’t knock up his own wife.

      3). Beyonce wasn’t prepared to gain weight and cut down on her career for long enough to have a child naturally.

      Or 4). Well, would YOU have unprotected sex with Jay-Z?

      • ahoyhoy says:

        I have also heard of women avoiding pregnancy because they have been lipo-sculpted to perfection, and don’t want to ruin the work. That’s how KK & B have the ridiculous waist-to-hip ratio (even without Spanx) very, very rarely achieved naturally.

      • Rory says:

        Brilliant! Yep.

      • Candyland says:

        Some women are petrified of getting pregnant. Or of giving birth. I got no problem with that.

      • There’s a white-washed elephant in the room.



        snip snip from Google: Goldfarb, who sees couples struggling with fertility issues every day in his Cleveland practice, puts the statistics into perspective: “There’s a clear drop-off in fertility between ages 29 and 35, but the majority of 35-year-old women still won’t have a problem,” he says. “However, by 38 or 39, age becomes a big factor.”


    • Xera says:

      She hardly gained 20 pounds in the last month, and was possibly just swollen after taking Prednisone. With her type of body and ability to gain weight she could envision a Jessica Simpson type of pregnancy…there’s a timeline video of her “pregnancy”:

  17. mia girl says:

    Even if she did actually carry and have the baby, they invited all this “crazy” speculation with how they, for lack of a better work, “launched” the Beyonce is Pregnantpalozza tour.

    That award show sticking-out–her-belly thing was so brazen and self-absorbed that people are just naturally going to pounce on you. I think she padded it then for effect, and it started a whole big lie that they could not get out of.

    At this point, whether she had the baby herself is sort of not the point. People could smell the whole orchestrated effort from the start. That is what has hurt her “brand”. And they just keep going with it. Shut up already.

    • cupidityrox says:

      I agree with u a 110%. She invited all this crazy attention. No other high profile female celeb has ever hijacked an award’s ceremony to announce their pregnancy. I for r don’t feel sorry for her at all

      • Candyland says:

        Truth could be this simple. And embarrassing.

        Stars are mad for attention. They do the dayumedest things for it. Jumping on couches. Padding stomachs. Having 10 plastic surgeries in a day. Go figure.

  18. serena says:

    Yeah no way I’m gonna believe she was pregnant.. Crazy she says..sure Bey.

    • Whatever says:

      I will never believe this pregnancy, after the damn bump collapsed. What bump does that?

      • DreamyK says:

        Exactly. Also, Blindgossip had some very specific info on the surrogate and the birth. You know, people say “oh , those rags make sh*t up” but look at John Edwards now. The Enquirer broke that story about his mistress and love child. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

  19. T.C. says:

    I am starting to see her family was the one keeping her good P.R. all these years. Bad move firing Mathew Knowles Bey.

  20. Aagje says:

    What bugs me about this is in the title alone. It wasn’t hurtful?

    I think most mothers would be absolutely devastated to have people think they are faking something as important as a pregnancy. She turned from someone who rarely showed up in the press and kept private into a full-blown attention-whore. Guess the crazy finally comes out.

    Worst mistake she could have ever made was fire her father and let her husband take the reigns. Under his guidance, none of these speculations would have happened because the man ruled his daughter’s career with an iron fist and apparently for good reason.

    • Candyland says:

      Ya know, I thought same thing. I’d be furious and hurt if someone accused me of faking a pregnancy (if I wasn’t.) What’s more personal than your own baby?

  21. Blue says:

    Did she always speak in sentence fragments?

  22. Agnes says:

    i wish she would stop with those sunglasses.

  23. TheOriginalVictoria says:


    Beyonce…you in danger girl!

    • Jo says:

      Its not that serious love. Baby & mum are doing fine. Bey is returning to the stage end of this month and this wont be the last runour to swirl

  24. Erica says:

    Jessica Simpson is still pregnant! She was photographed today… so you guys were wrong with your predictions.

  25. jover says:

    This is what happens when you are a robotized created product without substance or any internal compass – when things don’t go your way you just flail about rudderless – I simply would love to be the fly on the wall at their dinner table – what kind of conversation could dumb-as-a-bag-of-fake-eyelashes bouncy and joe camel even talk about. It would be priceless – but i’m guessing probably repulsive also.
    NOT to be too racial originalvictoria but is “beyonics” the watered down version of ebonics?

  26. D1 says:

    OK, ladies – let’s put on our tinfoil hats and assume Beyonce used a surrogate.

    I think surrogacy for female celebrities whose careers partly depend on their looks & being “doable” (i.e. 90% of them, even if they’re super-talented) makes sense – pregnancy changes your body forever. Actresses, in particular, have a limited shelf-life and pregnancy, as well as the time it takes to get back into shape, cuts into that time.

