Justin Bieber in GQ: “I’ve had a beer … I’ve never made a bad song.”

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber appears in a feature interview for the June issue of GQ, which just happens to be the issue covered by Michael Fassbender. That’s almost a cruel contrast in masculinity, and it doesn’t help that Justin’s piece is entitled, “Man Up, Bieber.” The interview was conducted back in March just and was intended to commemorate the birth of “Bieber 2.0,” but the journalist treats the entire piece like a joke and even kicks things off by noting that “his voice is so high, it sounds like a ringtone.” Indeed, I almost feel sorry for Bieber because the vast majority of the interview itself is a narrative that discusses just how much the journalist hates spending time with an 18-year-old object of tweener fantasies. Not that Bieber doesn’t deserve a little bashing though, but his attitude and remarks must be taken in context, for he’s not some evil entity but merely an immature manchild. Here are some excerpts:

Justin Bieber

On not getting wasted: “For me, it’s just like, I like to be in control of myself. I mean, I’ve had a beer, like, before…. But I never get out of control.”

On fame: “I mean, I keep my guard up a lot, because you know, you can’t trust anyone in this business. That’s what’s sad. You can’t trust anybody. I learned the hard way.” I assume he’s talking about the paternity suit that was filed against him (reportedly withdrawn).

He loves pre-”Black Album” Metallica: “Those are my jams.”

He wants to f–k his newest car: He is euphoric. So much so that he has decided to pledge his loyalty to West Coast Customs forever and to decry its rival, Platinum Motorsport. “F–k Platinum. Platinum can suck a d-ck, man. West Coast all day.”

On maturity: “I’m 18 years old and I’m a swaggy adult!” he yells. “Come on, swaggy bros!”

On his music: Bieber himself puts it to me, with casual bravado: “I’ve never made a bad song.”

He sticks up for Kim Kardashian: “You guys are so mean, bro…. People say she doesn’t do anything; she actually does do stuff…. She works hard.”

[From GQ]

Okay, I can sort of see why he’d defend Kim Kardashian because she comes from the same internet-spawned school of fame as Justin, who was a YouTube sensation. Other than that, I can’t really hate on him for being an 18-year-old boy who has been living within a bubble of delusion for the past four years since shooting to fame. He’ll grow up eventually, and he’ll be embarrassed for wearing the waist of his pants around his ankles. Or so we can hope.

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of GQ

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64 Responses to “Justin Bieber in GQ: “I’ve had a beer … I’ve never made a bad song.””

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  1. Mr. Greek says:

    Had a beer yet never made a bad song, eh? Well, leave it Bieber to have his delusions. Mama Bieber sure as hell made a bad boy when she cranked you out, and we’re all paying the karmic price. I need bong hits whenever I hear your hell-sent vocal chords polluting the airwaves.

    • jack says:

      what are you saying. hes 18 its legal for him to have a beer. stop hating he has more talent than you ever will. Pattie, his mother is very proud of her son and doesnt need haters like you doing this. just stop

  2. Eve says:

    I’ve never made a bad song.”

    *laughs hysterically*

    • biebermyballs says:

      has he not heard his song “baby” ? he literally just repeats “baby baby baby ooooooooh” about a hundred times and messes with his stupid bangs. thats probably one of the worst songs ever.

  3. Maya says:

    Because being an adult means bragging about how ‘swaggy’ you are. Sure.

  4. I.want.shoes says:

    “I’ve never made a bad song.”

    Not only have you had a beer, but you’ve been smoking some bad sh!t too.

  5. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Am a big boi now

  6. Memory30 says:

    Everytime I see him idk I just wanna punch him. He’s so annoying he tries to act like Usher or something and no disrespect to the lesbians out there he does look like a androgynous girl. He’s no attractive in any way shape or form I just don’t get why Iil girls go crazy over him. :P

    • Amama says:

      He’s so not ‘it’ and I really wonder why those gals throw themselves at him. Trying to act like he’s got swag! Wen he dosent. Really I feel sorry for Selena, I wonder how she puts up with him and his foolishness

  7. Fyofeelings says:

    “I’m a swaggy adult” <—– 0_o


  8. Memory30 says:

    Btw his head looks wayyyy to big for his body lol

  9. Gene Parmesan says:

    This lesbian looking person is sooo eloquent! i mean Kim K does stuff..

