Jennifer Aniston’s latest Smart Water ads: ridiculously Photoshopped or just cute?

Jennifer Aniston is still the face of SmartWater. Us Weekly says that this is her “second” year as the face of the Glaceau brand, but I seem to remember her getting the contract… maybe back in 2009? That’s when her ad campaign seemed to have begun as well, which means this is her fourth year as the face of the brand. I seem to remember hearing that Aniston wasn’t just getting a standard payment for her modeling – she also gets stock in the company? Which is smart, especially because Aniston and SmartWater are such a great, compatible “fit” together – people associate her with exercise and gyms and eating healthy, so she works well with a bottled water brand.

Anyway, these are the two new print ads. Almost all of them have been done in black-and-white, and the Photoshop quality usually varies to either extreme. There were some memorable ads two years ago where the Photoshop wizards made Aniston’s nose ridiculously upturned, like a snout. She’s usually scantily-clad too. So how do these ads stack up? Eh. The photo where she’s wearing the black t-shirt – that one is okay. I mean, it looks really retouched, but it still looks like HER. But the one with light-colored, half-buttoned blouse? It looks like they morphed her face with someone else. And her lips look kind of crazy in that one too.

Last year she also did a commercial for the brand, although I think it was more of a would-be viral video that rarely (if ever) aired on TV. I wonder if she’ll do a commercial this year?

Photos courtesy of SmartWater.

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  1. mln76 says:

    She looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein in the top photo.
    I don’t even think she’s a pretty woman but the photoshoppers really did her a diservice.

  2. Mitzie Martin says:

    I just watched the youtube “commercial” – I really do find her very funny – photoshopped or not, she is 10 years older than me and looks amazing!

  3. Mimi says:

    A bit off topic, but I wonder if Aniston knows about the insanely large island of plastic debris floating in the ocean. Pimpin bottled water seems so backwards to me.

    • IMira says:

      I get a feeling this women don’t care about nothing or no one else other than self. That’s why she picked a very little guy like Theroux so she can get more attention. TheAnis is a perfect name for those two.

    • bea says:

      Great point – I just watched a documentary on that subject (Bag It) and I will not touch a plastic bag or plastic bottle. She should be aware of the impact plastic has on the environment, especially Cali!

      • Esmom says:

        Totally. My family has been shlepping around our refillable bottles of water for a while now. At first I was annoyed at having to fill them myself all the time but then I see people with crates of bottled water from Costco or wherever and it gives me renewed energy to keep it up!

      • autumndaze says:

        My family uses those silicone sleeved glass bottles.
        They are awesome.
        Our nation has the world’s safest drinking water from city treatment. Why pollute with all that useless plastic?

      • Karma says:

        My husband travels for work constantly and we just started buying bottled water for him due to the wide range of water systems/quality he was exposed to.

        Living in the SF bay area we had Hetch Hetchy water which is an excellent water source. So we never bought bottled water. When we moved to the valley, the water made us ill. Literally, my husband was puking and then running to the restroom from drinking it. It’s easy to claim that it’s selfish but if you’ve grown up with that area’s water it won’t hit you the same way as someone new moving into the area.

        Also since we moved several of our animals died with huge cancerous tumors. Three of our dogs and one cat. We just lost a dog last year as a matter of fact, she was filled with tumors. So now we buy eight staged filtered water from one of those water stands for our animals. If that doesn’t work they will start getting bottled water too.

        It’s easy to judge but you don’t know why a family has come to that decision.

        In fact, we laughed at our neighbors for giving their dog bottled water when we first moved out here. We aren’t laughing anymore.

      • polk8dot says:

        Thank you so much for writing what you did.
        We had a rottie who died at 7 years old with 2 huge (and I mean, awful) tumors. Then our new pittbull girl, barely 3 years old, got sick, and had to be put down with kidney cancer and other tumors in her.
        I thought about it a lot, and was convinced that it is all the crap that gets added to the dry food. Then I found out about the chinese sh!t that is used as preservatives in snacks. We moved completely to the organic, farmers market stuff.
        But your comment gave me a huge pause. It never crossed my mind to even think that the faucet water may have anything to do with making my doggies sick. Now I have a new outlook on things, and will take steps to avoid this pitfall.
        I know it is off subject, and sorry to everybody else, but I want to thank you for opening my eyes.
        Good health to you and yours.

