Bob Geldof hates his grandson’s name (LOL), begs Peaches to change it

Bob Geldof Peaches Geldof

While Bob Geldof has essentially looked the same for the past couple of decades, I feel the need to clarify that this is a very recent photo of Bob from 4/13 in Dublin. Not that it truly matters because I view photos of Bob Geldof in the same way that I see pictures of Rosie O’Donnell — if you’ve seen one photo, you’ve essentially seen them all.

Anyway, Bob is coming out of one of his quieter phases to raise hell again. As Kaiser reported about a week ago, Bob recently became a first-time grandfather after his middle daughter, Peaches, gave birth to a baby boy, which she and boyfriend Thomas Cohen named Astala Dylan Willow Cohen-Geldof. However, it’s not all sunshine and hippie roses for Bob, who has actually spoken out about how much he vehemently dislikes his grandson’s name, and he wants Peaches to come to her senses and change Astala’s name to something more masculine. This is pretty rich coming from the King of Bad Baby Names, right? While it seems strange for me to be defending Peaches in any way (other than to congratulate her on a healthy baby boy), I think it’s time for Bob to STFU:

Bob Geldof Peaches Geldof

He’s hardly one to talk about unusual baby names, having gone against the grain for all of his own three daughters. But Sir Bob Geldof has certainly been left less than impressed about his daughter Peaches’ taste in names. The Boomtown Rats legend hates his grandson’s title so much, he’s even been begging her to change it.

Peaches gave birth to her first child last week and named the little boy Astala Dylan Willow Cohen-Geldof – a name both herself and her fiance Thomas Cohen had picked out before he was even born.

But she clearly doesn’t have her father’s agreement, as he pokes fun at the bizarre name and reveals he has asked the couple to think again. He told The Sun: “Yuck! What’s he going to be called in school? Ass? Stella? It’s a girl’s name, let’s face it.”

Sir Bob could even be blamed for starting the trend of having unusual names in his family. He has a daughter, Fifi Trixibelle, 29, who they named Fifi after his aunt’s name and Trixibelle because his late ex-wife Paula Yates wanted a belle in the family. They then also had 23-year-old Peaches, who has the middle name Honeyblossom, as well as youngest daughter, Little Pixie, 21.

But Geldof has defended his own odd name choices because they all mean something and have special reasons for them. And although he is not a fan of the tot’s given name, Bob is ecstatic that he finally has a boy in the family, branding it “great.” He added to The Sun: “I’ve swam in oestrogen my entire life, and now finally a little chap comes along.”

Peaches announced the happy news she had given birth last week on her Twitter page. She wrote: “yes, it’s true – I’M A MUMMY!” And added: “My little boy is the most beautiful thing in this world. When he holds @tomfromscum’s finger with his hand its the sweetest thing ever.”

A few weeks before the birth, Peaches told Hello! magazine they had chosen out Astala’s name. She said: “We found Astala in a baby name book – quite an obscure one. This is going to be a very stylish baby. I wanted a Jewish name because my fiance is a Jew and the name is the male version of Esther.”

[From Daily Mail]

The way I see it, Bob had three shots at naming children, and he failed miserably on all occasions. While it could be argued that it may have been Paula Yates who came up with all these awful names (after all, she did name her subsequent daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence with Michael Hutchence), Bob has always been a bit of a stubborn old man and would certainly never let someone else name his children without considerable input from himself. So what I’m saying is this — Bob totally named his kids Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom, and Pixie. In comparison, Astala is not that bad at all. It’s not great, but it could be much worse.

Here’s a photo (from Peaches’ Twitter) of the customized cake at her baby shower. Yeah, the kid might get a little bit of hell for his name but nothing in comparison to what Peaches and her sisters have lived with for their entire lives.

Bob Geldof Peaches Geldof

Bob Geldof Peaches Geldof

Bob Geldof Peaches Geldof

Photos courtesy of WENN, Twitter

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  1. lower-case deb says:

    dear god. looks like something out of

    please tell me that’s something homemade-amateurish-maybe-mum-made-it-herself-without-her-plus-glasses-on
    not some store-bought thing.

    • truetalk says:

      There is no excuse for that cake. It definitely shouldn’t have been photographed.

      • CindyBman says:

        Seriously? You guys are snarking about the cake? It definitely looks like a homemade cake and I think it’s sweet. Would you rather see a Kardashian-style Kake that would be allll about the cake rather than the blessed event?

      • Candyland says:

        Dayum ladies. Cake looks homemade. Made with love. By an excited mom. My mom makes cakes like that. Much nicer then some boring sterile cake from Publix.

      • Candyland says:

        CindyBman, your right. Kardashians would make a Kake with a capital K.

