More pictures from the Scientology wedding of the century

Get a load of that freaky picture of Tom sitting on a throne with Connor and his best man, the head of Scientology’s David Miscavige, beside him. Word is that Miscavige accompanied Tom and Katie on their honeymoon on that tug boat yacht in the Maldives. He must have been along to advise them of the best ways to start a marriage according to the random drug-fueled teachings of L Ron.

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  1. barbie says:

    Is that is his lover?

  2. Jay says:


  3. yo yo says:

    he is sitting so his son isn’t taller then him

  4. okay... says:

    That is what I’ve read. You’d think Tommy boy could do better. They try and convince themselves that they aren’t gay while messing up the sheets together.

  5. millie says:

    So this guy is the real bride.. Creepy! All I can say is .. poor Connor.

  6. MizLiz says:

    Those poor kids will spend half their lives on a psychiatrist’s couch.

  7. Jerry says:

    Don’t worry MizLiz, Conner and Isabelle won’t be fortunate enough to spend half their lives on a psychiatrist’s couch, since Tom hates the evil psychs. They will however spend half their lives hooked up to scientology’s e-Meter.

  8. rascalgal says:

    I’m worried for Connor and Isabelle, why do I get the feeling that they’ll be polishing Suri’s shoes and eating with the servants in a few years. Now that Suri is around they seem so disconnected.

  9. flopsy says:

    O.J. called. He wants his son back.

  10. millie says:

    Side note: Connor is a very handsome boy. Nicole once mentioned that one of her kids is really interested in being in the movies while the other wouldn’t dream of it. She wouldn’t say which one, but I have a feeling it’s Connor–he just loves the camera.

  11. Saywhat says:

    David Miscaviage is the one who allegedly has had a very “special relationship” with Cruise, yes.

    This has not come from any gossip source but from an affidavit (a sworn statement) by a former Scientologist that spent 20 years in the highest level of staff (Sea Org). His name is Andre Tabayoyon and you can read more about this if you google his name, tom cruise and affidavit. Radar magazine had an article that contained quotes from this affidavit.

    or just hit up Factnet dot org for some information on cults and organisations using coercive/mind control tactics.

  12. Ana says:

    Guys, don’t rage on about these people, you will be the losers in the end, they have out manouvered you at all turns and you never give up, I think they were very smart and Connor is gonna be a lady killer.

  13. spade says:

    Gee, can anyone tell that “Ana” is a scientologist? You’re all so lame and transparent. You’re also fundamentally incapable of writing an articulate or legitimate argument. You all think you can speak your world into being. If you say “it is”, then the rest of us are just supposed to follow blindly along and believe that “it is”. You’re all certifiably insane.

    Tom Cruise is gay and no matter how many stepford wives he accumulates, we will continue to know that to be fact. He and David Miscaviage have so many sex secrets that they make Michael Jackson look merely eccentric. There are videos and taped confessions that Tom Cruise will do anything to keep hidden. David Miscaviage OWNS Tom Cruise and he always will.

    I can’t stand the sick little freak. He makes my skin crawl. He has no business raising children and I assure you that both of them are already so brainwashed that they will never recover. They’re also not being properly educated so they’re going to have to depend upon Tom and his “church” to care for them for the rest of their lives. Anyone who believes that Nichole Kidman will ever have ANY say in how they turn out is an idiot. Those are her adoptive children in name only. Tom makes ALL decisions and TOM only allows them to see Nichole when it is politically expedient for him to do so. Nichole is a nice lady. She doesn’t want to hurt those children by telling the truth about her involvement in their lives but they are not her children anymore and she knows it. Tom’s mob-like scientology legal team have seen to it that she can never be a real mother to them. If Tom Cruise dropped off the face of the earth tomorrow, the “church” would seize the children one way or another. They would never allow Nichole to have them back. They are the property of Scientology.

    Our government needs to open a full-scale investigation and seize the whole damned place and all of the criminals who inhabit it. There isn’t a mob family in all the world who has ANYTHING on scientologists when it comes to crime. They’ve got it all – murder, bribery, extortion, kidnapping, witness-tampering, theft, wire-tapping, drug trafficking, slavery, child abuse, breaking and entering, fraud, etc. They are guilty of all of that and more. Tom Cruise is a criminal and I can’t wait for the day when all that is hidden, is brought to light. And that day, my friends, is drawing near.

  14. step says:

    spade, are you psycho ? crazy ? maybe just drunk or under LSD ? Worst ! you have been engaged by the KKK to spread this shit on the net ! please go back to sleep and stay quiet. Mummy will come soon…

  15. Mark Ferrante says:

    Look how BIG Tom’s hand are… 😉

  16. michael childress says:

    another suspicious “suicide” involving people who have angered scientologists. They feel it is justified to kill those who do so. check out the article on th eguy who took the cruise/holmes wedding photos.