“Elisabetta Canalis did a (paid) photo-op with The Dictator in Cannes” links

Elisabetta Canalis & The Dictator on a yacht in the South of France. I wonder how much Eli got paid for this? I‘m kind of embarrassed for her. [LaineyGossip]
Dong leggings!! You know Rihanna wants a pair. [Dlisted]
Gisele‘s lace blouse is kind of trashy. [Pop Sugar]
A Teen Mom shows off her engagement ring via Twitter. [Celebuzz]
Fun facts about Gone With the Wind. [Pajiba]
More Anne Hathaway bikini photos. [Yeeeah]
Kristen Stewart is so hardcore. [The Blemish]
Miley Cyrus adopted ANOTHER puppy. [Evil Beet]
Lady Gaga goes pantsless for the millionth time. [A Socialite Life]
Tupac was tight with the late Gianni Versace? [Bossip]
France‘s new first lady is kind of awesome. [Jezebel]
Mariah Carey does not give a crap about Britney Spears. [Amy Grindhouse]
Lourdes Leon is pro-gay marriage. [INFDaily]
This baby loves Nirvana. [Videogum]
Am I looking at Jennifer Lopez‘s shadowy butt crack? [I’m Not Obsessed]
Awful high school dance story of the day. [LimeLife]
This Kathy Griffin closeup is unfortunate. [Celebslam]
I love Mindy Kaling so much. [PopBytes]

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  1. Jessica says:

    Um… and his wife has no problem with the pic with her hand on his junk?? lol

  2. Macey says:

    cant stand her and I think its kind of funny she’s reduced to this after being GC’s paid piece but I sincerely hope she was paid well for having to touch SBC feet..ewww. that guy is just nasty to me. I dont get the hype with him at all.

  3. Mr. Greek says:

    Admiral General Aladeen (Aladdin in a St. Tropez lamp)is an overrated douche bag, in my opinion. Not even remotely funny.

    Well, Elisabetta, I guess it’s not who ya know, but whore ya know?

  4. cmc says:

    Um… Miley’s heart is in the right place, but she’s straying into Paris Hilton-level dog collecting. In her defense, at least she rescues dogs not buys them. But still… Each dog is an individual deserving of her time, and a big responsibility. I hope she’s taking good care of them (which requires more than food, water, and an occasional photo op). I hope she has dog nannies/a lot of help- those doggies deserve to be happy!

    I know, I’m obviously a huge animal lover :) But that doesn’t mean I should have half a dozen dogs at home!

    Edited to add: Maybe she should open a no-kill shelter or bankroll/donate to/volunteer at a nearby existing shelter.

  5. carlino altoviti says:

    This is the only role she played and she can play: the girl in bikini.
    But she is already 33 now and I’m afraid this work can’t last.

  6. Relli says:

    Kaiser! I am soooooo pumped for Mindy’s new show, I CANNOT WAIT!

    I just finished her book (my husband bought it for me for Mother’s day)if you haven’t read it you must. There is a section where she is discussing what stylists like to put her in that had me laughing so hard I cried.

  7. lil ole me says:

    Wow, Clooney did a lot for her career huh?

  8. Mingy says:

    i love sasha baron cohen..i cant help it.
    and yes, i will be seeing “the dictator”.

  9. the original bellaluna says:

    They’re both over-rated, and I think this is her karma; and are those new boobs? They look bigger;

    Countdown to seeing Riri in dong leggings in 3…2…1…;

    Teen Mom engagement won’t last – she’s too flaky;

    Miley’s heading into Animal Hoarding territory;

    Who cares what Lourdes thinks? She’s 14;

    I think Kathy has decided to set aside all the plastic surgery and allow herself to age gracefully (no more bikini pix, please), which is a good thing. For her age, she looks pretty damn good!

  10. guest says:

    Look out Stacy this is your future.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Except she won’t be in Cannes – she will be in LA. They won’t pay to fly her out – Elisabetta is closer.

      Actually – it looks like Elisabetta went back to her low rent modeling gig – what was Stacy doing between DWTS and Clooney?

  11. Aurelia says:

    Elisabetha must have had a tit job, she had barely nothing before.

  12. crtb says:

    I’m cringing. From George to this?

  13. Alexis says:

    He knows how to promote himself.

  14. cc says:

    Isla Fisher has a BABY (or maybe more than one?) with this guy. . .

  15. normades says:

    She’s so gross and the Dictator SBC bombed at Cannes. If you’re going to do a joke, at least do it well.

  16. Jaded says:

    His over-the-top, gross-out antics are starting to seem pretty juvenile and tired. I liked him years ago when he was doing Ali G but he’s become too obsessed with the shock value stuff now, it’s awfully immature. He’s like the Howard Stern of movie-making. And having Elisatta appear in a really moronic photo shoot – I’m sorry, I know he thinks it’s “art” – is just sinking to a new low. Won’t be seeing this movie.

  17. ZenB!tch says:

    I like him when he is not doing one of his movies, like when he was in Talladega Nights or Sweeney Todd.

    I actually love the trailer for the Dictator but after Borat, I’m AFRAID. I didn’t see Bruno, either. I was REALLY AFRAID.

    “Kim Kardashian, I know her very well,” he began. “She came over to my palace. I paid her mother [Kris] $400,000 Euros for one night with her.”

    But the joke didn’t stop there. It got much more crass!

    “Normally, you negotiate with an agent or a pimp but with the Kardashians, you negotiate with the mother,” the actor, 40, joked. Kris is the momager to all her daughters.

    “[Kim] is so hairy that when I removed her underpants, I thought I was staring in the mirror.

    —normally my feminist hackles would be up in arms but it’s the KarTRASHians.