        I get all mushy happy seeing a happy homemade cake that somebody LOVED and made for someone they LOVED. And darned if Peaches don’t sound all loved up about her new baby. Never would have thought it of her. So better yet if Peaches made it all excited about her baby instead of being obsessed about her navel/drugs.

      • gg says:

        I think I’ve had many many more bland bakery cakes and really never a bad homemade cake, so I’ll have to say this cake looks great to me.

      • Tara says:

        Team leave-the-cake-alone! I think that homemade cake is charming for its lack of pretension. Yea peaches and family!

    • Carolyn says:

      That’s one seriously ugly cake. My 10-year old daughter decorates cakes better than that.

  2. Ravensdaughter says:

    Oh, is Bob quite the old curmudgeon! He could be a busker in the Tube! All the more reason for him to zip it about his daughter’s family decisions….

  3. jc126 says:

    I have to agree. it is a terrible name, and does sound like a girl’s name, Astala. So does Willow for a middle name.

    • Amea says:

      I don’t know, she sounded like she had her own perfectly acceptable reasoning for the name…her fiance is Jewish, she wanted a Jewish name, and it’s actually the masculine form of a name (Esther). AND they chose it TOGETHER. As far as the first name goes I think Peaches and her fiance did alright. It might be one of those things where people don’t like a name because its different from their culture and thus they’ve never heard it before and think it’s awful. I don’t even mind the middle name Willow except that I think people only really need 1 middle name…I’m all for culture-specific and gender-neutral sounding names.

      *edited for the zillions of typos I made

      • Candyland says:

        Yay to your reasoning.

        Willow probably won’t even be used/heard.

        Astala is masculine and so is Dylan.

        And anybody who names their kid Fifi Trixibelle instead of nicknaming her that needs to be thankful that Peaches didn’t name her kid after her sister.

      • ol cranky says:

        IDK I think, if she wanted to honor the father’s Jewish religion/tradition, she would have named the baby Paul after her mother

    • gg says:

      Didn’t Pete Dougherty name his son “Estil” or “Astil”? Sounds kinda close to me.

      Anyway, Bob has NO ROOM TO TALK about baby names! LOL – honey please.

    • Tara says:

      Meh. There’s a Dylan in there. He can always opt to go by that.

  4. L says:

    STFU bob. You gave your kids horrible names that ‘have meaning to you’. Well your grandchild’s name (whether I like it or not) has meaning to the parents.

    And while the rest of us can make comments, once the kid is born grandparents need to get with the program and not make snarky comments to the press.

  5. brin says:

    Guess he passed on the horrible name gene.

  6. Nance says:

    For a moment I though she named her kid LOL. Pfiou! We never know with these kind of person…

  7. Chatcat says:

    I am going with this as my theme of the day “you reap what you sow” as I referenced to on the Beyonce thread. Good ole Bob is just sore because it is the first male in his direct family and its not the name “he” would have stuck the kid with he thinks he could have done better (which I would suspect in this case is something the kid would have been saddled with worst then Astla)…oh these poor celebrity children.

  8. Monkey Jim says:

    I know someone who used to work for Sir Bob’s production company (I don’t think he’s involved with it any more). Apparently he was a lovely man who remembered everyone’s name, and he also threw a kick-ass summer party where he stayed to the end, danced like a maniac and told dirty showbiz anecdotes.

    Plus he has four high maintenance daughters so think he can be forgiven for being a miserable git sometimes.

    • jc126 says:

      Let’s not forget, he even adopted the child of his ex-wife who cheated on him with the guy she later had a child with, saying it was the right thing to do, to adopt his daughter’s sibling. A LOT of guys would’ve stayed far away, I believe.

      • fabgrrl says:

        I’ve always admired him for doing that.

      • Scal says:

        And then making sure her grandparents from her mother’s side could never see her, and then having her name legally changed as a infant basically erasing any connection from her life.

        Right. Real winner there.

      • fabgrrl says:

        @Scal – sorry, hon. You are totally off there. Sir Bob had the approval of the girl’s grandparents. She wasn’t formally adopted, and had her name changed, until she was 11 years old. That is an age when courts begin to consider children reasonable and let them have a bit of say in their lives. So I’m guessing the adoption was something she wanted.

      • Carolyn says:

        Tiger would have had a much better, more stable and normal upbringing with Michael’s family here in Australia. Those step sisters would be rotten rolemodels to a young girl who has been orphaned. Bob hated Michael with a passion. He did this purely to spite Michael’s family. I have zero respect for him.

    • says:

      I agree with Scal. The man tried to save the world but he orgot about what should have been the most important thing to him, his kids. I don’t care how much money he rasied he was sh-t father to those girls and it’s no wonder they came out the way they did.