      • jwoolman says:

        You don’t really need stuff added to the water but you sure do need stuff taken out. I’ve lived many different places and the tap water has always been undrinkable. No wonder people are in the habit of drinking soda and basically anything but tap water. There are very few communities that are an exception. I wish we had the plain filtered bottled water when I was younger, since I prefer water. I filter my own tap water now with a unit that includes both activated carbon and reverse osmosis filters – if it’s down for any reason, Aquafina has been almost as good (and is filtered the same way), and when it’s on sale it’s really the same price as my home-filtered water.

        So if your tap water is good enough to drink in large quantities, count your blessings. But my tap water makes me gag, even the smell is unpleasant. Decades ago, a water purifier guy told me that it was getting so expensive to treat water, Americans were going to have to have two taps for the heavily treated water (safe for drinking although gag-inducing) and less treated water for non-drinking purposes. More and more extra chemicals were being added to tap water even back then to deal with the increasing problems with our water supply.

      • Karma says:


        Thank you for the wishes of good health and please excuse my late reply.

        My heart goes out to you and your family with losses of your Rottie and Pitbull. That is far too young for any dog to come down with cancer. It must have been completely unexpected with your Pitbull, barely three, and with kidney cancer. How heart wrenching and probably the absolute worst place to have it.

        Strange enough, our three dogs consisted of two Rotties and one Pitbull mix. The first Rottie was five years old when he got cancer, hitting his spleen first. When talking to the vet, she noted how odd it was that a lot of large breed dogs were dying at five. We discussed the environmental issues of the valley but it really didn’t hit me to change their water.

        A few years later, the Pitbull mix started showing a tumor on her leg. The vet stated that if they did anything to it, it might actually get more aggressive and spread quicker. So we would check her wiggle butt and the sparkle in her eyes to gauge how she was doing. Since it was on her leg, and slowed her down, we questioned ourselves the whole time.

        With the last Rottie, Roxy, she didn’t have any outside tumors but she was getting barrel chested if that makes sense. She was a large dog to begin with so it was subtle. One day she wasn’t herself, throwing up and wouldn’t get up. She was filled with tumors.

        Since the first Rottie, had food allergies, we always bought good food for them. So that left us with the water.

        We foolishly thought since the animals were from the area they were acclimated to the water. We bought filtered water at one of those Watermill Express stands for ourselves, but gave them tap water.

        With Roxy’s death last summer and seeing her ex-rays. We felt awful, that we’d failed them giving them water that we didn’t drink. So now the animals are getting filtered water. We hope it’s enough. But it still haunts us that it might not be… it’s still local water. Yet there’s no way we could buy a home filter system to compete with the stand’s system.

        Frankly, I feel embarrassed buying bottle water for ourselves, we never did it. And even worse…I feel guilty for not giving the animals bottled water exclusively. So we often share our bottled water with them.

        Thank you for your post as well. It inspired more research of various cities and their annual test results to compare against the water stand’s filter results.

        And my apologies for the novel. It was a slow realization and truly we can’t be sure if it is the water. But it wasn’t a rash decision on our part.

        Good health to you and yours as well. :)

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Exactly. Smart Water is, contrary to its name, pretty effin’ stupid as is all bottled water. Some towns in my state are actually banning bottled water.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        I kind of disagree. It at least has electrolytes – unlike other bottled waters and very much like gatorade. It replenishes nutrients lost during sweating/workingout. People dont seem to realize that, hence a healthier alternative to drinks like gatorade/powerade with syrup.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yes I know but veggies and fruit are MUCH better source of electolytes. Corn, carrots and green beans, are high in electrolytes, as are bread, milk and fruit. If you want water with electrolytes just use filtered water with a small pinch of sugar, salt and flour. There’s no need to contribute to an industry that is not only unnecessary and harmful to the earth, but is essentially supporting the idea of putting public water sources in private hands.

      • layla says:


        You know what also has electroloytes? Lemons and limes… try squeezing them into your reuseable water bottle instead. A splash of cocount water, also full of electrolytes/vitmains/minerals (and not sold in plastic!) and you have a drink 100x better than any marketed water or gatorade.

        Don’t be a slave to marketing.