    • minime says:

      yeah…you know…it’s like…she does like stuff you know…like things and like sometimes Justin kinda of goes to you know…school…or not.

    • littlestar says:

      That really grated on my nerves too! I hope he realizes how immature and un-articulate he sounds when he says things like “you know, like, you know, stuff!”

      I think the real “swaggy” adults out there will take you seriously if you actually speak like an adults, Beiber.

  10. ZZZ says:

    Is it me? Or are the celebs these days as disgusting as they seem?
    Fully admit to being a hater when it comes to this turd.
    And geez, we thought he looked stupid with his haircut when he first became famous, but he keeps getting WORSE and WORSE and WORSE.
    I think I need to stop coming to gossip sites, it’s starting to affect my sanity.

  11. Snarky says:

    Doucheb*g alert.

  12. Skins says:

    Dude is trying so hard to be gangster it is pathetic

    • alex says:

      Thank you! He’s already well on the Vanilla Ice career track. Can’t wait til he goes away.

  13. Monkey Jim says:

    Isn’t his 15 minutes up yet? Go away. Him and his girlfriend with her strange baby big face make me feel ill. He’s about as manly as a budgie.

  14. biebermyballs says:

    Okay Justin. “F–k Platinum. Platinum can suck a d-ck, man. West Coast all day.” I get you’re 18 and all “mature” now but really? your fans are girls under the age of 13 years old…grow up

  15. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Swaggerjacking Bruno Mars’ Retro vibe I see and still looks like a lesbian. I have no problem with that, just be out and proud. Now is the time!

  16. keri says:

    Eh, I saw that documentary he was in (at the jest of my students who raved about it) and as a cynical, usually hate pop music person, I’m going to give him a pass. Sure he sometimes looks like a butch lesbian, and I think he has surely made a ‘bad song’if not many, but I think he worked hard, and he was talented at a young age (just falls out of my demographic).

  17. Winter says:

    I don’t understand why he gets the his words were taken out of context excuse, especially when so many celebs get ripped apart for the things they say. This kid is a douchebag just like the rest of the celebs that get torn apart on here. He does not need a special pass because he’s 18 when a lot of celebs his age don’t get passes especially when Miley was his age she, she couldnt seem to catch a break. This why so many guys get away with being assholes and saying asshole things because people are constantly trying to make excuses for it.

  18. sorella says:

    He tries so hard to be edgy with his “swaggy” words and his silly street talk which sounds so ridiculous ccoming from him. It’s actually kind of funny because it screams of try-hard, he is so vanilla. Haha,look at him on that bike, he looks like he is still 12!! I don’t dislike him for the tween-set, but if he thinks it’s going to be easy for him to transition to a seriously respected entertainer as a adult..I say, invest your money well Justin, it won’t happen, you’ll always be seen as the “baby” who sings baby, baby, baby.

  19. angel says:

    I almost feel sorry for him. My nine year old daughter has declared him “gross and over”, she will change the channel when he comes one and a year ago she was swooning over him. Most of her friends feel the same way. They have moved on to One Direction and sooner or later they will like someone else (she loves the Black keys and Iggy Pop too (love this girl!)

    Young girls love is fickle and fleeting.

    • jover says:

      Angel your daughter is wise before her time; the Black Keys are finally getting attention after many yrs. My son/friends introduced me to them, saw them at a free concert excellent they can play, to even mention them in the same breath as the biebster is an insult; try ROderigo and Gabriela and esperanza spalding like the Black keys real talent.

  20. minime says:

    ahahah you win the best comment on this thread! ;)

  21. Danziger says:

    I usually try to come up with elaborate insults, but this time I’m gonna settle for “What a f-cking idiot.”

    Was I that dumb when I was 18?

    • hexkitten says:

      i keep reading about how people hate this kid, but really, he did this himself, his hard work and at 18 he is richer than any of you will ever be.

      • Polkasox says:

        Having more money doesn’t make him better than anyone else. People dislike him because he’s douchey, not just because he has more money than the rest of us.

