Beyonce’s rep blasts “stupid, ridiculous and false” fake-bump stories


Here’s what I don’t understand: why is everyone bending over backwards to insult and patronize Beyonce’s critics? Ever since the video of Beyonce’s Sunday Night interview came out – complete with her baby bump “magically” folding in on itself as she sat down, Bey’s stans have been pulling out their hair that anyone would dare question The Beyonce Bump. She’s a celebrity, not Jesus. She’s not untouchable, and in my mind, I think it’s perfectly valid to ask “WTF?” when viewing the collapsing “bump”. You want to see it again?

Now legitimate, mainstream media outlets are getting into to it too – from People and Us Weekly to ABC News and the Washington Post. They’ve all run stories about the “bump conspiracies”. It’s getting so bad Beyonce’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure even had to come out and do some damage control, telling ABC News, “Stupid, ridiculous and false.” BITCH PLEASE.

But since everybody is debating the bump and whether or not it’s real and why it looks like it’s collapsing on itself, let me just lay out my theory. I’m sorry I haven’t done this clearly before now, but I thought I already said some of this when the bump conspiracies came out. My conspiracy theory:

* Beyonce is actually pregnant. This is not a surrogate situation where Beyonce is wearing a fake bump to simply pretend she’s pregnant, and she’s going to pass off a someone else’s baby as her own.

*It’s debatable whether she’s due in February, but that’s what she claims, so I’m guessing it’s probably true-ish. Maybe the baby will be “late” and she’ll end up giving birth in March. We’ll see. My take is that she’s not as far along as everyone thinks she is. If she’s due in late February/early March, that means she’s about 4-and-a-half months right now.

*Beyonce is wearing a fake bump for the simplest of reasons: famewhorin’. She started wearing a prosthetic bump at the VMAs, when she did her big bump “debut” – when she was only about 12 weeks along and she magically had a nice-sized “bump” which she cradled lovingly for the cameras. She didn’t have a big enough bump on her own (remember how flat and fit she was just days earlier?), and she wanted to be the center of attention at the VMAs. She strapped on a prosthetic, and she created her own media-storm.

*For why? Because her latest album sucked, and it was the worst-reviewed album of Bey’s career. Beyonce did what any good con artist does: draws your eye to something else. Plus, she now gets to play the “I’m going to be a mother!” card to the hilt and introduce herself to the Mother Mafia fanbase.

*So now that Bey is presumably showing, why is she still wearing a prosthetic bump? I don’t know. But I do know that over the past month and half, every time Beyonce is photographed, her bump is a different size, and it goes up and down constantly. I honestly think Bey just wants the visual to be very powerful, and she thinks wearing a fake bump will be a bigger impact. Sometimes. Other times, she still wants to wander around NYC in a what amounts to a blouse and nothing else.

*Epilogue conspiracy theory: It might have something to do with deflecting attention from her recently tweaked face too. Several months ago, Bey debuted a new “look” that I’ve had difficulty describing. I think it’s a nose job, but there’s something else in the eyebrows/eyes too. Now she gets to say that her face just changed because of pregnancy, I guess.




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  1. brin says:

    Whatever the reason, it’s just bizarre.

    • cassie lee says:

      Am I the only person alive who remembers that after Beyonce witnessed her sis, Solange, giving birth she declared herself traumatized and grossed out beyond belief?? I think she made up her mind then and there that no baby would ever tear up her punanny/heiny combo or bust thru a slice in her carefully cultivated abs. I don’t blame her, if I had the money I’d have someone else do the ugly part of having a baby, too! What sucks and makes this all so maddening is that Beyonce thinks we are all sheep she can lead with lame lies, fake-ass looking prosthetic bellies, and dramatic public preg announcements. It’s insulting and I’m no longer a fan because of it.

  2. Larissa says:

    It is the DRESS folding, beezus people, you all need to get a life.

  3. Riana says:

    A fake bump just sounds insane. There’s a lot of craziness in Hollywood and that’s hitting a new level of it.

    But pregnant bellies don’t magically slide down her midsection in an smushy lump when you move to sit down either.

    Famewhorin’, yep. I agree with all the points. Miss. Beyonce’s own child wasn’t adequately suiting her publicity needs so she slapped a pillow over him or her and started petting said pillow for the cameras.

    This plus blatantly ripping off so many people has made me realize Beyonce is completely bonkers, she’s on a level of nutty most people don’t hit till they’re in their 70′s and the media and world at large is ignoring them.

  4. lulu says:

    On a first baby with a fit body, you really don’t show until around the 20 week mark, and plenty of people don’t show till 24 weeks. It changes for subsequent pregnancies, but with all those workouts and dancing, Beyonce must have really strong stomach muscles so….I think it’s an extra bump.

    It seems incredibly pretentious to view your own baby as part of an act – a ‘prop’ or ‘gimmick’ – which is what Beyonce seems to be doing. Presumably she is pregnant, but at 12 weeks that was a ridiculous sized bump, so I’m with all those that think the VMA baby bump was a costume baby.

    You know, for all that Mariah went on about those babies before they were born, had a pretty theatrical birth/marriage ceremony thingy and picked some wacky names, she is totally protecting them from the public, to everyone’s great surprise.

    Let’s hope Beyonce has the common sense to do the same.

    Hey, if you wear a prosthetic bump, maybe you give birth to a doll…

  5. gee says:

    My theory is that she is pregnant, but she padded for her grand entry to the VMAs (lulz), and now she needs to keep up with the size… once it evens out she’ll stop padding.

  6. gee_gee says:

    I am amazed that a grown person just wrote so many conspiracy theories about a baby bump, all of which are much more ridiculous than the folding baby bump itself. How many celebs in the past five years have had conspiracy theories about their pregnancies that were equally ridiculous? People need to quit watching soap operas and Lifetime movies. Sometimes a bump is just a bump, y’all.

    Also:Doesn’t she have bikini photos that show she is pregnant?

  7. Ruby Red Lips says:

    There is no way a genuine pregnant bump would crease like that & its def not the dress as u can blatantly see the bump squished…hmmm I’m with Kaiser on this one

    Also this is Hollywierd – absolutely ANYTHING goes, lying, faking and exaggeration, no idea why a fake bump would be that big of a shock to anyone…

  8. Addie says:

    Spot on Kaiser!

    She is really pregnant, just not looking as pregnant as she would like, so she padded up.

    Don’t see the point, she will eventaully get that big, why rush it? why not enjoy every step of her pregnancy.

  9. Quest says:

    Bey is pregnant but is such an attention whoremonger that she is using a fake belly bump to get the attention. Even E carried the news.

  10. Flan says:

    *popcorn gets*

    Since I’m neither negative nor particularly positive about her, this whole thing is hilarious to me. Probably the first time I enjoy a celebrity pregnancy as a source of entertainment.

  11. Auds says:

    To me it looks like the dress is cut like that and when she sits down it just collapses.

  12. says:

    I agree with @lulu: someone that fit with strong ab muscles shouldn’t be showing that much that early.

    It can’t be the dress (extra fabric) that we are seeing because the dress is tight across her belly as she is walking. How does all this loose fabric appear all of a sudden?

  13. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    It was an optical illusion. Our eyes play tricks on us all the time. It was her dress. Bey’s stomach did not fold in and collapse in it self. If Bey isn’t big enough to show why the f*ck would she reveal she is pregnant now? Wouldn’t an intelligent person wait until they showed? Wouldn’t the fact that being able to hide your pregnancy as a celeb be a good thing? Seriously people WANT to believe the stupidest possible sh*t. Just shows how dull their life must be that they would actually attack Bey on whether she is pregnant or not. Whether her baby bump is real or not? GAFB.

