Michael Fassbender: George Clooney has been “really supportive & nourishing”

This is a Michael Fassbender post, but it’s also about Prometheus and how much this film is going to rock your panties off (if your panties come off for dark, scary sci-fi). I’m including some shots of Fassy’s GQ shoot, which we already covered earlier this week. Also, did you get a chance to see him in motion in the GQ video? This is, hand of God, the best p0rn ever. I could stare at his face forever and a day. As for his bulge, his eyes, his ALL-BOY-ness, and his natural accent… well, you know.

Second video: the latest viral ad to promote Prometheus. I already covered Fassy’s dong-bot David viral video here. This one is Noomi Rapace’s and it really messed with my head.

Next: Fassy has a new interview with Shortlist Magazine. Unfortunately, there are no new photos. Fortunately, the interview is pretty good (as always – Fassy is a great interview). You can read the full piece here, and here are some highlights:

On his new fame: “It’s funny… I’ve become… ‘popular’ isn’t the word. More interesting, suddenly. I don’t have a lot of friends, so it’s nice to have a lot of people sit down and want to talk to me [laughs]. No, it’s been a hectic year. I actually haven’t done any acting since July. It’s weird. I’m used to preparing a character, going to work and presenting it. This is a bit of a new deal. It’s just airports and hotels. That’s all I’ve really seen. In the past five months I’ve spent, collectively, three weeks at home. No one wants to hear it because I’ve got a very privileged life, but that can get to you after a while.”

He doesn’t stay in character all the time: “No, I bounce in and out. It allows me to see things I might not see if I were in character all the time. What I thought was interesting was him being programmed to react in a certain way. And part of that is him blending in with humans, so does an ego develop to facilitate that? He’s there to serve them, but he’s sort of disliked because they think he might be superior to him. Or just different. Because humans have that thing where they’re like, “Something’s different? Persecute!””

He does creepy really well: “[Android David is] less developed than Ian Holm [laughs]. That’s the way I’m going to describe him from now on. Ridley said, “He’s like the butler,” but there’s a vanity to him. And he always has the answers so there’s a swagger to him, too. In fact, I think he might be kind of creepy. I do creepy well… Yeah. If you’re looking for weird or creepy in a robotic style, call me.”

Not everyone loves him: “I’d been working a lot and suddenly everything came out back-to-back. My friends were saying, “Jesus, we can’t go anywhere without seeing you.” So I’m thinking, “I’d better back off here – familiarity breeds contempt.” And I try not to read things about myself, but occasionally you can’t help it. People who’ve never met you can have really strong opinions about you. And not everyone likes me. It’s kind of scary.”

George Clooney’s comments at the Globes, and Brad Pitt being nice: “Actually, George did come over to me, like you say, and said, “How are you finding all of this?” He’s been through it. He’s really supportive and nourishing. And very generous with his time and encouragement. And I had that with Brad Pitt on Inglourious Basterds, too. Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino – it was a big deal, I was nervous, and inside I’m going, “Holy sh*t!” But it was my first scene and Brad starts laughing when I do my character and says, “That’s far out. That’s excellent,” which put me at ease. And then he went back to Los Angeles and was talking to people in the industry over there about me.”

Hobbies: “I tried jet-skiing in Mexico on holiday and I turned the thing upside down. The guy with me wasn’t happy – we had to swim back to shore. I like go-karting, though. That’s what I’ll do if I get free time on my hands. In terms of a hobby, that’s my favourite thing to do.”

Another Clooney story: “It was just funny. Earlier that day [before the Globes], we’d been hanging out playing ping pong. It’s like, “I’m playing ping pong with George Clooney.” It’s those moments where you do sort of pinch yourself – “Is this really happening?” But he gave me a little precursor to it.”

[Via Shortlist]

My favorite part is the Brad Pitt thing – Fassy has shown Brad some love before, in other interviews, but I like that Fassy always name-drops Brad as a supporter of his career, and someone who has helped get him work in Hollywood. Brad and Michael are going to be working together on 12 Years a Slave, with Steve McQueen, and maybe even The Counselor too – Brad successfully blocked Angelina Jolie from the project, it seems. Because although Brad loves Michael, Brad doesn’t want his lady anywhere near the Fassbender.

Photos courtesy of GQ’s slideshow.

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  1. Mimi says:

    I hate you for turning me into a Fassywhore! :)

  2. Astrid says:

    Mmmmmm…hot guy Friday!

  3. Chatcat says:

    No no no no no no…Fass please stay away from Clooney! No good can come from it…for like a million different reasons!

    He is a great interview but I was surprised, irked and sad seeing insecurities in him that I just didn’t think he had at 35 y/o…”And I had that with Brad Pitt on Inglourious Basterds, too. Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino – it was a big deal, I was nervous” and “And not everyone likes me. It’s kind of scary.”

