Dr. Oz’s pants bulge in Good Housekeeping: trick of the light or excited about pasta?

Dr Oz Good Housekeeping
I like Dr. Oz and enjoy his enthusiasm. I watch his show occasionally and have learned quite a few things about health and wellness. The guy comes across like a perv sometimes I have to admit. He’s often getting handsy with the very lovely women he picks out of the audience to help him demonstrate things, and he makes comments that drip with innuendo. The Soup makes fun of him on a regular basis for this. Here’s more fodder for my favorite E! show. Dr. Oz was photographed in a new spread for Good Housekeeping, looking like he’s really, really happy to eat a bowl of pasta. Do they have fluffers that work for Good Housekeeping? Here’s the story, thanks to TMZ. Their title is priceless.

Dr. Oz is reeeeeeealllllyyyy excited about his pasta … judging by the southern bulge he appeared to be sporting during a photo shoot for “Good Housekeeping” … OR IS IT???

The Internet has been buzzing ever since this photo surfaced in the April edition of GH … which appears to show the doc enjoying magnum-sized bites of pasta … while pitching a khaki tent.

Some people think Oz’s anatomy is to blame … others believe it’s simply an optical illusion created by a crease in his pants.

We called Oz’s people to get the long and short of the photo mystery — but so far, their lips are sealed.

[From TMZ]

I just spent way too long staring at Dr. Oz’s package and I feel kind of dirty about that, even though this is my job so it’s strictly on a professional basis. He looks at about 1/2 mast, to be blunt. I don’t think it’s a trick of the light or that the pants are billowing out or anything. Or maybe Dr. Oz is really, how do I put this, blessed in that department? No, the dude was excited about something. Judging from how he acts on his show, it doesn’t take much.

Dr. Oz is touting the “Eat What You Love” diet. I know this is so juvenile and inappropriate, but I am crying laughing at the implications of that, given what we’re looking at. In all seriousness, he talks about how it’s hard to keep weight off because you don’t allow yourself to snack on the foods you really love, like cookies and pasta. I’ve definitely been there. He also recommends a diet of about 1,450 calories so you lose weight without forcing your body into starvation mode. Now I’m thinking about the practical implications of a more realistic diet, but it’s all messed up in my head with sexy thoughts about Dr. Oz. That will keep me on my diet for a while longer. I feel somewhat disgusted at myself for finding this guy oddly attractive.

Dr Oz Good Housekeeping

Dr Oz

Dr Oz and his wife

Dr Oz

Photos are from 2012. Dr. Oz is shown with his wife, Lisa. Credit: WENN.com

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63 Responses to “Dr. Oz’s pants bulge in Good Housekeeping: trick of the light or excited about pasta?”

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  1. almond says:

    LOL, that is some absurd, postmodern tidbit of gossip! The age old question that has women holding their breath.

    He’s always struck me as being exceedingly smarmy and quite a bit douchey. My mother, though, is absolutely enamored with his caring doctor schtick.

    • Jackie says:

      i have only seen a few minutes of his show every now and then, but he seems very patronizing to his female audience members.

      his superior, yet caring doctor schtick grates on my nerves.

      • David b. says:

        What the hell does that have to do with the topic????

      • Ally says:

        What does commenting on the guy have to do with a thread about him?

        I agree with you Jackie. He comes off as a rather smarmy know-it-all — the “family doctor” version of that creepy plastic surgeon they regularly film for TMZ in Beverly Hills.

        I read a reliable reference to a study recently which found that most doctors interrupt their patients within the first 18 seconds. Yay informed diagnosis!

  2. TheOriginalKitten says:

    This is the same dude that practically blows a load when talking about Acai supplements so I’m not surprised the smell of fresh pasta would give him wood.

  3. Jessica says:

    LMAO!!! Oh this has made my day!!! LOL!!!! WOW!!!

  4. OlsenTriplet says:

    A big dong does not a desirable man make.

    Example A: Chris Brown.
    Example B: This.

  5. teehee says:

    That is not a tent! That is what it looks like when a man wears BOXERS.