  14. Meliya says:

    Totally agree!
    Her bump looks enormous for a first baby. She’s fit and toned but not skinny so that’s quite a big bump… Too good to be true…

  15. Alejandro says:

    Very few people doubted she was pregnant, I don’t doubt she is but she is padding her belly for attention whore reasons. The VMA reveal wouldn’t have had the same effect if she wasn’t obviously showing hence the padding. I do think she’s capable of it since she pads her ass and her breasts lots of screen caps to show this.

  16. Marianne says:

    She is really pregnant. There were pictures of her on the beach with her bump, and she was a wearing a bikini.

  17. po says:

    I absolutely agree with you on all points. I wont watch the video because this attention is exactly what she’s looking for. If she didn’t want it we would have found out she’s pregnant by her just looking pregnant and then around the 7th or 8thI month she would have put out a statement. This is all just too much. When this child is born however I guarantee you there will be someone from her camp complaining about her lack of privacy.

  18. Meg says:

    Ok, yet again can we take a closer look at the last picture in the post? The one from her show with her mother- she’s in a black jacket that’s very open. If you look halfway down, there’s a line across her stomach that looks a lot like a zipper. Also, her skin is not the same color as her chest. Look, I’m sure she’s pregnant and I agree with kaiser- she just wants the show. This is a woman who has lived her whole life in the press, why wouldn’t she want to live this in the press too?

    For the doubters- its amazing that the zipper is right around where the belly folds…just saying

  19. WhiteNoise says:

    Agree with Kaiser. Of course she’s pregnant, just not pregnant enough for her famewhoring ways so she strapped on some padding for VMA attention. No conspiracy. Just a dumbass move which she now has to live with until the bump is big enough to get attention on its own merits.

  20. Brits says:

    Many of you break into hives if someone dares to notice something that Beyonce might not be telling the truth about. It is not unplausible for a woman to fake a pregnancy in Hollywood. Especially if that woman might have conception issues, or simply does not want to carry a kid. Folks can have picture proof that she is wearing a fake stomach, and her stans would swear up and down that everyone is out to get her. She is no different than the next woman by the way, people can notice her flaws. Now her stans are, “Who cares if she is stuffing her stuff, she is doing it because her stomach is not as big as she wants it to be, so she is still pregnant.” Only a sick woman tries to gain attention from a pregnancy.

  21. Annaloo says:

    “Stupid, ridiculous and false”…

    three fingers pointing back at ya, Beysus!

  22. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Brits gimme a break. Its one thing to have flaws and its a whole another to be so drama hungry you accuse a woman of faking her baby bump. This the 3rd freaking woman people have thought to have faked her pregnancy. Why? What, a woman just can’t get pregnant in Hollywood? We have babies but they have to fake theirs? Its ridiculous. I just don’t see Bey doing that and if you need to wrap yourself in that kinda delusion you go right ahead.

  23. Brits says:


    You are obviously naive to how things work in Hollywood. Beyonce is not aboving faking a pregnancy, she’s human, okay! Like Kaiser said her stomach was practically flat, few days before her announcement, then bam she has a nice round stomach. Now I am pretty sure her reps will stop her from doing interviews, because people want to know is she faking a pregnancy or is she stuffing her stomach for an effect, which is both wrong.

  24. Riana says:

    Also it has to be said that Beyoncs has to be one of the most ludicrously dressed pregnant women in Hollywood. The above outfits would be iffy on a woman not with child, but the fact Beyonce has a bump makes all the low cut tops and vagina barring dresses just creepy.

  25. eva says:

    i’m undecided about the bump but i do not see any ‘tweaking’ to her face

  26. Jordan says:

    I agree Kaiser. She’s pregnant but just not showing enough for her PR needs. Both her and her husband have huge egos, I don’t think she would allow anyone else to carry the chosen one. Media asking if she was pregnant all the time went to their heads. She is probably in shock that she is being questioned, I mean, no one questions when she is credited first for being a songwriter on her songs (that were originally recorded long before by different artists). And the music video ‘inspirations’ she takes from others, well, they just eventually go away and all anyone remembers is Beyonce’s video in the long run.

  27. Auds says:

    I can believe Nicole Kidman faking her first pregnancy, only because she looked anorexic a few days after giving birth, that and she confessed to have used a surrogate for baby number two.
    But beyonce? I don’t think so.
    Also, wasn’t there a picture doing the rounds, a recent one with Beyonce in a midriff top at the beach or something? I saw that image on TV today. And yes she is rounder.

    here is a link to that image. Don’t tell me she doesn’t look pregnant.

  28. Original Bee says:

    I agree with Kaiser. Beyonce’s really pregnant but she wanted to put on a big show at the VMAs. Now, she’s stuck with the fake belly until she reaches the right size.

  29. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Brits your an expert on Hollywood because……

    Yes I do believe Beyonce is above faking her pregnancy. Do you know alot of women who do? The only women I know who fake pregnancies are the crazy ones who try to snatch other women’s babies because they can’t have one or lost their own. Not a successful woman in Hollywood with lots of money.

  30. Westcoaster says:

    Why the need for Beyonce’s rep to make a comment? This sounds like another ploy by Beyonce to get attention.

  31. MarenGermany says:

    i totall agree with kaiser.
    she is pregnant, but wants all the attention on her perfect baby tummy.
    probably, she has/gets one of those “saggy tummies” that some pregnant woman have, you know when it doesnt look like you swallowed a football
    and god forbid anybody thinks B is anything less than perfect in every single way possible. ugh.

  32. LadyJane says:

    I like the theory Kaiser. BUT the only thing that makes no sense is saying she is due before she is. Celebs always push BACK their due date (ie say it is later than it is or say something vague like ‘early summer) so they are not hounded in the last few weeks because no one knows when the last few weeks actually are…

    I dont see why she would say she is due before she is. No woman wants everyone saying, Is she STILL prego? Because it makes you feel like a fat whale with a vast, elastic and roomy womb. Not sexy.

  33. Alejandro says:

    She’s padded her ass for years on the red carpet, videos & performances so I wouldn’t put it past her to pad her small pregnant belly for that big reveal at the VMAs. If you google blogs have been talking about this for years.

  34. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “It can’t be the dress (extra fabric) that we are seeing because the dress is tight across her belly as she is walking. How does all this loose fabric appear all of a sudden?”

    THIS. EVERY preggo woman I’ve known, when their belly gets to be the size of B’s (when she’s standing up), it’s HARD. Like, REALLY hard. And to sit down, they need to almost squat slowly down into the chair because they can’t bend over (like B did) with that large of a belly. The belly gets in the way – the skin is not soft like a belly from fat, that can roll and fold, it IS almost like a basketball under there.

    so all of these people saying “it’s the fabric!”…tell me how the fabric is tight across a hard belly and then folds in on itself?

    EDIT: after watching the video again, it’s not just the fabric that folds. the entire “bump” collapses, like the air went out of it. looks pretty obvious to me.

    I’m with Kaiser on every point. I do believe she’s pregnant, but I also believe she padded for the VMAs for maximum effect, and now will pad until her real belly catches up.

  35. Tierra says:

    That is definitely a fake bump, those saying its the dress need to watch the video again. you can tell just by her expression after it happened that she knew it was caught on camera. Also notice how she keeps her arm under it to hold it in place after she sits.
    She may be pregnant but this whole thing is about attention whoring and trying to drive CD sales from that pregnancy attention. I dont care either way, it’s all just too funny to me.

  36. tapioca says:

    “If Bey isn’t big enough to show why the f*ck would she reveal she is pregnant now?”

    Ermm… because her melody, beat & hook-free album is tanking and – if you hadn’t noticed(!) – she’s determined to squeeze every drop of publicity out of this poor child before it’s even been born. What better way than stealing the limelight at the VMAs with a little extra padding to accentuate the area? I don’t think it would have had the same “Look at me!! Me! Me! Me!!” effect patting a flat stomach somehow!