      • Vesper says:

        I used to get the worst kidneys stones every couple of years. Last time I had multiple stones while on vacation. The only suggestion my doctor made was to try switching to bottled water. I’m a huge water drinker. Nine years later I’ve never had another stone.

        I talked with my vet about this and she admitted that in at least one area in Southern Ontario (Canada) the tap water has been linked to tumours in dogs.

    • Chell says:

      My very first thoughts when reading this!!!

    • eileen says:

      I agree-I always use filtration system but I went on vacation last week and the girl I went with bought a ton of bottled water and by the end of the week I was losing it with all the frickin water bottles all over our beach house-seemed a bit hypocritical hanging on our patio watching dolphins with water bottles everywhere!!

      • barbi says:

        Simple solution. Recycle. Duh. :-)

      • Mimi says:

        Sorry for getting all political on a gossip website, but the energy it takes to recycle plastic bottles is almost attune to the energy it takes to make them. Instead of supporting a totally unnecessary and wasteful industry, why not use refillable water bottles? Besides with all the studies done with plastic gassing off hormone disrupters, it’s better for everybody all around. :)

      • Mari says:

        Problem is, recycling also takes up a lot of energy and on top of that, is is the large quantity of plastics and other “trash” that is being “produced” and not recycled in the world. Waste and there is no place to put it.
        One solution is trying to reduce the amount of waste each of us is producing. One easy step, stop buying liquids that are in disposable plastic containers.

    • Molly says:

      I wonder the same thing. She doesn’t give a crap about that huge landfill in the middle of the ocean.

      I don’t even get why she needs to be the face of smartwater, frankly. She’s got a swimming pool full of money. Why do this too unless she’s money hungry?

    • Carolyn says:

      Not off-topic at all. Aniston is either uneducated or doesn’t care about the waste disposal problem of all those plastic bottles. Money talks with her. Smart Water is hardly smart. Nobody in areas with good tap water should be buying bottled water. Agree with you all on the “cons” of recycling. PS Aniston’s ads aren’t featured over here in Australia – she mustn’t fit our demographic. Praise the heavens.

  4. lower-case deb says:

    i just wish photoshoppers would stop applying THEIR standards of beauty on anyone. they don’t even get it right most of the time.

    goes so far as to “erase” almost all noticeable attributes that makes a person uniquely themselves too. this is a generic gripe. one example is the first picture of this post (those eyes, how creepy are they? that face! made me stop and wonder, where is JA in all that?) as well as many many magazine covers (i think the one where madonna looks like kate winslet, reese witherspoon looking like… can’t remember. and katy perry/amy winehouse, etc etc).

    also, i think pale black and white photographs do not suit Jennifer well. she needs either a darker/starker contrast (see the Richardson pictures), or in color (particularly ones that enhance her hair and/or eyecolor).

    if they keep insisting on just photoshopping people out of their identities, why don’t they just fabricate someone from scratch. seems like they’re doing it most of the time. why not go down the Aimi Eguchi route?

  5. cmc says:

    I actually like both images. They both look like Aniston to me- albeit a much younger one (the super-smoothed her face!) But it’s not a photoshop fail like, say, the Mila Kunis Dior ads.

    You know, she may be boring or whiny or what have you, but I actually really admire her commitment to staying healthy. She’s looked like a fit, athletic person for years and hasn’t slipped up once. I think it would be cool if she ran a marathon for charity or something.

  6. samira677 says:

    She’s always photoshopped to death. I don’t know why magazines, ads, etc get carried away with the photoshopping. Since we see what people look like in candids the touched up photos look ridiculous. The car photo seems odd to me, just the way Jennifer is posed.

    • sarahtonin says:

      This! Exactly what I was thinking. Do they expect us to believe smart water is the fountain of youth or something when she looked 10 years older in papped pics last week?

    • Marjalane says:

      Her hand is holding the bottle in an odd way, isn’t it? It’s curious that any star is still willing to shill for bottled water, it’s becoming a pretty big eco no-no. Smart Water hasn’t even switched to the new thinner, supposedly more eco friendly plastic.

      • sarahtonin says:

        @Marjalane – yeah, you’re right. It’s not eco-friendly, and that’s not something celebs usually want to be associated with. It just makes me think she needs a payday.