      And giving Tiger Lily to him wasnt exactly the wisest move either. This is a man who hates Hutchence and by all accounts has tried to erase the man’s memory from her life. The account those grandparents told a few years back was so sad. What kind of a monster would tke his hate out on a little girl? She derserves to know about him. It’s not her fault Paula left Bob for him.

      • CC says:

        Eh, she can easily look up info about him, and knowing your “blood family” isn’t always positive, you don’t get to pick those people, ever. But the ones that choose you and treat you right? The only reason why blood family is your “family” is because someone they had sex with or the product of their sex had sex with someone else and resulted in that. Hardly a calling card, no credentials checked before those people are deemed acceptable to be your family.

        I find it more commendable that Bob was willing to legally claim her as his own instead of keeping her in not-even-stepdaughter territory. Besides, at least on the surface, couts look into suitability of adoption, no such investigation is done into blood parents.

      • Carolyn says:

        I just saw your post after putting mine up. Agree with you x 100. There is nothing at all wrong with Michael’s parents….Tiger should have gone to them. I’m not giving Bob an inch on this one. Also…basically none of the millions we all gave him for Band Aid/Live Aid got to the starving people we were trying to save. Where did the money go, Bob?

  9. Leticia says:

    I’m with Bob on this one. Heck, she should have just named her baby boy “Sue” like the Johnny Cash song.

  10. Syko says:

    At least it’s not “Astala Vista”.

  11. Trillion says:

    Does anyone else think “My fiancé is a Jew” sounds weird? “My fiancé is Jewish” sounds much better somehow.

  12. Lucky Charm says:

    Maybe he thinks the middle name Dylan is for Bob Dylan, and he’s just upset they didn’t name him after grandpa, lol!

  13. lucy2 says:

    Astala is not a good name, IMO, but it’s WAY better than the names he gave his daughters! Oh to go through life as Fifi Trixibelle. That’s a ridiculous name for a dog, let alone a human.

  14. fabgrrl says:

    Well, people are FAR more likely to give unusual, obscure, or made-up names to girls than to boys. You see, a boy will be a MAN and therefore his name is important. But a girl can be given a cute, fluffy name because she is a doll, a pet, a pretty object who won’t be active or important in the public sphere. Perhaps this is where Bob is coming from?

  15. layla says:

    While Fifi, Peaches and Pixie are ridiculous and names better suited to dogs than people….. they are undoubtedly female.

    I would never in a million years have guessed Astala Willow was a boy.

    But, each to their own. And as Bob himself noted…. if it has meaning to the parents it really doesn’t make it any different to William, John or Bob.

    • lower-case deb says:

      well, this is a country where there’s a guy called Evelyn Waugh, and boys who go by Kelly and Ashley

      • says:

        As an Ashley (an American Ashley so therefore a girl) I realized a long time ago that my name first started off as a boy’s name so I won’t fault them on that. As for Evelyn Waugh and “Kelly”s (which I acutally don’t hear of any more in the UK), again could be a change of the times and those names were adopted by the girls.

      • The Other Katherine says:

        Evelyn was traditionally a man’s given name (pronounced EEEVE-eh-lynn, not EHHV-eh-lynn), which was later popularized (with the EHHV-eh-lynn pronunciation) as a woman’s name. Similarly, Meredith was traditionally a man’s given name, later popularized for women. Ashley, Lindsey, Kelly, and Shannon are all surnames, and in past centuries it was relatively common in upper-class families of British descent to use family surnames as given names for male children. In the last 50 years, some of those surnames have become popular as female given names. Spellings like “Ashleigh” and “Lyndsey” are simply modern spelling variants, and people commonly feel freer to be “creative” in spelling choices for girls’ names. It’s not that these modernized spellings are somehow the “proper” version for girls’ names while the traditional spelling is a boy’s name.

    • Bodhi says:

      Ashley is a male name, Ashleigh is the feminine version there of.

      I’m from South Carolina & males named Lynsey, Shannon & Ashley are very common & not at all unusual. My name is Sasha which is actually a male name.

      All that being said, Astala isn’t my cup of tea…

  16. Adrien says:

    Bob kinda has a point. Astala is a girl’s name. It’s bad enough that Astala’s dad, Thomas wears bloomers, now you have to deal with a girly name. I remember having a classmate named Joy Love and he was constantly mocked for that name.

  17. Peachy Kean says:

    I’ve been told by a Brit friend that, in England, boys with “odd” names are terribly ridiculed by their peer group. Although it sounds sexist (given the names of the Geldof girls), I think Sir Bob is only thinking of his grandson’s ego…?

    • fabgrrl says:

      That’s not limited to England.

    • jc126 says:

      I think he might be, and the parents should be too. I don’t like Fifi or Peaches or any of the dopey girl’s names, but at least they weren’t given a name that would, however unfairly, be mocked in the way that a boy given a feminine name would be. They weren’t named Boris or Earl or some really masculine-sounding name.