    My BF wears boxes and semi-snug khakis and looks like this ALL the time LOL its just more comfortbale for him that way. In no way is it anything more than just an unfortunate ‘shift’ to one side.

    • Waldemar says:


      And, I have to say, if this teeny weeny peeny bulge is considered huge, then I feel sorry for all you women in the US. He would be considered average in Europe.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I also think his pants a wee-bit tight and/or very ill fitting. It actually looks uncomfortable.

      (I hate periods & pap smears & having to spending money on things like tampons & birth control & being paid less than men for working just as much or more, but I’m soooo glad I don’t have to deal with a penis & 2 saggy balls between my legs.)

  6. Eve says:

    That’s some serious moose knuckle.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      The cross that all ‘show-ers’ have to bear!

      As a woman, I just enjoy the view. They’ve been looking at our tits for a million years. Now it’s our turn.

      • ZZZ says:

        Haha! Great point!

      • Eve says:

        @ Ahoyhoy:

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that (though I don’t think that’s very elegant). I like looking at packages.

        I’d just rather see Chris Evans’s moose knuckle (not his) 🙂 .

      • ahoyhoy says:

        No kidding, Eve! On this pic, I just scroll ’til his face is hidden. Then I can imagine it’s a hot ginge who gets ALL my jokes, and likes his women opinionated and a little squishy.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Moose Knuckle = gold! I can’t believe I’ve never heard this term before. Can’t wait to start using it. Thanks, Eve!

      • Eve says:

        Hi Kitten! It’s kinda old, actually — I mean, English isn’t my first language and I’ve known the term for a while (I read somewhere it was the male equivalent to “camel toe”).

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Eve – I shall now henceforth always hear the words “Moose Knuckle” when I see something like this.

      (Oh, and guess what? My daughter had flowers delivered to me for Mothers’ Day & hubs got me a lap-top. I got them both yesterday, but I’m not complaining.) 😀

  7. ZZZ says:

    Well, it sure brings new meaning to his “Eat What You Love” diet!! Maybe it’s just a healthy snack suggestion….
    I also find it kinda hilarious how the ad comes right up to cover it!

  8. Jenny says:

    Hahah all of these comments are hilarious! I always watched him when he went on Oprah’s show and I never thought he was creepy but now…now I do.

  9. MissilePanda says:

    No idea who he is but I don’t want to eat my yoghurt anymore.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      You just made me scare the cat, I laughed so loud! She’s looking at me like I’m insane.

  10. JudyK says:

    I can’t stand to either look at him or listen to him. Can’t believe he still has a show.

  11. ahoyhoy says:

    I have heard from people who have attended a live taping of his show that Oz is packing serious meat. After the show, one of my friends felt like he was being a bit of an exhibitionist about it, in his scrubs (they hide nothing). She was creeped out and said it reminded her of the guy who pretends he didn’t notice his balls have fallen out of his shorts, in a public place.

    • ZZZ says:

      EW! Why is it so easy to believe that? I will never think of him the same way. Kinda makes me wonder if we will eventually hear that he is a serial cheater. Hope not!

      • jenna says:

        Didn’t he give an interview once talking about how often he and his wife have sex? If he’s telling the truth about that, I’m not sure where he would have time for cheating!

  12. QQ says:

    Hollah at at Playa when you see em on the streets!! Damn Dr. Oz!!!

  13. Cupidityrox says:

    He’s of Armenian descent, no?
    Their men are known for their um.. size

    • sup says:

      nope, he’s turkish (he has double citizenship i believe) they say this about turkish men actually

  14. Relli says:

    I hate Dr. Oz with the fiery passion of 10,000 suns.

  15. Agnes says:

    he seems like a d*ck. from what i have seen of him on the soup.

  16. Enn says:

    This guy irritates me with his quack BS. He seems really into fads. I admit that I’m biased because my boss is constantly spouting off about him and takes everything he says as gospel. He’s a doctor on TV, not a leading member of the AMA or a head at NIH.

  17. eileen says:

    Is this for realzzzzzzz? All I got is -ewwwwwwwwwww. I would have never even seen that if they hadn’t shown a spotlight on it!

