Hayden Panettiere in red Moschino at ABC upfronts party: too vampy or sexy?

Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere rocked a tight red vintage Moschino Couture sheath dress and a ton of cleavage at an Entertainment Weekly party celebrating the ABC upfronts this week. At first I thought that the bottom just featured some diagonal stripes, but The Fashion Patrol clued me in that it’s actually a “wraparound devil’s tail appliqué!”She looked hot, if a little cookie cutter with her new blonde extensions and boobs busting out. There’s been speculation in the past that Hayden had a boob job, but I think she just uses push up bras and/or chicken cutlet. Those things look boosted to high heaven.

Hayden Panettiere

I’m also wondering how long she’s had those extensions in, and it’s hard to tell because she often wears her hair up. Here’s a link to a photo of one of the last times she wore it down, in October of last year. What a difference in her look this is! I thought she was cuter before, but she’s sexier now that’s for sure. Hayden will star in “Nashville,” along with Connie Britton. This photo of her getting hugged by Britton is so cute.

Here’s Connie working a simple sparkly LBD with a mesh hemline. I just love her. She’s going to sing in Nashville! She plays Hayden’s country music rival. It seems like Connie and Hayden get along very well off screen, though. Hayden told E! that she’s a huge fan of Connie’s and that she loved her on “American Horror Story” and “Friday Night Lights.”

Does it look like Kelly Clarkson lost weight recently? It does to me. The last photos we saw of her were from just a month ago. I would bet she’s lost 10 to 15 pounds in the interim, although it could be just a more flattering dress. Kelly will be a mentor on a new ABC show called “Duets.” We only have this photo of her with Lana Parilla of “Once Upon a Time.” I can’t stand her character on that show, which probably means she’s a good actress considering that she plays the evil queen.

“Once Upon a Time’s” Jennifer Morrison was there with her new auburn hair in a black and white formfitting dress. This is how you do a peplum dust ruffle. It’s a great look for her.

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer’s co-star Ginnifer Goodwin was in a fashion-forward Jonathan Saunders dress featuring a bizarre empire waist, a leather or PVC-looking pink-red top and a busy checked skirt. This isn’t cute. Ginnifer often wears contemporary styles and sometimes she takes too much of a risk.

Ginnifer Goodwin

Alyssa Milano stars in the new show “Mistresses.” She wore a black sleeveless flutter top and a black and white striped skirt with a large split up the front. I really like her and am happy she’s still working on TV. She usually doesn’t nail her red carpet looks, and I’ll leave it at that.

Alyssa Milano

Here’s a link to ABC’s announced fall lineup.

Photo credit: WENN.com

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  1. brin says:

    Hayden looks good. I hardly recognized Lana Parilla without her evil queen look (she looks cute). Kelly does look thinner and better.

  2. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Kelly Clarkson def. lost weight. She looks good. I think Connie Britton is so beautiful. She just looks like this natural, healthy, outdoorsy, fun chick. She looks like she’s busier enjoying life than worrying about wrinkles or how tight her body is.

  3. lmao says:

    I see Hayden’s excited to show off her newly purchased rack……

    • Tiffany says:

      I don’t think that she had a boob job at all. You can tell by the way the bottom of her bra looks so flat on the sides that she is doing some major push up. I think she is just squeezing her natural chest in with a push up bra and maybe some cutlets.

  4. lil ole me says:

    Hayden is my favorite midget! She looks… enhanced. Seems like she used to try and push her chest fat together- and now she has actual boobies. Hmmmm.

    Don’t know who Jennifer Morrison is- but she has some awesome bone structure! SO JEALOUS. Wish I had those cheekbones. I gotta get some radiesse injections stat

    • another nina says:

      Morrison stars in “once upon a time” (which I really like), and Ginnifer is her mother (in a way.)

  5. dref22 says:

    I LOVE Hayden, but hated the trashy look on the show UGH.

  6. Jessica says:

    Hayden looks like Christina A with that hair and red lipstick!!