        The other thing is, I just don’t think buying smart water will make me feel like her, or buy into her lifestyle, and that’s what the aim is with these endorsements. She couldn’t sell me anything anyway, (and I’m her target demographic), but I’d rather see a young, fresh-faced girl with bright white eyes and teeth, and the appearance of no makeup; a healthy lifestyle image. Not an old tv star who can’t get a job and needs a heap of photoshop. It’s all just wrong.

  7. Kvan says:

    Why is this a story? Just another chance for commenters to bash Anniston?

  8. Jayna says:

    The one in the car is awful. So fake andcstrange in the face. The second one is cute.

    She has had some work done these last couple of years. I rewatched He’s Just Not That Into You the other day. When she was I’n a scene out in the natural light with Ben Affleck, she looked way older than Ben. Her face showed the effects of longtime smoking and tanning, whereas, Ben’s face was virtually unlined except for forehead lines.

  9. foozy says:

    that was an understatement

  10. IMira says:

    She look like a deranged fool posing like that. If it was not for the pr people she pay to keep her image in the media she would disappear.

  11. Jackie says:

    ugh. these billboards are all over my neighborhood. i find her about as interesting as a potted plant.

  12. Waldemar says:

    Even the bottle looks like it was photoshopped into the the picture. She is holding nothing but air.

  13. Sisi says:

    These looks like amateur photoshops pics where they ramdomly insert an item in for the lulz, here it just happens to be a bottle of water.

  14. proth says:

    i don’t think her face looks any different than the Hollywood walk of fame one. Of course black and white does provide certain contrasts that may seem like they “erase things” but overall disagree it’s photoshopped to death.
    And +1 – atleast they didn’t photoshop her looking like a stick figure…

    • polk8dot says:

      Are you kidding?
      She does not look any different in the ads than in the Walk of Fame pics?
      Goly! To me her face looks at least 15 !!! years older in those candids.
      The freshness they gave her via photoshop, the ‘internal lightness’ are nowhere to be found in real life – there you can clearly see years for chain smoking and sun rays abuse.

  15. Agnes says:

    i like smart water, but i don’t want to line her pockets with even more money. so, a no-go on smart water for me.

  16. manly says:

    the bottle look better….than her FACE.

  17. madpoe says:

    Ooooo the power of photoshop!

  18. Nicole says:

    I hate all these highlights on her. She needs to ditch the blonde already. It makes her hair look scragily (sp?)and old. She looks amazing in dark hair. Or even a reddish brown!

  19. Meg says:

    You are a hypocrite. Is she the only one who is using photoshop? Why are you so harsh on her? I think she is fantastic and these ads have class.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      We discuss awful photoshop on every celeb, EVERY time it’s bad. Not just Aniston.
      Why so sensitive? You should visit all the other anti-photoshop threads. You’ll see.

    • Linda says:

      I have no problem with the photoshopped but she shouldn’t allow these people photoshopped her to death. Do it where’s needed.

    • mln76 says:

      Actually I don’t blame her for the photoshop (although she probably has final approval for the pics) but Smart Water. IF they wanted Jen Aniston so badly they should at least make her face recognizable. Amirite? For the record this isn’t on the level of the infamous Sex In the City 2 movie poster but it’s up there.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        Her face is quite recognizable. There is a rather excessive amount of Photoshop happening in the first picture but we can all tell it’s her, not Jocelyn Wildenstein (hyperbole, much?)

        Smart Water has her as their spokeswoman because people think of her as someone who is physically fit and likely drinks a lot of water.

        And beside that, they photoshop the hell out of all of their ads. Even the ones with Idris Elba and Tom Brady have crazy face-smoothing. It’s not just her.

      • lisa says:

        She has ownership in the company so I think if she didn’t like the pictures they would change them

  20. G says:

    Not a fan of hers or bottled water but these look good.

  21. alex says:

    Ugh, I really don’t see how she is continuously selected as hottest woman or whatever.
    Its just f*cking bizarre.

    I mean can no one else see this chin from hell?

    I must be really confused or live in the twilight zone. Also I thought guys didn’t like desperate, pity party, stage 5 clinger type of women so wouldn’t that be a turn-off.

    The fact that she is usually top ten on attractive list only proves that this is indeed the end of times. Game over man, game over.

    • Linda says:

      Most of the votes are sympathy votes. When people said she is attractive or hot, they usually refer to her body, not her face. Never her face. When did anyone ever read/hear about how gorgeous Jen’s face, eyes, lips or nose. Never. Let’s be honest. If she didn’t have the money, do you think she would have the body she has now? She’s a lucky woman who has the money to hire a team to help maintain her looks.