    I keep hearing people say, “It’s not that Beyonce used a surrogate, it’s that she lies about it!” To which I say, “bullshit!”

    The simple fact is, any famous woman who flat out states, “My body is my business, so for the good of my career, I’m using a surrogate” would get EPIC levels of negative press – she would be called vain, spoiled, unmaternal, superficial, selfish, a bad mother, a grasping careerist, etc.

    In our society, pregnancy is associated with selflessness and sacrifice, and joyously bonding & communing with your fetus. People would find it unseemly and distasteful for a woman to plan & outsource her pregnancies in such a coolly logical, pragmatic fashion, and think her superficial in the extreme for not being willing to risk any damage to her figure (of course, many of these people will then turn around & make bitchy comments on “Look at [insert name]’s post-pregnancy body!” blog posts).

    Basically, people would only find hiring someone else to carry your child acceptable if you had a medical problem that left you unable to carry a fetus to term.

    • Chatcat says:

      D1 I believe you are 99% wrong. Most people have a decent level of moral code that they do not want or need to be deceived and lied to. I am not, or won’t ever be a Beyonce or JZ fan but I will always be a fan of those celebrity types that are honest about such important things as being a parent. It’s pretty simple “you reap what you sow” and that is what is happening for this woman. Oh and I say 99% because there is that 1% that simply doesn’t have the moral DNA to care about being lied to or lying themselves.

    • LAK says:

      The surrogate/adoption due to vanity/career thing has been happening in Hollywood since the dawn of Hollywood.

      All it needs is a good publicist/strategy to have people take it in their stride. eg SJP and Nicole Kidman for their 2nd babies.

      Beyonce handled the whole thing poorly, hence the results.

      and btw, it isn’t too long ago that pregnant stars had to disappear for the duration of the pregnancy because it affected their careers. It still happens in Bollywood. Demi Moore’s pregnancy cover went a long way to changing public perception on pregnant stars.

      • D1 says:

        SJP & Nicole Kidman had a medical excuse for needing a surrogate – their ages. As I said, that’s a socially acceptable reason for using a surrogate.

        I was talking about how negatively women who are in their prime baby-conceiving years & who publicly acknowledge that they are using a surrogate to preserve their figures & by extension, their careers, would be viewed.

        I know vanity surrogacy has been happening since the dawn of Hollywood. My point is, no one has ever admitted to it, because they know it would not go over well.

      • LAK says:

        @D 1 – Who is to say that SJP and Kidman used surrogates for medical reasons and not vanity/career?

        Devil’s advocate for a moment – A case can be made for SJP/Kidman vanity/careers surrogates because they never came out and said outright that surrogates were because of their ages.

        SJP stated that she had been trying to get pregnant immediately after the first baby and yet there is an 8year gap between the two babies.

        kidman shoots back to back projects. She never took any maternity leave for either child, so clearly career is her thing.

        Both women are in to fashion, SJP more so. SJP was always slim but after SATC really took off, she became and maintains scrawny skinny. Kidman became scrawny after her divorce from Tom Cruise which she maintained until AUSTRALIA where the director insisted she put some weight on.

      • D1 says:

        Except the public narrative around those surrogate pregnancies revolved age-related infertility & much discussion about how their use of surrogates counteracted the mistaken idea that many young women have i.e., that getting pregnant in your mid-40s is feasible for most women.

        But….again. I have no idea why you think SJP or Kidman refutes my original point – which was, women who publicly acknowledge having used a surrogate to keep their bodies looking good & for the convenience of their careers would get a negative reaction from the public.

        Neither SJP nor Kidman have publicly acknowledged using a surrogate for protect their looks & career. If you have an example of someone who has, please share it.

    • Lboogi says:

      If she had been honest and upfront about using a surrogate most people would have just assumed (right or wrong) that it was because of fertility issues. There would have been no further questions or theories, and she could have had her peace and privacy that she claims to want.

      I also agree that a huge problem is not using a surrogate, it’s the deceit.

      • D1 says:

        So you agree with me – as long as people assume a medical reason for using a surrogate, they’re okay with it.

      • Lboogi says:

        That’s what I meant. I meant she simply could have avoided any speculation if she honestly said we’re using a surrogate. That the problem more than using a surrogate for any reason, is lying, trying to fool people, and then calling people crazy when they don’t fall for your antics.

        I really don’t care why Nicole and SJP used a surrogate. I just know that they announced it, shut up and went away. No press tours about the beauty of being pregnant, or how awesome they are at breastfeeding.

      • Jo says:

        What surrogate ugh. U morons keep mentioning a surrogate that was only ever a pigment of your conspiracy theory. Why would she be honest about a surrogate the rumour mongers created?