      • Tiffany says:

        I don’t know if “he works hard” applies anymore. They cancelled the interview twice before he showed up, he was late, and the GQ writer said that in the 2 days he was with him while he was “working” he only actually worked a TOTAL of 40 minutes.

        A lot of people have $$ invested in this kid.

  22. Tapioca says:

    I was just popping into Whole Foods on Kensington High Street one afternoon recently when I heard chanting and screaming coming from a large group of teenage girls who were waiting outside the Kensington hotel. Suddenly a silver people carrier emerges and everyone goes completely mental – literally flinging themselves into rush hour traffic to chase it down the street, screaming and crying. I thought maybe God himself had descended to Earth, then Justin flippin’ Bieber pops out of the sunroof, arms out like Jesus and starts waving at everyone, whilst the world and his wife whip out their camera phones.

    People are crazy.

  23. original almond says:

    *narrows eyes* … *laughs herself off her seat*

  24. Hubbahun says:

    Little tw*t. That is all.

  25. Amy says:

    hahaha I seriously just laughed out loud when I read “swaggy adult.” What the heck is that?!

  26. Tiffany says:

    It as if he is trying to hang on to the tweens. He (and by that his management team) knows kids have short attention spans so he is trying this and is still coming off as a joke. As some in their early 30s, I don’t mind the ‘Get off my lawn’ mentality with it come to Bieber.I get pleasure in the ‘where are they now’ stories.

  27. littlestar says:

    What the hell does “swaggy” mean???

  28. bluhare says:

    Who knew The Biebs had a sense of humour? Hasn’t made a bad song? Hasn’t made a GOOD song!

    Has he sued the woman who says he fathered her baby? He said he would if DNA proved he wasn’t the dad. If he hasn’t, I smell payoff.

    • Mary says:

      No, I think she dropped suit because she had no case. As I recall, she refused to provide her baby’s DNA (suspicious…) after continually saying “I want to be present when Bieber’s DNA is taken so I know it’s not compromised/contaminated” (which never happened, don’t remember why). She sorta clammed up and vanished. But I was personally hoping the baby was his and it would be the demise of his career. *sadface

      Not to worry, I’m sure his little bubble of fame will pop shortly. Little girls are fickle, as one poster already said. I mean, there’s a reason why the Backstreet Boys aren’t still popular.

    • Ava C says:

      I remember him making a big, big deal about suing this girl. And then… nothing. I don’t think it got to the point where she had to provide the kid’s DNA. Beiber gave DNA to some random lab without supervision, and said “Look, there ya go. That’s not shady at all, I swear that’s my DNA.”

      With all the noise he made about defamation, I think he would have sued her if he wasn’t actually the dad. So, yeah, she got a pay off.

      • Mary says:

        I’m not defending Bieber (I would NEVER do that), but I do recall that he supposedly had his DNA taken, and then she responded that she wanted an untainted sample (or something to that effect) and when that was not forthcoming she never came up with her kid’s DNA. I think THAT is very suspicious, because regardless of what he did, she would have needed to submit that anyway. To me that screams “Oh shit, I’m caught in a lie, and if I produce the evidence it will only prove that I lied and I’ll get sued!” I don’t think the silence from this woman proves that Bieber paid her off. If anything, I think it proves that she realized she was an idiot and decided to quietly disappear so that she wouldn’t get sued. Maybe that was the agreement, assuming Bieber wasn’t the father – if she disappears she doesn’t get sued. Not to mention that her ex-boyfriend came out saying it was probably his baby, AND if you watch the last part of her interview, she totally seems like she’s lying.

        And don’t forget, this chick’s lawyer dropped her (pretty sure). That seems pretty suspicious too.

        Anyway, maybe he decided not to sue because he didn’t want to keep her name in the press (or keep his name connected to hers in the present, in the press)? Also, I don’t know if he was planning on suing her with the intent of claiming financial compensation for the ‘emotional distress’(or whatever you wanna call it) caused by her accusations, but if he was, I’m pretty sure that would have been a waste of time.

        But like I said, I was really hoping it was his baby, because I can’t stand Bieber. I thought, hmm, maybe if he made a really stupid mistake and suffers public backlash, maybe he won’t have a music career anymore (and that means, no more annoying music!). Regardless of what the truth is, that didn’t happen. Sucks.