    • Josephina says:

      Agreed. Her chin is what makes her manly-looking. That and the undefined jaw-cheekbone area…and the smoker’s lips…and her nose…and the beady eyes..

      I prefer the first picture. Except it does not look like Jen. ( they shaved the chin to make it look more feminine.) The first picture reminds me more of Gretchen from the Housewives of Orange County.

      The second picture looks like her, which is OK.

  22. Lucy says:

    It’s perfect. The kind of people this will appeal to will fall for it hook line & sinker.

    Other than that, they’re pretty lame.

  23. Rory says:

    I agree with G. I always wondered why it’s called “Smart” water when fluoride actually dumbs you down; Hitler used it during the war to dumb the population down and make them more compliant. Fluoride actually lowers your IQ, so I don’t get the Smart Water thing at all. And yes, totally photoshopped. Not that I care about JA. The media keeps trying to make her happen and she’s more boring than exposed brick.

    • Vesper says:

      Since when is fluoride added to bottled water? I don’t drink Smart Water, but the brands of bottled water I do drink have no fluoride. Fluoride, is added to tap water and it has been for years (at least in Canada). It’s one of the reasons I buy bottled water.

  24. Embee says:

    I like her in both pictures. Agreed they went too far in PS’ing the top shot but I love the setting (classic car, black trousers and classic silk blouse), and I like the optical illusion of her hair length being just below shoulders – a good look for her.

    I absolutely adored the image from the last campaign where she posed on the dock lying face down. Precious.

    But yeah, c’mon with the plastic bottles SW. It would be really smart of you to offer a home/office cooler delivery service and glass reusable waterbottles.

  25. Jen says:

    Just wondering – is that her real eye color?

  26. Kara Ann says:

    I like these images. I’m sure that there is some photoshop involved but I have no probable identifying her nor do I think that she looks 25! I always do like a good black and white image.

  27. spinner says:

    They went a bit overboard on the first pic but I think both of these pics are good. Very classy as I love black & white shots.

  28. Ycnan says:

    Stop the presses an ad is photoshopped!!! Good grief, they ALL are.

  29. mar says:

    I do not think she is pretty- period. She looks ridiculous in those ads

  30. SirSnarksalot says:

    Even Aniston without photoshop doesn’t look like Aniston. She’s had so much plastic surgery and work done she’s as authentic as Beyonce. You should really run an old photo of her from when she started acting to compare her new face to the one she was born with. After that much alteration what’s a little more photoshop. If you want to know why she never wanted to have kids its because she’s probably scared they’d end up looking just like her (old pre surgery) self!

    • Linda says:

      As much as I dislike her, I don’t think she had any major work done other than her 2 nose jobs. If you look at her old pictures, when she was heavier during her “Friends” years her face was fuller. After she got famous, she loss some of the weight (she was thinner than now) her chin was like serious joker jawline. Her face features did change because of her weights but as far as her eyes, lips and face nothing has changed. If you look at close up pictures from the “Walk of Fame,” event she had crowsfeet, deep creases on her forehead, dry & rough skin, and big pores.

      • alex says:

        Dude so freaking back handed….. “she’s basically authentic, she’s always been ugly’ type of comment

        I LOVE IT, keep em coming.

        Chinnifer Maniston, gosh I do not like this lady. I never buy Smart Water in fact flat out refuse to buy any celebrity products which doesn’t always make shopping easy.

  31. DreamyK says:

    I’m tired of having her shoved down my throat and am inclined to not buy a product she rep’s.

  32. Mara says:

    Jen is looking really young and very nice body at 42 she is so pretty and sexy.

  33. debunker says:

    She was attractive in the first seasons of Friends, though not quite as beautiful as her 2 co-stars. But time has taken its toll since then, though there have been worse cases of aging in the business.

  34. Mrs. Kalifornia says:

    Please stop buying bottled water.

    Your tap waters is fresher, regulated and has trace minerals that you need.

    Your tap water does not waste valuable oil on plastic (we have about 40 years worth of recoverable oil on the planet. Period.), manufacture, shippment, recycling costs (maybe) or take 50,000 years to decompose while taking up space in a landfill or add as much Carbon to the atmosphere.

