Duchess Kate “styles herself single-handedly,” does her own shopping, hair & makeup

I’ve discussed this before, or maybe alluded to it in previous posts, but I really, really wonder what Duchess Kate and Prince William’s sex life is like. As much as I’d like to think they have a great physical bond, I tend to think both of them have the “sexiness” of wet noodles. William seems rather stiff (not in a good way) and more and more like his “prim” father. As for Kate… well, I do think she’s very pretty, and she’s good at working her assets (her hair, her legs, her buttons, her raccoon eyes). But does she really have any sex appeal? Not really. So I’m not really sure how People Magazine got to their “Sexy New Kate!” headline. Still, isn’t it kind of hilarious that Kate got a People Magazine cover simply because she – at long last – pulled her hair out of her face? That’s basically what just happened. Anyway, here’s People’s online excerpt.

Sure she’s still shopping at her favorite King’s Road boutiques, but the Duchess of Cambridge is making a marked move toward a sexier, more daring style – and she’s leaving quite an impression.

“High-level glamour is becoming more of the norm for Kate due to her role,” her stylist pal Nikki Pennie, editor-at-large of StyleHaul, says in the new issue of PEOPLE. “She is becoming more playful, putting her hair in gorgeous updos to complement certain dresses. She is clearly enjoying the process and becoming more confident.”

She’s doing it single-handedly, too. Kate does her own makeup and doesn’t have an official stylist, according to palace sources. She also doesn’t accept free gifts from designers and chooses her outfits herself.

“She is becoming more and more confident, which I think is exciting to see,” says Stewart Parvin, a couturier to the Queen. “They way she does her hair, the way she does her makeup is getting better and better and she has this new inner glow.”

For more on Kate’s sexy new styles, why she’s making bolder choices and photos of Princess Diana’s own fashion evolution, pick up this week’s PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

[From People]

“She’s doing it single-handedly, too. Kate does her own makeup and doesn’t have an official stylist, according to palace sources.” Bullsh-t, palace sources. Yes, I think Kate does her own makeup most of the time – which explains the eyeliner problem, which she’s obviously still in denial about. But she’s not styling herself alone. She has dressers and hair people. It’s not wrong for her to have those people, as I’ve always said. She’s a duchess/princess. She needs people around her, helping her. But don’t lie to us and promote this royal propaganda that she’s doing this all by herself because she’s so accessible.

Oh, and I still think that Kate only wore her hair up last Friday because The Mail – a long favorite for Middleton “exclusives” – called her out on the continuous college-girl sausage curls. But sure – wearing an elegant up-do for formal, evening occasions is now “sexy” and “new” (rather than completely reasonable and expected).

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Cooper Lucy says:

    I like her hair down with the white dress. It would have looked very bridal with an updo.

  2. Kaye1 says:

    Why do they need to be super sexy? At least they seem like a good match. It would be weird to see him with someone like Angelina Jolie.

  3. lisa says:

    I liked the white dress. I like the color of the other one, but I don’t think the dress is sexy at all. but maybe for a Princess..

    I do like that she is wearing the same shoes.

  4. MST says:

    Yeah, like I really believe that!

  5. Meg says:

    Diana had a gift. She was able to mix conservative chic with modern edge and made new, unique quality. Her own style. But first you have to have personality. Kate has no personality, she is like puppet. She looks like middle aged woman.

    • The Original Denise says:

      This, exactly. The Duchess, despite having an education, seems to be incredibly dull.

  6. Jackie says:

    pretty? sure. sexy? no.

    but who wants a sexy queen, anyway.

    he seems like the type of guy who, in a number of years, will get a mistress on the side to fulfill his sexual side.

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      Well he already cheated on her when they were dating so I’m guessing he’s just waiting till she gives birth before he takes it up again.

      Can’t blame him. She’s a bag of bones with no boobs (not his type anymore), and he made it painfully obvious that she was not his first choice. In the end though she was the best choice since she won’t care when he cheats (as she has already shown).

  7. Paloma says:

    She does a fantastic job of styling herself. I hope. She does not listen to her detracTors and start dressing slutty.

  8. CG says:

    How many freaking People covers is she going to get? Seriously, wasn’t she just on the cover a couple weeks ago? Give it a rest, People.

    • Nancy Blue says:

      Everything is so contradictory – Now magazine has front page headline ‘Why does everybody hate me?’. Apparently Kate distressed by on line bullying and that more people hate her than do not.

  9. littlestar says:

    I really don’t understand why the palace is so strict on anything exciting or changes to one’s style. I mean, I get that they want to stay static and non-changing, because “change” can be seen as something that would freak people out. But come on already – it’s 2012! I don’t think people are going to be upset by Kate wearing something daring, painting her fingers nails, or heaven forbid, wear her hair STRAIGHT and glossy! I think a lot of us would be excited to see her do something different. I mean really, does anyone care about the Queen’s pastel getups? No. The Queen needs should learn how to dress like Katherine Chancellor, from Y&R. Now that is a stylish old broad :).

