Bethenny Frankel hooked up with The Situation & totally regrets it

The Situation

You know, after writing up a number of posts on the “Jersey Shore” crew, I’ve built up quite a tolerance to their requisite element of tastelessness, but even I am grossed out by this particular story. Apparently, this is all based upon a relatively recent item from Blind Gossip about a bizarre, unexpected hookup between two reality stars of varying shows and statuses. Some of the guesses from the site’s commenters included Kim Kardashian and any number of “Jersey Shore” men. If given the opportunity, I probably would have guessed Kim K. and a few of the “Shore” dudes for a tag team, but that’s just me. Oddly enough, Kim has nothing to do with the reported true identity of the female subject of the blind item, who is allegedly … Bethenny Frankel. The dude? Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Seriously! A story in this week’s Enquirer states that Bethenny is completely mortified:

Bethenny Frankel

Skinny girl Bethenny Frankel has a serious “Situation” on her hands!

Rumors are swirling that the 41-year-old former “Real Housewives of New York City” star hooked up with “Jersey Shore” [cast member] Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — and the fallout from the cheating scandal is threatening to destroy her already troubled marriage!

What’s more, the whispers are making waves just as she’s getting set to launch a new talk show.

The embarrassing story began to unfold in October, when a website printed a “blind item” that read: “Strangest hookup ever…This controversial female married A-list reality star spent a good five minutes making out with this second fiddle reality star who thinks he is way better than he is.”

On April 21, the site revealed that the subjects of the item were Bethenny and 29-year-old Sorrentino! “Bethenny has vehemently denied it, calling the rumor ‘a lot of B.S.,'” a source at the Bravo network said. But her husband of two years, Jason Hoppy, isn’t so sure.

“She’s been suspicious for some time because of all the problems they’ve had,” the source continued. “Bethenny’s marriage to Jason has already been hanging by a thread, and this could finally sink it.”

Bethenny is also worried how the rumor could affect her new talk show, which will begin test run on FOX stations in June.

“Getting mixed up with someone like Mike Sorrentino, who has just been through rehab, is the last thing Bethenny needs right now,” added the source. “The timing couldn’t be worse.”

[From Enquirer, print edition, May 14, 2012]

Is this story true? At the deepest pit of my soul, I hope that it’s absolutely made up, but it is entirely possible that these two famewhores swapped some reality-based spit. Regardless of the veracity of the blind item, this wouldn’t be the first time that someone worried about Sitch ruining their reputation, but as gross as this story is (on both ends), it would only (in Sorrentino’s eyes) help him out by quashing the gay rumors that so threaten his nonexistent brand. Here’s Sitch out for lunch in Beverly Hills on 4/12 with his “dudes,” who may or may not be part of his highly paid entourage that (let’s face it) won’t last forever.

The Situation

Bethenny Frankel

The Situation

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  1. Angie says:

    This was a CrazyDaysAndNights blind item that has recently been revealed.

    • The.princess.leia says:

      LOL…I was about to point out the same thing. Glad to see there’s a fellow CDaN reader that’s not ashamed to admit it. 🙂

      • carrie says:

        i’m a CDAN reader and i’m not ashamed for ONE reason:i don’t believe all he wrote because when i read his articles on some french events,it’s totally inaccurate and many of blind items are untrue

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        I still go there too. I mean, who really thought all that stuff was TRUE anyway? I still love reading it, and do not take it seriously.☻

  2. Hanna says:

    Gross. :/

    • polk8dot says:

      If there ever was a guy with DUMB written all over his face, it is this douche.
      He is the perfect personification of ‘Fetal Alcohol Syndrome’.
      Just……. yuuuuuck!

  3. brin says:

    Gym, tan, laundry, housewife?

  4. LAK says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! disinfectant! disinfectant! disinfectant!

    On a more reasonable note, if this is true, was she paralytic at the time? it’s the ONLY acceptable explanation.

    NO ONE should touch that, even with a barge pole.

