Beyonce’s trainer: Bey was working out 5 times a week, doing lunges post-baby

For whatever reason, people are still talking about what Beyonce did to take off her “baby weight” (“pillow weight”). Beyonce tried to discuss her postpartum weight issues, but much like everything else in the interview involving the discussion of her pregnancy, everything seemed slightly… “off”. It reminded me of that scene in The 40-Year Old Virgin, where Steve Carell’s character is trying to describe what a boob feels like using really weird descriptors and suddenly everyone realizes he’s never touched a boob ever. Anyway, Beyonce told People Magazine that her post-baby weight loss was simple: “I counted calories. I worked out maybe three to four times a week. I did a lot of walking in the beginning and now I’m running. But I had to work my way up. I couldn’t just go right from being pregnant to running.” So it’s weird that Beyonce’s trainer says something different, right?

It’s hard to believe that Beyonce Knowles gave birth just four months ago.

The singer, 30, confidently showed off her svelte post-baby body in a sexy black swimsuit in St. Bart’s April 9 — and with good reason. Knowles hit the gym five days a week with trainer Marco Borges. “We do cardio and plyometric moves like lunges and jumps on and off a bench, the pro tells Us Weekly.

The 5-foot-9 star, who is breast-feeding, avoids processed fare, sticking to whole foods like vegetables and grilled meats. “You don’t have to eat only celery sticks,” Borges advises. “Be sensible and exercise constantly.”

Currently rehearsing for her first post-pregnancy show on May 25 in Atlantic City, Knowles — mom to daughter Blue Ivy with husband Jay-Z, 42 — “is loving her body!” a pal tells Us.

[From Us Weekly]

“Exercise constantly.” Lunges. Jumping off a bench right after you’ve given birth? Sure, maybe the trainer is talking about what Beyonce is doing NOW, not just after she had “given birth.” Sigh… I don’t even know anymore.

By the way, Beyonce keeps adding photos to her Tumblr. She just added the one of the “BLUE” necklace yesterday! I kind of like the Blue bling.

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Jilli says:

    Beyonce looks really pretty in the last photo.

  2. Bubbling says:

    Beyonce is metamorphosing into LeAnn Rimes before our eyes

  3. lucy2 says:

    Exercise constantly? Sure, if you have an army of nannies and other help. I’d think most new mothers would be thinking more along the lines of “be with the baby constantly”.

    • Katie says:

      I’m thinking baby is just a prop, an accessory.

    • RN says:

      Not only that, but as any breastfeeding mother knows, you’re bound to your newborn’s feeding schedule of every two hours or so around the clock. Not to mention your extreme fatigue every single day. I didn’t even THINK about exercising until at least the four month point or so.

      She’s exalting the benefits of breastfeeding in the same breath as she’s stating that she could be away from her infant to do vigorous exercise. That doesn’t ring true for me. No one can replace the mother at that stage of infancy. Nothing about what she’s said seems real to me, and I’ve had two children and am a working mother, as well as a healthcare professional for 20 years.

      • Jen D. says:

        My baby is three weeks old. At this point, I can manage a walk a day (with her in the sling). I have no idea how much I weigh, but breastfeeding definitely helped. I can’t imagine exercising for awhile, and I eat what I can, since I don’t have time to do a proper grocery shopping trip. All my time is spent with my daughter.


        If my priority was getting back into shape, and if I had a lot of money, I think I could do it. I’d pump so that someone else could do the nighttime feedings. I’d hand my baby off to someone between daytime feedings. I’d have someone cook my meals, and someone else look after my daughter and change her diapers. I might have to stop my sessions to feed once and awhile, but I’d have my nanny stand by to take baby when I was done. I wouldn’t do any of this even if I was rich, because nothing can buy back time with my child, but I’m sure that’s what some people do. Not that that’s what Beyonce is doing, but theoretically it would be a great way to get back into shape….

  4. madpoe says:

    Not sure it takes training when fluffing a pillow. You just shake it out really.