  7. kazoo says:

    Hayden’s dress is hot but made for someone with an hour glass figure.She doesn’t have the hips or ass to pull it off.

    I love Gennifer Goodwin’s dress. Her hair is a little too short now, though.

  8. Lindy says:

    Except for Connie Britton, I don’t think I liked any of these dresses/looks. Hayden has *always* looked like a hot mess to me–her makeup is always overdone, her clothing is never on target (too old, wrong color, unflattering…).

  9. Sara says:

    Hayden looks like she is dressed up for Halloween.

  10. backwards says:

    I love Connie Britton, she is such a gorgeous woman.

    • eva, UK says:

      She really is! she is living proof that a woman can grow older and still be gorgeous without any face jacking!! I recently got into friday night lights and it is just so refreshing to see a non-botoxed, naturally beautiful and sexy woman!

    • Tiffany says:

      I LOVE Connie Britton too! She is such a good actress. Sigh. I miss Friday Night Lights!

  11. Jen says:

    Um, it’s a boob job.

  12. Eve says:

    The reasons are beyond me (so…don’t even ask) but every time I see this Panettiere girl I want to punch her in the face.

  13. NeNe says:

    It looks to me as if she had more than just a boob job. I always think “tries to hard” whenever I see pics of her.

  14. phlyfiremama says:

    Hayden & Ginnifer both look awesomne!! That striped skirt isn’t doing anything for Alyssa, though~

  15. another nina says:

    Ginnifer always wears something so bizzare…I mean she always looks completely different from everybody else but not in a good way.
    Connie Britton is just great.

  16. alex says:

    Hayden’s dress is tacky, and cheap looking. However she is very pretty. I like that hair length on her and the slightly lighter color.

    Its really sad about her career though.

    I remember the first season of Hero’s I liked her so much and thought she would have a good tv career.

  17. Kim says:

    Haydens dress is awful on her. I love Moschino but she can not work a dress like this. She can not rock high fashion. She is to short (I am short also so not bagging just being honest) and just doesnt have a high fashion look.

  18. Courtney says:

    I’m probably in the minority.. but I really can’t stand Hayden. She seems nice enough, but something screams trashy to me. Sorry 🙁

  19. My Darling Pinkett says:

    Wow, Hayden looks hot. Best I’ve seen her look in awhile. 🙂

  20. SmartGirlsAlwaysWinInTheEnd says:

    Everytime I see this girl, it’s tough to look at her without thinking about those HMMM/C*AN/E*ty blind items out of my head.

    Boy, that was some gruesome s***. 🙁
    Sad, sad life this girl has had…

    • malathyonxx says:

      I can’t understand what you’re typing there and now I’m very curious. What blind item? And where?

    • Whatsyourbeef says:

      Same here! Even looking at her makes me feel all grubby and sad now.

      @malathyonxx if you look up cdan (the website where the blind originated) and Hayden’s name on google I’m sure you’ll find what we’re talking about. I don’t really want to link to it, as I don’t know how true it is… Plus, you know, grubby and sad!

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Count me in. Put it all together and the evidence is overwhelming. It eerily pulls everything together.

        Did she get the boobs for her new “job”?

      • jesstar says:

        I’m with you, its just gross. I hope its not true, but something is definitely up.

      • malathyonxx says:

        Thanks and OMG!!! I had no idea. Sad so sad.

  21. pf says:

    I saw this event on E! and during the interview with Hayden there was definitely some weird separation stuff going on with her boobs while she talked and moved. I’m sorry but she was very flat-chested before, this is more than a push up.

  22. skuddles says:

    Wow, she looks NOTHING like herself anymore! Just another Hollywood bleach jobbed, big boobied tartlet. What a pity as she was quite pretty in her natural state. Oh well, I’m sure the new look is a big hit with her “clients”.

  23. jover says:

    Looks like xtina lite; you’re not in minority courtney, is this girl really a star, really?I guess anyone that turns of a red carpet is a star.