  37. miss_bhaven says:

    Baby bumps dont fold – **mother of two**

  38. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Tapioca Thats BS. Bey never needed to pull any kinda tricks before to sell an album and she doesn’t need to do that now. I don’t think she would. Your clearly not fan of hers so why do you even care. You know nothing about this woman or how hard she has worked since she was a little girl.

    Beyonce got famous from her talent, Bey would never pull this bullsh*t you people feel the need to believe. Its just not her.

  39. Jordan says:

    The thing about the bikini picture in Croatia is that it was after the VMA ‘BIG ANNOUNCEMENT’ and her stomach is smaller. I think that is further proof that Kaiser is right, she’s pregnant but not enough for her famewhoring. It beats admitting she should have never fired her Dad as her manager because she doesn’t know what she’s doing, doesn’t it?

  40. Quest says:

    Unless you are giving birth to plastic man (as in the comics) your belly don’t fold and the dress was way to close to fold up like that.

    Beyonce is pregnant – yes
    Beyonce is showing that much – hell no

  41. Nonny says:

    I’ve been pregnant. twice. If you have a bump that size you dont bend over forwards when you sit down. You physically can’t do it. You lower yourself into the chair.
    That bump is as fake as her face. And her wig!

  42. Roxy750 says:

    You see how she awkwardly sits down like watching her “bump”…wow.

  43. Jezi says:

    I just find these padding, fake bump stories to be ridiculous. I also believe it was her dress.

    @Meliya I respectfully disagree with you. I showed immediately with my first child. I was already looking like I was 5 months pregnant at 3 months. Before my son I had an extremely flat stomach and was pretty slender. My son happened to be huge though. He was 9 lbs. 2 oz., I’m 5’8″ and my husband is 6’1″. So we knew our child wouldn’t be small. I was always asked if I was carrying twins. Every woman carries differently and shows at different times.

  44. Riana says:

    @Love Angelina

    Bey’s previos albums were dance floor booty shaking anthems or angry kick- that-jerk-to-the-curb-sister! angry woman songs. Nothing wrong with that, I always say music is like food and sometimes you just want a snickers bar.

    But this time around Beyonce tried to go ‘deep’ with her music. And as she, and her music, are a bit shallow ad boring even her fans have essentially refused to buy it. I believe the album has only sold 1.3 WORLD WIDE. Adele she is not.

    I believe the VMA stunt was to try and push her album and single to sell more and when that failed Beyonce started shucking her perfume and magical pregnancy.

  45. Iggles says:

    Lol! I agree with you Kaiser. She’s padding and got caught, but she really is preggo.

  46. rose80 says:

    It’s a maternity dress that folded in when she sat. My God, I’m not even a fan and here I am defending this woman.

  47. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Riana Yea I am fully aware Bey’s latest album isn’t doing well. Bey wouldn’t be the first artist to release a bad album. Some amazing musicians have released bad albums. That has nothing to do with her faking a baby bump. Bey wouldn’t do it for any reason. Bey has come across classy and decent, this is some d-list bulls*it you guys are trying to say she did and she didn’t.

    Like I explained when Bey showed her baby bump at the VMAs Bey was taking control of something that people were trying to steal from her. Do you or anyone else give a fu*k that before Bey was actually pregnant people would start rumors that she was pregnant? Like do you think about how disturbing that is to have someone try and announce something as special as you being pregnant and you can’t even be the one to announce it?

    Do you even care that she had to deal with that? Bey showing of her bump at the VMAs was her taking control of something that only the mother should have control of. It wasn’t a trick to sell albums and Bey has done no pr BS trick to sell any damn anything. Bey certainly never uses her family or friends in such a matter.

  48. Annie says:

    Bey’s album did not tank it just isn’t as successful as her other albums thats why peole think it tanked. It reached no 1 on billboard and it went platinum in less than two months so really she doesn’t need to fake a baby to get repectable sales she already did. Besides your saying that she faked her pregnancy for album sales is like saying that amy winehouse killed her self for album sales.

  49. fabchick says:

    I agree with most of you guys. She is pregnant but is padded for the vmas and now she has to keep up the farce until her body catches up. Hot mess lol

  50. dim sum says:

    Nice try, Kaiser, and the rest of you lot, who are all trying to KISS ARSE and cover for this lyin hoe. SHE IS NOT PREGNANT! SHE IS NOT WEARING A FAKE BUMP FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT! The whole pregnancy is a sham. She’s either got a surrogate or Jay knocked up his side-piece and they’ll be passing it off as theirs. Are you all really that stupid, gullible, and sycophantic that you would keep moaning on about “its the dress folding” or “its for dramatic effect.” SPARE ME. VOM.

  51. dim sum says:

    OMG I just read more of the comments here. I was wondering what the lyin SPIN would be to cover up the fact that B*TCH AINT PREGNANT – what with the video evidence and all. A few days later – VIOLA! It’s ALL OVER THE NEWS – that Bey is just wantin some attention, and she REALLY is preg, and just padding for effect. LIES LIES LIES! SPIN SPIN SPIN! THIS HO IS NOT PREGNANT AND THOSE OF US WITH INSIDE TRACKS KNOW IT! Kaiser, I would not be shocked to find out you get paid to gossip but when ordered to, you’ll tow the party line. Make me BARF.

  52. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I believe the VMA stunt was to try and push her album and single to sell more”

    and it worked.

    her album did well, just not as well as her previous ones. it had the slowest initial sales of any of her previous ones.

    and actually, she did get a big “bump” in sales after she debuted her belly at the VMAs.

    “The performance also did something else – something Beyonce was no doubt hoping for all along. It drew a massive amount of attention back to her album and pushed “Love on Top,” a song many had never heard before the VMAs, into the iTunes top 5.”

    so, her ploy worked.

    listen, she IS talented, but like most celebrities, she’s likely not above a little publicity ploy.

  53. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I’m getting pretty tired of all the women–who have actually been pregnant!–that keep saying, “When you’re (this far along) you’re belly looks like (this)!” and “Women shouldn’t show until (insert # of weeks here)!” etc, etc. Every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different! The one that’s really buggin the crap out of me is “Pregnant women CAN’T bend over to sit.” The hell they can’t. I absolutely REFUSED to do the preggo waddle, slowly lower my ass into a chair thing. I bent over to pick stuff up off the floor, to get my ass on the couch, paint my toenails, etc, etc. And I got HUGE with both my (9+lb babies). I’m 5’10″ and quite fit, but I showed literally overnite with both my pregnancies, and my body makes alot of amniotic fluid, so I had massive basketball tummy.

    And some outfits make you look ‘more pregnant’ than others. Also, what pregnant woman doesn’t have days where she wants to show off being pregnant, and other days doesn’t feel like being stared at for being knocked up? The baby also shifts, so there are days when you look more pregnant because of baby position. You people are killin me…

    The woman is holding the bottom of her dress in so the extra fabric doesn’t balloon out when she sits. Give it a rest.

  54. Riana says:

    I don’t think anyone is saying Beyonce faked her pregnancy, were saying her bump isn’t as big as she’d like the public to believe. Pics of her on the beach a few days after the VMA stunt and there’s a HUGE difference. She basically has a little poof on the beach compared to her big ol bump.

    @Love Angelina

    Clearly you’re a little emotionally invested here as you’re cursing and generally getting angry. To be honest the only time Bey comes across as classy is when she’s doing PR. the woman married a drug dealer and foul-mouthed rapper, she’s often wearing little to nothing while shaking her body on stage, and her music is hardly classy. The lyrics are usually quite immature actually.