  18. KJ says:

    Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches and Pixie?

    STFU Bob Geldof. You lost your say in naming babies a long time ago.

  19. Courtney says:

    Peaches could’ve used one of her middle names had she wanted to as in Angel Charlotte or Vanessa had she not liked her name. Bob has no room to be critcal of his daughters name choice for her child

  20. Happy21 says:

    I think that it sounds like a girls’ name but with his history of naming his children, he can hardly say anything.

    He is a wonderful man and really can do no wrong in my book so that’s all 🙂

  21. Valerie says:

    Did you know that Pixie isn’t actually Pixie’s first name? It’s her middle name. Her full name is Little Pixie Geldof.

    Exactly. Bob needs to SIT DOWN.

    • Candyland says:

      My mom says there used to be a character in Green Giant commercials called Little Green Sprout. And that Little Pixie Geldof reminds her of that.

  22. Princess Lizabeth says:

    Geldof, you old git! No comments from you about names!

  23. Eleonor says:

    Astala is not that good, but he also has Dylan to save him. And please Bob STFU, you named your daughters Peaches and Pixie.

  24. Str8Shooter says:

    LMAO! He’s upset about the kid’s name? And he thought ‘Peaches’ was a good one?

    Man is this guy CLUELESS.

    Oh…and kudos to Mom for making that cake. Made with LOVE.

  25. Day says:

    When celebrities give their kids stupid ass names, they are pretty much confirming they won’t be productive members of society. Just trust fund babies. It is even worse when non celebrities do it because their kids will have to work one day. I wish people would consider what it will be like for their child to go through like with a dumb ass name.

    Peaches, Pixie? Really?

  26. skuddles says:

    It’s a lovely name but yes, a bit on the feminine side. Can see lots of folks assuming he’s a she, on paper at least.

    Geez, used to have such a crush on Bob Geldof…. anybody see him in the Pink Floyd The Wall movie??? Hotness! Now, not so much.

  27. Bad Fairy says:

    “My fiance’ is a Jew.”
    Not my fiance’ is Jewish. or
    We want to honor my fiance’s heritage and religion. Gosh this girl is pure class isn’t she?

  28. Ramona Q says:

    that name says, “my parents are ridiculous & pretentious people”

    might as well be a sign around the kid’s neck

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    Man, I loved me some Boomtown Rats. Up all night…oooh zha zha…one of my all-time faves.

    Brings back memories.

  30. ak138 says:

    “What’s he going to be called in school?”

    Seems like maybe that the least of this kid’s problems.

  31. Maxx says:

    If the name is the most of her problems right now she’s doing pretty good. I hope this is a new beginning for her……

  32. says:

    I agre with the others “my fiance is a Jew” sounds terribly anti-semetic. Maybe it’s a cultural thing but when you use Jew like that it sounds like an insult. But maybe the Brits use it like that?

    • Bodhi says:

      But he IS a Jew. I have Jewish friends who refers to themselves as Jews all the time. I just don’t see how its offensive. It is a noun & she is using it properly.

      Its my understanding that one can be a Jew & not practice Judaism. And the inverse is true as well. For example, my Irish Catholic aunt married a practicing Jew. She goes to synagogue & practices the faith, but she isn’t a Jew, she is Irish. Another example; one of our great friends, who is a practicing Jew, married a Japanese girl who converted to Judaism. She isn’t a Jew, she is Japanese. But she practices Judaism.

      Maybe its because my Jewish friends refer to themselves as Jews, but I just don’t understand how it is offensive.

    • Rll says:

      No, we don’t. We say “he’s Jewish”. Saying “he’s a Jew” sounds finger-pointingly excruciating to ‘us Brits’ as well

    • The Other Katherine says:

      As far as I can tell, saying that someone who is Jewish is a Jew is offensive only if you believe that there is something wrong with being a Jew. It’s both a religious and an ethnic identity. The reason saying “So-and-so is a Jew” sounds offensive to people is that we’ve bought into the nonsense of anti-semites who believe that Jews are racially inferior and that therefore it’s an insult to say that someone is, in fact, a Jew. People who think that the term “Jewish” is neutral while “Jew” is somehow magically offensive may be thinking that the adjective describes an aspect of the person (i.e., their faith and maybe their ethnic heritage), while the noun represents everything that the person is (i.e., the ethnicity stands as a complete descriptor of the person). But that’s like saying it’s offensive to say “So-and-so is a doctor” instead of “So-and-so has a medical degree.”

  33. Onyx XV says:

    Oh, that old b*tch Karma strikes again! 🙂

  34. Sue Curry says:

    I think the grandson’s name is Daft personally. He should have been named after Bob to be honest. As far as the names Bob picked out for his daughter’s I find them very sweet and warm.