    I am as serious as a heart attack.

    • Sara says:

      +1. I finally got my mom and dad to start using a Brita filter after years of buying a ton of bottled water. People are so stubborn when it comes to changing their every day habits. These same people are constantly complaining about the price of gasoline. It’s like get up and DO something.

    • Vesper says:

      Bottled water is heavily regulated in certain countries like Italy and France. I would never buy bottled water from the US or Canada, some brands are nothing more than regular tap wather which has been filtered, and, yes, they are unregulated. However, if u purchase a good quality brand, Fiji, Evian, etc. not only are u getting a much better quality of water, u are getting something regulated.

  35. jesstar says:

    I think its safe to say she is the unofficial mascot of “ladies of leisure” as well as those determined to keep their hot bodies as long as they can. More power to her. It takes all kinds.

  36. deep says:

    Photoshopped or not photoshopped Jennifer is forever 35. She looks great!

  37. skuddles says:

    If I were Aniston I think I’d be depressed by the amount of effort advertisers put into making her look so little like her real self…

  38. Jen says:

    Right you are! Growing up for me, there was just no such thing as throwing away a plastic bottle every time someone wanted a drink of water. How it ever became ok is beyond me. And yet now I can’t even get my own husband to go to the sink and turn on the tap. Ugh.

    • jwoolman says:

      When I was a kid in Ancient Times, when all phones were black and attached to a wall and songs were sold on small vinyl discs played with a needle – soda was sold in glass bottles. We brought back the empties to any store selling soda and were refunded the deposit money. My guess is we’ll go back to that method for all beverages only when total costs for plastic bottles become greater than for glass bottles (including transportation costs, which are much less for plastic than for glass). It can be quite complicated comparing impacts on the planet because there are many variables to take into account.

  39. reeda redneck says:

    What an insult to Jocelyn comparing her to the fugged out freak from Friends.

  40. GrandPoobah says:

    I think she looks great, photoshop or not.

    The first picture is way too ‘shopped but I like the second one.

    As for the whole plastic water bottle debate- I work in the entertainment business and we use and recycle tons of water bottles on set. I think she’s coming from that perspective i.e. she probably drinks a lot of bottled water on set and doesn’t think about the trash island just like everyone else on a set doesn’t think about it.

  41. benny says:

    That ad is too funny! Not just the way they make Anniston look, but the whole ad — the bottle of water is empty, she’s holding her fingers like she’s waiting for her nail polish to dry (was she doing her nails while driving, and also drinking water), and her hair is blowing in the wind even though the car is at a stop (at least I hope it is, because she has no hands on the wheel and is looking in the other direction).

    That is hysterical. But I would never buy “smart” water from someone who makes such a dumb ad.

    This reminds me of the Kardashian perfume ad where one of the girls is on a swing, but her butt is slightly lifted on one side, like she’s farting. Who approves these ads anyway? Are the ad designers seceretly getting a laugh out of it?

  42. Anon says:

    Those pics of Aniston selling ‘SmartWater’ only say: plastic, fake and pollution. She’s photo-shopped to the gills. Too bad all that plastic in the ocean is snuffing the fishes’ gills.

  43. sup says:

    this isn’t nearly the most photoshopped i’ve seen her dog fugly mug, not for smart water or for anything else.

  44. Penguin says:

    Tbh honest I just find her meh. Don’t see all this beauty or hideous ugliness other people see. She is just ok looking to me. In the middle, kind of bland & mediocre I Suppose.

  45. Kim says:

    WAY to photoshopped. She is mediocre looking at best.

  46. ska says:

    Haha to that upturned nose shot — she should be selling “snout water” in that one.

  47. twoblues says:

    I think she’s still very attractive, with or without photoshop, but I honestly don’t like her acting or her personality in interviews. I hope I live long enough to see her fade into obscurity. Finally.

    • sup says:

      hate to say it, but you probably won’t. she’ll haunt the hallmark specials till the day comes we all hopefully grow old and die. she’ll buy motion pictures to star in, she has a production company. if she can’t do anything, she’ll do some shitty directing jobs just to look serious and get her name in the headlines again. she’ll join every event with future cosmetic procedures and women will gosh at omg how young she looks. she’ll have a new guy in her arm all the time. girlfriend has more money in the world then ever to know what to do with it, you know she doesn’t like family she doesn’t even share any of it with her current family members. her brother lives like a homeless guy and her mother tries to make ends meet whilst having suffered from a stroke. stuff she said about jen wasn’t even that bad, she wasn’t some evil mother and her book wasn’t malicious either. if anything jen is evil, not some evil genius just a bitter woman with too much money she never deserved to have and a relentless p.r. team who is after it.