    • LAK says:

      That is actually a myth. The palace has what is known as court dress which is conservative and generally only for occasions when one is attending court, in the presence of the monarch, on official royal duty or in a commonwealth country [same as official royal duty.

      The other times, one is free to dress how they like. The interpretation is up to the individual. Going back centuries Royalty have interpreted this in trendy [for their times] and sometimes downright eccentric.

      David, the current Queen’s uncle AKA Edward VIII who abdicated for Mrs Simpson, was a nutty and stylish dresser. Many of men’s styles today were pioneered by him.

      What’s happened with current interpretation of court and leisure dress is a direct result of the Abdication and perceived trauma of the RF. The Queen Mother and Queen Mary decreed that they had to be conservatively dull to survive. That has been the strategy ever since.

      Diana broke that strategy for many reasons, leaving the RF once again traumatised, so they are re-emphasising the dull and conservative rule once again, or perhaps this is how Kate chooses to interpret it.

      That said, I honestly do not think Kate would be chained to a dungeon wall if she started to dress trendily and i am really hoping the white dress, up do above, are a start to her defining herself.

      • littlestar says:

        Thanks for the info! While I believe most of what you say is true, part of me still believes the palace and royal family probably prefers if someone picks a style and sticks to it. The more conservative the better. Look at Camilla or the Queen.

        Diana, of course, was a class unto herself. After her and Charles divorced, her sense of style blossomed. I hope too that Kate realizes people will adore her more if she takes more style risks, but if conservative is her style and that is what she feels comfortable, who are we to say how she should dress.

        I completely agree with the white dress – I thought it was gorgeous! The fashionista in me though would love to see her wear her hair straighter, without those big curls. I think it could look so chic.

  10. inthekitchen says:

    She has completely dead eyes in the first picture. I personally think she is buckling under the “stress” of her new job and is medicated. She seems out of it.

    Also, please eat something, Waity. You look awful.

  11. Chatcat says:

    “I’ve discussed this before, or maybe alluded to it in previous posts, but I really, really wonder what Duchess Kate and Prince William’s sex life is like. As much as I’d like to think they have a great physical bond, I tend to think both of them have the “sexiness” of wet noodles.” Ha I have the solution…they should play Christen and Anastasia in 50 Shades to liven their sex life up. The Queen will agree because she wants the next little heir to be born. It’s perfect!

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      I don’t get sexy vibes from either of them. They’re probably missionary, wham bam thanks you ma’am, 5 minutes and it’s over. At this point it’s probably routine. Waity already got the crown she doesn’t need to try anymore.

      Kind of off topic but there used to be an ad on Dlisted of a sex toy shaped like a cone that used to tout Waity as a user. I used to think why would you want to advertise that? She looks like she hasn’t gotten laid proper in years (if ever). She always looks so uptight and vacant (no life, no passion there).

      • fairy godmother says:

        Waity use to attend sex toy parties & wore bunny ears to promote selling sex toys. Maybe that is why there was a reference to her.
        I am not sure what brand it was, but I think it was rabbit. It was a “job” or charity event.

  12. Belle says:

    Nothing sexy at all about William and I agree, seems like he wouldn’t exactly be a wild man in bed. As for Kate…just because she put her hair up and wore hooker heels and dress slit up to her crotch doesn’t make her sexy either. Don’t get me wrong… I like the white dress and the shoes… just think the slit was too high and the shoes a bit too trashy for Kate to be wearing.

    Totally off topic I know but now I can’t help but think about Prince Ginger… and what HE must be like in bed! *sigh*

    • Emily says:

      Yep, Harry’s bedroom antics are a much more appealing subject.

      Also, maybe Kate and William wouldn’t appear AS lacking of sex appeal if Harry wasn’t around. He can make anyone look boring and unappealing.

  13. Jessica says:

    I love how she wore those shoes more than once. God forbid someone in Hollywood do that!

  14. Reece says:

    Why does that article sound like a giant pat on the back? No way she did the updo herself. OMG I just got this crazy picture in my head of her going on youtube and searching updos! lol

  15. Mara says:

    I really like her so simple and elegant .

  16. Talie says:

    The are rumors that William did plenty of cheating on Kate during those 10 years they dated. So, maybe he got it out his system…afterall, you can’t make a ho a housewife and/or a princess.

  17. blonde on the dock says:

    She looks fabulous in the white dress plus she has beautiful hair. Not so fond of the other but she does well. As for their sex life…….I’m sure they are much different behind closed doors versus what the public sees.