  5. Marjalane says:

    O.K., I get that this Bethany woman was on a reality show, but why is she still relevant? She got sued for her booze, she’s got an eating disorder, and seems to have incredibly poor taste in men- why does she have a talk show and columns in magazines? Giving advice yet! Is there some reason to like or admire her? Seriously, I’m asking.

    • mary jane says:

      I just want to say that she doesn’t have poor taste in men when she’s been seriously involved. Her husband Jason is a bit “whiney” but a terrific father and appears to be a really decent guy from a modest upbringing.

      Other men she dated (and married) were also dependable and stable. At least it appears to me.

    • Kim says:

      Agreed! She is a pill popping, ugly, mean girl with an eating disorder who made up a crappy cocktail! Who in the world watches her show or would watch her give advice on a talk show???

      • Emma says:

        Well, that’s a bit extreme. I don’t know where the pill popping came from, never heard that one. And ugly…well, that’s your opinion, but I think she’s worked very hard to accomplish her goals and expand her brand. Although I do feel now that she has succeeded she’s sabotaging it.

  6. Skins says:

    Sitch, you can do better than that!

  7. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Sorry but why would you NOT want this to be true? It’s effin’ hilarious. He’s gross and she is annoying as hell. It’s pure comedy!

    • Neelyo says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Anonny says:

      Although no time frame is mentioned, if it happened in the past 3 or so years, it would be extremely hurtful and disrespectful to her husband.

      That’s why I wouldn’t want it to be true.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Hmmmm..I suppose it’s bad enough to be cheated on but even worse when it’s the Situation. Let me go out on a limb and tell you that you can probably save your tears because this most likely didn’t happen.

  8. Tifygodess24 says:

    Hahaha!! What?! I really can’t imagine this ever happening. Have these two even met before?

    • carrie says:

      my first tought
      and who are they?
      no need to answer me i don’t live in USA

  9. Jayna says:

    Oh, come on. What bull.

  10. DiaBLa says:

    this has to be totally made up by some haters….why would Bethany even look at him??? No way…….

  11. Bird says:

    What a crock. There is NO way.

  12. Dhavy says:

    Yuck on both ends

  13. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Great headline, it pulled me right in 🙂

  14. Nessa says:

    I actually love that dress!

  15. Happymom says:

    Can’t this just be the tipping point for the end of this “reality show idiots as celebrities” era? These people have no actual talent, interesting life experiences or anything of real value to add. Why oh why must we keep hearing about them?! I get that popular culture sometimes appeals to the lowest common denominator, and I don’t think life has to be all opera and fine literature-but can’t we have a happy medium?

    • gg says:

      They sure have a lot in common with each other. I mean, now she could join the wall of idiots walking down sidewalks all over the US wearing JS catchphrase t-shirts.

    • autumndaze says:


      You speak for me as well. Time for their novelty to fade into the ether.

  16. Zelda says:

    I like how they say it’s not good for her because he’s “just out of rehab”.
    Dude, it’s not good for her because he’s The Situation. Full stop.

  17. Leticia says:

    at least he looks better than JLo’s latest.

  18. ZigZagZoey says:

    AS IF there is a human on the planet that hooked up with him and DIDN’T regret it! ☻

  19. Stubbylove says:

    I liked Bethenny in the beginning of RHNY – she was genuinely funny and cool. Now she’s just a revolting famewhore and she looks like sh-t – like Skeletor. Though I pick up my share of SkinnyGirl Margaritas – I hope this is true – with the exception of her husband’s confirmation (poor fool), it would be friggin’ funny as hell.

  20. some bitch says:

    Honestly, I can’t wait until this bone-thin trend is dead and gone because it looks HORRID.

    Also the Situation is mad gross.

  21. Mary jones says:

    Bethenny is ugly the situation is uglier. Perfect for eachother.

    • MST says:

      I find her really difficult to look at. Her next endeavor should be a traveling puppet show, she already has a muppet mouth.