  27. Lila says:

    OMG There is a freaking photo of her in a bikini with a very pregnant stomach on a yacht somewhere. Google it. Not to mention several photos of her wearing super tight clothes that would not work if she was wearing a fake belly…And the hospital story was proven to be bullshit. I don’t get how people seriously think she faked being pregnant.

    • F5 says:

      Look up Photoshop..geez

    • Lboogi says:

      Have you seen the promos for What To Expect When You’re Expecting? Where Cameron Diaz has on a bare pregnancy belly, while only wearing a sports bra, and workout pants….. fake bellies are not new.

  28. Chatcat says:

    Lila…go to youtube and find the link that Wendy Williams did on this whole thing. It is a more compelling argument that she was not prego then she was prego.

  29. Esther says:

    Plenty of people were saying she faked her pregnancy and she was using a surrogate she didn’t make that up and people accused her of not wanting to ruin her body all the while taking pills to help her gain weight so she could look pregnant. She didn’t pull the people thinking she pulled her pregnancy out of thin air.

  30. Tammylala says:

    I believe it’s the lie that bothers people. Perhaps she can’t carry to term due to her other miscarriage but then again, she doesn’t have to disclose problems with her uterus with the world.

  31. Candyland says:

    Bored to tears hearing about Beyonce’s baby. Most women can do the same thing. Basic biology. It’s not the huge deal she thinks it is. Except to her.

    Is it me or is Beyonce getting lighter. And lighter. And lighter?

  32. MissVJJ says:

    Okay, we get it. Let the “crazies” believe that these fake, lying, soul-less celebs would lie their face off for whatever reason. And let the sheep believe that these fake, lying, soul-less celebs would never lie!

  33. Isabel says:

    She was never pregnant..
    Check out this website; person who owns it has made a timeline which shows(incl. video/photos) that she never was preggers:

    And really, look up the Katie Couric video, she was totally acting nervous and panicking when Katie touched her bump.. It was painful to watch, girlfriend is soooo fake!

    • Karma says:

      Thanks for that link. It lays it all out.

      Truly, how someone could believe after the folding belly thing? That face of hers said it all.

      But Smokie really went the distance in getting timeline photos and videos. The things that made me go hmmmmm…she put in order and put everything into focus.

      Thanks again.

    • Jo says:

      Thats creepy. Who keeps a tab on another woman’s pregnancy, dont u just say congrats & move on? Get a life

  34. MST says:

    I am so not a fan of this woman. I can’t think any less of her, so who cares if she faked her pregnancy or not?

  35. skuddles says:

    What’s crazy is that magical folding, flattened belly she had when she made an appearance on a tv show around her 6th month (sorry don’t recall which show). She sat down and belly folded up and disappeared. Never saw a pregnant tummy do that before.

    • sam says:

      The Australian show who did the initial interview showed the folding bump shot again but from a different angle on its next episode. It clearly showed that it was in fact the fabric.

      Other issues I cannot account for…

      I dont know why but I just figure that if they were involved in this big cover up that surely someone would have talked by now, no matter what they signed or what they were paid (you see it in other situations). Surely some magazine out there is offering more money, or someone who wants the publicity?

  36. Dee Cee says:

    Too well planned and orchrastrated.. mystery plots revealed.. too many smoke screens of her cravings, then denied, accepting interveiws and saying nothing., just smiling, the folding belly.. then the issuing her video and music work done previously.., suddenly she’s big.. flaunting a bare belly on the beach, then she a big swollen in some clothes, slightly swollen face.. then boom a baby.. thin again, for her.. after she hid for almost a month she’s in heels and walking a baby blanket then she’s showing mystery legs of a baby, wearing dumpy mom clothes .. and the well formed, alert baby.. um, maybe they had several surrogates and chose the best baby of the litters..?

    • Ateerys says:

      Dee Cee I agree! Just too much. Just trying to hard and its not coming across as believable… Im sure they paid a lot millions of dollars for that baby! Now that baby should be every bit of 4 months by now… it looked 4months in that photo when it was supposed to be a few weeks… and that baby leg was so strait, like a dolls leg, most baby’s legs are bent… she’s just a mess!

  37. Eric says:

    If you read the People mag, she claims she went to deliver her baby in high heels what pregnant woman does that? She just went to the hospital to pick up her baby from the surrogate, and according to hospital reports did not want to be present during birth, this cold hearted calculating cow deserves all the bad publicity, because she created this problem. Lot of young women are not fertile, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

  38. Eric says:

    She bought that crap at looks like in size 6mos pregnant baby bump.

