Kim Kardashian & Kanye West are already looking at engagement rings, obviously

Here are some photos of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian from this past weekend that we simply never got around to talking about. I think this was Friday night in NYC. Kim and Kanye got pap’d (ha) coming out of a car, and Kanye’s pants were sliding off and I guess we were supposed to think that he and Kim were doing something dirty in the backseat. Which… I mean, I’ll go for some backseat bonin’ and all (I grew up in the South, y’all, most of my formative sexual experiences were in the backseats of cars), but I simply don’t buy that Kim and Kanye were doing anything that dirty. Kim’s leather pants look poured on – she probably needed the Jaws of Life to get her out of those things. My verdict: the most that happened in the backseat was a handy.

In other Kimye (eye-roll) news… well, there’s a lot. Bullet points? Sure!

*Hollywood Life says Kim is worried that Kanye is too controlling. A source tells HL, “Kanye is always asking her where she is and who she’s with. He’s always looking over her shoulder while she’s texting and asking her who she’s talking to. He’s being super controlling and she liked it at first but now she feels suffocated.” Er… that’s what happens when a dude knows you’re the kind of girl who will marry a dude you don’t love to further your famewhore, money-grabbing ways, all while cheating on your fiancé/husband! That was a complicated way of saying that Kanye knows Kim is a cheater – she already cheated on Kris Humphries WITH Kanye.

*Us Weekly claims that Kim and Kanye are “very serious” very quickly and that they’re ready to “pick out rings.” Just call her Jennifer Love Kardashian. A source tells Us Weekly, “they’re already talking marriage.” And Kim “wants to be with him as much as possible… They really know and love each other.” Thus, she’s coming on tour with ‘Ye and Jay-Z this summer. Because why not? Soon the Beyonce-Kim cage-fight will be upon us!

*In Touch Weekly has a weird story about Kim “falling for Kanye’s lies” because Kanye is “a player who’s been publicly accused of cheating” and a source says “he may be spoiling Kim and treating her like a princess, but he hasn’t changed. It’s all a lie!” Yeah, but when he was accused of cheating, wasn’t it by Amber Rose? And didn’t she claim he was cheating on her WITH Kim? Whatevs.

*OK Magazine put Kim on the cover and the story is completely weird and random and obviously false. They say Kim wants to adopt a baby from Armenia. At some point. And she wants a biological baby too, at some point. Blah.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Red Granny says:

    Don´t believe any of the stories. But hey, it´s Kim, so it´s possible that she is ready for second staged marriage.

    • k says:

      Kanye is 100% gay.

      • kazoo says:

        I agree. LOL. This faux relationship has solidified my belief that he’s gay. I think he’s in love with Jay Z, tbh.

      • hazeldazel says:

        Gay Fish is Gay.

        in opposite land: KK hates PR.


    • kazoo says:

      Third, honey. She wants everyone to forget about her first marriage when she was like 18 but it still happened. She’s been married twice.

      • Hubbahun says:

        Yep, fourth’d. ;D Thinking about it, it is the perfect sitch for both of them, she gets attention, he gets a lovely, hairy Armenian beard. Doesn’t matter about the sex cos according to those lovely Italian grannies, “she just lays there”. and how obvious is thw whole trousers down thing – URGH!! (I do like his blue velvet jacket though).

    • Mia says:

      Kim’s Fairytale Wedding Part II – She’s his Beyonce”

    • Mia says:

      Kim’s Fairytale Wedding Part II – She’s his Beyonce”

    • Fritzi Schnitzer says:


    • hazeldazel says:

      oh yeah, she was married for 4 years a few years ago.

      That’s right. For 4 years! This whole I gotta get married before I’m 30 and I wish I was married and I wish I knew true luv is all BS.

      FOUR years.

    • Dawning Red says:

      In Red Granny’s defense, she did say Kim’s second STAGED marriage. So yeah this will be her third marriage, but the first one wasn’t done for an E! payoff.

  2. Da Original Me! ;-) says:

    *Roll eyes*

    • Maguita says:

      Mine are stuck at looking up at my forehead… And not in a happy way.

      The two bottom pictures are funny though:
      1-The one before last looks like Kanye is “chimping” around Kim. You know, playing with his p-nis, and looking like he’s about to throw his poo at her.
      2-The second one, if you look to the other side of the car, I believe that is the driver, hanging his head down in shame… Because he had to unfortunately give Kim a hand… in handling Kanye.

      • Hubbahun says:

        Laughed for ten straight minutes at this – Maguita, you are a genius! :D

      • Katy says:

        I was thinking that same thing! hahahahah!!! He looks like an ape in that pic!

      • Maguita says:

        Glad I can amuse! Wish everyone would have the guts to turn their backs on those two. I already don’t watch any of the Kraps! show, but now I see I’ll have to stop listening to Kanye’s music as well.

      • Beatriz says:

        HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh Maguita, you slay me!

  3. mel2 says:

    Another disaster relationship waiting to happen.