    Entertainment Weekly called it when they said Beyonce and Gaga’s albums were the losers for this year. Neither album did horrible but by their own standards it showed a massive decline in the figures both women usually command, especially considering the promo that went into them.

    The rest of what you said was kinda silly. Bet has never used her family for PR in such a way…how many members of DC were kicked out to further Bey’s career to a solo artist?

  55. aenflex says:

    thanks kaiser…for the solidarity

  56. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Praise All the artists who performed at the VMAs got a bump in sales. Thats why they do it. The VMAs rating were through the roof, everyone who performed got a sales boost. Bey didn’t use her baby as ploy. Thats just flat out wrong.

  57. Jezi says:

    @Scarlet Vixen Thank you. I’m not even a fan of hers, actually she annoys me, but I find this to be ridiculous. All women are different. I also bent over normally for a long time and my belly was enormous.

  58. Miranda says:

    When it comes down to it, you have to trust your eyes. Her belly folded and it wasn’t the dress. I’ve been pregnant three times and if you’re that big, you hold yourself differently. You can’t help it because the baby doesn’t “bend” so you sit a certain way and get up a certain way. I’m not sure if she’s pregnant or not, but that supposed baby just bent in half. Maybe she’s giving birth to Gumby.

  59. honeybunz says:

    @meg uh huh!! I though i wasthe only one ho saw that!! Her belly in the blk with her mom is slightly lighter than her chest just like it was when she was on that beach with her stomach out!! Why are people acting like this tart is above faking a pregnancy?? If woeen in everyday life are capable…last i knew beyonce as human and pees and poops like the rest of us mere mortals! Shes known for putting depends daipers in her ass and silicone n her breast! I believe beyonce when showing a bare belly is actually wearing a prosthetic the kind actresses wear in movies when there in a preggo role but not really pregnant themselves and having ultrasounds….i mean it is 2011!! Beyonce always has a motive and intentions for what she does this is no different as far as im concerned! Its a desperate aging singer at the end of her rope!!

  60. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Riana Don’t try to read ME. This isn’t about me, this is me reacting to what I feel is this insane violation of someone who is going through what should be a very happy moment in her life and people are tying to ruin it. I would feel this way about any pregnant woman going through this.

    You don’t help matters much, coming in here spouting your lack of knowledge about people and their situations. Seriously, attacking Jay Z who has been nothing but a good man to Bey and an amazing rapper because you, who don’t know sh*t about him and you probably don’t like rap music to begin with, so your general bias doesn’t make anything that you say appealing to me.

    Like what does the members who left DC have anything to with this? Kelly Rowland has been with DC since it began so whatever happened in that group was something that just those two people had problems with. That doesn’t even have anything to do with this story. Grasping at straws are we? You can’t justify your dislike of Beyonce to me. It isn’t warranted.

  61. Elizabeth S. says:

    I think she’s padding. I don’t mind. I actually think it’s cute. She reminds me of a few of the first time pregnant women who are really excited and cannot wait to be showing.

  62. Kimbob says:

    Jumping in w/my thoughts:

    *At 1st, thought she was just “padding” for the “impact.” I thought she was really pregnant, but just emphasizing it.

    *Then the “size variation” discrepancies in photos. What up w/that?!

    *Then that video w/what I PERCEIVE to be an obvious prosthesis folding over like a cheap suit. And also, the WTF LOOK ON HER FACE…it was like her looking at the interviewer w/a surprised expression kind of like, “Oh no, did he see THAT?”

    *Then the February due date? I dunno!

    *Laugh & ridicule me if you will, but CRAZIER THINGS HAVE GONE ON IN HOLLYWEIRD.

    *We’ll all have to wait & see, huh?

  63. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Thats just flat out wrong.”

    no, that’s just “flat out” YOUR OPINION.

    and it’s my opinion that she padded for publicity.

    her ENTIRE “bump” deflated when she sat down. I understand that baby bellies can change sizes slightly because of the baby’s position, and that all woman start to show at different times, but her belly completely collapses on itself.

  64. Nessa says:

    Even a superstar like Beyonce needs to pull some kind of PR stunt here and there to help her career… just sayin’.

  65. Cheyenne says:

    Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been pregnant (actually I’m a grandma) but one thing I do remember — your belly does not deflate when you sit down while you’re pregnant. There’s a BABY in there.

    Anybody who fakes a pregnancy or fakes a stage of pregnancy is too stupid for words. The lie is going to be exposed sooner or later and leave you looking like an idiot.

  66. lulu says:

    It’s hard to believe how violently opinionated some of these comments are.
    You know, we are all participating in comments on a gossip site. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Most of us enjoy each other’s comments even when we don’t agree with each other. I find it really out of line that some people are reacting so strongly to this…why don’t you read something more highbrow if this upsets you so much.
    I don’t read Celebitchy to find out what is happening in Syria or Libya today. I read it to have some fun reading about people who (other than Kristen Steward) have opted IN for this whole game. This is the ENTERTAINMENT industry. There are different levels. There are people that never appear in gossip columns, and people who thrive on it.
    If you imagine a Kardashianometer, where reality show nobodies are at the top – only making a living by causing enough scandals to generate comments (and sales), then Beyonce is certainly half way up. To those who say she has worked hard for it, maybe she has. And part of the hard work is staying in the headlines.
    NO BIG STAR NEEDS TO ANNOUNCE A PREGNANCY TO THE PUBLIC ON STAGE. But Beyonce chose to do it. An intimate moment with millions.
    If she chooses to announce a pregnancy in such a flamboyant way, it is partially to generate comments.
    It is immature for commentators to chastise others for their opinions.
    Imagine, some very wealthy and successful individuals actually stop OUT of the limelight to start a family.
    Beyonce chose to shine the spotlight on her own stomach (which wasn’t big enough to catch the spotlight so had to be enlarged!).

  67. anne_000 says:

    @59 Miranda – “Maybe she’s giving birth to Gumby.” ROFLMAO! Love it!

  68. anonymous says:

    HONEYBUNZ: You hit the nail on the head she is usng the same method of the pretend pregnancies in the movies. Beyeonce is not pregnant, but she will have a baby come Febuary. Don’t blame her though, I believe she chose the sorrogate method because of all the changes and wreck child- bearing does to the body, she simply didn’t want to risk it,perhaps seeing what it did to her sister, solange. It makes sense, she can have a baby and at the same time get the publicity without going through all the pain and damage it does to her body that she needs as a star. Kill two birds with one stone, see nothing wrong with doing that with the business she is in, also she might have a movie scheduled. Beyeonce is doing a wise and smart thing although a baby is cutsey and we adore and love them after you have a child your youthful appearance is changed forever.

  69. S_____ says:

    I have to agree. It’s weird that everyone should argue so much against this theory. You can see why she’d do it, for all the reasons listed above. And more. When I was pregnant and wasn’t showing much I felt weird asking people not to smoke around me. I certainly wished I showed more. Bey must have a thousand reasons. So let her pad it. whatever.

  70. fancyamazon says:

    Kaiser, I think you are right on with this one.

  71. Riana says:

    @Love Angelina

    I only read you because you’re acting ad if someone is insulting your mother. The cursing and anger makes you look irrational, whether you believe she is pregnant or not. Still the people commenting are using the facts and evidence available to them: size of belly, exposed belly vs. Covered, size change. Etc.

    You’re so childish it’s amusing, lol. I do like rap music which is why I know Jay’s expression of women and what he did before he was famous )deal drugs) just because you don’t like the truth doesnt mean you can throw a tantrum over it.

    As for DC perhaps you should google one of the original members comments on the management and how they were treated and why and how they were kicked out before you say Beyonce’s family/friends were never used to further her PR.

  72. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Praise No you and everyone else who believes what you believe are flat out wrong.