  39. Eric says:

    This is Karma payback for stealing all
    those people song credits, check out this link,

  40. Ateerys says:

    I like Beyonce. So my comment is not to insult or hate her. But I’m not naive to anything people say. People lie! Especially famous people because they have an image to maintain & protect. Most celebs seem like they have to be in control of every aspect of their lives, including things that we just cant control, like the physical features of our offspring. Most celebs, if they dont like something about themselves they get plastic surgery. Clearly, you cant give a baby plastic surgery if you dont like the way they look. So Beyonce, in an effort to control her baby’s features, because she just has to have “the most beautifulest baby in all of the world”, hires a surrogate with beautiful genes and known to make beautiful babies, to have her child. I do believe that Beyonce is vain enuff to do that! Fearing that if she and JayZ were to have a child natrually it would come out with his nose and lips, which are most likely his most dominant genes. Its evident that he’s not, what some would consider, an attractive man but his money is and him & Beyonce made lots of money off their relationship, music collaboration and now they’re trying to come up off this baby publicity. It doesnt seem to be going as she planned. I believe she hoped to have the most over the top, most famous, outlandish and anticipated delivery. But things got so out of hand and ridiculous that is all flopping and no one really cares. Now, the maternity ward shanigan was a lie, common sense tells you that its illegal to do, NO hospital in the world can do that for no one. If thats the case, have the baby at home, she’s rich enough! And that “baby” that she’s always photo’d carrying around wrapped all tight, looks like nothing more than a doll or sumthing. Its wrapped so tight I wonder if it were real could it breathe. Its always the same size and just a perfectly wrapped ball. She’s really playing herself and she’s losing respect of her fans and the public. No one likes a liar. Especially about something thats supposed to be so special. When the shyt really hits the fan its goin to be so humiliating. I hope the hush money was good.

    • Jo says:

      Surrogates have nothing to do with genetics of a baby. At least get your theories right

  41. Ateerys says:

    As for the most beautiful woman! LMAO! Really! These people must be bored! I wonder how much they paid People Mag to put that out there… Because clearly, she is not the most beautiful… I mean, she’s not ugly by no means… But I think calling her the most beautiful is taking it a bit toooooo far… and how can that be determined, I agree with the one who said, ‘how can one make such a judgment like one has seen every single woman in the world’ to narrow it down to Beyonce, really tho! She needs to take a break.

  42. Miss Kitty says:

    It occurs to me, if she did use a surrogate because she could not face her own infertility, how painful must all this speculation be? Doesn’t mean someone shouldn’t call her on it, or that lying about is not a betrayal of her girlpower bullshit, just… I imagine it would hurt to be under so much pressure for perfection and success *and* face the pain of not being able to have your own baby, through your own body, if that was your choice.

  43. Jo says:

    God all this negativity. People are so stupid, fake bumps dont even fold. If Bey wanted to fake her pregnancy you dont think she’ll invest in a proper fake bump?

    Beyonce dint make this a big deal. U idiots did. She’s always in the news. Everytime she steps out its reported in blogs so the publicity was not needed. If she was not pregnant she could’ve promoted her album properly & toured.

    U keep saying she’s lying about a surrogate. Can u actually prove she had a surrogate so technically u cant use the term “lie”

    Anyways im done. People will believe what they want to believe. Glad Bey doesnt find it hurtful, you are the ones losing sleep over what came out of her uterus.

    Breakdown? What breakdown, she’s a new mother enjoyin her life. We see her take long walks with her baby, goin on vaca with her family. She’s not losing sleep over what you boring losers think. Keep speculatin about her life and she’ll keep living. She doesnt owe anyone a long ass answer in the 1st place if u dont believe her it takes nothing away from her baby

    • WTF? says:

      I’m new here, but I had to ask, are you her publicist? I mean you defend her to no avail and yet she seems to not have given a fourth of a damn about squashing these rumors. Why go to such lengths, especially when there’s mounting evidence against her that supports that she used a surrogate. And just so you know, it’s easy to find out whether or not she used a surrogate, but for her sake HIPPA laws exist.

  44. LOVER says:

    Oh my….all this negativity, it’s just toooo much…. The woman, the doctors, the nurses, her husband, her friends, and even God and blue say she gave birth january7,2012…. I’m rolling with that…. Also BEYONCE HAS NEVER BEEN FAT LIKE NO DAG ON JESSICA SIMPSON….U CAN’T BE SERIOUS… every pregnancy is completely different. I gained 18 lbs. and had a 7 lb. baby. My sister gained 65 had a 5 lb baby and lost all 50 in 3 weeks….so no woman is the exact same… Let that gossip, hatin crap go…she gave birth, she’s on top…her life is her life….. U sound so childish and reallllly BITTER….