  18. almond says:

    Good lord, next thing they’re going to tell us is that she does have help with her styling, it’s just that it’s comprised of fluffy mice and chirping birdies who tie her hair in intricate braids and sow her clothes out of goodwill rejects.

    • Reece says:

      No but there are three fairies that live in the cottage and did everything without magic. That was before the anniversary. Since then they’ve dusted the wands off and it’s been a free for all.

  19. Mew says:

    She must be really nimble fingers if she has done that up-do “all by herself!!!” Wow. Truly, just wow.

    • Jaxx says:

      No way she did that updo by herself. No possible way. I have long hair myself and I often take pics from magazines and try them out on myself. I am usually good with my hands but I’ve never been able to replicate the complicated updos like the one she has here. It’s just not possible to do on yourself and get it that perfect.

  20. INeedANap says:

    I feel like People — and the American press in general — completely forget the fact that there are other royals in the world, some far more interesting and glamorous than these two. Admittedly, my abuelita gets me copies of Hola so I hear about Princess Letizia all the time, it’s like they forget there aren’t other royals too.

  21. layla says:

    1. Did People pic the worst photo available on puporse?

    2. That damn UNDERBITE (esp when she smiles -see pic #3) drives me insane… I can’t unsee it. Agh.

    3. And that posture… surely they could spring for some deportment classes! -haha.

    4. Oh right, sexy.. umm, sexy comes from within, not from an updo and cheap sparkly shoes.

  22. lil ole me says:

    Good for her! She always looks great, and I’m glad she is bringing classy/lady-like clothing back in style! Now, if someone would only confiscate her eyeliner pencil….

  23. HoustonGrl says:

    I should hope so! Girl’s got nothing better to do, like actual WORK or mental development.

    Once again the media treats Kate like a woman-child, or worse like she has a mental disability. Are they seriously praising her for dressing herself and doing her own make-up? Anyone with functioning hands can do that.

    Kaiser, have you seen this article? If there’s any truth to it and Kate really is ‘distraught,’ I think the palace will be planting a few more “Kate’s so likable” stories: http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk/celebrity-news/536159/devastated-kate-middleton-why-do-people-hate-me.html

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      i agree with you ,SHE IS A FREAKING 30 YEARS OLD WOMAN WHO NEVER WORKED IN HER ENTIRE LIFE DESPITE A WORLD CLASS EDUCATION AND YOU ARE PUTTING HER ON A COVER PLUS PRAISING HER FOR APPLYING MAKE UP SERIOUSLY ????? who thinks kim k is the most over ratted person in the world , for me dolittle takes the honors . here another idea for dolittle ,you want to be accessible go out and work and meet people .you will not become accessible by sitting at home you lazy woman .

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      i am not surprised about people not liking her , not everyone going to like her just because media say so ad also not everyone has forgotten there not so fairy tale courtship. outside england media has been feeding the same misinformation that british media started after engagement but the difference is british media did not pretend this much before engagement .she was a notional joke ,i don’t know why she thinks that people are going to fall in love with her just because she is married now and still do nothing? she will be so stupid to believe all the media hype about her ,they didn’t leave their beloved diana there is no chance they are going to leave her .now they are trying their best to do the damage control reporting and trying to make her a profitable entity but it will not last long .if she is really getting upset then imo this just proves how much immature she is and do not really understand her position ,she is a public figure so there are always going to be people that are not going like you ,you signed up for this after chasing the ring for 8 years with everything that you had so now deal with it ,get a thick skin because until and unless you do something meaningful in your life for the first time ,not everyone going to like you . it is as simple as that.

    • JulieM says:

      HoustonGrl: Thanks for the link, interesting article. Waity is even more clueless than I thought if she thought that living off her parents for 10 years while wearing down and then bagging a prince would somehow endear her to the public.

      She’s been married a year already, get out and do something which doesn’t entail getting dressed up. Get your hands dirty, Kate!

  24. YvetteW says:

    I would rather see little girls admire the princess than the dsyfunctional ‘celebrities’ that dominate pop culture these days. The royal couple aren’t that exciting to watch, but most mature adult couples aren’t.

  25. dahlianoir says:

    OMG, really ? She must be so brave and courageous to do all that by herself.

    • Jill says:

      EXACTLY. OMG, she dresses herself! Holy shizz!

      My 4yo dressed herself this morning, too. Somebody get her a freaking crown for the effort!

      Yeah, yeah, it’s harder for Kate to get dressed up than my kid, but gimme a break already with this chick. I was never a crazy Diana lover (although I liked her very much), but next to Kate, my respect for her has gone up a great deal.

  26. LAK says:

    goog lord, they’ve given her a fat face on that cover. comparing that picture with the one below which is candid.

    • Olga says:

      Yeh, the cover photo is terrible!