    Kinda tired of the rag mags raving to average woman how much weight (baby or not) celebrities lose.

  5. OlsenTriplet says:

    Maybe what we all saw as a fake pregnancy bump folding as Beyonce sat was really just Blue Ivy doing lunges in utero. Maybe the ability to do lunges before you should be able to is just hereditary.

  6. paola says:

    oh my gawd i can’t stop my eyes from rolling. whatever bey! no one will ever convince me she actually delivered the baby, not even if i was shown her vj and was there for me to explore. yes i am disgusting, but this is how much i don’t buy any of the crap she’s selling ( in any possible way)

  7. HotPockets says:

    The last photo is funny, look at Jay Z. It looks like he is hiding behind her and D***, does he have a huge head.

    Beyonce has to be one of the most manufactured artists in the industry. I am sure an entire PR team and professional photographer are behind her tumbler.

    I just read yesterday that her and her label are trying to claim that her single, “who runs the world,” was a joke and that it was never intended to be her lead single. LIES! just stop with the lies.

    • RocketMerry says:

      You know, thanks for pointing out that Bey is such a heavily constructed public figure.
      Every site/magazine keeps writing just how “private” she is and I just don’t see it! She’s constantly in the public eye, never stops yammering about how faboulous she is and sells pretty much everything about herself, from her own body to clothes to whatever.
      Maybe I’m mistaken, but that’s not a very private person. Also, it’s not a very good strategy and it’s very poorly done. She comes across very silly and out of touch with reality in interviews. Whatever.

  8. mel2 says:

    I rather hear about Jessica Simpson cause I know she was pregnant and actually gave birth for real.

  9. Jacqu says:

    Sorry Bey-Bey, still think it’s a pillow baby.

  10. kazoo says:

    I’ve never given birth, and I know the experience is different for everyone, but is it really healthy/plausible for a woman to do strenuous exercise immediately following? I know for cesareans it’s definitely not, but Beyonce claims she gave birth vaginally…so. Dude. Someone needs to tell her to just shut up about this. Or do something different to distract everyone from asking questions. I wonder if she ever misses Matthew. Pillow Gate would have never happened with him handling her career.

    • KT says:

      I waited a while. Maybe longer than I should have but honestly I just wasn’t in the mood to exercise hard until 5 months PP.

    • Veruca says:

      @ kazoo –

      It’s not recommended (as one is still bleeding for a bit), but it can be done. Every woman is different, so some can return to harder activity faster than others, but most (good) doctors would tell you to take your time so your body heals properly and you avoid future infections/complications.

      Of course, for women who have pillows for offspring this information might not apply…

  11. Jessica says:

    I cant STAND those shoes that shows the toes like that.. ugh!!!

  12. Schnikes says:

    She’s “pretends” to be religious so I’m sure she’s a hypocritical liar (she marrried ex-crack dealer!).

    That said, I could swear I saw a pic of her pregged-up in a two-piece with bump plus telltale preggo belly line?

  13. chickenlishus says:

    Total pillow baby! No mom-to-be bends over at the waist anyway to sit down! You kind of do that reach-for-the-seat-behind-your-back thing…It is just what naturally happens. Did that many times lol.

  14. Tiffany27 says:

    I’ve never been pregnant so I don’t know, but is it a good idea to do lunges after birthing a baby? I’d be terrified my insides would fall out!

    • Chatcat says:

      Tiffany…having 3 vaginal births let me tell ya, there is no way she was doing lunges before 6 or even 8 weeks…because for that long and beyond it feels like bottom is going to drop out! Kegel excercises maybe, anything else to the pelvic region, groin/inner thigh is BS. But then again us sane people living here on earth know this whole thing as been a big fabrication…we just don’t know why she would fake a pregnancy instead of admitting to using a surrogate for a family.

    • truthSF says:

      No Tiffany27, any doctor would advise a new mother from excercising? until at least 6 weks after giving birth. They usually give us the go ahead during our 6 weeks check up. Bey would know this if she had giving birth.

