Rumer Willis at the Nylon Mag party: why can’t this girl find a flattering style?

As you know, sometimes I just like to check in with model/actress/Hollywood spawn Rumer Willis. Just because. Just because I genuinely want to think the best of her, but she rarely gives me any reason to. These are new photos of Rumer at last night’s Nylon Magazine party for “The Annual May Young Hollywood Issue.” Rumer is “Young Hollywood” of course. And if you come in here and yell at me and say that I shouldn’t be discussing Rumer’s styling and beauty issues – just stop it. She’s the one who wants a life in front of the camera. She wants to be a model and an actress. She could have gone to college. She could have chosen a life away from the spotlight. She wants attention. She wants us to talk about her.

Here’s what I never understand about Rumer: why does she consistently style herself to de-emphasize her strengths? I’m not trying to cruel about Rumer’s genetics – those Willis genes are so strong! – and although I’m positive that Rumer has had some plastic surgery (nose job, boob job, probably some more stuff too), this her basic raw material, and she should own it and try to make it work for her. So why does she continue to dye her hair that funky red color? Why do I feel like she’s getting old-school perms? Why doesn’t she find a better way to style her frizzy hair in total?

And I can’t even believe her clothing choices some days. Rumer gets invited to a “Young Hollywood” party and she wears THIS? A giant button-up shirt (that she leaves unbuttoned?), a blazer with the sleeves rolled up, and slouchy boots? Does Rumer think she’s being fashion-forward? Rumer actually has a nice figure – she’s tall and slender and she can wear a lot of different styles. Why go with an outfit and styling that is completely devoid of anything flattering?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    Spoiler alert….mean comment:

    No reason she can’t find a flattering style, there are plenty of paper bags around.

  2. mel says:

    She has a pretty face…thats all I can really say about these pics. I just don’t get having all these resources and dressing like this..but when I was young I dressed stupid many times as you know…I think we should not judge to harshly.

  3. Lisa Turtle says:

    I think its an active choice not to be the pretty starlet. She’s going for “different” pretty. But unlike, say Zoe Kravitz, the grunge look doesn’t suit Rumer’s natural looks, natural figure, or nature hair. The dirty curls are not cute. I literally feel like I can smell the oil in her hair, it appears as though she’s not showered or brushed that rat’s nest in a week. I think I see lice.

  4. Zelda says:

    Is there a surgery you can get to make your nose BIGGER? I feel that would help.

    And I can’t get over her skin. I want to raid her vanity for whatever products she uses.

    • Eve says:

      Her nose is really, really weird, isn’t it? It feels like it’s “incomplete” — its nostrils need more cartilage.

    • Zooyork says:

      My first thought was to post the same thing- “is there a surgery to make one’s nose BIGGER”.
      I really think that would make Rumer look much better, and it would help balance her large chin.
      It was mentioned in the opening that Rumer has probably had a nose job. I hope she didn’t have a nose job to make it this small, wierd, way to narrow thing. What the hell? How would ever think she should have a small nose anyway?

      • deehunny says:

        If you google a pic of her in 2005 you can see her old nose. It was normal (thicker but not large). This newer, hollowed out version is what surgery provided.

        Also, she had the darker hair and the pixie cut and it really did work for her like the previous commenter said

  5. bea says:

    Can’t find her own style bc she lacks personality and/or confidence perhaps?

    With her pale skin tone, she should avoid white. She needs a flattering color, especially her hair color, which is funky and murky now. The corkscrew curl/dreads orwhatever just drag her face down.

    I kind of like her face, it’s interesting and she’s beautiful in her own way. She just needs a good stylist and hairdresser.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Yes. She could be quirky and cool and pretty, but she really needs:
      b) decent haircut. Between shoulder and chin is usually one of the most flattering hair-length on most face-types.
      c) hair colourist, ASAP. A nice, warm brown with reddish undertones, perhaps? Not the full-on red.
      c) a new shoe wardrobe.
      d) finally, to get over the idea of being conventionally pretty. She is unconventional, she better accept it, own it and rock it. That means more quirky, independent movies and different acting roles.