    • bluhare says:

      LAK, I actually went and read up on William and Kate, and I see what you mean about her. Doormat, thy name is Kate.

      That being said, if she wanted to be Queen of England, looks like it paid off.

      • LAK says:

        @Bluhare – You know, perhaps we are all looking at this the wrong way, she showed determination, passion, endurance, strength of character because as you say, she’s going to be Queen Consort. Huzzah!!

        As Joan Rivers says in her updated comedy routine, ‘Girls, stop with the education, independence stuff. You won’t get a rich, powerful husband that way!’ or words to that effect.

  27. Maya says:

    People Magazine’s love of Kate Middleton is rivalled only by their Brangelina obsession.

  28. Spence says:

    Diana, at the beginning was also criticized for being too boring. (Yes, I’m old enough to remember that)and the Diana we know and love took about five years to evolve (Go back and take a look at the pics, you’ll see it.)So, I’m giving Katie a little time to get more creative. I think she looks fantastic, dresses well and is trying to do her and not try to replicate Diana tryhard, because no one can replicate that. Leave the girl alone. I don’t leave my house looking as good as she does so since I myself live in a “glass closet” I’m not gonna throw stones.
    P.S. I don’t believe she did her hair herself either. I like Kate but I’m no fool.

    • June says:

      diana was 19, kate 29… i think there is a difference. kate had enough time and money to evolve.

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      kate has been in the lime light for the last 10 years where she was related to royalty .imo she always had a conservative style but at least before she used to dress according to her age .i actually feel pity when i see that she feels that she has to change everything about herself in order to be like a royal example her clothes ,the way she walks , to her accent among others , it shows how much confidence she actually have in herself . i would actually like her if i see even a bit of herself.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    @ Spence
    But Diana was 19 when she married and Kate was 29. So I would assume that Kate would already have developed more of a sense of style because she had 10 more years of practice before becoming a royal bride.

  30. benny says:

    From above: “the media treats Kate like a woman-child, or worse like she has a mental disability. Are they seriously praising her for dressing herself and doing her own make-up? Anyone with functioning hands can do that”

    Well, maybe she actually does have a mental disability. Have you ever heard her speak in public? It made me ask that same question.

    At the very least, she has an emotional disorder — her eating disorder is evidence of that. If the media were to only criticize her and not offer her SOME type of praise, they’d be accused of contributing to her stress (although I think the life she was so desperate to marry into is the main cause of that).

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      she does sound hideous for a private school and collage graduate 30 years old .i don’t know how long will media keep on making up excuses for her . something also that baffles me is that all of us are expected to lower our standard so so low in order to praise her like everyone is a hater or jealous if they expect her to work for once or able to speak more then 3 words without looking down or dress up appropriately or do any thing of substance etc etc.it’s like everyone who do not praise this lazy ,boring ,uninspiring ,less then average girl is being cruel .

  31. sup says:

    if this were true it would make me like her. i just can’t see people who don’t choose their own dresses as style icons. i’d rather do my own make up too. well the only thing i still don’t like is the fact that she wears the an outfit for multiple occassions, but i guess she does that to refrain from criticism in the recession times.

  32. Sachi says:

    Once again, Kate is made to look like a child who needs constant guidance and lots of praise for every little thing that she does.

    The PR spin on her put out by the Palace has gotten so pathetic at this point. They have nothing else on her but her hair, her makeup, and her clothes.

    How about a real update on her charity work? Or are we still gonna get the reports about how she’s so busy making secret visits to her charities that are so secret the media can’t find her anywhere? But come shopping time, she’s easily seen coming out of shops with big bags of purchases.

    But good for Kate, she does her own makeup. That means she is now a role model for young girls and they must look up to her.

    Better her than Kim Kardashian, right? LOL. Poor woman. Always compared with the worst of the lot so she can come out in a better light. Can’t compare her with other women of great caliber because she will never measure up with women who actually have real, meaningful accomplishments.

    Next time we’d be hearing about how we should praise Kate for opening her own bottled water. Clearly, she’s so independent.

    • Henry says:

      Haha! I second your entire comment!

      I still wonder why so many people fawn over this silly women when she has done absolutely NOTHING of significance and has achieved NOTHING in her life so far. unless you want to count bagging PW as an “achievement” – but i don’t.

      Her accomplishments entail wearing expensive dresses and shoes, getting her face caked with make-up, starving herself, exercising fanatically, shopping, lazing around at home, sitting in a salon for hours to get her hair down and shaking hands and reveling in small talk at some random engagement.

      Those above are her accomplishments. How does any of those earn her the status of ROLE MODEL is beyond me. really. I’m a female myself and the last person I would look to, to be a role model for my life is Kate. A superficial, useless, dependent woman whose life revolves entirely around a man.

      Just pathetic.