      Lol! Looks like Chatcat beat me to it. But is any wonder we’re saying the same thing?. Maybe because we actually had to push a watermelon thru an apple, metaphorically speaking of course. :)

  15. Marjalane says:

    Yada, yada, yada, she did so birth her a baby, yada, yada, counted calories, yada, yada, bestest mother, singer, woman on earth, yada yada, was back having sex with her talented but ugly as sin husband, six hours after giving birth, yada yada yada.

  16. Nessa says:

    All this talk… Does she not see how transparent she is? We get it, Bey. You are still trying to convince people that you actually gave birth. Problem is, not many people believe you. And the harder you try to convince us, the more pathetic it makes you look. Just stop!!!

    • Veruca says:

      Bey is so far removed from reality she might as well be living on Mount Olympus. Lord knows, she thinks herself Aphrodite so it would be appropriate.

      Besides, who’s going to call her on her BS? How long can one maintain employment with JBCo if you don’t tell them what they want to hear?

      Proof that Bey’s clueless: She hangs with Gwenyth.

      ‘Nuff said.

  17. Nonny says:

    Wonder if she breast fed the pillow?

  18. some bitch says:

    Life with the 1%. Sounds hard.

  19. Coby says:

    I gave birth to my son in February and was back on my excercise regime after 3 weeks. Slowly of course but it is possible. You just have to listen to your body. The birth was fairly easy as it only took 4 hours, so that probably counts.

    I don’t believe for 1 sec that she was pregnant though, since the whole folding yourself to get into a car just a couple of days before the baby came. IMPOSSIBLE

  20. Marion says:

    Thank you to those who pointed out that there’s no way that you can do lunges after giving birth…(not even mentioning jumps on and off a bench o_O !!!!!)
    Even after my 6weeks check up, there was no way I could practise such intensive sport…and before that, even going for a one-hour walk felt like everything coming out…

  21. Scal says:

    I think the lady is protesting to much again. First about the pillow/surrogate, then with the tumblr, then with the people mag article, and now getting her trainer in on it.

    All of this ‘but no!’ crap is old and just makes her look worse in my opinion.

  22. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    The last photo sums up everything about BeyLIAR. Fake. She’s a souless Barbie. No substance, no mind of her own. A robot.

    And that chick is not 5’9. She is like 5’5 or 5’6. Lies.

  23. jover says:

    Right on hotpockets, rocketmerry, some bitch, everyone – she has gone from merely dislikable to morally detestable – but why in GOd’s name do many in the media treat her like she’s some musical/fashion queen genius when as originalvictoria stated she’s soulless – perhaps because many in the media as just as shallow and soulless. Just wondering. Last photo is priceless – the dress has more intelligence than fakeyonce.

  24. gistine says:

    Her eyes look dead and gone in every picture.

  25. Kayla says:

    In the article she clearly says she started of slow then worked her way to more serious exercises. I’ve read this article five times looking for where either of them said she was doing lunges 4 weeks after she had a baby. If Heidi Klum can show off a flat stomach 6 weeks after her child and I can bet a pretty penny she didn’t loose that weight by walking or doing slow exercises I’m pretty sure it depends on YOUR own body how hard you can exercise after a child

    • jc126 says:

      Yes, and Heidi Klum is a naturally thin model with a model’s body. Beyonce is far more curvaceous, and at times has gained a pound or two and it all goes to her thighs and butt. Miraculously, that didn’t happen in her pregnancy, even though it does for many women, especially those with a curvy body.

  26. BabyCakes says:

    What is she holding in the first pic? Is that supposed to be her baby? It looks like a pillow.

  27. Embee says:

    While still in the hospital I asked my doctor when I could start exercising (I’m a competitive triathlete and she’s a marathoner) and she said I could walk and swim right away, run in a couple of days and cycle when my stitches (3) healed. Bey was very fit before/during pregnancy, so I don’t think this is that big of a deal.

