K-Fed thinks he’s “America’s Most Hated”

K-Fed tried to declare that he’s up right up there with Osama with an on-stage stunt that was more hackneyed than anything Barbra Streisand could come up with. He had a member of his legion of hangers-on ask him during a performance at Hollywood’s House of Blues “Why does America hate you?”

Federline made the statement during a performance at Hollywood’s House of Blues Wednesday night.

Since the pair separated earlier this month, the 28-year-old has been vilified in the press as a gold-digging freeloader, capitalizing on his wife’s success and wealth.

But a packed house turned out to see a resilient Federline perform tracks from his debut album, Playing with Fire.

After lashing out at his detractors — shouting from the stage, “[Bleep] the haters, [bleep] the media, [bleep] the paparazzi” — Federline adapted lyrics to one of his songs. When a member of his entourage asked onstage, “Why does America hate you?” he replied, “Maybe because I took their queen. I am America’s most hated.”

At least he’s trying to capitalize on his punchline status and wants to turn himself into some sort of bad ass martyr. That seems kind of clever of him, but he’s just giving people more fodder to make fun of him. He further shows how out of touch he is by declaring Britney “queen.”

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  1. Toubrouk says:

    I guess K-Fed misunderstood America; he’s American’s most LOATHED. Hating someone need a lot of energy and that useless hack don’t deserve it.

  2. Solitaire says:

    god cant he PlEASE just disappear into obscurity where he belongs – rather dramatic – there are actual people doing very bad things in the US he is just an unbelievably stupid, wannabe, loser that people dont care about either way!

  3. Pecarrie says:

    He’s America’s most hated– if we can call him that, because he’s more apt to be america’s most forgotten– becaue he treated a woman like she was a donkey, becuase he’s an ass himself, and therefore he knows no better. That’s why he can’t understand ‘what’s wrong with it’ and why we don’t like him…..he has to make vague guesses. It’s beyond his comprehension now, and it will remain so, until he manages to grow and understand his problem.
    But, I am not excluding Britney’s responsibility for getting herself into this mess.
    I venture to say that’s why she and Paris get along- they’re both having fun bashing the sleeze balls they date as though bad things happen ot them, when really, they just arent internally ‘ready’ for or capable of selecting and builing HEALTHY relationships with good men yet. It’s not just fun and attraction, as these two seem to think….
    It’s a matter of time, both for K-fade, and for Britney. (and Paris, if that’s fathomable)

  4. Fleegle says:

    Pecarrie, well put.

    Kevin, the reason we hold such little regard for you is the way you treat women, even more than all of your other neglected immature emotional problems. The “I don’t care about anything” act further vilifies you. So, if you really don’t care? — then shut your trap. You’re making it far worse everytime you offer up more excuses.

  5. D- says:

    I don’t get it because he ain’t the first guy or women who married someone in celebrity world. JLo took someone husband and I don’t hear all of this backlash to her skeleton husband. He is the walking dead with cave in cheeks.

  6. paris herpes says:

    Britney let herself get duped by this clown, worst of all, she let him impregnate her…TWICE! She must be the dumbest girl in the world, cause he’s a fucking class A LOSER. But I’m thinkin well, they’re both white trash, they were a match made in trailer park heaven!

  7. paris herpes says:

    Uh, actually, D, Marc Anthony is famous in Latin America, he was married to Dayanara Torres who was Miss Universe years ago. He left her for J. Ho…so he’s not a total unknown, he already had buckets of money when they met.

  8. lyric says:

    How nice the little worm has something to be proud of.

  9. Mr. T says:

    I’m actually beginning to like K-Fed more than Brit Brit. Brit continues her downward spiral while K-Fed sits on the heap of trash he already is. Both of them are pure white trash.

  10. VIX says:

    Pls stop with all the Kevin updates already… he doesnt even deserve a space on anyone’s site anymore. He’s a total scumbag… soon after brit finds a new beau, we probably will never hear about kevin and his broke ass ever again.

  11. shannon says:

    Is this the only thing F-Fed thinks he can be number 1 at?Sorry to disappoint you Kev but from what I read my guess is your still only in second place.I think president Bush just barely kept you out of the number 1 spot for most hated.But hey got to give you credit for trying.Here’s a tip keep being the ass you’ve been so far about your split from Britney and I’m pretty certain you’ll win that poll hands down.

  12. nina says:

    Fuckin world-class-cheesecake!!