  18. Samigirl says:

    Oh gosh, this thread is cracking me up!!

  19. buell says:

    If he says, “Open your mouth and say ahhhh!” Run!

  20. palermo says:

    He’s not Armenian, he is from Turkey. I used to love Dr. Oz when he was all about science, but slowly he turned into the “hope in a jar” solution to everything, he has lost all credibility for me now and I won’t watch him. He will tell you to buy unheard of supplements that cost an arm and a leg. Science wasn’t sexy and his viewers remind me of Oprah’s cult followers, blindly doing whatever he says.

  21. Jdao says:

    Excited about pasta.

  22. Hadds says:

    Am i the only one who can’t see the “bulge” bleh

  23. Msmlnp says:

    I dont see anything. It is a male cameltoe at best.

  24. skuddles says:

    And here I thought I loved pasta…. 😉

  25. sup says:

    i admire him as a doctor but it’s a shame that people hate him now because they mistake him for an armenian and think he’s related to the kuntrashians somehow. he’s not, he’s turkish. anyway and i think they hate him because he tells obese people to lose weight. it’s his profession people, the people he talks about are clinically in danger because of their weight.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      He can’t be Armenian. All their names end in “ian” or “yan”. I have no idea why.

  26. qtpi says:

    Too funny. My mom is not reachable at 3 in the afternoon until 4 because of this man. Everything shuts down. Even if the subject is periods which she hasn’t had one in 15+ years. Her guilty pleasure I guess.

    I kids you not she just called to tell me he has pinterest on today! Right in the middle of me typing this. Love that woman. So much.

    I think we should get a daily crotch shot from now on. Guess this crotch?!
    I think we should get a daily crotch shot from now on. Guess this crotch maybe?

  27. Playlist says:

    If we are going to be discussing Dr. Oz’s package, we need to put on the purple gloves first. I’d say he should put on his purple glove first, but that just sounds wrong and creepy.

    I like Dr. Oz but his enthusiasm sometimes gets on my nerves. I do like how his diagrams and science projects explain things clearly and how no subject matter is off limits.

    I can now see him doing a future show about “men and their packages – how to keep them from drawing too much attention”!

  28. Lisa says:

    This is weird. lol. Honestly, I like him. At the very least, he’s open to alternative and integrative medicines. A lot of doctors aren’t. Of course, it’s for the $$, but he does stay mostly open minded.

    If only he’d stop getting those fat overexcited housewives onstage to play games. He must have ear plugs in to be able to stand their screaming.

  29. erica says:

    ok, really? There is not even a HINT of a tent there….why are you trying to hype it up like that? He’s dressing to the left in some boxers, and we can see the outline because of the fabric/color/cut of his pants. No tent. at all.

  30. ZenB!tch says:

    It’s (my new fave term) Moose Knuckle. I see it in the other picture too. He hangs left.

    I never thought of Dr. O that way so it’s making me giggle.

    I never did get my raspberry ketones.

  31. jenna says:

    Not seeing it–my boyfriend has more bulge than that when he’s at 0% aroused (and, unless they are walking around in a permanent state of semi-arousal, so do quite a few guys I know. Ahem.)

    If anything, it’s probably more like things got shifted around to a slightly more, um, prominent position, in which case, so what? It’s totally okay to photograph women with their breasts on the verge of spilling out all over the place, so why not be a little equal opportunist?

  32. mememe says:

    He’s a good looking man with a nice package. Don’t hate.

  33. machiavelli says:

    What bulge? He is a shower, and it hangs to the left.

    He comes across as major creepy and pervy. The women in his audience are something else, with the way they act.

    He endorses things without researching. Quack! I can’t stand to catch him when I am flipping channels, even.

  34. Jane says:

    For the comment about us Americans and the size of Dr. Oz’s member, I don’t think anyone was claiming he has a huge member nor does one or two comments about his member being huge mean that we all think it is huge. It is a picture for goodness sakes. I cannot possibly know (or care) what size he is. I agree with the lady above and the boxers comment. Just a shift to one side, nothing more nothing less.