    I want all the people who think of this soooo logically to explain what kind of padding designed to be a round and give her the illusion of being further along then she actually is, collapses in on itself and then magically rebounds to be round again as she sits down? Please, let me know. What kinda of idiot do you think Beyonce is that she and her team would use a fake baby bump material that collapses in on its self then becomes round as she sits down.

    Come on humor me. I would like to again explain that her dresses bunches as she is sitting down, rubbing her against her pregnant stomach pushing most of the material forward, which is what you see folding forward is the material of her dress and then as she sits down she has pushed most of the materiel back around her stomach.

  73. Jover says:

    Agree fully rianna and tapioca; I’m so tired of seeing this untalented vapid manufactured pop star; her “music” is background club noise if you’re into that scene – not much more – without the endless promoting and marketing of today’s media bey would be a blip – how succesful would bouncy be if this were the 60s/70s and she had to compare against all the truly great rock,soul,motown artists, she’d be forgotten – she’s successful because pop music today is about marketing and she has the money to do it.

  74. Heavenbound says:

    Beyonces pregnant belly is as real as Kim Kardashians ass.

  75. Hello cuckoo says:

    “It’s hard to believe how violently opinionated some of these comments are.”

    @ lulu. That is the type of reaction you get from a “stan” or an obsessed fan. They take offense to things said that aren’t favorable of their idols as if you were talking about their momma and not some self-centered celeb who doesn’t even know or care that said stan even exists (only the $ they spend on their merchandise).

    Personally, I believe she is pregnant, just padding for maximum effect. And uh hasn’t anyone seen movies where a non-pregnant actress sports a prosthetic life-like looking baby bump, showing a bare belly? They do exist you know. In HOLLYWOOD. Why wouldn’t a celeb have access to that?

    Also, she put it out there for herself to be speculated on. Mariah waited a VERY long time to finally confirm, as did Garner. The fact that she announced it on a Nationally televised stage clearly indicates she wasn’t trying to be pregnant in private.

  76. Mingy says:

    @honeybunz, I always agree with you on B posts, and I have to again! I know the prosthetic(from the beach pic in Croatia) is far-fetched, but this bitch will lie/fake/steal anything for attention and $$$$….
    I knew from the jump (well, the VMAs) she was faking who announces a pregnancy like that!! Even my husband thought I was nuts for saying that..HAHA! BUSTED!!:)
    She must think everyone has a 6th grade education like her.

  77. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “@Praise No you and everyone else who believes what you believe are flat out wrong.”

    ok, I’m starting to agree with Riana here…you sound irrational.

    NEITHER of us know for sure if she is padding.

    you say no, I say yes.

    I’m using visual evidence for my reasoning. you’re using your emotion for yours.

    her belly DEFLATES. it’s not a simple fold, or fabric “bunching”. the fabric is smooth, and apparently TIGHT around her belly as she walks. then, as she sits (bending over), the belly completely collapses.

    here’s a site that sells both silicone and foam. FOAM…which has a tendency to collapse when pressure is applied.

    and have you seen Mrs. Doubtfire? this isn’t the best quality, but the prosthetic that Robin Williams wears is soft, pillow-like construction. (you can see the prosthetic at about 1:45 in)

    and here’s a picture of it.

    “What kinda of idiot do you think Beyonce is that she and her team would use a fake baby bump material that collapses in on its self then becomes round as she sits down.”

    well, the regular kind of idiot, I guess. the “oops” look on her face says it all. she clearly didn’t MEAN for that to happen.

  78. Brits says:


    Many are forgetting a lot of what you said. I think she too is pregnant, but she is not showing like she wants to, so she is sporting some extra stomach. She brought this speculation on HERSELF, no need for the stans to get upset because people are noticing the obvious change in stomach. People are like, “Oh but her bikini pictures showed her with a stomach.” This is Hollywood, home to the BEST makeup artists in the world, they make actresses’ bumps on TV look real, and they can make anyone appear to be pregnant.

  79. carrie says:

    you’re too paranoid! she’s pregnant and it’s all

  80. atlantapug says:

    “If Bey isn’t big enough to show why the f*ck would she reveal she is pregnant now? Wouldn’t an intelligent person wait until they showed? Wouldn’t the fact that being able to hide your pregnancy as a celeb be a good thing? Seriously people WANT to believe the stupidest possible sh*t. Just shows how dull their life must be that they would actually attack Bey on whether she is pregnant or not. Whether her baby bump is real or not? GAFB.”

    @Love Angelina,
    You mean like how Denise Richards adopts a baby at the EXACT time her book comes out???
    Nah, stuff like that NEVER happens in Hollywood.
    And yes, a normal, intelligent person would wait until the bump got big enough. Shallow, greedy, narcissistic Hollywood types would just throw a pad on it.

  81. Jenny says:

    This conversation reminds me of the Depp one yesterday. A few staunch supporters who will hear nothing negative about these glorious folks who are innocent and saintly and others who think she is a lying bitch and he is a falling down drunk. Probably neither of which is true and he, and Beyonce and most other celebrities are somewhere in the middle.

    But it is interesting that emotions do run so high when it is about people most have never even met.

  82. Rita says:

    “She’s a celebrity, not Jesus.”

    I’ll be disappointed if I find out Jesus wore a baby bump.

  83. Iggles says:

    @ Cheyenne:
    your belly does not deflate when you sit down while you’re pregnant. There’s a BABY in there.

    ROTFLMAO!!!! :D

    Wow, seriously that had me rolling! Very true :-p

  84. mln76 says:

    Well it’s totally believable to me that an entertainer would add padding for the theatrical effect. It’s just as possible that it was some weird folding of fabric. Anyone remember that old Curb Your Enthusiasm episode?

    Sometimes things aren’t what they appear.

  85. Kim says:

    Whatever she had in that video is NOT a baby. That is 100% a prosthetic for sure.

    Im not saying she isnt preggers BUT that was not just a baby bump. HELLO the proof is in the video!

    Ive been pregnant, as have many of us on this site, and we all know babies dont fold when you sit down! And it is NOT her dress/extra material.

    Maybe she just wants people to think she is further along to throw people off from real due date? If she was adopting or using a surrogate why wouldnt she just say it?

  86. Blue says:

    I’m sorry I have to laugh at how upset some people are getting over this. In particular “love Angelina” I don’t understand why you are getting so upset and defensive about what people say about Beyonce and you are so sure about what she would and wouldn’t do. Every post that has to do with her.

    Anyway to me it’s weird how she sits down in the video, why she’s holding on to her belly for dear life, and why the dress does that. It just looks strange.

  87. honeybunz says:

    @mingy yes im glad you see it too!! She really does think people are as dumb as she is….and plz take no offene posters when i say this but urban blogs the majority know she full of poopoo with the exception of her brainwashed stans and i am seeing that on non urban sites again with the exception of obvious stans i see there are still some who cant fathom beyonce doing this…i dont think said people are stupid i just think its naivity…certain people just believe off top that theres truth in everyone especially a celeb and with beyonce being not held accountable for all the terrible things shes done non urban sites and news are less likely to disbelieve beyonce…all they see is the good that beyonce allows them to see…but trust on urban sites alllllllll her dirt surfaces constantly…from her drunken stupors in the back of cars…to her hiding her mouth while exiting a hotel with just her bodyguard and he having red lipstick smudged on his lips to her stealing songs and videos and choreography to her butt pads falling out of her shorts to her daddys son with his mistress to jayz sn with his mistress i man i could go on n on…but she pre plans her interviews and her mom makes sure interviwers DO NOT bring up any subjects that show the real life of beyonce…she only wants mainstream to see the perfect flawless superwoman godike i can do it all beyonce…it sickens me 2 the core how deceptive she is…and now with her album going in 4closure shes needs a distraction so why not makeup this pregnancy that the world was begging her to have n e way and take focus once again off the negative!! Theres no way beyonce would release an album plan an 18month tour release a stinky perfum and in the midst of all that risk accidently getn pregnant!! Im telln you guys beyonce is calculating and devious! Sorry i spoke so long…lol

  88. euroschmuck says:

    to me she has already become one of those mothers, you know, annoying ones, i-m-the-best-toss-the rest-kind of mother. i think she might even win giselle and nathalie portman in it.