    First…I just had a meeting with the CEO of my company yesterday afternoon and I don’t let him intimidate me or make me nervous…I mean he sits on the pot same as me right? I respect the CEO and the janitor the same as my own self respect…we’re all people to me it’s that simple, and makes life so much less stressful not putting people on pedastals they don’t belong on.

    Second, my mama taught me, and I have taught same to my boys that not everybody is going to like you and you’re not going to like everybody and that is perfectly fine. PERIOD. There is enough to deal with in life then whether “everybody likes me” or not.

    • Kola says:

      I don’t think he meant it that way. Also Michael mentioned before working in Quentin Tarantino movie’s he was a struggling actor, this was one of his biggest breaks,something he was waiting for for a long time, I am sure he wanted to make a good impression. It meant a lot to him, so I can understand the things he was going through.

  4. kpist says:

    Damn it, dreaming of the fassdong all day. At least it’s Friday!!!

  5. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I think I somehow missed these photos in your earlier post, Kaiser. Wow…..
    I need that first pic turned into a poster so I can put it on the ceiling over my bed.
    That story about George was kind of…odd though. Still, Fassy is so lovable in interviews.

    • Amelia says:

      Same here with the first picture 0_o I think my ovaries have exploded beyond the point of repair now. Cheers Kaiser -_- Now I can’t have the Fassbabies.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I’m not a Fassy person but I totally think the Clooney thing is odd and I think Fassy knows its odd… I think Clooney is fixated on Fassy.

  6. Lindy says:

    Definitely excited about Prometheus (I love me some dark sci-fi/fantasy). But–I know this is total heresy–I just cannot get on board with the Fassy-love. Yes, he’s hot, yes, he’s sexy. But he doesn’t seem to be in a separate category. (Ok, I better run and hide, now, lol:)

  7. laughlinb says:

    I like him and all, but he acted like a dick to the waiter at the end. He seems really volatile.

    • Jasmine says:

      Yea, I was wondering about that too. I was a waitress for a while and in this society that feels the need to be waited on hand and foot, if you don’t check on them every 10 mins or so they think you’re ignoring them. I felt kinda bad for the waiter. I was surprised that Fassy said that =( *hangs head in disappointment*

      • Kaiser says:

        Did you even read the GQ story or are you just regurgitating what Lainey said? This is what the GQ piece says:

        What he does express is just how much, during our meal, he is increasingly frustrated by the overattentiveness of the waiters. Repeatedly he has to explain that no, thank you, he would not like his plate taken yet. This seems to disturb them as much as their actions are disturbing him. “What’s going on, man?” he eventually exclaims to a man loitering anxiously a few feet away. “You make me nervous when you hover around like that.”


        Is that yelling? Not to me.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I HATE when waiters hover. Let me enjoy my meal in peace please. The best waiters are the ones that you never know are there. They’re like ghosts. Water is always refilled, plates cleared, bread basket is always full yet you never seems to notice how it happens. Hell, I’d say something too if I felt like the waiter was all up in my grill, rushing my meal.

      • Addison says:

        Jasmine, his parents ran a restaurant for many years. He worked in that restaurant. I think he knows how to treat people. Especially restaurant people because he knows all about it.

        He was upset that the person was trying to remove his plate while he was still eating. The waiter did this several times. Some people are slow eaters or just really take time enjoying their food.

        Besides now that we know that Mr. Fassbender has a Google alert for all things Michael, I’m sure the last thing he wants is a call from his father because he was rude at a restaurant. :)

        But who knows, the waiter may have been extra attentive because he recognized Michael and just wanted to be near him… I mean I wouldn’t mind being near him. But I’d probably pass out from the excitement.

      • LucyOriginal says:

        @Addison: totally agree with you. I am a slow eater and this happened to me once when I moved to US. I was getting ready to order dessert and the woman took my plate and gave me the check. I looked at her and said: I was going to order dessert. She said: oh, you still can. Then, I said: no, that’s fine. Now you brought the check, I lost my appetite. It was really upsetting…

      • VIktoryGin says:

        Okay. This can be a double-edged sword. As someone who waited tables as her first job in college, I assure you that it’s an impossibly difficult equilibrium that you have to strike, esp. in American restaurants. You have be attentive and make it seem like you’re waiting on them hand and foot, yet at the same time not appear like your helicopter levitating overhead. It involves a lot of observation and reading between the lines, especially if you’re new at it. Because if you give them too much space, the particularly finicky customers will accuse you of bad service because you decided to actually back off for a bit and let them enjoy their meals. So, if you try the other extreme in order to avoid this type response you get those types who just want you get disappear. Not to mention, they have a lot pressure coming down on them from management to push productivity. usually. There are often so many factors at play that customers are never aware of unless they themselves have worked in food and the restaurant biz or even in retail. As the server/customer rep you’re often the first one to get shot from both sides. It can be f*cking thankless job where you’re little more than the help.

  8. T.C. says:

    Kaiser the GQ video is quality Fassy p0rn. HAWT. I had it on a loop. I think the guys at GQ fell in love with Fassy.