  6. birdie says:

    Wow, her nose.. what is going on there? How is she Young Hollywood, tell me one movie she starred in.

    • Axis2ClusterB says:

      The crappy remake of Sorority Row, of course!

      Actually, that was kinda the best I’ve ever seen her look. Left to her own devices, girlfriend just does not play to her strengths.

    • Mary says:

      She got the worst possible combination of traits from her parents: her mother’s nose and her dad’s chin. Together those traits are very jarring and they don’t complement each other at all. Pretty sure she got her dad’s eyes too, but that isn’t really a bad thing.

  7. Alexis says:

    She would look WAY better in some fitted, tailored clothing that showed off her silouette. Perhaps if we could see what a nice figure she had, it would distract us from the atrocious hair/face situation.

  8. Chatcat says:

    She can’t find a style because she is trying to hard to find a style…at least trashy dirty looking fits Zoe Kravitz personality. Again, Rumer and Zoe are only on anybody’s radar because of their parents. They are average to below average looking early 20 somethings. Everyday in town I see women the same age as these two who are more beautiful and have style…and I’m not talking LA or NYC!

  9. kpist says:

    She’s trying so hard to be edgy that she falls off the edge

    • JudyK says:

      I was just getting ready to type the same thing about her attempting to be “edgy” and instead just looking plain ridiculous.

  10. Reba says:

    With that face she’ll NEVER look good. Give up, potatoface!!

  11. TheOriginalKitten says:

    She DOES have great skin. The outfit is terrible. “Young Hollywood” my ass. That is all.

  12. Genevieve says:

    @ mel: You are a kind soul, INDEED, to even TRY to intimate that Rumer is in any way pretty. WOW. Some kids just don’t cash in on the bounty of one celebrity parent’s magnificent genes. May I offer the collaborative spawn of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley as Exhibit A? Thank you, I rest my case :-,

    I agree with Kaiser’s comment, “And if you come in here and yell at me and say that I shouldn’t be discussing Rumer’s styling and beauty issues – just stop it. She’s the one who wants a life in front of the camera”. She’s just as attention seeking and camera craving as any Lohan has ever been. She needs to work with what God gave her (which, admittedly, isn’t much without the intervention of a FAB plastics guy), then she could at least put the word “stylish” on her resume. Rumer, STOP trying to dress like Diane Keaton in the ’70-’80’s. She’s a legend….you’re not. Start working with some stylists and designers who could actually put you in tailored clothing that showcases your actually pretty cute figure. Try something a little stark, actually fitted, a little edgy. You have npn-traditonal looks….but so does Anjelica Huston, and she worked her unique look and became a great beauty simply because of her style.

    Really, just do SOMETHING, Rumer. Whether it’s correcting your style, getting a job, making a career for yourself, just freaking do ANYTHING other than lounging around and milking the celeb-brat thing for all it’s worth. Try to impress us. And for God’s sake….have Mummy’ surgeon slice a wee bit more off of that chin!!

  13. Mina says:

    I don’t understand why she got big ol’ breast implants and then dresses like this? This style is much more flattering on a thin flat-chested model type

    “before” is way better, right?

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      The “before” picture is undoubtedly the best I have EVER seen her look. The hair color is right, the makeup is good and the blue eyes are stunning. She does have the ability to look great. I’ve seen interviews with the other Willis girls talking about how proud they are to create their own unique style. Unfortunately they think “unique” means wearing the ugliest thing you can find and accessorizing it with more ugly. Ugly will never be pleasing to the eye. That’s why it’s called ugly.

      Some people are born with good fashion sense and other people acquire it with maturity. I think Rumor needs time to mature.

  14. lassie says:

    She seems to be one of those people who are just uncomfortable in her own skin, with no fashion instincts. Get a stylist. God knows she can probably afford it.