  22. HadlyB says:

    1. I thought Mike was gay.
    2. I thought Vinnie was the one into older women?

    Not sure if I believe this blind .. if it was Vinnie then I would be more inclined to …

    But then I CAN see Mike getting drunk off Skinny Girl …

  23. jc126 says:

    He’s revolting. I don’t know her at all, but I assume she is also at least somewhat revolting.

    I enjoy CDAN, but the blinds lately are so extreme, with a focus on alleged rapes and sexual abuse of underage actresses, it’s both rather disturbing and a bit hard to believe.

  24. imo says:

    Bobblehead look…body dysmorphic disorder is so sad

  25. Sara says:

    I would believe this if it were pre-Jason. But there is no way she would cheat on him having a daughter unless they were on the outs big time.

  26. Kiyoshigirl says:

    These so called “blind gossip” items are stupid. For one thing there are a lot of people who are wrongly slandered, and for another celebs use them for publicity purposes. Some of you will say, why would Bethenny want her named tied to such a low life, but the need for publicity makes people do strange, strange things. I’m not a CDAN fan. I feel dirty after I’ve read some of his posts.

  27. Kiyoshigirl says:

    I’m also a little confused about this post. If Bethenny denies that it happened, why does she regret it? Makes no sense.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Because regret always follows denial, once the truth is out.

  28. wunder says:

    Strange: If you look at the shopping bags the Sit is holding, you can see the word ‘bravo’ thru one of them.

    Hmmm. . . A subconscious food choice???

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I believe that’s a shot from when they were in Italy. *hangs head in shame for knowing that*

  29. Sue says:

    Does anyone else think she looks like a frog. Her face drives me crazy, and not in a good way…….

  30. palermo says:

    She looks sickly skinny and why does her face always look so dry and wrinkley? she needs to EAT

  31. the original bellaluna says:

    Time to gargle with Lysol, you two. Oh, and you too, Jason, just to be safe.

  32. BerMan says:

    People from Bravos network of reality fame whores and MTV’s and E’s can all party and do up whenever they can. Nothing that any tabloids puts out there can only be a 50/50 believe it or not scenario.

  33. Cleveland Girl says:

    I hardly consider making out even cheating. They probably kissed hello on the lips, and this huge rumor started.

  34. cari says:

    I can guarantee this is BS made up by Sorrentino. He is disgusting and deserves to be beat for making this up about a married woman with a child! I hope someone gives this walking STD a beatdown soon. We can’t stand looking at his Gomer Pyle meets Don Knotts face! yuk.

  35. Lisa says:

    Ahh, her eyes always look so vacant. Freaky.

  36. Pat Dorty says:

    She’s a cold calculating little HEEb, she probably did because she thought it would make her look “hip” and relevant. Pathetic.

  37. darkladi says:

    just threw up in my mouth

  38. phlyfiremama says:

    At least they didn’t breed. (*crossing fingers)

  39. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    I don’t know why, but from the collarbones down, she looks thirty and from there up, she looks 50.

  40. blah says:

    The most shocking thing about this story is that the blind item identified Bethenny Frankel as an A lister.

  41. Lauren says:

    Holy fuggiewuggie woo. BF is so scary. The Situation must have been drunk when he hooked up with this corpse.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    1. Why would you EVER be with the Sitch?

    2. Why would you EVER admit to being with the Sitch?

    Ick. Nast.

  43. Christine says:

    If anyone had actually followed Bethenny’s career you would know that she has worked extremely hard for all that she has. She, like any other celebrity, will inevitable have haters, those who always assume the worse, those who want to see her fail and even suffer. She just needs to remember that all comes from jealousy and envy which is certainly more unattractive than even the situation. She did choose the public spot light so in exchange has to endure the madness of the world on a much larger scale. Hold your head Bethenny. Focus on your family and those who have remained true to you. You have WAYYYYY more supporters than haters, anyway.