  4. Dawning Red says:

    What is her fan club called? The Urine Nation?

  5. gee says:

    She should have just married him instead of Lurch. They could have HUGE public wedding, make 2 cute babies, she gets new clothing line, he gets max exposure. Divorce happens, he writes a commercially successful album of anti-Kim songs, she makes a mint off of him in the process. Match made in trash heaven. This needs to happen.

    • someone says:

      i agree with all of this as long as they NEVER have children….the seriously messed up and narcissistic DO NOT need to reproduce or adopt a child. neither of them should ever ever ever be responsible for another life. EVER lol

  6. Anne de Vries says:

    Controlling – I’ll believe it! I know somebody who worked for him for a project and he was told on turning up that what he was wearing wasn’t acceptable – he had to be wearing black clothes. This was in no way necessary for the project, apparently KW just wants the people around him to wear black.

  7. moopsie says:

    when I look at their pictures I get the feeling kim is forcing herself to be with him and kanye is the one that is obsessed with her and she is just taking what she can get kinda thing.

    • Hautie says:

      “I get the feeling kim is forcing herself to be with him and kanye is the one that is obsessed with her…”

      I agree. I don’t think this girl has given two sh*ts about anyone but Reggie Bush.

      Kim has a “husband” that she can’t get rid of.

      Who honestly needs to just take a cash payoff and shut up. It is not helping his (Humphries) own public image to drag out the obvious any longer. Everyone knows she faked the whole wedding, for a pay check.

      Humphries has had a good year on the court. So it is time to take the cash pay out. And find a girl worth his effort. But don’t settle for anything less than 10 million. :)

      And let Kim dangle Kayne along for awhile. Before she dumps him in some fabulous public manner. All documented for the camera’s of E!

  8. marie says:

    ugh, disgusting.. I’m thinking KK couldn’t handle Khole being on the cover of People so she/Kris planted stories to make sure she made every other cover..

  9. Tiffany27 says:

    I grew up in the South too Kaiser. The backseat was definitely the place for the sexy time shenanigans lol.

  10. Bella says:

    There is one small problem —-> SHE IS STILL MARRIED. HELLOOO!!!!!! BABY???!!! ENGAGEMENT????!!! GET DIVORCE FIRST YOU WHORE!!!!

    • Swahili Nation says:

      RIGHT?? OMG. She’s still married to Big Foot, while giving handjobs to GayFish at the back of a limo.

      I can’t with this trick.

    • QQ says:

      Hallellu!! Thanks for pointing out the obvious fucking baby snag to their amazing plan

    • Vanden says:

      beat me to it Bella! i read this thinking “wait… is the bitch even divorced yet??!” shameless skank

  11. Rumorhasit says:

    Has there been even one papped pic of Kim looking AT Kanye? If there is I have yet to see it. It’s like a game for me now. There are many pics where they are smirking at the cameras, many of her staring at the ground, or looking past him, or around him, or over his shoulder, but not ever once at him. That says it all, right there.

  12. Jessica says:

    um does anyone else see something wrong in the first pic and the last pic (with Kanye’s pants)??? LMAO!!

    • cmb says:

      YES! he emerges from car, pants still at a reasonable height. then he CLEARLY pushes. them. down.

      i didn’t hate on Kim until now. hooking up with Kanye is the stupidest move she has ever made, in a year full of them. after the Taylor Swift debacle, hooking up with Kanye can only blacken anyone’s image.

  13. JudyK says:

    Gawd, he’s UGLY. At least Reggie was cute.

    I MUST have those shoes Katface is wearing.

  14. JoeBanana says:

    Twinkle twinkle
    little whore
    close your legs
    they are not a door.

  15. cupidityrox says:

    They’re really trying to make themselves into a power couple ala Bey & Jay ,right? My advice to Kanye? Wrap it up good dude.

  16. Labyrinth says:

    Has anyone read the Jacky Jasper blog blind item? Everyone is guessing the 2 prossies are Paris $ Kim. Kim has landed her dream moneymaking bearding relationship. No doubt.

    • laurie says:

      Actually Kim and Brittny Gasatineau. Check out AGC Blind Items.

    • bluhare says:

      If the other blind is true, about the couple not wanting to hang with the other couple because they don’t want publicity stunts and only hang with A listers (with JZ/BK and KK/KW being the couples) I think Kim will be out of there once she realizes she won’t be hanging with Jay and Bey, with BIC calling her Auntie Kim.

  17. Michelle says:

    Does Kim think people care about her love
    Life anymore? She wants us to care but we don’t. So she can date Kanye and we see it happen on websites and her tv show but no one can get it up for her anymore.

  18. tia says:

    HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT CUTE!! YUCK. At least Kris Humpries and Reggie Bush are hot!

  19. MommaK18 says:

    Yuck I think they’re great together. Both obsessed with themselves, money…and public stunts! They’ll both never know real love. Kanye may be into Kim some but it’s mainly for media attention.
    And I’m glad Reggie Bush got away. Smart man.