  89. Tierra says:

    Ahhh, the plot thickens… I just read on CDAN that she is going to be promoting a new line of maternity wear. This pregnancy farce is not only for fame-whoring and CD sales but also to line her pocket for endorsing a maternity line. again…too funny.

  90. MissVJJ says:

    Hollywood and celebs are capable of anything. Just remember that. Lying and deceiving is their specialty. And you can be Beyonces biggest fan, it still doesnt change that shes here to make $$$$, no matter what stupid stunts she has to pull off. Keep believing she’s so wonderful and talented, you keep lining her pockets.

  91. honeybunz says:

    R u kiddng me?? Why wouldnt beyonce just say if she was adopting or had a surrogate?? Ill tell you why imo because adopting and surrogacy particularly thelong awaited 1st pregnancy of al mighty beyonce surrogacy and adopting is an embarressment…its not as how do i say it not as valuable as a natural baby..its kinda inferior on her and jays part to not be able to produce an heir biologically! Thats how narcissits are!! Whats the accomplishment **in their minds** of a baby by any means other tha naturally! They do not want the public to look at them in an offputting way! Would the public look at them that way probably not but in their own egotistical minds for the world to truly know that perfect young **cough** 30yr old beyonce couldnt/wouldnt carry a baby or jay couldnt make a baby **we dont know what is going on** is uncceptable!! Jayz and beyonce brand is im better than you aything u can do i can do better!! I mean jayz foolish wrinkled self calls himself hova for goodness sake! These 2 are. Disgustingly blasphemous and so beyond arrogat its almost laughable!! Btw lmao @ mrs doubtfire i was thinking the same thing yesterday…..HELLLLLLOOOOOO!!!

  92. Novaraen says:

    OMG…stop feeding the crazy in here. She thinks her opinion is the only one that is right. LOL…

  93. hypnotic says:

    why she gotta be a bitch though?

    seriously this thread is out of control

  94. Hellen says:

    Pregnant – yes. Padding – yes. She wanted that Big Reveal for the VMAs (famewhore) but now that she’s started she has to continue with it for a while. OOPS! MY BABY FOLDED!

  95. S_____ says:

    @Praise St. Angie!: that is incredibly convincing!!!

  96. Devon says:

    I said it yesterday or the day before on the initial post that she’s pregnant but padding for some reason. I think the reason as “maximum effect.” She could totally be due in February but is carrying smaller than most. She’s probably padding because she wants people to think she’s as far a long as she is but doesn’t look as far a long as she is. Make sense?

  97. JD says:

    Forget the baby padding for a minute, what in the hell is she wearing in that third picture?

    Looks like a corset attached to a puffball mushroom!
    I hope that isn’t something she designed. Or she needs a better stylist and mirror.

  98. kay says:

    As I said yesterday, the look on her face right after she sits down is priceless. If ever there was an “oh shit” look, that was it.

    #87, I concur.

  99. Mingy says:

    @ honeybunz,”its kinda inferior on her and jays part to not be able to produce an heir biologically!”
    OMG I didnt even think of that! Ive been wondering, like why cant they just be honest and say that theyre using a surrogate, I mean clearly she’s vain as f*k and probably wouldnt bounce back as quickly but damn, thats it, u NAILED IT!!

    @ Tierra, a maternity line GTFO!!!
    Im officially disgusted..

  100. pwal says:

    All I’m going to say about this is that it’s completely insane to be fixated on the aesthetics of one’s baby bump versus being concerned about the viability of the pregnancy during the first few months.

    Absolute insanity!

  101. Cheyenne says:

    Okay guys, check this out:

    I don’t know if that’s a collapsing bicycle tire or a deflating whoopee cushion, but that sure as hell is no baby bump.

  102. SueAnn says:

    The only way I would believe she was pregnant is if she pissed on a pregnancy test in front of me that I personally bought and took out of the package and gave to her. I think she is TOTALLY faking it and has a surrogate or something along those lines. However, since she could give a rats ass about my feelings over her “pregnancy,” what the heck does it matter?

  103. says:

    ok ok ok, so i couldn’t really give a crap less about Beyonce so i honestly don’t ever read any stories about her. like, none. at all. not here, not anywhere… but this morning i was taking the subway into work and i happened to pick up the paper that the person next to me left and this was on the front page of the “Entertainment” section. i kind of laughed to myself a little bit about how ridiculous all this Beyonce baby coverage is, it’s like the 2nd coming of chr*st or something…. but then,i get home today and log onto here just for a few minutes of sh*ts and giggles and whadda ya know?? another story about this stupid baby bump mis-adventure. sooo, i couldn’t help myself this time, i had to look , i had to see what all the fuss was about……
    and seriously, people….
    HOLY. CRAP….
    that looks crazy and weird and i dont even know wtf. seriously.

    and for those of you who are on here saying, “omg you guys, i can’t understand why grown adults care about this and blah blah blah and blah blah blah…” you know why we-grown adults-are talking about this –
    come on!!! get over it, she’s an attention wh*re, always has been, always will. she loves the attention a nice, big, pretty bump gets her and so that’s what she’s going with. it keeps getting her photographed which keeps getting her in the news which helps keep her in peoples minds which helps her iTunes sales which all culminates into more interviews and more press and it all goes round and round. duh.

  104. KB_explosion says:

    someone get love angelina a doobie, STAT. homegirl is going to pop a vein over beyonce.

    here’s my two cents:
    -she IS preggo
    -she’s not showing in a way that’s -flattering or babylike (ie it looks like she’s had one too many burritos)
    -she’s wearing a foam (similar to shoulder pads)belly over her real preggo belly so that the bump is more pronounced
    -homegirl can sing, but her famewhoring ways are irking me (and probably jay-z too…i’d love to hear HIS take on this circus)

    so where’s that doobie, y’all?

  105. ronnie says:

    Woo! There are alot of comments on here, ok first thing is first. I adore Beyonce, have since Writings on the Wall. Anyways, I think she’s lost her mind since this album was kind of a flop. It was her trigger for more publicity, before she didn’t need it.

    Anyways, Theory 1: She is actually pregnant but wanted a big reveal so she padded it only for the VMA’s then had to keep up with the belly. I imagine B in her dressing room with a variety of bellies everywhere and she can’t keep up with where her size should be so she accidentally grabbed a six month one and winged it.

    Theory 2 (crazy theory): Let’s all agree that Beyonce is a thick woman and she would not have the pregnancy of lets say… Gwenyth. She would have a similar pregnancy as Mariah Carey, meaning she would blow the f up. She is a workaholic and doesn’t want to lose all the time so she hired a surrogate. She wants her cake and eat it too!

  106. Camille says:

    I’m buying what you’re selling Kaiser- I agree with you.
    Beyonce is a straight up famewhore in my opinion.

  107. Onyx XV says:

    Beyonce’s rep forgot to add “hilarious” to that list of adjectives – this whole ridiculous story is a hoot, no matter what the truth! LOL!