    Clooney and Pitt are class acts for taking the new guy under their wings.

  9. Krill says:

    Clooney is “nourishing”. Note to Fassbender: Get a thesaurus. You sound silly.

  10. Aqua says:

    Paul Newman gave George some good advice on how to handle fame and being famous. I’m sure George was just paying it forward. and Micheal was grateful.

  11. lily says:

    Love Fassy! He’s officially replaced Ryan Gosling as my crush.

  12. Maria_Spain says:

    “Brad doesn’t want his lady anywhere near the Fassbender.” lol! Good one, me neirther Brad…me neither ;)

  13. Elaina Scott says:

    Ummm… Does anyone else think Fassy would make an AMAZING Vampire guest star on True Blood?? I had a dream the other night that he was a vamp and he ate my heart out. For the love of god, he’s the sexiest creature to walk this earth since the young Paul Newman!

  14. Anoni Mus says:

    Man, that GQ video is all kinds of hot. I really can’t decide with Fassbender, sometimes he looks incredible and sometimes he does nothing for me. I recently saw Jane Eyre and he was swoonworthy, but then I see pictures where he’s all pasty and thin…
    I guess what he has a ton of, is charisma and magnetism. I’m looking forward to Prometheus!

  15. Ginger says:

    LOVE that first picture…very nice!! I can’t wait to see Prometheus!

  16. Audrey says:

    Haha. Think he meant ‘nurturing’! Or was he misquoted? ‘Nourishing’ applies to mother’s milk & chicken soup, def not Clooney.

  17. LucyOriginal says:

    It is always good to have a Fassbender topic. I am going to NYC this weekend. If he is there, if I see him (and Nicole) and if I recognize him, I will talk to him about you Kaiser. So many “If’s” :)

  18. Addison says:

    Can’t stop watching the video. I can’t stand to be around smokers, but he looks so good no matter what he is doing. If I have trouble sleeping, I’ll know what I’ll be watching.

    Love his interview. I wonder if it’s true he doesn’t mind talking to strangers. I would probably get tongue tied if I ever ran into him and tried to talking to him. I know he has said in past interviews that he enjoys people watching. Well plenty of people like watching him. Sigh… June, Yay! Right around the corner.

    Hope this movie is a success. I went to watch The Avengers and it’s the first time I saw the Prometheus trailer on the big screen. Other previews got many cheers. Prometheus did not. So now I am worried. I hope it was just the audience. Or maybe the trailer scared them to pieces. I know the last part scared me.

  19. Amanda_M87 says:

    1. Michael Fassbender is soooo hot!
    2. Nourishing? Couldn’t he use another adjective to describe George Clooney. Still hot though.

  20. C.Lynn says:

    Fassy, dearest, the word you were looking for was “nurturing”, not “nourishing”.

  21. ZenB!tch says:

    I’ve ignoring the Fassbender lovefest the last few days because I just don’t get it. He’s a decent actor but he’s kind of creepy, old looking and has bad teeth.

    HOWEVER…. I think Clooney has the hots for him and he needs to RUN the other way.

    Has he WORKED with Clooney? How does Clooney know him? Seriously, maybe it’s because I just read that stupid Grey thing, have been all over the Travolta thing and I’m now reading a book on Satanists but that is (again) creepy – this time it’s Clooney fixating on Fassbender that is creepy. Fassbender mentions him enough times to make is sound like Clooney has been sniffing around A LOT.

    The Pitt thing is cute, like an older brother thing. Clooney – not cute… I’m not talking about their looks

  22. ZenB!tch says:

    *Yeah. If you’re looking for weird or creepy in a robotic style, call me.”*

    OMG! he *knows* I wonder what it would feel like to know you are creepy?

    It makes me like him more in a you stay in your corner and I will stay in mine kind of way.

  23. VIktoryGin says:

    I don’t watch this man in live motion enough, because I forget how disarming his can be. In photos, though I still find him attractive he’s a bit insipid. But when he moves he’s like a panther walking through fire, and he just incinerates screen.

    I know some woman don’t get it, but for the ones that do, aren’t you glad?

    The frame where he’s got a keychain clutched in between his teeth, I imagined my thong in its place.

    Nicole is one lucky b*tch.

  24. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I want the first picture as wallpaper. He’s so incredibly hot no matter what he does. Love him.

  25. Aly says:

    sexy bastard. it’s cruel how hit he is.

  26. M says:

    Dear k, you are hilarious! I am jealous that you express all my reactions but in a manner much more funny and clever than I ever could. I have a serious case of “the (fas) bends” and am grateful that someone else does the stalking for me. I hope we try not to objectify him and respect the man’s feelings and privacy even if this is all in fun. I saw somewhere that he said he sometimes reads the blogs, so be considerate. I totally agree with you about “50 shades”! That book is unworthy of his talent. As for Ms.Theron, it’s a comfort to think that I have at least one thing in common with Charlize.