  48. lisa says:

    I think I would have liked it if it was more natural. What happened to those ads. Why are they erasing the things about people that make them look like people.

    I don’t buy bottled water.

  49. Katherine says:

    Wow! Is this the new Anime Jennifer from the latest Japanese video game?


  50. Runs with Scissors says:

    She’s a perfect spokesperson for bottled water.

    I look at her and think, plastic, selfish and unnecessary.

  51. germasian says:

    you don’t need photoshop when you got Botox :)

  52. Jazmin says:

    She looks like Julianne Hough?? (former DWTS) in the car picture.

    –drinking bottled water is the biggest scam invented, plus it’s poison for the environment. Purify it and carry your own…..

  53. Jane says:

    Blah! These comments are nuts!
    People are scrutinizing her chin? Seriously?
    Maybe you would be okay being photoshopped too if people were like “geez your face is not at all attractive compared with your body”.

    Then there are people calling her selfish! Oh yip because I bet you really got to know her character when you were at her house last week.

    Quotes from the comments:

    “Fugged out freak”
    “Mediocre at best”
    “Dog fugly mug”

    That’s not even bitchy that’s just unsettling. How can someone hold such disturbing hatred for a person they don’t know at all?

    People seem to be fine telling her to change her hair colour but then condemn her for allowing herself to be photoshopped. Why should she change herself because of others opinions? Clearly allowing photoshop is already giving in to this appearance obsessed world but there is alot of hypocracy in the comments.

    It’s the nature of the advertising industry to use photoshop, lets not act like we are outraged by this. She looks different from her usual appearance but she still looks freaking amazing.

    If I had her face and body I would be happy.

    Whew… sorry I had to get all preachy on y’all but she’s totally babein’ and some of the comments were just too mean to leave unrivaled.

    • Josephina says:

      Jennifer is an averaging looking girl with lots of money and very little of anything else.

      Since you stated that you WOULD like to look like her…in the face… well, that’s just sad, sad, sad…

      We get it. You want her to be respected.


      • blonde on the dock says:

        Well she’s obviously earned the respect of her peers. She continues to get work. I agree with Jane. The level of hate directed at this woman is downright scary and is more a reflection of the person commenting.

      • EmmaV1 says:

        Glad that you feel that way blonde on the dock…guess that says something about you right?

        You’re always hating on Angelina Jolie for no reason, despite her getting glowing praise from respected individuals like Colin Powell, Clint Eastwood, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Antonio Gutierrez, her ex husbands, etc.

        She’s the one getting huge movie deals (Maleficent)…so why the hate on Jolie?

  54. Deb Sullivan says:

    Aniston’s face has become as contrived and fake as her “girl-next-door” personality. No matter what her fans choose to believe, she is NOT your friend. Unless, of course, you live in Malibu and are worth millions of dollars. It has been reported by too many people to ignore that she is a stuck-up bitch (unless the camera is on her). I don’t like her. Never have. And no, it’s got nothing to do with Angie.

  55. womanfromthenorth says:

    I just hope she recycles all that plastic.

  56. I Choose Me says:

    I like the second pic. I’ll say one thing for her, she’s always had a very pretty smile.

  57. ann h says:

    I’d like to see all the empty “smart water” bottles dumped in her yard. She needs to get a clue.

  58. case says:

    Since her movie did not sell well, she sells water. very meaningless life which buys toy boy with the profits.

  59. Michael Ford, says:

    Everything in advertising is photoshopped, even the concepts and not just the pictures. I pity all the models who need to resort to ad world (even though there is a lot of money) beucase they really don’t know if they retain a resemblance of themselves in the ads.

  60. A correction from what is mentioned , the life formed on earth when comet hit on earth because comet head is biological and the tail of comet is ice (water …) . A Sri-Lankan scientist had proved this and his name was nominated for Nobel prize ( I don’t remember his name ) Please do a google search .The famous Astronomer Carl Sagan agrees to this ! .