  28. reg says:

    Like I already said her own family already confirmed she used a surrogate, it’s totally plausible she exercised 5 times a week since she never gave birth.
    She still looks pretty heavy for someone who exercises 5 times a week.
    this whole fake pregnancy fiasco was about maintaining her elephant size body from expanding into hippopotamus territory.

  29. reg says:

    I just learned this woman with vocabulary of a 10 year old is also being awarded
    a Journalist award in May for a piece she wrote in “Essence” magazine.

    • Meanchick says:

      Yes, I read that and I was pissed! The ‘letter’ was edited according to the magazine, but still doesn’t pass the smell test for me. The letter she wrote to Mrs. Obama was proof enough for me that either she didn’t write the “award-winning letter” or it was edited within an inch of it’s life to be readable, so the editor actually wrote it. I’m not happy with the unearned and undeserved prestige being thrown at this chick. It’s insulting to real journalists. She bought the People Mag title and now she’s buying journalism awards? She can barely speak without saying ‘um’ in a really doofus sort of way, but she’s an award-worthy journalist? Two word: Bitch please.

  30. e.non says:

    i thought that the fake pregnancy issue didn’t bother her – other than to say it was ‘crazy’. i think it’s so funny that she even has to address it.

    did you all see that renaissance woman won some journalism award for something she wrote for essence.

  31. Eric says:

    Her note to Michelle Obama was a prime example of her inability to write.

  32. Eric says:

    Yes, funny, like, everyone she thinks she’s a moron for faking her pregnancy.

  33. FOREVER says:

    @ reg omg too funny, spat out my drink lol 😂

  34. bubbles says:

    being a mom of two I have to say none of her BS makes any sense. and why does she keep talking about it all the time anyways?

  35. NYC_girl says:

    That shoe is totally ridiculous. Are they at a Knicks’ game? And, if she’s carrying the kid in that Chewbacca-carrier – sister, please.

  36. Pat Dorty says:

    What did Blue Ivy’s mother do to stay in shape? That’s assuming she is, we haven’t seen any postpartum picture’s of her yet. I wonder, di she and “Bey” work out together?

  37. Penguin says:

    So what. My friend ran a marathon when she was pregnant. Doing a few lunges is no big deal.

  38. Penguin says:

    I’m sure she can tear herself away from the baby for 1 hr a day to go exercise. My sis is a single mother, who doesn’t have beyonce s £ & access to nannies and she still manages to do it. Sure some people on here criticising her for exercising are just doing it cos they feel guilty about their own laziness.

  39. thinkaboutit says:

    Wow, such vitriol spewed at a woman who is, by all reports, lovely to work with and supporter of a number of good causes, not to mention one of the world’s favorite entertainers for over 10 years. What has she ever done so awful to merit such hatred? Even if you’re dumb enough to believe that a A+++ list celebrity would try to fake a pregnancy in 2012, why so much anger at her? Yes, that (impossible scenario) would be stupid but how does that hurt YOU? There is just a LOT of bitterness here, rampant jealousy tinged with, dare I say, a dash of racism.

  40. Eric says:

    Bownce should stop paying people to write all bs praising her on these blogs, does her publicist ever sleep?
    Don’t think anyone is jealous of Bowonce, but the Elephant in the room is, she faked her pregnancy for vanity sake, and that is repulsive, she’s way past her prime, and this will be the final nail if the coffin of her career.

  41. Eric says:

    According to someone on another blog Bownce was at some government function, where she yelled at her staff and talked down to military personell. She is not a nice person, but a cold calculating B— with a a brain of a Dodo bird. She does not understand how faking her pregnancy and then constantly talking about giving birth afterwards could ruin her career.

    • thinkaboutit says:

      Well if “someone” said so, I take it back, she SUCKS.

      And I hope you’re not accusing ME of being her PR person. You need to check your facts (and more carefully than the blog story you sited as a source, too) because I’ve been posting here for ages and rarely even click on Beyonce stories because I just don’t get the hatred for someone so harmless.