  108. yes please says:

    why are people so blind to say its the dress, how could it be, she came out the dress was tight on her fake bump, she sat down it folded the bounced back into shape clearly memory foam.. why is it so hard for you to accept whay your eyes have seen.. as for the beach shot ohh pls that was far away looked like she was pushing her gut out, yet on the same day she refused to have a close up of the bump by hiding it with her oversize bag.fake fake fake just like her weave, just like her nose, just like her boobs, just like her writing skills, just like her dance stealing moves.. she thought she could fool the world but this will only work with her die hard fans the rest of us not stuck up her butt can clearly see a big ass fake belly fold… lol

  109. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Praise You think a grown ass woman is wearing a fake pregnancy stomach and I sound irrational. You need to reevaluate that.

    How is her stomach big when she sits down? The deflating is one thing but how did she reflate it? Memory form doesn’t collapse in on it self and if something under her dress collapsed in on it self why then did we not see something re-inflating as she was sitting down?

    None of you have made any logical sense today because your addictions to drama are over ridding common sense. If you or anybody can explain how Bey’s stomach collapsed in on it self yet we don’t see it pop back up like it was filled with air or something, or slowly rise back up as memory form has a tendency to do, then I will f*cking believe you. I am telling you guys it was her dress’s material.

  110. Psyren says:

    I swear some of you blindly worship this woman so much that she could tell you she poops rainbows like nyan cat and you’d be right behind her big ass looking for the pot of gold.

    Something is up with her pregnancy. I think she’s pregnant but this bump in this video is clearly collapsing in on itself. I agree with most of you, I think she’s trying to appear more pregnant than she is but I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out to see why. Though famewhoring is my guess too Kaiser.

  111. Joe's Mom says:

    “B” stated her theory/plan in the recent Harper’s Bazaar article, (which you posted a couple of days ago on this site) as follows:
    On revealing her bump at the VMAs: “I put a lot of thought into how I wanted to unveil it. It was important to me that I was able to do it myself… I was extremely nervous. It was the toughest red carpet I ever did. I didn’t want a crazy picture or gossip story to break the news… so I decided to say nothing and proudly show my baby bump. I felt it was more powerful to see the love and enthusiasm as opposed to saying anything.” In other words, she didn’t want to gradually get “fat”-looking, as you do in early pregnancy, and have people speculating about her weight-gain. She wanted to control it by having a perfect bod one day, and have a nice, round, obvious bump when she was ready and able to reveal her world- exclusive pregnancy. Padding was the answer. Just a minor detail.

  112. jane16 says:

    Wow! Hilarious thread! Somethin’ is definitely going on with her baby bump, and its not just the red dress pix. A couple of people (Meg & Joe) have mentioned the 3rd pic in the thread where she’s wearing the black sparkly jacket thats unzipped to her navel. WTF is that weird horizontal thing going across her much lighter colored belly area???

    Also, I clicked on the bikini in Croatia pic someone kindly linked upthread. There is a whitish line running across her belly right above the the V in her bikini bottoms. It could be a silver belly necklace I guess, but again, WTF?

    Lastly, I clicked on Cheyennes jezebel link. Really good closeups. No way that is “the dress folding into itself”. Another oddity I notice is the way she sits down, with her head way down LOOKING AT HER BELLY. Who sits down like that…pregnant or not? This woman is a well honed publicity machine and she was sitting down on a tv show for heavens sake.

    If she doesn’t want everyone speculating about her pregnancy, she could easily solve this problem by dressing like a normal pregnant woman.

  113. Kim says:

    I dont see why adopting or announcing surogacy would be considered bad. That is really sad if that is how people feel or if this is what Beyonce is doing (pretending to be preggers). Im not saying she is – i have no idea. I just know that bump was not entirely a baby – no way no how. Yes every pregnancy is different but no baby stomach deflates and does what hers did when you sit – it does not happen. It doesnt make you any more of a woman to have a baby of your own. The real test of a woman is stepping up and raising a child regardless of where that child came from.

    Im hoping she is just trying to throw people of how far along she is/her due date. I wouldnt want to deny her happiness if she is pregnant & she very well may be – but she was wearing something funky under that dress.

  114. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “You think a grown ass woman is wearing a fake pregnancy stomach”

    yes, and I’m clearly not the only one.

    “and I sound irrational.”

    yup, and I’m not the only one that thinks THAT, either. I also wasn’t the first one to say it.

    the visual evidence is clear. for whatever reason (you’re a fan, I guess) you choose not to see it for what it is.

  115. Ajanni says:

    Please get your facts straight if you want to be seen as a reputable blogger. ’4′ is actually Bey’s best reviewed album. It was however the lowest selling of her career. She chose to go off the beaten path of recycled pop music and make r&b music again. It’s a matter of taste but the album is actually pretty good.

  116. the original bellaluna says:

    If a pregnant tum is doing that, one needs to get oneself to a hospital tout suite.

    Pregnant tums DO NOT fold or bend or collapse. They are hard, solid little containers of baby.

    That is all.

  117. fwiw says:

    This is just too weird. A pregnant belly does not collapse like that. It is hard not soft and squishy like Beyonce’s. What happened in that video does not happen in a normal pregnancy. She’s wearing a pad, that’s the only explanation and I don’t care why she’s doing it but it is beyond crazy and stupid of her to do this. I’ve always thought of her as a nice and mature celebrity but after this my opinion of her has hit rock bottom. She’s crazy. There is no excuse for her lies … whatever the reason might be.

    Too bad because I thought she had a sweet pregnancy story there and then this. I’m very disappointed in her. People in hollywood are just weird and crazy.

  118. LeeLoo says:

    My best friend was one of those people who didn’t look the least bit pregnant until she got into her 6th month then she really ballooned. Some women are like that and I am betting Bey is too. She needs to not try so hard though. I don’t know why she feels the need to have the bump. It’s tacky.

  119. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Praise I have been studying optical illusions in art school and you wouldn’t believe some of the images and videos that seem to show one thing but display another. The human eye is quite tricky.

    The human soul is quite tricky as well. You and the people who think I am irrational seem to lack compassion and couldn’t wait to attack this girl during a wonderful time in her life over BS. I however took the time to study the video and its clearly her dress, well not clearly, because a lot of people are confused. It can’t be helped I am into these kinds of things, determining whether something is myth, lie, rumor, and fact is kinda my thing.

    If you need to believe this idiotic story…go right ahead.

  120. Brits says:


    She is a famewhore. This pregnancy will be shoved down our throughts. But she might go into hiding now, that her bump has deflated. Bumps don’t deflate, they are FIRM. Like someone said on another website, she should just let the pregnancy just be, instead of wearing padded stomach for the allusion of a bigger stomach.


    I hope you get your eyes fixed, your idol, has a fishy pregnancy. ANYBODY without clouded glasses can SEE it.

  121. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, I’m familiar with the idea of optical illusions. this is not one of those. the more you argue this the more…well, you didn’t like the term irrational, so…insert your own equivalent there.

    I’m not attacking her. I’m attacking her ridiculous attempt to fool people into thinking that was a real baby belly. Having a child should be a happy time for her, but if she pulls stunts like this, people will call her on it.

    “determining whether something is myth, lie, rumor, and fact is kinda my thing”

    funny, yesterday you said something about how “journalism is my thing” and how good you were at tracing sources. you then asked for a better source for the guns-in-Hungary story than US Weekly.

    In less than a minute, I found an AP story that had quotes from Hungarian officials (by name and title) as well as a quote from someone on the Hungarian production team. for someone whose “thing” is journalism, I’m surprised you didn’t find that story.

    so, forgive me for doubting your abilities when you say that “determining whether something is myth, lie, rumor, and fact is kinda my thing”.

  122. Cheyenne says:

    As a couple of people already observed upthread, no matter how big or how small you are carrying, pregnant abdomens do not collapse when you sit down. And if it does, you’d better get to a hospital stat, because what you’re carrying is a lot of air, not a baby.