  15. SolitaryAngel says:

    I’m going to look a little deeper at the reason Rumer *may* non-style herself like this; I think she is more aware than anyone else on the planet how unfortunate her genes are. I’m pretty sure that, although her mother loves her, there were times when criticisms have come from Demi and those HAD to have been hurtful–all of us with at least one sibling knows what I’m talking about too! The dreaded “Why can’t you be more like ___” , you know? So I think that this girl knows that no matter what she wears or how she styles herself, she’ll be seen as lacking or less than her mother’s looks; the more she ‘tries’, the more people will talk about how poor Rumer just can’t compare. So she chooses the defiant path–the “I’ll never look like you and I know it, so fuck it” path.

    And you know what? It’s working. Most of us are asking why can’t this girl fix her hair/clothes/posture etc. and NOT saying, “Oh look–there’s Rumer trying and failing (again) to look like her mother”.

  16. Twez says:

    I vacillate between being resentful that this girl is forced on us and feeling sorry for her, both based on her status as celebrity spawn. There is no way in hell someone as objectively weird looking would be encouraged to pursue an entertainment career in L.A. if she wasn’t the child of famous actors. Yet she isn’t going to be told this in any honest way by the industry because no one wants to offend her parents.

  17. i only have 2 words:
    potato face

  18. jover says:

    Agree chatcat and genevieve she is not going to happen – no talent, can’t even generate offensive pub like the kartrassians, she should go to school get a real career, but the world of tinseltown has so enveloped her that she can’t walk away from it; she’s destined to be a non descript hanger on, has she ever taken any acting lessons?

  19. Stubbylove says:

    She needs a great haircut to the chin – long hair just accentuates her long face.

  20. MBGB says:

    Can we just all agree that this is a plain looking kid who has as much chance of becoming a “model” (a real one, not one who’s hired because of who her parents are) as I do? Which is about 0%. Or less.

    You’re right, she’s asked for attention and now she has to take the bitter with the sweet.

    She’s ordinary, noting special, a nice kid I’m sure, but needs to give up on the dream of modeling ’cause it ain’t gonna happen.

    Plus, the clothes look like they are leftover from her mother’s St. Elmo’s Fire wardrobe.

    And honey, lose the nose ring. Please.

  21. Bobby sue says:

    She’s trying to be edgy and cool, a la Chloe Sevigny, but she doesn’t have her beauty, body or style sensibility!

    That, or, she’s trying to deflect attention away from that face.

  22. Jackie says:

    awful style and an awful face.

    since she can’t do much about the face, and she has money, she could at least get a decent hair colour and cut!

    it’s like she is trying to make herself uglier.

  23. Beatriz says:

    She looks like a pirate.

  24. lower-case deb says:

    did she steal that shirt-nightgown from marc jacob’s bin of rejected shirty-gowns (for not being lacy enough, or not complementing the color his boxers enough?)

    Pilgrim shoes, Rummer! Pilgrim shoes!
    Seriously, how are you going to get your modeling gigs if you can’t keep up?

  25. Kosmos says:

    I like Rumer. She hasn’t been diva-ish, so give her a break. There are plenty of nasty, self-absorbed divas out there, so focus on them. Her outfit isn’t the best, but we can still like her, right?

    • Zooyork says:

      The only thing is, I read on Laineygossip a few years ago about how Rumer and her entourage were exiting a club one night, and a paparrazi tried to get a photo, and one of the males in her entourage (or perhaps it was a bodyguard) beat up the guy horrifically.

  26. Kayla says:

    That is one ugly lady.

  27. cannonball says:

    She can’t find a flattering style because she is still working on her face! Please get out of the lime light, take your money, get married,have kids, and do plenty of charity work. You unfortunately look like YOUR DAD.

  28. muppet_barbershop says:

    Her face would look striking and beautiful if her hair framed it well, and if she’d quit looking so pasty. I think she has really heavy foundation on all the time. About the clothes… it looks to me like she is ashamed of her body, or overconfident. When I was young and quite slim, and everything fit me, I threw on clothes that looked good to me on the hanger or whatever. She might be doing that, but the former seems likelier. She is tall and blocky; not a popular shape.

  29. Sunny says:

    To the author of this article- I hope you have a daughter one day, and I hope she starves her body and singes her hair daily. Yours is the most permanent form of ugly that exists.