  29. jover says:

    Yes, biebermyballs, that awful autotuned turd pile is played everywhere apparently, and yes zzz you aren’t the only one that thinks that, many of us do,these celebutards have no idea of how to act and behave everything is so manufactured; hate to show my age but when you think back at how cool jimi, janis, carlos,etc. were at woodstock and in just 2 generations pop culture has degenerated to this icky talentless little smurf, arghhhh. ANd why is he in GQ was Daniel Day Lewis not available. He his starring in an upcoming movie about Lincoln.
    BTW, swaggy is what you do when you’re to short, immature and virile to do the full swaggerjack thing
    (I think).

    • Mary says:

      I think you meant the opposite of virile – sterile? At least I hope Bieber is sterile, I would hate the idea of him reproducing. Dangerous idea.

  30. Fyofeelings says:

    Lil boy stop! There is nothing hard, gangsta, thug or street about you so please stop your inner dumbass is showing.

  31. DeltaJuliet says:

    I don’t think he wil ever realize how stupid he looks and sounds because he has no self-awareness whatsoever. Never a bad song? Really Bieber? I’m sure even the most well-respected artists could name a song or two of theirs that they weren’t happy with. But not the Biebs.

    I can’t wait for 20 years from now when they do a “where are they now” on VH1.

  32. o_O says:

    There was one employee at IKEA playing his baby song on LOOP and i had to literally get the manager of IKEA to IN FRONT OF ME call the people and tell him/her to change the song. The manager smiled and said ‘ Its her favorite ‘ I grabbed the phone and said ” Just because you like listening to regurgitated poo doesn’t mean you have to subject the rest of humanity to its funk turn off the loop and CHANGE THE FUCKING SONG! ‘ and literally all 9 isles of people mostly guys started clapping.

    I swear that guy has one of those most lousy music I have ever had the displeasure of walking through.

  33. aquarius64 says:

    Desperate attempt to look like an adult. Sorry, the pics still makes one feel like they may be committing a felony.

  34. Mytwocents says:

    “I’ve never made a bad song.” I agree with Bluhare, he has never made a GOOD song! Idiot. Just because very young children like you, it doesn’t mean you are any good. Children have no filter; they like anything that keeps them distracted. But they have no idea what actual talent is until they get older. And then it is up to their parents to teach them about it and introduce them to quality music, because it sure doesn’t exist today. I am around the same age as Jovis, and agree that you have to back at least 20, 30, 40 and 50 years to listen to quality music from actual talent. He’ll go the way of the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus very very soon, but not soon enough.

  35. some bitch says:

    Watch out guys, we have a badass over here!

  36. Lindy says:

    What is wrong with him? I mean, I have never seen an 18YO young man look so much like a 12YO girl? Does he have a condition? In any case, his interview demonstrates that he’s a steaming pile of immature over-entitled crap. Gross.

  37. fluffybunny says:

    One beer=opened it up, sniffed it and fell down completely shitfaced drunk?

  38. MixerUpper says:

    Did he have that beer fifteen seconds before this interview?…it’s the only way I can think of that he could say all this sh-te without realising how moronic he sounds.

  39. amanda says:

    Wailing lesbian fetus (trademark: Michael K).

  40. Leek says:

    I would like to kick him where his balls would be.

  41. molly says:

    What a douchebag. He is so immature, I cant even handle it. I refuse to believe that we are the same age, because most guys I know are not like that. He acts like a 16 year old and that is not a good thing to be in Hollywood. His star is fading so he is going to go down with it kicking and screaming.

  42. Hakura says:

    Oh Lord. He looks like the deformed ‘love-child’ of John Mayor & James Dean, who has unlimited access to Usher’s closet. (However you choose to take that… >.> & don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s anywhere NEAR JD, he’s just biting his style. )

    I have the same total irritation when I see him, for some reason too. While we all know he’s a douchebag with more money than God, & I’m sure all of us probably dislikes him for that). But I think there’s something else.

    I think… Because almost all of us had teen idols, acted the way these girls do (in some respect, buying magazines, posters, music ect,). We didn’t see how ridiculous it all was until we reached a certain point… I think we’re ashamed of not saying these things about the idiots we used to idolize, so… We’re gonna make up for it for all it’s worth. >=)