    “Collapsing babies”…. :roll:

  123. Firecracker says:


    Way, way up in the thread, stan = obsessed fan, thanks! I’ve seen that lately and didn’t know what it meant.

    Also, the look on her face in the video is priceless after she sits down! Busted and she knew it! I’m with everyone who thinks she’s pg but wants everyone to oooh and aaah over the bump.

  124. prissa says:

    @Love Angelina

    A quick google search easily provides a lot of companies that provide fake prosthetic pregnancy bellies. There are the FOAM padded kind that uses a strap system to stay in place (that kind would collapse and is said to be for the woman who will “avoid close contact with the people surrounding her”), full silicone prosthetic pregnancy belly (that can be dyed to match skin tone and feels like a real pregnant belly) and a silicone foam prosthetic belly (cheaper than the full silicone / harder to maintain).

    There is even a site that sells the kind that is a belly/boob combo and a belly that has mechanical simulated baby movements inside it!!

    A few sites are: &

    So even in the “real world” these kind of things are not unheard of (obviously). Imagine what someone of Beyonce’s status (if she chose to) could afford to have custom made for her.

    Just a voice of reason – not saying Bey’s is real or fake. It really doesn’t matter to me, I just like reading ppls comments. LMAO!

  125. Adrien says:

    Bey’s preg, but her belly size not that huge. I agree, she’s exaggerating it. Someone spotted her a few days bef VMA and her tummy’s flat as a pancake. Then her VMA belly was noticeably big and then shrunk a week after (Croatian vacay)and then ballooned big time for the Aus interview.

  126. Victoria says:

    Karma 2011 is official. Finally she is getting the backlash she has been able to evade for so long. She shoulda kept Daddy Ratty Matty..

  127. jane16 says:

    I think I’m leaning towards the fake pregnancy/surrogacy theory. There are two many weird photos of this pregnancy. Anyway, people in the entertainment industry are so freaking fake, and always have been, that nothing would surprise me.

  128. Debsa says:

    I don’t understand her padding her belly.

    Pregnant is pregnant…

  129. Riana says:


    Thanks for the links! I knew such sites probably existed but wow.

    I think there’s a baby in Beyonce, I just think she’s a famewhore who needed the boost for her PR.

    I can’t imagine what a woman who only had the adoption wearing one of those for 8 months how emotionally and mentally exhausting that’d be.

  130. honeybunz says: beyonce says she was pregnant at glastnbury in june 27 2011 which means if she was already pregnant in june even if just barely shes due in the end of march…if she was further along shed be due in the beg of march…either way whether she was pregnant anywhere from the beginning to end of june shes due in the beginning to the end of march maybe even early april!! Looks like beypoopy cant keep her lies in accordance together!! When will she just stop already?!

  131. Blondie says:

    @Love Angelina



  132. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:


  133. Alix says:

    The story’s so ridiculous, no one in Bey’s camp can muster up a sense of humor about it?

  134. Cheyenne says:

    Didn’t see announce her pregnancy months ago? She should be very noticeably pregnant by this time — if she really is pregnant.

    Once again, for those who missed it:

    That is NOT a baby bump!
    Baby bumps are round and firm.
    They do NOT look like a collapsing inner tube!

  135. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I agree with some of the comments, I’m not denying she is pregnant but she was not far along for anyone to even notice, I have seen Beyonce look more pregnant before her weight loss than when she was pictured in the white two piece bathing suit. I think she padded to make the big reveal. She’s not a dumb girl she knows I will debut my fake I mean baby bump at the MTV awards where everyone will talk about it. This puts her name out there and more people may even be interested in her failed “4″ Album. Until she revealed her pregnancy no one was really checking for Bey as much. Rhianna was raining on all the mags and articles etc. I’m not a stan or fan but really how can you believe a person who lies, steals and calls it her own. Is it really beyond her to stretch the truth about her pregnancy? I think not.

  136. Jaye E says:

    I’m not a Beyonce “Stan”, I just think the over the top speculation is dumb.

  137. Nonny says:

    Did someone actually use the words intelligent and Beyonce in the same paragraph?

  138. sam says:

    Having just looked at the stills again I have a new theory emerging in my brain.

    I think that there is a panel in the lining of the dress possibly to smooth out her shape (or even hide her belly button if its popped or herniated with the pregnancy)or even add extra belly as everyone says. I think if it was a full on prosthetic it would bend towards the middle, not sag downwards as it appears in the first of the stills

    It droops over her legs far too early to look like a collapsing fake bump which I think would squish in the middle and possibly even look more concave along the top part. She is not bent over far enough in the first still to compress a prosthetic like that. Its more like the fabric droops awkwardly and heavily due to a lining which then begins to squish more as she becomes more crouched.

    Add to that a little extra body fat (eating extra) and the fact that the panel doesn’t go all the way around the dress and overall effect is squishy fake belly.

    Does that make sense? ….

  139. Peanut says:

    I think surrogate. Would she really risk messing up her body/belly? (speaking as a Mom of one here. You can bounce back to be gorgeous but some things are just never the same)

  140. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    @ Praise and Rhiana. Bless you both and I agree with what you are saying.

    @love Angelina – until you can prove otherwise, your words are just your opinion, not fact.

    The difference: those who are theorizing in opposition to what you claim can readily agree and admit that without hard, absolute facts, it is only their theory/opinion. But in their defense, there is more general evidence supporting their claims than that of your own.

    Let’s address your claims earlier that Jay Z is a good husband to Beyonce. You can not prove that.

    I’m not saying he is. I’m not saying he isn’t.

    But you can not PROVE your words simply based on what you think you do or don’t see. Unless you are there, physically with them at every moment of the day – YOU, dear child, can not prove your statement. There for, it is your OPINION that you believe Jay Z is a good husband to Beyonce. Also it is your opinion that Beyonce wasn’t wearing prosthesis. You believe that it was the way the dress moved/fit as she sat down.

    Belief and opinion do not equal facts.

  141. MissVJJ says:

    I study optical illusions.. Lmao

  142. jane16 says:

    Oh gosh, just saw this & had to share with you guys:

    Scroll down & Look at the set of 3 pix of her in front of her chair. Look at the placement of both her arms on either side of her fake preggers belly. Her arms are actually squishing the “bump”!!! You cannot squish a real pregnant belly between your arms. Its ridiculous, how fake this looks. There’s also a still of the “oh shit” look on her face after she sits. Check it out.

  143. sassy says:

    well…..i’m preggers too. Sometimes I get so constipated I look far more pregnant than I really am. I dunno if this helps. But this is the funniest conspiracy theory I’ve heard!

  144. Mila says:

    This is so ridiculous and funny. When i read this i just started laughing like crazy.

  145. corey says:

    Wow 148 comments and counting, people are really into this fake bump sh-t.

  146. treasa says:

    Maybe the ‘oh shit’ face means she farted when she started to sit down??

  147. japangel says:

    It would not matter how big or small you or your husband are when you are 3 mos. along in a pregnancy because fetuses are all the same size at that point.

    Being slender w/ flat tummy and showing immediately with a 1st pregnancy is generally a result of weak abdominal muscles (thus the reason both slender and heavy mothers show sooner with subsequent pregnancies). You can be tall and thin with a flat tummy and weak abs, BTW. That would be me, LOL!

    Or, if you are tall but have long legs and a shorter torso, this can also make you show sooner, even with a 1st. That would be me as well.

    With Beyonce’s abdominal muscle tone pre-preg and this being her first pregnancy I highly doubt she is showing as much as portrayed. She is padding. I have 4 kids, been a mother for 15 years and have been around more pregnant women of all shapes and sizes than I care to count. Never seen a stomach fold, unless the mom was obese and it was rolls of FAT folding, LOL.