      • Thunderfunk says:

        Whereas everyone else wouldn’t get the multi-posting defence of Beyonce from someone who not only claims that s/he doesn’t care for the entertainer or read her stories but also knows somehow that she’s ‘harmless’. Paradox, anyone?

  42. Diamond Girl says:

    She said in People that she breastfed for 10 weeks, so that contradicts this report. Too many stories – they can’t keep them all straight.

  43. Lurker says:

    Awhile back when Bey was pregnant, there was a blind which said a star was faking her pregnancy, but was actually using a surrogate. The blind said this star was taking some kind of steroid to make herself plump up a little and to appear fuller in the face, giving some realism to her “pregnancy”. Then when “the birth” ocurred she would quit taking the steroids and slim down. Then there would be stories in the media about how quickly said star had gotten back into shape by working out rigorously. Now here we are with this story. Makes you wonder.

  44. Kat says:

    Has anyone or are there photos of her actually breast feeding because if she wasn’t really pregnant then how has her body produced milk (not implying she really was, don’t know)?I’ve had two children: the first I couldn’t walk or sit for weeks. The 2nd I birthed on a Friday and was back to my routine on Monday, however lunges or any exercise to cause any “pressure” down there was not gonna happen. Also, I like Coldplay, I like Chris Martin or his musical talent I should say and I don’t mind Gwynnie too much but their OBSSESION with Jay Z I don’t f#%^ing get it. They have referred to him as a musical genius. I’ve never been impressed with some one who just sings “uh, uh, yeah…” not being a hater I really don’t get his fame. Oh and if she’s 5’9 I’m Michael K.

  45. Em says:

    This is so silly.

    I had a baby 3 months ago and my body is no better now than it was immediately after birth. I am in no way threatened by the fact that someone else lost their baby weight. I know I haven’t tried. If my livelihood depended on it, or I was somehow expected to, sure I could pump milk and find someone to watch my daughter an hour a day. Within 4-6 weeks I could “have my body back”, and so could most women if that’s what we valued. For most of us, it’s simply not what wr value. Good on her for it tho

  46. Love says:

    Every woman I know gets bigger arms during their pregnancy , it’s the increase in hormones that causes fat to be deposited in different parts . B arms never changed at all .. Her ankles never got bigger , her face never changed ., please , this girl was never pregnant . Never !!!!
    It has nothing to do with excersize, you don’t have a baby and then six weeks later have the same exact body you did before . Even with exversize . I’m the same weight as before but my hips are bigger , my boobs are bigger , things change after a baby .
    Come on this is a blatant sham .
    She obviously knows nothing about being preggo or labor

  47. Kayla says:

    Oh please stfu love her neck got fat, her ankles and lower legs were swollen for a while in the one piece she wore 3months after thd baby you could still see her little pouch with her slightly sagging breast her lips were swollen even bed fingers to so I’m not sure what you’re talking about saying “her body never changed”. She gained a shitload of weight but dressed well so she didn’t look like a fat slob

  48. Eric says:

    Bownce is a large woman, but she never gained 50 or even 15 pounds, I looked at most of pictures during her fake pregnancy, and there is no change in her face or body in any of them.
    Like I said before she should have posted pictures of her bare belly in the last stage of her fake pregnancy, but she did not because she was not pregnant.

  49. Eric says:

    You can produce milk by using a breast pump which stimulates the breast an induces lactation, have you seen the movie,
    “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle” Where the hired nanny used breast pump to secretly feed the child when mommy was away.

    • lisa says:

      Not sure what you are saying.. in the movie the woman (Rebecca) was pregnant then lose her baby. She used the breast pump to keep the milk she was already making flowing so that she could feed the stolen baby.

      Your comment seemed as if you were saying any woman can just produce enough milk to breastfeed

      I’m not that savvy on breastfeeding.. but I don’t think a woman that has not been pregnant can just produce milk..

      but I could be wrong.