  20. Talie says:

    She would never be the one to leave him. She knows that, at this point, it’s pure luck that someone of his status even wants to be seen with her. And for someone who constantly needs to be in the headlines, I can totally see her marrying him as soon as her divorce goes through.

  21. TheOriginalKitten says:

    They are like the grossest couple ever. They both make me wanna puke.

  22. lolita says:

    Boxers ‘Ye boxers please for the love of all that is holy

  23. Agnes says:

    they should get married asap. in a televised wedding. MUHAHAHA!

    • Mauibound says:

      Don’t think she has the attention span to be married. He does have lots o money though, so hmmm…

  24. Nightweed says:

    These two moronic fame-whores deserve each other.

  25. paola says:

    wow! Bey and and kim will finally be best friends! So they’ll able to endlessy talk about how KK is a size 2 and Bey being through hell after many hours of labour! yay!

  26. tru tru says:

    her PR is killing her…

    just wish she’d go away.

    Kanye will get it soon, WATCH, hopefully its not before he is totally
    alienated and his career flops.

  27. Dita P. says:

    I really don’t think she knows where Armenia is.
    Poor Armenia. Turkish genocide, soviet control and now being associate with the Kardashians.

  28. jellyfish says:

    I think he is wearing a man thong. Why can you see his leg in that first pic his pants arent that far down.

  29. LeeLoo says:

    Imagine these two having a child. Imagine that child being a combination of these two. Yeah…let’s never speak of the possibility of these two having children again.

  30. hateonit. says:

    so. she def gave him some oral. he comes out with his pants down and the top of her ponytail it looks like its been held on to. they’re both disgusting. she messed up sooo bad with Reggie. ii honestly thought they were a great couple. now she’ll just have to settle. good going whore -_- smdh.

  31. Dee Cee says:

    We all know he wuvs and dedicates his life, talent and luck to his mommy.. KIMBO and family better not frustrate his specialness, humiliate and try and control his vision, wisdom as all he dreams of and creates is utter perfection; to hold him back from the greatness that came with the special moment of his birth.. once his mother revealed to him he was meant to be KING and rule over all of the World.

  32. ThatKid says:

    Aren’t KK’s shoes the same style Bey was wearing to a Knicks game a couple weeks ago (clear with different color toe)? Bey doesn’t want to be associated with KK, so KK will BECOME her, one article of clothing at a time!!!

  33. Kathryn says:

    I would just like point out that she wears those leather pants every time she is on a date with him! I hope she has more than one pair.

  34. MarenGermany says:

    Thats exactly what keeps her empty, dead heart beating

  35. Hannah says:

    Pants! Oh my god. Please pull your pants up.

  36. NerdMomma says:

    Beautiful love stories like this always bring a tear to my eye. With LeAnn Rimes renewing her wedding vows and Lindsay Lohan getting back with BOTH Sam Ronson and the married guy, love is in the air! It’s like Valentine’s Day, only more beautiful.

  37. Masa says:

    for the past week or more that woman has been wearing that exact same pair of shoes…give it a rest already. the only interesting thing about her (most of the time) is her dressing sense, and i cant even enjoy that anymore. blah

  38. skuddles says:

    I’m so sick of these idiots I just want to barf every time I see stories about them on here – Celebitchy, please make it stop!!!!

  39. mar says:

    Kim K really irritates me. I blame the media and Ryan Seacrest for this mess.

    • nutsaboutnothing says:

      The public should hold Ryan Seacrest accountable for the Kartrashians and everyone should boycott him all the way! People Power. BTW,Is she a horseface that smells of burnt plastic or what?!!!!

  40. Paloma says:

    I want another big wedding; I loved all that shallowness. Bey can’t be her friend, stink-free Gwynnie p. would not allow it.

  41. Maggs says:

    he has a huge jawline like Bethanney Frankel

  42. Lia says:

    Could these people get any more ridiculous? I feel sorry for her father. If he were alive today, he’d probably be horrified that the name Kardashian has become so closely linked with buffoonery that it is common to say, “That’s so Kardashian of you!”.

  43. sam says:

    His pants are up when he comes out of the car, and fall as he moves away, if something had gone on in the car you would think it would be the other way around

  44. palermo says:

    I think Reggie was the only one she really loved, all this is for show. Kanye always has his mouth hanging open like he is so dim-witted. I’m sure he is in on the farce of it all, but one day she might play this game with the wrong person and end up dead.

  45. Beatriz says:

    Whatever talent and awesome beats he has will forever now be overshadowed by his ridiculous ego and fame whore moves. Kanye has officially ruined his music for me ugh.
    Also that photo of him adjusting his left nut–I can’t stop laughing!

  46. Skinnybetch says:

    Their will never be an engagement or a wedding because Kanye’s true love is Jay-Z’s penis. Btw he looks really greasy in these pictures. Gross.

  47. darkladi says:

    they make my computer feel dirty & slimy